Nick Cannon on child support: ‘They can have whatever they ask for’

Yesterday I covered a story about Bre Tiesi, who has an 11-month-old son with Nick Cannon, Legendary Love. Nick has eleven children by six women, so naturally there’s curiosity about how he provides for all his children. On a new episode of Selling Sunset, Bre said that Nick had too many children for the courts to order him to pay child support. Then a lawyer who represents Bre released a statement fact-checking what Bre had said. I don’t know who told Bre that there was some kind of cutoff of legal obligation after someone has ten kids. In California, it doesn’t matter how many children someone has, they’re still obligated to pay child support. Now I think I know why Bre has lawyered up. In a recent episode of The Jason Lee Podcast, Nick described his child support arrangements with the moms as a free-for-all. He’s also claiming that there’s no government or court involvement.

Appearing on Jason Lee’s podcast earlier this month, [Nick Cannon], 42, was asked about how he protects his assets in co-parenting with the moms of his kids.

“I don’t care about that stuff. I believe true currency is your energy. I wish I could make a contract, ‘You cannot take this much of my energy when you leave,'” he shared.

“Money comes and goes. I always tell people, ‘Money don’t make you happy. Happy makes you money,'” he continued. “So I’m always going to be good, and every dollar that I make is for my family.”

When it comes to financially supporting his kids, Cannon explained he’s “not in the child support system that is run by the government.”

“My money is they money, they money is my money. They can have whatever they want, whatever they ask for. My account is their account, and there’s a lot in there, so we ain’t gon’ run out,” he leveled.

[From People]

My money is their money, and their money is my money? He makes it sound like there’s one bank account for everyone. I’m sure that’s not how it actually is, but this comes across so disorganized. I know that the child support system through the courts isn’t always fair. When my parents divorced there was some back-and-forth between them about child support that I picked up on. It was nothing major, but I learned how child support payments could be manipulated in some cases out of spite. But in a case like this, there doesn’t seem to be any accountability to make sure each kid is getting what they’re entitled to from Nick.

Maybe he really is generous with the moms, but like I’ve said before, the support could be withheld at any time if he suspects the moms are seeing other men. He can have multiple partners, but they can’t! I wish the moms would all band together to sue him for child support, honestly. Then he couldn’t threaten to withhold support or play favorites with people. But he seems to like this arrangement, where his partners are competing for his attention and his time and yes, his money. It reminds me a little bit of how Hugh Hefner was with his group of girlfriends in the early 2000s. At one point he had seven live-in girlfriends. Hef liked to feel like a bunch of women were fighting over him. The particulars are different here, because there are kids involved, but I think Nick likes that feeling, too.

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  1. Aradia says:

    OMG who are all these women raw dogging with Nick Canon?!

    • Coco says:

      They are not raw dogging with Nick it seems more like it’s ether IUI or IVF.

      • LooneyTunes says:

        Yes, they are. 🙄 He posts pictures in intimate settings (naked in a bath tub, naked embraces, etc.). He has openly said he doesn’t use condoms because life is too short and he doesn’t like how they feel. So, yes, unprotected sex is how he has all these kids.

      • Coco says:


        I could be wrong, but saying and doing are two different things. Up until this point Nick has managed; to not have any kids, but the two with Mariah and the one other and I don’t think he was practicing safe sex for all those years.

        He has an image he wants to put forth, and IUI or IVF, doesn’t sound as “cool” as this raw dogging. Not to mention he also has lupus which has played a part in him not being as active physically as he wants to be.

  2. Smart&Messy says:

    It is all going to fall apart, inevitably. Especially when the kids are out of the baby stage and need more attention and money. Another potential trigger is the mothers finding other partners. They will all eventually lawyer up and want it all on paper. Nick can’t feed them these bullshit stories forever (no child support after 10 kids, lol). I think his strategy now is making them think they get more from him than they would be granted by the court. And once they go to court there are no extras.

    • nisa says:

      Smart & Messy, yes for sure it will fall apart. I’ve seen enough divorces to know that good will and wanting to do the right thing for your child financially only goes so far for a lot of exes. What happens in 10, 15 years when there are more kids and his career isn’t so hot anymore? And let’s be honest, he isn’t pledging a lifetime of fidelity to these women, there will be newer, younger versions every year. These women would be better off without the “extras” (whatever he is telling them that is) and with regular, predictable payments they can save and invest for the future.

      • Smart&Messy says:

        Nisa, the newer, younger ones is a very good point. In Nick’s family I’m sure the mothers have zero say in the family planning. As in how many more kids he will sire. The new kids and moms will also want in on the “my money they money”.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      I can’t believe he lied to these women like this!

      And he’s using money to control them! I hope they all sue.

  3. bisynaptic says:

    Lawyer up, folks.

  4. Kitten says:

    It’s so weird that this guy’s made an entire f*cking BRAND out of having a dozen kids by six women. I have no issue with non traditional families but there’s no way in hell he can be a proper father to all of these kids so I hope they have other male role models actively involved in their lives.

