The Sussexes watched the Invictus volleyball games on Harry’s 39th birthday

Here are some photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Friday/Day 6 of the Invictus Games. This also happens to be Prince Harry’s 39th birthday. I’m trying not to get emotional about it, but it’s not working. He made it to 39, y’all. They threw everything at him, they neglected him, they abused him, they smeared him, they tried to get Meghan to unalive herself or divorce him. And now here he is, with his beautiful wife, at the international competition for wounded veterans which he founded. I still remember when the deranged British media went full death-cult around Harry’s 36th birthday too, and they talked endlessly about how that was the age his mother died.

Today, Harry and Meghan made their way to the volleyball competition and they posed with Team Poland. Meghan wore a cream onesie, a blazer and flats. I’ll update with the IDs when they come in! Update: Meghan’s romper is from Zara! The crowd also sang “Happy Birthday” to Harry:

That’s so sweet. Meanwhile, the British media can’t figure out what to be upset about. This happens every time the Sussexes have global exposure and the BM’s little hate bubble is exposed. Well, the royal reporters are super-mad that… Meghan is making speeches and handing out medals and that she’s part of the Invictus family too because she’s Harry’s wife:

The Duchess of Sussex, 42, reunited with the Duke, who turns 39 today, at a glitzy hotel party for the competition on Tuesday, in Dusseldorf, Germany. But the prince, who founded the games in 2014, was left taking a back seat as Meghan spoke of her parenting duties and praised competitors in an ‘off the cuff’ speech made in front of hundreds of military veterans.

Meghan’s impromptu address left Harry looking like ‘a spare part’, according to The Daily Mail’s Royal Editor Rebecca English, who claimed that the move wouldn’t have happened if they were still members of the Royal Family.

‘I do see the rationale behind Meghan accompanying him – you often see William accompanying Kate on things that she’s leading on, and vice versa,’ she told Palace Confidential. ‘I did find it a little strange that Meghan gave a speech at one of these events, I know it was a bit off the cuff, but you certainly wouldn’t see that in the Royal Family. If it was someone’s baby, the partner would always let the other person take the lead and shine. Harry did see a little bit like a spare part on the stage there.’

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail’s Diary Editor Richard Eden said Meghan ‘was keen to show her support to Harry as his cheerleader really.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Harry made speeches and met with tons of people solo, before Meghan arrived at the games. Once she arrived, everyone at Invictus wanted to see her and talk to her. Meghan is excellent at diplomacy, making speeches, being a cheerleader and supporting Harry. What’s great about the Sussex marriage is that Harry loves and appreciates Meghan’s strengths and he wants to show her off. He loves that she’s making off-the-cuff speeches and helping him with all of the diplomatic stuff.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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  1. Tessa says:

    Happy birthday Harry

  2. Layla says:

    Happy birthday Prince Harry! Here’s to many many more years of freedom, love and laughter. Loved the Polish team celebrating their win with H&M
    I’m still laughing at this time 2 years ago when K really tried to upstage H only for Time magazine to drop their amazing cover of Harry and Meghan. I’m surprised the Keens aren’t out and about today.

    Love Meghan’s blazer and her earrings. Again I’ve said it before but I just Love how she’s not giving her stalker anything to work with. We’ll probably see a silk shirt at some point and jewellery replicas but otherwise, nothing 😂😂😂

    • Layla says:

      As for Becky English, what her puny mind fails to comprehend is that strong men like Harry don’t feel insecure when their partners outshine them but instead value and uplift them. But then again, she wouldn’t know what that looks like when she prefers to surround herself around petty wimps like Incandescent Keen Other Brother who wouldn’t know what strength was even if it slapped him the face, so…

      • Lorelei says:

        Becky also fails to comprehend that since they are NO LONGER WORKING ROYALS, they do not need to follow the same rules and “protocols” that the royals do, and can structure their events howeverTF they want.

        None of them can get that through their heads; they still judge everything the Sussexes do through the lens of the “royal” way of doing things. Bitching about overshadowing, etc. Like, when will they finally get it that Harry has LEFT, and he’s never coming back, so all of these criticisms are moot??

