Duchess Meghan wore J.Crew & Staud to the Invictus Games

Here are some photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex today at the Invictus Games. Meghan arrived in Germany yesterday, and she attended her first Invictus event last night, an event for friends-and-family of Invictus veterans sponsored by Fisher House. Today’s appearance was for the wheelchair basketball game between Ukraine and Australia. Meghan and Harry sat with the Aussies, but also close to Team Nigeria. The British press is ranting and raving about Meghan learning that she’s 43% Nigerian, and Harry referenced that in his Opening Ceremony speech. There’s an element of “Meghan’s Black so of course she supports NIGERIA” to this coverage.

Meghan’s look here is a combination of her high-low dressing. The cardigan is from J.Crew and her shoes are Chanel. the shorts are either from Staud (likely) or J.Crew. Plus, she’s wearing some nice jewelry, including a pinkie ring which the Mail is currently crying about. I love that she wore shorts to the basketball game and that she continues to make “dress shorts” into a thing. They’re also making a big deal about how Meghan didn’t travel with a glam squad – she’s doing her hair and makeup for these appearances. I’m sure that upsets the Derangers, who continue to insist that Meghan “demands” designer clothes and full hair and makeup wherever she goes. They can’t admit that Meghan is just an attractive woman who looks great with minimal makeup, and she makes mass-market pieces look like couture.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Getty, Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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  1. ChillinginDC says:

    She did her own make-up for her wedding. She’s said before that she does her own looks most of the time so why is the Mail upset about that?

    Oh wait, I forgot, they are still angry that a Black woman has her own money, fashion contacts, etc. and she didn’t need Kate for anything?

    BTW she looks great. Once again she’s wearing what’s appropriate for the venue. Let us not forget the Wales at the Celtics game. Both were overdressed.

    • zebz says:

      no she didn’t she has a long time makeup artist daniel martin. no idea where you got that from.

    • Jais says:

      So Kate famously wiped off the make-up a professional had done for her on her wedding day. Saying she wanted William to recognize her. She then did her own make-up, eye-liner and all. So I think that’s where you got that @chillingindc. Daniel Martin has done many interviews about having done Meghan’s natural make-up look on her wedding day. I think they collaborated and discussed the look for the day but he likely applied it?

      • zebz says:

        daniel martin did her makeup on multiple events for the past 12 years. her wedding day and reception look included. she does her own makeup when he is not there as he is based in the USA but she for sure has a makeup artist. for the farewell tour, he definitely did her makeup. he was also in the documentary doing her makeup.

      • ChillinginDC says:


      • sparrow says:

        Yes, that’s my memory; he did the make up but it was, as it should be, a combined effort to work out the overall look. And he continued to work with her.

  2. Anna says:

    Ignore me, just thinking about M’s first Invictus with H and this one❤️

    She really does have a talent of making “normal” clothes look expensive. Styling is definitely a talent she has. Also, obsessed with her and her “formal” shorts agenda lol, she’s so cute❤️❤️

    • Chloe says:

      I have to admit that i’m also a fan of the shorts/blazer combo. I loved it on all the occasions she has worn such an outfit. Even before she met harry. Probably because she just pulls of shorts really well.

      • Minnieder says:

        I forgot how beautiful her legs are! She looks amazing!!

      • Christine says:

        Her legs don’t get mentioned enough, and they are so moisturized! I have leg envy every single time.

      • Lux says:

        So good to see Meghan in another great look! The proportions make it work really well—belted high waist shorts paired with the slightly oversized, long blazer. Tres chic. In contrast, Keen’s tendency to tailor all her clothes within an inch of her life hides nothing and overemphasizes her long torso and short legs. Her jackets are always too fitted and short and that style is super dated right now.

    • Lynn Chang says:

      I think she’s just gorgeous. Make up, no makeup. Great style/sweats. She’s just one of those people that always look good and on their worst day, everyone else still goes out to buy everything she’s wearing.

      She also happens to have great style but I think her message eclipses it all. “Non-intentional bias.” It’s now recognized. TY Duchess Markle!

