Anthony Michael Hall bit, shoved & spat at his ex-girlfriend during attack

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Several weeks ago, media outlets reported that former Brat Packer Anthony Michael Hall’s girlfriend Diana Falzone had filed for a restraining order against the actor after he attacked her. In the first reports, Falzone claimed that after she and Hall split, he stalked her, then busted into her home and attacked her, bashing her head into a wall. The restraining order Falzone was seeking was for Hall’s history of stalking, harassment and intimidation. Now Page Six has more details of the attack on November 10 – taken from the official police report. It includes the revelation that not only did Hall shove Falzone’s head into a wall, he bit her forehead, and “pushed, shoved and spit at” her.

More details have emerged on that recent incident between “Breakfast Club” star Anthony Michael Hall and girlfriend Diana Falzone.

According to the police report, Hall “bit his girlfriend’s forehead” and “pushed, shoved and spit at” her during the 2 a.m. fight in her apartment on Nov. 10. The following morning at 3 a.m., the Brat Packer returned “intoxicated” and repeatedly banged on her door before he was escorted out by officers.

We reported earlier this month that Sirius Radio host and columnist Falzone, who dated Hall for a year before recently ending the relationship, obtained a temporary restraining order to keep him away from her. On Nov. 17, Hall went to the Midtown North precinct house, where he was quizzed by detectives, but he’s not under investigation.

Hall has previously admitted he suffers from bipolar disorder and was a big drinker before going sober in the ’90s. His rep didn’t get back to us.

[From Page Six]

Um… he’s not under investigation? Yeah, because he really doesn’t seem like he’s violently escalating to the point where he would actually kill someone, right? Oh, yeah – he does. That’s right. Investigate the abusive prick, send him to jail for assault, do whatever you have to do NYPD. I don’t really care about his bipolar disorder or his alcoholism. If he was seeking serious help and showing the world that he was trying to take care of those problems, I would have sympathy. But if he went off his meds, downed a bottle of Jack Daniels and decided to beat the hell out of his ex-girlfriend, I have no sympathy.

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  1. snowball says:

    “Not under investigation”??? That floors me.

    God, can we get some more celebrities that beat up their significant others? Because between Chris Brown, Elin Woods and this douche, I’m not getting enough of people acting like a-holes.

    If he doesn’t get arrested, I hope she sues his butt off. Bitten in the forehead? That takes a seriously creepy kind of crazy.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Another low life that needs to be in jail. A man who spits on a woman is beyond disgraceful (yes, I have been spit on!) .

    He better get some jail time.

  3. Kevin says:

    He’s got that alcoholic Irishman look in his eyes. CB, I’m not saying that to be racist. If it’s offensive just delete. I don wanna be de next babs.

  4. Linda says:

    A man went berserk in Florida on Thanksgiving and killed his sisters and a 6-yr. old girl. A man went berserk in New Jersey this weekend and killed his family. A man went berserk in Illinois last week and killed his family. A man went berserk and killed four cops near Seattle this weekend. And this guy is not “under investigation”? Geez.

  5. Ling says:

    Perhaps he’s just angry that he looks like the lovechild of Glenn Beck and Anthony Hopkins.

  6. Jag says:

    Not under investigation? I wonder if they’ll investigate him if it becomes too late for her, God forbid. Of course, then it’ll be “we had no prior knowledge that he would’ve taken this action” kind of drivel. He should be locked up immediately because breaking into her home is a crime, and assaulting her is a crime, too!

  7. Enonymous says:

    What the hell is up with men and them bitting like ferrets when they are in a fight. I have been in a lot of fights and I found men to use dirty tactics in fights way more often then women do. When someone starts resulting to playing dirty and start biting, scratching and shaving, you know they are weak and it will usually take one or two good hard punches to put them down.

    And the spitting thing, UGH!! Couple of years ago, my father and I had these huge argument, when he dared to spit on my face as a sight of disrespect, thats when I punched his lights out in front of the rest of my family.

  8. Firestarter says:

    And frankly, I do not give a flip if he is bipolar and a recovering alcoholic. That isn’t an excuse to stalk, beat and torment a woman!

    Yeah, don’t bother to investigate him! Just wait until he hurts her again or kills her, then maybe open up an investigation!

  9. Iggles says:

    What a loon! I definitely don’t like him anymore. Ugh. The Dead Zone is SO off my DVD list!! This lunatic should be charged for assault and battery. I’m sick of the justice system treated DV as if it’s not assault! If he did this to a stranger he would have been in jail!

  10. Peach says:

    In the book The Gift of Fear they talk about this exact thing. How all the red flags are there, all the warning signs are flashing neon, and nobody does anything.

    Then when he hauls off and kills her (or at least attempts) the media says things like “he snapped.”

    Wrong. Snapping is what happens when a normal person without red flags goes nutso and kills people.
    This however, is completely predictable. And really, incredibly common.

    Ya know, if I went into a store and attacked the guy behind the counter by spitting on him, biting him, and bashing his head into a wall, I’d be hauled off to jail for assult.
    But for some messed up reason, when men attack women like this, charges are subject to debate.
    Why is that?

