Elin Nordegren Woods is making sure she gets paid, y’all

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When I first read Us Weekly’s headline “Tiger Woods, Wife in ‘Intense Marriage Counseling’” my first thought was “yeah, I’ll bet Elin is counselin’ him upside the head”. But that’s just me. Us Weekly (and the Chicago Sun-Times) are reporting that Tiger and Elin have begun “intense” marriage counseling at their home several times a day. Now… several times a day? Really? What, is Tiger too busy with his mistresses to really draw the process out over the course of months and years? I bet he’s one of those guys, who will agree to counseling only for a few sessions or for a limited time.

After reading these pieces, I’ve come to conclusion that Elin is a smart cookie. After spending the last week hearing the revolting, rolling revelations of her husband’s infidelities, I think Elin is just quietly waiting it out, all the while her eyes are on the prize. She’s already got Tiger bending over backwards to defend her – when certain new details of the police report may indicate that Elin could have been smashing in Tiger’s SUV windows with some kind of… golf club. The Sun-Times’ gossip guy, Bill Zwecker claims that Elin is sticking around for the short term because Tiger is literally making it worth her while – with a seven-figure agreement if she plays the loyal wife through the scandal:

The continuing revelations of alleged Tiger Woods infidelities has placed the golfing megastar’s management team in what one insider called “panic mode” early Wednesday morning.

Despite the release of photographs of Woods looking a bit too friendly with a woman in a Las Vegas nightclub, and a recording — allegedly of a phone call Woods made to former “Tool Academy” reality show alum Jaimee Grubbs — the Woods source insists “Tiger still believes stonewalling the press on this is the best approach.”

Woods did, however, issue a statement Wednesday morning on his Web site, saying “I haven’t been true to my values” and “I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart,” he said.

Also, don’t look for Woods’ wife, Elin, to be moving out of the couple’s Windermere, FL., mansion anytime soon. The links legend’s spouse is reportedly being paid a hefty seven-figure amount — immediately transfered into an account she alone controls — to stick with her husband.

On top of that, my source indicated Elin Nordegren Woods, the mother of Tiger’s two children, has demanded — and is getting — a total rewrite on the couple’s prenuptial agreement making the incentives for her to remain Mrs. Tiger Woods even more enticing.

At this point, the couple needed to remain married for 10 years in order for Woods’ wife to collect a splitsville settlement of $20 million. I’m being told that time frame has been shortened — and the dollar amount increased “substantially.”

Perhaps most important of all, the Woodses have already begun intense marriage counseling — at their home — with a counselor who has been conducting sessions several times daily.

[From The Chicago Sun-Times]

I love Elin. Elin is my new favorite. Elin is going to get PAID, y’all. F-ck Zales. Elin is going to stick around until she gets $10 million per mistress. Elin is going click her heels until she gets 50% of Tiger’s future earnings. Elin is going play the dutiful wife until Tiger lays out for some Harry Winston. And some Bulgari. And some Cartier. And throw in some Neil Lane, too. A girl’s got to have something sparkling on her wrist, ears, neck and fingers while she eats bon-bons in her ex-husband’s mansion.

Elin Nordegren, wife of Tiger Woods, watches him play during the second round of the 2009 Presidents Cup in San Francisco

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  1. Firestarter says:

    I told everyone that Elin was a smart little Scandanavian that was not going to be a push over!

    Too bad she got violent with him, but I am glad that she is now looking out for herself and her kids.

    The more I read about Tiger, the more disgusted I become.

    Just because she was a one time nanny doesn’t mean the girl doesn’t have a brain!

  2. crab says:

    Awesome!! She’s my new favorite too!!! I hope the three whores (so far) were worth it for him but somehow I get a feeling they weren’t! Deal with it douchbag!!

  3. lway says:

    Elin is entitled to the money anyway. Tiger has embarrassed her, lied to her and belittled her by doing what he did. I can’t even look at the photo’s of him without being disgusted by his behaviour. The therapy is probably his idea. An “i’ll-do-anything-to-make-this-up-to-you” attempt.

    He failed her and their kids. Why is she sticking around to protect his image for? Can’t any of the 3 skanky-pants-ho’s make up for what his feeling now? They were good enough when his wife didn’t know.

  4. CandyKay says:

    She does have two kids with the man. Maybe she still loves him, and hopes things can be worked out.

    Whatever happens, she’ll have all the money she needs for the rest of her life. Money isn’t everything.

  5. ViktoryGin says:

    All I’m concerned about is that she protect herself and those children. If she is upping the pay out in event of a divorce good for her, because I’ll be damned if my rich husband fucks around on me and then tries to leave me destitute.

  6. Meghan says:

    I have a potentially silly question, but it is bothering me.

    Is her name pronounced like E-lynn, or Ellen? Because some guy on the radio said it like E-lynn, and now it is bothering me.

    I was telling a girl at work about all this drama and she looked at me, so intently, and goes “Who is Tiger Woods?”

  7. YeaRight! says:

    No amount of money would make me stay with a husband who is a perpetual cheater. But then again, I respect myself way to much.

