Gwyneth gets unborn Mortimer drunk!

Heavily pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted drinking a Guinness while out with her husband at a sushi bar in NY on Tuesday.

Diners in the 30-seat restaurant observed Martin exit the BYOB joint to pick up several bottles of the Irish stout Guinness at a nearby deli. And they were surprised when Paltrow, who is five months pregnant with the couple’s second child, drank one herself.

Paltrow is famous for her rigorous macrobiotic diet, although she altered it the last time she was pregnant, with her daughter, Apple. Some experts recommend a little Guinness for expecting mothers, because of the brew’s high iron content.

Her rep confirmed she drank the alcoholic beverage, but said she ate only cooked food, not sushi.

When I was pregnant I would go out for California rolls because they have no raw fish, but are still tasty if you crave some sushi. I never – ever – had a sip of alcohol though. That’s obnoxious and Gwyneth should know better. What a dumb bitch she is.

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  1. Heather says:

    I encourage anyone who is looking at these obviously idiotic celebs who apparantly don’t have 2 neurons in their brains to look at Time Magazines November 20th issue Health section story titled Ahead of Their Time,9171,1558331,00.html
    At a time when women are supposed to be the most educated, refined and foward thinking of all the ages, it continually astounds me how stupid some can be. Let alone how self absorded can a person be to not put their addictions and cravings on hold for the life of their child. Grow up Gwynthn and Racheal! It’s not about you anymore. And if that’s now the way you wanted it, then you shouldn’t be having children. They didn’t ask for God to send them to selfish and ingnorant parents. But unforntunately they got you. So now it’s your DUTY to wise up and do better than your own parents apparantly did. And that goes for anyone who thinks the mistreatment of their children is excused by their own mistreatment given to them as children. Mistreatment of children is inexcusable on any level. And if you have issues, then own up to them and work hard to change them! Don’t continue on with your own pathetic ways!

  2. Sir-ha-ha-ha says:

    I don’t understand what drink would be worth risking your child’s health. You’ve chosen to have a baby and that strikes me as irresponsible. People shouldn’t rationalize endangering their kid. “Well, a few drinks in the 4 month should be fine.” What’s a few? Why risk going over the “few”? I don’t understand it at all…but hey, it’s not my kid. Cheers!