Prince Harry & King Charles might hold ‘peace talks’ post-Invictus next month?

The Dusseldorf Invictus Games are being held from September 9th through the 16th. Prince Harry is due to arrive in Germany probably a few days before the games, and the Duchess of Sussex is scheduled to arrive half-way through the games, and she will have a role in the Closing Ceremony. My assumption is that Meghan and Harry will leave Germany together and head home to California. Not so fast, says Buckingham Palace. Harry’s dogsh-t father is trying to attach himself to Harry’s Invictus storyline. Apparently, there are rumors that Charles wants Harry (and Harry alone) to fly to London for “peace talks” on September 17th. Keep in mind, Prince William is due to visit New York on September 18 & 19.

The exact date that King Charles and Prince Harry are likely to ‘meet for peace talks’ has been revealed – but Meghan Markle isn’t expected to be there, according to a well-placed source. Prince Harry, 38, is reportedly due to fly back home to California via London next month when his Invictus Games end in Germany.

Meanwhile, the King, 74, is due to return from his summer holiday in Balmoral in mid September, meaning both the monarch and his youngest son will be in the British capital at the same time.

As such, it’s thought that the pair could meet with one another in the hopes of smoothing out tensions within the Royal Family, following the release of the Duke of Sussex’s explosive memoir Spare, and his and his wife’s Netflix docuseries.

Staff are reportedly making plans for the ‘peace talks’ to take place on September 17, ahead of the King’s trip to France on September 20, a source told OK! Magazine.

The source said: ‘King Charles is due to return to London from Balmoral in the middle of September which ties in with the end of Harry’s Invictus Games trip to Dusseldorf. The King has a rescheduled official visit to France on September 20 so has a few days to spare in London to meet with his son. Staff are trying to fine-tune the details as we speak.’

The insider added that Charles was also understood to have been upset by the claims his son made in his memoir Spare – particularly those concerning his wife Queen Camilla, who Harry felt ‘had sacrificed me on her personal PR altar’.

‘If the talks take place, the King will make it very clear that there will be absolutely no private family business discussed in public moving forward,’ they told OK!.

Although Meghan is said to be accompanying Harry to the Invictus Games, the source said it was ‘highly unlikely’ that she would be included in any ‘peace talks’ that took place between Harry and the King.

[From The Daily Mail]

It’s still absolutely insane to me that Charles and the entire f–king family thinks they can just deal with Harry and never speak directly to Meghan. Harry has made it perfectly clear that Meghan deserves an apology and that he prioritizes Meg over his garbage family. And they’re still stuck in this mindset of “if we just get him alone, we can manipulate him into coming back or agreeing to our terms!” Anyway, considering Buckingham Palace’s one-year anniversary PR, I don’t think this is actually happening whatsoever. The Palace is making it clear that Charles is fine with a permanent estrangement with the Sussexes. He’s not going out of his way to schedule this, and again, by all accounts, H&M will leave Germany together after the games.

PS… Remember when we learned in Spare that H&M were actually in England way earlier last summer than previously believed? Harry took Meghan to Althorp, to Diana’s grave, for the anniversary of Diana’s death. I wonder if Harry has timed out a lowkey visit to Althorp during this trip too.

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  1. ThatsNotOkay says:

    A PR/media blackout on briefing against family goes both ways, Charles, does it not?

    Charles: It does not.

    • Wannabefarmer says:

      The person who wrote that clearly missed the irony of it, or maybe not. Harry does not trust them because he knows whatever he says will be spilt tea to the rags.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        And that spillt tea will be twisted as all get out and won’t even remotely resemble the truth.

  2. Flowerlake says:

    I do think Charles wants peace, or at least be seen to be peaceful.

    His estrangement is making him look bad or at least dysfunctional to a good proportion of people.

    I also don’t think he gives a rat’s @ss if William and Harry make up and probably prefers it if they didn’t. Seems he just wants to be removed from the ‘they all hate each other’ conversation so that it becomes a Harry vs William thing only.

    Making peace with Harry while William doesn’t, would also make the suspicion lift further from Charles being the one who made #that comment (you guys all know what I’m talking about).

    To be honest, I don’t think Charles was the one who said it, but I think he wants to be further removed from that association, particularly as he wants to keep the Commonwealth together.

    • Amy Bee says:

      According to the press, Charles is angry about what Harry said about Camilla. If we’re to believe that then he’s not interested in reconciliation. He had chances when Harry was in the UK this year and both times he refused to take them. Plus there can’t be any reconciliation when Meghan is excluded from the talks.