    So what makes her any different now then the 2 bit ho’s he’s been screwing around with? She’ll stay for monetary gain. The girls screwed him for monetary gain. No diff.

  8. bella says:

    I hope the little skeezes were worth it to him. How disgusting to think of all he threw away just to get his rocks off!

  9. fizXgirl314 says:

    I don’t see how trying to profit off a personal tragedy makes her some kind of hero… how much does one’s soul go for on the market these days?

  10. Kevin says:

    All his sponsors have ALL said they aren’t going anywhere. ST.Pete Times. (I don’t know how to link). Most everyone is so up in arms because he broke his vows by getting some strange. What about her vows, for better or worse. (if they said that part in their ceremony, some people don’t) She has had a hell of a lot of “for the better” so far. Now comes the time for the worse. All of you know, very few marriages are a rose garden from start to finish. If they were the divorce rate wouldn’t be what it is. I was a Tiger guy from the start of his career. I gave him more credit than he deserved I now find out. I’m disappointed in him but he really didn’t do anything that anybody else hasn’t done before. Hell, King David, God’s handpicked leader of his people at that time did the same thing with Bathsheba then had her husband put in a position to lose his life in battle. He was dealt with harshly of course. Man, it’s even in the 10 commandments about not coveting another mans ho (ok I’m paraphrasing) so it was already known that infidelity was going to be an on going problem. what I guess I’m saying is “Nothing (new) to see here move along.”

  11. Stella says:

    While I agree Elin deserves to get paid for all this humiliation- there is absolutely no amount of money in the world that would get me to stay. I just don’t see how it’s worth it- to live with the anger and embarrassment and distrust- I would get the hell out of there now.

  12. Kevin says:

    Meghan,,, I think Tiger is pronouncing it “freakin !#$@#*%, has got me by my Titelist’s”…no need to thank me.

  13. Kolby says:

    Meghan – Elin is pronounced E-Lynn.

  14. Lantana says:

    We had the news on last night at home and Tiger was the lead story. My husband wasn’t aware of the intense media scrutiny, but after the news segment he said, “Nobody can fuck good enough to be worth losing all that money.” I wonder why Tiger didn’t think that? (Now if only my husband made 100M a year – I’d be set 🙂

  15. birdie says:

    Team Elin! She’s beautiful and tough!

    It’s like Ivana Trump said, “Don’t get mad. Get Everything.”

    @ Kevin…The 10 commandments? Adultery is legally grounds for divorce. If values and traditions are their thing, well then morally, I can’t think of a single religion that condones a cheating spouse. Usually when you say “for worse” you mean though maybe a sickness, maybe some hard times, but not a bunch of skanky hoes that your husband seems to be banging on the regular.

  16. Anon says:

    Sorry, this makes Elin no different than the “mistresses” he’s been with. in fact, this devalues any sympathy anyone had for her. If this is what you call a “hero,” celeb, I feel sorry for you.

    This also gives Tiger permission to cheat. And even if she divorces his butt, wife no. 2 would be waiting.

  17. Firestarter says:

    You all are mising the point: After this ammendment to the prenup, she CAN divorce him before 10 yrs is up.

    FizX- Like no one else here would not be doing the same in her position if they were married to Tiger Woods. The man cheated on her with MULTIPLE women, and if nothing else, you hit the man where it hurts the most, THE WALLET. Losing his family obviously wasn’t that big of a concern to him if he went ahead and risked everything for these trashy whores that he did.

    Why should Elin not profit from his actions? He ruined the marriage, not her. He chose to humiliate her and disrespect his vows and his family, not her. You can act like you are so much more above such behavior, but me, well I’d be doing the same thing.

    GOOD FOR HER securing HER and her childrens future! Like any woman here would walk away from a marriage like this and take nothing, get real. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure does buy your freedom from a loser man.

    I guarantee you, with this amendment, she will be leaving him. Wait and see.

    I don’t think Elin Woods is terribly concerned with being a sympathetic figure in the eyes of the public. She has herself and her children to worry about, not stupid public opinion. You all are not in her situation, so don’t act as if you would be taking the high road, because I doubt any one here would.

    As Ivana Trump said, don’t get mad, get everything!

  18. Ellen Smith says:

    It must be difficult to go around in life being led by “the little head”. I wonder if Tiger is following the example of his father (I don’t know anything about his dad, just wondering)?I for one am glad that Elin is looking out for herself & kids. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to trust a spouse again once the seeds of deceit have been sown.

  19. lambchops says:

    How on earth can jewelry make up for her husband having sex, probably, (definitely) unprotected, exposing her to all sorts of STDs? So you look at your pretty diamond bracelet and think of the lady he bonked? Not even funny. Disgusting.

  20. Anon says:

    But what does this tell her children?
    As long as lots of money is involved, it’s ok to humiliate yourself

  21. Kevin says:


  22. Kevin says:

    fizX, missed your comment on the first go through. Very DEEP!! I think during this day and age it’s surprisingly affordable.

  23. bros says:

    firestarter, you also had some interesting generalizations on scandinavians and their approach to material goods on a previous post, so i really wonder how this new information squares with your previous assessment of elin. sounds like she is making sure she gets a bunch of cash, not just getting out because the marriage is emotionally over, as you seemed to indicate yesterday.

