Ethan Slater’s wife was ‘completely blindsided’ by Ethan’s thing with Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is just one of those women. It’s a toxic blend of “she can’t be alone for two seconds” and “she prefers a guy who is already taken.” It’s all very Miranda Lambert. When we heard, one week ago, that Ariana’s marriage to Dalton Gomez had crashed and burned, many of us knew instinctively that Ari already had someone waiting in the wings. As it turns out, the guy is Ethan Slater, Ari’s married costar whose wife just welcomed a baby last year. What’s crazy is that the story didn’t just come out accidentally – this was all part of a week-long rollout by Ariana’s team. First she showed up without her ring at Wimbledon, then her people confirmed her marriage was over, then her people released the info about how Dalton was already back on the dating scene, then the Slater news came out. Ari’s people packaged it with a quote to People Magazine about how Ethan and his wife “separated” a few months ago. Well, speaking of that, Page Six had this exclusive about Ethan and his wife:

She didn’t see it coming. Ariana Grande is dating her married “Wicked” co-star Ethan Slater, and his wife, Lilly Jay, was “completely blindsided” by the relationship, according to sources familiar with the situation.

“It’s horrible. They were high school sweethearts. They have a baby! She’s a wreck,” a source tells Page Six exclusively.

Slater and Jay have been married since 2018 and celebrated their 10-year anniversary together as a couple last November.

He and Grande have been filming “Wicked” in London for the past year, and sources believe she’s the reason Slater and Jay “suddenly break up now when nothing appeared wrong between them,” the source says.

Slater, 31, even gushed over his “wonderful” wife in May in an Instagram post for Mother’s Day.

“Happy first Mother’s Day to the most loving caring and wonderful mom/person in the world,” he wrote. The post included a photo of their son’s hands. Slater has since gone private on the social media app.

Production sources tell us Jay, 32, and their baby visited the “Wicked” set — and we hear Grande, 30, has spent time with the couple together.

[From Page Six]

“Production sources tell us Jay, 32, and their baby visited the ‘Wicked’ set — and we hear Grande, 30, has spent time with the couple together.” That sh-t is cold as ice. To actually meet Ethan’s wife and their child and Ari still decided that Ethan would be her jumpoff? It’s so chaotic. And the Ari defenders are crying about “he’s the one who was married!” Very true, but Ari is a huge celebrity, a global pop star and she could date any guy she wanted – why did she go for her married costar AFTER SHE MET HIS WIFE AND CHILD?

Meanwhile, poor Dalton Gomez, truly the Dean Sheremet of this love quadrangle. Sources told People Mag that Dalton “is very religious and was committed to making it work, but Ariana had moved on.” I wonder how Dalton feels about Ari’s team throwing him under the bus and making it seem like he had heartlessly started dating other people two seconds after the marriage was over, all while Ari was boning her married costar?

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  1. Mario says:

    The fact that Grande LIKED his tribute post in MAY to his wife and child on Mother’s Day both disgusts me and blows my mind.

    I don’t know why, though. From her relationship history and established patterns, to the donut licking/putting it back for someone to buy, she’s BEEN telling us who she is, and too many of us haven’t wanted to accept it.

    • Twin Falls says:

      +1 re the pic.

      I don’t follow her personal life, I haven’t heard the donut story, but this mess speaks for itself. Indefensible.

      • Sugarhere says:

        The donut story was epic. Ariana Gross yelled at the staff in Karen mode and threw a fit, if I recall.

        Now her affair with a married man doesn’t only deprive a fragile newborn baby of the smile and full energy of a mother, and soothing presence of a father, it sheds a terrifying light on Ariana’s PATHOLOGICAL JEALOUSY.

        Her pattern of stealing from others’ happiness instead of building her own is indicative of dissociative sociopathic traits that might end up in bipolar disorder, if not addressed now. Not to speak of her cold-blooded killer lack of empathy. She met the wife, she met the innocent baby, but hey, what code of conduct could make her feel slightly guilty or even apprehensive of hurting others?

        If this doesn’t scream sadistic dominatrix witch, I don’t know what does. And look at her faux demure middle schooler face 🤮.