      • Dutch says:

        It’s a bit of PR nonsense from Charles’s lackeys. Charles proposes “peace talks” with a bunch of non-starter terms attached, Harry refuses and Charles can throw his hands up and say “I tried” and no one will remember Charles was the reason why a reconciliation attempt failed.

      • Patricia says:

        Charles is a man child, and an annoying one at that. So Harry told his truths about Camilla, as have many, and Charles is upset about that. Tough ” noogies”,Charlie , you’re that one who started this so suck it up. Harry has no obligation to you for you have failed abominably as a parent. Live with it.

    • Caribbean says:

      No, Charles does not want peace. Eviction from a property that is paid for is not seeking peace. Neither is updating website to remove title nd failing to add the kids titles. Telling you your wife cannot come to a ‘family’ event is not seeking peace.
      Stopping Harry from wearing his uniform and honors is not seeking peace.

      Removing security is not seeking peace

      Continuing to let vile things be said about his son Harry and Harry’s family is not seeking peace.

      Just like any bully and abuser in power, once you tell on them they will not stop until you die. And that is the method all bullies and abuser use and that is why many people rather take the bullying and abuse rather than speaking up.

      • Scooby Gang says:

        Exactly, @Caribbean.

        Especially this:

        “…that is why many people rather take the bullying and abuse rather than speaking up.”

        Abusers make darn sure you know the consequences of speaking out… and it’s all to keep victims in line.

      • Gabby says:

        You are correct @Carib that Charles does not want peace, especially since he would have to give something (apology) to achieve that peace.

        What Charles DOES want is to carry on free of any consequences that an estrangement from Harry brings. He wants to look like a good dad, he wants acceptance from Americans (hence that useless letter to Biden about the Maui fires) and he wants to bask in Harry’s glow by attaching himself to Harry’s successes.

        Chuckes, you get what you deserve, and now you are going to feel William’s wrath since he is being dragged for not attending the women’s world cup final. If William stayed away from that because Chuckles still hasn’t visited Australia, (and they haven’t invited him, hehehehe) there will be hell to pay.

    • bluhare says:

      If Charles thinks he can only talk to Harry and NEVER talk to Meghan, I think he’s got a surprise coming. His wife is who they need to apologize to.

  3. seaflower says:

    What a useless father Charles is. It’s all about his own good PR. If they do meet, Chuckles will leak it before H lands back in California.

    • Sugarhere says:

      It’s actually very clever of nonentity king Charles to hijack some of the shine and prestige of Invictus by suddenly summoning Harry to Buckingham. If Henry goes without Meghan or goes at all, especially after dad rang the bell at him, it may convey the message that Prince Henry

      1- doesn’t mind once again -after Meghan was excluded from his grandma’s wake- being addressed as a single man and contributing to his wife being made invisible,

      2- is naive enough to believe a positive outcome will come out a cold face to face with a grumpy old man who won’t listen, but will be tempted to give him infantilizing instructions -a list of don’ts in the name of whatever,

      3- is clueless as to the emotional damage Charles’ invite will wreak – all the solar, positive energy Harry will have derived from Invictus will be drained out of him and transferred onto Chuck, the Romanian vampire.

      Charles was nowhere to be found when his son was attending his trial against the media, but is magically be all ears when it comes to suck the Invictus triumph out Harry. Voodoo alert 👿!!!

  4. zinjazin says:

    Well maybe Charles is starting to understand that W&K will not pick up the slack and constantly falls short.
    The monarchy desperatly needs Harry and his wife and should be grateful and give them anything to come back.

    • Jan says:

      Count Meghan out, now Harry is his own boss, do you really think he would want his children to be treated the way he was.

    • Chloe says:

      No he just wants his whipping boy back. Notice the “without meghan”? They still don’t feel any remorse for what they’ve put the woman through and this story tells me that Charles will never stop leaking because this leak could have only come from 1 place. All this meaning that absolutely nothing will change even if harry does go to the UK for “peace talks”

    • The Old Chick says:

      I’ve paid attention the last 40 years and chuckles LOATHES competition. Now, He refuses to see Harry let alone Meghan.. He’s deliberately been ‘away’ and ‘unavailable’ when Harry is around.. This story is fanfiction. Tampon only cares about him and Queen ho

    • Wannabefarmer says:

      Nope. Meghan is done. Harry might want to ‘make peace’ but not until they apologize to his wife, which they are not going to do. He has tasted freedom, they are never going back. H&M might pop in to their charities and then skip back to their children, if they dont travel with them. If charlie wants to make peace, he can go knock on that big door that is at the entrance to Harry’s house.