  24. birdie says:

    Kevin- Immature and nonsensical, and clearly without a grasp of spelling or grammar.

    Firestarter – you, me and Ivana, smart girls think alike!

  25. atticus says:

    @Firestarter – +1, I agree.

    @Kevin – I was surprised at the “what about for better or worse, here comes the worse, it’s part of the deal” theme of your first post until I realized you must be a man talking. That is the most ridiculous thing EVER.

  26. Shane says:

    Since Tiger is worth close to a BILLION DOLLARS I doubt this article is true. Seventy five million sounds about right.

  27. fizXgirl314 says:

    I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do the same thing… This seems to be a phenomenon that plagues only the rich… I mean, I’ve had emotional hardships in my life… my first thought wasn’t “deposit some money in my account bitch, and i’ll feel better”. I guess when you have that much money, it makes sense to use it as a tool to solve all your problems…

    She can still get her fair share, I just don’t see how you’d feel good about yourself if you are asking for a lump sum to make your emotions go away…

    Quite honestly, I doubt this story is true. Besides, we’ve all been cheated on (well most at least). Not everyone has the capacity for revenge. besides, that, you just gotta get on with your life.. I mean, I got shit to do, I don’t have time to be plotting revenge against everyone who has done me wrong…

    I guess the idea in a situation like this is to take YOURSELF away as a form of revenge… Hopefully, you value yourself enough that you consider it painful enough that they don’t get to have YOU in their life any longer… you are so wonderful, special and unique, that the fact that having to live without your spectacular presence is the best form of revenge… if you stick around, it just diminishes your self worth… at least that’s what i like to tell myself… :/

    these people have kids though, so that ads many more variables to the equation… but in all honesty, the first thing on my mind wouldn’t be a some sort of financial transaction…

    besides, if you’re married, isn’t your money his money and his money your money? what’s the difference… I’m sure her financial needs are already well met… her emotional needs are probably where its lacking…

  28. Louise...In stockholm says:

    @ Megan..the swedish pronunciation of her name is earlyn – E is prounounced EEAAR ( bit like a rolling R)

  29. Firestarter says:

    Well Bros- Material goods mean: running around in big expensive jewelry, clothes, shoes and living in a 10 million dollar home.

    I do not fault a woman for securing a future for herself and her children and hurting a man where it counts.

    Scandanavians are not materialistic people, they are frugal and minimalists. Have you been? Well I have and I can tell you even the wealthiest of the wealthy have a different approach to living than we do. Just because she is securing her future AND hurting the hub where it will hurt him most, doesn’t mean she is materialistic, it means she is hurt, angry, and smart.

    Haha Birdie- That is right. Men love sex and money more than anything. They can always get sex, but the money isn’t always there, and when they lose it, it hurts!

  30. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, Kevin, I gotta agree on the “for better or for worse” thing.

    so, even if your rich husband beats you mercilessly every night, you should stay? as in, putting up with the “worse” because you also have the “better”, financially?

    or, even if he rapes your children, you should stay?

    he’s allowed to break his vows but she should still honor hers?

    seems to me if one spouse breaks the vows, all bets ON said vows are off. she’s free to do what she wants.

  31. fizXgirl314 says:

    I’m not saying he shouldn’t make it up to her somehow (lots of gifts, pleading, begging and counseling) if they are going to stay together… or a juicy divorce settlement if they’re not… but a “hey i’m sorry i cheated, here’s some money” type deal seems cold and tacky to me… I don’t approve…

  32. bros says:

    firestarter, there is no such place as scandinavia. I would hate to lump Norwegians, swedes, and fins into a giant pot of ‘scandinavians’ who all have the same approach towards money and displays of wealth. being materialistic and being flashy are two different things. anybody who marries a proathelete and signs a prenup for 20 mill in 10 years and revisits that prenup to secure more material wealth even faster, is definitely concerned with material wealth, not that there is anything wrong with that. I dont know why we are holding Elin up on any type of ethnic pedestal-she’s a woman scorned just like so many other wives of pro athletes and celebrities and is acting in a completely characteristic WAG fashion.

    and ps, I have been to finland.

  33. crash2GO2 says:

    ‘I don’t see how trying to profit off a personal tragedy makes her some kind of hero… how much does one’s soul go for on the market these days? ‘

    Right on FizXgirl – vengeance will only leave you cold in the end. You couldn’t pay me enough money to stay in a marriage where a man didn’t love me.

    Firestarter: Those ARE some wild generalizations about Scandinavians. Some of the most opulent homes I’ve seen were in Denmark. Remember Isak Dinesen’s limoge in ‘Out of Africa’? Or is this a more recent development you are thinking of?

  34. Firestarter says:

    Oh Bros, my fault for not being specific and saying SWEDEN! I do not believe I wrote anywhere in my post the word Scandanavia, did I?

  35. Sudini says:

    Kevin – the whole “for better or for worse” thing DEFINITELY has it’s limits. Abuse is abuse, and this is emotional abuse that Tiger repeatedly handed out by screwing around on her without any regards for how she’d feel with a broken heart.