      • Ms. says:

        That’s…. not how bipolar disorder happens. Or what it means.

        Bipolar is already stigmatized enough; let’s not add to the stigma by associating Ariana’s dumbass behavior with it.

      • terra says:

        @Sugarhere, people who are Bipolar do not all have psychopathy. Certainly, some do, as do people who are not Bipolar – my own mother, for instance. I’d wager it’s at about the same rate as people who are not Bipolar, or – at the very least – at the same rate as people with other, similar mental health conditions.

        As @Ms. says, that is not at all how bipolar disorder works. You cannot CAUSE Bipolar disorder by acting like an asshole. Life can make someone more prone to developing the disorder, but there is a genetic component. For more information, try this page:

        Also, “sadistic dominatrix witch”? The conflating of Bipolar disorder with sadism (not to shame any BDSM fans out there – you do you! What happens in your bedroom (or other places) is none of my business as long as it’s consensual) is flat out offensive to people who are Bipolar. Bipolar disorder does NOT correlate with a desire to see people hurt or hurt people themselves. That kind of dangerous rhetoric is exactly what the mental health community has been fighting against. Struggling with one’s mental health does not inherently make someone dangerous or evil.

        As someone who dearly loves a person who is Bipolar, this just twigged at me. My best friend is Bipolar and they are the one of the greatest people I know, someone who has been through absolute hell and has still been there every time I’ve needed them. Please think about how words like this sound to people who are Bipolar and the people who know and love them.

      • Sugarhere says:

        @Terra: Thanks for your kind post, which however illustrates how important it is to decipher a piece of writing in a dispassionate manner, so as to avoid overinterpreting it, and eventually blind misinterpretations.

        At no point did I conflate bipolarity with psychopathy and sadism, never. That’s not why I wrote, if you read again thoroughly. My contention is that Ariana Grande’s destructive demeanor pattern evidences signs of sadism which might be indicative of psychopatic tendencies, that are not exclusive of bipolarity.

        The fact that all of this may dangerously coexist within her was an observation pointed specifically to her case, not to bipolar patients in general. There’s no way manic depressive or bipolar people are sadists or sociopaths. We can all agree on that.

    • Sportie says:

      I’m starting to believe that there is some truth behind all those blind items that are ‘allegedly’ about her. CDAN’s been pushing it for years. I never really believed it, however, her behavior and personal relationship history has me believing that there is some truth to the blind items. There is definitely some trauma in her past that is contributing to her choices.

  2. truthSF says:

    And the Ari defenders are crying about “he’s the one who was married!”

    And so was SHEEE!!!! Are her fans that desperate to defend the nasty sh!t she has done/is doing to ppl?!!!!

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I have come to loathe these trolls!! It’s the same wit Taylor Swift as well. These people need to get a life!!

      And there’s absolutely NO excuse for what AG has done and is doing!! That donut act was enough to gross me out about her…..🤢🤢

    • why says:

      I’m about to comment on this too
      both of them are married ffs, wtf they are so nasty

  3. I have said this before that I believe Ariana is very needy and can’t be alone and also she lacks any self confidence. This makes for a really bad combination. I feel badly for the wife but if her husband is going to be this way in the long run she is so much better off without him.

    • Abigail says:

      I suspect she desperately lacks any self-confidence and is very need too.
      She’s had a ton of plastic surgery and has obvious issues with weight and body image.
      I feel like deep down she doesn’t think highly of herself and maybe she did this on purpose to sabotage her image and prove to herself she’s no good?
      Who knows…
      I used to pity her obvious issues with her looks as a result of enormous pressure from the industry she’s in and the fact she started very young, but I definitely don’t pity her anymore as she’s prove to be a selfish POS.

      • molly says:

        We haven’t had any truly broken child stars in awhile (ongoing best wishes to Britney and Amanda Bynes!) , so it’s easy to forget how screwed up both Disney fame and social media can make a young woman. Ariana isn’t shaving her head in public, but she obviously struggles in a LOT of areas.

        Shame on her for taking out other families and children in her wake of destruction though. She very much sucks for that.

