Doja Cat had a prosthetic cat face and wore Oscar de la Renta at the Met Gala

The Met Gala was a lot of fun last night. So many celebrities had stories about working with Karl Lagerfeld and the fashion was playful and fun. There were plenty of cat-themed purses and some people dressed as Karl’s beloved cat, Choupette. Doja Cat had the most buzz early on as she showed up in this Oscar de la Renta sequin and feather white gown with a little cat-ear hood. Notably she was sporting prosthetics to make her look like a cat. This is striking, but it’s like a high end version of a lazy girl’s Halloween costume – throw on some cat ears and a sexy dress and call it a day. It could be a little more creative, you know?

Amanda Seyfried got the better Oscar de la Renta look in this “custom gold and platinum draped bugle bead embroidered dress.” She’s one of those celebrities who makes you go “ooh who is that?” when you see her from far away. Her styling is perfection and I absolutely love this gown. She looks amazing.

I know Jared Leto should maybe get his own post since he showed up in a giant fluffy cat costume, but f this guy. I can’t stand him. He regularly pulls stunts at the Met Gala, and this is no different. He was basically a mascot. Anyone else could have taken that hat off and I would love this look honestly, it’s fun. I can’t find a designer ID yet but I’ll update when I do. He usually wears Gucci.

photos credit: Cover Images and via Instagram

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  1. Mei says:

    I thought Doja Cat’s look was fun. The dress was beautiful!

    I’m not sure how Amanda Seyfried’s look was an ode to Karl but I think a lot of people wore things referencing his previous collections so it could have been that, I’m not sure. Don’t like the dress/looks a bit boring for the Met, but her styling was fire!

    • Jenn says:

      Yes! I just watched Vogue’s “2022 Met red carpet highlights” (there was a typo, lol, Vogue is working fast!, but that’s what it’s currently called if you’d like to look for it), and a number of people explained what they wore and how it referenced Karl and/or their personal connections to him. I was never a fan of the man, but seeing how emotional everyone was definitely affected me — and of course his influence as a force cannot be denied.

  2. Lightpurple says:

    Doja was meowing in interviews.

    Absolutely love Amanda’s look and her comment last night on the writers strike was burning up Twitter in the wee hours of the morning as strike supporters circulated it

  3. Bee says:

    Doja not only gave an interview consisting entirely of different meows (and honestly, who hasn’t had a conversation like that with their cat?) but she also got caught on cam vaping beforehand. Gotta love her! Living up to her name.

    I’d love to hear who designed that Choupette fursuit. They did a brilliant job on the face and paws. Leto is a clown, but that was amazing work. If it turns out to be “Gucci” they absolutely contracted out the whole thing to a professional. (Pawfessional?) And then stitched in a label.

    Doja is Queen Choupette all the way. She came, she slayed.

    • maisie says:

      the Choupette costume was no small accomplishment. that took a bunch of work. Personally I really enjoyed it.

    • Nlopez says:

      Not a Jared Leto fan either, but I loved the choupette costume too!

  4. SAS says:

    I can’t deal with sfx makeup so Doja was a no for me.

    Jared is the living wooooorst but the cat costume is beautiful. Wish someone actually funny and playful rather than a rapist creep was inside it.

    Amanda looks sexy as hell.

  5. mellie says:

    Not a Jared Leto fan either….yuk. He just always has to be the center of attention and with his history, blech. I personally like Amanda, but not sure I’m into this dress of strings/chains. I don’t know, but there was a lot of that last night….a la Lagerfeld.

    • Barb Mill says:

      I wish Jared Leto would just disappear. He is really a big attention whore. The whole cat costume was not original or cute.

  6. BW says:

    I liked Lil Nas’s version of Choupette best.

  7. JM says:

    Is Amanda’s dress the one from Oscar’s TikTok? I know people were wondering if it was a teaser that Taylor was going to go

  8. Blink says:

    Anyone else think Doja as a cat looks a bit like Victoria Beckham?!

  9. Amando says:

    I’m a cat lover, so I enjoyed the fun Jared and Doja had with their looks!