Tiger Woods’ neighbors hire a lawyer to say that there was no fight

Tiger Woods’ poor neighbors have had to hire attorneys just to get people to leave them alone. Ever since Woods’ accident, there’s been the general feeling that neighbor Linda Adams and/or her two adult sons saw something, but they aren’t saying. The family rushed to Tiger’s aid after his car hit a fire hydrant and then a tree early Friday morning. Linda Adams called 911 at the request of Tiger’s wife Elin. The family insists they have no secret knowledge that they’re keeping bundled up, and would like everyone to leave them alone.

Tiger Woods’ neighbors — the ones who made the 911 call — just hired lawyers to talk to the media … and one of them just offered up new details about what happened after the crash.

Attorney Bill Sharpe said the Adams family was awake when the crash occurred — and that they were surprised, obviously, when they discovered it was Tiger lying on the ground outside their house.

Sharpe said Tiger’s wife Elin asked them for help — which is why they called 911. The lawyer said they gave Tiger a pillow and a blanket while they waited for an ambulance.

Sharpe said the family told him there were no indications the Woods were fighting that night — and Elin was very concerned for Tiger’s safety.

The next guy, attorney Christian Conrad, wasn’t as forthcoming … reading a brief statement about how the Adams family want to remain good neighbors by shutting their traps about what happened … and want to be left alone.

[From TMZ]

It’s completely understandable that they want to be left out of this media frenzy. Just because they want to be “good neighbors by shutting their traps” doesn’t mean they won’t cooperate with police and share everything they saw. Tiger has been extremely evasive with the police, but there’s no reason to believe his neighbors would be willing to be that accommodating.

TMZ also has more information that suggests Tiger’s facial injuries were not from the car crash. There was no blood anywhere in the car. If he received those injuries from the accident, it’s logical to believe that he would have bled in the car.

Tiger Woods did not bleed in the vehicle he crashed Friday morning — not a single drop — according to law enforcement sources. Cops from the Windermere PD, who first responded on scene, observed Tiger’s lower lip split open and we’re told he had other marks as well. But TMZ sources say there was absolutely no blood in the SUV.

What’s more — we’ve learned Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren, told Windermere cops she smashed the back passenger window with the golf club, then unlocked the driver’s door and dragged Tiger out. Yet there were no traces of blood.

This has created even more suspicion with law enforcement … that Tiger’s wounds may have not been the result of SUV meets fire hydrant.

[From TMZ]

This is an excellent example of why it’s always easier to tell the truth. There are just a million little details you don’t consider at the time you’re coming up with an elaborate lie. Obviously you don’t want to believe that Tiger was physically assaulted by his wife. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine something shady didn’t go down, considering all the evidence that doesn’t line up with their strange version of events. Especially when coupled with Tiger avoiding the police. It’s an interesting mystery, and the affair adds so much drama to the whole thing. It’s sad when you realize people’s lives are spinning out of control right now. Hopefully if nothing else Tiger will at least talk to the police – trying to hide from them can only drag things out.

California v Stanford

California v Stanford

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18 Responses to “Tiger Woods’ neighbors hire a lawyer to say that there was no fight”

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  1. lucy2 says:

    Who smashes out a back passenger window to remove a driver from the car, especially without trying the driver door first? Makes no sense.
    I feel bad for the neighbors, they’ve probably got reporters camped out on the sidewalk.

  2. Lantana says:

    If he was bleeding from a “domestic injury” when he left in his vehicle, and then proceeded to crash into a hydrant and then a tree, how could there not be not one drop of blood in the vehicle? If he was already bleeding, surely one of the two impacts would have transferred at least one drop of blood somewhere in the vehicle.

  3. crash2GO2 says:

    Why was everyone in the vicinity awake at 2:30 in the morning?

  4. juiceinla says:

    Lucy2- I think it says she smashed it to unlock the driver door.

    anyway, boy are you right Jaybird, when you say its just easier to tell the truth. But it might not be economically wise.

  5. TwinkleToes says:

    Nice spin, neighbors but your story is logistically flawed. The reports say blood was coming out of his mouth. Elin probably took a swipe with the club and probably broke his teeth. I’m sure she snapped on him but then realizing what she had done, felt remorse. It was Thanksgiving and the odds that she was drinking are high. She probably snapped in a drunken rage. I would just love to know what Oprah is thinking about her “America’s Boy”.

  6. TwinkleToes says:

    That first lawyer is really a bad liar. I like that he slips and says “Mrs. Woods didn’t want to inflict FURTHER damage”. Tiger already admitted they had an argument from the get go. B*tches, Please!

  7. Rachel says:

    Doesn’t matter anymore. They just announced there will be no charges. Tiger will pay a fine and may lose some points on his drivers lisence.

  8. Goddess711 says:

    Sure sure. There was never any *fight* going on across from my house either. Y’learn to shut your mouth around certain mafia protected types. Nobody heard nuthin, saw nuthin and the check is in the mail thank you for being good neighbors!

  9. Lem says:

    “I clawed his face for being a cheating btard” would have been so much easier to say

    wait until ALLSTATE files an insurance fraud claim. Whooey this is a mess.

    We had a fight cause he can’t keep it in his pants is simple and done.
    Man with master eye-hand coordination runs into fire hydrant in his own street(at 230 am) followed closely by wife enraged, who by hapenstance brought along a golf club. Not simple.

    I’d like to see an EMT report. are we talking blood? or BLOOD? there’s nothing to scratch up your face in a low impact impact, Spitting blood at 15 mph? meh. Forehead blood maybe? Bit yo toungue maybe?
    How exactly did they play this out? Wicked fight. golf club to the face. Better hop in the car and run into somethin. You follow me like you saved me. We’ll call it even. Hooker for teeth? Birdie – maybe

  10. lin234 says:


    This is China’s interpretation of the Tiger Woods incident. They first report how Tiger got into an accident and his wife ran out and broke a window with the golf club to save him. Then they reported about the scratches on his face and no blood on the steering wheel. They have another reenactment of Tiger Woods getting into a accident after he was fighting with his wife over his mistress and she was hitting the car with a golf club out of anger.

    Best part is there is there is animation to go with their report! lol

  11. Kathie says:

    Not to worry Lem, there will NEVER be a claim filed, Mr. Woods will settle it all with a bag of cash, I don’t blame him. Poor neighbors having to hide out in their house from the media, I feel sorry for them.

  12. Tess says:

    Tiger Tiger Tiger.

    Wow!!! We never knew you, Tiger. Who would have guessed?

  13. Kelly says:

    I know very little about damage control but it seems to me it would be a lot simpler to be a shut in/hermit until scratches healed. It smells of desperation and ignorance. Then when he gets all huffy and fake-offended when he orchestrated it himself.

  14. AustCars says:

    I went up to my golf club yesterday for a lessonand thegolf pro asked what I wanted.I saidI want to drive like Tiger Woods. The bugger then drove my car into a tree and charged me $25!

  15. mel says:

    @crush20G2….alot stores opened at 2 and 3 in the morning for black friday so that may be why his neighbors were up. I dont condone cheating if Tiger did in fact cheat. I hope that their marriage is not over.

  16. NFLer says:

    It was a bs story from the start that most people didn’t believe. What about the chunks of Tiger’s hair in his wife’s hands and the blood on the golf club shaft?

  17. Palma Bleyer says:

    Good blogpost, thanks a lot!

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