      • Mario says:

        Molly, it was even worse for her, she was Nickelodeon famous–on shows with famously toxic elements behind the scenes. Nickelodeon stories always horrify me. I think they’ve long gotten away with a lot because people were focused on Disney during the Lindsay Lohan-Demi Lovato days. But the stories that have come out about the two shows Ariana Grande was on, alone, bother me. And her behavior has always been enabled by folks who benefitted from her success (including parents, brother, and executives).

        I don’t include the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, or Dan Benson in the list, because while they are often cited as “Disney messes,” as the JoBros and Miley honestly just lived out their first years of well-funded independence, exploration, and experimentation in the public eye, not really messier than the average young person getting to college and dressing, partying, becoming comfortable with their sexuality, and making up and breaking up with various levels of grace. Gomez had mild and quickly managed mental health and physical health issues, which can happen to anyone, famous or rich or not, and while her boyfriends and friends were famous, the dynamics seem pretty familiar if you know kids 18-25. Dan Benson gets cited because he is an adult performer, but he seems incredibly healthy and well-adjusted, just way more sexual and exhibitionist than most of us are used to — but not in any way that is wrong (I felt the same about Miley). All of the above are now successful credits to society by ~30 years old or so, which is all I can ask of any kid, famous or not.

  4. Eurydice says:

    Well, she’s also “the one who was married.”

    • Sophie says:

      Exactly, thank you! She’s married as well and let’s not pretend this wasn’t cheating.

      I feel for Dalton too, poor guy.

    • Ameerah M says:


    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      In my book married is married. If I was single and a man was married–off limits. If I was married and a man was single–off limits . If we’re both married–off limits. How hard is that to remember? I don’t know him at all, but for him to think this is okay? His wife will realize that she was so lucky to discover this is who he is now rather than later. She can grieve the loss of their marriage, but she will move on.

  5. Jessamine says:

    Remember when we all thought Ari had turned a maturity corner from her donut-licking brat ways with “Thank U, Next”? Ugh.

    • Mothra says:

      I’m often blown away by people’s naivety to believe celebrities “change”. The Thank you next video is the epitome of self-indulgence.

    • HeyJude says:

      I thought Mac’s death was a wake up call to her about taking life more seriously, but now I think she’s never changed from that. She paused for a bit and tried the normal marriage thing (which was Mac’s desperate wish in life) but she got right back to her old self after grieving I guess. Or she never grieved completely and this is self-medicating with her past drug of inappropriate relationships. Either way home girl needs to sort things out. This doesn’t end happily it ends as Elizabeth Taylor.

  6. Lucy2 says:

    My prediction is they split up in a couple of months, she’ll move on to someone else, hopefully not someone married with a baby, and this guy will spend the rest of his life regretting that he blew up his marriage and family for a fling.

    • Polly says:

      And the press tour for Wicked will be unbelievably awkward.

    • OriginalMich says:


      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Lucy 2, oh she will certainly get tired of her new “toy” now that she has defeated in capturing him. Once Wicked is done, she will be done with him.

    • Andrea says:

      I dunno Khloe is still messing with hers and Miranda Lambert married hers.

    • Mireille says:

      I honestly think this is a temporary thing for her. This is a rebound. He’s an idiot if he thinks this is anything serious. Ariana is far more popular, wealthy, and has all the connections to move on quickly from any relationship. He on the other hand is still very much a working actor.

    • why says:

      the tea on tiktok said that she has a penchant for men in relationships.

  7. Nev says:

    She’s trifling. Ewwwwww
    And so is he.

  8. Brassy Rebel says:

    So Ariana Grande is causing all this relationship chaos over this nerdy looking guy who looks like he’s still in high school? I guess there is hope for nerds in high school.

  9. Triinii says:

    Well, she certainly has a type

    • Bettyrose says:

      I’m thinking her type is “safe.” I used to be guilty of that. Not cheating but I absolutely get the Pete Davidson thing. He probably loved bombed her and made her feel in total control of the relationship, just as this guy probably did. Gross because he wasn’t available for a relationship but she clearly likes being the better looking, more successful person.

  10. Giddy says:

    She seems to be immature enough that she wants to prove that she can have any man. I have a feeling that many relationships will crater because Ariana targeted a man.

