Ian Halperin: Angelina Jolie will blame Brad’s drug use when they split


Here are new photos of Brad and Angelina leaving La Dolce Vida last night – God, I hate that blouse on Angelina. Why does she insist on wearing colors like that? Yuck. Anyway, Over the weekend, The New York Post ran an exclusive excerpt from Ian Halperin’s book Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It comes out today, so all of the H8ers can stand in line at Borders. As many know, I feel very strongly that this guy is a hack, a fraud, and simply a sh-tty entertainment journalist. The Huffington Post already detailed some of the errors in Halperin’s reporting, but since people love (or love to hate) all things Brangelina, I bring you some highlights from Halperin’s book, provided lovingly by the NY Post. The complete excerpt is here, and these are the basics:

Sex brought Brad and Angelina together: It was the electrifying love-making that brought Brangelina together, says Halperin. “Brad had never had such incredible sex,” Halperin says. “My sources say that they sometimes spent 18 to 20 hours a day in bed. But sex eventually wears off.”

Brad has gone downhill in the relationship: Now, Halperin claims, the couple “argues like cats and dogs — everything from politics to clothes the kids wear and Brad’s ‘atrocious habit,’ which includes pot smoking and alcohol. I talked to several people in Brad’s family who wished they’d break up today. They’re scared for Brad’s safety and his well-being,” he says.

Brangelina’s fights: A limo driver who drove Brangelina frequently witnessed them “going at it in the back seat” twice and saw a “U-turn” in their relationship in 2007. “I was more worried about his safety than hers,” the driver says. “She really flew off the handle, threatening him and lashing out at him. I can’t imagine how anyone would want to be with her every day, no matter how sexy she is. She has a temper like a cobra.”

A woman who worked with Brad on Troy, before he even met Angelina, claims: “There are apparently screaming matches, usually with her doing the screaming. Nobody really witnesses that part of it — they just see him leaving in a huff. But then he ends up coming back again, and nobody knows what happened to bring him back.”

Brad could have cheated on Angelina: The most persistent story that crops up time and again involves Pitt and a beautiful Sudanese model, Amma, whom he met at a benefit for Darfur at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. He was seen with her at least one more time. Jolie has allegedly accused Pitt of cheating on her on more than one occasion, which is one of the reported sources of tension between the two, Halperin writes.

Jennifer Aniston get paranoid when she’s high: Another tension is Pitt’s pot use, the book states. According to a well-known Hollywood journalist, “[Pitt and Aniston] spent much of their married life stoned. But whereas he was chilled out, she could get pretty paranoid.”

Angelina will blame Brad’s drug use when they split: A woman who works for an industry publication says his drug use will give Jolie an easy way to explain their split, when it inevitably happens: “They’ll be split within 18 months, probably sooner,” she told Halperin. “And here’s how it’s going to play out. They’re going to split amicably, work out some kind of arrangement with the kids, and everything will be very civilized. Then you’re going to see unidentified friends leak stories how Angelina couldn’t put up with Brad’s partying and drinking and his pot smoking. She’s worried about the kids, and she’s afraid it’s not the right environment for them. Maybe he’ll even take part of the blame and go along with that.

Angelina is the devil: Halperin claims that Pitt’s biggest problem with Jolie is her controlling nature. “She won’t let [Pitt] out of the house alone,” he said. “She’s very guarded about him. I don’t think she’s evil, but she’s manipulative, deceiving and cunning.”

Jennifer Aniston miscarried twice while married to Brad: She was thought to be pregnant twice during her marriage — both times ending in miscarriage, in 2003 and 2004, according to Halperin. Pitt and Aniston even built a dream nursery at their Beverly Hills mansion. She had already designated a large, light-filled space in the corner of the couple’s Beverly Hills mansion as a nursery for their expected baby, Halperin writes. Aniston supervised its transformation from beginning to end during the extensive renovation process. “It wasn’t just a room where you’d stick a crib and a mobile,” a contractor said. “It was quite elaborate, and she had very specific ideas about it. They never decorated it as I saw, though,” explained the contractor. “We’re talking 2003. Maybe they were waiting to know whether the baby would be a boy or a girl.”

Angelina employs nannies: Jolie and Pitt employ a “multicultural” team of nannies to care for their young brood, Halperin writes. In fact, the children often spend more time with those nannies than they do with their parents, who spend weeks at a time shooting films and on goodwill trips, sometimes with a child or two in tow but never with all of them. A hotel employee at the Dorchester Hotel in London once overheard 3-year-old Shiloh refer to one of her nannies as “Mommy,” Halperin writes. The employee also observed celebrity efforts to broadcast an image of a happy family. “There’s sometimes as much of a production involved in avoiding the wrong shot as there is in making a movie,” she confided. “Stars will never allow the nanny to be photographed with their kids. . . Sometimes you’ll even have the nanny crouched down in the back seat of a car. It’s quite comical.”

[From Page Six]

Halperin was also interviewed by PopEater to promote his book, and he even did the interview with bedazzled glasses on. God, this guy is a tool. The full interview is here, but once again, I just want to do the highlights – here are some of the best/worst quotes from Halperin:

“Each era sort of has this one golden couple, and that’s what Brad and Angie are now. I respect them now immensely. I think the book is sympathetic, I’ll say that. The media, some say it’s a hatchet-job, but I really balanced it in a sense that I don’t think she’s evil, but she’s definitely manipulative but she’s definitely scheming. She’s an amazing deflector of criticism in the press. She knows how to do amazing spin doctoring. She’s also a very talented artist who’s lasted well over 10 years in showbiz, which is my barometer for respecting anyone in the media. Anyone who lasts 10-15 years plus, I take my hat off to them.”