      • Rooo says:

        “everyone else still goes out to buy everything she’s wearing”

        The J Crew website crashed minutes after the first pictures of her hi lo cardigan + shorts outfit hit the internetz

        You can get the cardigan in other colors but that cream with the black piping remains SOLD OUT

      • Booboochile says:

        Goodness…the British press having a collective conniption if she so much as breathes…like literally existing annoys the feckin eejits…I used to think dlisters hatred of her was unhinged…I used to side eye celebitchy too…but I am beginning to understand why You guys are protective… because Christ!!! BP is exhausting.

  3. She looks comfortable and I like the outfit. Can you imagine Can’t without her squad of hairdressers and such? The derangers are jealous that Meg looks great is happy and doesn’t need anyone to help her look and dress great. They pay massive amounts of money for the crap their leftover wears. I can’t wait to see more pictures of Meg and Harry being so happy.

  4. Tessa says:

    They look terrific. She looks wonderful in that ensemble

    • GoldenMom says:

      Totally agree – they look happy and she always looks so pulled together and effortless.

      Has anyone checked on Khate?

    • Demona says:

      Ever since we did DNA tests now we cheer so many countries at the Olympics, it’s super fun but silly. (Yes, I’m American and all mixed up.) Nigeria is my smallest percentage but it didn’t show up in my son’s but he also gets to cheer Hungary while I don’t. The DNA test honestly had no other impact on our lives aside from making the Olympics more fun.

  5. Nubia says:

    I dont think Kate will be able to stalker wear this outfit she only seems to wear shorts when she is doing some sailing events.

    • Snaggletooth says:

      Had the exact same thought and wondered if this is a teeny bit of the motivation behind this outfit. Like Meghan is so kind, I’m sure that it’s not but I could imagine her and girlfriends giggling and brainstorming looks Kate can’t copy.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Coming on to say the same thing: no way Kate is copying this.

    • Lau says:

      I just love how every reader’s mind went straight to that thought ahah.

      • tamsin says:

        Meghan has been wearing shorts suits (glad I’m just typing that and not trying to say it out loud) forever and always look great in them. Looking forward to seeing Kate wear one. I think she could pull it off, but it would come off as a copying loud and clear. I think a pair of Meghan’s great white sneaker collection would have looked cool with her outfit today. Love the oversized jacket.

  6. Jk says:

    Everyone looks like they are having so much fun!
    I’ve been looking forward to seeing these photos all week and I’m delighted.

  7. MrsCope says:

    It unravels one of their very unhinged talking points — you know the one where the whole comment section turns into accountants and auditors, and they start asking where the funds are coming from to fund her wardrobe?! These are the times I love because the derangers and the Rota just melt into a pile of 1950s school yard bullies, screaming “na na na boo boo” since they have nothing legitimate to say.

  8. Holz says:

    I love the cardigan, black tank and shoes. I’m not a huge fan of the shorts, but she makes it work! I would describe her look as casual elegance. Totally appropriate to watch a sporting event. Khate would never!

    • North of Boston says:

      I’m with you, don’t love the shorts, but between her entire being and the rest of the outfit, she makes the who thing work.

      And it’s completely appropriate for the event. (Plus having a cardigan for an event like that is smart, you never know if those places as going to be hot or cold, so layers are the way to go.)

  9. Jais says:

    If I had Meghan’s legs, I would fr wear shorts all day every day, weather permitting. Meghan in short shorts! ❤️

  10. Kingston says:

    Meg always brings such great energy to life wherever she goes. You can see that her husband is over the moon that she has arrived. I can just imagine all the texting they’ve been doing since he left home and landed in shidthole cuntry all the way ’til yesterday when they were able to be with each other again at last.

    I know they’re not millennials but a great love story is a great love story at every age.

    About the constant texting: I know this because I’ve reread the 3rd section of Spare at least 10 times.


    • Jazz Hands says:

      They technically are Millenials, with Meghan at the far extreme having been born in 1981.

