Princess Kate wore a £375 Maje blazer, black jeggings & a black top in Hereford

It’s more than likely that the Prince and Princess of Wales delayed making any big staff shakeups until after the one-year death-anniversary of QEII. But the timing of Kensington Palace’s announcements this week have felt like Prince William is desperately and furiously trying to hijack as many headlines as possible during the Invictus Games. Soon after KP staffers “excitedly” briefed Richard Eden at the Mail about their big plans to hire a Top CEO for KP, those same staffers ran to the Telegraph with another story: William is prioritizing mental health within the Duchy of Cornwall. This new initiative – if that’s what it is, because it’s not entirely clear – was packaged with William and Kate visiting the “We Are Farming Minds” charity at Kings Pitt Farm in Hereford on Thursday.

The Prince of Wales has announced that he will put mental health schemes at the heart of his approach to running the Duchy of Cornwall. The move marks the first significant change from how the estate, which generates an annual income of some £24 million for his family, was run by his father. His new strategy will aim to provide mental health care and support for all tenants of the 130,000-acre estate he inherited on the death of his grandmother.

The Prince, also the Duke of Cornwall as heir to the throne, became one of the country’s largest landowners upon inheriting the Duchy, and has been particularly focused behind the scenes over the last year on its management.

A mental health initiative was a natural implementation to be made, since it is known to be a topic he is very passionate about, described by sources as “his bread and butter”.

As part of their whistle-stop visit to Hereford on Thursday, the Prince and Princess will meet two Duchy tenants on Kings Pitt Farm to discuss the new strategy and their experiences living there. Sam and Emily Stables, who have been living at the farm for around eight years, set up a charity specifically to help farmers with mental health difficulties, called We Are Farming Minds. The charity has since grown rapidly to meet what had previously been an unmet demand and will be working closely with the Duchy to implement the new initiative.

“He has been thinking about how to take the lessons from Earthshot or from the Royal family’s work on mental health, and apply them to the Duchy,” the source said, adding: “He wants to mesh the best of all strands of his work to create more holistic support for tenants and landowners.”

[From The Telegraph]

“He wants to mesh the best of all strands of his work to create more holistic support…” This means he will take credit for other people’s work (We Are Farming Minds), wander around declaring himself “keen” and then he’ll get bored with it and find some fresh new project to compete with his brother. What happened to his big homeless project? Exactly. He’s already forgotten about it. What happened to his big cause of “ending racism in football”? Nothing. What happened to his big plan to use Duchy property to house homeless people? Forgotten. What happened to his job as FA President? He still hasn’t hosted any kind of reception for the Lionesses. What happened to his BAFTA presidency? He’s skipped so many BAFTA ceremonies.

Fashion notes: Kate wore a £375 grey blazer from Maje, plus black jeggings, a black top and brown boots. Girl did black pants + a black top two seconds after she saw Meghan wear that. Also, this is the same wig she wore to the rugby match in France – it’s her new “Meghan wig.”

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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  1. Tessa says:

    The photo with William and the dog is hilarious. William pets the dog the dog looks at his owner for support and the child looks grim.

    • Southern Fried says:

      Lol you’re right. Awkward as usual. What knobs.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      And as usual, Kate’s the only one looking right at the camera.

      • antipodean says:

        Hahahaha, I saw that too @Lucky Charm, how does she always manage to find the only lens in sight? It must be a super power of hers, or a manifestation of her “look at ME” fixation. Girl is looking really ruff! I don’t envy her having to endure Rageaholic’s incandescence this week, while H&M shine in Germany. Bet there are some air borne cushions flying free!
        Also have to note that the hand in pocket while I pet the sweet doggo look screams of “I really don’t want to be here, and couldn’t be more disengaged if I tried” “I “specially don’t want to be here with HER!”

    • Josephine says:

      I thought the photo of the two of them next to each other was even funnier. They look miserable to be that near to each other, and their body language screams “stay away from me.” And kkkate couldn’t go matchy-matchy with potato head with those clashing blazers, possibly because they met up there.