“I spoke to people who worked on ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith,’ and they said there was fireworks between them from the first day of shooting. I think Angie had a plan to get Brad. She knew he was the most desirable man in Hollywood.”

“When I was undercover as a paparazzi at the Chateau Miraval in 2006 when she was giving birth to the twins, I was able to befriend several people working for them. Everyone was at the hospital at Nice while Angie was in there, but I stayed behind.”

[From PopEater]

And that’s where I’ve got to end it. With that last quote, where Halperin can’t even get a basic timeline correct. It wasn’t 2006, it was 2008. Angelina was pregnant with twins in 2008, and she and Brad didn’t begin renting the Chateau until 2007, so what the f-ck is up with the 2006 reference? I could go on and on about this a-hole’s f-cked up work, but I won’t. This a-hole doesn’t deserve the added attention.

Brad and Angelina photographed last night leaving La Dolce Vida in Los Angeles. Credit: Bauer-Griffin. Also seen at the Inglourious Basterds premiere on August 10, 2009, at the Cannes Film Festival May 20, 2009 and at the Oscars on February 22. Credit: WENN

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    It’s hard to believe ANY of this stuff when there are a few things here and there that you KNOW to be untrue.

    like the item about Jolie not letting Pitt leave the house alone?


    well, at least we can all get a good laugh out of this crap.

  2. crash2GO2 says:

    Wow. That outfit is HORRID on her. That is all.

  3. CadieBelle says:

    I really wish people would STOP giving Ian free press. He is not a journalist, he makes statements he cannot back up and he is mean mean mean spirited.

  4. TaylorB says:

    I have to agree, that blouse and frankly those pants, not very fetching, on anyone.

  5. mariam says:

    She is gorgeous and Brad loves her and they are a family trying to make it in Hollywood. The problem is they are both so dam hot that they attract jealous haters who seem to never quit trying to hurt this family. Brad and Angie are the best.

  6. Bill Hicks is God says:

    WTF is she wearing?? Chartreuse polyester blouse and velveteen granny pants? Aw hell naw…she looks like she should have a JD & 7 in one hand and a bingo dauber in the other.

  7. snowball says:

    Halperin seems to be a hack. Most of what I just read there is histrionic and fairly easily disproved.

    Do I believe St. Angie is controlling and has a wicked temper? Sure. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Brad is still taking the occasional toke. Sex in the limo? We know she did it before with (shudder) Billy Bob, so that doesn’t surprise me. 18 hour sex marathons? C’mon no one but Sting and his tantric sex can go that long.

    And of course they have nannies. Who did Halperin think was watching the kids whenever St. Angie and Brad were out and about at events? Heck, they need nannies anyway with 6 kids who are all pretty much still little ankle biters.

    Ugh, that shirt/pant combo is not working at all. I get all razzy when you see her in nothing but that horrible long black dress she’s been wearing when she’s out with the kids, but this hot mess is a lot worse.

    It doesn’t look like any of it fits. Uh oh, now we’ll get more “Angie is dying of anorexia!”

  8. Tia C says:

    I am not a big fan of either of them, or especially of the sleazy way they initially hooked up, but I am hoping that they stay together a long, LONG time so that all these haters incessantly trying to predict their imminent break-up are proven WRONG!! It’s beyond nauseating at this point.

    This book sounds like it’s going to be off the charts awful.

  9. Firestarter says:

    As most on this site know, I am not a big fan of these two, but I think that Halperin is a disgusting scum bag whose attacks on these two are beyond the pale.

    He needs professional help, stat!

    That outfit is not her best look, that is for sure.

  10. YeaRight! says:

    I can’t stand either one of them. I am in the minority that I hope these two stay together, and be miserable each and every day of their sad little lives. It’s only what they both deserve.

    As for Jennifer miscarrying, both in 2003 and 2004, everyone knew she was pregnant in HW, and that is why the pregnancy was written for her character Rachel on the show Friends. Some say the stress of the rumors of Brad and Angelina’s affair, caused the 2004 miscarriage. Of course, by March 2005 Brad was snapping “happy little family” with his mistress and her adopted son in Africa. That is why Jennifer came out with the statement that Brad was “missing a sensitivity chip”.

  11. V says:

    Let’s be shallow a minute and address BOTH their pants! What are these people wearing? I know celebs get losts of free clothes, so what’s the problem? LaineyGossip was right to point out that Angelina can’t dress a salad. She get away with no one noticing because of the all black Ninja look she usually sports. And Brad, well, he looks like he should be loitering in an alley way with a flaming trash can and a cup full of change.

  12. atticus says:

    It must be such a life to have people actively rooting for the demise of your relationship. What a world we live in. Like others have said, was not a fan of how they hooked up but they seem to be truly dedicated to each other now and put their money where their mouths are – literally, to the tune of nearly $7 million last year alone. I hope they live a long, happy life together. What a concept – wishing others happiness.

  13. Firestarter says:

    Seriously, Brad looks like a homeless guy here and like he would smell of urine.

