The Telegraph: Americans love ‘serious statesman’ & non-celebrity Prince William

While I have a dark heart and I do not fear confrontation, I usually don’t care enough to actually drag someone in person. Like, why go out of my way to tell someone off? But it’s different with Prince William, especially as his Kensington Palace elves are pushing the increasingly bizarre narrative that William is beloved by Americans. I absolutely would go all the way to New York, just to tell him to go f–k himself to his face. It all started with that dipsh-t Gallop poll, which was almost certainly bought and paid for by Kensington Palace, which showed that Americans view William more favorably than Donald Trump. It’s clear that the poll was part of a months-long hype campaign ahead of William’s trip to New York in September. Too bad that bald idiot is being woodshedded as we speak because he was too lazy to travel to Australia to do his job! Don’t let pesky little facts like those get in the way of Kensington Palace’s obscenely obvious efforts to embiggen Prince Peggy to America.

Prince William “has quietly conquered America.” Does it matter? Yes. They may not be part of the all-important Commonwealth, nor particularly relevant to the future and funding of the monarchy that so requires UK public support, but for many Americans, the royals are front and centre of Brand Britain. An audit for Brand Finance, published in May, found the Royal family will deliver an estimated £958 million benefit to the UK this year. American tourists are central to that benefit, providing a steady footfall through the palaces and travelling in numbers for the big royal occasions of weddings, jubilees and the Coronation. It is hard to dispute a recent pithy assessment from The New York Times: “In an age of division, there is something to be said for royals as a unifying symbol. Plus they are good for tourism and gossip.”

Americans don’t see William as a celebrity: “If you look at the US, there’s huge interest in the Royal family as people,” says a source who knows the Prince well. “But their long-term role is to stay out of the world of celebrity culture and, even more importantly, party-political culture. That’s incredibly important in the US because it is so polarised. It’s not a surprise that people have noticed that over time. There is a sense of calm consistency and service.”

America loves Peg because he’s the model of busywork: “There is no talk here of ‘conquering America’,” they say. “The engagements the Prince and Princess have done in the US are the bread and butter of what they do in the UK. It’s very much taking their approach overseas and letting it translate there.”

People Magazine’s Simon Perry was quoted at length: “There are few people in the world who have been famous from the day they are born to today, and William is one of those. That is due not only to him being royal but, more importantly, to him being one of Princess Diana’s sons.” American readers “want the best” for both of Princess Diana’s boys, he says, adding that they “respect and applaud” the balancing act William is managing to find for the lives and privacy of his own children.

Celebrity itself is not enough. “Nowadays, the public want people who stand for something a bit more long term and stable,” says one former palace aide.

Only People Mag calls them this: In the US press and on television, the Waleses are invariably called the “future King and Queen”. Their titles, as the Sussexes have come to learn, matter.

Peg the global statesman: “This is a serious, statesmanlike role,” says a long-term royal observer. “He’s going out there to get things done: boosting the Earthshot finalists, securing funding, changing people’s minds at the top end of things.”

The Sussexes’ revelations have had a rather unexpected side effect. Ordinary people on both sides of the Atlantic have found themselves in sympathy with the prince who cannot answer back. “If you had listened to the prevailing wisdom going back to 2020 about where you would expect the heir to the throne to be in public opinion, you would be very surprised at the situation now,” says a source. “Everyone seemed to be saying it was the end of the Royal family in the US, ‘they’re not going to survive this’. They were advising William to fight back: ‘Say more, do more, give interviews.’ If he had listened to them, he wouldn’t be in the strong place he’s in now. He was never going to engage in any back-and-forth or short term stuff and neither would Catherine. Whatever they may think about it privately, they will get on with the job. He was still getting out there when it was really difficult – after the interview, the book – and I think people respected that.”

[From The Telegraph]

It should be noted that this is just another version of “British people Britsplain America to a British audience.” This is also a variation on “the Windsors traveling abroad to perform for their domestic audience.” It doesn’t actually matter if William is popular in America – what matters is that William is telling his domestic (British) audience that he’s popular in America, just trust him. In many ways, it won’t matter what kind of reception William gets in New York, because he’s already primed the British papers to lavish praise on him, and they’ll all declare him “the king of New York” even if his ass gets booed at the UN. I also wonder if A) William would care about America whatsoever if Harry hadn’t moved here and B) if this 41-year-old jealous suck-baby will ever be able to brief the media without everything being a giant subtweet of Harry. Every single William does now, it’s always about Harry and how William is better, fancier, balder, more respectable, quieter, more famous, more beloved than Harry. What a sad, pathetic man he is.

