Tiger Woods admits “transgressions” but the real victim is his privacy

2009 Australian Masters - Day 1

Well, we got him to admit “transgressions”. Tiger Woods doesn’t get into all the gory details (his mistresses are doing that), but Tiger has released a statement that quite honestly reads like something a massively important and influential politician would write and say. Tiger is basically telling us that yes, he’s been bangin’ other women, but that the real tragedy is that he’s lost his privacy. Boohoo. Oh, and Tiger repeats again that Elin definitely didn’t attack him. Which, at this point, I don’t think I would mind hearing that Elin gave him one good slap, but Tiger insists that Elin “has always done more to support our family and shown more grace than anyone could possibly expect.” Yeah. Like looking the other way while you banged a series of VH1 reality stars, call girls, party girls and basically anyone in hooker heels.

I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect. I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. Those feelings should be shared by us alone.

Although I am a well-known person and have made my career as a professional athlete, I have been dismayed to realize the full extent of what tabloid scrutiny really means. For the last week, my family and I have been hounded to expose intimate details of our personal lives. The stories in particular that physical violence played any role in the car accident were utterly false and malicious. Elin has always done more to support our family and shown more grace than anyone could possibly expect.

But no matter how intense curiosity about public figures can be, there is an important and deep principle at stake which is the right to some simple, human measure of privacy. I realize there are some who don’t share my view on that. But for me, the virtue of privacy is one that must be protected in matters that are intimate and within one’s own family. Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn’t have to mean public confessions.

Whatever regrets I have about letting my family down have been shared with and felt by us alone. I have given this a lot of reflection and thought and I believe that there is a point at which I must stick to that principle even though it’s difficult.

I will strive to be a better person and the husband and father that my family deserves. For all of those who have supported me over the years, I offer my profound apology.

[Tiger Woods statement, via Fox News]

Well, there you go children. Do you respect and admire Tiger Woods? Well, Tiger wants you to know, children, that he made some mistakes, but the important thing is that these mistakes hurt his sense of privacy.

So what is Elin doing? Do you think she’s packing? Do you think she’s bidding her time? I do think she’ll divorce him, honestly. And I think pretty much every person will say “’Atta girl” when she does leave. So what kind of money do you think she’ll be entitled to? My guess is that a potential divorce settlement would be 9 figures. Seriously!

2009 Australian Masters - Day 1

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  1. Linda says:

    I have never liked him and now I know why…what a complete freaking asshole!

    Don’t worry about what you have put your wife and children through by screwing around with whores all over the place – worry about your freaking privacy!


  2. snowball says:

    His statement isn’t really all that bad. I get what he’s going for – he royally screwed the pooch and is going to have to spend all of his free time trying to get his wife to stay with him. Lucky for him, there aren’t any more golf tournaments coming up, not that he couldn’t afford to miss a few.

    It’s weird that he keeps using that terminology “what my family deserves.” Uh, what about just upholding some common decency to respect the woman you married and your kids? What an idiot, whining about finally understanding what tabloid scrutiny is. I doubt he turned many press people away when they suited his purpose.

    I think whether Elin stays or goes depends on how much he’s going to admit to to her, although if it was me, I’d be packing. Cheat once or twice, I can eventually live with that, but you’re wearing padlocks on your balls. Oh, and I’m never going to trust you completely anymore unless you have someone I hired trailing your butt. Cheating with the same person for years means you formed RELATIONSHIPS and it wasn’t just hooking up.

    I wonder how many more women are going to come out.

  3. Eileen Yover says:

    Hurt HIS privacy?? Are you kidding me? What about hurting his family by banging anything nasty thing that moves? Man, this guy is just totally clueless. Typical cheater who wants to put the blame on someone or something else.

  4. Eileen Yover says:

    I agree Snowball-but with his occupation I can’t imagine their relationship will work, if they were in a real marriage. If I were her, every weekend he left and I wasn’t with him I’d be a basketcase. I’d have a hard time ever trusting my husband again and he only leaves the house for work and an occasional golf game.

  5. YeaRight! says:

    Again, when a cheating man is exposed, it still is ALL about him. Count how many “I’s” is in his statement?? He acts like HE is the victim!

  6. wow says:

    These women always stay because they enjoy the lifestyle and don’t want to work a job. They don’t have much of anything going for themselves because their husband brings in the income.

    Elin will stay andjoin the long list of women who choose to “stand by their cheating man” all the while becoming more known for having low self-esteem and turning a blind eye.

