DM: There’s a ‘new Fab Four’ and it’s just the same old charisma-free royals

Such a weird moment for this story, but perhaps the Daily Mail and the Windsors originally intended this to be a moment of PR following the “operation” carried out in New York. Even the headline seemed grim and macabre: “The ‘Fab Four’ is dead… Long Live ‘The Fab Four!’ How William and Kate, Edward and Sophie are the surprise new power team within the British Royal Family.” They just had to put “dead” in the headline, huh? As for the new Fab Four… the bottom of the barrel, it’s being scraped. How many times will the Windsors have to rebrand their dull, stale royals? How many times will the British media obliquely admit that Kate and William don’t have enough star power on their own?

There was a time when the so-called ‘Fab Four’ were said to be the future of a re-energised monarchy. Between them, William and Kate, Harry and new partner Meghan Markle, brought a touch of youth and glamour to a ‘Firm’ that might have seemed a little weary. That was until the spectacular falling out between the brothers culminating in Harry’s departure to America with his family and his excoriating memoir, Spare.

Yet today there is another royal ‘Fab Four’ supporting the Crown. It might seem rather low key than its media-friendly predecessor but has already proven to be invaluable in keeping the Royal Family afloat in stormy waters. The alliance of William and Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales, and Edward and Sophie, Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, has been largely under the radar. But to see them together on the front row at the Coronation was to realise what an influential foursome they have become. And just two days later, the same quartet took the lead at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party, which praised volunteers up and down the country.

[From The Daily Mail]

It just goes on and on like that, and I suspect it’s coming from Sophie and Edward, two people who are so lacking in charisma that they feel the need to attach themselves to the Jazz Hands twins. If this is what the British people want, then so be it. It feels like the monarchy’s death rattle, honestly. And just FYI: if harm comes to Meghan and Harry, no one will f–king buy this hamfisted Fab Four nonsense anymore. QEII’s reign barely survived Diana’s death and QEII was much more respected than any of these people.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, Instar.

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  1. TeamMeg says:

    I’m sorry, this is the Drab Four.

    • louise says:

      Aaaannnd, you win the internet today.

    • ariel says:

      Seriously, this photo could have been taken in 1987- same dress styles. I understand conservative, dignified, non-trendy dressing- but – ugh. Time travel at its worst.

      They wanted to be the stars- but no one cares about them.
      Maybe its better when there is no real star to steal their spotlight.
      Did they not consider that without the Duchess of Sussex there would be no spotlight at all.

      Not even a flashlight.

      • CJT says:

        Yes to the dress comment! Sophie looks like an extra from Cheers in that Little House frock. Kate looks so meh and neb, she must have had daggers shooting from her eyes when she saw Meghan in Manhattan this week looking like a Sun Queen.

      • Kingston says:


        That would be: “….not even a torch.” 🙂

      • zazzoo says:

        This photo could have been taken in 1887.

      • Lux says:

        Sophiesta and Edwho could stand in the middle of Time Square all day and not one paparazzo would be roused.

      • Dot Gingell says:

        More 1897.

    • Becks1 says:


      • WHAT says:

        That 70s show is on display. Let’s 🚫 not get it twisted 🥨. Sophie kisses 💋 up to Catherine and there’s no risk of her taking the spotlight. Finally, there’s no competition so Catherine can be herself and she knows that Sophie stays in her place and will gladly play the game. Finally she can say she’s got a female friend other than her assistant since Catherine doesn’t get along with women.

        Same with Edward and William. But what this article truly shows is the future 👑 and queen consort ALWAYS has to have a tag along when it comes to their 👀 names cause Even in Britain there’s no ⭐ power AND they cannot keep headlines going for days on 🔚 the way CA has done. Did anyone see the article about now princess Charlotte is the 🆕 secret 😅 weapon. SMH 🙄

        The rota has already moved to the children. George is William, Charlotte is princess Anne and rota is hoping Louis is the 🆕 Harry

      • Kim says:

        @what i agree. What alarms me is Louie is pulling the same faces and hand gestures that Charles and harry did. I think Kate is having him taught how to mimic Charles and harry. That’s awful. Both Charles and harry was made fun of by the press. Kate or ma middleton should let Louie be himself.

    • tamsin says:

      Exactly! You’ve dubbed them perfectly. Not only are they charisma free, but there doesn’t seem to be one nice person among them.

    • The Hench says:

      I’m going with Fusty Four – just for the alliteration.

      Also, Sophie’s complexion looks like she’s been dug up in these photos. What’s with that?

      • Lux says:

        So many opportunities for alliteration!

        Frump Four
        Froideur Four
        Fraudulent Four
        Frown-lines Four
        F’ing these guys again! Four

    • Whyforthelovel says:

      Teammeg for the win! Haha

    • julia says:

      Sophie and Edward look like miniature carbon copies of the other two and it creeps me out.