  11. Cat says:

    Lol Firestarter. “I’m sorry ma’am, we can’t prosecute until he actually kills you.”

    Yeah that’ll stand up in court- “I know I killed my ex-girlfriend, your honor! But I’m a bipolar alcoholic! You can’t touch me.”

  12. westender says:

    If AMH had been a non celebrity I wonder if he would have got the same treatment? What is wrong with people these days?

  13. LolaBella says:

    The fact that he’s not under investigation boggles my mind!

    What is up with these people – Ike Turner, Chris Brown, AMH and Elin Woods (as Kathy Griffin would say, ALLEGEDLY) beating on their spouses? I have been enraged while arguing at times, but NEVER to the point where I would attack my spouse! AMH needs to be jailed for this!

    ETA: WTF is up with these men biting the women as they beat them??? It seems like some weird animalistic need to ‘mark’ and disfigure the woman? Holy Hell!

  14. Firestarter says:

    @Cat- Exactly! I can hear him now!

  15. Tia C says:

    Page Six is not always the most reliable source, so I’m hoping in this case that they are incorrect about Hall not being under investigation. I just can’t believe that. Why would the NYPD not investigate? That doesn’t make any sense. I hope her restraining order is current and that she quits letting him in to her home!

    And on a lighter note, @ Ling – LOL!!

  16. Nebraska says:

    Was this the nerd dude in “The breakfast club’????

  17. seven says:

    Im sorry but i agree with other posters , his “bipolar” is no excuse to stalk and attack someone.

    I have severe bipolar and i have NEVER even though of attacking someone. Its a disease, not an excuse or a crutch to be leaned upon to get you out of trouble.

    This douche needs to be investigated and jailed for what he did to that woman. Who knows what other women this may happen too. I pray it doesnt though.

  18. Eileen Yover says:

    LOL Kevin: as an Scotch/Irishwoman, I take no offense. Its no secret we like our alcohol!
    I can’t believe The Geek from Sixteen Candles is a woman beater! What in the hell is this world coming to??

  19. TwinkleToes says:

    Kev, or the next GG (cat avitar) who made a comment about the shanty Irish awhile ago but now feels free to reprimand other posters for mishaps.

  20. lilred says:

    The Dead Zone is so where his career is headed!

  21. Kevin says:

    Don’t know what your talking about twinkle,,elaborate and I will explain.

  22. GatsbyGal says:

    How the fuck is he not sitting in jail right now?

  23. snowball says:

    Kevin, Twinkle’s got her panties all twisted. She went after me in the Rhianna posts. My vote would be to ignore her/him/it.

    Have to add my name to the pile who say he can’t use the bi-polar excuse for this. He’s just another jerk who can’t control himself.

  24. Kevin says:

    Thanks Snow,,, I try to not correct anybody,,,make fun of? maybe. I try to keep that to a minimum also.

  25. fizXgirl314 says:

    linda, I personally think that cops aren’t putting enough resources into investigating tiny swedish bikini models and playboy centerfolds who dump drinks on douchebags…:/

  26. fizXgirl314 says:

    maybe it’s getting to the point where we need to start castrating men… In the last two months, I read about a guy slicing a woman’s throat in a chemistry class in my undergraduate alma mater, a week or two earlier, a coworker of a young lady killed her and stuffed her body in the wall and about a month ago, a physics graduate student at the university I work at shot and killed his wife two blocks from where I live…

    this shit scares me because I’m in academia and I work with a bunch of emotionally underdeveloped men… Maybe I should start going to work in full body armor 🙁

  27. lucy2 says:

    I don’t care what the hell is wrong with him, if he did this he belongs in JAIL. End of story.

    Very serious story but I had to laugh, Ling. Love child of Glenn Beck and Anthony Hopkins? Brilliant.

    But in all seriousness, lock this jackass up before he kills her.

  28. Jag says:

    Restraining orders only work when they’re being enforced. Unfortunately, even in my small town, women have been killed by their exes, immediately after reporting they’ve seen him in the area and that they have a restraining order. Their begging the PD to come enforce it didn’t make a difference, and the response by the PD, after they were killed, was always “we didn’t know he was a threat.” Yes, they did know, and the public is aware because we’ve heard the 911 calls. (Wishing that the PD could be prosecuted for not coming to the women’s aid, but that’s another story.) That’s why I advocate every woman – and man – who is in fear like that learn to shoot a pistol for protection, and learn to defend themselves a la “Protect Yourself” by Master Tsai.

    If this weren’t AMH, he’d be sitting in jail or making bail by now.

  29. SolitaryAngel says:

    I used to really like AMH; hitting and stalking are horrible but biting—that’s a whole other level of mentality. As in psychosis. Being bipolar isn’t an excuse; I have it severely myself and it is NOT a crutch. It is something that must be controlled with medication and will be a fact of your life until you die. AMH has a long history of going off his meds as soon as he thinks he’s doing better (we in the medical community call this “non-compliance”). There is no excuse for his actions whatsoever.
    That being said, I’m pretty sure the police are saying he’s not under investigation to KEEP HIM CALM. If he thinks he’s going down for this, he will kill her. As a previous DV victim my ex was almost exactly like this. The cops kept quiet to save me and my son. I am so afraid for her.