    As someone said somewhere – she’s not p*ssed that he cheated…she’s p*ssed that it became PUBLICLY known. Now the world knows her scummy husband cheated on her and that even beauty will not keep a man faithful if its not in him to be. Shoot, even being what is considered a good wife or husband, isn’t even enough to keep a person faithful these days.

    Now that this is all said and done, I hope the next known cheater is a high profile woman. I’m almost tired of these men getting busted when there are some women out there who are just as grimey (sp?). I’m all for equality. Shine the light on the cheating wives. Hop on that National Enquierer. :-)

  7. ViktoryGin says:


    Privacy’s the victim, eh?

    First, when you achieve a certain degreee of exposure even the brand of laundry detergent that you use will be up for scrutiny. Fairness…hell, decency, is inconsequential. It’s the price you pay for fame, unfortuntately, whether you like it or not.

    His privacy wouldn’t be an issue had he decided to keep his dick on lockdown.

  8. Tess says:

    How impressive you are at defending and protecting your family.

    It’s a priviledge to be lectured to by a slimeball.

    Thank you.

  9. Meow says:

    I think Elin snapped on Thanksgiving after years of his cheating and more than likely not being able to prove it. He probably covered his tracks well and she had no proof until recently and then she snapped. I hope for their children and her, that she divorces him.She will be happier and a better mother. Tiger will be fine and will take the Manwh*re label from Gerard Butler.

  10. ViktoryGin says:

    @ wow

    Though I concur that women cheat as well and that there is a disparate number reported in the media, historically many of their “accomplices” get brander much worse (often they deserve it) while these men are allowed to rather quietly get on with their lives provided they publically walk the straight and narrow and don’t cause an spectacles. It traditionally tolerated when men cheat. The same “courtesy” isn’t afforded women as easily, not that it’s right.

  11. Lem says:

    statement released by the kate gosslin school of ‘did no wrong’ it’s the media’s fault.

    padlocked balls, lol, more like chinese finger-locked tip!

    anyone else reminded of ‘Brie’ attemping to punish ‘Rex’ the way he wanted it? it’s a shame people hide their kink from a spouse. Fly your freak flag high when you’re at home people. That’s the place to do it!

  12. Lantana says:

    I wonder if his dad knew all that was going on?

  13. Green Is Good says:

    Any bets how many endorsement deals Tiger pissed away, along with his marriage?

  14. Tia C says:

    I didn’t get out of that statement that he was just talking about HIS personal privacy, but the privacy of his family as a whole. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just how I interpreted it. And please (Gawd forbid) don’t think I’m defending him, that was just my take on his statement.

    She needs to divorce him and move on. She wouldn’t be doing herself, her kids, or Tiger, either, any favors by staying. The marriage obviously isn’t working. Unless of course she’s OK with him having other lovers. She might be. I tend to doubt that though. I hope for their sake that they can sort out all their issues soon.

  15. Kelly says:

    So now he knows the price of his fame. Good morning, Mr. Woods. How does it feel to wake up?

    No one put a gun to his head and forced him to sign endorsement contracts and cash corporate checks. Famous wealthy people, who decry the loss of privacy, act as if they had no choice.

    Well, yeah, they do: “No thanks, I’d like a normal life.” (A simple “no” works, too.)

    It’s ludicrous and naive to realize this in hindsight. Haven’t we all, Tiger included, watched famous people implode from wealth, entitlement and piss-poor decisions?

  16. diva says:

    He must have hired a pr firm finally. This is still a pr disaster, nothing quite like taking down a billionaire that had sordid affairs with low end groupies. I might also point out that none of them are above average in looks. Which means I could have easily had a turn at getting with Tiger, since I have a lot more going on that anyone one of the “hookers in heels”. Who knew he was so random and didn’t have good taste in women.

  17. Lem says:

    why are people so concerned w/ his dad? his dad seemingly was a horrid stage parent akin to Agassi’s dad or Billy Ray. or John Phillips or Papa Joe or early Elder Jackson etc. etc. etc.
    Sure his dad knew, he was probably in charge of writing checks and threatening ho’s and hiring ho’s and bribing EPSN writers and cocktails and sloping up the leftovers

  18. Ally says:

    He’s even gotten physically uglier in the last few years. All that cheating and skanking around having a Dorian Gray effect on his face, no doubt.

    Besides the betrayal, what doesn’t get talked about enough in these cases is that he’s risking exposing his wife to who knows what diseases. What a shallow, self-centered creep.

  19. Annabelle says:

    I agreevwith Lem- his dad was a known philanderer, where do u think he got it from!