      • Becks1 says:

        Harry reminds me of Barack Obama, in that he understands people respect him and what he’s doing or done, but he also gets that people are there to see Michelle, lol. And he’s completely fine with that. He gets that she’s the fashion icon out of the couple, and he’s fine with that. Remember that great picture of them at a state dinner with Obama pointing at Michelle with an expression like “can you believe she married me?” That’s how Harry interacts with Meghan, like he can’t believe he got so lucky. So he doesn’t mind if people are more excited about seeing her than him, he loves that people love her.

        That’s how a secure and confident husband who loves his wife reacts.

      • Wannabefarmer says:

        Someone needs to remind ‘becky’ that Harry is not charles nor is he willy. Harry has a partner in life, not a competitor. She is his equal (did he not mouth to her at the altar that ‘he was so lucky’?). In fact I’d argue Harry knows in no uncertain terms that he married up, that she literally upgraded him (when was the last time we saw H wearing shoes with holes; have we seen his shoe game???), she ensured he’d never feel like a spare part in waiting again, that’s why he was not about to lose her. Cry more becks.

      • Sugarhere says:

        @Lorelei, Absolutely. That royal sycophant can’t envision the Sussexes as full-fledged autonomous working adults who are no longer accountable to royal protocol. She either perceives Harry and Meghan as obligated to show deference to the royals or fantasizes that the pair competes to have the upper hand on each other.

        Everybody named Rebecca ought to disown Becky English and just call her Bickering English. She’s particularly gifted to antagonize Prince Harry and his wife, by speculating on imaginary Meghan violations in the code of decorum: she chooses to disregard the fact that H & M are co-founders of Archwell, that Meghan can make a speech at the games in her statutory capacity as Harry’s spouse.

        In other words, Bickering English has deep-seated issues when it comes to picturing Henry and Meghan as both life and work partners, equally committed to charity. Implying that Meghan won’t “let the other person take the lead and shine” is a rhetorical means of divorcing them, of creating a rift between them.

      • Becks1 says:

        #notallbeckys 😂😂😂🤣

      • MelodyM says:

        It’s called *working as a team*. Something the Wailes know nothing about.

  3. MrsCope says:

    How many different ways does Harry need to say he wanted a partner, and that Meghan is that?! The royals are so “me,me,me” and “mine,mine,mine” that they wouldn’t know a healthy marriage dynamic if it stared them in the face —and it did! Also, she spoke at a friends and family reception. Invictus is a family and she is a veteran’s wife.

    • Jais says:

      Yep, exactly. It’s like you have to say it slow for the BM. Harry and Meghan are a team. It’s called teamwork. They like to work together. They like to share the spotlight. It must be jarring bc yeah the Windsors do not operate that way. It’s all about “this is my thing, not yours”

  4. Flowerlake says:

    Thank you for posting all these lovely pictures!

    • Flowerlake says:

      And anyone with Instagram, please follow:


      The more people following and engaging, the better.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        I’m planning to go through them and like every single one later today. It really does help support and bring attention to the games and the veterans! IG algorithm and all that. Thank you for the reminder ❤️

  5. equality says:

    Really? Then why did Kate present an ES award? And Cam has handed out Prince’s Trust awards before. Yet another example where it is only unacceptable when one woman does it.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Exactly. Plus it’s just another example of the British press bashing Meghan no matter what she does. If she hadn’t spoken they’d be saying the competitors don’t want her there, Harry didn’t really invite her, etc.

      Plus they’re just jealous that after 87 years of keening, Buttons McWiglets still cannot give a coherent speech, let alone say some words off the cuff.

      Meghan is amazing. The veterans and their families love her and are falling over themselves to meet her and get photos with her. And Harry? He has heart-eyes everytime he looks at her.

      • Wannabefarmer says:

        Yeah, same people who said they were getting a divorce b/c she wasnt out helping him promote his book. Whiplash trying keep up with that lot.

