Taylor Swift & Matt Healy had a date night in NYC, they kissed & held hands

Taylor Swift and Matt(y) Healy are still happening, much to the chagrin of Taylor’s fanbase. I’m not entirely sure what the worst part is for the Snake Fam – is it that Taylor probably cheated on and dumped Joe Alwyn? Is that Taylor kind of sh-t talked Joe and her people made it sound like Taylor had to get out of a six-year relationship because Joe wasn’t comfortable with her fame? Is it that Taylor likely overlapped the start of her thing with Healy and the end of her relationship with Joe? Or is that Matt Healy seems like a rude, racist, bigoted mess? All of the above? Well, Taylor is still doing this boyfriend rollout, regardless of what her fans think. The Sun (a British tabloid) broke the Swealy story, then the first official appearances were in Nashville last weekend. Now their love tour has moved to New York:

Do you really wanna know where she was on … May 11? Taylor Swift and Matty Healy — who sparked romance rumors earlier this month — were spotted “kissing” on Thursday at Casa Cipriani in New York City, where “they sat next to each other at a banquette in the lounge,” an eyewitness tells Page Six.

The spy further told us that neither of them had ordered any food while they were “cuddling and kissing.”

Nonetheless, they weren’t completely on their own as Jack Antonoff sat with them, and “security was around them.”

For their outing, the “Anti-Hero” singer sported a green and yellow dress with velvet Mary Janes. She completed the look with her staple red lipstick while she sipped on her drink.
Healy, on the other hand, seemingly wore a suit to their date. Shortly after being spotted by our eyewitness, they left Cipriani “holding hands” while being covered by an umbrella to maintain their privacy.

On May 3, sources told The Sun that the pair had been dating for less than two months but were already “madly in love.”

[From Page Six]

The London-to-Nashville-to-New York tour is giving me a flashback to the Tiddles Worldwide Love Tour in 2016. I’m saying that as a compliment – I adored the worldwide Tiddles Tour. They were having so much fun, they were enjoying the game so much. Maybe that’s the silver lining for the Snake Fam? This has a love-drunk Tiddles feel to it, something which is fun and exciting for several months and then burns out quickly. It will be curious to see how often Healy joins her while she’s on tour. The 1975’s summer tour starts in Europe in early June, so my guess is that they’re probably going to spend the next two weeks together or so and then they might be apart for much of the summer. We’ll see.

Here are the photos from their date night. Jack Antonoff is going to end up getting canceled by the Snake Fam too if he’s not careful.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. mia girl says:

    “they left Cipriani “holding hands” while being covered by an umbrella to maintain their privacy”

    Don’t know what’s behind all this, but even I know that despite it being a private club, nobody goes to Casa Cipriani in NY to “maintain privacy”. They go to be seen.

  2. OperaCake says:

    “Taylor Swift and Matt(y) Healy”

    I think he’s known as Matty. That’s what I’ve seen everywhere.

  3. Jeannine Pope says:

    Cripes! This woman is 33 years old. When will she grow up?

    • Meggie says:

      What is juvenile about going on a date? Or going to a hot spot? Clearly she didn’t call paps, this is just some jerk with his cellphone in his lap.
      I think Matt is gross, but I don’t blame Taylor for going for dinner with her friend and BF.

      • Ameerah M says:

        What’s juvenile is leaking to the press about where you will be with your racist, anti-semitic jump off. And then making out at a restaurant with him for all to see and then pretending you want privacy.

      • Spillthattea says:

        Oh yeah clearly she would NEVER call the paps. Have some more Kool-aid

      • ML says:

        “What’s juvenile is leaking to the press about where you will be with your racist, anti-semitic jump off.” Exactly, Ameerah M.
        Plus, if your reputation is as a Democrat, pro-LGBTQ+, $1 in damages against scuzballs, friendly fan-centric artist (who changed some of her tour dates so they weren’t on the sabbath), dating a misogynistic, incel-adjacent, racist, antisemetic scumbag is not exactly “authentic” to your brand. Nor is spending years undercover and then suddenly getting papped and making out in the ensuing photos.

    • Grant says:

      I’m sorry, I must have missed the memo that said that a grown-@$$ woman isn’t allowed to go on dates…

      • Red says:

        Grant, the memo is that grown adults shouldn’t go on dates with racist, sexist, antisemitic scumbags and if you do, then be prepared for people to judge you on it. Hope that helps!

      • JM says:

        Grant…is that you Matty? Why you coping so hard for such a loser.

  4. OperaCake says:

    This is pure self-sabotage from Taylor. People have noticed the coverage has gone from “madly in love” to “she has a crush” to “she’s not sure” as the backlash was mounting. But she’s still going through with it!
    Even if before rolling him out, she thought Matty was “problematic” like so many other people are, and it wouldn’t matter, by now, she has got to know he is much worse and people are not gonna let it slide.
    Will her PR manage to reason with her, or will she dig her heels in?

    • SAS says:

      It is hilarious to see her PR team steadfastly try to steer the ship and manage perceptions while she ignores it all! Wild.