  14. snowball says:

    Back to my shallow thoughts (I’m with you V:)

    Maybe this is an unanswerable question, but why is Brad growing that nasty, freaky goatee? What bugs me is that he doesn’t even trim it, it’s all scraggly and weird.

    Is he doing a movie? I don’t understand why he’d put something like that on his face deliberately. I know he did the pornstache for a movie, but this one.. I just don’t know.

  15. cara says:

    great sex doesn’t ever die….it may fizzle a bit, have a lull, but it won’t die.

    I’ll get the book from the library.

  16. maddie says:

    Can’t stand either of them but I do believe the sex thing in the relationship but really that’s what happens in every new hook up, the sex is great then it kind of gets to the yes we did that before, but it’s what happens in every relationship.

    They have been together for what 4 or 5 years now, I do doubt that they will be together towards the end of 2010.

    But what Hollywood couple do stay together?

  17. Cheyenne says:

    Sex 20 hours a day? There are only 24 hours in a day and it seems like they would have to eat, sleep and come up for air sometime…

  18. Jazz says:

    I’m not a fan of the Brange, but I get such a freaky, creepy, Xenu-ish type of vibe from Halperin.

  19. alexanderina says:

    “When I was undercover as a paparazzi at the Chateau Miraval in 2006 when she was giving birth to the twins, I was able to befriend several people working for them. Everyone was at the hospital at Nice while Angie was in there, but I stayed behind.”

    LMAO!!! Damn I did not know that the twins are what 3 years old lol, me thought their were born in 2008. The whole book is full of caca. Halpern is psycho and need some kind of medical help

  20. birdie says:

    Along with everyone else, I’m sick of reading these crap stories and lies. This guy Halperin is a wack job.

    I truly hope Brad and Angelina stay together forever and raise happy well-adjusted and successful children, if for no other reason than to just stick it to all these tabloids.

  21. hatsumomo says:

    The biggest question is: Who has sex for 20 hours at a time? Is it even worth it? Geez, your vagina will burn out and turn itself insidde out to get away! You’d have to be on some serious stuff to last that long.

  22. Firestarter says:

    Maybe they were being like P.Diddy (who Tweeted his 40hrs of “Tantric sex”) and practicing Tantra.

  23. Praise St. Angie! says:

    now, now…he’s not saying they did IT for 20 hours, just that they were in bed for 20 hours.

    have sex, nap, have sex, nap, have sex, nap. etc…

    I had posted before those new pics were put up and WHOA, I have to agree, the color of that blouse is UGGO. that color rarely looks good on anyone, and the shape of it is terrible, too.

    and snowball, I’m with you on the goatee…just trim it up and it would look so much better…it’s the scraggly-ness of it that grosses me out, too.

    to cara, I agree with you, great sex doesn’t ever really die, but you can’t build a relationship on it. If all you have is great sex, then you have a lover, not a partner. There are guys that I had FANTASTIC sex with, but I probably couldn’t have had an intelligent, meaningful conversation with. Eventually, you have to move on from a relationship like that because it won’t fulfill all your needs.

  24. wif says:

    I really hope Aniston didn’t have miscarriages. Can you imagine how awful that would be to privately miscarry but have everyone gossiping that you’re a cold bitch that doesn’t want babies? That would be heart-breaking!

  25. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Agree the Halperin guy is far from credible, although I am prone to believe the gist of what he purports as it’s widely speculated elsewhere. I’m no Angie fan but I think she has a decent dress sense actually, that blouse is doing me a favour by distracting me from the hideousness of Brad’s facial hair mess.

  26. Mu says:

    I hope Jennifer sues this a**hole! Claiming she had miscarriages for publicity is just plain wrong.

    And yeah, this book is complete bullsh*t!

  27. TaylorB says:

    Praise St wrote: “If all you have is great sex, then you have a lover, not a partner. There are guys that I had FANTASTIC sex with, but I probably couldn’t have had an intelligent, meaningful conversation with.”

    Amen. I dated a guy for 2 1/2 years in college, the sex/physical attraction was simply amazing, but when we actually had to sit down to dinner, go to a play/movie etc. we couldn’t speak for 30 min without wanting to strangle each other. After a few years we realized that when the shirt ripping passion fades we really couldn’t stand each other. Oddly, now that we are both married we are buddies and get along like gangbusters.

  28. Liz says:

    A lady at Amazon.com who has the book claims Ian the idiot tries to compare the triangle to Liz/Debbie/Eddie but says Eddie left Liz for Debbie instead of Eddie leaving Debbie for Liz.Also I’ve seen many pics of the nannies a white 50ish woman,20something Asian, 40ish white womam. I guess they forgot to hide from the paps. I don’t understand the statement a woman who worked on Troy before he met Angie ….Brad and Angie met on MAMS months after wrapping Troy, so is he saying the the woman worked on MAMS too to witness these screaming matches. It doesn’t make sense. Btw This guy is not booked for any morning show or entertainment show this week according to my guide. Hell even Spedi and Paris was on a few shows when their books came out.

  29. Cheyenne says:

    He’s claiming Aniston had miscarriages for publicity and spent most of their married life stoned and paranoid? Who’s side is this creep supposed to be on?

    Advance leaks from the book also claim Halperin said Aniston is manipulative, asexual and lousy in the sack.

    Maybe the three of them ought to file a class-action suit for slander and libel and sue his ass to kingdom come.

  30. Lauren says:

    Brad roams free whenever he wants to-nobody could put a leash on that pothead. The mind-blowing sex has worn off and now Brad is bored again. Uh-oh.