      • Becks1 says:

        yeah I think the blazers are a dead giveaway that they did not get ready together. Their outfits are too similar without being coordinated.

      • Iolanthe says:

        The one thing they cannot copy is joy and true love . How ironic..the only mental health they need to look into is their own.

    • What’s missing from these pictures is happiness. Nobody not even the dog look happy.

      • L84Tea says:

        That dog is desperately trying to ask his owner, “Why is this angry, bald weirdo touching me?”

      • Cassie says:

        Susan Collins,so very true they are just shells of humans .

        They brought it all on themselves .

      • Daisy says:

        Iam so refreshed to hear that other people share the same thoughts as me regarding W&K …
        They always look false sound false and on the rugby podcast couldn’t listen to them .
        They are so up themselves and just do not seem relaxed. They certainly do not look like they are happy together.
        The blazers certainly do not look right with the very tight trousers she wears

    • Lorelei says:

      LMAO. Dogs *know*

    • SarahCS says:

      The more you look at this picture the more you see.

    • Jojo says:


      The guy looks stressed. The dog looks for help. The child looks bored stiff. Willy looks constipated and Katie, as always, looks straight at the camera.

    • Karmaflower says:

      The more I see PW the more I am convinced he is really the son of Simpson’s character Montgomery Burns.

      Notice his wife is working hard to keep her jaws clenched tightly closed (mostly), and is clutching her arms crossed a la SNL Mary Catherine Gallagher style.

      Methinks they read the comments here. Waving hello. Try the mental health. It’s actually a good thing. Then, when you speak about it, people in pain will know you’re not lying.

      Shrugging I can’t bother more than that with these two. #TeamSussex

    • Chrissy says:

      That poor dog is going “help me, help me”.

  2. Missskitttin says:

    Wow. She didn’t wait one second to start copykeening! It’s pathological and sad.

    • TeamMeg says:

      I would have thought outside of funerals, wearing black would be breaking protocol for the Princess of Wales. The Queen never wore black.

    • Crispin St Chang says:

      It’s literally black pants and a black top…Meghan didn’t invent monochrome dressing.

      • B says:

        I honestly don’t care what she wears, what it costs or what she’s done with her hair.
        This is all a red herring to distract from what she does or doesn’t do professionally.
        Also doesn’t anyone find it odd that there are so many releases about her wardrobe and it’s costs and you almost never see a release about William and what his pieces cost?

      • bubblegum dreams says:

        What’s her outfit got to do with Meghan. Nobody mentioned Meghan except you.

  3. Tessa says:

    William never showed much interest in the farm. I doubt he does any work behind the scenes he just let’s staff do the work. I recall William skipped out on a ten week course regarding the farm.

    • Lux says:

      Yes, he did. Just like he never bothered to learn Welsh, the farm was just another future cash cow that he wanted to get his hands on, but couldn’t care less what it was about.

      These articles need to stop telling on themselves—repeat after me, Telegraph, it is NOT about William! I don’t care if he cares about a holistic cause and how it’s a great fit with “We are Farming Minds” because he cares about mental health. I don’t care. I scrolled because first it seemed random that he would impose this cause on this community, then I realized someone else started it seeing there was a need and it grew from there. Just when I was getting to the meat of what mental health struggles a farmer might have—I’m from the city/suburbs so I am genuinely interested—the article stops. And ends with William and the lessons he learned from his other useless work.

      Please, tell me what mental health struggles are being addressed for farmers and how. Just once.

    • Jaded says:

      Yup. He didn’t even get halfway through, and it was a *bespoke* course at Cambridge designed especially for him. The fact that he didn’t have enough A-levels to actually get into Cambridge was not lost on the other students and he got a ton of snark for it.

  4. BlueNailsBetty says:

    “ Girl did black pants + a black top two seconds after she saw Meghan wear that. Also, this is the same wig she wore to the rugby match in France – it’s her new “Meghan wig.”