    He’s a total piece of garbage and does not deserve to have Elin in his life any longer. And I have to say, I don’t believe YOU would be too quick to stay in a marriage with someone who treated you this badly. Tiger Woods has proven to be a completely self-absorbed failure. Now it’s his turn to lose.

  36. nycmom10024 says:

    Don’t get why everyone feels that Elin is just like the women her husband had sex with. She is his wife, I am sure like most people getting married they felet they would be able to beat the odds. Very few people enter marriage with dreams of a material endgame. She has to prepare for a possible future alone with just her kids. She will probably has a future of potential custody battles. Limits on her travel with her kids should she want to leave the country to visit. Akward relationship with her mil, that she may love. Still maintaining a cordial enough relationship with her husband for a childrens’ sake.

    For the record, Kevin is correct from a religious perspective while the Bible may or may not make allowances for divorce based on adultery, it also says it should be a last resort.

    Until you have been in a similar situation almost none of us can know what she is feeling. Jerk or not, you know he is messing with her head. He was after all able to juggle at least 2-3 women at a time for the past two years. Heart saying something, Head saying another, pride another and self preservation another.

  37. Cheyenne says:

    If Tiger is really serious about saving his marriage, the first thing he will do is sever his friendships with Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. Those two are nothing but a pair of he-skanks.

  38. bros says:

    firestarter: repeatedly.

  39. Kevin says:

    Meh,,,he didn’t beat her or rape her kids. (that I know of) He got some side nookie. She is well within her rights to haul ass if she sees fit. Ivana didn’t get it all, neither will this girl. In a year this will be worked out one way or another and you can believe it, his life style will be just as grand, as will hers.

  40. birdie says:

    Why O Why does this have to get biblical… 7th Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery” … Also Adultery was the only reason God allowed for spousal divorce.

  41. Firestarter says:

    Bros, have a great day!

  42. Guest says:

    55m plus for e-lin! who’s the ho?

  43. shooswineflu says:

    Leave, woman! Who cares about the paycheck, just get out with some shred of dignity! I thought she had more self respect than to stay with this piece of crap. They don’t stop cheating. They just get smarter about it.

    I bet we will see a new statement from Tiger any day now, revealing that he’s going to rehab for sexual addiction. And that’s how he gets her to stay – by feeling sorry for him.

    Just, UGH.

  44. Kevin says:

    The reason it got biblical is because unless they got married at a justice of the peace or in somebody’s yard it was probably held in a church of some sort. I didn’t bring up the broken vows thing, another poster did. I don’t have dog in this fight and I really don’t care how it works out. I will be casually paying attention like I do with most of the stuff on this site. I do stand by what I previously posted.

  45. bros says:

    kevin: correct. this is nothing new and terribly rote at this point.

  46. snowball says:

    @fiz, in your longer post up above, paragraph 4 – exactly my opinion too.

    I feel so badly for Elin. If it’s true, I could see all this financial stuff being a cover for just being hurt to the bone. Either because she honestly thought he was being faithful (I doubt it if she was going through his phone) or because he’s managed to humiliate her. I don’t think I’d like knowing my husband needed multiple hos on the side because I wasn’t enough for him.

    Maybe she’s a bitch and that’s why he cheated, but I doubt it. She has always seemed to me to be very supportive of him – hell, she’s the one taking care of his family when he’s off jetting around and partying with his nasty hos.

    I don’t know if his money’s the answer, maybe it makes her feel better to hurt him in his wallet.

  47. Sudini says:

    Kevin – Tiger’s lifestyle may appear to be just as grand a year from now, but the animosity he has sown will stick. Plus, his family now sees just the kind of ugliness he’s capable of. I think once his kids grow old enough to understand the pain he’s caused, their opinions of their father can’t help but be negatively altered. He’s got a lot of work to do on himself.

  48. Kevin says:

    Bros…you sent me to the dictionary on rote,,,I love it!

  49. bella mama says:

    i’m in the “for better or for worse” category. you dont get to celebrate 50 years of marriage before you’ve gone through the first 49.

    they have kids. he screwed up. i’d rather see them try to work through it before she just walked away.

    yes, he broke his vows, but her breaking them as well doesnt make things right, even, or better.

    and i am a married female who has never been cheated on (that I know about)nor have i ever cheated on anyone else.

    I just believe that divorce should never be the first answer.

  50. bros says:

    who says gossip blogs cant be edifying!

  51. Feebee says:

    If Elin leaves this will hurt Tiger immensely in terms of $$. Not only in paying her but some of his sponsors may ditch him. They’re publicly standing by him now but the wife bailing may put a different face on it.

    If Elin stays I think the sponsors will too. I think she knows this. It’s better for her financially, at least until she’s ready to say bye bye. Ka-ching.

    On a slightly different note, why are people stating she got violent with him. There are denials all round, nothing in a police report, a neighbourly statement claiming they never saw them fight and his injuries looked consistent with a car accident rather than being physically attacked. Let’s drop the spousal beating crap.

  52. nycmom10024 says:

    Just my own person curiosity, those of you saying she should leave him right away, are you married with childen? Children really are a game changer,leaving a cheater when single or childless is different and easier and a little less painful. Once kids enter the picture you also mourn the loss that you had for their lives.