      • OperaCake says:

        How she’s gonna dig herself out of this hole is what I’m wondering! The latest is that on a recent podcast, he talked about watching some evil p-rn centering on degrading women, and more specifically Black women, from what I understand? I refused to look at the details, it seemed vile. But there is just SO MUCH DIRT, it WILL hit the mainstream media, and even if she does genuinely like him (which is a whole ‘nother matter…), then what does she do? Try to pretend she didn’t know, and play victim as she always does? Except Matty is messy, and I don’t think he’ll care about her fans attacking him. Contrary to her other exes, I think this one will fight back! I seriously wonder if this will get her cancelled again.
        I recently read speculation that everyone around her had to sign NDAs, including the boyfriends. Her only hope at this point is that Matty’s already bound and gagged. But then, watch him get drunk and spill anyway… This might be the biggest miscalculation of her career.

      • Lara says:

        I think he’s already gagged. He deleted all his social media before they announced she was dating him. Problem is the racist stuff is so recent ( February) That she was probably already at least emotionally involved with him when that happened. Which speaks volumes about her. I feel sorry for her WOC fans.

      • Sandra says:

        my guess is that she will never have to address it anyway. It took her three years to say anything like “Nazis are bad” so. girl dgaf

      • Mauve says:

        I’m afraid she really is in love with him if she’s loved his song “the city” since 2014 or whenever she first heard it. Lyrics about “if you want to fall in love you know where the city is” sounds so much like the life Taylor is trying to live.

    • Anon says:

      If it’s not self-sabotage, it may at least be bad judgement, as he still seems to drink a lot and for someone who had a drug problem previously, or even someone who didn’t, it doesn’t seem entirely healthy. I wouldn’t buy into it or waste my time with it if I were Taylor. Maybe if she thinks he is THE one, she can go full Susan Downey on him and he’ll do an RDJ. But short of that, nah. And even then, you really want someone to do it for themselves so you don’t always have to be the one they’re doing it for.

      Also: Just read and saw that he is allegedly a racist and/or anti-Semite!?! If that’s true, it’s not cool and I’d hope she doesn’t support that. Maybe it was when he was using or drunk and he has done the work and gotten educated and evolved (one would hope) into a fully good person and that’s not a factor anymore!?!

  5. SAS says:

    If we know anything about Taylor it’s that jetting from the US to Europe is nothing to her. I’m not interested enough to look it up but cross reference her show dates with his and expect an appearance at a 1975 show is my bet.

    What’s making me feel old (even though I’m only a couple of years older than her) is the speed of the rebound. Even if I was the dumper, I don’t know how I could be into someone else within weeks of formally ending a 6 year relationship. Even if they’ve been on the rocks for a long time, it’s a real slap in the face to him. Talk about “casually cruel” (amirite Swifties?!)

    • hmm says:

      My ex did this after the end of our 6 year and it felt like complete crap. I love Swift but I am not impressed. She is being cruel.

    • Emily says:

      It is cruel. By all accounts pre-breakup, Joe was a wonderful person. The narrative shift when the breakup went public was abrupt.

    • SallyWa says:

      Taylor is a text book example of “casuelly cruel” – the news of her breakup with Joe dropped on Matty’s birthday, like some type of morbid gift to Matty.

  6. Tim says:

    Loving this! And good for them! Especially since the deranged Swifties are all stressed about it. LOL. It’s entertaining to see. Healy will be headlining a festival in Scotland this month and will go on tour in Europe after so I guess that’s a reprieve for the Swifties.

    I’m kinda having ASAP / RiRi vibes here. Also, pretty sure there are novels already written about this sad boy indie rocker / sunshine pop star trope.

    Just here for the mess and the music they’ll write about this relationship.

    • Lara says:

      Lol at sad indie boy more like thirsty racist boy.

    • Lily says:

      Same! It’s so tropey! I love it. I would totally read a romance novel about them. I’m seeing her in Philly tomorrow night and I’m so excited.

    • Olive says:

      You’re comparing them to RIRi and Rocky? 😂

      Swifties really out here trying to romanticise this like it’s the Princess and the pauper?

      FYI asap grew up in poverty.
      This idiot grew up with two wealthy famous parents and is basically a nepo baby who went to private schools.

    • Isabella says:

      Many people use other people to get out of relationships that aren’t working. The sex must be good. But he seems icky and thirsty. It’s like Beyonce getting a crush on somebody weird and minor.

  7. Angie H says:

    I’m just know it all enough to say that I called BS on her ‘he couldn’t handle my fame’ remark the second she rolled that sh*t out. Just can’t recall if they was a Twitter or comment here thing. That Joe guy deserves a lot of credit for not punching back.

    • JM says:

      That was so strange to me. They were together before the pandemic for a few YEARS. It’s not like she was suddenly famous.

  8. wordnerd says:

    So they went to a restaurant, didn’t order food, made out in front of their mutual friend (and other patrons), and then hid under an umbrella to protect their privacy. And they’re how old?