    • Lux says:

      A millions years ago I read in Cosmo an article about “boyfriend stealers”—women who only go after taken men. It was fascinating (although I’m not sure how “real” anything in Cosmo is…) but the women basically say taken men are more desirable because they’re more confident, self-assured and clearly, coveted and unattainable. The women say the end goal is not to have the men leave their girlfriends, but to see how far they would be tempted to go before blowing things up. It’s the thrill of the chase, the illicit, and the illusion that they’re just so desirable that taken men are, well, completely taken by them. Also, in a strange contradiction, they want the ones in a relationship because they’re “capable of commitment”…which I guess includes being capable of cheating too? It was fascinating for middle-school me, to say the least.

      So yes, these insecure ppl apparently exist and Ariana is one of them.

    • Nikki says:

      It reminded me of Dolly Parton’s song “Jolene”. Lyrics like “You could have any man you want, but my husband means everything to me…please don’t steal my man Jolene!” I’ve always hated thinking anyone would beg another woman like that, but let’s face it: a star who is always professionally made up and glamorous fawning over you, then you go home to your tired wife who’s caring for a 6 month old baby?! NOT COOL, ARIANNA! (And yes, I definitely blame him too!)

  11. Jttrain says:

    I think the worst part is that it is coming from her camp. Unless her camp was trying to get ahead of pics of them, it feels very Lauren Sanchez-y. Leak the relationship to force the married man’s hand.

    That being said, cheating could be a thing he does/has done. We don’t really know right. And anyone who has been in any stage production at any level knows how messy musical casts get.

    But if I was on the PR team for Wicked, I’d be asking for a much larger budget/team!!! And I would be writing a bonus check to the casting director that cast her as Glinda not Elphaba.

  12. Lala11_7 says:

    This is cruel…on BOTH SIDES…ESPECIALLY Ari’s…for in THIS situation…she has ALL THE POWER…I mean…how does Opie THINKS this is going to end? Professionally he’s going to be looked like a 🤡 and personally he’s going to look like a 🤡….

    I feel for his WHOLE FAMILY!

    • Ameerah M says:

      Exactly. His career and personal life will suffer for this while she move on like it never happened. He is absolutely not a victim – but his wife and kid certainly are and I feel for them.

  13. Michelle says:

    The ex is beautiful and well rid! Hope she takes them for EVERYTHING!!!!

    • B says:

      It’s hard to believe that Lilly Jay was getting treated that well even before this was happening.
      This is going to be a really poopy exit for her but she’s better off without a toad like this in her life. The fact that he’s a toad who can sing and dance and recite a line does not make it nearly better enough.
      I hope she gets full custody while he’s still off chasing Ari.
      Think she was working really crappy jobs to support him in his early career dreams?

      • Matilda says:

        Worst is that now when he has his time with the baby she know the woman who helped break up her marriage will have access to her child. That would kill me.

      • Nikki says:

        I agree with Matilda 100%. That’s so messed up!!

    • HeyJude says:

      Gorgeous, looks super normal, gave him a beautiful kid, and was taking care of the baby so he could do his career. That’s the woman you keep, take care of, and thank your lucky stars she’s so gracious to let you chase your goals and repay her by supporting whatever goals she has in turn. This guy must have been kicked in the head.

      • Sugarhere says:

        @Heyjude: Beautifully put.

      • Sona says:

        And even if he didn’t want to value her, he could have just divorced instead of putting her through this public betrayal ON TOP of leaving her.
        Awful choices from awful people

  14. Lucy says:

    I too was blindsided by this when I saw his picture. That’s the meanest thing I’m going to say today, hopefully.

    What is going on that she thinks this is the best way to publicly handle this. She outed herself here, going from divorced to home wrecker in one week of puff pr pieces is a hell of a swing.

    • whatever says:

      No, I’m with you. It’s not like any of their behavior would be defensible if he was really good looking, but that didn’t stop my first thought from sounding an awful lot like, “all this hubbub over a guy that looks like Howdy Doody?”