  20. ccoop says:

    Yeah, he’s sorry. Sorry he got caught. Where have we heard this before?!

  21. Sarah says:

    I do believe they have a pre nup so Elin will be getting a bog goose egg if she leaves him.

    Personally I dont know why hes complaining about his privacy now. You should know that when you are a celeb thats the first thing that goes.

  22. e says:

    “Although I am a well-known person and have made my career as a professional athlete, I have been dismayed to realize the full extent of what tabloid scrutiny really means.”

    Tiger why do you think you got all of those endorsements…because you were just some pro athlete? They were buying the whole package dumb a**.

  23. Firestarter says:

    I don’t think she will stay. There is no amount of money and material things that can be that much of an enticement to endure a loveless marriage.

    Scandanavians are brought up to be very minimalist. All accounts I have read, she is not into lots of material things. She dresses planly, spends tons of time with her kids at home and seems very low key.

    It is sad that Tiger had so much and pissed it all away on a bunch of cheap women. No matter what, he can never take back what he has done. One slip up can be forgiven with family therapy and open communication, several affairs, just is impossible to overlook. The trust is done, and the kids are the ones to suffer. He is a selfish, egotistical man to have thought that this was okay and would never be found out.

  24. Lee says:

    Love, love how the cheater gets up on his high horse and points a finger at those who have the nerve to discuss his little problem. He’s paying for some bad PR: trying to deflect censure by making everyone else discussing it in the wrong. “I might be bad, but you’re worse” is so juvenile – mature people gave that shit up at 8 years old. Not going to work buddy. I hope he falls hard and far.

  25. e says:

    Sarah prenuptial agreements usually have all sorts of caveats built in (length of marriage, infidelity, children, etc.). It is never as simple as if she leaves him then she gets nothing.

  26. fred says:


    He will “strive,” to be the man his family deserves? AKA I am a sh*t and will continue to be so. No way Buddy, straighten up and fly straight, there aint no “striving.”

    Unfortunately, I think Elin should leave him. He has been with SO many skanky women, SO many I just think once the trust is destroyed it’s over. I dont think he will ever be able to be faithful.

    Also, if you are his spouse hpw do you get over his mistresses telling everyone how he said his marriage wasnt great etc. I would be so hurt by that. Like Sanford telling his lover she was his soul mate while his wife and mother of his 4 sons is at home. Ouch.

  27. fred says:

    Have to just add.

    This totally sickens me.

  28. K-MAC says:

    Nice spin Tiger…all about you….class act you are my dear! Keep pointing all of those fingers at everyone else.

  29. Overit says:

    The basic fact is he’s made a travesty of his marriage and family – two things he apparently now wants to protect. Where was this fine sympathy to them when he was skanking around with those dreadful, and I repeat DREADFUL women? He’s a pro athlete – a public figure and an icon to a lot of young people – and as such must realize that keeping a completely private life is impossible, so keep your private life CLEAN. It’s almost like he was asking to be caught.

  30. Tess says:

    @ Ally:
    Such an important point you make about him risking bringing G-d only knows what kind of disease and crud home to his family.

  31. Firestarter says:

    I am sure she had equally great legal advice if they had a prenup. It isn’t as though a normal woman is going to agree to a document (unless you are really, really stupid) that states she gets nothing in the event the marriage fails. Let’s not forget that this woman’s mother was a politician in Sweden, so I am sure she got some sound advice from her parenrs as well.

    I imagine, in the event of a divorce, Elin and the children would want for nothing. I am sure she has a load of dirt on the man that even the press has no idea of, that may insure a nice settlement.

    Just because she was a nanny, does not mean she is stupid.

  32. lucy2 says:

    I agree that his wife and children deserve privacy, but am annoyed that he used his statement to complain about the tabloids. What did he think would happen if he got caught?
    If he values and respects his wife and children so much, he shouldn’t have cheated! He made this mess, no one else.
    For her sake, I’m hoping there was some sort of clause in the prenup, because not only has he been really unfaithful, but she is now publicly embarrassed as well.

  33. Prissa says:

    You know, I just don’t get why we put athletes, actors, musicians, etc up on pedestals. Why can’t we just respect and admire them for being great athletes or good actors/singers/musicians. Why does being successful in their field automatically translate into them being “role models”? Yeah right. They are just like the rest of us, only with more money to behave worse and more “power” to not be held to the letter of the law like the rest of us average joes.

  34. Cheyenne says:

    ViktoryGin: …when you achieve a certain degreee of exposure even the brand of laundry detergent that you use will be up for scrutiny. Fairness…hell, decency, is inconsequential. It’s the price you pay for fame, unfortuntately, whether you like it or not.