    But I do think it is better to leave when they are very young, like their children, than when they are preteens

  53. Kevin says:

    Damn it Bros,,,I got some yard work and here I go again edifying,,,edifying,,edifying. Keep it up by the way!! Ok! Yes I agree!

  54. Embee says:

    Staying “for better or for worse” is only part of the marriage contract; another is “forsaking all others.” He violated the terms of the contract (adultery) and so she is well within her moral bounds to do the same (leaving).

    This is the United States; we settle contract dissolutions by financially compensating for damages. One method is to put the injured party in the position she would have been if the contract had been honored.

    She gets half. End of story.

  55. Bete says:

    my head is reeling after the eeky phone messages. This dude is married to a model. He has all the money and success that anyone can want…and still, he needed skanks.

  56. shooswineflu says:

    I was married with four children to a man who cheated on me at least three times that I know of. I stayed with him for about a year after learning about the affairs, for the kids’ sake. It was the worst mistake of my life, aside from marrying him in the first place! We did the counseling, and he swore he was a changed man but he never stopped cheating the entire time. The last Christmas we were together he begged me to “act normal” in front of our families even though I had just caught him with his mistress the night before. I will always hate him for that. But more importantly, I am angry with myself for staying and letting myself continue to be cheated upon – for the sake of the children. I don’t think it did them any good.

  57. Cheyenne says:

    nycmom: It’s not easy to leave a bad marriage when you have kids, but it can be positively soul-destroying to stay. The bottom line is how much you can put up with before you finally say enough is enough. When you reach that point, believe me, you will either leave or throw him out.

    To bella mama who said you don’t get to celebrate 50 years of marriage until after you’ve been through the first 49: one of my neighbors threw her no-good philandering hubby out the door two months before their 50th anniversary. The old fart was in his late 70s and still chasing women. Only question I had was why it took her 50 years to kick his cheating ass out.

  58. birdie says:

    Ditto @ Embee … Well said!! Great post!

  59. gg says:

    I would not stay with a cheating husband and be in the line of hoes waiting for their turn with him. Stuff that.

    I wouldn’t cooperate with his image counselors or negotiate with them – I would divorce his arse now, demand the cash and keep the house. Because being paid to stay with a cheater even for a few more months would be degrading to the nth degree.

  60. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Kevin, you most certainly did bring up broken vows. I refer you to YOUR post at #10.

    YOUR words…

    “Most everyone is so up in arms because he broke his vows by getting some strange. What about her vows, for better or worse.”

    yes, he didn’t beat her or rape the children, but your post implied that “for better or for worse” covers EVERYTHING “worse” in the marriage, and that though he broke his vows, she should still honor hers.

    again, YOUR words…

    “She has had a hell of a lot of “for the better” so far. Now comes the time for the worse.”

    also, as some have pointed out, it was not ONE slip up with a random woman, it was REPEATED infidelities, with multiple women, multiple times. plus, there is the possibility (likelihood) that he did not practice safe sex every time. so, in addition to emotional abuse, he put her health at risk.

    go ahead, “stand by” your post. I’ll stand by mine as well.

  61. Sudini says:

    @Shooswineflu – I’m sorry to hear what you went through. But you sound like a really strong and introspective person who did the right thing for yourself and for your children by ultimately leaving a very deceitful, manipulative person. I can’t imagine what a difficult process that must be, but you persevered and good for you!

  62. annie says:

    Shoswineflu, it also sets a bad example for you’re kids. If you have sons, it says go ahead and cheat on you’re spouse, no consequences, and to a daughter,deal with it, all men cheat.Boys who’s fathers cheated, cheat themselves when they grow up. I hope she leaves him. I always knew there was something about him I never liked. Something Jerry Seinfeldish-immature and self-absorbed.

  63. Embee says:

    Thanks, birdie – love yours as well!

  64. Nebraska says:

    In the photo above, Elin looks like Sienna Miller!

  65. Kevin says:

    No, it was in another Tiger thread that it was originally brought up. I brought it back up in this thread. If you can’t remember from day to day from thread to thread you miss a lot in the way of “insider” jokes and references. I know you are a regular poster so you should remember it. You posted in it. Anyways, whatev. You can still be my buddy. lol Time for me to check out of this group therapy thread. Late!

  66. niamh (neev) says:

    Elin’s demands (if true) are two pronged- she’s looking out for herself and her kids, not the same as being materialistic. And, she’s hurting him where it counts- That pre-nup is bullshit since he cheated, and she’s brilliant for having it overhauled right now. Kick him while he’s down. ‘Atta girl.

    Firestarter- still in complete agreement about the scandinavian/swedish minamalist thing. I knew what you meant, it was kinda obvious.

  67. Goddess711 says:

    @ Bros: Ignore it. She’s never wrong. I skim on past her comments. She’s got an edict on everything and really bad spelling – don’t waste your effort on those who have lesser ejimakshun and ginormous egos.

