Kyle Richards keeps denying Ozempic use, says Erika Jayne is ‘way skinnier than me’

Kyle Richards has been sober for almost a year. In that time she’s also lost a noticeable amount of weight. As soon as she started posting pics of her slimmed-down physique, people started commenting that she must have been on Ozempic. Kyle denied those rumors, but it also seems like she’s protesting too much. At this point Kyle has been talking about not using Ozempic since January. Like Peridot said in this story from March, I think her continued denials about Ozempic are making the association even stronger. Well, now she’s at it again, talking to Page Six about how she lost weight (not from Ozempic!!) and getting a swipe in at Erika Jayne.

Kyle says she’s never taken Ozempic because she has anxiety: “I can say that I have never tried it and I have never taken it,” Richards, 54, told Page Six. “I’m not on any weight loss drug. If you know me, you know I have terrible anxiety so that would scare me to death. I have never, ever ever taken it.”

Other Bravo stars have admitted to taking the drug: Although Richards went about her weight loss the old-fashioned way, many of her fellow Bravolebrities have admitted to using the drug — such as Dolores Catania, Jennifer Fessler, and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi. Other celebs, including Richards’ “RHOBH” castmate Erika Jayne, were also accused of using the drug for weight loss purposes. “I don’t know about Erika, I have no idea, but I’m wondering why don’t people talk about her enough, she’s way skinnier than me,” Richards quipped. “I’m like, ‘Why are people talking about me?’ I’m so confused because she’s really lost a lot of weight.”

She made a lot of lifestyle changes, including getting sober: “What I don’t want to get lost in this is that I want to be able to inspire people,” she told Page Six in February, noting that she had to completely change her lifestyle to reach her dream physique. “I stopped drinking almost seven months ago, I don’t eat bad, sugar, pizza, donuts, carbs … so I’d rather be inspiring than people making up stories about me,” she continued. The reality star alleged that she also lost weight by working out for “two hours every day.”

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First of all, I think it’s funny how Kyle uses this opportunity to be petty about Erika. I’m not super up-to-date on the Real Housewives shows but I’m guessing they don’t like each other. I’m going to shock some people by saying this, but judging by her physique, I do not believe Kyle is on Ozempic. I think she’s not on it because she has really good muscle tone. One of the downsides of Ozempic is that it can cause you to lose muscle along with body fat. For the people who need it to manage diabetes, this side effect is worth the trade. But I just don’t believe that Kyle is taking a semaglutide drug that suppresses her appetite while working out for two hours a day. Also, I looked it up and anxiety symptoms are not listed as a common side effect of Ozempic. But as someone who has suffered from multiple anxiety disorders, I get what Kyle’s saying. I’m also anxious (LOL) about how different medications could affect me.

It sounds like what really happened is that Kyle got sober, found a good trainer, and is on a strict diet. Getting sober is a great thing and I’m happy for Kyle that she’s made that change. I don’t think cutting out all “carbs” is necessarily balanced or healthy, because demonizing foods and food groups as “bad” can really backfire. But if you did all three of those things at once, the results could be pretty dramatic. She also had breast reduction surgery sometime in 2022, which Andy Cohen “accidentally” revealed on the air. That could also contribute to Kyle looking slimmer than before. We’ll never know for sure if Kyle lost weight the old fashioned way or with medication. But I’m going to take her word for it. If she would just stop talking about it, maybe other people would, too.

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  1. Krista says:

    Maybe if she would stop talking about this incessantly someone would believe her. I don’t believe her,

  2. Snuffles says:

    Not drinking would do it. Alcohol is very fattening. I remember in college this girl I knew who LOVED to party put on 50 pounds from chugging all that beer.

    • JM says:

      On top of the extra weight and carbs, it makes you puffy too! So losing that puffiness also helps you appear slimmer. I do think she should stop addressing it though. She’s reach thou dost protest too much zone

  3. sunnyish says:

    Medication gives her anxiety;

    but she has admitted to multiple unnecessary medical procedures so going under anesthesia for multiple nose jobs, plastic surgery so……

    • Ameerah M says:

      Those are two different things. A medication that you take daily is a whole other thing.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Willing to bet there’s some anti-anxiety meds in her cabinet. The anxiety thing makes no sense. Her idea that she wants to be inspiring also makes no sense. She’s a rich lady who lost weight through whatever means. Yay? Who would that inspire? Other rich ladies?

  4. wordnerd says:

    It depends on how much she was drinking. I haven’t watched this show in a few years, but I seem to recall it was her sister who had the drinking problem – did Kyle have one too? I think she probably just worked hard to lose the weight, but she’s certainly reveling in the attention.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I don’t know if she had a problem, but she probably had wine with every meal (except for breakfast) + shots of this or that whenever she went out. I think she probably gained weight gradually, getting older, then the pandemic changed a lot of things & she ate & drank more than she normally would. It happens. And now she’s lost that weight & apparently got a breast reduction, and also seems to want a medal for losing that weight the hard way?

