Andy Cohen is sorry for revealing on air that Kyle Richards had plastic surgery

Andy Cohen has put his foot in his mouth again. On his show the other night, he accidentally revealed that Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had plastic surgery — a breast reduction — a few weeks ago. Kyle sarcastically called him out immediately and then he apologized profusely. And then they proceeded to keep talking about it.

It was an eventful night on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen: After Show, Wednesday, when the Real Housewives producer spilled some secret tea. Cohen was speaking with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kyle Richards, when he accidentally revealed that she had plastic surgery three weeks ago.

“How’s the breast reduction surgery working out?” Cohen asked near the top of the after show.

“Thanks for letting everybody know Andy,” Richards replied. “Thank you… I’m just gonna say this, I never told anybody.”

Cohen repeatedly apologized for revealing the television personality’s secret. Even though she’s still recovering, the mother of four has no regrets.

“I never had implants,” Richards explained. “I had double D’s, no implants. I still don’t have implants but I went in and I said, ‘I want smaller boobs. I don’t ever want to wear a bra in my life again.’ And here I am.”

While the moment was embarrassing for everyone, Richards was a pretty good sport about it, saying, “I can’t wait to share more things with you tomorrow.”

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So was it really an accident or was it a planned way of revealing the news ? Who can say.  Apparently, shortly after Kyle would have gotten the surgery, she posted an Instagram story from bed saying she hurt her back and would be out-of-commission for a few days. So maybe she was waiting to reveal the news or wasn’t planning to reveal it at all? Breast reduction surgery doesn’t have the same weird stigma as other plastic surgery because it’s often assumed to be done for back discomfort reasons. I would think that this is the kind of thing you could tell from looking at her, but you really can’t from that video and she says it’s because they’re still swollen. I think celebs should be honest about their plastic surgery, but I also think it’s for them to reveal in their own time instead of having someone else do it for them. This seems like a very typical Andy Cohen gaffe. He does a lot of apologizing, huh?

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  1. Seraphina says:

    Never liked the guy. He seems like such a douche. And due to his past behavior, I think this was done on accident. And he has been given way too much of his 15 minutes of fame. And when I read he is close with some people, I know they are cut from the same cloth. Not sure why Anderson sticks with him but he brings Anderson down.

    • Jan says:

      When Anderson had a talk show, Angelina Jolie was on and I went.
      When it was time for the guest to ask questions, he hardly went to black audience and he wanted to know they questions during the commerical break.
      So there is no difference between Anderson, Kelly Ripa and Andy.

      • Seraphina says:

        Jan, unfortunately the saying of Birds of a feather flock together has truth behind it.

  2. Selene says:

    I resent the way Andy treated Luke Perry in a Riverdale promo interview, as if he wasn’t worthy of his attention or presence. Andy has always had this shady vibe, and I’m sure he knew Kyle hadn’t told anyone. That’s one of those things people say at the beginning of telling a secret.

  3. North of Boston says:

    He’s not only a gross misogynistic douche, he revels in being a gross misogynistic douche.

    His entire WWHL brand is built on degrading, undermining, demeaning women and getting them to go along with it. He’s like the “frenemy” who “helps” you get ready for a big event in something awful with bad makeup and then openly laughs at you when you get there.

  4. Lolalola says:

    Andy is such a lying POS. Just ask Kathy Griffin. I would never believe a word he says. Of course he sandbagged her! What does he love to do more? Its disgusting this man has a career.

  5. Pix says:

    Andy is a misogynist and a seriously messy b!tch.

  6. Cj says:

    Probably not an accident and him being extra shady about the real reason she was laid up for 3 days. He didn’t ask about her “back injury” at all which would be the obvious question based on her social media. Obvious unless you know the real reason and want to call her out on it.

    • Murphy says:

      I wonder if he thought he could pull the same shade on Kyle that he did with Kim Biermann about her nose job denial. But it really backfired in this case, the situations aren’t comparable.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I think only an accident in the sense that she/Bravo wanted it revealed on her show. She’s been filmed for her show in bed, recovering from some sort of facial plastic surgery, so she’s not averse to people knowing. And he, as a Bravo producer, would know that.

  7. FHMom says:

    Andy is a horrible person. It’s disappointing that Anderson Cooper is friends with him.

    • Julia K says:

      They are friends because they are cut from the same cloth. Elitist ,misogynist snobs.

    • vesper nite says:

      I’m thrilled to hear other people call this douche out! He’s the penultimate mean girl!! Passive aggressive, snarky and definitely a misogynist! I was so disappointed when I saw he had a daughter…poor thing! Anderson Cooper should do better than hang with this bottom dweller!

  8. Southern Fried says:

    I tried watching WWHL at the beginning but Andy’s drooling and verbally sexually harassing the young very good looking male bartenders he’d have on was disgusting. His remarks about women’s bodies, breasts in particular were gross as it seemed he thinks they are gross. He acted like he hates women only to profit and encourage the worst behaviors. I can’t ever take Anderson Cooper seriously knowing he and Andy are friends, even going on tour together. Think of the legacy Andy will leave his own kids.

    • Seraphina says:

      I got into the Jersey housewives crap back in the day and when I saw a pattern of how Andy operated – I stopped watching anything he has any part in.

    • CocoBean says:

      I listen to the Watch What Crappens podcast and those guys are always mocking how Andy asks the women about their breasts during reunions. He’s so inappropriate

    • drolf says:

      Southern Fried, Came here to say this, could not have said it better. If a man was such a pervert and so cringey towards women as Andy is on his show towards every male it would be cancel time.