  6. Belli says:

    The British media have really been thrown for a loop at how loved Harry and Meghan are and how people have been with them at Invictus. You’ve got Rebecca English trying to force a snide angle as usual, the rest of them trying to throw poop at the wall in the hope that some smear sticks, anything to get around the fact that they’re good people doing good things and being liked while doing them.

    • Christine says:

      It’s especially stupid since we had the glory of back to back Invictus years, and Harry and Meghan got the rock star treatment last year as well. None of this is new information, to anyone, so stop throwing your pointless tantrums. At least you two weren’t out looking racist and colonialist as fuck in a Commonwealth country the week before Invictus Games this year?

      Are they all pretending the hilarity of last year didn’t happen? All I need is the side by side Landrover photos to set me off. Seriously, if you would sit down and shut up, you would do yourselves a lot of favors, mainly because we could forget how stupid you are if you weren’t parading it around all the time.

      ETA: I just realized they DID learn from last year. This is why their months long vacation ended the same week as Invictus, not before.

  7. Carmen says:

    Hilarious article in the Daily Mail that they were absolutely shocked — SHOCKED! — at how popular H & M are in Germany. They seemed totally nonplussed that their toxic bullshit isn’t accepted as gospel anywhere outside of Salt Island.

    Meanwhile, the derangers have gone into hyperdrive on Twitter slamming the Sussexes success at the Games. I thought I’d seen hate before this, but this is off the charts.

    • Tessa says:

      The derangers want harry replaced for invict us. They are trashing Meghan for her outfits and saying the veterans don’t want her and trying desperately to give credit to William for invict us. Harry and Meghan are popular and derangers cannot stand it.

      • Laura D says:

        @Tessa – The derangers have not asked ANY of the competitors if they would like to replace their founder and patron (who is also fellow vet) with William. This isn’t about what’s best for these brave men and women from all around the world, it’s about what the derangers want.

    • Lorelei says:

      Sigh. I haven’t been on Twitter much recently but that’s disappointing (although not at all surprising) to hear. Especially considering we’re talking about *wounded veterans* FTLOG.

      I don’t go and sh!t all over every photo & comment section whenever there’s an Earthshot event, I just scroll and ignore (and make my bitchy comments about it on here instead! 😂). Why can’t these people do the same??

  8. Scooby Gang says:

    So, when Harry was promoting Spare, the BM cried and cried about Meghan not supporting him. Where was Meghan? Why wasn’t she supporting his book promotion? Why wasn’t she doing interviews? Why wasn’t she seen everywhere?

    Now, with IG, they’re crying and crying about Meghan supporting him. Why is Meghan there? Why is Meghan attending events? Who said Meghan could give a speech? Why is she making IG all about Meghan?

    • What else says:

      They only wanted Meghan to promote Spare so they can abuse her some more and use the narrative that she is leaking royal conversations. The BM and BRF are angry that Harry put himself in the line of fire for Meghan and won’t allow them to abuse her. I’m happy that they are continuing to show the world that the smears won’t work. Cheers to 39 Harry!

      • Scooby Gang says:

        @whatelse (love that!) – – – Oh, absolutely! I love watching them doing good work with their heads held high.

        Here’s to many, many more years of doing their thing, ignoring the hate and letting the idiots continue to make fools of themselves.

  9. Amy Bee says:

    Doesn’t Kate participate in the Earthshot Awards? Why can’t Meghan make a speech at the Invictus Games? Plus it’s not the first time she’s spoken at the games. The DM just pissed that another one of their narratives has been proven to be wrong.

    • Becks1 says:


      Also, her speech was perfectly appropriate because she talked about her and Harry’s family and then went into how Invictus is a big family, at a reception for……competitors and their families. It was completely appropriate for the occasion. It’s not like she stood up at the volleyball match and said “GIVE ME A MICROPHONE!” lolol.

      • TangerineTree says:

        @Becks1 I laughed out loud at your last sentence! I’m alone at a table lunching out – thanks, I needed a laugh during this work day!

  10. Bettyrose says:

    I know the 21st century has been a tad regressive in human rights but this can’t be the first time the BM has heard of a woman sharing an equal role with a man?