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  1. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    9 out of 10 Americans don’t know who William is, other than Diana’s son or Harry’s brother.

    • trillion says:

      my thoughts also. I mean, the US has the hardest culture to typify but I’d say – speaking very broadly- that nobody here gives a shit. I have never once in the course of my life heard anyone ever mention him or his wife.

      • Cara says:

        Are they trying to convince the UK that William is important to Americans? He’s certainly not, but why should they care?? This is a play right out of the Trump playbook where you lie and keep on lying until the gullibles believe it. William is utterly insignificant to the Americans who actually know who and what he is. We fought a war to rid ourselves of William and what he represents. If this is all the rubbish the British press can come up with … we must be winning this war too!!

    • Ponsby says:

      Precisely this, I have dual status in U.S. and Canada and I am solemnly swearing to you that 9/10 people in the US don’t know who Prince William even is, or would have to be reminded that he was Harry’s brother or Diana’s son. And why would they? It’s clear the monarchy isn’t going to survive and when/if it’s thought about, it’s perceived as the relic of colonialism that it is. When the 1/10 people who have a historical interest in the matter do share a thought it’s uniformly the same as shared on Celebitchy: that he’s a gross, lazy, outdated, crusty racist who clearly hated his brother for having the charisma he didn’t and who makes seemingly every effort to quicken the demise of the institution. There exists no North American perspective of William that is both aware of his presence and positive about it. In Canada, where there are warmer memories of the Queen, I’d still give the divide something like 7 or 8 people out of 10 not knowing without a reminder “which one” Prince William is, and the precious few royalists who still exist would be the quickest to smear him for his lazy, workshy inability to make the institution seem even passingly relevant.

    • Maxine Branch says:

      Exactly. In a country of 360m + Americans, most do not know or care about this man is other than he is Harry’s brother. What a pathetic loser this monster is.

    • Couch Potato says:

      Yeah, THAT’s why Americans don’t consider him a celebrity, not because he’s a royal statesman. The little of the excerpt I could stomac to read sounds like the daydreaming of “statesman William” has started up again. How often do the rota write this s#%^ for him? Do they really fool anyone with this?

  2. S808 says:

    Every time I think W is the sane one between him and K, he’s proves he’s just as freaking crazy and jealous as she is lol! They were sick to their stomachs at how popular H&M were/still are and their ongoing campaigns 3 years later proves it.

    The timing of this article when he’s just made an a** of himself by not supporting the English women’s team is so funny, Real statesmen know important soft PR events like sports are Willy!

    • Flowerlake says:

      It’s probably a good thing Queen Letizia is from another country that couldn’t care less about William.

      If she had been British or in any way connected to them, they’d be finding reasons to drag her now as she made him look like a complete fool.

      The cherry on top is that she was actually there to shake hands with the English Lionesses, while he is president of the FA and wasn’t.

      Give that job to someone else please, preferably someone who is actually connected to football, like *what a thought* a former football player or coach. They have plenty of those in the UK.

      • ales says:

        The BM and BRF always attack. Recently the BM did a story on Queen Letizia with photos, claiming that she has had a lot of plastic surgery over the years. All the photos show is that the lady is naturally beautiful and is aging very well. Yet they are constantly telling us that KM, who barely resembles her earlier photos, is all natural. No plastic surgery, no wiglets, no botox. no new teeth and no constant photoshopping.

  3. Peg has quietly conquered absolutely nothing here in America or anywhere else. He is too lazy to do something thing of value. He also didn’t bring peace to the Middle East or get rid of homeless. He only knows how to rig polls and get his bot network going. The only thing he has conquered is being a incredibly useless human being.

  4. Flowerlake says:

    Timing is as bad as it gets.
    He’s getting dragged even by his friendly own press while Queen Letizia of Spain is getting praised.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but seems to be Americans prefer a warm-hearted figure that actually interacts with people instead of someone who is known for his laziness.

  5. Jais says:

    Legitimately, I cannot remember why William is going to NY. Is this bc he missed going last year due to the queens death. Iirc, it’s something to do with the UN and earthshot?? Either way, it’s such an obvious desire to compete with Harry and Meghan’s nyc trips. Will he eat at Melba’s too? And finally, this is shallow but he’s an unattractive walking egg. Americans do not find him interesting in the least.