  9. SH says:

    Actually this makes complete sense as a response to Joe being insecure her fame. From his interviews Joe has been very anxious and insecure about his career since the pandemic. Taylor got more and more successful, while his career plateaued. He hired a manager last year for what he thought was going to be his breakout in leading parts then that flopped. When their relationship started he was being promoted as the next up and coming actor, but now he is watching younger actors pass him by.

    Healy is problematic, but he’s already forfeited his right to complain about her fame because he already complained about her fame a decade ago and is still wanting a round two now. That makes perfect sense if resentment about her fame and success was a major factor for Joe in their breakup.

    • Ameerah M says:

      Y’all are still out here in these streets trying to paint this woman as a victim and Joe as the bad guy? Also Healy isn’t just “problematic”. He’s a whole a$$ racist.

      • Dee(2) says:

        Lol. Yep. I’m just observing at this point but I do hope this stops her fans from acting like she can only be wronged not wrong. Looks like a few aren’t there yet.

    • SAS says:

      Does anyone believe his career is a flop? He seems to have been working steadily for a few years now. When the breakup was first announced, my thought wasn’t on any mess at all just “eh makes sense, they both seem to be working like crazy and not able to keep working through the distance”.

    • Dara says:

      I feel like the only person in that relationship that wasn’t thrilled Joe didn’t become an overnight superstar was…Taylor. She is vain enough to want any romantic partner to be the envy of all her friends, enemies and fans. If he’s not the bestest bestest boyfriend that ever was, while also being the most brilliant actor/singer/whatever in the history of the world it reflects poorly on her somehow.

      • Kebbie says:

        Yeah, I don’t buy that he’s disappointed his career hasn’t “taken off.” He seems happy and content with his life and his career/level of fame. She’s the one chasing attention all the time. He never capitalized on her fame, but we’re supposed to believe he was upset he wasn’t a bigger star?

    • Spillthattea says:

      Sure. Jan. Go have some Kool-aid with the one up thread. Damn some of you don’t get out much and it shows

    • Doozy_Snoozy says:

      I don’t know whether she had feeling for him. On the one hand, she did write 4 albums of love songs about him; on the other hand, like someone said earlier, her moving on so quickly after a 6-year relationship is a trademark “casually cruel”.
      But by accident, I happen to uncover a feud she had been having with a major star (the man in No Body No Crime) and 2016 was simply an extension. And her song Mastermind validates my theory on the timeline between Joe and her. That relationship is a cursed one from the very beginning, as its a deliberate design by her and her co, in the name of retaliating against the star. Joe was initally only a spoil.

  10. hangonamin says:

    floating rumor is Joe did her dirty somehow (unclear) and this is based on several of her high profile friends (Ryan Reynolds, Haims sisters, her brother etc) unfollowed Joe on social. Seems a stretch but may be hint that things didn’t end as amicably as led to believe? and this honestly may be Taylor doing her rebound thing. she’s still only 33 and i imagine it’s hard rebounding in the public eye. she can date, see, f***, kiss, dump whoever she wants.

    • Sandra says:

      Isn’t the floating rumor ALWAYS that TS was “wronged” and “done dirty” somehow?

      • Kebbie says:

        This. Honestly, I think she could cheat on a man, leave him for someone else, and still twist it to be that he failed her in some way.

    • JD says:

      Considering Margaret Qualley is both engaged to Jack Antonoff and on movie sets with Joe, it is certainly possible that she noticed something about Joe’s behavior and it got back to Taylor, leading to the breakup. It does seem odd that there was a point of unfollowing Joe on socials like that.

      It is also possible that the media attention surrounding the breakup was killing Joe, so then Taylor took the heat off him in the most Taylor way possible, which is to roll out a new boyfriend and attach him to her tour to redirect public interest to her work. No one cares about Joe right now, they’re much too busy hating Matty. And Matty clearly loves any attention, even negative, so he’s fine with that.

      • Coco says:

        I’m please you and hangonamin are both delusional trying to make Taylor the victim/Hero/ Too young

        “It is also possible that the media attention surrounding the breakup was killing Joe, so then Taylor took the heat off him“ 😄😄🤣🤣😂

        You people will do anything, but hold her accountable for her own actions.

      • Ameerah M says:

        Anything to make Taylor the victim, right? Y’all are utterly ridiculous

      • Kebbie says:

        If Joe cheated on her, she would have her people blasting that info far and wide to anyone who would listen. I think it’s more likely that she wasn’t wronged, she can’t claim she was, but she’s thrilled that her fans are making that inference.

        Also, there’s no way she’s falling on her sword for an ex, ever. Best case scenario, nobody cheated, but she’s bitter that Joe dumped her and she’s doing this to make him jealous.

      • TwinFalls says:

        @Kebbie – 💯 Taylor is scorched earth all day long. She’s living her best rebound life right now.

      • Isabella says:

        Recasting poor Margaret Qualley as an informant is a big stretch. Sounds like Taylor got bored and wanted to move on so she told all her friends that Joe was a little pathetic, and eyed a creepy new guy with a modicum of fame.

        Portraying yourself simultaneously as a superstar, risk taker and a victim is a hard juggling act. But Taylor has done it before.

        I dread the lyrics already.

