Hailey & Justin Bieber did not coordinate for her big Krispy Kreme-Rhode launch

It honestly took me a good ten minutes to figure out what the hell was happening here. At first, I thought Hailey Bieber was being paid to shill Krispy Kreme donuts and I was like “I would do that for free.” Then I thought Hailey was launching her new Rhode products AT Krispy Kreme, and I was like “you can rent out a Krispy Kreme for product launches??? OMG!” But now I get it – Hailey has done a “collaboration” with Krispy Kreme and her Rhode label. Basically, Hailey is offering Rhode peptide lip treatments in Krispy Kreme flavors, and Krispy Kreme is bringing back Strawberry Glazed Donuts in association with their Rhode collab. Truly, we all win here.

So, these photos are of Hailey and Justin Bieber going into a Krispy Kreme in New York and just… talking with staff and posing for photos. Hailey was all dolled up in a great red (“strawberry”) minidress, while Justin wore Crocs, shorts, a hoodie and a baseball cap. He really made a point of not dressing up for her event, although he did promote her sh-t on his Instagram. Are you getting some kind of vibe from them? The vibe I get from her is that she’s increasingly embarrassed to be seen with her perpetually underdressed husband. After the trip to Krispy Kreme, they went to lunch at Bar Pitti. She booked it out of the restaurant too, like they had a fight.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. Ketchup red dress and mustard yellow crocs that’s all I’ve got.

  2. Jais says:

    I have never had a strawberry glazed doughnut but now I want to try one. I’m baffled by his clothes, especially next to hers. Comfortable, I guess? Maybe she doesn’t mind?

  3. May says:

    That header photo just cracks me up. Whenever I see a picture of Hailey, all I can think of now is Vladimir Putin.

  4. Suze says:

    Does he even like her? The lack of effort on his part is pretty insulting, IMO. People on Twitter were claiming it was so “she could shine” but like, he couldn’t wear jeans and a tshirt?

    • Alicky says:

      Totally agree. He could’ve shown up in khaki shorts, a button down shirt and boat shoes and looked both comfortable and appropriate. The way he’s dressed indicates that he has no respect for the occasion at all — and, by extension, none for her.

    • SarahLee says:

      If my husband dressed like that for my work event my reaction would NOT be pretty. There would be no lunch. There would be no photos. There would be him getting booted back upstairs to dress properly or stay home.

    • Kirsten says:

      If you’ve seen them do videos together, it definitely seems like he does not like her.

    • B says:

      Didn’t she talk several years ago about basically rescuing Bieber and basically mommy-ing him through his bad boy rehabilitation?

  5. Blarg says:

    She looks fed up with his ish.

    • BB says:

      She sure looks like it. I don’t blame her. I am all for comfort, and I own yellow crocs too but the crocs+socks combo in public for an occasion like this deserves the mother of all ass whoopings. She should file for divorce citing those freaking things.

  6. Pam says:

    They are looking more and more like mother and son instead of partners.

  7. Osty says:

    Their body language has been weird for a while now . Hope everything is ok with them

    • Sass says:

      I don’t! I hope she leaves him. Dump his unwashed ass girl!

      • BB says:

        I’m with you Sass! I hope they are not OK and that she’ll get rid of this washed-out manbaby before committing any further mistake.

      • ML says:

        If she’s not ready to run, which is really good advice, then Don’t Get Pregnant.

      • Lauren says:

        Justin looks washed, and depressed. I don’t see any love here. Hailey looks overdressed for Dunkin, and this entire vibe is bizarre.

  8. Vaper says:

    I know nothing about these two but it looks like a passive aggressive attempt to undermine her success. Men know that the more empowered women become the less we need them. Insecure men act accordingly.

  9. Amy Bee says:

    Wasn’t he dressing like this when they met? If she had a problem with it she shouldn’t have married him.

    • HeatherC says:

      I doubt they met at an event announcing/celebrating a collaboration of hers. My mom met my dad, they were both wearing casual clothes (late 70s casual lol). She still expected him to dress normal for things that required a normal dressing. Like if she was appearing somewhere for work, my dad could not show up in a pair of ratty sweats and a faded Buffalo Bills Tshirt, no matter how much he loved it and no matter how much it was fine otherwise.