  6. HeatherC says:

    Honestly, I think unless you follow gossip (like we do here) most Americans couldn’t care less about the British monarchy. Most might recall the wedding, or when William was attractive and an eligible bachelor. As far as his “leadership and statesman abilities….” we usually reserve those accolades for people that earn it. We elect our leaders here, for better or worse.

  7. Scooby Gang says:

    He is absolutely exhausting. The only way he knows to uplift himself is by trashing those around him. He’ll waste time and energy lying, scheming, manipulating and sabotaging… yet refused to go to Australia to support these incredible athletes… a PR win just sitting right in front of him on a giant silver platter.

    His psychologically frightening obsession with Harry is why he’s so desperate to be loved by Americans.

  8. Nibbi says:

    This blatant-lie PR campaign approach is bizarre, to say the least.

  9. Nanea says:

    A pic for all time, always.

    Keento Bismol Mumblina McButtons at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

    Republic had a lengthy Twitter thread the other day that the royals don’t actually add anything to the tourism revenue, that the £ 500 million number initially provided by Visit Britain didn’t hold up, that there were other places in the UK that were a lot more popular and lucrative than any of the palaces, even the empty ones like Tower amd Hampton Court, e.g. Leeds Zoo.

    Republic did several FoI requests and put the numbers together, and the Windors don’t bring anything to the table.

    So who cares about the fake and imagined popularity of Bulliam the Incandescent, other than the British taxpayers and the rota 🐀🐀🐀.

  10. Becks1 says:

    Me, in response to reading the headline – “americans love serious statesman non-celebrity prince william” – we do? News to me, lol.

    To the extent that Americans think of the royal family, they ARE celebrities. Americans follow them for the fashion and gossip. That’s it. No one here is looking to see what Prince William thinks about the environment or whatever. No one is looking to him to lead us in anything. We* like the photo ops of the kids, we like seeing what Kate is wearing, we like candid pics of them out and about having lunch in a pub, because we like seeing that from ANY celebrity. We like celebrities here and that is the appeal of the royal family, full stop.

    (“we” = general American population, not necessarily me, lol.)

    • Amy Bee says:

      The US voted for Trump. A non-serious statesman and a celebrity.

    • Eurydice says:

      The article almost says this – they’re good for tourism and gossip. I think this is pretty much what anyone outside of the Commonwealth thinks of them…if they think of them at all.

  11. Dee(2) says:

    I wonder if it ever crosses the mind of the audience this is targeted to that if you have to constantly tell people how much everyone in a certain place loves and respects you, and constantly have to generate polls for you to refer to about how everyone loves and respects you that maybe it isn’t true? Also why does it matter if the US hated or loved him, we don’t give any money to him and he isn’t expected to open any events or do any charity work here. It’s blatant that he only cares because his brother and sister-in-law gets cheers and standing ovations when they go places in the US and he just can’t stand that. Jealousy is what keeps that couple together I swear and it’s always aimed outward at others.

  12. Aj says:

    We don’t know him except for his long buttery teeth. Word on the street says he’s a bully and racist.

    • Moxylady says:

      Super random. But his teeth remind me of how deeply healthcare needs to extend to teeth- dental and orthodontic .

      The point is is that if the upper palate isn’t large enough – nor the lower – it causes much much more than teeth crowding. Migraines. Intense jaw pain. Neck pain. Rapid tooth wear and loss. Etc etc etc.

      We actually have a close family friend who’s parents could not afford orthodontic care when he was young – it’s a huge distinguishing class feature in America honestly it’s awful – and he had the exact same thing as my youngest. My youngest is a sensory kiddo and I was quite worried about them needing an upper and lower expander. How it would effect them etc. I spoke to him and told him what my youngest had. It’s the exact same thing he had.

      He has gone through three full facial surgeries to get some relief from the pain he’s been in.

      That was a huge part of us understanding and realizing how crucial orthodontic care can be. This man had the entire bone structure of the roof of his mouth cut in half AND THEN THEY PUT AN EXPANDER JN ANS HE NEEDED TO CRANK IT BEFORE HIS BONES REHEALED. Like …. The very minimal description of his recovery was horrific.


      He’s had two others that were just an invasive and painful. And you know what he said – sitting up in bed so he could sleep and not choke on his blood – without pain meds besides ipuprofen?