  31. Essie says:

    “When I was undercover as a paparazzi at the Chateau Miraval in 2006 when she was giving birth to the twins, I was able to befriend several people working for them. Everyone was at the hospital at Nice while Angie was in there, but I stayed behind.”

    So, did this interviewer call Halperin out on this complete lie??? I mean, the fool can’t even get the dates right on stuff that is well known by everybody!! And he was “undercover” at the chateau?? Who is he, James Bond?

    Also, I can’t believe that anybody in Brad’s family talked to him. Brad’s parents don’t talk to the press and his brother, Doug, is way too loyal and his sister is way too religious to talk to Halperin.

    I think Angie’s blouse is beautiful and the color suits her skin tone. My opinion!! Also, I don’t understand the criticism of Brad’s facial hair. The man is in “down time” mode, he’s not working and hasn’t worked for quite awhile and he wanted to grow a goatee. Seems to me he’s showing people that he doesn’t care what they think, he’s going to do what HE wants to do and he’s saying “eat shit” to all haters!!! I think it’s funny!!! (And the goatee is not for a movie!!!)

  32. kruczynski says:

    I actually love the blouse and the color is good on her.
    On the other hand the pants make her belly look enormous and her legs deformed.
    Brad looks stupid as usual.

  33. sick says:

    He’s claiming Aniston had miscarriages for publicity and spent most of their married life stoned and paranoid? Who’s side is this creep supposed to be on?

    I don’t care who side he is on but this can’t be true, how can somebody write something like this?

    Is he out of his mind? Miscarriages for publicity? No one knows that she was pregnant and had miscarriages, so what kind of publicity is he talking about?

    She is asexual but yet she got pregnant? uhmmmm

    He is a sick person. If Jen indeed has had miscarrages and somebody claims that garbage i would have killed him IMO

  34. Goddess711 says:

    He needs a hygiene intervention, sweet zhay-zhoose!

  35. Beth says:

    I can’t believe that anybody would believe this book and actually buy. From what I understand of his other books, they are all lies and tabloid rumors. I’m sure the haters are really disappointed that the book, at least the excerpts are laughable and unbelievable. Can people stop making breakup predictions. You’ve been wrong for almost five years.

    Hate Angelina’s pants. I think the blouse is fine.

  36. Meg says:

    I don’t go around dressed like that, but I think there is something really bohemianly cool about the way they look there.

    I think Britney Spears Middle Eastern pap ex-boyfriend summed it up when he said that most people don’t honestly want Hollywood people to be that happy. Maybe because they seemed overblessed already?

  37. Sumodo says:

    Wait, doesn’t Ted Casablanca allege that St. Angie was “back on the horse” for awhile and now takes “the legal stuff” (methadone? dilaudid?)”on the road with her”–this was in response to a reader answering a Blind Vice. All this is while Brad smokes a little weed and has a few drinks. One thing I HAVE noticed is that they are apart, doing their own stuff a lot more than they are together. They seem to stage their dinners out for the paps, so people are reassured they’re together. Speaking of their pants–they’re on fire.

  38. Vermithrax says:

    I don’t follow this stuff closely by any stretch, but I never heard that Aniston had miscarried. I hope that isn’t true.

  39. Enonymous says:

    They will no doubt break up but not when everyone expects them to because that would mean that the media and the public and all those rumors could have been correct after all. When the media sets a date of their break-up, thats when they try to prove everyone wrong and when no one then suspects it, BOOM! splitsvile. It is the same old tactics used by every celebrity breaking up. And can we please stop calling people haters, I am sure most of you that keep using that term are nowhere near your teens.

  40. Anonymous says:

    All fake!!!!!

    All Business!!!

  41. lucy2 says:

    I don’t doubt that there is some interesting dirt on these two (and pretty much everyone else in Hollywood) but there are so many inconsistencies and errors just in these excerpts that the entire book must just be a mess.

  42. mj says:

    I have only (!!) 3 little kids and let me tell you, it’s hard! My husband & I are tired and we fight plenty but it doesn’t mean we are going to break up.

    BTW, doesn’t Brad fly all over the world by himself?

  43. vokable says:

    Brad is surch a p*ssy!

    He is a clown!

  44. Jag says:

    December 1st, 2009 at 12:54 pm I really hope Aniston didn’t have miscarriages. Can you imagine how awful that would be to privately miscarry but have everyone gossiping that you’re a cold bitch that doesn’t want babies? That would be heart-breaking!

    Even worse would’ve been having to play a character that then had a baby. I really hope that’s not true.

  45. kim says:

    I was at my cousin for Thanksgiving and she has all the Intouch weekly for this year about 40 of them . Brad and/ or Angie were on 30 of the covers. They were fighting/leaving or breaking up. Brad “walks out” on about 7 covers. So I guess they need to stage more date nights so they won’t be in the tabs every week.GMAFB

  46. Bek says:

    ok ok. I have to call bullsh!t on the way some of you are saying this guy claims Jen had miscarriages for publicity. There’s no such claim anywhere. If the woman DID miscarry, then we should all be sorry for her, as we would ourselves or our mothers or sisters. Not cool to say a woman would have a miscarriage for publicity. That’s harsh. And I’m not certain about the stuff in this book, but the weirdo woman at the Huffington Post can’t even think logically enough to put an article together. Yeah, I think Troy was done filming maybe in late 2003, but production and promotion for the film went well into 2004, during the time when the MAMS rumors started.