    • Sona says:

      This sound similar to when people say “she knew he was a drinker, if she had a problem she shouldnt have married” when a woman has serious issues with a drunken partner.
      It’s the whole “she knew what was coming, so it’s her fault”

      It’s freakin common sense that you dont dress as if you just got out of bed to an important event of your partner, even if you lounge around all day wearing this.

      He clearly couldn’t care less about getting up early, shower, pick a decent outfit; I bet Haley told him “babe, we need to leave right now” and he was like “Sure, Im ready, just gonna take off this shirt and throw a hoodie on”

  10. Whyforthelove says:

    He looks like a kid having a tantrum with his mommy. I mean she seems to be there to support him non-stop and he returns the favor like this? Yikes

  11. Sass says:

    Maybe it’s because I never understood the hype for this guy, because everything he does is middling at best and his wild swing from stupid reckless stunts to “I simp for Hillsong now lol so Christian” is just two shitty sides of a shit coin, but I definitely continue to be baffled that Hailey, the daughter of one of the most famous 80s heartthrobs (reference: Clueless and the slang term “Baldwin” to describe an attractive guy), found something attractive in him. He’s such a clown! I don’t get it? Wtf are those Donald Duck lookin crocs? He looks like he rolled out of bed and shuffled past the shower but decided it wasn’t worth swapping out his shower shoes for real footwear. And he looks like this on the regular. Ugh. I hate him.

    • Kitten says:

      I don’t understand the hype for her either TBH, beyond the fact that her family is famous. Everything about her screams basic to me, which is probably why her modeling career never really took off.
      She’s also a devout christian so that’s probably at least part of her attraction to Bieber.

      • Lucy says:

        I feel kind of mean even saying this, but she only looks pretty when she leans into rbf. The few pictures I’ve seen of her smiling, she didn’t seem actually happy and it didn’t light up her face. Probably the only person I’ve thought that about.

      • J says:

        Not a super fan but over time she’s grown on me. She has a gamine beauty that has grown on me

    • Juno says:

      Uhh, Stephen “Gummo” Baldwin was not ever a hearthrob. He was the unfortunate Baldwin brother who never measured up to his brothers, Alec and Billy, looks or career-wise. I guess he’s having the last laugh now, though.

  12. Barbara says:

    Wth is that thing he’s doing with his hood up, a trucker hat on top and the jacket half zipped? He looks so bizarre, like a three year old who was allowed to dress himself. She does look pretty over it with him and his dumb antics.

  13. JoanCallamezzo says:

    Reminds me of Selena’s lyrics “Sang off key in my chorus because it wasn’t yours”.

  14. Turkeylurkey says:

    I would’ve been so embarrassed to be seen with him let alone photographed. That is totally disrespectful and childish to dress that way at her event. I would’ve told him to stay home. I agree with Vaper, the better she does he may be threatened by her success. That pink cap on top of the hood was the icing for me, I can’t stop laughing 😂

    • ama1977 says:

      I’m just laughing because my husband will hang around the house in basketball shorts and a t-shirt (as you do in your own house) and he has a pair of Crocs that our daughter, who is almost 11 and LIVES in her Crocs outside of school, gave him for Christmas to wear when he gets the mail, etc. But he would DIE before he would wear that getup pretty much anywhere other than the house/to the corner to get the mail. DEFINITELY not to a work event for anyone, or really even to Target.

      Biebs, you turd. Put on a pair of jeans or other pants (heck, even presentable joggers) and some cool sneaks (kicks, I believe the youths call them?) with a shirt that fits you and one of those no-hood casual knit jackets and you’re just as comfortable but you don’t look like trash. And shower, my dear. Shower.

  15. Concern Fae says:

    So many boys do this. Live in a college town and seeing the girls all dressed up for a date and the boys being total slobs always breaks my heart.

