E. Jean Carroll wants an additional amount from Donald Trump, who is still defaming her

Two weeks ago, a jury found Donald Trump liable for sexual abuse and defamation of E. Jean Carroll, the woman he raped in the mid-1990s. Carroll told her story in a book and in New York Magazine in 2019. Soon after, Trump lied about everything, claimed he didn’t know Carroll, claimed she was making the whole thing up and that he’d never even been to Bergdorf’s. So Carroll sued him and won $5 million in damages for the abuse and the defamation. A day after the verdict, CNN gave Trump a lil’ Nazi town hall in which Trump spoke about Carroll again and defamed her again. Now E. Jean Carroll is asking the court to add an additional amount to her damages because Trump continues to lie about her. Good!!

E. Jean Carroll, who this month won $5 million in damages from former President Donald J. Trump, is now seeking a “very substantial” additional amount in response to his insults on a CNN program just a day after she won her sexual abuse and defamation case.

Monday’s filing came in a separate defamation lawsuit that Ms. Carroll filed in 2019 against Mr. Trump, 76, which is before the same judge who presided in the civil trial. That case stemmed from comments Mr. Trump made that year, shortly after Ms. Carroll said that he had raped her in a Manhattan department store dressing room in the mid-1990s. The suit has been sidetracked by appeals and is still pending.

In a separate letter to the judge, Ms. Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta A. Kaplan, revealed with little elaboration that Mr. Trump has threatened to sue Ms. Carroll “in retaliation and possibly to seek sanctions.”

On May 10, Mr. Trump, who is seeking to regain the presidency, went on CNN and echoed his earlier denials, calling Ms. Carroll’s account “fake” and a “made-up story.” Despite a photograph showing them together, he claimed again that he had never met Ms. Carroll, 79, called her a “wack job” and said the civil trial was “a rigged deal.”

Monday’s court filing argues Mr. Trump’s statements “show the depth of his malice toward Carroll, since it is hard to imagine defamatory conduct that could possibly be more motivated by hatred, ill will or spite. This conduct supports a very substantial punitive damages award in Carroll’s favor both to punish Trump, to deter him from engaging in further defamation, and to deter others from doing the same.”

[From The NY Times]

I don’t understand the legal stuff – so Carroll has two separate defamation cases against Trump, one which is completed (in Carroll’s favor) and one which is still making its way through appeals, and the one in appeals is what she wants amended to include the new defamatory statements? Is that right? In any case, I hope the court gives her whatever she wants and I hope there are even heavier financial penalties for Trump’s broke ass.

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  1. Amy Bee says:

    Good for her.

  2. Genevieve says:

    The judgement needs to include a formula for the penalty to be incurred each time he defames her going forward. He has zero self-control, and will not stop.

    • JanetDR says:

      Exactly! It might even be possible for him to learn to keep his mouth shut. Doubtful, but maybe.

    • Kitten says:

      Definitely. Hit the orange turd in the wallet every time he talks sh*t. Dude has absolutely zero self-control smdh.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Genevieve, in addition to each additional time in which Cheetos-Lini defames her, each time he defames her, the consequences involve an immediate increase of defamation $$$$ multiply!!! Drumpf could never be able to keep his disgusting trap shut and the incremental judgement for $$$$$ could result in Ms. Carroll ending up with a majority of his assets….. bring it on Ms. Carroll as Drumpf can’t keep his mouth shut for 2 solid seconds…..

    • Torttu says:

      Also, it should be automated. Every time the turd even mentions her, a simple transaction happens from his bank account to hers. Not that I believe he actually has any money, but still.

    • ML says:

      Excellent idea, Genevieve!
      EJC put herself out there to be attacked by Tfg’s crazy cult-like admirers. She should be compensated.

    • Elsa says:

      I bet he would use that as a fundraiser.

  3. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    Take everything he’s got.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    Good for her. He’s never going to shut up, so just keep hitting him every time he talks about her.

    • CL says:

      You are not kidding. I think he is incapable of shutting up. If he were told he couldn’t speak about something, he would fail, immediately.

  5. AmyB says:

    Maybe Trump will finally learn: When you fuck around, you find out. Or not; either way it’s hysterical watching this id-driven moron keep digging himself into deeper legal trouble because he simply cannot shut the F up! I hope every time he says a word about her, he gets money tacked onto her defamation/sexual abuse payout.

  6. ElsaBug says:

    There’s a great new episode of the Amicus podcast with E. Jean Carroll and her lawyer that explains in layperson language the two cases (and it was recorded after the CNN disaster).

  7. SquiddusMaximus says:

    His Narcissistic Personality Disorder is so extreme, he’s literally incapable of acknowledging that something he did or said previously was wrong or a mistake. E. Jean’s attorney did a great job homing in on that — that’s how you trap a person with his pathology, whether it’s bringing up the “Grab ’em by the pussy” comment or the Ukrainian bribery call or the “find the votes” call. He is incapable of acknowledging that there was anything less than “perfect” about what he did.

  8. Truthiness says:

    The more that Trump spins out on the E Jean Carroll loss, the more time he’s lost to his far more serious cases in Fulton County Georgia, the documents case, and the Jan 6 cases. Fani Willis in GA has given the dates for indictments to be issued, reserved the courtrooms, and notified law enforcement.

    Meanwhile Melania struck like a ninja while the iron was hot and renegotiated her price for continuing her role as loyal wife for the 2024 race. Just like her renegotiation after the 2016 election. I love this journey for him.