  47. Bek says:

    In all fairness, Kaiser, if you got these quotes from Popeater, you need to take into consideration the fact that there are typos throughout the entire site. The 2006 thing could happen to anybody with their editing. Just sayin’. If we’re going to rip this guy apart, we should use some logic and valid arguments to do so. He seems like a guy trying to make money, sure, but none of his stuff can be proven a lie. At least, not yet.

  48. Cheyenne says:

    @ Bek: This guy’s bloopers aren’t only due to bad editing. He’s a lousy researcher and a phenomenally sloppy writer. In an earlier book he wrote about Hollywood divorces, he said that Eddie Fisher dumped Elizabeth Taylor for Debbie Reynolds. Go figure.

  49. Mairead says:

    AJ doesn’t alliow Braddie-boy to leave the house on his own. But she’ll happily let him leave with that rank tea-cosy on his head? And Angie, sweetheart, those granny-cut satin trews are not your friend. I do like the colour of the blouse though. Perhaps if it was a bit more fitted, it would look nicer?

    In the words of the Great Judge Judy, those excerpts all sound like a load of “Who Shot John” to me.

    With regard to Jennifer Aniston, what a low, foul, disgusting abhorrent thing for that “contractor” and this Halpern scumbag to do. If the information did come from a contractor that worked on her house then I’m sure the company had some sort of confidentiality clause.

    So I hope she sues the motherf***king hell out of those cretins and wins so comprehensively that in the future she can just roll up to their box on Skid Row and empty the contents of their begging bowls into her purse. C**ts!

  50. beachbum says:

    This is sad for Aniston if this is true. For the other two not so much. How interesting, A PR Stunt before the book drops… I will read the book then make my decision. Why do you say that haters will only read the book. That is so NOT true. I will admit , I am only an Jen Aniston fan, used to be a Pitt fan. Lost respect for him after this escapade. This guy has aged about 20 years in the last 5 years. Most people will agree with that. Just my opinion of course

  51. lisa says:

    OH boy the pity party for Jen is beginning again. Jennifer was not pregnant. They wrote the part in the show because she said she wanted to have kids. But she had already signed on to what 3 or 4 movies.. Hardly what a woman who is expecting a baby would do. I am not a fan of hers, but I really doubt this woman or any woman would do such a thing. And I have no doubt Jennifer is tired to the Poor Jen title. Who would want that. Regarding Brad/Angie not being together a lot.. Since when. Brad and she did almost all their promo last year together. Brad has had a few travel days and so has Angie..none lasting more then a few days at best. If this means not spending time together then Tom/Katie, Scarjo/Ryan, and many other celebs who are actually separated for months while one is filming a movie must be in the divorce line as I type. Brad has not worked in a year. Angie not since what June.. that is 6 months. And they have been together most of that time. Hardly a couple not ” spending time together”. Angie said they had 3 nannies. I know that Jennifer G, Gwen, Heidi, Salma, Jenlo, Halle, Jessica A, and most celeb have nannies.. So What. they have 6 kids. I have a good friend who is a teacher. She has a nanny. That has nothing to do with money. Just choice.

    I am a fan and hope they stay together. I don’t think they are perfect, just two people living a life and building a family. And yes it is sick that people want them to break up to satisfy some innate hate they have for them. People they don’t even know.. really disgusting.. and pathetic.

  52. amy says:

    Isn’t Aniston a heavy smoker/drinker? She would’ve quit to have kids, right? I call BS on that miscarriage rumor big time.

    I suppose if you dislike the Brange, then you love to hear that they are on drugs, fighting, and bad parents. If you dislike Aniston, then you love to hear that she would do anything for publicity, is a liar, and a manipulator.

    The truth is Halperin is a an absolute hack who gives all journalists a bad name. This stuff is absolute garbage!

  53. amy says:

    Oh, and I almot forgot to add–those pants look horrid on Jolie. She’s so skinny, but looks fat in those pants. What is up with that?

  54. lisa says:

    I have to say.. I love the color of that top she is wearing.. I hate the pants. She has worn them before at a premier of Changeling I think. She had on black top at that time. The pants fit the same. I think the blouse tucked in is throwing it off. But whatever. She is still beautiful.. not much make up. The when out to celebrate with George and some friends. Good for them. If Brad had gone alone.. then there would be talk. If they were not smiling then they hate each other. If he had not held her hand, he hates her. If they did not laugh they are miserable. So no matter what is seen in a picture or on film.. Someone spin it to suit their own beliefs. They can’t win. Glad that they don’t seem to care.

  55. Mimi says:

    So i guess this is the FIRST time that the 2 sides can agree… but ONLY because he said something awful about the 3 people involve if this book was only about how Angie is a evil woman then he would be right… i’m actually happy that he was stupid enough to play badly the both sides this way everybody wins and can agree that this guy is a pig and a horrible person.
    So what if J have a miscarriage if true is a personal matter and if she want to talk about it she would already do it on Oprah and if untrue and this is more likely she and B & A should sue him and get the money from the book… B and A would give the money to charity and J could take the money and go for another trip and maybe find her true love and be happy forever and everybody would be forever EVER Happy ah can i dream?

  56. sick not says:

    Apperently he didn’t write this about jennifer aniston, that is somebody who is messing around. Apperently he did write that she had two miscarrages.