    He needs to find something that meets his standards for style and comfort that matches a glammed up Hailey.

    • Normandes says:

      Yea Lainey had an article about this, it’s a thing. Gal gets dressed up to the nines and boy just looks like he just rolled out of bed. Hailey and Bieber do this all the time, nothing new. See also Irina/Tom Brady, Leo with every chick ever, etc, etc…. But his sneakers probably cost the same as some people’s rent.

  16. PunkPrincessPhD says:

    What in the strawberry-glazed f*CK …?!

  17. Yesgirl says:

    When I walk ahead of my man like that with that look, he better turn his attitude around like NOW. The vibe is way off. I also think he doesn’t like being used to generate attention for her. Like “why are we getting dressed up to go to a Krispy Cream store? I already posted it on my IG”. I feel he didn’t want to be included in the pictures and he got out of it by not dressing up. She looks so pretty but also try hard and this came off more of a stunt queen attention grabbing gone wrong because JB didn’t play happy care free spirit husband. Just a normal married couple. We all get on each others nerves here and there.

    • Reborn Rich says:

      Yesgirl, Why is it try hard to look well put together for a beauty brand collaboration? What do you think she should have worn?

      To many others, Justin B. may not be your cup of tea, but he is actually talented. Unfortunately, he was also abused/used by many of the adults who should have protected him when he was a minor, so he’s been challenged by various addictions.

      • Yesgirl says:

        @reborn I’m not knocking what she wore I mean how she was all dolled up and he didn’t seem engaged at all so it translated weird. That’s the try hard part. JB as I said seems to be doing normal annoying ass husband stuff. Its all just amplified because there are pictures and they are celebrities. Lord of that happened to me when I give my man the death stare. lol

      • Notjust says:

        I don’t know if it’s try hard per se. She’s been wearing the glamorous posh spice mini dresses for a while. She looks gorgeous in them.
        But is the outfit a bit much to go promoting a glorified lipgloss for a daylight event at a donut shop? Maybe…
        I’m not judging, as I said she looks and it’s her brand and collab so she should do as she pleases.

      • B says:

        I would not want to sit on the seat she sat on while wearing that dress. Yuck.

        But also, gawd, if I looked like that I’d probably wearing that at 9am too. It’s probably not going to last and I can’t hate on her for flaunting it while she has it.

  18. Anna says:

    Torn on this because she was definitely SWFing Selena for the longest time, and most if not all the drama Hailey has been a part of has been because of Jelena crap so I’m caught between “that’s the prize you wanted boo” and “girl, run”.

  19. TIFFANY says:

    Remember that joint interview they did shortly after marriage, I think it was Vogue or maybe Harper’s.

    Hailey pretty much admitted she was the emotional caregiver and ot felt like a full time job.

    I give these two another 2 years before separation rumors kick into high gear.

    • B says:

      I’m so glad someone else here remembered that too! I googled but I couldn’t find it.
      She’s totally his mommy / therapist.

    • molly says:

      I would have thought imminent separation following that very bizarre interview too, but they’ve been together for FIVE years.

      A shockingly long time for famous, young 20-somethings. I can’t imagine it’s super healthy, and they look kind of miserable most of the time, but props for making it as long as they have. A lot of people would have lost money if bets were placed on the longevity of that marriage. (Me included.)

      • Voominvava says:

        They are both religious and say they can’t divorce.. I also think that was why they got married so quick as she was saving herself for marriage… it’s sad really.

  20. B says:

    I don’t know them and I hope their marriage is okay but I will say that I would find it hurtful if my partner showed up to my work event looking like he did. Its feels like he intentionally dressed to send the message “I don’t care”. Additionally if they both got dressed at home he SAW how mismatched they were. He could have quickly changed into jeans and a nice button up and kept the ball cap.

    All this is giving I don’t care which is why I hope all is well. No one wants to get that message from their partner.

  21. Athena says:

    I have never seeing a picture of that woman where she looks happy or animated. No expression whatsoever is her norm. There’s no hint of personality that I can see. I never understood that relationship or why he was considered a prize.