    • Sophie says:

      Not any woman, @Betty, a biracial one! That’s the problem for them all!

    • acha says:

      Harry looks like “a spare part”? At INVICTUS?

      oh they are reaching, lmao. He and his wife are the heart and soul of these games, and everybody knows it. The fact that Meghan is assisting and raising him up and raising the profile of these games is *spectacular*.

      May Blessed Warrior Princess Lolo be forever his partner in all he does!

      • Lorelei says:

        @Acha, that was a low blow, imo. Luckily Harry will likely never see it and if for some reason he does, he’d probably just laugh at this point.

  11. Anna says:

    Happy birthday H, may your joys and happiness be doubled, and your sorrows halved🎉

  12. Petra(Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

    My face hurts from smiling. JOY!
    Happy 39th birthday Prince Harry! Your BDG is unmatched.
    Meghan is just a bright LIGHT…I want this whole outfit.

  13. Maxine Branch says:

    As Meghan mentioned early on in her relationship with her husband, Harry is a feminist. Harry even spoke on being a feminist before he met Meghan. In most good marriages, the husband and wife work as a team regardless of who established the initiative. And when you have a wife as articulate as Meghan, you would want to show off her oratory skills. Problem with Harry’s birth family is their desperate need for center well as their useless performative endeavors for clout.

  14. MrsBanjo says:

    They were throwing fits when she wasn’t doing stuff with him and now they’re throwing fits when she does. Toddlers, the lot of them.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Exactly this. Anything and everything she does is criticized by the royal rota rats and their rabid fan base.

      • Lorelei says:

        I think it also reminds them of how poorly Kate fares in comparison, *especially* when it comes to public speaking. So, naturally, they get defensive and nasty and slam Meghan.

  15. Grumpierthanthou says:

    Such poor journalism. I saw an article outraged at the shorts a couple of days ago – If Meghan were still royal she COULD NEVER! Guess what a three second search of ‘Kate Middleton shorts’ reveals? The shock! The horror!

    • SURE says:

      The right wing British media (which is the overwhelming majority of the British media) doesn’t do journalism.

  16. s808 says:

    Happy Birthday Prince Harry! I hope your year is filled with love, laughter and success.

    Before he even met Meghan, Harry stated wanting a partner with all of this, someone to “share the pressure”, I believe was his words. He’s more than found that in Meghan. They hold hands for support and push each other forward at the same time. A really, really excellent partnership.

  17. They both are having a great time and the people around them are very happy to have them there. British tabloids can cry more but they can’t make people who have a brain hate them. Happy Birthday Harry.

  18. Kittenmom says:

    They are just mad that Kate can’t perform like this at any of William’s events. Or her own.

  19. Jais says:

    Also, Meghan in a onesie! Neutral colors. Looking gorgeous. I cannot do onesies mostly bc I have to pee too much and getting it off each time is just not worth it.

    • Bee (not THAT Bee) says:

      That was my first thought when I realized it was a romper. Plus having to take off the blazer too! I had one years ago and donated it to Goodwill after wearing it a few times. I really don’t like having to get naked to pee.

      That said, she looks amazing as usual, and they both seem so happy to be there. As do all the vets and their families. What an amazing thing Harry has created. And they tried to say he was dim.

  20. SussexWatcher says:

    Happy birthday Harry! 🎂 I’m so happy for him and the loving family he and Meghan have created (their children, Mama Doria, their pooches, their found family, and the Invictus family). I’m so glad he broke free of that royal family cult and is living his best life.

    He must be having a ball having his birthday there. What a wonderful way to celebrate, in the middle of another hugely successful Invictus Games.

  21. Izzy says:

    They have looked so happy, relaxed, and in love on this trip. Definitely on their way to a divorce, amirite guys? 🙄

  22. Eurydice says:

    What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday, Harry! Surrounded by love and hope – I wish you the best.