    • Mimi says:

      “She’s only 33” … sounds familiar… anyone here remembers Fametracker and the infamous quote from JLo’s publicist?

      Taylor is a few years away from middle age yet her behavior never changes, nor does that of her fans who always excuse her problematic actions.

    • Val says:

      ONLY 33?! She’s a grown@ss woman! Stop babying her

  11. girl_ninja says:

    Her fan always present her as a victim in all of her relationships. Taylor dates who she wants and when she’s over it, there is some dissing on her part depending on what she can get away and then she moves on to the next.

  12. TwinFalls says:

    They are already coming for Jack in the comments section.

    My favorite comment captioned the picture “Taylor, Jack and a fan.” Lol

  13. Gutterflower says:

    Ugh I find him so gross even just to look at. I don’t see the appeal at all. Joe may have been a boring potato, but he seemed like a nice, wholesome boring potato. This guy is just skeevy and makes me want to shower.

    • Nibbi says:

      Yes. Joe had an early-days Robert Redford thing going on. He didn’t say much, but he seemed clean in every sense of the word, and they were pretty together.

  14. Eleonor says:

    One thing is sure.
    This will end in her next album.
    And it’s going to be fun.

  15. Lara says:

    I know a lot of people are like I love a mess.
    But this is a guy who on that right wing podcast he did in February talked about watching an extremely vile kind of porn.
    I am not gonna link to the Reddit post but it involves porn racism and racially-based sexual assault against Black women.

    He’s an awful person and this isn’t anything like the harmless tiddleswift tour and Taylor by turning a blind eye to this is complicit.

    • Ameerah M says:

      This. But Taylor is the forever victim so her fans WILL turn a blind eye.

    • Misa says:

      I’ve read that thread too. My gosh. Horrible, horrible, horrible. And the whole podcast!

  16. Ameerah M says:

    It’s hilarious watching the Swifties in this comment thread turn themselves into Gumby trying to make Taylor the victim. STILL.

    • TIFFANY says:

      She continues to tell you who she is and those fans still want to make excuses for her. Complexion got all the protection with this one.

      How she has non white fans still baffles me to this day.

    • Coco says:

      Yes form their conspiracy theories trying to make the ex Joe the bad guy, to make themselves fill better about the racist Matt while ignoring or downplaying his racism and sexist.

  17. Misa says:

    I have said here that it irked me how Taylor was made into the evil one and Joe into a saint, it seemed to me to be the usuals misogynistic narrative… but I stand corrected.
    I won’t repeat here what I’ve found online, because it’s something so vile, gross and disgusting that it has left me shocked. If you’re interested, look for the podcast he did, the one where he’s also going along with the hosts anti Asian racism. I’ve just now found it and it’s inexcusable.
    Taylor has to know about it. I’ve read that he canceled all his social media right before the Nashville stunt, and that’s no coincidence. They’re trying to hide the traces and hope on her fans support and on the media complacency – but her fans are angry and sad, there’s no way to put a positive spin on this.
    Nothing can excuse standing by him.

  18. Jessica says:

    I’m a swiftie, and personally, I hate this for her. For someone who worked so long and so hard to change the perception around herself to then blow it all up on a rebound… does not look good. She looks like a fool.

    That being said… as a gossip fan, bring on Tiddleswift 2.0! That summer was so fun, I’m looking forward to the mess this summer!

    • Dee Kay says:

      “For someone who worked so long and so hard to change the perception around herself to then blow it all up on a rebound… does not look good. She looks like a fool. ” <– THIS

      "That being said… as a gossip fan, bring on Tiddleswift 2.0! That summer was so fun, I’m looking forward to the mess this summer!" <– ALSO THIS

      Remember Taymerica???!!! Let's have Tayglobal, mfers!!!!! Tayworldwide!!!!!!!! Let's have a ridick estate party in Ibiza where her top 10K social media fans are invited and TSwift makes banners listing their first-grade crushes lol.

      • Lara says:

        What’s so entertaining about her dating a racist?
        Honest question because I am wondering how behaviour that’s harmful to many of us is just “problematic” entertainment to some of you?
        And I am sure Hiddleston would like to be excluded from this narrative that this mess is anything like the ridiculous but harmless romance he had with Taylor,given that he has a black child now.

      • Peachy says:

        @ Dee and Jessica…

        So the gross, creepy, RACIST, MISOGYNIST things this 💩 has said is ok because you want to be *entertained*?!? Yall need a reality check.

    • Ace says:

      Did she work that hard though?

      As someone who only knows a couple of her songs and only hears about her when she’s on the headlines, it didn’t seem she did that much. It seemed she realised suddenly after 2016 that she had fucked up, people were rightly calling on her for being mute against the fascist Trump, and she hurried to give some girlpowered flavoured soundbites to pretend she gave a shit about other people. It worked on her fans for sure, because anything would work on the stans, they were elated to have something to “prove” she wasn’t a MAGA but it just seemed she did the bare minimum to help her reputation.

  19. HeyKay says:

    Isn’t most of her music based around her relationships?
    This guy looks like he needs a good wash.

    Does she needs another relationship under the microscope?