    And for pro athletes, it gets more complicated because they are so often held up as role models.

    Some years ago a group of athletes had a discussion on this topic. I believe it was Charles Barkley (pro basketball) who said that he never signed on to be anybody’s role model so why should he have to act like one? Dave Winfield (outfielder, NY Yankees) responded that whether they like it or not, they are held up as role models by millions of young people and therefore they have an obligation to act like role models.

    Also, in Tiger’s case, I think a lot of people feel he betrayed his squeaky-clean image he’s always carried around with him.

    (Winfield, incidentally, has been married for 25 years and has three grown children. Around the time Robin Givens was backhanding her ex-hubby Mike Tyson on network TV, Givens’ mother was said to be making moves on Winfield, and he supposedly told her to drop dead.)

  35. lizzie says:

    So if he has been cheating with this waitress for 3yrs was he doing it while his wife was pregnant both times? Now that is just gross and disturbing, although I don’t condone his wife hitting him he definately had something coming. She should just leave, how can a woman stay with a man who won’t even be faithful when you are pregnant of all times.

  36. thepickle says:

    Blah Tiger blah, he is a dirty boy caught with his balls in a lot of sandtraps, and like Kobe before him, seems to think that the only thing ‘wrong’ was getting caught. Why should he apologize to the public? He thinks that will change our opinion of him? He should apologize to himself and his loved ones for not having a clue about real love. Rich men using women as playthings is just predatory and a commercial transaction. Maybe he has issues about becoming a sports star, like Andre.

  37. Sudini says:

    I’m really praying for Elin that she is able to heal from this. I hope she has the gumption and courage to leave Tiger. He doesn’t deserve her – he deserves to know and come to truly understand the pain he’s caused her and inflicted on his family.

  38. Sumodo says:

    Well, I guess no more shots of Elin in the gallery, watching Tiger make that fabulous LAST PUTT to win the tournament, and giving him a hug and kiss. THAT IS OVAH! Pissing away endorsements…way to go, Tiger. Poor Elin, does she go home to her parents for Christmas with the kids, or does she have a cold, bitter holiday with Tiger. YIKES! Bad time of year for a bonehead meltdown.

  39. Mimi says:

    I agree with everyone here said but i will just point that your culture LOVE CREATE GODS (Artists Athletes etc) just to DESTROY then it is really SAD they are humans and will commit errors.
    But man will do it anyway most of the time because all of then have a gene of hunting and procreation we cannot TRUST then they are all descendent’s of the caverns man think about womans and yes i’m generalizing HAHAHAHH)

  40. mrbaskums says:

    The NY Daily News has more details,

    “Citing unnamed sources, Us reported that Woods had other “dalliances” with a “Las Vegas marketing professional at the MGM grand hotel,” with a blond and a brunette at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in upstate New York and regularly hits on girls at an Orlando bar.”

    LOL, what an idiot.

  41. e says:

    Um I am pretty sure Mike Tyson did most of the backhanding but whatever.

    On the subject of role models I will agree with what a lot of others have said…he has cultivated the image of the squeaky clean family man so there is a lot of backlash. If other athletes like Iverson or even Beckham (who clearly spends a lot of time with his kids) were caught cheating there would be gossip about it but it would not be as big of a deal because they don’t have the same public image as Tiger.

  42. nikki says:

    it’s a private trouble between his wife & him so he mustn’t apology publicly or only a public statement with his wife and him together!

  43. mrbaskums says:

    Elin really does need to send him packing. I can’t imagine there is anyway to recover from this, I don’t care how much counseling you get. Clearly he was never mature enough to have gotten married and have children.

  44. eternalcanadian says:

    wow, the man had not one but two pots or is it three now to dip his spoon in? that’s narsty. really narsty. with all the infections and diseases around wanna bet he wasn’t doing safer sex? i’m sure the parents of all those kids that are part of the tiger woods golf camps are thrilled with such an exemplary role model. i am sure all his sponsors are thrilled with such a wholesome endorsement from a so-called family guy that does not know the meaning of monogamy. tiger boo-hooing about his privacy, yeah, right, nice try bubba.