    So we have to wait what is in the book to know for sure. I mean by that when somebody has actually read it.

  57. You Go Girl says:

    Run Brad, ruuuuuuuun!
    She sounds like an absolute asshole, no wonder she has NO FRIENDS!
    So what if Brad smokes whoopie weed, if it comes out of the ground it can’t kill you. For Gods Sake she used to be a heroin addict, whackin’ up with Marilyn Manson, she should just shut her trap.

  58. nnn says:

    So according to Halperin Jennifer Aniston AND Brad Pitt were both stoned during the marriage, smoking weeds left and right and she had a misscariage.

    Is it because of the weed absorption ?

  59. v says:

    leave them alone …

  60. Essie says:

    . . . but the weirdo woman at the Huffington Post can’t even think logically enough to put an article together. Yeah, I think Troy was done filming maybe in late 2003, but production and promotion for the film went well into 2004, during the time when the MAMS rumors started.
    Halperin said the woman “worked on Troy.” That means her work would have ended when the filming ended, in EARLY 2003 with post-production being done in late 2003. She would not have been around for the promotion of the movie. Only PR people would be involved and they are from an entirely different company, not from the production. And, wouldn’t he have said this woman was a PR person, if she had been?

    Therefore, HOW would she know anything about the “fighting” and “leaving” between Brad and Angelina when the two had not met each other yet? That’s the point the reporter was making.

  61. karen says:

    There were rumors going around that the reason Aniston had a miscarriage was because she was on heavy diet pills to stay thin. Then, Brad became fed up with her vanity, and bolted. I doubt any of this is true, as Aniston is a smoker. Most normal people will quit that sh*t when trying to conceive. I highly doubt she wants kids that badly. No one dating John Mayer wants to procreate. seriously.

  62. LeighinDC says:

    I think if they break up she should blame the thing on his chin. Everyone would understand why!

  63. Firestarter says:

    I think if they break up it will be because that Newsboy hat had some hand in it!

  64. Cheyenne says:

    Wouldn’t it be a gas if Pitt, Jolie and Aniston all filed a class action suit against Halperin and sued the living shit out of him?

    About Jolie’s loose-fitting outfit: only times I’ve seen her wearing clothes that fit like that was when she had a bun in the oven. Makes ya go hmmm….

  65. Then Again.... says:

    I thought that scene in Marley and Me when she miscarried their first child seemed very autobiographical…

    Then again, the whole movie was for both she and Owen Wilson. There are many subtle hints in the movie detailing the events that lead up this suicide attempt (parents fighting, depression, loneliness).

    That must have been so painful for her to lose those children and then to lose her husband to a woman who could have children. I bet Angelina flaunted that in her face many a time.

  66. Then Again.... says:

    Jennifer Aniston has moved on. I am hoping on a wing and prayer she is over (and I mean OVER) Brad.

  67. anon1000 says:

    it is a well known fact in HW that brad AND JA smoked pot together. why is brad only accused of being a stoner? JA is a stoner also. i think they even eluded to it in interviews when they were together. people need to stop trying to paint JA as some innocent little victim.

  68. Dorrie says:


    So what if Aniston is also a stoner? Why is it that anything said about the Jolie-Pitt’s has to be assessed in relation to Aniston? If she forgot to use her Jolene one day would you say, look, Jen has a scraggly beard too!?

  69. Dannni says:

    Well, isn’t she on the outs with her Dad cause he outed her as having a personality disorder and being in treatment for histrionic and “out-there” behaviour. That could explain some things, I suppose.

  70. Ursula says:

    I could write a more accurate and scathing book about these two. Why didn’t Helperin use me as his assistant. No one needs to make up this stuff. It has unfolded in front of all of us. Angelina is manipulative and evil. Bradley is a loser who was pussy whipped into a relationship and now is stuck. Clearly Angiejo calls all the shots.

    If you doubt all this: How about a PDA outing on the eve of the release of this expose? Oh lets not forget the articles debunking all the books as LIES. Come on a babe can see through Brangelina. It is not that hard. We don’t need Helperin. But maybe a gullible ‘god bless the Jolie-Pitts’ crowd can now rethink their obsession. Then again, they are not exactly the sharpest tools in the kit. Still, this at least goes some way in raising public awareness about these two fraudsters.

  71. Ursula says:

    Something just occurred to me. Who called the paps to take these latest pictures? At least Helpering can feel vindicated that he was not lying about them staging their life in the media. This is a classic example.

  72. anon1000 says:

    JA likes to toke on weed just like brad. to each his/her own. don’t know why he is bad and she is not. Many celebs and us bloggers toke in our spare time. stop with the hypocrisy!!!!! Brad and “angel” Jennifer Aniston hit that sh!t and enjoyed it together. brad AND jen ARE STONERS!!

  73. Mairead says:

    Yup. Angie is pure unadulterated evil. Worse than any paedophile, drug overlord, mass murderer. It’s like they distilled the essence of the Third Reich, Franco, Mussolini, Stalin, Caucescu, Milosovic, Robert Mugabe, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il. General Pinochet, Pol Pot and Idi Amin and placed it into one package wearing unfortunate trousers. Sure what did those lads do but engage in ethnic cleansing, extreme anti-intellectualism (shot because you wore glasses), institute states of fear, murder family members when they became an inconvenience and in many cases drove their people to starvation.