      • Ripley says:

        Being a December ‘79 Gen Xer with most of my friends being Millennials growing up, I consider myself a Xennial. Meghan would fall into that category as well. Harry is definitely a Millennial.

    • ShazBot says:

      They are millennials…geriatric millennials but still millennials lol

      • Bee (not THAT Bee) says:

        LOL, “geriatric.” Um, no. Just you wait until you’re 40 and people start calling you geriatric! [shakes cane]

  11. Betina says:

    Ugh I’ve been waiting for that cardigan to go on sale at jcrew (it’s dry clean only so I won’t pay full price) but now I know it’ll be sold out by then since our Queen wore it!

    Update: I went to check and the site is crashed. Lolll.

  12. Becks1 says:

    I love this look! she crashed the J Crew website, LOL. And its still down, I just checked.

    She just looks so chic and comfortable. The more and more we’ve seen of her style over the past 3 years the more I like it and the clearer it is how much she tried to change for the institution.

    Everyone is so excited to see her and its so fun to see her and Harry interact with the families and supporters.

  13. Kath says:

    Glad to see Harry hanging out with the Aussies.

    Australia gets much the same wall-to-wall deranged press about Harry and Meghan as in the UK – because we’re also infested with Murdoch tabloid trash (especially the unhinged Sky News). But I’m not sure whether anyone is buying it outside the usual right-wing nutjobs (?).

    The coverage of the Queen’s funeral and the very, very weird forelock-tugging in Britain (or England, specifically) made a lot of people realise that we don’t really have much in common with the UK any more, and certainly don’t feel any attachment to the remaining royals.

    I hear “Harry’s the only one I like” all the time, and expect the poo to hit the proverbial fan when Charles drags his sorry carcass over here and expects the Australian taxpayer to foot the bill. He is seen as the archetypal “whinging Pom”.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    Meghan is so glamorous.

  15. Inge says:

    I can’t believe she’s 42. She’s stunning!

    Wonderful pics, great outfit, and I just saw on twitter she’s met team Nigeria yay 🙂

  16. MsIam says:

    She looks cute! I like this low key look.

  17. Kimmy says:

    I love that she wore flats! Kate would never!!

    • Y says:

      I don’t understand the constant need to drag Kate into everything but fyi Kate wore flats last summer for CW games, just to give you an example 🙄

      • Satish More says:


        I agree that Kate has certainly been known to wear flat shoes. not often, but it’s happened. At least as often as we see Meghan in flat shoes.

        However, I have to wonder if you have the same disapproving energy every time the derangers drag Meghan into conversations about Kate. (Which is almost EVERY conversation they have lol)
        Do you leave similar comments over there?

      • JT says:

        Kate wants to dragged into conversations about Meg. It’s why she’s been Singe White Femaling Meg for the past few years.

      • Julianna says:

        @Y Kate only wore flats to COPY Meghan at the commonwealth games which were in July 2022. Matter fact, they were the flats nearly identical to the ones she wore today. And they also were nearly the same that Meghan wore for Invictus in April 2022. Check the pictures out

      • Bee (not THAT Bee) says:

        The brit media started the comparison thing. If you don’t like it, take it up with them.

      • Satish More says:


        When I said Kate wears flat shoes as least as often as Meghan, I was alluding to Kate’s style-stalking. I thought it was very obvious that I was referring to that, when I wrote my last comment, but now reading it a couple days later, I see that it’s not obvious at all. 😋 Lol

  18. s808 says:

    Ugh love this look, very chic and casual! I need a tutorial on how she rolls her sleeves so they stay up, mine always fall.

  19. Rapunzel says:

    Lol… The Fail’s headline on this: “Raise your hands in the heir! Beaming Harry and Meghan bring the party to Invictus Games as Duke and Duchess hug sports stars and pose for selfies with fans in Dusseldorf arena”

    Heir, y’all. Heir.

    Willyboy gotta be engorged with incandescent rage over that one.