    I don’t understand what this new “2 year” clause is about. Why 2 years? What’s going to change in 2 years? Their marriage can only go further down the toilet judging from the ho’bags coming out of the woodwork to testify with proof. 55 mill is already in her account? I’d be hiring really good hitmen, not lawyers; obviously her aim is off when she’s upset…but then again who can golf well at night?? 😉

  68. Firestarter says:

    Thanks niamh (neev), I am glad someone unserstood my meaning.

    And yes, we are in complete agreement on everything!

    : )

  69. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Kevin, what was mentioned on another thread is irrelevant to this. Unless you were agreeing with what someone previously wrote, and that’s not the case.

    actually, regardless of how/where they were first brought up, you brought the vows issue back up in THIS thread and THIS is the thread I’m commenting in.

    your comment is about how people are up in arms over him breaking vows; you take it one step further by implying she shouldn’t break her vows just because he did. or, essentially, that she shouldn’t break them at all, regardless of what the “for worse” part is. And THAT is the issue that I commented on.

    whatever someone else said about broken vows is irrelevant to this. what IS relevant is what you wrote as that is the only thing I commented on.

    and FYI, I don’t read EVERY thread, or every comment on every thread.

  70. diva says:

    I still predict that she will leave him, she is just making all the necessary legal changes to the prenup and taking the settlement as phase one. Once all the legalities are out of the way she will divorce him, she is now taking advantage of his desperation to salvage his image.

  71. Huma says:

    Hahaha. Kickass. Cha-ching.

  72. bros says:

    thanks goddess711. im glad someone else noticed too.

  73. hmm says:

    Why is KFed a bad person again? I mean he was dogged because he was a back up dancer who got paid after Britney went crazy and everyone considered him white trash and money hungry. Now, Elin is to be congratulated because she is going to renegotiate a prenup so she can get millions more…but she’s not a golddigger? And if so many people knew that Tiger was cheating for years, do you honestly believe she didn’t know?

  74. Firestarter says:

    Yes, well obviously you do not skip past my comments, because if you did you would not know so much about them!

  75. wow says:

    Elin is no where near smart. She married this fool and thought he’d be faithful. I doubt this is the first she’s ever known of him cheating and therefore has stayed with him up until this point. Not smart. And now that she knows he’s a compulsive cheater, she’s supposedly wanting to change a pre-nup for more money? That screams gold digger. So I don’t view her as some unknowing wife. I feel she only went buck wild because the affairs became PUBLIC. Seems like she was willing top turn a blind eye up until that point.

    I agree with whoever said that no amount of money is worth that kind of humilation and betrayal. None.

    How about this, work out support and custody arrangement with Cheetah, divorce him and then GET A FREAKING JOB and identity of her own.

    They all suck, everyone involved in this mess including his no good enabler “friends” and “management” who booked his whores to the WAGS who also knew and just gossiped and laughed about it amongst themselves behind her back.

    As Lauren Conrad would say: “He’s a sucky person!”

  76. Rosina says:

    The more that comes out the more I feel they are both to blame because although I find it true that most men are dogs and will have sex with anyone available when in heat, developing relationships with regular comunication albeit sexual smacks of a need for companionship and you don’t look for companionship elsewhere if you have it at home.

    Only people unhappy in thier marriages say that marriage is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    Both partners are responsible for maintaining a relationship by supplying each others needs. Tiger’s wife clearly did not satisfy his needs at all if he had to look for them elsewhere so regularily.

    That’s just my observation of the situation after all it takes two to tango and that goes for husbands and wives as well as lovers.

  77. shooswineflu says:

    I disagree with those who think Elin has known about the affairs and was only upset that the affairs were made public. If the various reports are true, as well as the now infamous voicemail message left by Tiger himself, he was frantic to keep the affairs a secret and was worried that his wife was “onto him.” The latest report from TMZ claims that Tiger changed his cell phone number constantly to keep his wife from finding out who he was calling. The argument on Thanksgiving stemmed from Elin catching him communicating via text with the skank who now has Gloria Allred as a lawyer.

    A woman who knows her husband is cheating and turns a blind eye to it doesn’t check his phone, call his mistresses, and get upset when she catches him texting a slutbag.

  78. Goddess711 says:

    @Bros – Everybody notices, the lesser acknowledge her, the rest learn to keep on scrollin’ – it’s that “DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT!” kinda thing.

    This whole thing sucks, it’s right before Christmas and the kids are probably sensing all’s not right at Camp CallMeAHooker.

    I don’t know about the rehab thing, but it’s no fun for philanderers after they’ve been caught, especially this publically. I can’t see him getting the same joy out of screwing around with the circus freaks now that he’s got what he wanted – to get caught. There are probably plenty of men who wouldn’t mind playing “what’s good for the goose” with Elin, either. Would love to see the tables turn huge on Cheetah, send a message to everybody who thinks it’s “normal” (cuz it ain’t).

  79. crash2GO2 says:

    Firestarter, look at your first post here. :O

  80. N.D. says:

    //Only people unhappy in thier marriages say that marriage is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    Wrong. That’s a golden standard pick-up line for men who can’t hide the fact that they are married from women they chase at the moment. That’s like the surest way to win women’s sympathy and give an excuse for what will follow.