  45. Liz says:

    Yeah you people said it was ‘ovah’ w/ Kobe and his wife and Spitzer and his wife. Any woman married to a star athlete must assume they will cheat

  46. Joe says:

    Your wife is a million times more classy and beautiful than any of these skanks that you screwed around with. What is wrong with you? You were a coward in the beginning when you couldn’t ask her out yourself (you had a friend do it for you???!!!), and you’re a coward now. Your so-called “apology” after days of cowering in the corner is lame at best. Elin should’ve trusted her gut instinct about you from the very beginning. She should’ve never even given you the time of day. I hope she has enough self-respect, after years of putting up with your self-indulgent, testosterone-driven crap, to leave you in the dust and never look back. She’ll be just fine. She won’t have any trouble whatsoever finding someone to love her unconditionally and give her the affection, attention, respect, honesty and commitment that you failed so miserably to give her. Your poor children, on the other hand. How will your wife (hopefully, soon-to-be, ex-wife) ever explain to them that their father is a pathetic loser who can’t even appreciate the beautiful, exemplary life he could’ve led and had?

  47. birdie says:

    Forbes estimates that by 2010 he will be the first Billionaire sportsman. This takes into account his on course earnings and endorsements.

    I think Elin should leave him now, but she might stick around for a year or so just for good measure, so she can leave the marriage with 1/2 billion in the bank.

    The real victim is Elin, not Tiger’s privacy. He is a public figure, the reason his pockets are so deep, and he can afford to travel the world boinking whoever he pleases is because of the money he has made from endorsements! Obviously he wasn’t using his privacy for anything good, so I don’t really consider this “breach” anyone’s fault but his own.

  48. mockey says:

    i’m sorry but i’m a bit angry here. Okay he cheated on her, and he is a failure husband. BUT if he was a woman who had been beat up by her husband people would feel sorry. Stop double standard! he was wrong, but i don’t care if you are a man or a woman, beat someone else ain’t acceptable

  49. crash2GO2 says:

    Liz: You are just plain wrong in that. Star athletes should be held to the same standards we hold all married men to.

    Tiger, YOU violated your family’s privacy when you chose to share your d*ck with women other than your wife.

  50. Firestarter says:

    @Liz- You don’t have to assume anything. That is like saying all men cheat, period. Athletes, yes are prone to cheat, but no woman has to assume this AND accept it.

    If you make a committment, then you should stick to that committment, regardless of what temptations are laid out before you. That is part of being a real man. These athletes get the impression that they are all that, when they are not. None of the women they cheat on their wives with are screwing them out of love, they are screwing them because of who they are: Cash cows. The wives can be accused of the same, but they are the wives, not the mistresses.

    No one has to assume anything from their partner, athlete or not, because that is making excuses for these a-hole, egomaniacal men. If you want to cheat, then leave your wife and do it like a man, don’t pretend to be something you are not and allow for everyone around you to be hurt worse by the lies and deceit over and over.

  51. bros says:

    he’s right about his privacy. he isnt a politician setting public policy,so i dont care about his personal life. he doesnt owe the world any intimate details of his personal life. I completely agree with him.

  52. Cheyenne says:

    @ Liz: You have a point. A lot of these cheated-on wives are still with their husbands, humiliating as the public exposure was for them. But don’t try to let these guys off the hook because they are sports stars. You take a vow to stay faithful to your spouse when you get married, and that vow is as binding on sports stars as it is on everybody else.

  53. Oenix says:

    The world knew him as TIGER but it turns out he’s a CHEETAH!!!!

  54. Cheyenne says:

    @ Firestarter: These pro athletes get so much adulation from the public that a lot of them seem to think they are in a class by themselves when it comes to morals and the normal rules of morality don’t apply to them. Remember Wilt Chamberlain bragging about having slept with 20,000 women? I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be the 20,001st. It’s the same mentality that led Rae Carruth to believe he could literally get away with murder when he took out a contract on his pregnant girlfriend because he didn’t want to pay child support on his baby she was carrying. The scum-sucking POS honestly thought the jury would let him walk. Instead he’s sitting in jail for the rest of his life without parole.

    Some of these sports stars act like overgrown teenagers. They need to man the hell up and start taking responsibility for their behavior.

  55. Firestarter says:

    Cheyenne- You are exactly right!

  56. shooswineflu says:

    I will tell you why people had high expectations of Woods, even those who don’t follow golf. Because that’s how he has been marketed to the public since day one, by his father and then on his own. Woods and his father spun a folksy, feel good story about Woods becoming a golf progeny overcoming such adversities as racism to become the best golfer of his generation. There was even a movie about it, for crying out loud! He can’t have it both ways. He can’t build an image of himself as a squeaky-clean, all-American family man and then piss and moan when he’s exposed for what he really is. We believed in his image, because he did all he could to feed that image. If he didn’t want people to find out otherwise, he could have kept his d*ck in his trousers.