    Maybe Mr. I’m All About Mental Health should get his wife to a therapist so she can get to the root of why she is fashion stalking the sister-in-law she hates so much.

    Edit: I just realized Kate is wearing her disc necklace. Did Meghan just wear her’s or am I making that up?

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Meghan has been wearing hers quite a lot during the games.

    • Jais says:

      Kate has worn the disc necklace at every single event since she’s been back from vacation. Maybe she’s making it her signature. Despite someone else having worn the style way before. So yeah it’s another copy keen.

    • Becks1 says:

      I don’t know if this is about Meghan’s look this week, but its definitely a Meghan look. Didn’t she wear a very similar outfit at a previous IG? Maybe with a white blouse so Kate blended the looks? But I distinctly remember M with a blazer like that and black jeans.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate also pulls out the jeggings when she has to meet with the farm peasants. There was also some sporty activity with kids.

    • Erin says:

      Her outfit doesn’t make sense to me. Her hair and boots say casual but then she has this blazer, necklace, black on black outfit. She absolutely sucks at putting looks together.

      • Nic919 says:

        The blazer is what is out of place. The jeggings look is casual and normally she pairs it with a sweater when it’s time to be sporty or meet the peasants on the farm.

        For some reason she got the blazer I suppose to match William, but since his trousers aren’t super casual he doesn’t look as off.

      • BeanieBean says:

        That blazer is definitely a weird choice for both the farm visit & the whatever it is they did with the kids. My only takeaway is the kids got robbed of toasting marshmallows on the fire–they gave them apple slices with cinnamon sugar! Can’t make smores with apples!

    • Cate says:

      Honestly, at this point the level of copying just doesn’t make sense unless it’s a mental illness symptom. I will say this outfit is reasonable for the occasion (unlike that prison getup), but it’s quite different from her usual “visiting a farm/hanging out in the countryside” choices, which usually involve one of her duffel coats, some kind of knit sweater (which, as I knitter, I do enjoy seeing!), and a sporty ponytail. Honestly it’s one of her better “uniforms” and she tends to get it more right than wrong. So it’s definitely weird that none of these elements are present and instead she has something verrrrry similar to what Meghan wore 2 days ago? I guess she’s wearing painted-on jeggings as opposed to Meghan’s which are just slim cut.

      At this point there’s no way Kate doesn’t know her copying has been picked up on, and if the stories bothered her (which, if she was a normal person, surely they would?), wouldn’t she make an effort NOT to be copying???

      • Nic919 says:

        I agree the blazer is what shows the Meghan copying because the painted on jeggings are usually paired with a sweater when she visits the farm.

      • ales says:

        Constant gaslighting, she copies Meghan or one of the European Royals and her media team state that they all copy her. Within a few months they will drag out photos put fake years on them to state that Khate wore it first. Khate seems to believe that she is a fashion icon and the envy of all the other Royals and women everywhere. It is not mental illness, its mean girl jealousy from a dunce who does nothing other than spend money on herself and pose for photos.

  5. Avonan says:

    The dog is not impressed at Wills’ attempt at affection…and neither are doggie’s adults. Good instincts all around.

  6. Kittenmom says:

    I am cringing for Kate every time I see the new wig. So unflattering. So obviously fake. 🥴

    • Tessa says:

      Kate looks awful in that new wig. She needs a shorter hairstyle. Kate has that smug expression and William has a forced grin

      • sparrow says:

        i’m more alarmed by her jaw. She’s had something done to scaffold up her lower face, i’m sure.

      • Carrot says:

        @sparrow I think what’s happened to her lower face is she’s far past the point of being able to say she’s just naturally slim. She’s got that sickly sharp sunken Karen Carpenter look and makeup barely covers

    • Jais says:

      I like this one more than the one she wore to the prison. The hair is different right? Or at least styled differently. This is more tousled than curled, less big.

      • Cate says:

        It’s definitely less curled and more tousled, but it’s still not a great look. The fringe thing is not good at all. Didn’t she do a similar fringe after one of the kids was born and quickly grow it out? So she’s done that before and knows it looks bad, yet here we are again. I’m increasingly in agreement with the idea that the fringe is meant to distract from recent cosmetic work.

