Blake Lively crossed a barrier to fix the display of her gown at Kensington Palace

While I find most of Blake Lively’s red carpet looks goofy, she usually does a good job at the Met Gala. To me, the Met Gala isn’t a costume ball, to borrow from red carpet bloggers Tom and Lorenzo. The “theme” should influence how people look but it shouldn’t always be super literal (except the one year when the theme was camp). You know, when Jared Leto showed up this year wearing a whole ass cat mascot costume, dressed as a six foot tall Choupette, I rolled my eyes so hard I almost gave myself an ocular migraine. I like that Blake’s looks reference the themes and are still dramatic without being completely costume-y. Her preferred aesthetic is also a bit “trophy wife” but if I looked like that I too would show off my hotness. Her 2022 look, which referenced the Statue of Liberty, featured a dramatic reveal on the stairs where the skirt got changed around. Now that gown is in an exhibit at Kensington Palace called Crown to Couture. It’s supposedly about how contemporary red carpet looks reference the 18th century Georgian period, an era between 1714 – roughly 1830. I don’t know that much about Georgian fashion so I’ll have to take their word for it, but it features dresses worn by everybody from Audrey Hepburn to Beyonce to Lizzo, so it’s probably worth seeing if you’re in London. When Blake visited the exhibit, she apparently thought the curators had made a mistake with how they displayed the dress. So she jumped over the rope and adjusted it herself!

On Tuesday, the Gossip Girl alum posted an Instagram story of her jumping over the ropes at the Crown to Couture exhibit in London’s Kensington Palace to quickly alter the display of her famous gown.

“When you’re the clown who hops over the rope at the museum to fix the exhibit,” Lively, 35, captioned over her video. “Happy almost Virgo season folx.”

“So that you see what the transformation was,” the actress added, while crouched down, before turning the inside of the dress to face outwards on its center part with some assistance from jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz.

Lively’s dress appears alongside 200 other pieces at the exhibit inside Princess Diana’s former home, including Lizzo’s 2022 Met Gala Thom Browne look and Lady Gaga’s 2020 MTV Awards dress by Christopher John Rogers.

The exhibition also features a number of historic gowns as it tells the story of how rock and red carpet fashion has been influenced by the royals of the Georgian era in the 18th century.

The mom-of-four also took time to admire the crown Schwartz created for her to wear with the dress at the 2022 Met Gala.

“This was absolutely surreal. Seeing this crown that we made in Kensington Palace,” Lively captioned a follow-up post of her smiling beside a display cabinet. “I still feel like a kid playing dress up every time I get to wear a gown and borrowed jewels out. To see it memorialized like this… just. Wow. Something I’ll never forget.”

[From People]

There isn’t context in the clip from Instagram and it’s not on her stories anymore so I’m guessing she asked the exhibit staff for permission before she did this? The dress was custom-made for Blake and it’s not like she messed with one of the gowns from the 18th century. But still, it comes off a little bit rude to me. I’m sure whoever dressed that mannequin did it with great care. People who work as museum curators or conservationists typically have the most incredible attention to detail. They probably looked at dozens of reference photos and arranged the dress in a certain way on purpose. Plus, the exhibit space is different from the Met Museum steps, so it won’t look exactly like it did in that moment when the skirt changed around. I guess it is a Virgo-like thing to do. One of my friends is a Virgo and I lovingly refer to her as an Australian shepherd because she is always herding people and attempting to organize things according to her extremely high standards. But calling it “almost Virgo season” when it’s Leo season until the 23rd of August is…well, kind of something I’d expect from a fire sign like myself. We can’t stand not being in the spotlight.

As an aside, because this story involves Kensington Palace: I lived across the street from Kensington Palace when I studied abroad. We had a few sightings of the princes and Kate. One day my American classmate came home from the high street overjoyed because she’d just seen Prince Harry with his protection officer in TK Maxx buying underwear and socks. That was over ten years ago, so when he talked about shopping at TK Maxx in his book, I knew he was telling the truth, however implausible it seemed! (He preferred boxers, in case anyone wondered.)

photos credit: Backgrid and Instar

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  1. OldLady says:

    Wow, I never saw it before but this costume was just referenced on the Great British Sewing Bee finale last night.

    I love a switcharoo costume and one of the ones in last night’s GBSB finale was AMAZING.