    I wonder: is the British media going to try to gaslight the public into seeing Harry as the FK, since Wills is a failure? Those rota rats do love rewriting history. 😆

  20. There’s an absolutely delightful picture going around, of a group of teenagers excitedly grasping one of Meghan’s hands all at once while posing for a picture in the rafters, as she stood on the floor right below them. It may end up being one of my favorite pictures of Meghan to date 🥰

  21. Cel2495 says:

    They can cry all that they want to, is not going to make Meghan ugly. She is a truly beautiful woman with great skin and genes and on top rich. Love the cute look for today, appropriate and nice.

  22. Teagirl says:

    It’s so refreshing to see someone who isn’t searching for the cameras, posing, jazz handing, or waving their ring in front of the camera. Meghan knows how to dress for an occasion, unlike the stick insect.

  23. sparrow says:

    Do you know what – her smile is the thing. Not the gurn into nowhere and for no reason, but a total smile of connection and joy.

  24. Loretta says:

    Meghan is so beautiful

  25. swaz says:

    Meghan is killing it ❤❤❤I love everything she wore ❤❤❤

  26. hangonamin says:

    love the quiet luxury here. personally would have styled it with some crisp sneakers or something more casual rather than chanel. especially when harry is next to her in sneakers and polo. also, i think those are Staud Louisa shorts. she’s worn a pink version of their linen/blazer before.

  27. Mary Pester says:

    I love how genuine her smile is, not a Jim Carey grimace like keens! And please, I don’t need a picture of the prk with teeth in my morphine addled brain lol. Love, laugh and enjoy Megan and Harry, I wonder if they can hear the pearls pinging and pillow throwing from there 😂

  28. ElsaBug says:

    And now Jcrew.com is down – she broke the Internet with this dress!

  29. QuiteContrary says:

    She looks incredible. And Harry and Meghan look so proud of one another. You can’t teach — or fake — the genuine warmth and charisma they both exude.

  30. Elena says:

    This made me so angry. One of the images labels Meghan as “Britain’s Duchess of Sussex ..” Her title may be British, but that country made it clear long ago she didn’t belong to them. I haven’t forgotten the British media’s constant chants of “Go back to America!” They don’t get to re-write history now to make themselves look like they aren’t a horribly unprofessional & vicious institution.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Elena, I saw that, too. The photographer is Odd Anderson who is with AFP based in berlin, so I don’t THINK this is a British photographer. I suspect that’s why it was labeled with way. I bet if the brf see that they will seethe.

  31. MinorityReport says:

    She looks great, but I’m peeved that J Crew is down. I got paid today and went to buy new pants for work. 🤣

  32. Beach Dreams says:

    Very chic and casual. I think this and the pink outfit she wore to the Lakers game are my favorite suit shorts looks.

  33. Well Wisher says:

    This is close to my heart, I took my oath of citizenship in a plaid shorts set…..
    Meghan decided to mix-it-up like Neo-soul……
    In other words, copy this!!!!

  34. Veronica S. says:

    Proportions are slightly off for me with the sweater. It’s a wee bit too long to wear with the shorts to me, but it’s otherwise a cute outfit. I’ve been eyeing a pair of Chanel flats for awhile, so maybe it’s time I finally indulged.

    • Kkat says:

      She’s Californian, it’s supposed to look like that.
      It’s a fairly common look at the high schools and universities.

  35. Julianna says:

    Meghan is absolutely beautiful but it’s not just her clothes or great skin. It’s everything about her. She is so charismatic and her interactions with people are genuine and it manifest even through all her pictures. Same goes for Harry. I love her outfit though. She looks chic, classy and relaxed. I’m enjoying Invictus so much.

  36. Rose says:

    Her outfits and hairstyles are perfection at the Games! Esp love the sneakers, I think Hermes? The clothing choices are perfect and even the high-end items could be replicated in affordable lines for people who shop at lower price points, like me : ) I appreciate the inspiration!

  37. Oswin says:

    Why are they crying about her pinky ring? I’d have thought snooty aristo types would at least be down with the pinky ring.

  38. JasmineBlossom says:

    Staud is Ari Emmanuel’s wife’s brand, so I won’t be surprised to see Meghan wear it pretty often