      • Lau says:

        This one makes her look a bit like an afghan hound.

      • Lux says:

        The color is also completely different. The “butterfly/mothra” monstrosity had caramel highlights while this one is bark colored and looks like a shaggy dog who was forced to take a bath.

        Gotta give it up to Keen for trying to single-handedly bring back the 70s. Not gonna work though, because as usual, she just ends up looking like a SWF-ing nutso.

    • Latte says:

      Agree, this is a terrible look. I truly wonder what is up with her real hair . A simple shorter style would update her look.

    • TheVolvesSeidr says:

      @ sparrow, yes! I think so too, and something w/ her chin. I saw a pic of her yesterday and her profile is.. different.

      • sparrow says:

        Hi TheVolvesSeidr Carrot made a good point above, as well. But yes i’m sure she has had something done to her jaw, in particular her chin, like Carla Bruni seems to have done to hers. There have been a hell of a lot of side on shots over the past few days.

  7. equality says:

    So the deal is: “we still won’t allow you to purchase and own your farm, but we’ll provide you with counsellors to discuss that trauma with”?

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Baby steps, Equality, baby steps. /s

      How on earth do these people not ask these questions of WandK? My big mouth would be running from the moment they stepped on the property.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, they are absolutely not going to address the root causes of depression in farmers.

      • Lucy says:

        A lot of the causes of depression and s*ic*de can be traced to money/support and Joe in control people feel of their lives. Maintaining a feudal approach to land ownership is the opposite of helpful to this cause. I hope they get sued individually for reparations and he’s forced to sell land to pay.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I came here to point this out. A mental health crisis in the Duchy of Cornwall isn’t a random event. These people are permanent tenants who work the land and pay rent yet can’t own or control the property. William scarfs up the profit. Who wouldn’t need mental health counseling?

      • Minnieder says:

        Honest question (american here): why have all of those families stayed? They don’t own the land and they can’t save money because Peg snatches it all up. Why not peace out and tell Peg to farm his own f-ing land? Or have families been leaving?

      • Lady D says:

        Maybe it’s the ingrained ‘tugging the forelock’ mind set of these people. They (maybe) truly believe royalty is better than them, and this is just the way it should be?

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        @minnieder: I suspect the tenants are trapped. They don’t own the land and have nothing to sell. As I understand, despite a bad economy (thanks, Brexit!), real estate prices and rents are prohibitively high. They probably have nowhere to go. No money, no job, no home equals depression and a high suicide rate. That William wants to be portrayed as helping is really disgusting.

      • equality says:

        The families may also feel a tie with the land if their families have farmed it for several generations.

  8. Yes he is all about mental health right now when he should be all about getting some mental health help. I’m sure he will do this until some other cause comes along that he will do a photo op for and then forget about it. He is consistently good about doing nothing.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, I’ve been wondering about this need he has to know that people love him – not just love him, but to love him best.

  9. Digital Unicorn says:

    Wow – Mumbles was really quick off the mark with this latest bout of copy keening. 1-2 days is a bit of a record for her and am betting these are items that were already in her vast closet. Even the hair and makeup is similar.

    Am deadly serious when I say there is something deeply unwell and disturbing with that woman. She has always had stalker tendencies but man, those tendencies are off the charts.

  10. Jais says:

    I don’t mind William spotlighting the mental health org for farmers, especially if it meant extra funding. Not sure it works out that way though. But like @kaiser said though. This is being made to sound like William’s grand scheme. It’s not. He’s just highlighting an org. Same as usual. If it helps the org, then great, whatever. Hope it does fr.

    • Concern Fae says:

      Don’t know if it’s the same as in the US, but here the mental health crisis is occurring among farm workers, while farm owners are claiming it’s more proof of how bad they have it. LOL, it’s a problem you are causing!

      Must confess that when I read “prioritizing mental health in the Duchy of Cornwall” all I could think was – charity starts at home!

