Angelina Jolie’s first Atelier Jolie collaboration is a capsule collection with Chloe

A few weeks ago, Angelina Jolie announced a new project: Atelier Jolie, a “fashion collective” where refugee artists and artisans could create fashion using deadstock material. I had questions about how all of it would work or whether the fashion would be sold under the banner of Atelier Jolie, but it looks like we’re getting our first glimpse at how it’s working. Atelier Jolie has announced its first collaboration, a capsule collection with the French label Chloe.

Just last month, Angelina Jolie announced her latest fashion venture: Atelier Jolie. And now, fashion fans have something else to lust after with the announcement that Jolie’s brand would be teaming up with French fashion label Chloé. In the announcement, Jolie emphasized wanting to work with the brand because of its status as a B Corp, a distinction that its held since October 2021.

“Very few luxury brands are a certified B Corp. It was important to me to work with Chloé, one of the first luxury brands to be a B Corp. It has been a privilege to design with Gabriela Hearst, and I hope all women will feel comfortable and beautiful in this capsule collection,” Jolie said in a statement. She went on to say that the money from the collection would be reinvested into the artisans and craftspeople (present and future) that work with her brand. “My earnings from this collaboration will be invested in establishing apprenticeships for tailors and artisans at Atelier Jolie.”

Gabriela Hearst, who announced that she would be leaving the brand after three years, also noted that she was excited to go on this venture with Jolie and further commit to Chloé’s promises to be more sustainable.

“From the moment I heard about Angelina’s vision for Atelier Jolie, I believed in it. It is a way to elevate others through the beauty of garment-making and her deep respect for the environment. It’s an honor for me that Chloé will be the first collaborator for Atelier Jolie, as both have high ideals for the betterment of our species. That is the reason why I love both Angelina and Chloé so deeply.”

While little is known about the Atelier Jolie and Chloé collection, the announcement also shared that it would include “fluid silhouettes and tactile details” and have an “eveningwear focus and a timeless aesthetic inspired by perennial pieces from Jolie’s own well-loved wardrobe.” Other details include the fact that the capsule will showcase “female-led social enterprises” and that “multiple looks make use of deadstock and lower-impact materials.”

[From InStyle]

OMG: “fluid silhouettes and tactile details”!! Sack dresses and pleather pants!! Mark my words, we’re getting caftans and weirdly cut trousers. And that’s fine – there’s clearly a market for that, and I can’t wait to see how Jolie’s aesthetic has influenced the fashion collective. I think it’s interesting that this sounds like it will be the first of many collaborations with fashion houses. So they’re doing it as a series of capsule collections too – interesting.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, IG.

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  1. Lisa says:

    im here for a collection of all occasion caftans

    • yellowy says:

      I preferred her style during her PVC, black leather and smudged eyeliner phase.

      Her 1970s billionaire society matron phase is more “age appropriate”, I guess, but less interesting to observe.

  2. MollyB says:

    Love her, but have to say not a fan of her fashion aesthetic. I don’t find it flatters her much. My humble opinion.

  3. MY3CENTS says:

    I’ll probably ogle and wish I had enough money to buy, sigh.

  4. Kel says:

    I know capsule collections have been done before but this sounds similar to meghan. I really hope Angelina and meghan have sat down and talked or eventually collaborate with each other.

    • TeamMeg says:

      It reminds me more of Angelina’s jewelry collection, which also was capsule. Before Meghan arrived. At any rate, I wonder if they wonder about meeting each other. They have so much in common! Would love to see that, too.

  5. Vi says:

    When I see Maddox I see the little boy with a Mohawk. It’s something how celebrities almost become like neighbors. I wish him luck in his future career.

  6. It Really Is You, Not Me I’m says:

    She is a beautiful woman, but she looks so amazing in these clothes because she is tall, slender, and they just let her ethereal face take center stage. I am guessing that the target audience is not the average woman in looks, body or income because most women can’t carry these clothes the way that AJ can, much less afford Chloe. Wishful thinking for me at a curvy 5’0”.

    • Kittenmom says:

      Same, same. While I’d love to buy from her collection, it will make me look like a thumb. Call me when the petite collection drops!

  7. Ameerah M says:

    I like Chloe and I know this collection will be amazing. And sell out quickly! Angelina’s aesthetic is very much rich woman vacationing in France and I am here for it.

    • Roo says:

      I am reading your comment at work, while taking a lunch break at my desk, and wishing I could be a wealthy woman vacationing in France. I’d wear all the sack dresses!

  8. SIde Eye says:

    Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company is my fashion icon. In fact, had my son been a girl, he would have been named Audra after the actress who played her. I loved everything about that woman and when she entered a room it was like boom!

    Bring on the caftans! Bring on the sack dresses! As I’ve gotten older I am drawn to these styles, I love Indian dresses as well. I love things that flow and aren’t binding. I am so sick of the duck faced, try hard I am so sexy shopping for avocados at the grocery store in the most binding outfit I own and 8 inch heels that I see all over Instagram. Sexy girl in aisle 9!!! Look at meeeeeeeee! Selfie time! I’m over that whole era. The Kardashian thing is really not my bag, but this is.

    Yay caftans!

    • lisa says:

      honk for all of this

      I tried bidding on some of Elizabeth Taylor’s caftans when her stuff went up for auction but they quickly exceeded my budget. im never going back to hard clothes.

      • SIde Eye says:

        Elizabeth Taylor had some amazing caftans! I wish you could have acquired some o them! I am never going back either lol I especially love the caftans that have a little embellishment or feathers or a little something to them for special occasions. When I win the lotto it will be a giant closet of caftans and it will rain money on animal shelters lol

  9. Cel2495 says:

    She will be doing it as collections and is hiring expert tailors based in NYC ( they will add more cities in the future but nyc is the first). She will be bringing other artists as well and disciplines and hope she does a shoe collection so I can apply!

    Ps: I am a footwear and accessories designer and saw the job opening/posting.

    • Tree says:

      I saw some people talk about applying under the announcement post. How exciting for you guys to have that opportunity!

  10. Tree says:

    Really loving this is going to be a fair trade enterprise and will be featuring work from artisans and small women led companies. The drawings in the back of some other pictures look really nice. I hope they take into account different body shapes when they reveal the collection