      He said it was worth every second if it would help with his daily pain levels.

      Three surgeries, dozens of procedures and who know how much spent on braces and everything else – he’s pain free.

      And if he had had care as a child, it would have been done jn a couple of weeks to months. And the last 30 years of his life would have been pain free.

      Needless to say we shopped around for orthodontists and we found one we trust and who was incredibly well spoken of by other parents.

      We built up our HSA, budgeted and saved and we went for it.

      Now when I see people with crowded teeth – and William’s are exceptionally rodent like in part due to their health – I think Omg we need universal healthcare and jt needs to cover dentist, eye and orthodontics in addition to OT and PT.

      As someone with migraines, I’ve also set up a consult with the same orthodontist just to see if they would be a part of the issue. Retainers and braces are cheaper than being taken out by migraines much too frequently.

  13. TheOriginalMia says:

    Why are they so concerned about us? Why are they trying to convince everyone that Americans are 1) respectful of the monarchy and 2) like William/BRF more than Harry? Why does it matter so much? Newsflash. We dumped y’all asses 250 years ago so we don’t have to bow or concern ourselves with you.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    Before Harry and Meghan moved to the US, the Palace was briefing that William and Kate’s sole focus would be the British Isles and the Commonwealth realms. Simon Perry may work for People Magazine but he lives in the UK so his knowledge about what the US thinks of William and the Royal Family is as basic as Camilla Tominey’s. William is so intent on winning the hearts and minds of Americans that he’s neglecting the British ones, hence his refusal to go to Australia for the Women’s World Cup.

    • bubblegum dreams says:

      There he is again, wanting what Harry has. Like a greedy spoiled little boy hogging all the cookies and toys but crying for the little balloon animal his little brother just got from a street performer.

  15. Feebee says:

    You know all those insecure little people who put out images of Trump as Rocky Balboa etc with gleaming muscles and manly intent? This is the written (British) equivalent to me. It bares little resemblance to the man and no resemblance at all to his image according to Americans. They live in fantasyland.

    • Renae says:

      Great analogy!
      I’m American living in Canada. I know no one who gives a rodent’s rump about will or kate. However, most really like Harry. Meghan? Lots of mixed reactions…they don’t DISlike her…but have reservations.

  16. Tessa says:

    Stay out of the USA William. Spend time I. Wales. The man is no statesman he can’t get along with his brother and sister in law

  17. ThatsNotOkay says:

    The only reason New Yorkers have to “care” about Prince William, is because he’s going to add to traffic congestion, and they’re gonna be PISSED.

    Also, the Royals are not a value-add to anything. They are a value- and resource-drain and suck. They do not contribute anything to society. Nothing at all. They just take, consume, negatively impact, and infect.

  18. Allison says:

    Ugh, it drives me nuts when they talk about the RF’s commitment to “service”. Service is something you do expecting little to nothing in return….unlike the Windsor’s whose idea of service is working just a little for an uber luxurious life of homes, servants and whatever they want at the moment.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      ITA, Allison.

      And it’s hilarious that they note the financial boon to tourism but don’t mention how much this grifter family costs British taxpayers.

      William is a nonentity to most Americans.

  19. Remy says:

    Remember when they kept insisting that they didn’t hate Meghan because she’s black, but because she’s a crass American? Lol. Now look at who is obsessed with conquering America. They need to try stop making fetch happen.

  20. Mumsy says:

    The day William started noticeably balding is the day America lost interest in him; he’s done absolutely nothing to earn our respect, so when his looks went, so did our interest.

    Today’s RF is the least regal bunch of royals imaginable. Zero charisma, shoddy values, no accomplishments. Can’t imagine why the UK continues to fund these mediocre moochers.

  21. Caitlin C says:

    Nobody is thinking about William like that here .Why do all these European countries who constantly sh*t on America always seem obsessed with how America feels about them ? America has main character syndrome cause they treat us like the main character all the time. The Euro’s devour our pop culture, Celebrities, music, slang and fashion . Than talk sideways about America all the time. Just mind yours we know you have issues in you own countries.

  22. Feeshalori says:

    I’m really annoyed that William continually tries to involve the US in his desperate one-sided grudge match against his brother. Stay away from us, we don’t care about you, you’re such a disgrace. And after your no-show for your country’s women’s soccer team, there’s absolutely nothing to “love” about you at all. Please take your desperate search for popularity elsewhere.