  15. SIde Eye says:

    Yep, she’s been showing us who she is for a long time. I avoid women like this like the plague. Women who find a man even more attractive if he’s taken. She probably feels like she should get extra points because he has a wife and baby at home. It’s gross. Yeah I am judging her. At some point you become an adult no matter what trauma you’ve endured. At some point you’ve got to take some accountability.

    His wife is better off. Having a baby really tests who your man is. Can they handle for 5 minutes that all the attention isn’t on them anymore, and the mother has real responsibilities, someone dependent on them to eat, sleep, survive? Many many men cannot. And sadly, you don’t know what type of guy you have until you are in it. I took my toddler and bounced. It was hard, but I am so glad I didn’t suffer through more and more BS because when someone shows you who they are you better believe them the first time.

    He is just scum. To cheat is already such a betrayal. I’d argue it’s abusive. It puts your partner’s health at risk – not to mention the emotional and psychological damage it does. But to cheat with a baby or when your partner is pregnant and at their most vulnerable – it doesn’t get much lower than that.

    They deserve each other. And you guys are right – she will be done in a few months and he blew up his marriage over someone who will find the next married guy completely irresistible.

    Team Wife and Baby.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      This hurts me deeply especially as I had an employee/friend that was pregnant, planned by the way, and her vile, vicious douche bag husband was having a fling and left her while she was pregnant!! She suffered a stroke which caused their daughter to have permanent metal and physical health issues. He’s such an incredibly selfish, arrogant and enormous pr!ck!!! High school sweethearts as she put him through medical school, as well as his specialty too!! He was even able to convince the judge that she is NOT allowed to move out of the county as well as his practice is out to state to boot!! So his visitation is with the mistress turned wife and they take endless trips with “their” children to boot!!

      I hope that Jay is able to survive this traumatic time that she, along with her baby. I can’t imagine having this all play out in public as well!! I suppose that since Dalton had started dating, Arianna decided she needed to let him know that she wasn’t sitting away pining for him. She is such a vile human and she certainly is much more of a vile woman when she has spent time with both Jay AND the baby!! Plus she liked his IG to his WIFE!!!! She couldn’t find an available man so she CHOSE to chase this Hobbit??? WTF is WRONG with her???

      My heart breaks for Jay and her child. I do hope that she takes him to the cleaners and then some!! You can’t possibly escape the fact that he is cheating when it’s being covered worldwide!!

      • SIde Eye says:

        Omg BothSidesNow this story brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry what your friend went through. How terrible. I hope her POS garbage ex gets exactly what is coming to him.

        I always tell people now be careful who you have children with – it’s even more important than who you marry and you are tied to that person for at least 18 years and usually more. Another piece of advice for young women: have a baby near YOUR support system not his. Make sure you want to live where the baby is born because if you don’t you won’t be allowed to move later – even for a better paying job. Even if dad is only casually involved with the kids (my ex was actually involved but I have seen situations where his visitation time he drops off kids at grandparents goes to party and the Court still sides with him!!!) I know another woman who had to pay her deadbeat ex alimony for 3 years. She struggled to make ends meet cause his ass wouldn’t get off the couch.

        As for women like Ariana I am never ever friends with anyone like this. I literally run so fast from pick me chicks I make smoke. I don’t want to be anywhere near them when that karma bus hits. I’ll be damned if I become collateral damage in their lack of self esteem, no self respect, no respect for others’ drama and their incessant need to homewreck. A child is now growing up without their dad in the house cause of their bulls***t. Raising a kid alone is so taxing. Jay has a long road ahead of her and I hope she has good support. Same for your friend.

        When people ask me what my beauty secret is, I always joke that it’s avoiding men. I’m not really joking though. Never, ever again. Kudos to those people who find love again after so much trauma but for me, I was done completely – the stakes are way too high now – not just financially but for the peace for mind I fought so hard to have. I wake up and no one in the house has me walking on egg shells cause of their moodiness, bitchiness, their work situation or whatever. It’s not worth it. I am so happy now! No one is cheating on me, sabotaging me, taking me down a peg. I’m so happy to have “aged out” of dating now that no one pesters me about it anymore, save a few trolls on Thanksgiving.

      • Minnieder says:

        @side eye I am with you in the same boat 100%!!!