  2. Tara says:

    My god these dresses are the worst! Wtf

  3. Lady D says:

    Edward looks impeccable next to William.

    • PC says:

      Well, they are all four representatives of the royal branch of the Lee family:
      Ug Lee
      Fug Lee
      Smug Lee
      Pug Lee

  4. Pinkosaurus says:

    Is there just a spinning wheel of royal topics when the Fail needs to fill column inches? They roll out this topic (fab four, magnificent 7, etc. etc.) every so often and it never sticks.

  5. Eurydice says:

    How have they kept the Royal Family afloat? Simply by existing?

  6. Jojo says:

    Fab? Yeah, ok… whatever 🙄.

  7. SIde Eye says:

    Jayzus H, cheese on bread, and Christmas on a cracker. Those Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman at Easter brunch dresses. The Nellie Oleson goes to prom vibes. My eyes!!! Kryptonite for the fashion savy.

    These photos – it’s like having to read an entire book on the history and origins of kankles.

  8. Snarkle says:

    Ugh. Stop trying to make fetch happen

    • On which planet would women in their 40s/50s want to dress like 80 year olds? Horrific. 😱😱😱 RF is well and truly finished anyway after Diana 2.0.

  9. Patricia says:

    Fab Four? Boring !!!

  10. Blueberry 🫐 says:

    The good news is that their catalog dress orders arrived from Sears & Roebuck.

  11. Selene says:

    They said they were lackluster in so many ways, one has to thank these journalists for their wide vocabulary.

  12. M says:

    Haggard Sofiesta

  13. bisynaptic says:

    People who don’t know how to dress them selves should not be given power.

  14. Shawna says:

    “They just had to put “dead” in the headline, huh?” They are so sick. They’re not just trash; these people are monsters.

    • Jais says:

      Yep, saying the Fab Four is dead in a headline today of all days is macabre and deliberate. They’re playing games.

    • Mary Pester says:

      The fab four 😂😂😂oh puleese, there is F all fab about any of them. They look like the dowdy aunts and uncles only seen at wedding’s and funerals. Sophie had better not get to many headlines or Khate will find a way to sideline her, ORRRRR is Sophie going to be camzillas secret weapon against keen. Edward is, well just is 🙄and BULLYAM is a pathetic little prk with big teeth. So good luck convincing anyone that these people are fab anything

      • Shawna says:

        It would be interesting to see if Kate would succeed against the Duchess of Edinburgh when she couldn’t with the Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

    • Eurydice says:

      Well, those faces certainly say “embalmed.”

  15. Becks1 says:

    Tell me the royals are panicking without telling me the royals are panicking.

    Everything is fine!! They’re FINE!!! the monarchy is SAFE!!! They’ve got SOPHIE and EDWARD!!!!!!!

    • Nic919 says:

      When the princess of wales was Diana, there was no need for tag alongs. Charles and Diana were popular on their own, because of Diana.

      Kate and William just don’t have that star power and at 41 they never will.

  16. Beach Dreams says:

    1) Of course that festering garbage paper would write a title like that.

    2) Sophie and Ed will never be a ‘fab’ or ‘magnificent’ anything, they’re THAT boring.

    3) How many flops will it take before Will and Kate themselves look in the mirror and openly realize they’re the problem? I’ve always maintained that these two jackasses have more awareness of how their actions and words come across than people give them credit for. They just know they won’t be seriously questioned or challenged, and so they feel free to be their arrogant and careless selves. But this ongoing one-sided competition with the Sussexes seriously gives me vibes that WanK are in major denial of how dull they are.

    No matter what they try–copying outfits, mimicking Invictus w/ Earthshot, creating flashy clips for social media–it’s simply not working. They see that, despite the media and their “fans” claiming otherwise, and it clearly frustrates them. They’re throwing everything at the wall and nothing is sticking. In fact, people outside of royal watching have been increasingly observant of Kate’s creepy and malicious SWFing of Meghan. So when do these two dullards actually have a reality check of how utterly unappealing and trite they are?

    • Deering24 says:

      The minute any of these people face reality, the game is over, no? W&K have way, way, way, way too much sunk-cost invested to admit their lives are the trite in pursuit of the venal and hopeless.

  17. Mar says:

    Little House on the Prarie called and they want their dresses back.

    This picture just oozes Charisma.

    They should put this pic next to Megan’s gold dress

  18. Blithe says:

    So, could Kate’s team be picking out Sophie’s dresses? The BRF needs reliable workers, and Will and Kate hope that the contrast with their elders will help them shine?

  19. Louise177 says:

    Wasn’t the Fab 4 Charles and Camilla and the Wales a couple of months ago? And I’m sure a few months before that it another story of Edward and Sophie being in the Fab 4. It says a lot that the media is trying so desperately to make the Royals happen.

