Jude Law & Sienna Miller spent Thanksgiving together


Last week, the New York Daily News ran a report detailing how Jude Law and Sienna Miller are probably bangin’ again. They’re both on Broadway right now – in separate plays. Apparently, they’ve been seeing each other, reminiscing, getting drunk, and you know, getting busy. The two were once engaged, for those who may remember. They got together in late 2003/early 2004, got engaged around Christmas 2004, and then the nanny thing happened in 2005. After that, they were on and off for about a year. By all accounts, they did remain friends, and Sienna brings Jude up in pretty much every interview since. Now Star Magazine has a report that Sienna and Jude spent Thanksgiving together… getting pizza. There better be turkey on that pizza!

Turkey wasn’t on the menu for Jude Law and Sienna Miller during their dinner date on Thanksgiving — but pizza and PDA were!

The Brits, who are both living in Manhattan while appearing in roles on Broadway, celebrated the American holiday together at the Italian restaurant Emporio in the Nolita section of New York City.

Arriving just after midnight on Thursday, Jude and Sienna — who are starring in Hamlet and After Miss Julie, respectively — took a table, where they ordered pizza — and a $350 bottle of wine.

“They were offered a private table in the back, but Jude and Sienna turned it down,” an insider tells Star. “They had no problem flaunting their love right in the middle of the restaurant. They definitely looked like they were head-over-heels for each other.”

Although their reps denied recent reports that they’d reconciled, the couple — who broke off their engagement in 2006 following his cheating scandal with his kids’ nanny — didn’t skimp on public displays of affection.

“They came in holding hands and kept touching each other and kissing throughout the entire meal,” says the insider. “They only had eyes for each other!”

Jude picked up the check — leaving $100 tip — and they left together in the same car.

The actor also recently made headlines when model Samantha Burke, whom he briefly romanced last year, gave birth to his daughter, Sophia, in September. Several weeks after the baby’s birth, Samantha told a British magazine that Jude hadn’t travelled to Florida to meet the child, nor had he sent any presents.

He has three other children with his ex-wife, Sadie Frost.

[From Star Magazine]

Yeah, speaking of Jude’s fourth child (that we know of), he will eventually meet baby Sophia, right? I mean he can’t keep making excuses about it, can he? I realize he doesn’t want a relationship with Stalker McBaby-Mama, but he could pop into Florida and spend two seconds with his child. Instead, he spends all of his free time filling in for Balthy Getty. Jude’s better than that! But not by much.

Older photos of Sienna and Jude in London, on October 4, 2006. Credit: INF.


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  1. Firestarter says:

    So? They are both single now. At least no STD’s were harmed in this coupling.

  2. snowball says:

    I’m completely shallow (see the Brangelina posts), but his chest hair freaks me out. Why is it orange? It looks like a shag carpet.

    Someone undoubtedly smarter than me said he sees Sienna from time to time because she’s the only woman he hooks up with that knows how not to get pregnant.

    Hey, at least Sienna combed her hair in that pic!

  3. Lem says:

    shag carpet, lol

    see, I told you they belong together

  4. Pole says:

    God, I hate these two together. They are so not good for each other. Run, Jude, run!

  5. kruczynski says:

    Jude looks so gayish when he’s with Sienna. Maybe because her features are stronger than his.
    Why doesn’t he transplant his chest hair on his balding head? Why?

  6. Fire says:

    I say who cares? Not a fan of either of them, but if they want to be together, why not? It keeps the rest of the world from getting infected for a little while longer. One less baby in the world (from him) and one less marriage at risk (from her). And if she wants to take him back after that whole nanny thing, more power to her – she’s an idiot. I’m really surprised he is still bangin women, to be quite honest. He always seemed kinda gayish to me.

    One more thing – why would they celebrate Thanksgiving? They are British.

  7. A says:

    “A serial philanderer and a compulsive nymphomaniac! How could this possibly go wrong? It’s like it was written in the stars. Or possibly written in “Syphilis and You: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Your STDs.” Congratulations to the happy couple!

  8. CiCi says:


    i love her and she became famous with an ass kicking body. it will be a travesty if she wastes away. 🙁

  9. A says:

    Sisi’s wet fu*kin’ dream: Getty-Sisi-Law, and then Law-Sisi-Getty

    ‘4′ must be a lucky number

  10. I don’t think they were celebrating Thanksgiving, I think they just happed to be having dinner on the last Thursday in November, which is what it is to everyone else in the world. But she was born in Pittsburgh, I think.

  11. bros says:

    she was born in NYC, not pittsburg.

  12. Fire says:

    If she were born in Pittsburgh I doubt she would have had as many problems when she was making that movie a few years ago. Remember that big stink? Maybe that’s what you were thinking of, dread?

  13. princess pea says:

    Oooh, scorn me next! I had a sub for dinner on thursday… because Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. Notice how Jude and Sienna weren’t shaking their fingers at you when you didn’t have a bonfire on Guy Fawkes Night? And how I wasn’t mad that you didn’t celebrate Victoria Day? International relations are fun for everyone!

    I don’t like to speculate and comment on his relationship (or lack thereof) with the new baby. Firstly, I don’t think the baby asked for a lot of media attention, so there’s that- but more because I don’t WANT to give the babymomma any of her own. Earn that shizz, mama… NOT by unprotected sex with a celeb.

  14. serena says:

    well..leave him alone xD but yeah he should meet his newborn child, even why the other 3 children known surely of it right? what would they think of such behave? .. hope this time all can go righ with sienna 🙂

  15. Mairead says:

    ..or as Jude probably called it, “Thursday”.

  16. gee_gee says:

    These two belong together because they protect the rest of the world from their STD’s.

  17. Goddess711 says:

    He’s a turkey and she got stuffed – they celebrate a lot, those two.

  18. Danielle says:

    Maybe these two sex maniacs deserve each other.

    Blech. Dumb and dumber with fading looks.

    She’s still a homewrecking hobag

  19. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Princess Pea:

    Right on. lol.