  2. Mei says:

    I don’t see an issue with this. She has lent it to the museum, so I’d say it’s her prerogative to make sure it is displayed correctly. The people who dressed the mannequin may have overlooked the transformation element of the dress, even though it may not have been the aim of the exhibit it’s still an important part of the complete look.

    • blue says:

      Agree with Mei. If the museum staff ignored an important feature, or hadn’t done their research, Blake was right to fix the display.

    • AB says:

      Yup. Former art museum/art gallery worker here — Blake wasn’t entirely out of line here fiddling with the dress. Although typically the owner or lender of the work would have been consulted during installation to make sure they are satisfied with the display before the exhibition opens.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yep, and that is one fabulous dress! The entire concept was perfectly executed!

    • Bee says:

      Agreed. I find Blake pretty insufferable in general but cannot bring myself to fault her for this. It’s HER dress!

      I went to a Gaultier exhibit and there was a visible safety pin on one of the expensive gowns. They could have just put in a quick baste stitch and removed it later. Museum curators are just as fallible as anyone.

  3. Jais says:

    I can just never get into her dresses much. But this one with the special effect of the Statue of Liberty was very cool. And hilarious that your roommate has a story proving Harry was telling the truth. The whole denying the TK maxxx thing in the press was absurd when the sales are right there.

  4. Concern Fae says:

    I must say it’s peak curator/“dress historian” to think you know more about the dress than the woman not only wore the dress, but was an active participant in its design and creation. I sew, so I watch a lot of sewing vids, and CosTube is just the pettiest, snobbiest fandom out there.

    Blake – fix your dress!

  5. Carrot says:

    How is Blake Lively a trophy wife? She made a good career for herself before marrying, Is Eva Longoria a trophy wife? Ouch

    • Laura says:

      The author was definitely not saying she’s a trophy wife, she was saying that Blake’s Met Gala looks have a trophy wife aesthetic.

  6. Southern Fried says:

    That gown is stunning and perfection on Blake, I remember the moment vividly. If she thought it needed adjusting then she’s earned the right to do it. I’d love to see that exhibit.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I was captivated by her dress that year. It was perfectly designed and executed from head to toe!! As a Leo, I would give my first born up to wear it!!! It’s perfection to me. And since Blake was part of the design process she would know how it should be displayed. Thought she should have addressed someone at the museum.

      As for your friend running into Harry at TJMaxx must have made your friends YEAR!!! I think my mouth to brain would freeze up that instant.

  7. TIFFANY says:

    The excuses some of y’all make for the flour rangers. Wow.

  8. tamsin says:

    Could someone explain the “transformation aspect” of the dress? I didn’t see the Met Gala appearance.

    • Mei says:

      It was initially a primarily copper/bronze-coloured dress down to the floor, then it was unravelled/unfurled to create a long train that was turquoise to represent the oxidised modern colour of the Statue of Liberty. The final ‘transformed’ look is the header picture, the ‘before’ pictures are attached to the article at the end 🙂

    • lucy2 says:

      It’s really interesting to see, if you search a video of it. Still photos of it don’t do it justice.

      I don’t blame her for wanting to correct it, but my instinct would be to tell the curator, not hope over and do it myself in what is essentially a museum.

      • BeanieBean says:

        My guess is she was there during the setup, to check the final look, and not there as one tourist among others.

  9. maisie says:

    I love that she did this. She wanted to look just so, and she fixed it!

    It’s a fabulous gown and she looked amazing in it. I love her “dress up” comment.She doesn’t take herself too seriously,

    PS. I LOVED Leto as Choupette. I thought it was adorable.

  10. Feeshalori says:

    Here’s a short clip of the unfurling if permitted here. The gown was really a showstopper.

  11. BlueNailsBetty says:

    As a Leo I will not stand for this erasure, Blake Lively. We duel* at dawn**!

    *discuss it
    **at brunch

  12. AC says:

    Blake is channeling her Serena van der Woodsen persona 😀

  13. Kay says:

    Why hasn’t Kate attached herself to this?! It’s fashion, it’s art history, it’s interesting but probably … superficial enough for her … She could have just shown up, theme dressing as usual, cut a ribbon. What a missed opportunity, imagine the photo ops!

  14. SUNNYVALE says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. The dress afterall was custom made for her to wear!