  23. Dora says:

    If you put Williams face into a composite of men and said one was a swindler, William would get choose a few times. The only reasons a lot of Americans would know him is because a) if you go back and look at Harry and Meghan’s wedding pictures, when harry moves her veil, William has this wistful look on his face, before he turns away, of course I could be wrong. B) for attacking his brother because he refused to put his wife “in her place” after she pointed out that his doormat, ah, wife Kate had ordinary hormones like non royal women c) because when he tried to bully Meghan pointing his finger in her face, she put him in his place. They’re not doing it for Americans benefit, it’s to feed Williams ego, telling him he’s better than Harry, because he knows he’s not; they want and need William to go the the US, because we might by gauche Americans but they like our tourism dollars

  24. Yesgirl says:

    Someone is triggered by the Singapore and Japan trip. So triggered they focused on this stupid articles and didn’t do the job they claim they rule. So triggered that the pending Invictus Games that he is coming to New York but couldn’t come to Australia. Like he thinks focusing on anything that isn’t your job will somehow pay off. I think Will is so hurt that Harry really did move on with his life. That Harry is not broken, poor and alone.

  25. Mslove says:

    Sure, Americans love wealth hoarding Europeans.

  26. Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

    This PR campaign is so shallow and short-sighted. “The future King & Queen are popular in America because they sell American tabloids” does not bring anything of value to the Commonwealth. Are they trying to set themselves up for a paparazzi chase in New York? Is this bizarre copy-keening?

    After the bad PR of snubbing Australia and the women’s football team due to fictitious “royal protocol” (poor planning) the royals need to triple down on promoting Commonwealth ties.

  27. tamsin says:

    If only William would really quietly “get on with the job.” Early in the split, the press was writing about how the brothers are on different paths and that was probably the last sensible thing they wrote. They are indeed on different paths. William’s was determined for him, and for someone with as little initiative and imagination as he, that is probably a good thing. He is going to be king, and that is a given. Harry, on the other hand had to find his way and his purpose in the world, once it was clear William reached adulthood and reproduced his own heir, and a spare is really not needed. It is clear that he has. He is full of initiative, imagination, and drive, and yes kindness and humanity. How much more popular and kingly William would be if he supported Harry in his work, that he is proud to put the prestige of the royal family behind his projects. No one is ever going to question his place on the throne. Due to his own inadequacies and jealousy, he is not able to support Harry in his work to do something impactful that actually helps people. BTW, I assume this was a Tominey piece? It sounds like her.

  28. Jaded says:

    As a commonwealth member, us Canadians probably know more about the BaRF than most Americans, but that doesn’t mean we give 2 shitz about them, which means that Americans probably know less and give fewer shitz than we do. Honestly, this drivel has to stop.

  29. Grandma Susan says:

    The Telegraph is extremely right-wing and it is clear in everything they publish. Admire William? Um. No.

  30. AC says:

    William is getting brutally criticized at home so his PR is saying Americans still like him 🙄🙄.
    It’s just so laughable.

  31. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Isn’t it interesting that WanK haven’t been announcing their events in advance in the UK? I think we know they are afraid of being booed. Now they’re trying to convince the UK that Wont is popular here? For any reason?

    I have no doubt that the person who wrote that article is well aware of the fact that Wont just isn’t a thing here. The brf isn’t a thing here. They aren’t on the radar of the vast majority of the people in this Country.

    You know what I think of when one of the royals come over here for something other than a state visit? I wonder how much this is costing US taxpayers for security. I bet that there will be costs to the NYPD in September that wouldn’t have happened except for Wont’s visit. Who knows if there will be any other law enforcement involved. That’s what I think of. I wouldn’t be as upset about that if he had a history of doing good in the world. Even Earthsh!t isn’t on Americans’ radar, and he’s been involved with it for how many years now?

  32. kelleybelle says:


  33. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Yes, Americans love William so much, that’s why he’s greeted with boos, “USA! USA!” and “I didn’t invite these people” when he visits.

    I know they really mean “white people” in America love William, but even that’s not true (well, maybe the MAGA Trump supporters love him, but not most whites). Boston is a white and racist city, and even THEY cannot stand William.

    THIS is William’s legacy in America. Unfortunately for the royals, we live in the internet age, and the palaces can no longer put out lies and expect the public to not know any better.

    • HeatherC says:

      The MAGA love for the Wails always amuses me. Sure I know it’s all routed in white supremacy but
      MAGA is supposed to stand for Make America Great Again. When you combine that with the love fest they have with the white bread royals…

      Make America Great Again under British Colonial Rule?