    • Mrs. S says:

      He obviously can’t be there for all of them all of the time, but he’s sure doing a heck of a lot more than lots of “dads” do. Children are born of single parents every single day and thrive. These kids do at least have a relationship with their dad… at least so far. If/when shit goes bottom up, the moms can take him to court. For now they all seem ok with their situation, so who are we to tell them otherwise?

  5. HeyKay says:

    Lawyers. Court ordered child support. Get it all on paper, legally. ASAP.
    I bet the first one who files the paperwork, he gets nasty and turns against her and the children.

    He can not keep all this BS going much longer. No way does he earn enough to support 10-12 kids w/6 women.

  6. Eurydice says:

    Hmmm, “they can have whatever they ask for” sounds kind of fraught.

    • TwinFalls says:

      It sounds insulting.

      • antipodean says:

        Absolutely insulting! The emphasis is on the women have to “ask” for what they need, and he will oblige….if it suits him! What happens when it doesn’t any more? Messy, and certainly not in the best interest of the children.

    • MF says:

      This strikes me as a form of control. It leaves the women dependent on him. They have to come to him with their hands out in order to get the financial support they’re actually entitled to per the legal system.

    • Whyforthelovel says:

      Like the ultimate power trip. You can have support for this baby I made with you…..Y’all just have to beg pretty for me. Uugh lawyers NOW

    • Marie says:

      what if they ask for a father

  7. Amy Bee says:

    The mothers should take Nick to court for child support.

  8. Southern Fried says:

    The children would be best served by their moms partnering up, no Nick, and moms being ready to discuss the bio dad at the appropriate age along with a good therapist. How can they not feel like bio dad didn’t want them other than random possessions? Truthfully Nick and the moms are asshles. I know good and well there’s all kinds of successful families that are non trad, we are one of them.

  9. Brassy Rebel says:

    This guy is so gross, and all his sister wives-enablers need to get wise. Their security and that of their kids is at stake here. And when he goes on a podcast and is asked, not how he provides for so many children and how his support is enforced, but how he secures his own assets, we know that the patriarchy will always support him.

  10. ML says:

    Child support is there to protect the rights of the child: a kid has the right to the same standard of living as each parent. NC seems to believe that child support is something that benefits the child’s mother instead.

  11. TheOriginalMia says:

    These women can’t all be as naïve as Bre Tresi. Surely, they know they are entitled to child support. There isn’t one rule for regular guys and one for Nick. They must like being tied to him, but the uncertainty of their positions has to be nerve-wracking.

    • lucy2 says:

      My guess is right now, he’s making a lot and giving a lot to all of them, but that’s not going to last forever, and it’s not like he’s living frugally with all those kids and all those separate households. So the naive ones think everything is fine and believe what he tells them, and the smart ones are waiting for their moment to lawyer up and get it official. When all that starts happening, things are going to go downhill fast.

  12. Normades says:

    He’s a narcissist that needs to get his nips snipped. They all deserve different funds and I hope they all take him to court. This isn’t some harem and he needs to take responsibility and that also means STOP having children.

  13. Rnot says:

    I wonder if Nick is the one who told her that there was no child support after 10 kids. I wonder if he himself actually believed/believes that. That might explain a lot.

  14. Debbie says:

    I don’t understand all these people suggesting that all the mothers band together and sue Nick Cannon for child support. That’s the beauty of child support, they don’t need to “band together.” Their kids, as long as they are his, are entitled to support from both parents and Nick Cannon can’t dictate what he’ll provide and under what conditions he’ll provide for the care of his children — or when he’ll withhold support. At this point, it just seems like the mothers are allowing him to get away with these conditions and I wonder what they get out of buying into his line of thinking. They may be receiving adequate support for now, but Nick gets to decide what’s adequate, not a neutral party and I’ll bet that Nick doesn’t decide on a support amount with input from each mother. The bottom line is the kids are entitled to regular support from both parents (regardless of who the mothers are dating) and the mothers don’t need other women in the same arrangement with Nick in order to prevail on a child support claim.

  15. j.ferber says:

    Debbie, yes, I get you that each mother has the right to individually go for child support. However, he may very well try to make an example of the one or two women who do that–e.g. he cuts them off, delays court appearances, etc. He can play them against each other and the “good, loyal” ones will get his generosity (for now) and the ones who go to court can be cut off. So it IS a good idea for all the moms to stand firm against him, like in a real union at a job. The trouble is, he has not fostered relationships between the moms and they all probably feel like they stand alone. In fact, there is probably competition between the moms, and the ones pregnant again by him (two of the moms have three of his kids each) would get more attention/money. I personally could not live like that. And it will all go south sooner rather than later.

  16. Penguin says:

    This guy is in for a hell of an awakening once his kids grow up a bit. His eldest kids are now what, 11-12? It’ll be like a really amped-up version of Succession.