Taylor Swift has been ‘quietly hanging out’ with Kansas City Chief Travis Kelce?

Taylor Swift has been officially single since early June, when her fans demanded that she end things with Matt Healy and she capitulated, yet she still insisted that she didn’t dump Healy because of his extensive and well-documented racism and problematic behavior. The timeline for when Taylor and Joe Alwyn stopped and when she started up with Healy was also a big question mark and I don’t know what to tell you. All I know for sure is that Swift has been single for months and she’s probably looking for a new narrative. Enter football player Travis Kelce, who went on the record a few months ago about how he’d love to date Taylor Swift.

Nearly two months after Travis Kelce tried to give Taylor Swift his number, a source tells The Messenger that the duo has indeed linked up.

“Taylor and Travis have been quietly hanging out,” the source said. “She saw him when she was in NYC a few weeks ago.”

The Messenger has reached out to reps for Swift and Kelce for comment.

In July, Kelce tried — and failed — to pass his phone number to Swift ahead of a stop on the singer’s record-breaking Eras Tour. During an episode of the New Heights podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end said he made a bracelet for the show with the digits of his phone number on the beads. The two-time Super Bowl champ wanted to gift the homemade jewelry to the pop star ahead of her Kansas City show at Arrowhead Stadium in July, but unfortunately for him, Swift didn’t take the bait.

“I was disappointed that she doesn’t talk before or after her shows because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs that she sings, so I was a little butthurt I didn’t get to hand her one of the bracelets I made for her,” Kelce explained on the podcast.

As his brother laughed, Kelce added, “She doesn’t meet anybody — or at least she didn’t want to meet me, so I took it personal, but it was an unbelievable show.”

[From The Messenger]

I was looking around, trying to figure out if Kelce is MAGA, and it’s a mixed bag. He made pro-masking comments during the pandemic, but he also said he’d love to go to the Trump White House after Kansas City won the Super Bowl in 2020. He looks like he might have been at the Capitol on January 6th, but he also looks like one of those unexpectedly liberal guys. I don’t know. He doesn’t seem like her type, but maybe Taylor should try to date a jock and see what happens.

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  1. J.ferber says:

    I’d love to see her give him a try. Very different type of guy for her, so why not?

  2. Beach Dreams says:

    She doesn’t seem like his type either when you look at his past exes. His previous girlfriend was/is a true stunner.

    • bonobochick says:

      Who are his other exes aside from Kayla Nicole? I only know of her cause they were mostly together like 4 or 5 years. Someone mentioned to me a while ago that he leaned Robert DeNiro. 👁

      He & Kayla were a gorgeous couple and cute together. And their dogs are adorable

  3. SH says:

    My guess is based on timing this rumor that it was sent to the press because his brother’s documentary just came out that Travis is in. So the PR people put this out there to try and create additional interest in the Kelce family online.

  4. Twin Falls says:

    Never in a million years would I date a guy who said he was butthurt he couldn’t speak to me on his timeline. Gross.

  5. bonobochick says:

    ETnow reported on twitter yesterday that they’re not dating. FWIW.

    • LOLikes says:

      I’m from KC & most definitely a Chiefs fan. I hadn’t heard about this wanting to go to the Trump White House? I do know that his previous girlfriend is a beautiful gorgeous African-American girl. If this liaison with Taylor Swift was true this would definitely give Patrick Mahomes wife a run for her money because she’s a hot mess!

      • Southern Fried says:

        I gotta speak up for Brittney Mahomes. I think she’s wonderful. If you watched Netflix Quarterback you get a great view of her personality. She’s also doing terrific things for the Natl Women’s Soccer League specifically team KC Current and instrumental in building a new soccer stadium there in KC. She’s also shown herself to be no slouch in the fashion department.

      • Dazed and Confused says:

        Southern Fried – joining you in speaking up for Brittney Mahomes. In addition to all you mentioned, she also supports teachers. For the last couple of years, she’s asked teachers to send their Amazon Classroom Wish Lists to her and encourages her followers to help fill those lists. Considering how poorly supplied most teacher are – and how much of their own money they spend, I’m 100% in her corner just for that.

        She’s also a supporter of KC Pet Project – our local no kill shelter.

  6. girl_ninja says:

    Travis has famously dated black women. He even had some cheesy reality dating show and he was about the black women. His last long term girlfriend was the very beautiful Kayla Nichole. Not saying that he’s trying to date Taylor for publicity because she’s an attractive and accomplished woman but he’s tryna date Taylor for publicity .

  7. Nubia says:

    What is HER type? I dont think she has a specific type at all, her exes are each widly different.

    • It Really Is You, Not Me says:

      I think it’s true that her exes don’t bear a physical resemblance to each other, except that they’re mostly very tall. But all the ones we know about are musicians or actors (the Kennedy is the only non-artist I can think of).

      That said, it takes a long time to plan an album so maybe she’s branching out for some new lyrics. Blind item song titles that come to mind are “Super Bowl Ring” “Chief” and”Hawaiian Shirt” 😁

    • Riley says:

      About half are British, so we know she loves an accent. (also see: London Boy)

  8. FancyPants says:

    I don’t follow football, but I did watch the puff pieces that were running before the Super Bowl last year, and the narratives had me feeling kinda sorry for Travis Kelce. They were all “Here’s big brother Jason, universally respected family man who got his baby brother to stop doing drugs and focus on the game… and here’s little brother Travis, who got women to compete to date him and whose truck was stolen from a parking lot at a strip club.”😬

  9. Southern Fried says:

    What little I know of him is football related, besties with Mahomie (a giant plus in my eyes), funny at times, breaks out some crazy dance moves and blurts out songs no matter where he is. A friend sent me a portion of the podcast with his brother and it was mildly entertaining, probably best for football fanatics. Travis has also upped his fashion game and just kills it sometimes.

  10. Renee' says:

    Kansas City-ian here…..Kelce is not a MAGA.

    • Southern Fried says:

      @Renee’ good to know, thanks. I can’t wait to get back for JoesKC and all the other delights the city has to offer.

    • Michelle says:

      KC is in the CB House! Good to see it. Totally agree here. Travis is NOT Maga, and I’ve heard he’s a pretty good guy.

  11. Normades says:

    All I know about this guy is that he was actually pretty good on SNL. He seemed totally game to do whatever they threw at him.

  12. jferber says:

    I’ve seen Kelce and Kayla Nicole together before. She is gorgeous. Why did they break up?

  13. Cass says:

    She really can’t talk to anyone without the internet diving into the person’s history looking for something to bash her with

  14. AC says:

    Twitter commenters literally had fun with this yesterday saying finally she’s dating someone who’s attractive. And a couple other comments saying she’s finally over her British guys phase..lol..
    Btw. Nice to know he’s not a MAGA 🙂.

  15. TheBayTea says:

    He hung out with my friend who works at SNL all weekend of the show he was on…friend said he’s a great guy.

    I should note my friend is flamboyantly gay, so I would be very surprised if Kelce had any MAGA leanings.

  16. Stephanie says:

    I really loved on LG, they said Taylor needs her Amal or Alexis – 100% but if she wants a quick fling with an athlete, well then fine.

  17. Karen says:

    In my opinion, Travis Kelce is the Lesser Kelce. Go birds.