      • SIde Eye says:

        Here is to your happiness Minnieder! Oh the wasted years lol but better late than never.

    • Ameerah M says:

      You summed it up perfectly. Women like this has a self-esteem defect. They seem to only feel validated when they are in direct competition with another woman and they can feel like they have come out on top by “taking” someone the other woman has. He is just as awful and yes I think cheating can be considered abusive. Because it usually involves abusive tactics like gaslighting.

      • SIde Eye says:

        Thank you Ameerah and I totally agree with what you just said. I started noticing people like this in high school. Just full on messiness addicts and they never change – it just gets more pathetic as they get older and the damage is more severe because it involves breaking up steady partnerships/marriages, and it affects the kids involved. There’s no excuse for it.

        Ugh the gaslighting – you’re so right. Such an abusive tactic. I hope Jay never takes him back when Ariana moves on to some other married dude.

  16. anniefannie says:

    I had such a soft spot for Ariana after the Mac Miller incident ( I know they weren’t together) but that can be soul destroying! But My God! You have to be insanely, next level, selfish asshole to try to rationalize this! This current piece is inevitably going to get the Ariana “treatment” and sorry to say, well deserved

  17. ML says:

    When I was pregnant with my first, my husband and I went to my checkups together—this is the norm. Two of the pregnancy course (several weeks long) classes were with partner. You redo your home and create a baby room together. During birth when I had massive complications and needed an emergency C-section, my partner was my rock….
    Ethan has hopefully not been entirely absent from all of this. He’s been informed as to both his child’s and his wife’s needs. They’ve gone through the support after birth bits and post partum signs/ risks.
    I think Ariana behaved cruelly, BUT Ethan is my main villain when it comes to his wife and child. I know this is different than most of you.

    • @poppedbubble says:

      I don’t think (or at least I hope) most people see Ariana as more villainous. It’s just that SHE is the known entity who did the rollout. Ethan has kept his cheating trap shut and is being treated like the unknown (outside of B-way I assume) that he is. I believe he is/will be getting his in the background in the form of lost opportunities.

  18. LeonsMomma says:

    I feel for this woman. But lest we forget the Claire Danes-Billy Crudup-Mary Louise Parker triangle? (For those who don’t know, Crudup left Parker, who was 7 months pregnant with his child, for Danes.) Danes career never suffered, on the fence if Crudup’s did or not.
    Anyhow saying this to point out that the time Wicked comes around, this will be a moot point because Ari’s people will demand no questions be asked about this if they want an interview.

    Sidenote: See John Mulaney, his ex-wife, and the girlfriend-who-shall-not-be-named.

    • AnneL says:

      Didn’t Jennifer Jason Leigh’s husband (or partner) do the same thing, sort of? I seem to recall that but I don’t remember who the other woman was.

      Clare Danes is a great actress but yeah, that was bad. I recognize that even couples with babies or who are pregnant can be having serious problems and might be better off apart in the long run, but you don’t do that. You don’t leave your partner for someone else when there is a baby on the way or a brand new one in the picture.

      • Mowie says:

        Jennifer Jason Leigh’s husband Noah Baumbach (JJL was his muse, then wife) directed Greta Gerwig in a movie in 2010. By the end of 2010 JJL had given birth to their son, filed for divorce, and Greta Gerwig was Noah Baumbach’s new muse and partner. Timing was suspicious, to say the very least…

    • Arizona says:

      or Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach! Jennifer Jason Leigh was nine months pregnant when she filed for divorce because Baumbach had stayed sleeping with Greta, and no one says boo about it.

      • J says:

        I do! I hate the Greta
        And Noah story. So shitty. Poor JJL couldn’t even bask in peace with her new beautiful baby with her partner, but had to lick her wounds and process such a horrifying betrayal.

        I suspect there isn’t much public outrage about Greta and Noah because they are people’s bosses and make movies. They aren’t just actors. Otherwise I think we’d hear more.

        Trashy trash

  19. Ameerah M says:

    Both Ari and this dude are garbage humans.

