The 45th season of Survivor will premiere this fall

Survivor has had its ups and downs in recent years with some awful twists (the merge-atory hourglass, ugh), fun new gimmicks (making one tribe’s fake idol look exactly like another tribe’s real idol), and meh-concepts (the shot in the dark). My family and I watch it every season and still enjoy it overall. There’s actually a fairly large Survivor community in my area. I met several players last season, including The Queen herself, Sandra, and Yam Yam, who took my phone and recorded a video telling my kids to go brush their teeth. It was hilarious.

The fall TV season starts soon, which means it’s almost time for new Survivor, and there’s a big change for the upcoming season. CBS has announced the details for Season 45, including that it will premiere on Wednesday, September 27 and that all 13 episodes will be 90-minutes long. While the cast list hasn’t officially been released yet, we do know that Bruce Perreault, the player who was medevaced for a head injury during last season’s premiere, will be back.

Hit reality show “Survivor” is set to return for its 45th season this fall on CBS, the network announced last week.

The show teases 18 “determined new castaways” being split into three tribes of six as they form a new society Fiji.

This season “continues to define a bold new era of the series with the return of risky advantages, game-changing twists and a relentless pace that will push these castaways to their limits,” the network said in a news release.

The long-running reality series has been a hit since premiering in 2000. Last season saw Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho crowned as the champion and winner of $1 million.

‘Survivor’ Season 45 premiere date, start time:
The 45th season kicks off with a 90-minute premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. ET.

How to watch ‘Survivor’:
‘Survivor’ will be broadcast on its longtime home, CBS. It will also be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.

‘Survivor’ Season 45 episodes
The show will have 90-minute episodes for the entire 13-episode season, CBS confirmed to USA TODAY.

[From USA Today]

I am looking forward to Season 45 and hope that it matches the energy level of 44. Honestly, though, I’m not super excited about the 90 minute episodes. We watch it with the kids, and the episodes ending at 9:30 p.m. will push the limits for them to stay up. I know my younger son won’t be able to do it, as he’s generally falling asleep on the couch by the time Tribal Council starts. My older son will be thrilled and is not going to throw away his shot to stay up later. I imagine we aren’t the only people lightly grumbling about the longer episode length.

I know they’re doing the 90 minute episodes to compete with Australian Survivor and allow more time to show game play and all that, but the cynic in me wonders what the episode-to-commericals ratio will be for that additional 30 minutes. We thinking 10 more minutes of episode, 20 more minutes of commercial? Hey, they could surprise me! I hope that extra time is filled with more fun character moments and camp life. Last season was incredibly fun because we got so many great scenes from characters like Yam Yam and Carolyn (who was ROBBED!). Seriously, I found Carolyn to be so darn inspiring. May we all be as true to ourselves as Carolyn is and may the Survivor editors give us more delightful scenes like those in Season 44.

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  1. Tina E says:

    Love Survivor and am always excited to see it come back. I started watching Season 1 when I was 11 years old so I will be devastated when it eventually ends.

    I loved Carolyn but disagree that she was robbed. Yam Yam deserved the win.

    • Sobiewski says:

      I used to be a hardcore survivor fan but stopped watching some time ago after doing a binge watch. (It came free with amazon prime.) I am currently a HUGE fan of the naked and afraid series. (love me some Jeff with his smarmy, annoying ass lol) but someone recently told me to tune back into survivor and that is has really upped the ante and gotten really good. I loved all the new stuff they were doing with the show and the twists and turns. And I’ve always had a low key level crush on that host guy whose name I’m forgetting. I might need to check back in.

  2. Gutterflower says:

    I have been steadily losing interest in this show as it focuses more on the players and their stories. I just want to watch them play games and do challenges and stab each other in the back. I don’t care about their lives back home and blah blah growing up and blah blah life was so hard. More challenges! More obstacles!! Less talk!!

    • Rebecca says:

      I love your comment, because I am the opposite. I don’t care that much about the challenges and want more camp life and the scheming, etc. Backstories… meh… give me camp life and strategy conversations!

    • SarahCS says:

      I got hooked on Masterchef Australia about six years back (I’m in the UK) and a couple of years ago I found that they had all the seasons on Prime so I started at the beginning and I was shocked at how much it was about the contestants and their relationships, time in the house, etc. I much prefer the later ones where you never even see them in the house (if they even do that anymore). Sure I want to get to know people but in the kitchen and watching them cook please.

  3. Harper says:

    I’ve been watching forever and still can’t quit it. Agree about Carolyn. I really liked her; I thought her edit was setting her up for a win only to be super disappointed at the end. Longer episodes are fine with me, but then I never watch in real time so commercials aren’t an issue. They should make a larger prize though; after taxes a million dollars isn’t really that much, especially if you have a family and want to send your kids to college. CBS has the money.

  4. mika says:

    Sounds like they are trying to fill air time during the strike.

  5. Southern Fried says:

    We quit watching some years ago, winners picked on popularity rather than actually out playing all the others. That’s not something I want my kids to see.

    • SarahCS says:

      That sounds familiar. I had friends to stay at the weekend and one of them was telling us about the first contestants announced for Strictly (Come Dancing – UK) and I just can’t watch it as the worst dancers have been kept on because they’re popular or they’re good entertainment. Nope.

  6. Eurydice says:

    Wow, time flies. This will be the 45th season that I haven’t watched Survivor. Every season I consider it, then something comes up and I forget all about it.

  7. Lovely says:

    I don’t quite like your Survivor show, it focuses too much IMHO on strategy, not on actual physical games. In my country, Survivor is very big on games, and that’s what keeps me hooked. They show a bit of strategy, but it’s cheap and dumb, the games are way better. Haven’t seen the australian one, is it with more games?

  8. BeanieBean says:

    10 more minutes of the show, 10 more minutes of commercials, and 10 more minutes of ‘coming up next’, that’s my thinking.

  9. bears says:

    From what I’ve noticed in recent seasons, there seems to very little actual out-playing or out-witting going on. It mostly has come down to who can outlast aka the people everyone didn’t bother worrying about because of how clearly they sucked at the game. It’s not terribly riveting.