    But all that pales into insignificance, a mere blip, when you compare to allegedly having had an affair with a married man and auctioning off a few posed photos of the kids. Yup. Hang their corpses upside down by their ankles. 🙄

  74. Firestarter says:

    It is well known that Aniston is a stoner. The reason she gets no flak for it is because she is not a parent.

    People think that when you have kids, that puts you into a different catagory, that you shouldn’t drink or smoke pot or do anything other than tend to your kids.

    I don’t have a problem with him smoking pot, I have a problem with him looking like a homeless bum, but I just prefer the other Brad to this one.

    Also, people have long raked Aniston over the coals for not only smoking pot but cigarettes as well. She has not escaped the publics wrath.

  75. Janie says:

    For those asking whose side Halperin is on? Whatever side allows the most cattiness and misogyny. That’s why he disses both Jen and Angie. Because it’s all about appealing to the type of women who want to believe the worst of other women.

    All the accounts of Angelina’s insane temper always seem strange to me, just in that they also want to make her out to be an ice queen who doesn’t care. Personally, I can’t actually picture her screaming and throwing things. She strikes me more as a “Shut down and refuse to talk about it” person.

    And anyone who buys that Pitt is this laid-back, hen-pecked boyfriend is seriously delusional. THAT’S the real control freak in the relationship. But that doesn’t sell as well to the housewives.

  76. Janie says:

    Who called the paps? They were on their way to an afterparty for George Clooney’s new film. Yeah, I’m sure they had to call all over town in order to be spotted. I swear, this is the only couple who can be spotted like once every 2 months, and have people screaming about fake and orchestrated they are.

  77. Blitz says:

    I wouldn’t trust this author as far as you could throw him. That said I don’t trust Brad and Angie either.

    Brangelina are legendary for calling the “paps” to make it appear they’re being intruded upon. This includes time with their children and they’ve been criticized for it. Read the NY Times article, published a year ago. AJ has been cited more than once by journalists, as a brilliant manipulator of the media, and a shape-shifter. There’s also the highly questionable adoptions, given serious drug and mental illness history, which is widely known.

    It’s also been stated by other journalists that the relationship isn’t in great shape and hasn’t been for a long time. We see mostly what celebs want us to see. But my point is that isn’t new either, it’s been reported places other than the supermarket tabloids.

    I don’t know that JA pursuing film, means she didn’t want children. Cate Blanchet has 3 kids. Jolie has 6 and signed on for a franchise where she plays a forensic detective.

    But I’d like to know how Halperin managed undercover work in France in 2008 (I assume that was a typo,) while working intensely on his Michael Jackson bio.

    I don’t know if there was a miscarriage or not, but all he says is it’s believed that JA had miscarriages, meaning he has no real evidence. It’s been reported before they were creating a nursery (2003?,) but for all we know that was for the future.

    Ian has repeatedly demonstrated that his sources are crap. I’ll pass on this.

  78. Mimi says:

    Agree Janie they are also the only family that their kids are the last seeing in mags or blogs but when the kids happening to go out then B and A are making to the paps or mags.
    I’m see that most of u are still judging Angie for her past she did act erratic and a little crazy but she did when she could do that in her early twenties… some of u are still seeing her in that old way because is better for u delusional minds then see her for who she truly is now as a person that like to help people that are in need and that take care of her life without bother nobody… grow the f… up people

  79. Cheyenne says:

    Ursula: I could write a more accurate and scathing book about these two.

    LOL I bet you could. And you’d base it on everything you read in In Touch and Life & Style. 🙄

  80. Sook says:

    Brad and Angie know what they are doing. Don’t think for one minute they are not helping to “maintain” their brand. Brad is well-known in the industry to be a hard-ass and a media manipulator. They (and everyone else in Hollywood) work with the media/paps to their advantage. If you are not managing your “brand” effectively, then you risk loosing everything. Why do you think these people trot out their kids when they have a movie or book or something coming out. It is all part of the “sell”.

    Allegedly, I heard Aniston did miscarry several times because of excessive use of male hormones, which are well-known to keep your body fat low, thus making one unable to maintain a pregnancy. Is this true, who knows. Never heard her speak of it to the media.

  81. bored says:

    errr, is he insane? I thought Angelina was on drugs? And if she’s such a master manipulator why is Brad always seen as the good guy ? even when stories about how he smoked pot and got drunk while Angie was in Hospital the media spun it in favor of pitt. oh, it’s no big deal if he was smoking hash when he was supposed to be caring for 4 of his children. GMAB!

  82. oh hey says:

    I really wish Hollywood blogs would stop caring about these two. Brad does need to shave his beard though.

  83. doug says:

    How about talking about some FACTS for a change. People are more and more sick & tired of Aniston, her Huvane and her Looniefers as well: there have never been nastier manipulators and lairs than that.
    If she were, her Huvane would soo make sure everyone knew about it!

    This is a woman who went on Letterman to brag about sleeping with Pitt on their first (arranged) date!

    This is also a 40+ woman that goes to the Ivy and other pap-infested places, and some dare to attack Angelina for taking her kids to the grocery store!(when she does not work, you can’t see her -or the kids- for months).
    Besides, she has every right in the world to be Proud of herself,her healthy, beautiful Children, and the love she has in her family!
    There is nothing Aniston could be proud about.
    Think about it!
    How many has Aniston have, and how many have dumped her? We’ve seen it! You’d call that a w$ore, and you’d be right.