      Besides, have you seen that movie, get out? Yeah, Harry run the other way.

    • Cara says:

      I don’t think they’ll really go back because the royal family will treat the children like they are second rate. To be fair, all children in that family are treated badly unless their name ends with Wales … but Meghan realizes her being American gives them a choice. I think Charles loves Harry most and gets along with him best and genuinely misses him. (Why else would Camilla call on her evil friends in the press to chase him away?) Every day William reminds Charles that Harry is the good one.

      • Marivic says:

        @Cara. “ Every day William reminds Charles that Harry is the good one.” I think this is so true. Harry is the more sensible man and more authentic.

  5. Sunshine says:

    As Meghan said in the docuseries. You cannot have a meeting about HER future unless she in is in the room.

    • Kingston says:

      Thank you! LOL
      All these folks on here giving benefit of doubt to chuckyDaTURD…..AS. IF!

      First of all, I dont even believe this bit of shidt talk about “peace talks” originated from chucky’s camp. This is either the shidtrags just flying a kite or being their usual dumbfck, shidt-stirrer selves; or its coming from BullyBOIwilly’s camp, just to push chucky in the limelight and take some heat off bully.

      Either way, its just cr@p talk.

      And for those who still wish to give benefit of doubt to any of those vipers squatting in palaces and living off the taxpayers like leeches, the dead giveaway that this is mere shidt-talk, is the bit about “No Meghan!”

      Thats a dead giveaway that H has nothing to do with this shidt.

      H has not said a word to these vultures in months…..perhaps not since Spare was published in January, 2023. H went to England for court appearances twice this year so far. At BOTH times, chucky ran away and his camp said there were no plans for father and son to meet.

      Now theyre trying to say there will be peace talks, but burn their own argument down by also saying “No Meghan!” LMFAO When the whole world knows that H said his number one condition for talking with chucky and/or bully was: “APOLOGISE TO MY WIFE!!!”

  6. Layla says:

    After everything we’ve read about C from Harry, this narrative is pure BS. He’s a racist wimp and I’ll never believe otherwise now

  7. Jan says:

    This story is BS, the British Media still think that they’re calling the shots along with the BRF, about Harry, he said he was moving on and I think he has.
    The last time Harry was in London, gutless Chucky ran to to Romania.

    • CrazyHeCallsMe says:

      Exactly. The fact they’ve used OK! Magazine as their source tells you it’s made up fan fiction. All these tabloids do is regurgitate each others lies.

      “Staff are reportedly making plans for the ‘peace talks’ to take place on September 17, ahead of the King’s trip to France on September 20, a source told OK! Magazine.”

    • Amy Bee says:

      The press wants these talks not Charles.

      • Well Wisher says:

        @ AmyBee
        I agree and may add that they have realized that William does not sell, the public interest is in Harry.
        There only connection to Harry is via the RF, whilst he is not estranged with members of the entire family, he has no link with the ‘leakers’……
        The Palace Source,…. The Friend etc…

      • lleepar says:

        If the press wants Charles to meet with Harry, I suspect their motives involve wanting more than mere content to publish.

        At least two of the tabloids would like Charles to talk his son into taking a settlement rather than proceeding with a public trial for the claims already made in court.

  8. Rapunzel says:

    So when Harry was in London for his own reasons, Charles ran off instead of seeing him. And now Harry has to make a special trip to visit him?

    Even if i believed Charles truly wanted reconciliation, which I don’t, this is a rude af way of going about it.

    Harry needs to run far and fast from this crap.

  9. I don’t believe this. I think Harry is done with this kind of I will only deal with you 💩. I think if Chuckles really wanted to talk to Harry it could be done over the phone without briefing the tabloids. I think this is more crap to try to bring Harry down while he is at the Invictus games. It will be look how Chuckles is trying to make peace and Harry won’t capitulate.

    • Kingston says:

      @Susan…….I dont think anyone will say that, given that everyone in the world saw that chucky ripped Frogmore away from the Sussexes……their very safe UK base, which they furnished with their own money, all out of spite and revenge for Spare.