  57. Alex says:

    If my man started sleeping with some skank while I was 7 months pregant with our first child, potentially bringing home God only knows what STD, his balls would be bronzed on my mantle the second I found out… and they’d proably never find the rest of him :)

  58. niamh (neev) says:

    Firestarter nailed it. Elin’s Scandinavian upbringing pretty much ensures she won’t treat this as any other celebrity would. She’s not about the money, she obviously actually gave a shit about him. She lives 2.4 million dollar house- he makes more than that in one tournament. If she cared about money or appearances it would be obvious, and after all these years it’s still not.

    As for Tiger… ESPN must be shitting their pants right now. Ratings are through the roof when the good guy Tiger is on the green.. by next spring he’ll be just another player. Who knows what this will do to his game.

  59. Goddess711 says:

    Funny how “privacy” isn’t the priority when one is “transgressing” on his wife.
    The most famous golfer in the world would have that first and foremost, woudln’t he? I mean if he were all that concerned about it. Sounds to me like he’s been trying to get caught. Wonder how “in love” he is with the Ho’bag? I don’t think the token bandaid apologies are going to fix this one, this marriage is over.

  60. Cheyenne says:

    Speaking of STDs… two women of my acquaintance died of AIDS when they were infected by the men in their lives. One was infected by her long-term live-in boyfriend. The other was infected by her husband.

    If you can’t trust your own husband any more, who the hell can you trust? It’s enough to make you want to enter a convent.

  61. fizXgirl314 says:

    I often find it funny that people who make a ton of money doing something don’t realize that they have to pay for it somehow…

  62. Bobby the K says:


    Another hole-in-one.

  63. bella says:

    I am so tired of men cheating, getting caught, and THEN claiming they’re going to focus on being a “better man/husband/father.”

    Why not focus on being a better man/husband/father in the first place and not sleeping with any Thomasina, Dicketta, or Henrietta in the first place? I mean, really, is it that hard to honour your marriage vows?

    And, if you are famous, have a lot to lose, and simply must screw around: hire a professional, someone who understands that she is JUST A WHORE; who understands discretion and who will not use you for publicity. DUH!

  64. bella says:

    @ Cheyenne,

    That reminds me of a man who gave crabs to his wife and 6 children because he got them from his ‘ho. My Mom never told me who it was, but we knew them when I was a child. Can you imagine?

  65. lastwordlinda says:

    Glenn Beck was saying on his radio show this morning that he has Tiger Woods listed in his latest book as the second biggest bastard that ever lived or something like that. Apparently the media has known for years that TW can’t keep it in his pants. Beck said now the truth can come out because that is why he listed him as a bastard before this story even broke. And every radio talk show I have tuned into today is talking about this. Starting to get tired of it. Hope it doesn’t last as long as Jon and Kate did!

  66. crash2GO2 says:

    For those who are saying that Elin is the victim here, you are only right in the sense that Elin was the cheated on spouse.

    The real victims are their children. There will be no atonement for that.

  67. Vanessa says:

    I wonder if after he emerges from hiding, their will be some confession of prescription drug abuse and that will be his “excuse,” for not acting “in character.” Try to gain sympathy..

  68. l says:

    niamh (neev): My thoughts exactly regarding Elin! When the accident first was being reported, The first thing that came to my mind was “wow, I can’t believe they live in a 2.4 million dollar house” That spoke VOLUMES to me about her.

  69. l says:

    oh another thing that I noticed about her was her nails. Even pre-kids, she keeps them short and natural. I don’t know why, but this seems not gold-diggery, to me at least.

  70. juiceinla says:

    I always wonder if the women who marry celebs, athletes and movie stars go into it thinking they will never be cheated on.

    Because, watching from the sidelines its something I have just come to assume.

  71. Firestarter says:

    Looks like Tiger is guilty guilty guilty! This according to the Chicago-Sun Times:

    Tiger Woods and Elin Woods prenuptial agreement stated they had to remain married for 10 years before a divorce can happen. After 10 years, Elin Woods would be entitled to collect $20 million in a divorce settlement.

    Tiger Woods was rumored to have paid for his mistake as an incentive for Elin to stay his wife. Woods allegedly transferred a 7 figure amount of money to Elin’s personal solo account.

    After this incident, Elin was rumored to have received a revision of her prenuptial contract. Elin allegedly has to honor less than 10 years in the binding contract. Elin’s divorce settlement has allegedly been upped.

    Elin has been a busy bee! GO ELIN!