  20. Peanut Butter says:

    I love it when I see a smart adult take responsibility for their relationship mistakes, get with an excellent therapist who won’t kiss their butt, take a break from relationships, and learn to do things differently. In other words, the opposite of Ariana.

  21. Leah says:

    Aside from being disgusted about both their actions, I’m also pissed off because I have been waiting for a Wicked movie for 20 years (read the book before the musical was on Broadway and still remember the joy of seeing the pictures in Vanity Fair). I wasn’t completely on board with Ariana as Glinda and now the movie is always going to have this attached to it.

  22. Kate says:

    This is very Miranda Lambert. Didn’t she start dating a musician on tour with her while he was still married and he basically just never went back home and forced his wife to file for divorce or some sh*t? I remember thinking what a blessing in disguise it was for the abandoned wife to learn this about her husband before they were married for very long and had kids.

    • kerfuffles says:

      That happened but then the fling with the musician and Lambert ended, he blamed it all on alcoholism and went to rehab, and now the musician is back with the wife (they never actually divorced) and they have a baby. I really hope all is well with them now for the sake of their child but wow….not sure that is something I could ever forgive as a wife.

  23. tealily says:

    Ariana Grande is trash.

    This guy’s trash too, but I don’t know him.

  24. Princess Caroline says:

    This is some trash bag sh*t frfr. This has been a tough summer for me a la my favorite pop stars. First Beyonce cancels Pittsburgh without a word of apology, still hasn’t acknowledged it and it took me almost 3 weeks to get a refund. Then Ariana does this cruel & trashy stuff. Just no…over it

  25. girl_ninja says:

    I was never a fan of Ariana but think she has a great voice. I was heartbroken for the victims of the Manchester attack and felt so badly for her. She really is in need of therapy not a man. This whatever it is she’s doing with Ethan is shameful and pathetic and I hope that his wife and Dalton can move on to great future happiness.

  26. Lady Digby says:

    At least Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig kept low key about their lurve that began as an on set romance when his wife was heavily pregnant. They only went public after his divorce from Jennifer Jason Leigh and now with the huge success of Barbie for them, most people neither know nor care about him being an “overlapper”. HW only cares about success and so Aria will be alright as long as she keeps hitting the high notes but I suspect Ethan will be left in the dust, regretting his actions towards his wife and mother of his child.

  27. HeyJude says:

    I might be the only straight my age who doesn’t get her appeal at all. What is it? Like I guess she’s Hollywood conventionally good looking but she still styles herself to look so young it gives me the ick. I don’t think she’s particularly sweet, I’ve seen the donut video and well there’s all this history. She must be like a love bomber?

    • Mothra says:

      I see her appeal to men. Centuries being raised as predators, it’s no wonder the Lolita archetype pleases them. Shallow, young and oversexualized will always gets a thumbs up from most of them.

  28. Sona says:

    IMO, that May post was shadily cold, no “gushing” at all.
    Not referencing her as wife, not an I love you, nothing really deep, the “mother/person” seems so impersonal in hindsight.

    It was a post to comply with the image of good person and to not completely omit the wife/mother of his child when the roll out hadn’t happened yet, and it definetly reads like he didn’t want to make any big gesture or statement due to already being involved with Ariana, wether that was actively or not.

  29. J says:

    I will never agree with the folks out there who claim “only the cheating spouse/ partner is to blame” and not the other woman or man. They know what they are doing…they bear their share of responsibility. Pretty cold and predatory honestly, to just decide you’re entitled to someone else’s exclusive partner and help them cheat.

    And no, I am not cutting the Cheaters any slack. They are absolutely fully culpable. Just pushing back on the idea that “all is fair” if you’re not part of the actual couple

    • Mothra says:

      Exactly, the other person is being part of a scheme to deceive someone else, so I don’t see how it can be only the commited one’s blame. It’s the same mindset of a crime, if you’re involved and supporting you’re an accomplice.

  30. HK9 says:

    This is messy, triflin and all in all, not a good look. His ex needs to know she’s best rid of him, because if it wasn’t her it would’ve been someone else. Painful, but true. As for Ariana-how you get them is how you lose them and there’s always a price to pay for unnecessary cruelty. This will not end well for either of them.