  20. Abby says:

    I’m a Taylor Swift fan and I have loved seeing her embrace being at the top of her game.

    I hate this for her. I know of course it doesn’t matter what I think. But I don’t see this as oh have fun, this’ll be so messy! He’s obviously problematic and racist, at the least. He is gross. This feels like she’s self-sabotaging. She’s so careful about her image that it really surprises me that she’d let herself be so visibly connected to this guy. And it looks really bad to bleed over into a new relationship like this. Tiddleswift was fun and messy because Tom is a good guy and the over-the-topness was entertaining, and they weren’t cheating on other people to be together.

    He’s not even attractive to me. I just don’t get it. And I don’t care if it ends up on future albums (we know it will). It is a reminder to me I guess, that she’s human, and she projects an image. As much as I am a fan, she’s going to make missteps. But it’s hard to reconcile this with any of her views that she has expressed.

    • TIFFANY says:

      ‘I hate this for her.’


      She tells you, all the time, who she is and y’all still contort yourselves to make excuses.

      She has never wanted for anything and never had any stress in her career and y’all still out here putting her on a victimhood pedestal.

      She knows about this racist she is rolling out and does not care.

      Maybe y’all need to stop caring too.

      • Abby says:

        I am not making excuses. I just think she’s going to look back and regret this.

      • Ann says:

        How does being disappointed in someone’s poor decisions equate to making excuses for them? Taylor fans are allowed to be disappointed by this news. I mean, shouldn’t we be? The guy is a racist hairball, of course we’re disappointed.

  21. Lincolngirl says:

    I’m incredibly disappointed in Taylor and can’t even listen to her music right now. Cheating, shit-talking your ex, PR stunts, etc. pale in comparison to Nazi salutes. Healy was recorded giving a salute and praising Kanye for what I assume were Ye’s anti-Semitic writings. None of that is acceptable, and frankly, it’s disgusting, especially with anti-Semitism on the rise. It breaks my heart that Taylor seems oblivious to Healy’s racism and misogyny, or just doesn’t care.

    • AMM says:

      Not that it makes it right or ok to do it, but he wasn’t actually praising Ye. It was sarcastic and he was calling him a Nazi. That’s being said, no need to do the salute or the other hundreds of racist, sexist and phobic things he does.

  22. AMM says:

    She’s still besties with Lena Dunham and just made a movie with David O Russell. Taylor’s PR works overtime and are usually miracle workers, but this isn’t outlandish for Taylor herself. She’s gonna do what and who she wants and then throw millions at her PR team to clean up her image.

    She has multiple songs about infidelity on her part, but fans will still blame the men in her life every time for a breakup. She has surrounded herself with problematic people multiple times over the years and fans will still tell you the woman who is renowned for being a strategic genius simply did not know she was working with an abuser or that she was a bridesmaid in the wedding of a racist woman who defended a rapist. It’s gonna be poor little Taylor every-time.

    • TIFFANY says:

      She literally call another woman a mattress for dating someone she use to date.

      This has always been her.

      • Spillthattea says:

        Thank you.
        Guaranteed Mr. Alwyn broke up with her and she’s on this ride or die revenge tour with the neo nazi racist bf who could use some of her good girl shine. Only she’s tarnished af now and has been since 2016 and nobody’s falling for her bs anymore. Period.

  23. NotSoSocialB says:

    If I had to speculate, I’d guess that he wanted marriage and she wanted continued fame ( not that those two things are mutually exclusive). That seemed to be what her most recent ( the only one i’ve listened to, lol) album had as a through line/ undercurrent. She likes her fame. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Taylor’s gonna Taylor.


  24. Ana says:

    I like Taylor and I can say as a part of her fanbase that we don’t like this dude at all, for all the reasosn mentioned above, and he generally seems like a jackass. We are also wondering what exactly happened with Joe, to make her do this revenge-rebound crap in the middle of her most important tour. And we also think she is going to regret this deeply on so many levels.

    • melissa says:

      I’m a middle aged woman who started listening to her only in the past 5 years or so. I appreciate her musical and song writing talent. I also appreciated that that has been the focus.

      Of course people will always be interested in her love life, but all of this screams immaturity, rebound…like she’s getting back at someone by dating a “bad boy”. What she isn’t getting is that he isn’t a bad boy, he’s a racist douche. So no more TS for me. Wake up TS, you’re not a girl anymore, you’re a woman. Act like one.

      • Ana says:

        Same here, I started listening to her since Folklore and Evermore ans she seemed smart and mature but this is literally something you would pull in college or high school. My boyfriend dumped me/cheated on me, so I am now trotting the bad boy around to get back to him. Like, really?
        And all that after she herself said before that she was on a worldwide tour and everybody only talked about her love life and it broke her heart. Well, now everybody was willing to talk about the tour and she starts pushing this idiot. Seriously,,,,

      • Lux says:

        This is literally what she does. Everyone’s on the money with the Tiddles comparison because even though she pretends Calvin was nothing and that she forgot he existed, he was her most serious boyfriend before Joe and she had expected him to propose to her on her 25th bday (she got a locket instead of a ring and was reportedly super pissed). When Calvin dumped her (and he 100% did the dumping—see “My Way” lyrics: “I made my move, and it was all about you”), she couldn’t take it. Kanye and Kim were outing her and her boyfriend had dumped her so in comes Tiddles. Except Tiddles was harmless.