  11. Bettyrose says:

    True story. I wore a similar outfit to that yesterday. I love black leggings with an oversized top and cute boots (my 1980s throwback fashion sense). Works on shorter girls too, so I guess I’m saying on this rare occasion I like Kate’s look. Or whoever’s look that Kate is mimicking. 🤔

    • Anna says:

      It’s such a simple look, it’s genuinely confusing to me that Kate has never worn it herself before Meghan came along. Playing at the trad wife aesthetic for so long has really made it impossible for her to wear outfits like this without getting accused of copykeening because — seriously, all I can see is Meghan’s influence.

      • Becks1 says:

        The black top and the blazer are the copykeen signs. A year or two ago on a similar visit Kate would have worn a frilly blouse, with or without a sweater over it, and a field jacket. That was her signature “i’m playing at doing work outdoors” look. So now its a black sweater and an oversized blazer…..gee…..who does that remind us of…….she doesn’t even try to be subtle.

      • Lorelei says:

        She could have saved the taxpayers that £375 and worn the same blazer she did for that moronic rugby podcast, they’re similar enough. But as usual, she buys something new that looks a lot like something she already has.

        (I actually like this blazer better, but it’s the principle!)

    • FHMom says:

      She looks good. Love the boots and jacket. I’m ready for some fall weather.

      • sparrow says:

        i don’t mind the jeggings look on her, either. it’s a beautiful autumn summer over here at the mo, and it’s lovely. You may well know this already.

    • Lara (the other) says:

      In theory the skinny Jeans, boots, blazer combination is a classic, especcialy for autum, but on Keen it somehow looks of. Something about the proportions is wrong, maybe the blazer to oversized, I don’t know.
      Even coopying she gets it wrong.

  12. TheWigletOfWails says:

    Trying to trap the serfs in a “cult of psychotherapy” so they can work the lands for low wages until they die? I see you Peg!

    • SAS says:

      Thank you! The derogatory comments about therapy from the Wales camp following Spare need to be front and centre of any press around their hypocritical attempts to co-opt MH initiatives.

  13. M says:

    That wig looks so dry and crusty. Fits their personalities at least.

    • Yami says:

      I swear the only reason to look at Wilnot and Kannot posts is for the dragging. The creativity is top tier *chefs kiss*

  14. AMTC says:

    William the infallible’s approach to his ‘work’ gives me cousin Greg from Succession vibes – “If it is to be said, so it be – so it is.”

  15. Laura D says:

    Oh dear! The whole visit looks so dull. Someone on X (Formerly known as Twitter) ran a video of photos of H&M at the IGs and W&K at this event and the difference between the two events was there for all to see. It was obvious W&K were there to pose for carefully stage managed photos and then move on. The pictures for IGs were fun impromptu photos with lots of natural shots of H&M interacting with the crowd.

    If (and it’s a big IF) W&K are serious about modernizing the monarchy then they need to spend more time at these events interacting naturally with the people who are there.

    • Becks1 says:

      The contrast is really striking between the two – H&M at the IG and Kate and William on a farm.

      and in general, this farm visit would be okay. typical royal visit for William and Kate. It’s fine. But once again, their PR gets in their way. This is a typical royal visit like I said. this is not something groundbreaking, this is not a sign that William is going to reinvent the Duchy (since this charity was already operational before William ever graced it with his presence), this is not a sign that he is NOW, finally, the global statesman he yearns to be.

      This is a sign that W&K are just typical British royals, they’re just lazier than the others.

      • Laura D says:

        Exactly @Becks1 – QEII always did visits similar to these. She’d turn up, receive a posy, meet the crowds and then move on. That’s the way she did it and no-one complained. W&K seem to want the best of both worlds. They just want to turn up and stay for the minimum amount of time AND for this to be considered “modernising” the monarchy.