  20. Yesgirl says:

    Lmao! This is such a self own.

    1. H&M moved away almost 4 years ago and RR just NOW realized there isn’t a fab four!

    2. Self defeating admission that they fab four was the key to the success of the monarchy

    3. Now that the Snubbly is over they have nothing much going on at Salty Island and the RR needs to pay the bills

    4. Charles *cked up with the idea of a “slimmed down monarchy” and Princess Anne said this … so I think a lot of talks are going on as to “what do we do now to get attention?”

    5. The RR is after H&M with Charles and Camilla’s blessing. I have no doubt of this and I’m sticking to it. Harry exposed William for what he is in court and he and Charles are considered the crown so “oh well H&m need to go away” I have no doubt of this.

  21. EasternViolet says:

    On top of this headline being utterly deranged and macabre, I thought Camilla, Charles and the Wales were the new fab four? Remember their rictus grins during the mourning period? Based on other media pieces, I think BP is pissed at the Waleses for pulling focus during the coronation, so this story could be from BP — as in the Cheese and Side-piece stand alone — t… this makes it look as if the Waleses are incapable of carrying the weight of their responsibility on their own and need a babysitter. (Which is true). Also given some of the Royal Rota’s murmurings that Camilla is tired and not well… Charles need these crumbs (ie the new new new Fab Four) to pick up his and Cam’s slack.

    If the rota could only keep the Sussexes out of their mouth, this is the shade I am here for.

  22. Murphy says:

    Yes William, it’s best to pair up with the Uncle who sold you out with his own television company and whom your father barely deigned to finally make a Duke at the spritely age of 59

  23. Sugarhere says:

    “Re-energised monarchy”, with Edward looking stuffed and embalmed like he is about to peg out any moment and pop his clogs? Yeah, right.

  24. Gabriella says:

    Just out of curiosity- do we think any of these people wear sunscreen?

  25. L4Frimaire says:

    I don’t even care, especially after what happened in New York, not that I ever really did. This is what represents Britain. This wet cardboard that contributes nothing. You can keep it.

  26. Oswin says:

    Wait, now it’s that Harry “departed” for the US? I thought he was EXILED by William and Charles? Wasn’t that their crowing point for ages?

    Weird 🙄

  27. MsBee says:

    Dull and Duller

  28. Joyce says:

    I cannot wait for Kate and Sophie’s so called friendship to end in a catfight … and I think it’ll happen very soon.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Kate doesn’t view Sophie as a threat so I don’t think she’s going to start smearing Sophie.

  29. Amy Bee says:

    Try as they may this Fab Four is not going to do anything to improve the image or declining popularity of the Royal Family.

  30. Eating Popcorn says:

    I thought Camilla, Charles, Wills, and Catherine were the new Fab Four… wasn’t that the case last week?

  31. Molly says:

    Getting serious Gunne Sax vibes here…

  32. India says:

    Is it my imagination or has Sophie just morphed into an old woman?

  33. HeyKay says:

    Without H&M, the star power is near Zero.
    Just going thru the motions, no one pays attention to what is left of the BRF, do they?

    Sophie really looks tired in these photos to me.
    I wonder how often she and Edward wish they could move away and retire from all this?

  34. Delphine says:

    Why do they look like they’re making a mock Wes Anderson TikTok?

  35. Lizzie says:

    I’m sure you’re going to see youths all over London in ruffles in granny&coat dresses. Any day now.

  36. kelleybelle says:

    Straight out of 1950.

  37. Kim says:

    Maybe William married Kate because she wanted the job AND she keeps her own council. Like she doesn’t bother him. You can tell she comes up with these plans. William is too lazy to help her. As a child he would go on lunch meetings with his mother. William knows what to do but he is so lazy.

  38. Monlette says:

    That is so sad. In that photo they look like fun-size versions of Will and Kate’s “Teetotaler Ken and Barbie”.

  39. HeyKay says:

    Diana would be so disappointed to see how badly William has turned out, I think.

    Just a thought that keeps coming to me…
    Is it possible that The Men in Grey are keeping The Monarchy in business by threatening William?
    You try leaving like Harry did and we will arrange an “accident” for you too. Or one of the kids?
    William certainly is very angry, at everything for years.
    William and his children following orders, keeps a multi-billion dollar Monarchy in business for decades to come. Harry leaving, slammed William farther into the cage.
    William is The Future King. He is also actively training all 3 kids to follow orders.

    Trapped for the rest of his life.
    At 41, William is more important than Charles, IMO.
    Charles will have a fairly short reign due to his age, IMO.
    William could be King at 50-55 easily and reign for 20-30 years.

    IDK, it is all a dang soap opera at this point.