  72. TwinkleToes says:

    Good news is he isn’t one of those gays who try to hide shit. Yes, the Sun is smiling.

  73. Vanessa says:

    I think these guys feed them, “its only you baby” stuff and they fall in love [some of them, some are probably gold diggers]

  74. Sumodo says:

    I think Phil Mickelson is laughing sooooo hard. Vijay Singh is howling. Just add names…they’re all having a ball over Tiger’s disaster. It’s like a triple bogey on the 18th!

  75. Kevin says:

    Man I was just thinking something. Stevie Williams is his caddy on tour. Probably the most lucrative bag to carry in the whole PGA. Now here is where I’m going. Tiger and Steve are very tight, meaning he probably knew exactly what Eldrick ws up to. Now what if part of the let’s make up deal is Elin doesn’t trust Eldrick to be around Steve anymore. Steve won’t find that kind of gravy gig again. Steve used to run interference for Tiger on a lot of things. Like one time a guy took a picture during tiger’s back swing making a loud click. Tiger couldn’t do anything about it so Steve went over,grabbed the camera and threw it into a nearby water hazard.

  76. hmm says:

    Michael Jordan didn’t want for endorsements and everyone knew he was a cheating dog, so I really can’t see companies distancing themselves from the most marketable athlete in the world. If his game deadends, you may have a point, but business is business. And since most golf enthusiasts are men, Tiger will be fine. Tiger is too smart, too cold, and too calculated to allow this situation to undo all of his hard work.

  77. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Firestarter:
    You Supersleuth, you!!

  78. nj says:

    Not only do I hope she cleans him out, I sincerely hope she finds a good, kind INCREDIBLY HANDSOME man who adores her. She is still young and gorgeous and I think she’s got a lot of class. Tiger is a selfish, spoiled lowlife and his tramps are no better. And I’m going to say it- he deserved whatever beating she gave him. Politically correct it ain’t, but if you are banging someone else and emotionally destroy your spouse to the point where they are swinging at you, you pretty much brought it on yourself.

  79. Bete says:

    I think that sports celebrities like Woods sign away their privacy when they accept endorsements and appear in tv commercials, print media and a variety of other media marketing themselves a particular way, in this case, Woods played the squeaky clean family man role to the max and maybe that became the problem for him. He felt cloistered? Anyway, his bitching now, about his privacy is the same old song all greedy assed celebrities come up with. Hardly original enough to gain my sympathy.
    What is it with these men and the skank factor?

  80. buddym says:

    I would not count on Woods walking away, unscathed, with endorsements intact. Most advertisers might hang around for awhile, waiting to see which way the wind blows. They’ll likely just slowly drop off. looking for a new, more marketable face when current contracts expire.

    Don’t forget Hugh Grant; much was made of how skillful his boyish, stammering mea culpa on the Tonight Show would woo back the public. The short memory of the American public, and said public’s forgiving attitude meant he’d be back bigger than ever. How did that one work out?

    I suspect people, especially the “guys” who might tacitly approve of his philandering otherwise, will treat Tiger much like Hugh: just like when they compared Divine Brown to Liz Hurley, they’ll compare these trashlets to Elin, and puke.

  81. Cat says:

    Honestly I don’t think the public reaction would be much different if their genders were reversed. (ie, Tiger scratched Elin as she was fleeing). Society hates a slutty woman. She would most likely be branded as a low-down rotten skank, and sorry if she got scratched, but she really deserved it for treating her husband that way. I could be wrong though. It’s horrific either way.

  82. Sincerity says:


    As the saying goes, “men use love to get sex and women use sex to get love”. That’s the “skank” factor.

    A man will tell a woman anything that he thinks she wants to hear in order “to bang” her. On the flip side, many women believe that giving a man “the time of his life in the sack” will make him fall madly in love with them.

    Initially, both parties may become somewhat infatuated with one another; however, at some point reality will rear it’s ugly head and the truth will come out. Love had nothing to do with their relationship in the first place. Men prefer to cheat with women in which they have little or no emotional attachment to. It makes it a lot easier to dump them when the time comes to move on. Cheaters are not looking for relationships, they’re looking for diversion to entertain their sexual fantasies.

    Skanks help ease their guilt because they want disposable female toys and these women are all too willing to play with them regardless of the emotional damage to their psyches. These women have feelings too and in many instances they are playing a game they can’t win.

  83. snowball says:

    “Tiger Woods and Elin Woods prenuptial agreement stated they had to remain married for 10 years before a divorce can happen.”