    • Sugarhere says:

      @Susan Collins: I do believe that the Consort’s husband is aware that attending the Chelsea Flower Show 😒😂 sucks. Not only is it a menial task, laughably beneath the magnitude of a king’s status, it can’t compare to the usefulness and global reach of Invictus.

      As every respectable colonial planter, Charles wants a share of the crops he didn’t reap. He is a PR predator all right.

  10. robem07 says:

    And when no meeting materializes (because there never was going to be one) they will print…yet again…that Harry “snubbed” his father.

  11. MsIam says:

    So when Harry was actually in London, Charles couldn’t be bothered to see him but now Harry is supposed to delay going home and make time to see his weasel father? Isn’t the media trial supposed to start in January? If Harry has to testify in person again, he should tell Charles to wait until then. Charles is not serious about being a decent person, let alone a decent father.

  12. Ceej says:

    Perhaps someone in the media just remembered Harry cut 400 pages from Spare and hopes if they remind Charles there’s things Harry could still say, his staff will fuss so hard it makes a sequel a reality?

  13. Tina says:

    The press wants them to make up because they miss all the Harry and Meghan content and access. I’m sure Charles wishes their was some sort of reconciliation only because he looks like a terrible father/grandfather but he’s not going to put any effort into that. He probably thinks there’s stilll a chance Harry will come crawling back. Anyway between the William mess and the Charles cash for titles scandal the monarchy is looking terrible these days.

  14. Libra says:

    This has already been denied by Sussex spokeperson, I read yesterday.

    • Well Wisher says:

      There is the answer……
      It sound like someone wants to make a connect with Harry and not Meghan, it does not have king’s aura. He would not be coarse to speak of Meghan in that manner publicly, even if he felt that way…
      Some body wants his whipping boy, his scapegoat and it is not the king, who would tend to only listen to his wife; whom allegedly found Harry frightening to have him evicted from Frogmore….

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Libra, I found this an article from the Independent that says it’s not happening, although there was no confirmation from BP or Sussexes. It sounds like someone with some brains leaked that it wasn’t true.

  15. Jais says:

    I’d imagine these peace talks are news to Harry. Charles would actually have to call him to arrange it and no way has Charles called Harry. Thus, this is made-up. The man who evicted his son from his safe-place on Windsor does not care about peace talks. Bullshit.

  16. Brassy Rebel says:

    It is bs. Charles wants to look like he’s putting out an olive branch. But it’s all on his terms, particularly the part about no Meghan and no public statements about “private family matters”. Meantime, the palace will continue leaking like a sieve.

    • MsIam says:

      I think that “no public statements” part is hilarious. You mean Harry can make no public statements, right Charles? You and Camilla will conduct business as usual. They really still believe that “Harry is stupid” b.s. don’t they.

  17. Mslove says:

    I bet Chuck would like to see Harry after the Invictus Games. The King needs to surround himself with winners, not lazy losers like the Prince of Wails.

    • Snuffles says:

      Charles needs to drag his has to Düsseldorf and support the UK team at an event. If he wants to be associated with a success, Harry would more than welcome his Dad coming and sitting together for an event.

      • Becks1 says:

        If he was serious about reconciliation, that would be the best way to show it – attend the Invictus Games. As it is, the royals can’t even bring themselves to wish good luck to the British IG participants, so…….

  18. Holz says:

    I think this is just hopefully thinking by the Daily Mail. It’s like they are trying to put the idea in the Palace PR’s head and try to gossip genie it into existence.

  19. Snuffles says:

    This is 100% the tabloids telling Charles he needs to meet with Harry when he’s in Europe next month. They’re trying to force the issue. And, no, discussions about Harry’s future within the royal family can never happen without Meghan.

    • Gabby says:

      I cannot wait to see what consequences the tabloids have planned for Chuckles after he fails to comply.

  20. Amy Bee says:

    This is the Palace together with the press, setting it up so when Harry doesn’t meet with Charles the press could bash him for refusing to meet with Harry. It’s quite possible that Harry will be in London after the Games for the Wellchild Awards.

  21. Eurydice says:

    Lol, someone should let Charles know it’s the 21st century. No need for the stars to align; they do talks on Zoom now.

  22. Becks1 says:

    The press wants some form of reconciliation bc stories about H&M being miserable in California are losing steam. The more H&M are seen in public happy and content, with or without their children, the less power the “verge of divorce!!!!” stories have. They want H&M at events like the Trooping etc, and that cant happen without a reconciliation. NOW they do not want a full reconciliation, bc they still need to be able to bash the Sussexes at will.