        Unfortunately for W&K, H&M are showing them a fantastic model on how to move the monarchy forward, which they’re desperately trying to ignore. Actually what am I talking about? The King and Queen of Spain recently showed them the basic duty of a monarch. Turn up and support your fellow countrymen and women when they reach important sporting finals!

  16. Amy Bee says:

    If William would give the leases to the land and property to the people who live in the Duchy, their mental health would be vastly improved. Yes, I too noticed Kate cosplaying Meghan. That woman is not right.

  17. MSTJ says:

    All I will say to this is, I hope he can help with the mental health of the royal sycophants who are still seething with rage because Harry married Meghan. 🤷‍♀️

    They need help to accept reality. He loves her, he is not going to leave her to go back the England.

  18. Nanea says:

    “He wants to mesh the best of all strands of his work to create more holistic support…”

    The best strands of his *work*.

    I mean, he hasn’t really worked so far, and I don’t think he’s up to it anyway.

    And sorry, but as a scientist I run the other way when I read ‘holistic’. It’s a big indicator for esoteric quackery when it’s health-related. In this case it’s not any different, because, as we all know, Bulliam neither works nor supports anything other than the hate-for-profit press that won’t do anything but smear Harry and Meghan and try to undermine their projects that are a success anyway.

  19. RoyalBlue says:

    Catty looks terrible in jeggings. It just doesn’t suit her.

  20. Leanne says:

    Kaiser, you forgot about his goal to bring peace to the Middle East- remember that 😂😂😂😂

  21. Eurydice says:

    What work has the RF done on mental health? Certainly, not on their own. Oh well, once again another major announcement…

  22. Becks1 says:

    At least Kate didn’t change three times for each event? she tends to do that on these kinds of day trips because it makes it seem like she was doing more work than she actually was.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Changing outfits means that they can sit on the pap shots and release them over a period of time to make it look like she was doing things when she’s really tanning herself or touching up on the botox.

  23. Lexistential says:

    The body language with these two is SO BAD. That first photo has so much refusal from William to even put a cordial arm around his wife, while Kate scrunches up and tries to have some contact.

    If KP thought putting them out there at the same time as H+M holding hands and openly expressing affection with each other, it has backfired badly. W+K look like the perfect misery left behind in England.

    • Jk says:

      Actually, I think she’s shrinking away from him and keeping a safe distance. She looked kinda worried when he was holding a saw (photos in daily fail).

  24. Andrea says:

    Her hair looks fried

  25. Miranda says:

    The Very Good Boy/Girl that William is petting appears to be looking up at his/her dad and asking why William isn’t the one wearing the wig. The behavior of hoomans is an arcane matter indeed.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Miranda, 😭, you crack me up! The dog is right; William could take even a small section of one of Kate’s wigs but since she has so. much. hair, she wouldn’t even notice.

  26. Jais says:

    Mostly I find it funny that either William or Kate has been out every single day since the IG started. Like this is not their normal. A few events in a week sure, especially coming back from vacay. But every single day? No.

  27. Ameerah M says:

    That wig is really wigging. That’s all I’ve got.

  28. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I’ve noticed over the years that Kate cuts her bangs/fringe whenever she’s feeling particularly insecure. Just had a baby and haven’t dropped the weight she thought she should, cut the bangs/fringe, or newly pregnant for the first time and feeling insecure about losing her waist, cut the bangs/fringe. Now her first foray back in the spotlight after being out of sight for months and it’s the same week that Meghan is lighting up the world, I’m shocked that we’re not seeing baby bangs.

    • First comment says:

      The bangs/fringe are back because she has definitely done something to her face (botox?,cosmetic surgery?who knows?). They are meant to distract from it. In the last picture she looks as if she had a minor stroke.

      • Jp says:

        She looks like she morphed into her mother overnight. Something about the eyes, not sure if she got tweaked or what. She definitely did something though.

  29. ales says:

    The cosplay is irrational. What was she there for, other than to pose for the cameras, she contributes absolutely nothing. Maybe W should be very wary, the predatory stalker has her focus on Meghan, but W is not obeying her whims.