  23. MSTJ says:

    Happy Northdsy Prince Harry!! 🎊

    Let Rebecca English and the rest of the toxic British media stew. Both Harry and Meghan spoke at the event. It was a family event. He has a wife that supports him, and guess what, she can speak well off the cuff at a public event. The other brother’s wife can’t do that so their media friends are trying to ‘put down’ Meghan for doing something exemplary. It’s what mediocre people in institutions do to others who excel above them. That’s why they were angry at Meghan when she was a working royal. She exposed their mediocrity.

  24. Plums says:

    There are some amazing outdoor pictures of Meghan in that outfit. It’s between this one and the black look with the sneakers and updo as my favorite so far.

  25. Meija says:

    Megan seems like a healthy glowing personality. She is very appealing and I can see why people love to look at her.

  26. TheWigletOfWails says:

    Happy Birthday Harry! I’m so proud of the man you’ve become!

    S/O Meghan, you took that man from being a scotch bonnet pepper to a Carolina reaper. Whew! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Becks1 says:

    Happy Birthday Harry! What a perfect way to celebrate, with the Invictus family! love that they sang to him.

    Meghan looks great yet again.

    As for her presence there….she’s clearly loved by the IG family, which is wonderful to see and which is the real problem for the BM.

  28. Gabby says:

    Awww Richard Eden and Rebecca English, this makes you mad doesn’t it? Bless your hearts. If you take a break from being a dick for just 5 minutes, you will realize that it doesn’t matter to the INJURED SOLDIERS WHO LEFT PARTS OF THEIR BODIES ON THE BATTLEFIELD who makes the speeches, arranges the games, hands out the medals and says the nice things. The IG is for them. Try to remember that.

    Happy birthday Harry! May all your dreams come true. I can see that a lot of them have.

  29. Retro Junkie says:

    Happy Birthday Good King Harry!
    Meghan looks absolutely gorgeous, stress free and glowing! i bet the wailing and gnashing of teeth on salt island is at a critical high lol. I do wonder if she’s choosing her latest outfits to throw a wench to counteract kate’s copykeening. Kate might not be able to wear anything short like the onesies in her stedford wife role. But with queen deranger you never know!

  30. Over it says:

    Well Becky , see the difference is Meghan is educated and smart and engaging and articulate. Kate can’t string two words together to save her wiglet .

    • Nx2 says:

      Meghan is also a first-class act – she doesn’t have to reach for her husband’s butt in public to suggest or prove anything to anybody. Kate is a butt-grabbing dummy in a doll wig. There, I said it.

  31. Over it says:

    Well Becky , see the difference is Meghan is educated and smart and engaging and articulate. Kate can’t string two words together to save her wiglet .
    Happy birthday Prince Harry . Wishing you many more to come filled with love and happiness with your beautiful loving wife and children.

  32. Lau says:

    “The Daily Mail’s Royal Editor Rebecca English, who claimed that the move wouldn’t have happened if they were still members of the Royal Family.”
    To sum up, the wife MUST shut up.

    • kirk says:

      Rebecca English thinks Harry and Meghan are not “still members of the Royal Family?” That sounds like proof that the british royal family is not really a “family” per se, rather they’re just a family business, an institution.

  33. hangonamin says:

    happy bday harry! virgo season ftw.
    am digging the linen outfit from meghan. this is eons better than her awful beige pants. this is wrinkled as well but looks casual luxe whereas the pants just looked bad wrinkled and swallowed her legs. nice color, effortless, and casual cool. the blazer elevates it. crazy how a cheap zara romper looks better than a 1k pair of pants when you style it right.

  34. swaz says:


  35. QuiteContrary says:

    Happy birthday, Harry! Diana must be so pleased to see her youngest son thriving and so deeply loved.

    Meghan looks incredible, as usual … and of course Harry was happy that Meghan offered remarks to the Invictus family, which he created. She’s basically the first lady of the Invictus Games. And they are a team.