    I don’t doubt your report of the report, Firestarter, but to the crowd in general: how can a prenup force you to stay married?

    I can understand the “no money before ten years,” thing – wasn’t that the deal with Tommy and Nicole? But a “you can’t leave me, period” clause?

    And in case it hasn’t been said enough – Team Elin!

  84. justathought says:

    Tiger woods says…”I must stick to that principle even though it’s difficult.”
    Who does he think he is fooling?
    He is a man without principles.

  85. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Sincerty

    Fantastic appraisal

    On another note,

    As much as we would like that Elin burn that marriage contract in effigy, I wouldn’t be suprised if she stays with him though her concession to this mess would be very public and disparaging.

    Though she doesn’t strike me as gold-digger, she has become accustomed to living a life of a certain means. Now, she would likely be better set up than many in her situation, but departing from that lifestyle is no easy task for many of these women who are married to prominent men. You are saddled with the task of being a single mom, because despite the extra help, that’s what your situation is; you often have to find something to do with yourself (often to procure income) because you aren’t the “player’s wife” anymore, you may be shut out certain circles because of “friends’”loyalty to the husband. So many of these women stay and make concessions. On the contrary, some don’t, and let’s hope that she isn’t one of those.

  86. Cheyenne says:

    @ Sumodo: For all you know, Singh and Mickelson may have their own skeletons hiding in their own closets.

    @ niamh: Tiger is lucky his ass got busted in the off season. By the time spring comes, people will have something else to gossip about.

    FWIW, I don’t think Elin’s going anywhere. If I were her I’d take both the kids and half his money and split, but somehow I don’t think she’s going to.

  87. MintyMoo says:

    I said it once and I will say it again: You always have to watch out for the geeky, unattractive man that become rich when they grow up. They were the guys in school that could never pick up any chicks and that hurt their egos in High school. When they become rich and ” powerful”, women are all over them and they need to have them in order to fill that void and feel important. Ugly men that have money will always need that attention they never had. Good looking men already know what it feels like to “conquer”, so they dont have such a drive to cheat, etc. Tiger was that “ugly” kid that never got the girl…now he has his pick and this is where the problem lies. Just look at the type of women he is sleeping with. Super Hot – ones that would otherwise never give him the time of day.

  88. Brandy says:

    I despise golf and I have long despised Tiger Woods. Everyone always painted him as god-like. My guy would be watching golf on t.v. and announcers were practically mastubatory in their praise of Tiger. I swear, they were two seconds away from cumming in their worked-up fervor. Hell, there would be times he wasn’t even playing, and they would STILL be jabbering away, unable to shut up about him. In a way, I’m glad this mess has been revealed. I’ve always hoped he’d just go away with all his billions and I’d never have to see his pouty face again. Maybe he will do just that, when this shit-storm settles.
    Here’s hoping.

  89. me says:

    MintyMoo – You must be a woman. No offense, but you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to what men think. Good looking men have just as strong a drive to screw women as ugly men do (Im a good looking man). I hate when women feel they know how men think. Just like someone famous once said, “The only thing better than some Pu@#y, is new Pu%@y”. It is sad but true…Men love women, and very few men are faithful to just one.

  90. Frances Lau says:

    Man like Tiger Woods will cry foul when he gets caught. but they all want to tell their wives that they will change after their adultery. Kudo to Tiger that he at least admit that he has the problem… If he wants to change his stripes by going through therapy (which a lot of husbands will blame their wives that they are the problem, not their own sexual addiction…), then there is a better chance that his marriage can be saved..
    For now, everyone should give him a chance to show whether he is sincere..

  91. CB Rawks says:

    Yuck. That entire paragraph was douche drenched. I doubt any woman would agree on the “I’m a good looking man” comment, as ugly personalities are an immediate turn off, for smart women at least.

  92. frances lau says:

    Response to Sincerity:

    you are very wise on your observations. Besides the “skank” factor, Tiger obviously has sexual addiction because he was impulsive, not under control and arrogant in his way of pursuing these “skanks”.

    Men with sexual addiction cannot differentiate between “skank” and “reality”. they will go back to their wives pretending nothing had happened and living the double life…
    (Hey I should know this…been there, done that).

    I wish his wife will wake up to it earlier because by now, she needs all her Sexual Transmitted Disease testing to protect her and her children.

    I sincerely hope that this can be salvaged because there is a family to be salvaged.

  93. 2drunk2drive says:

    I’ve never liked Tiger, always thought he was an asshole, and now he’s proven it to be true. Another womanizing millionare – big surprise. Well, his public image just went up in flames!