  34. Nev Mone says:

    This is a strange & myopic story line – & it’s obviously PR pushed based on the opening 5 lines. It’s a strange PR angle – as the future King & Queen shouldn’t the PR be about how the commonwealth loves W&K? Their strength should be that they are able to hold the remaining commonwealth together, guaranteeing the future of the Monarchy beyond England. When the Crown Prince of Denmark married the Crown Princess Mary – their story was made in that Julia Styles movie but I don’t think his team was telling the Danish people – he is seen as a future leader of America.

    Is there a plan by some to bring back the US to the Crown? Why is this story so important beyond to prove he is popular than Harry?
    I wonder how reputable people like Bloomberg who works with him really think of him. I feel sorry for him, strong sympathy, as he has 56 countries that his is the Prince of , soon to be King and he is trying to prove to his subjects that instead his focus should be on a very strong republic country, THE leader of the Free World , that no matter what he says seen him as a celebrity.
    56 Countries & the telegraph headline is about one that isn’t. Imagine if he had leaned into the diplomacy of the women World Cup,all the photos that would have increased his equity- US & Earthshot isn’t. Currently his team is positioning him as many other PR agencies are positioning leaders of the global south heading to NYC for UNGA. It just stands out because his platform has wider reach but his PR feels plumped up, not earned.

    Myopic and misguided. I hope he will develop a growth mindset and get real transformative people around him. He needs an Olivia Pope or a David Plouffe 🤣

    • tamsin says:

      The king of England is not head of state of all the countries of the Commonwealth. He is head of state of Canada, New Zealand, Australia and some Caribbean islands. Head of the Commonwealth is not same as head of state.

  35. Well Wisher says:

    The mention of Brand Britain says it all……
    It is about Britain as a marketplace for the Telegraph and right-winger(s) owners of industry …….not a home to those outside the particular circles…

    William is being sold as the capitalistic mascot, whereas he wants to ‘win’.
    To them it is about money, to him it is about ego….

    It is up to the Americans to counter this particular narrative, if they considered it important enough.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Well Wisher, that’s just it–we don’t care enough. Some of it might be published in the tabloids, but that’s not our media. As much as he wants it to be different, he’s just not someone we spend any time on thinking about. He’s just … there.

  36. Izzy says:

    NARRATOR’S VOICE. No, we do NOT.

  37. J.ferber says:

    Telegraph: You lie. 1) William is no “serious statesman.” If he is, then Trump is too in your book. And your book lies. 2) I very much dislike William because he is a lazy, sluggish, selfish, cheating, hypocritical bore. I guess you love that in England, but we loathe that in America. So don’t speak of Americans like you “know” what they think. We are not your colony anymore.

  38. Libra says:

    William is not perceived as a serious statesman. Witness Boston, where Biden had his arm twisted to even give him 5 minutes time in a curbside out door meet and greet. Baloney.

  39. AC says:

    Before Harry(and Meghan) moved to California, William hardly visited the USA. It’s now once every year(last year and now this year), that’s like a record. I also agree with @kaiser. This has everything to do about being very envious of his brother and esp what he has. The fact he doesn’t care about being dragged down because he didn’t go to Australia but makes it a point to visit NYC and exaggerating that Americans love him, it’s so obvious. And the BP is just trying to deflect which is what they do best. I think someone mentioned it the other day, they wouldn’t be surprised if they try to have some type of base here(the closer to Montecito the better).

  40. Michelle says:

    Wrong again, Telegraph! Americans don’t know who William is, except that he’s Harry’s brother. We don’t dislike the man. We don’t think of him at all.

  41. bisynaptic says:

    “Service”! LOL

  42. Norvell says:

    Let me understand this: Reportedly, the British Royals didn’t want Harry to marry Meghan because she’s an American actress, but one of the lower royals is married to an American actress? I would also think this “American actress” excuse is an insult to every American, unless the BRF actually meant “Black Woman” to hide their racism. It certainly can’t be because the BRF concern about class; Kate Middleton was a commoner, who never worked a daily job. KM’s reported $5M net worth was given to her by her parents, while MM’s net worth comes from actually working for years before meeting Harry. Now having said this, why would the British Media think Americans care about William? Hopefully, the British public aren’t fooled by the constant lies published by their notoriously dishonest media.