        But Matty is so far from harmless. And I think the Joe breakup is literally tearing her apart. So many bad decisions are made with a broken heart, many with lifelong repercussions. This deep-set insecurity and immaturity should not be played out on a global stage. It’s JLo-levels of “can’t be alone” but even JLo has not dated anyone nearly as problematic.

  25. Anne says:

    I’ve never been a SWIFTIE, but I have always enjoyed her music. I even started to maybe appreciate her activism starting in 2018, progressing to open support of the LGBTQ+ community with Lover… but wow, if she is openly dating someone THIS vile, that was probably just PR, right? I can’t listen to her anymore.

    • caela says:

      I’ve blocked her music on my Spotify after learning about all this. Can’t support someone supporting a racist so openly. Can’t believe that ret thread about the podcast

  26. Grant says:

    Did anyone really care about Joe Alwyn? Why is the Snake fam so stressed out?

    • Grant says:

      Did anyone really care about Joe Alwyn? Why is the Snake fam so stressed out? And why do I care? LOL

    • Dara says:

      To paraphrase one of my favorite movies, her fans care because Taylor told them to care.

      • Ameerah M says:

        THIS. And now they are all pretending like that isn’t the case and like he’s some kind of villain. Like I said above – pure Gumby moves.

      • Olive says:

        It’s also funny that they are like but Ryan Reynolds unfollowed him and now he’s playing 1975 music in his Insta vid. So Joe must have done something really bad!!!

        Ryan Reynolds is the sort of person who has a wedding at a slave plantation so why on earth would anyone think think he’s the benchmark of good judgement?

      • SallyW says:

        @Olive, also Ryan famously cheated on ScarJo to get with Blake and he was threatened by ScarJo’s career being better than his. Douche vibes.

      • Lux says:

        @Olive and SallyW, Ryan Reynolds went to the “Ashton Kutcher School of Dating Famous, Older Women until You become Famous enough to Marry Someone Your Own Age or Younger.” Actually, he was the OG because I think I was in high school when I found out Alanis was engaged to him (also known as “who?” at the time). And I recently discovered that he dated Kristen Johnson, who is MUCH older. Now he’s settled and has kids with a former costar…very Ashtonian indeed.

        So I definitely don’t give a doo-doo what a Social-Climbing Serial Fame-Dating Oversharer thinks, especially one who believes he and his wife are the most brilliant insta-comics on earth. The Plantation Preserve is a whole other issue that really just illustrates how well Matty Healy WOULD fit in with Taylor’s crowd.

    • OperaCake says:

      They care about how he made her look: mature, stable. I’ve seen some Swifties lament Taylor doing things out in the open and saying people only came back around to liking her because she spent the last six years being silent! So, basically they don’t want her to tell the world who she is, so they can keep liking her in peace.
      Sorry, this is harsh… To be fair, I’ve seen a lot of Swifties denounce her over this. But will it stick any more than her past controversies? I doubt it…

  27. Olive says:

    According to the 1975 fan base he was really in love with FKA Twigs. Posted about her being the love of his life many times on socials and even said it on stage Was on about how he wanted to settle down with her.
    Then she dumped him last summer and he spiralled into a racist sexist mess particularly targeting women of colour.
    Spiritually he’s an incel so I guess dating white supremacists it girl tracks.

    • Vanessa says:

      Oh please the 1975 fans are really going with Matty is just heartbroken that what he become a Racist. That’s Bull shit he always been a racist he openly talking about on a podcast that he enjoys watching a torture porn video of black woman being abused by Racist white man . Taylor and her people know what this subhuman has been up that why they are scrubbing his social media now .

  28. melissa says:

    From Lainey Gossip. This is some sh*t he pulled just 3 months ago.

    “During the show, Healy admitted to sending an unreturned direct message to Ice Spice. As a result, Healy and Adam Friedland explained to co-host Nick Mullen who Ice Spice is, which led to Mullen calling the rapper an “Inuit Spice Girl” and a “chubby Chinese lady” before he and Friedland imitated her imagined accent, based on their perception of her racial background. Healy egged on the hosts as they imitated Chinese and Hawaiian accents. Later in the podcast, Healy laughed as Friedland and Mullen imitated Japanese accents.”

    While I enjoy TS music, if she is cool being with this type of a human, I have to associate that she’s ok with who he is. So no more TS for me. Absolutely yes, guilty by association. As a person of colour, I have no option.

    • Ameerah M says:

      He also went on a right wing podcast and openly talked about enjoying pron that depicts sexual violence against Black women.

    • Dee Kay says:

      Yeah jumping into a relationship with a man who has been publicly racist and sexist is peak white feminism. Big “I like him so I don’t care” energy here.