  30. sparrow says:

    i don’t mind the jeggings; they seem to be what she wants to wear, along with coat dresses, and perhaps it’s better than trying to look like Meghan. More important – what has she done to her jaw over the summer? Carla Bruni type stuff going on. Perhaps done to counter the jowls. Very strange.

  31. hangonamin says:

    i like her boots. that’s pretty much the highlight. the rest is ok. of course the SIGNATURE skinny jeans. that’s very much her thing. she’s got great legs…but how cheugy. i actually think that’s her real hair and she got her bangs cut like that bc she wanted to do curtain bangs. as usual, she’s about a year late into the trend…

  32. Mslove says:

    Global Statesman Pegs looks awkward in these photos. That poor doggie wants nothing to do with him.

  33. QuiteContrary says:

    The gaslighting! The gall! “A mental health initiative was a natural implementation to be made, since it is known to be a topic he is very passionate about, described by sources as ‘his bread and butter’.”

    Yes, he’s so passionate about mental health that he mocked his brother for going to therapy.

    And Katie should stop copykeening Meghan, because Meghan is in a different stratosphere, style-wise.

  34. Cerys says:

    Hiding away for months, then having a sudden flurry of activities at the same time as the Invictus Games. How strange and unexpected 🤣🤣

  35. Mary Pester says:

    OMG JUST LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT CROWD 😂😂😂, and it went something like this, dog to owner “ah please, one bite, just one” little boy to dog, “no, no, he looks like a prk with teeth, you might get rabies, man to dog,” no, that’s not a bone, that’s a woman “, dog thinks,” they always spoil my fun, I know I’ll just pee on her leg.
    Kate give it up, Megan your not and never will be lol

  36. BeanieBean says:

    But what does this charity do, specifically? How is all this ‘support’ manifested? How, specifically, will this ‘support’ be applied in the duchy? It all seems so very vague.

    • Jais says:

      I’m gonna assume the charity is well-intentioned and provides support. But there’s no way of knowing based on the information given. Unless I missed something.

  37. Elsa says:

    I really like this outfit. I like a slightly equestrian look. The boots are super cute too.

  38. Denise Fischer says:

    The farmer’s expression! Are they trying to show us in photos how stressed the farmer’s life is? Even the dog is distressed, so much failure to “read the room” with these two. Kate looks ok, I liked it better when she wore a sweater to these things, but here we are. And I’d really be trying to prove I wasn’t just copying Meghan as much as I could if I was Kate.

  39. Poppy says:

    Hey, I wanna say something but I’m afraid it’s going to come off as moralizing scolding, so let me start by saying how much I enjoy Celebitchy’s royal coverage for the most part. Especially the analysis of the “invisible contract” and the ways the royal family have worked to abuse H&M right out in the open: it’s a scandal and we *should* be talking about it, so I’m glad you do.

    That said, I’ve noticed that almost every article about Kate has a reference to hairpieces that is meant to insult her. My bff is struggling with alopecia and so I’ve become much more sensitive to the ways in which hair loss is stigmatized, and women who wear hairpieces are othered and denigrated.

    It’s not at all obvious to me that Kate is wearing wigs; maybe she is, or maybe that’s just her hair. Either way, it’s become a real obsession on this site to insult her for it, and… it’s kind of like all the people who call Trump fat because that’s the worst thing they can think of to say about a person? Like, Trump is not going to see that, but all your fat friends will, and they’ll know what you really think.

    It’s even more uncomfortable because this is a site that sticks up for Jada Pinkett Smith, but when it’s another woman we don’t like, there’s suddenly a gleeful obsessive need to tear her down for wearing hairpieces. Catherine will never see that, but all the woman who struggle with hair loss or have loved ones dealing with the world of hairpieces will. I mean, hairpieces are kind of a prosthetic, and it’s really just…mean, just super mean and petty and cruel to harp over and over on the wigs or wiglets like this makes Kate a lesser person somehow. Go after her being lazy and racist: please stop obsessing about her hairpieces. Please, please. Every time I just think of my bff and how scared she feels to wear her hairpieces in public because she sees people being mean and judgy just like all these posts, and it makes me so sad. And it really is EVERY Kate post, I mean, it has become a real obsession on this site. And it’s ugly.