  36. Susie says:

    Kaiser and Rebecca get at why the family had to get rid of them. In the royal family the royal men would never let their wives outshine them. It’s forbidden it’s the worst sin a wife could commit. There would be meetings by 7 undersecretaries and the royal husband would ice out his wife for at least a month and probably leak something nasty about her to the press. That can’t fathom on any level that someone would actually want and be happy if their spouse was a bigger star than them. Someone lower than them on the hierarchy must hide their light.
    Harry on the other hand LOVES it when his wife shines. It’s very obviously his favorite thing. He’s her biggest fan girl. He wants her to shine at her very brightest setting and doing that in his birthday is probably the best gift she could have given him. But the royals and their stenographers will never understand that he must be as secretly resentful as the other royals are publicly.
    Happy birthday to him. He got the happiest life and healthiest marriage of everyone in that family. He chose joy and peace and it looks good on him

  37. Julianna says:

    Meghan looks beautiful. Happy, genuine and cheerful. Harry and Meghan are in love and you can see the HUGE contrast of W&K from their photos.

    And thank goodness she wore so many pieces that her stalker can’t copy. Though didnt she literally just put on a black jeggings and a black shirt what 2 days after Meghan just wore it? This is getting extremely insane. She started wearing that round pendant necklace to copy Meghans last year IG look and Meghan has been wearing it all week. Well… kkkate has decided to wear it literally for days as well. And we know Meghan packed her jewerly for the trip and already planned on wearing it. Middleton is an absolute CREEP.

  38. Tina E says:

    The reason the other partner’s aren’t making speeches is because none of them are very good/comfortable making speeches, especially Kate. They all seem to avoid them at all costs which is why the vast majority of engagements are just casual conversations that no one can report on properly.

  39. Beverley says:

    Happy birthday, Harry! 💝🎂🥂🍾💐
    And many happy returns!

  40. Vanessa says:

    The British tabloids have whipped themselves into a frenzy they write unhinged articles about the Sussex’s all the time . Whatever they write they truly believe it they believe that Meghan and Harry were unpopular so when real evidence proves them wrong they have to bend over backwards to twist things to make themselves and the royals feel better about themselves. The Sussex’s have prove time and times again that they are globally superstars and nothing the tabloids or the royal family throw their way have work they only people who believe their narrative are the Karen and the racist royal family.

  41. Mary Pester says:

    Our Harry, happy birthday, from one veteran to another I hope you continue to shine for many more.
    Now as for keen doing an off the cuff speech to support Williams “work!!!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂sorry, must compose myself, ahem, 😂😂😂😂😂sorry I just can’t 😂😂🙁

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mary Pester, I can’t imagine it either. I have a feeling that it would be so bad that you’d almost have to feel sorry for her. Almost.

  42. Laura D says:

    These people really can’t make their minds up. One minute they’re screaming for KCIII to remove their titles. Then in the next breath they’re reporting their events as if they were still in the BRF. Make it make sense!

  43. Jaded says:

    Harry was left taking a back seat? Meghan’s impromptu address left Harry looking like ‘a spare part’? Oh Becky…your pathetic attempt at trivializing Harry’s enormous contribution to the physical and mental wellbeing of hundreds of military personnel and their families is a big fail. Go scrape the bottom of the Windsor barrel, I daresay you’ll find a lot of REAL dirt there to spread around.

  44. lheath says:

    The Daily Mail is being suspiciously complementary about Megan and Harry’s appearence at the Invictus Games. I’m waiting for the Celebitchy team to explain it to me! Did they get shamed for not supporting the Invictus Games and are trying to make up for it? Or are they trying to punish the royal family for something? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Well Wisher says:

      The upcoming court case may explain their reticence…..
      Or not..

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Iheath, it could be that their former tabloid editor Communications person was smart enough to see that it would be a problem to continue their crap during the IG. That’s all I’ve got. I doubt it was the current editor at the Fail, but stranger things have happened.

      I think every time the bm go after H&M when there is clear evidence to the contrary, more of the credible media don’t pay them any mind. There could be some of that, too.

  45. blunt talker says:

    Harry watched how his dad treated his mother-like a piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe-his dad tried to take away Diana’s shine-Harry watched and learned how to treat his wife on a different level-that’s the whole truth nothing but the truth so help me God.