  29. Spillthattea says:

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat. 🙄

  30. Emily says:

    Matt is too short for Taylor. You can see it in her posture. She’s hunching again

  31. sid says:

    The way some of Taylor’s fans even here are doing matrix style backbends to try and defend or brush aside the fact that she is running around with a man who is a racist, a misogynist, and just a big ol’ bigot is really something to see.

  32. Peanut Butter says:

    He’s said awful things. She doesn’t deserve a pass on being with such a problematic person. But she’ll probably go quieter again at some point like she did with Joe Alwyn, and her fans will forgive and forget. The main question all of this raises for me is, what might any of this say about Joe, given the length of their relationship? Maybe nothing at all, who knows? It’s interesting to me that, as careful as she can be with her public image, he’s the one who looks better in all of this.

  33. Rackel says:

    Taylor swift is what we mean when we say “this is the american definition of privilege”. Taylor can do whatever she wants and a mountain of people will defend her. She was born filthy rich. She has been protected since born. If I had a child I would want to be in Taylor swift parents shoes.

    She used joe for her image. She competed with her friends for boys. She cheats. She belittles people who critize her. She is class’ist.

    Her and this Matty Healey fit each other. There is no need for her fans to make him seems beneath her.

  34. Jayna says:

    I believe the opposite. My guess is Joe dumped Taylor, and she needed a rebound, a very public romance because of her pride. This asshole was ready and willing. The fact that Taylor would not be more discerning tells me that she is reeling from Joe dumping her, and she is making poor decisions based on that. It’s why she has gone so public so quickly and playing it up. I’m surprised she’s not getting called out more on being with this very problematic jerk.

    • Kebbie says:

      I agree this is the most likely scenario. Her pride was hurt. She can’t let things go to begin with, but when her ego is hurt she really lashes out. I also honestly think she’d prefer people think she cheated than think he dumped her. So she’s blowing up the image she’s spent the last six years cultivating to have the last word. She truly cannot help herself.

    • Olive says:

      Totally agree with you that Joe either dumped her or didn’t propose/ wasn’t ready to settle down ( she was apparently in the process of buying a house with him in London just before they broke and deal was cancelled).
      I mean the latest report from ET is that source (aka her PR) says Taylorhas moved on from Joe. She definitely wants people to think she “won” the break up. But she’s so removed from people ( and probably only has yes people around) she doesn’t realise that dating this racist loser as soon as she broke up with Joe only makes her look bad.

    • hmm says:

      I don’t think he dumped her because I think she would be a complete mess and wouldn’t be able to handle tour, and she’s glowing on stage like she’s having the time of her life.

      • Kebbie says:

        Isn’t getting revenge kind of her favorite thing? I think she thrives when she’s got someone to one-up. I don’t see her as the type to sit around and cry. I think she immediately flips to getting even or proving some point. In this case that point is “I’m better off without you” and “I’ve already forgotten about you.” It’s all an act. It’s always an act with her.

  35. Shirurusu says:

    I’m pretty convinced Taylor is a narc and does not give a damn what anyone else thinks. She has a very carefully crafted image but the downfall of narcs is always that they overreach, think they are above everyone else and should be able to do and be with whoever they please without consequences. Taylor was already sus when she dated the Kennedy boy who was clearly too young for her and in a very vulnerable state, but she don’t care.

    She doesn’t care what her fans think and she doesn’t care that this boy is a piece of sh**. She’ll only course correct it it affects her income I bet. She’s doing this to get back at Joe and to win over him, the leaks, the friends unfollowing on instagram, the secrecy. I think Joe is way better off….

    • Amando says:

      This is also something I’ve come to realize. She even mentions it in her Anti-Hero song. She may be a covert narc.

      Joe is too good for her and dodged a major bullet.

      • Rackel says:

        @amando whoever MADE her do that song did her a favor. That song was so real. That’s why she blew it up with the video. She explained away everything in that song as “IM THE VICTIM”. Thats why they made it a point to say she wrote, directed, and whatever the video. You can tell there was strife behind the scenes.

        Either she wrote the song or she wrote the video. It’s not both. Narcissist.

    • Polly says:

      I’m starting to wonder the same thing. It takes an extraordinary amount of arrogance to date someone as vile as him and think that her reputation won’t suffer as a result. I guess she’s counting on her PR team and her stans to smooth things over for her because she must be aware of the criticism and yet she seems to be doubling down on the relationship rollout.

  36. SallyW says:

    She can’t be single even for a month coming out of 6 years relationships? Lmao. She also is in her 30s but choses to date POS like Matty?

    Why can’t she go to therapy?
    Meanwhile half of her exes are either engaged or married or in long term relationships. Taylor, grow up.

  37. JM says:

    I just can’t. As someone so strict who about her public persona, she knows who he is and what he projects and the fact that she’s still rolling him out is such a bad reflection on who she is as a person. I’ve been in denial but these pictures just made me turn off her music permanently after decades of enjoying it. White billionaires gonna billionaire i guess

  38. Teeee says:

    She’s written some good songs. Okay.
    She’s also showing her vile roots. Remember when she did not renounce the Aryan princess crown? Remember she is friends with Lena Dunham? Remember she played poor white girl Karen to Kanye’s bs? Remember her lips she kept sealed as Trump paved the way for all the bigots to spew their hate and pass legislation that steals the rights of many marginalized populations? Remember her parents were scum finance Wall St types? She’s vile. It’s in a DNA.

