Tom Sandoval has been making fun of ex friend Tom Schwartz in his lyrics

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After his affair scandal, Tom Sandoval has had another high profile break-up — Tom Schwartz isn’t friends with Sandoval anymore after the damage Sandoval’s Scandoval did to Schwartz’s reputation and livelihood. And Schwartz was unafraid of speaking candidly about the end of the friendship on Jax Taylor (Sandoval’s sworn enemy) and Brittany Cartwright’s podcast, or on his latest reality show outing, “Stars on Mars.” It seems Sandoval took umbrage to Schwartz’s comments and/or the bro break-up and he’s now making fun of his former friend by changing up the lyrics while he performs with his ridiculous cover band.

Tom Schwartz has served as an inspiration for Tom Sandoval‘s cover band for months — but are things getting extra shady between the Vanderpump Rules costars?

One of Sandoval’s recent performances with his band, The Most Extras, quickly got fans talking about the message behind the music as an eagle-eyed follower reposted several stories from the TomTom cofounder’s Instagram Story on Sunday, June 18, writing, “I have never heard these lyrics before.”

In the video — which featured footage from Sandoval’s performance at Engelmann Cellars in California — the reality star sang about Schwartz, 40.

“Schwartzy do you remember when you had a lawn? A homeowner lawn. Your mom came out wearing just a TomTom hoodie and thong. TomTom hoodie and thong,” Sandoval, also 40, sang during his rendition of “Stacy’s Mom.”

When his band kicked off their tour earlier this year, Sandoval surprised attendees by changing up the lyrics during different shows, making jokes about having an interest in Schwartz’s mother by tweaking the words of “Stacy’s mom” to “Schwartz’s mom.”

Schwartz, who owns two restaurants with Sandoval, faced backlash after he publicly supported his best friend.

Earlier this month, however, the Minnesota native admitted that his stance has changed after seeing how Sandoval addressed the drama.

According to Schwartz, he felt “exploited” by his friend in the aftermath of Scandoval. “It just looks like he has no contrition, or it looks like he just doesn’t give a f—k and he’s living out his rockstar dreams and good for him,” he added, referring to Sandoval’s current music tour. “I think that’s one thing I’ve gleaned from all the people in the restaurant. They just don’t understand, like the lack of remorse. I know he f—king regrets it. But he doesn’t do a good job of showing that.”

The Bravo star concluded by confirming that he is no longer aware of what goes on in Sandoval’s personal life, saying, “I have no clue and it could not make me happier, I don’t want to know any secrets.”

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Let us not forget that Sandoval changing the lyrics of the cover of “Stacy’s Mom” to “Schwartz’s Mom” was an ongoing thing, even when they were on good terms, and he previously used the lyrics to joke that “Raquel is not for me.” Now he’s being a bit more rude by poking fun at his former boy’s divorce and mom in a thong. Of course Sandoval is immature, but he is also kind of proving Schwartz’s point about living out his rockstar dreams and looking like he has no contrition, no? Using cover band lyrics to make jokes about the affair, to make jokes about a friend that he feels wronged him, yeah Sandoval looks like he has no remorse. I think Schwartz is right that Sandoval does regret it and the loss of status, but he’s also having a great time at his sad cover band shows that people are for some reason still buying tickets to attend. Sandoval’s defense is to be obstinate — that’s why he couldn’t help himself from clapping back at Ariana and that’s why he’s clapping back at Schwartz now. And as I’ve mentioned before, I am no fan of Schwartz, but did learn he has a lot of very serious family struggles going on now aside from his self-inflicted Scandoval accomplice and ex-wife gaslighting struggles. So maybe Schwartz really is, in fact, over Sandoval because he truly can’t get dragged down with his former friend anymore.

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  1. It Really Is You, Not Me I’m says:

    I have never been so interested in people from a show that I have never watched even once.

    • Rebecca says:


      Same. I’m so annoyed that I was dragged into this (and stayed, apparently) by my sister when she found out I had a Peacock subscription and wanted to watch the uncensored finale and then the reunion shows. Thanks, sis!

  2. Jillian says:

    At least write your own song. A cover band, unbelievable. I can’t believe anyone would sleep with that dork

    • shanaynay says:

      What’s even more unbelievable is that people are actually paying to see him. WTF!!!

    • CROWHOOD says:

      I personally love a good cover band…at like a corporate retreat or a wedding. I didn’t know people paid money individually to go see them in real life.

  3. Mireille says:

    I’m barely keeping up with this gossip. My Gen Z co-worker keeps telling me to follow this story. LOL!!! Anyway, I don’t know if this has been said before on CB but is it me or does Sandoval look like a 70s porn star in disguise? His hair and mustache look so fake. I don’t understand how anyone or anything can find him attractive.

  4. butterflystella says:

    I mean, these guys are in business together so I doubt this “we’re not friends” phase will last.

    • AnnonButLotsToSay says:

      Completely agree! Schwartz is just trying to save face and minimize blowback to himself. Sandoval has been his one, true committed relationship for more than 10 years. He’s consistently chosen him over his own wife. No way they’re not still friends.

  5. Christine says:

    I watched the early seasons of Vanderpump Rules, and the only thing I walked away, with certainty, is that Schwartz and Sandoval are completely dedicated to each other.

  6. 2AulnaL says:

    338 781705I surely didnt know that. Learnt 1 thing new these days! Thanks for that. 627394