    • BQM says:

      I’m a watcher of the show since day one. It’s a bit misleading to use the phrase ‘got sober’ in regards to Kyle. She doesn’t have a drinking problem. She just gave up alcohol same as she gave up most carbs. Her sister Kim DOES have a serious problem but she seems to currently be sober.

  5. Elsa says:

    I don’t find her getting Uber thin to be inspiring. Body weight is not inspirational. She is not “better” because she is thin.

  6. SquiddusMaximus says:

    Mmmm… Not a doctor here, but I’m skeptical. She seems to be hewing to Khloe K. talking points — i.e., “I work out really hard and eat clean,” so therefore no Ozempic. Not necessarily, friend. Lots of people work out really hard and eat clean and don’t look like waxen stick figures after dropping significant amounts of weight really quickly. What is the MOST PLAUSIBLE answer? That she is getting an extra boost, whether from Ozempic, Wegovy, or something related.

    I strongly dislike this trend, for so many reasons — the least of which is these pseudo-celebrities pretending all of this is natural and accessible and healthy. How about just, like, be healthy and accept your body? Why is that so fecking outlandish?

    • pottymouthpup says:

      The more she talks about how she’s not using Ozempic, the more I think she’s using a lower dose of Wegovy (just a slightly different formulation of injectable semaglutide) and splitting hairs.

      When semaglutide is prescribed for weight loss it’s meant to be used in morbidly obese people who aren’t, generally, well conditioned and losing the excess fat is the top priority in this patient population.

  7. SpankyB says:

    One of the side effects they’re finding out on Ozempic (and other medications like it) is peoples’ addictions are going away. So if she was an alcoholic and took Ozempic it may have helped her stop drinking.

    It was a pretty interesting article. Shopping addicts have stopped shopping, smokers have stopped smoking, etc.

    • ME says:

      That’s very interesting. It stops addiction? It makes sense though right? Addiction is in the same part of the brain no matter if it’s drugs, alcohol, gambling, smoking, or eating. If it helps with food addiction (getting rid of cravings), it probably can do the same for other addictions. Fascinating.

    • Hollz says:

      Oh that is interesting!
      I’ve been on Ozempic since mid February and while I’ve never been much of a drinker (one or two a month max) it has completely killed my desire for pop, and that’s something I have struggled with for my entire life.

      It’s also got my sugars to the best spot they’ve been in years and I’ve no longer got funky things going on with my kidneys. I’ve lost a bunch of weight (and I absolutely know I wouldn’t have been able to do so with out it) but that’s just a happy side effect (for once 😂)

  8. Michele says:

    Is Ozempic the drug that also makes people not want to drink or smoke? It was somewhere in the news, yesterday, I think.
    I use Mounjaro for diabetes and I was looking for the ingredient but didn’t see it. I was curious because I have no interest in alcohol any more. (I never smoked.)

    • ElleE says:

      @ Michele
      Yes- an unexpected side effect (not in the clinical data) of this drug is that it kills the desire to drink, completely, for some folks.

      I’m not a doctor, but maybe this makes sense because it also combats binge eating.

  9. Sunflower46 says:

    Hi, just wanted to chime in. I was told by my doctor to get on ozempic. My doctor ALSO strongly recommended that I start seeing a trainer and lifting weights to help, which I’ve been doing. I think Kyle may be on one of these medications, while simultaneously exercising correctly. From watching the show, I think she was definitely drunk in a lot of the episodes in past years, but she barely ate anything (on camera anyway). I don’t think there were any carbs for her to cut besides alcohol. Also, my doctor told me to avoid alcohol on this medication, which aligns with her stopping drinking.

  10. ME says:

    I believe her. Hey guys, remember most people (not all) can lose weight the good old fashion way. In her case, she probably lost 10 pounds, which is doable with diet and exercise. She was never overweight. It’s not like she was obese and now she looks like this. We can’t just assume anyone that loses weight does it with Ozempic. Post Malone lost way more weight than her. He said he got healthier and started eating better. No one is accusing him of using Ozempic…or is this criticism only reserved for women?

  11. BQM says:

    She and Erika have been thick as thieves for years so this is kind of hilarious. Wonder if the little clique is turning on each other.

  12. j.ferber says:

    In my opinion, they are BOTH taking Ozempic while ratting each other out, still being best friends all the while. You know, rich people dysfunction.

  13. Erin U says:

    Honestly I believe her. I quit drinking a year and a half ago and the 10-13 lbs have just stayed off, and I was only around 125 to begin with. Especially if she was a regular drinker, that can really keep weight on.