  81. Firestarter says:

    WOW! Some people just like to keep the b.s going! I feel the same about you and so do all the “lesser” people!

    @Crash- I used the word Scandanavian, which Elin is.

  82. anon says:

    How about this, work out support and custody arrangement with Cheetah, divorce him and then GET A FREAKING JOB and identity of her own.

    AMEN! wow

  83. crash2GO2 says:

    Firestarter, first off, it is not ‘Scandanavian’ it is ‘Scandinavian’. I’ve seen you pick on others’ spelling, so I have little qualms picking on yours. Second of all, you have used the term intimating that since Elin is Scandinavian, she has been raised to be a minimalist, implying that all Scandinavians are minimalists.

    It’s really not all that complicated to see your generalization. Please, just graciously admit that you did it, and move on. No big crime committed, we all make mistakes. My last post on the subject. I enjoy the vast majority of your posts, and do not have any personal vendetta against you or any other poster here.

    I look forward to you pointing out any errors in thinking or spelling I may make in the future. Deal? 🙂

    Oh dear, I just read Goddess’s post. I fear I must be a ‘lesser’ poster. Do we have Goopy in our midst??

  84. Firestarter says:

    Crash- You are correct. My bad. I see where I did spell the word incorrectly. Thank you for being nice enough to point that out in a non-catty and mature manner.

    I agree, if I am a big enough bitch to point out the errors in the spellings of others, then I should be big enough to take the criticism when I am in the wrong.

    Yes, I guess you belong in the “lesser” catagory too. Join the club!

    I guess I am supposed to run off and cry because people on this site do not like me and think I lack an education, but sadly for them, I am here to stay.

    I enjoy your posts as well Crash. : )

  85. Embee says:


    Stop victim blaming. No one is responsible for another’s infidelity. Honor your commitment or leave.

  86. Fire says:

    Wow, Rosina. Blaming Elin for Tiger cheating multiple times with multiple women? So you would also lay blame on Halle Berry, Christie Brinkley, Shania Twain, Uma Thurman, Meg Ryan, Reece Witherspoon, Tea Leoni, etc. etc. They all must be cold-hearted, bitchy, asexual wives, huh? It’s not possible that their cheating husbands have sex addictions or are just plain ole slimeballs who didn’t take their vows seriously? MUST have been the wives’ faults for making them look elsewhere every time? I don’t think so! That guy is gone a lot, is very famous, thinks he is God and has women probably throwing themselves at him all the time and he probably got off on all the attention and being sneaky. Meanwhile his wife is at home, taking care of his two children. She gave it up at least twice that we know of, right? Putting equal blame on her is a completely irresponsible thing for you to say, especially since I am guessing you’re a woman. Did he communicate his needs to his wife?? I’m sure if he did, she would have put out more if she needed to. She seems like a supportive wife, dutifully standing by him at many tournaments and events, etc. I would think she would have done ANYTHING to prevent him from bangin all those hos, if he, in fact, gave her the option first, don’t you??

  87. Newyorking says:

    Rosina, I disagree with you. This is an excuse horn dogs use to cheat on wives. Cheating is inexcusable, and doing so multiple times unforgivable. If Tiger wanted to satisfy his needs, he would have found a companion outside of marriage, not cheated with skanks. Or he would have done counseling, or gotten a divorce if he was dissatisfied. Not cheated on the side. Why didn’t he get a divorce? The “two to tango” logic does not apply here.

    If I were Elin, I would get every drop of blood I could from this scumbag. If I knew my husband were cheating and if I chose to stay with him, it would be much much worse if everyone else found out about his cheating ways. I cannot explain it, and I am not saying its easy, but that its easier if only you know his cheating ways versus the whole world.

    She should get everything while she can, and divorce the guy. In any case Tiger travels, and they could live in separate houses and still stay married on paper for his image. She doesn’t have to live with him. Why make it easy for him when she can hit him hard through his wallet? Why shouldn’t she get half when legally, as his wife, that is what she is entitled to? If his net worth is $100MM per year, I would try to get at least $50MM for every year that I spent with the scumbag and at least as much each year thereafter.

  88. Meimei says:

    In spite of what someone said, Finland is not a part of Scandinavia. But that’s just a pet peeve of mine.

    Anyway, at least Elin seems to be hitting where it hurts (put down that club, I meant metaphorically); putting his family at risk doesn’t matter, so perhaps going for his wallet does.

  89. shooswineflu says:

    I also take great issue with the argument that Tiger’s “needs” must not have been met at home and that’s why he sought out other women. If things were so bad at home then why did the man choose to father not one but two children with this woman – one of whom was born less than a year ago? He has been carrying on with that second skank for almost three years, which means that while he was planning and creating a family with Elin, he was also having sex with other people.

    Generally if two people are unhappy in a marriage they don’t continue to have children together.

    I think this is more of a case of Tiger refusing to curtail his whoring around, which he did plenty of before he met Elin. He didn’t want to give up that aspect of being a rich and famous athlete, so he continued the behavior on the down- low.

    He is learning what every cheating spouse learns sooner or later: you can’t have it both ways. Eventually your lies and deceit come to light.