    • Notjust says:

      Gee, you’re almost describing my impression of most of the Kardashians. Maybe she knows the cameras are always on?

      • molly says:

        The Kardashians made it famous, but I call it Plastic Surgery Face.

        Faces that have had a ton of fillers and work only look good when expressionless. Once you start laughing, crying, talking, smiling, ANYTHING, it all moves unnaturally and becomes very obvious. Recognizing and reading faces is a skill humans learn at birth, and we’re great at going, “oooh, that face doesn’t move like it’s supposed to, I find that unpleasant to look at…”

  22. February Pisces says:

    The definition of ‘be careful for what you wish for”. Hailey was obsessed with him during his peak teen heartthrob days and now she’s stuck with a washed up pop-star. I dunno if she’s still obsessed with him or if the novelty has worn off. She seems to be focusing on work and looks like she’s thriving whilst he brings nothing to the table.

  23. Jeanette says:

    What you get when you throw millions at a kid with half ass parents…a schlep schlepping thru life with no manners or respect for his partners endeavors.

  24. Sarah says:

    Maybe I’m missing something, but she doesn’t seem like the Krispy Kreme type? It’s like when sports stars are promoting Coke and you know damn well they aren’t drinking that by the case.

    I never got the attraction to either of them–or Krispy Kreme to be honest–so maybe I’m not a fair judge.

    • Lucy says:

      It’sa play on glazed as a lip and nail style. I don’t remember if it was this past winter or the one before, but it was the idea of brown lip liner with a glossy lip that she and other beauty folks took from POC who have been doing it forever, and re branded it. I don’t remember what the nails looked like.

  25. dlc says:

    He needs to work hard to be a good partner to her, because she really seems like she has her sh*t together

  26. Notjust says:

    Eh. He’s dressed like that for a couple of years now. A few years ago some fashion articles were dedicated to how Biebs basically wore extremely expensive clothes to look like a bum and how he was a trendsetter doing so.
    I feel like Hailey is mostly the one who went from normcore to glitz over the years. She’s been dressing up more and more since starting her brand.

    Justin’s look on the one hand screams that he doesn’t want to join the event and is a silent protest against it. On the other hand, would Hailey be this popular and have her own brand if she didn’t start dating Baby Biebs? However he’s dressed, him being there gets more traction for her event so…

  27. Blithe says:

    Loose association/ personal aside: I looked at the picture in front of Bar Pitti — and it felt oddly familiar. Then I looked again. Many years ago, I lived in a tiny, walk-up tenement apartment in that building. So now the restaurant is chi-chi? Wild. Time for a long overdue visit.

  28. Libra says:

    I wonder if he’s sending a message that she’s the one overdressed. It’s a donut shop; Strapless with 4 inch heels!!

    • Flamingo says:

      It’s a photo op to promote her collaboration. If anything he is underdressed to support her. He is the most miserable famous person ever.

      She could go back to Hailey Baldwin in an instant and thrive. She has outgrown him and he is stagnating her.

  29. Normandes says:

    This is such a white bro dude thing. I think of bad bunny, Lewis Hamilton and tons of other guys (especially athletes and actors of color) that dress up and have fun with fashion

    • ama1977 says:

      Yes!! And there are TONS of really fashionable, comfortable casual style options. There is no excuse for looking like you pulled your clothes out of the hamper for the 9th time instead of doing laundry. I don’t like the conflagrance of inside and outside clothes. I looooove my pajamas, but I’m not going to wear them outside of the house. It just screams that you don’t care about anyone but yourself, even if that’s not the case. OTOH, taking care to present yourself with care shows that you respect yourself and others, and the events you’re attending.

  30. Rai says:

    This is their whole vibe. The young rich and famous couple who act like old people. If his outfit was s problem, she’d left him at home.

  31. Flamingo says:

    IIRC they had a reality show for a couple of years. And there were blind items / rumors a couple of years ago that he was cheating on her. So he is for sure leaving his options open down the road.

    They just seem like a bland, good looking couple that thinks they are WAY more famous than anyone cares about them.