    As for Charles – I think his idea of a reconciliation is Harry apologizing for Spare and the docuseries and promising to leave Meghan and the children, so that’s never going to happen, ha.

  23. Ace says:

    Harry is going to be relatively close to the UK and the British Tabloids bring out the regularly scheduled “peace talk” articles. Chuck is not willing to make any kind of effort with Harry and Harry obviously is not going to accept any “peace talk” that doesn’t start with an apology to his wife. But the rota rats gotta eat!

    When no talks materialise they’ll have another of the “H&M snubbed the King!1!!” articles and the cycle will start again with the “Will they/won’t they be invited to Christmas??” We all know how this goes and nobody in there has a single original thought to liven things up.

  24. Tate says:

    Don’t do it Harry. He doesn’t want to do this out of fatherly love. Be with your family. Be happy. Leave those that hurt you and would continue to hurt you where they belong… in the past.

  25. Chantale says:

    Another click bait story from DM to walk it back the next day.

  26. Harper says:

    I love the subtext that with William out of the country, maybe something good can come out of Harry and CRex meeting. CRex evicted H&M from Frogmore out of spite. There is zero evidence CRex has changed. There will be no meeting. Honestly, Cams has to be long gone before CRex would resort to a reconciliation with Harry.

  27. anotherlily says:

    The WellChild Awards website confirms the Awards will be held in September. No date has been given but it is certain to be a date when Harry is available. Last year it was September 8th, the day the Queen died, and the Sussexes had returned to the UK from Dusseldorf.

    There was some speculation at the time about whether Harry and Meghan, or perhaps just Meghan might still attend the event.

  28. S808 says:

    Wishful thinking on the press’ part. They’re not meeting. Charles is set in his ways and Harry has moved on.

    • Lady D says:

      I agree. How long will it take the press to agree, though? We could be having this same conversation 12 years from now, lol.

  29. Blujfly says:

    Charles and William claim they haven’t read Spare. Charles and William claim they haven’t watched the docuseries. Charles has completely thrown his lot in with the right-wing press which has made Meghan a new Hillary Clinton-esque hate figure and is printing cash on her name. Both Charles and William’s advisers have worked very hard for years to enable their popularity with the gutter press. There was a piece in the times of London this weekend about how Charles has won the public, etc. There is no reconciliation to be had. Spare revealed exactly how brittle and fragile, including the queen, were and are, and how the press invents their roles and personalities.

  30. Over it says:

    Not including Meghan in these supposed peace talks. Still sounds the same to me as don’t bring that woman to balmoral . Also , if chucky the dog—s—-itter father wanted peace, he won’t have kicked his son and family out of the house that they paid for . So chuck and go do himself one as far as I am concerned

  31. maisie says:

    Of course they went to Althorp. It’s probably the only place in England where Harry feels it’s safe. There are a couple of small airports where they could fly in without drawing a lot of attention. It wouldn’t surprise me if they went again this year.

    I would venture that either Lady Sarah McCorqudale or Lady Jane Fellowes is Lili’s godmother. They were both at her christening. Notice that H&M never disclosed the name.

    But this piece is completely made up. When you read it carefully, you can see it’s completely fact-free and all speculation. Harry’s NOT going to fly to the UK without Meghan to prostrate himself in front of his father. These people are grasping at straws.

    • Cella says:

      It has not yet been confirmed that Diana’s sisters were at Lili’s christening. Marie Claire was the first to report about this, and it’s a very questionable source. People magazine never mentioned that Diana’s sisters attended the christening. I think Lili’s godmother is Ashleigh Hale. From the documentary, it seems that Ashleigh is close to Lili.
      I want to add that I think it’s strange Harry didn’t make Meghan visit his mother’s grave until August 2022. They lived in the UK for two years and there were so many chances for him to get Meghan to “meet” his mother, yet he waited 6 years for that.

