Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin are still separated, but ‘are getting along’

Let me say up front that I completely understand the Jeremy Allen White thirst that seized the entire internet last summer. I can’t bring myself to watch The Bear because a) I used to work in a restaurant and I think it could re-traumatize me and b) I know I will fall in love with his character and I can’t do that ever again, even with a fictional “Emotionally Unavailable Dirtbag With Beautiful Hands.” I did not pay for seven and a half years of therapy out of pocket to backslide into that pattern, not even with a TV character. Anyway, Jeremy’s wife filed for divorce in May, and at first it seemed kind of out of the blue. They had been married for three years but together for way longer, and have two daughters together. Then his estranged wife Addison Timlin posted on Instagram about how hard it is to be a single mom and it made him seem like a deadbeat dad, too busy shooting TV shows to be there for his family. His team clapped back, she edited her caption to say she was a “co-parent” and not a “single mom,” and after that the drama subsided. Then this past weekend Jeremy and Addison were spotted at their daughter’s soccer game hugging. Page Six has the photos and…there is something more intimate to their body language than just “awkward exes hugging,” at least to me. According to People, there’s no sign of a reconciliation but they’re “getting along.”

Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin are finding common ground amid their divorce.

After the duo were spotted hugging at their daughter’s soccer game over the weekend, a source tells PEOPLE they have not rekindled their marriage.

“They are still separated, but getting along,” the source says. “They love their children and all spend time together. When she filed for divorce, she was upset. Things have settled a bit.”

The source adds that it’s been “difficult” for Timlin, 32, to “parent alone a lot” while The Bear actor, 32, is away on set filming his projects.

“When Jeremy works, she feels emotionally drained,” the source notes. “There is still a lot of love between them though.”

Timlin filed for divorce in May after over three years of marriage. The pair married in 2019 and share two children, Ezer and Dolores, whom they welcomed in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

While accepting a Golden Globe award in January for his role in The Bear, White gushed about how “grateful” he was for Timlin during his speech.

“Addison Timlin, I love you deep in my bones, thank you for all that you do, thank you for everything that you’ve done,” he said at the time.

[From People]

Whether or not reconciliation is on the cards (it sounds like Addison’s source wants there to be) I’m glad they’re getting along. If they can keep their co-parenting relationship functional, that will be better for their little ones. The hopeless romantic in me kind of wishes they’d give it another try. I actually believe they still love each other. But if Jeremy’s work schedule put a strain on their relationship before, that’s still a looming issue. When the SAG-AFTRA strike ends, a rising star like Jeremy is going to be in demand and they’re going to have the same problem as before where Addison feels like a single parent because he’s away working. Something else would have to change in order for them to have a shot at making it work.

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  1. Jenn says:

    I was wondering about this, actually! The Internet was on fire after JAW was photographed on the WGA/SAG-AFTRA picket line, and I thought “oh, sure, of course they aren’t filming… wait, does that change anything for his wife??” Because of production’s punishing schedule, FX/Hulu is really kind of responsible for their breakup, in a sense. It would be really healthy if they could use this downtime to renegotiate their marriage’s terms and hopefully come to some sort of compromise. Good luck to them!

  2. Mireille says:

    I have friends who are working actors and they are single. It’s difficult to maintain a relationship much less a family when your work demands that you travel and work away from home for long periods of time. I imagine for Addison it’s equally frustrating because she’s also an actress and while Jeremy is away on set, she’s at home raising the kids and not working at her craft. It’s harder for women in this industry as studios and casting directors still go for youth, beauty stereotypes, and a large social media following…not necessarily talent or experience. Women have a smaller window of opportunity to make their mark, whereas men can be 65 years old and still get lead roles starring alongside 25-year-old leading ladies. Ugh.

  3. JB says:

    My husband and I both work in the film industry and when our daughter was younger we definitely had to take turns taking jobs, as the schedules are too punishing for both of us to be unavailable to our family for so long. There were definitely times when he was working nights and/or out of town that I felt like a “single parent.” (And I know he’s felt the same.)

  4. Lens says:

    She’s pretty – she looks like Rose Byrne at least in the header pictures. He of course looks like a young Gene Wilder. Love The Bear, but not Carmie sorry. Please people when you see estranged Hollywood actors hugging it out it doesn’t mean reconciliation. It does kinda irl, at least where I’m from but after seeing Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudakis hug it out during THEIR kids’ soccer game, after I know they’ve been in a continuing toxic mess, I realized it just isn’t the same in Lala land. And yes Hollywood definitely is easier on men since women are only like 30% of all speaking parts.

  5. detritus says:

    Watch the Bear. I worked front of house and had some bad experiences, and it touches on some of it, but it isn’t retraumatizing.

    It’s fairly heartwarming in a weird way.

    Also his arms and hands are beautiful. Waaaaatch it.

    On topic, I hope him and Timlin work it out.