    I don’t know how that happened that the moment Angelina got together with Pitt, ALL OF THE SUDDEN, some ppl (you guess who) started to doubt her just about everything.
    SHE HAS ALWAYS BEEN HONEST. Or, do you think she would talk to her disadvantage?! She even said she has not change, just GREW UP AND EVOLVED. She said she had nothing to hide and nothing to defend. Believe me, otherwise,we would KNOW – since no one like her lives under the microscope!

    Btw, does this greedy freak’s “sources” have any names?!

  84. rhia says:

    Why’s any of this surprising? Does he LOOK happy to you in any of the pictures? Another celebrity fling, another divorce. I feel sorry for the kids.Honestly- what good relationship is the product of infedelity? This isn’t the first time Angelina Jolie has done this. I can easily believe she’s manipulative- and she sounds like she’s got a borderline personality and used him to have babies.

  85. Bek says:

    *sigh* Cheyenne–people tell you over and over but for some reason it just doesn’t sink in: if you’re going to get online and launch a crusade against the tabs, please be willing to understand that your mission against Jen Aniston is only fueled by ancient tabloid stories as well. You seem like a smart chick. Get a clue. And @Essie: I fail to understand how saying that somebody “worked” on Troy means that they were exclusively a cast member. You are capable of understanding that there are hundreds of people who work on one movie, right? And double check the dates. 2004. Look, I don’t think this guy is holy. He’s downright dirty. But some of you get delusional.

  86. doug says:

    Oh, Rhia, maybe you should read something much more useful for YOU than the tabloids. I mean well.

    You KNOW that BBT was NOT married to Dern – but he did leave his wife and CHILDREN – for Dern! AND so did her current husband. Any conclusions?!

    There is NO proof whatsoever that Pitt cheated. A FACT. Maybe because he didn’t?! EVERYONE “involved” said so. I am sure Angelina is not the one who would sleep with him the day she met him,as did Aniston and bragged about that on national TV, Angelina honestly doesn’t strike me as such
    (of course, except if the tabs say so!!) Angelina needs some more “work”, as we ALL actually SAW Pitt chasing her all around the globe for quite some time (and we also have called him a pusssy and Mr Jolie, haven’t we?!)
    Yes, he said that HE fell in love with Angelina (in Rolling Stone), and he ALSO said that to Aniston – and she STILL was “shocked” afterwards, what a fake! HUVANISTON is slipping, all the time! When that boomerangs on Aniston’s rotten self, than she says her “fans” make her old skin crawl!
    Btw, Angelina has never ever said that they fell in love on the set. What she said was that her children when older will like watching their parents fall in love AND WANT TO KILL EACH OTHER! Don’t you think she was talking about their characters in the movie?! Pitt, on the other hand, said,”They will love the movie, they just will.”
    They don’t look happy in these pictures?
    There are THOUSANDS of pictures of them looking hott and happy and in love.

    BUT, I have the most important question to ask:

    She is Angelina Jolie. As a matter of FACT, she is 12 (TWELVE) years younger, she is rich (e.g, she was paid 10 million for 2,5 DAYS of work on Beowulf!), she is way more accomplished as an actress, not to mention an activist and humanitarian. It’s a FACT that Pitt did a big NOTHING for no one before Angelina, but was “turning into a doughnut on his couch, drinking and puffing away – according to HIS own words!
    Don’t make me quote some other stuff that he said, before Angelina even knew him, about that “experimental merger not meant to last”, OUCH!

  87. amy says:

    Yeah, poor, poor Brad. Just so miserable. The man has said this is the most happy and fulfilled he’s ever been. He’s putting in some of the best performances of his career. He has 6 kids he loves. People need to stop thinking he’s miserable just because he actually looks like a guy in his 40’s now.

    And this Hollywood. Some of the most last relationships around were conceived in infidelity. Who cares? It’s not our life. They’ve all moved on.

  88. Em says:

    The new Brangelina book says that Brad and Angelina only have 18 months left, at best. I have to admit that I do believe that Brangelina will break up one day. Not just because Ian Halperin said so (although I do believe his claims about media spin doctoring and children being raised by nannies), but because hollywood couple have such a terrible record. Even the best of them don’t seem to last. But who knows…maybe Brangelina will surprise us. After all, I never would have predicted that they would have gotten together in the first place.

  89. Kamel says:

    I have never seen such a lier and stupid man as this “Halperin”. He is just jealous and wish to make money by abusing the credibility of honnest people. He knows nothing about Angelina and Brad and their incredible support to so many humanitarian operations. I will certainly not read his hate.

  90. GIGA says:


  91. OMI says:

    If he can guess somebody life matter. Why didn’t he guess when he can win lottery? liar liar

  92. pradeep baral says:

    Brad is a real good guy but angelina is a real bitch. Brad is the sexiest man in the world and angelina is the ugliest women in this world. I especially hate that women because she is such a ego boost,cruel suburban punk. She has totally ruined brad’s life for the past few years and is contuining the activity. The split from the bad girl is a start of new life for brad and his film career. BRAD WELCOME TO NEW LIFE.

  93. Aitch says:

    Cara: Great Sex DOES die my friend, don’t believe otherwise.

    I listened to this author on youtube/Howard Stern. doesn’t seem there was much fall out from the book. I do think that Brangelina will need to quit traveling with the brood and the nanny entourage at some point soon — like when the kids are in elementary school.