  90. bros says:

    there’s some debate on that meimei-geographically, culturally, politically. i should have listed denmark but forgot.

  91. Goddess711 says:

    Y’don’t wake up smart and start negotiating prenups/big numbers – she’s got to have known about him all along and been talking to lawyers etc to know her options. The big prenup switch and bank account news is pretty quick after the *news* hit the fan. Good for her to have her ducks in a row!

  92. MB says:

    Changing the conditions to the pre-nup is not just to financially reward someone for being wronged. It is also established as a deterant for doing something wrong in the first place.

    As someone mentioned earlier, Tiger clearly doesnt give an F about his family being hurt or betrayed so love for Elin alone will not stop him from cheating. Perhaps the combination of the public humilation and the adjustments to the prenup will remind him to not think with his peen all the time.

    Besides which, why the hell shouldnt she be entitled to cash? She is his WIFE. Not some girlfriend, not some ho bag hanging around to get paid, his WIFE. She stayed at home raising his children while he travelled the world banging whores. Is she entitled to feel financially secure if she chooses to leave him with her remaining dignity in tact? Absolutely.

  93. MB says:

    Oh and Elin has a job. Its called being a Mom.

  94. chickentikkatellmewhatswrong says:

    Kevin. LOL. Don’t ‘Bathsheba’ this. I really suggest keeping religion out of some mitigation of adultery – before you turn every poster on this site secular!

  95. Fire says:

    Oh, I almost forgot about a more current cheating famous husband – what about Josh and Fergie? They have been married less than a year and she looks anything but cold and prude. Rosina, what do you think Josh needed from that cheap hooker in Atlanta that Fergie can’t give him? Blame the wife!

  96. Cheyenne says:

    N.D.: That’s a golden standard pick-up line… the surest way to win women’s sympathy

    Nope. The golden standard is “My wife doesn’t understand me.” That is supposed to make woman feel sorry for him for being stuck with such a mean bitch. What blows me away is how many women actually fall for it.

  97. Lizbeth says:

    Kinda coming late to this party but it should be said — she is entitled to be financially secure enough to raise her children, that’s it. She’s not an invalid, she can work. She was not a “model” when she married Tiger, she was a nanny. Presumably, she has been able to work all along and could return to work to support herself once she is divorced.

    She met Tiger AFTER he was a championship golfer. He EARNED that money, through discipline and hard work. She is entitled to none of it. She didn’t support him while he worked his way up the tour, he was already there when she met him.

    For those that insist on comparing their situation to theirs, stop. You can’t possibly understand their relationship unless you are a million dollar celebrity. There may be parallels, as human nature remains the same regardless, but their life is very very different from yours.

    Yes, he has humiliated her — if it’s that bad, leave and stand on your own two feet. But the bottom line is that he worked hard and it’s his money. He probably sacrificed a great deal of his childhood for his success now. Where was she? She wasn’t even carrying his clubs.

  98. crash2GO2 says:

    Firestarter, you sidestepped my main point, deliberately I’m sure, since you strike me as far to intelligent to have missed it. So be it. Peace out!

  99. mike says:

    This skank doesn’t deserve a PENNY if she attacked him. I don’t care if he slept with 1000 women. It’s a sin to commit adultery, but so is trying to kill your husband. This b*tch needs to be in jail. Pronto.

    It’s one thing to defend yourself, but quite another to try to kill your husband for infidelity. And yes, trying to wack your husband with a golf club does qualify as trying to kill him. (Golf clubs hurt like mother, even if wielded by someone of small physical stature.)

    If I were Tiger, I should fight this and send her ass to jail. She can collect her pay after she’s been suitably toyed with by big butch mamas and skeevy jail guards.

  100. Aprill says:

    I agree with Elin should divorce Tiger and move on. To stay and ask for large sums of money puts her on the same level as Tiger’s side women.
    Who here think that Tiger’s kids will not be taking care in a divorce? they will still be rich little kids.
    Elin leaving Tiger would hurt him more.
    Staying for money show all women are about is money and that’s not true at all.
    If Elin stay in that marriage she will feel degraded every day and that’s not a good thing giving her tendency to being violent. She should walk away with her kids and the money she has and build a career on her own name-never look back or speak his name in interviews.
    Imagine all the women in the world that would support Elin. I know I would but I don’t condone staying with him for money.

  101. Aspen says:

    What a jerk Tiger turned out to be, I so hope Elin takes his money and his children, he does not deserve his beautiful family!! Hope she wins big!!!!! And Fugly Tiger, well there are lots of nasty ho’s out there he can continue to bang on ambien. friggen loser!!!!!!

  102. Aspen says:

    You know what Mike, If I was at home tending to two young children, going through pregnancy and childbirth while my husband was out sleeping with ho’s and possilby bring their nasty diseases home to me I would beat the hell out of him too!!!!!! he deserves much worse I only hope he loses so much of his money and is extrememly humiliated, what a pIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. zeerb says:

    I KNEW IT! this guy has been an ass for a LOOOONG time. My boyfriend was on the Jr PGA tour with him and said he was a mean, bad tempered, brat! He threw his clubs and thre tantrums on the golf course when he didnt do things right. I NEVER believed the image.