  39. j.ferber says:

    Jayna, yes, what you say makes sense. She’s reeling and leapt into the arms of this jerk. I hope she can slow down and just DROP him. She has such an amazing life and she’s a very talented woman. She doesn’t HAVE to always have a man every second. Re-group. DO go to therapy. AND dump this guy.

  40. Rise & Shine says:

    I was really starting to like Taylor. She spoke up as a vocal Democrat and for some good causes, wrote some good songs and lived a quieter live there for a while with Joe, especially during the pandemic. Thought she really was evolving and growing up etc. Sheez, guess I was wrong. I mean Matty really? Wow, this guy seems to has bad news written all over him. He did a podcast with Adam Friedland not that long ago, so I listened to some of it recently. To be fair, I turned it off pretty soon after starting it. He sounds like a total jerk. And that’s on top of all his other dubious issues. What is she doing with this guy?

  41. Abby B says:

    I find this so utterly bizarre. WHAT is the appeal of him to her? He’s not just a vile person, he’s also not attractive in any actual sense (which I say without remorse, given his behavior). SO ….what is it????

    I’m wondering if she’ll claim that her supposed avoidance of the internet led to not realizing his February podcast situation. Although in the same breath she claims that she watches TikTok. I definitely had a different perception of her, given how much she wanted to use her platform to promote important social justice issues. Of all the guys she could roll out, he’s about the last person anyone with a brain would choose voluntarily.

  42. Sass says:

    I’m sorry but I just can’t bring myself to like a single thing about this.

    Every time I think Taylor has grown and maybe I was wrong about her, she pulls some real fuckery.

    Girl needs therapy. Like not a joke. All that money. Get some therapy.

  43. AC says:

    Im not a hardcore Taylor fan (but I do like her music ). To me the common link for both of them is Jack Antonoff. Matty needs to rehabilitate his bad reputation and that’s where Taylor comes in. From being quoted that she’s so in love to being not sure of commitment, to Ryan Reynolds trolling them(jokingly) on Insta , to photos of them at a restaurant so the whole world can see or be fooled. Who knows they just be mocking the media . Or she’s in her new phase of bad girl music… lol .
    We hardly see her and Joe out and about on dates for years and suddenly we have photos of her and Matty. DM got photos of them in the car together also, it just seemed staged. I guess we’ll see, I can be wrong but I’m sticking to this theory for now.

  44. Andrea says:

    Does anyone else get John Mayer vibes from this guy (Matt’s music is better lOl)?

    • Plasma says:

      But John Mayer supposedly happened only because she was 19, and she didn’t know better, and he took advantage of her blah blah. She’s in her 30s now, so what’s her excuse now?

  45. Sunnyjyl says:

    My 2 cents: He’s songwriting fodder. She’ll have a little fun, toss him away and write about her racist ex-boyfriend.

  46. phaedra7 says:

    What’s gonna happen when they both break up? Will she be producing a new song about their relationship as well? Plus, is there a new song about Joe Alwyn, since she broke it off with him (he is now her ex-fiance)?

  47. Vale says:

    Do any of us care about the songs she could potentially write about him?? I listen to her albums a lot but idgaf about whatever she could have to say about Matty, good or bad, once this is over.

    • Kebbie says:

      I’m with you. My favorite songs of hers are fictional (tolerate it, exile, champagne problems) or self-aware (anti-hero, archer) I’ve never liked her autobiographical relationship stuff.

  48. Pointillist says:

    Kanye is a Nazi and was rightly pilloried and Taylor became a saint. The transcript was supposed to prove that she is a angel on earth. But she’s always been a pick me.

    West: I have this line where I said… And my wife really didn’t like this one, because we tried to make it nicer. So I say “For all my Southside [N-word] that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.” And my wife was really not with that one. She was way more into the “She owes you sex.” But then the “owe” part was like the feminist group-type shit that I was like, ahhhhh.

    Swift: That’s the part that I was kind of… I mean, they ‘re both really edgy, but that’s the only thing about that line is that it’s like, then the feminists are going to come out. But I mean, you don’t give a f—. So…

    West: Yeah, basically. Well, what I give a f— about is just you as a person, as a friend….

    Swift: That’s sweet.

    • Kebbie says:

      I’ve never understood what this was supposed to prove. She just seems uncomfortable with confrontation to me. Clearly not liking what she’s hearing, but afraid to just say it. Putting it on “feminists” instead of owning her own distaste with it.

      She’s probably a pick me, but this isn’t proof of that. This is a POS telling his target about his misogynistic lyrics and her being too stunned/afraid to tell him where he can shove it.

  49. Pointillist says:

    I think you are projecting. She puts men on blast in her concerts and at award ceremonies but she can’t tell men what she really thinks? Blaming feminists is a weak move. She doesn’t have real solidarity with women and her dating Matty Healy when he is a racist, anti-Semitic and misogynoirist scum is proof of that.