  40. Jay says:

    Everytime I see this photo of the four of them I find something new that’s weird about it. First, it was Kate and Sophie bringing little house on the prairie realness and everyone’s solemn expressions. This is a photo at a party! A celebration no less! And this was the best they could give to illustrate “fab”. Yikes.

    Why are they all standing 2 metres apart from each other? Why aren’t they interacting? They look like contestants in the Hunger Games who were just shot out of a tube in the middle of a crowded arena.

    • Unblinkered says:

      I suspect the sombre expressions and the absence of any post-Coronation joy may be down to whatever stunt KM pulled Coronation morning, two days previously. I’m convinced something awful happened that morning caused by her – see previous threads – and E & S would have had no choice but to turn up for the Garden Party gritting their teeth.

  41. Oya says:

    So Kate and Sophie are twinning? (Snooze)

    You know who had enough star power to stand on their own? Meghan and Harry. But you know🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  42. Kingston says:

    I thought self-flagellation was a british invention but my research shows it originated in Italy in the 13th century. But the brits have surely taken it to a new level……

    Which brings me to my point about sofiesta and edward. And I have to ask: are they on a self-imposed, 22-years-so-far, journey of ego-erasure or………what?

    Because ever since the britshidtrags’ sting that outed & shamed sofiesta back in 2001 and the failed docu-producer dreams of edward the following year with the ignominious closing of his production company, these 2 have been so charisma-less…….so dull and boring, I swear they are still flogging themselves for their 22-year-old shame.

    Its bad enough that theirs was definitely NOT a love-match: they first met each other in ’87 when edward was already in a relationship with a woman who was sofiesta’s friend. Then in ’93 edward and sofiesta met again and began dating but didnt get around to marriage until 6 years later……after the shidtmedia got involved.

    Bottomline: there has been no visible passion between edward and sofiesta; and no passion in their “royal work.”

    Perhaps the only time it might be said that either of them exhibited any passion in life was when sofiesta dabbled in PR (after being trained as a secretary FFS); and when edward fancied himself a producer-director…….all prior to 1999.

    After their nonroyal careers were spectacularly destroyed by the britshidtmedia by 2001/2002, those 2 faded into the background of the BRF and have always only been brought to the fore when theyre needed to make the current Wails look better than them.

    Its as if edward and sofiesta agreed to pay for their indiscretions of the past by agreeing to be used and silently abused by the BRF in perpetuity.

    Both edward and sofiesta are prime examples of the fact that being “royal” and having a title are NO guarantees for success in the real world.

    But of course, the britshidtmedia and royal sycophants dont want you to look over there……they want you to look at the success of the Sussexes and pretend that their success is due to their relationship to the british monarchy.

    As if!

  43. Saucy&Sassy says:

    The only thing I’ve got is that in the top picture Edward is the one to stand out because of the color of his tie. You go, Edward. I’m sure in future, Wails will make sure Edward’s tie is not eye catching in the least.

  44. Molly says:

    That picture gives me strong Handmaid’s Tale vibes. The Commanders’ wives all dress in blue….

  45. AC says:

    They tried how many years to make Edward and Sophie happen . If they weren’t able to make them happen back then why do they think they will make them happen now . Not to mention didn’t her police escort hit an elderly woman who is now in a COMA. Instead they’re hyped up that the Sussexes would be more safe in the UK. 🙄🙄🙄🙄Sometimes I really question the competency and sanity of their advisors.

  46. Typical virgo says:

    The more I see Kate’s ghastly silver shoes and purse that she wore to that garden party, the more i dislike them. Either Kate pitifully thought it would be “high fashion” to pair metallic accessories with her fuddy-duddy periwinkle blue dress at daytime event, OR her stylist hates her.
    Because I just cannot conceive of a stylist from this planet RECOMMENDING such horrifically ugly accessories. Unless of course, she secretly hates Kate and wants to embarrass her. Which I have NO problem with. Embarrass away!

  47. Well Wisher says:

    The latest transformation of the British Royal Family is finally official and on brand.

    Why be above the fray, when it is deemed proper to be seen as celebrities with the moniker from an old pop band??

    What happened to that august institution? Even with its mixed bag in terms of history, it has to be disheartening to be reduced to a utter cultural commodity, that can be replaced with a newer version in mere months??
    Maybe, that is the whole idea……

  48. QuiteContrary says:

    Well, I needed a laugh after the worry and pain of H&M’s ordeal, and this article provided it.

    Fab Four LOL. Okey-dokey.

  49. Christine says:

    “but has already proven to be invaluable in keeping the Royal Family afloat in stormy waters.”

    Pics or it didn’t happen, Salty Isle. You aren’t remotely afloat.

  50. AnneL says:

    Sophie looks like a chorus member from “The Music Man” (which takes place in 19th century Iowa) and Kate is not far off.