  32. Mary Pester says:

    Ah, so Charlie and his chocolate minions are trying to look “busy, busy, busy trying to arrange a conciliation visit between Charlie and Harry, NO THEY ARE NOT, they are looking to be able for Charlie to throw up his hands and say” I tried “, bullsht with a capital B. This is so much rubbish. But, here’s an idea for you king dufus, get one of your pilots to fly you to Dusseldorph to visit Harry AT THE GAMES! That way it will look as if you are trying and supporting the British veterans at the same time. Ooooo, just think Charlie, Harry might just be willing to give you a chance if you do, and it will be one in the eye for the rage monster who couldn’t be bothered to support the lionesses! But like I said, it’s all bullsht anyway , camzilla doesn’t want peace with Harry and she controls your every thought and action

  33. Tessa says:

    As long as Meghan is not invited and not apologized to by Charles harry should stay away

  34. Tessa says:

    Yet nothing is said regarding Camilla and Clarkson at.that party.right before the hideous article about Meghan. Camilla never issued any protest. Where is her apology

  35. Jaded says:

    Chuck can’t even be arsed to congratulate the British team members at Invictus he’s so full of spite. He’s the head of the British armed forces, but doesn’t acknowledge the Invictus athletes whose military service to their country and Monarch cost them loss of limbs, sight, depression and PTSD, many wheelchair bound for the rest of their lives. Atta boy Chuck, way to show your appreciation. There will be no peace talks.

  36. QuiteContrary says:

    Today I am announcing a summit with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to be held post-Invictus Games in my backyard.

    It has as much a chance of coming true as this figment of the DM’s imagination.

  37. Grandma Susan says:

    It is only my opinion, but I don’t believe Charles has any interest in a relationship with Harry, and definitely not his wife and children. Charles is every bit as jealous of Harry and Harry’s popularity as he was of Diana and her popularity. He never stopped punishing Diana for being loved while he was not, and he will never stop punishing Harry for the same thing. So there they sit, Charles who has made nothing but mistakes since becoming King, William who is a lazy slug and hostile and secretive to boot, and Kate – crazy eyes, hyena grin and jazz hands. They are already done and they are beginning to realize it. I can already smell the toast all the way over here in fly-over America.

  38. L4Frimaire says:

    If this is ending up in the Daily Fail, doubt it’s actually happening. What could they possibly have to talk about? Harry hasn’t mentioned the royal family since Spare came out and the BS of continually excluding Meghan makes them look like the racist jerks they really are. Who has time for this nonsense. Charles can’t even eat a sandwich without leaking it to the press. Why are they continually trying to rope the Sussexes into the royal drama when they’ve worked so hard to extract themselves from it.

  39. Cel2495 says:

    What a terrible obsession they have with Harry. He has told everyone already what is needed to make amends. He has expressed again again where he stands, where and what he considers home and they still trying to F with him. The sad thing is that they doing all this nonsense to pull focus of all the wonderful things Harry is doing and they fail miserable at all. Invictus is successful and will continue being so as well as all his other initiatives because he really does care and put his all in everything he does… something his lazy family cannot do.

    You cannot pull focus from the games or this man cause no one gives a 💩 about the that lazy family. Harry and Meg were the only interesting thing about them and they know it hence still with these crazy “stories”.

  40. alisays says:

    I know what you tried to do you salty messengers , “few spare days “ for spare !

    Spare : Too busy 🌈

  41. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Well, this is fan fic. I read in the Independent that this is not happening. No surprise, because the article uses “likely” and “could” and “reported”. Please, that just means one rr spoke to another rr for this story.

    I do like the fact that the UK media says that Wont is so well liked in the US and then turn around and write a story snubbing an American-Meghan. Yeah, that plays well.

  42. Izzy says:

    Bull. Either the Bully or KFC is trying to tell Harry and Meghan that they should not be back IN THEIR HOME COUNTRY OF AMERICA when that bald azzhat comes bopping into NYC.

    Dear Meghan and Harry: Please fly straight across the Atlantic after Invictus, and do treat yourself by stopping off for a night in NYC. Stay at the Baccarat Hotel. Go on a little shopping spree, hit up Tiffany’s. You deserve it.

  43. Reggie says:

    I find it interesting that this invitation is happening now. The documentary about Prince Andrew drops tonight on A&E.

  44. PJ says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Plus, I find it ironic that the press keep spinning the “come alone, Meghan isn’t invited” narrative when KCIII wouldn’t stand for Camilla to be left out of anything. So why they can’t see that Harry would have the same tenacity concerning his wife is just beyond ridiculous. PH has moved on.

  45. Cassie says:

    Just talk to your son Charlie, be a proper father for once .
    Apologise to him and Meghan ,acknowledge your grandchildren .
    Your are an old man now ,do the right thing fot once in your life before it’s too late .

    Call off the media hounds too while you are righting the wrongs of your pathetic life .