  46. Well Wisher says:

    I am wishing Prince the happiest of birthdays!!

  47. Murphy says:

    That’s how you have a successful event–you engage with the participants as much as possible.
    If that’s not the “royal way” then I guess it explains why everything they do is so low energy and low attendance since the Queen passed.

  48. Cathalea says:

    Last year the RF wished him a happy b day via sm, this year they didn’t. Even his father’s Twitter account failed to shout out a bday wish.

    Evil people..

    • Kingston says:

      No, no @Cathalea…..its a good sign. Something seems to be getting thru to someone. Dare we hope….at long long last? lol

      H has said over and over again, specially during his book promo as well as in the H&M docuseries: there will be no overtures from me to you and no response to your overtures from you to me, i:e no ‘reconciliation’ talks UNLESS AND UNTIl you apologise to my wife.

      It is obvious to anyone paying attention, that after H fulfilled his obligation to the crown (him still being a part of that cabal, for now) by attending the coronation and, by leaving so publicly and dramatically immediately thereafter, making it plain to everyone that he was there for that sole reason only, that there have been no overtures – no permission-seeking, no communication whatsoever – on H’s part.

      So in ignoring the birthdays of the Sussex children and their mother this year, there was no way those m0r0ns in palaces could possibly acknowledge H’s birthday without bringing down global public opprobrium on their own heads.

      So someone must have pointed this out to them.

  49. kim says:


    there are great pics of prince harry’s birthday on this site.

    • TangerineTree says:

      Wow!! Thanks, @kim! So many photos and short videos there.
      Happy 39th Birthday, Harry!
      Meghan is absolutely stunning today. All of her IG looks are fantastic – she is glowing (I know everyone says that, but it is true!)

      And lastly, the Polish IG team member who thanks Harry and then points directly at Meghan, is so sweet and funny!

    • Nlopez says:

      Thank you Kim! I got choked up at how much H &M are loved. If I was his mom, I’d be very proud of him. He is Diana’s best legacy! Meghan is wonderful too! I’m glad these two found each other in this crazy world🥰

    • windyriver says:

      Thank you so much for this link!

      Some takeaways worth mentioning: at the volleyball final H&M were joined by his friend Nicky, who was in the H&M doc (her brought his daughter); photog and friend Misan Harriman; and also, sitting next to Harry for the game, the UK Minister of State for Veterans’ Affairs, Johnny Mercer. I guess he came with the UK Minister of Defence but none of the BM thought any of the UK delegation worth mentioning. Earlier in the day H&M met with Kasper, the Danish cyclist from HOI, who was also in Dusseldorf and won another cycling medal.

      There’s more that’s interesting but I’m guessing CB may cover some of it over the weekend so I’ll stop there.

    • Lemons says:

      OMG I just had to say that these pictures are amazing! Harry and Meghan’s shot with the dogs are in STARK contrast to William and Kate with the dog on Friday’s post. 😂

  50. Nibbi says:

    The onesie’s hilarious. She looks absolutely fantastic, but you KNOW not everyone can pull that off 😉

  51. Caribbean says:

    I so frustrated to see some asking why Meghan is there and why she is giving speeches.

    Why are there not questions about why the RF is rich off of welfare and why they don’t do more than stalk Harry and Meghan?
    I hate how people seems not to be able to think for themselves and just talk about the storyline they are given.

    During the interview with Oprah (which some are still using to beat her with) Meghan spoke of her time with the FIRM and Harry spoke of his family treatment of him from when he mom’s passed to his marriage.
    He then wrote a memoir like MANY, MANY people before him.

    Harry and Meghan were VASTLY UNDERPAID compare to how much many are making off of their names.

  52. JJ says:

    Meghan is supposed to be a Stepford wife and just be seen (but not get too much attention) and not heard? Please! She is smart, beautiful, supportive, friendly and loved. She speaks because people want to see her and hear from her as well as her equally charismatic husband. Deal with it British media!

  53. bisynaptic says:

    Maureen and Becky Little English say what, now?