    Okay thanks for reading and considering.

    • Becks1 says:

      Okay, the reason her wiglet is such a focus here is because 1) its so bad. She has access to the best hairstylists in the world, why is it so bad? I know “normal” women in real life who wear extensions or wiglets and its not nearly as obvious. Hell when I bought a fake ponytail on Amazon to wear as Keeley from Ted Lasso for Halloween last year everyone thought it was my real hair somehow.

      2) her hair is the only thing “going” for her. Its the only thing there is to praise about her – her hair and her weight. And her hair is fake. It’s like someone being praised endlessly for getting straight As when they cheated their way through school.

      the real kicker though is

      3) KP put out a statement defending Kate and insisting the clear line of her extensions were a “childhood scar” (never seen before or since) but couldn’t utter a word in Meghan’s defense, ever?

      That last one is the one that makes it hard for people to see beyond Kate’s wiglets and extensions, because they ARE an example of the invisible contract and an example of the way the press abuses Meghan right out in the open.

      Other posters on here have talked openly about their hairpieces and extensions, and this site came down HARD on chris rock for mocking Jada Pinkett Smith, so its not about the hairpieces themselves. It’s about 1-3.

    • ales says:

      It is because K’s media team keep stating that her hair is totally natural. Her beautiful natural hair is superior to all of us, they have denied that she wears wiglets. Nothing wrong with wearing wiglets but when we are constantly fed blatant lies, it is insulting to everyone. We are all so gullible ,that we should believe her hair growing 12 inches overnight or that because it is now twice as thick as when she was younger, is all perfectly normal and naturally happens.

    • Libra says:

      Having read all the comments, @poppy, I respect your opinion and you have expressed yourself very well. I sincerely hope your bff finds some relief from her alopecia. Having said that, Kate’s situation is different in that she has hair, wears poorly made and fastened hair pieces, and then pressures the royal family to lie to protect her when they wouldn’t tell the truth to protect Meghan. This just isn’t all about hair or wiglets, it’s about the hypocrisy of it all.

    • The Old Chick says:

      I have hair loss (a lot) and I have friends who suffer from alopecia. I appreciate your well made points, but we’re not mocking anyone with alopecia. Kate MAY have alopecia, who knows. The reality is Kate’s hair is at least double the volume it was when she was in her 20s (literally impossible). Then insisted the palace release a statement she didn’t use hair pieces when they were obvious in pics. Ignoring her absurd wigs would not make sense, tbh. She’s created an entire identity around slim /big hair/expensive clothes. That’s her worth according to her. Her lying about her hair, to me, is far more toxic than mocking her awful wigs. She has the access to the best. Why not use it. I don’t know anyone who feels bad about this conversation about Kate, so maybe you do (maybe you don’t and you’re stirring) but my friends don’t. So maybe keep it to your experience and not project onto others.

  40. Saucy&Sassy says:

    In that picture of the two together, is Kant crossing her arms? Was she warned to keep her hand off of people’s butts?

    Good heavens, people don’t look happy to see them.

  41. AO says:

    This wig is downright awful. AWFUL. She should go back to whatever she had on before. I sometimes struggle to see when she’s wearing wigs, but this time? Boy, is it a WIG.

  42. Wannabefarmer says:

    LOL! Even dogs are not interested. That one is like, ‘who is this guy and why is he touching me. Pls make him stop.’

    And, as someone pointed out a few days back, willy has no credibility re talking about mental health since he drove his SiL to wanting to unalive herself.

  43. Beverley says:

    Kkkhate will never even come close to Meghan’s poise and beauty. We all know that Kkkhate could never deliver an impromptu speech. We all saw her needing cue cards to introduce HERSELF. So, all she has is fashion.

    Well Kkkhate can doll herself up in a copykeen romper, a Meghan-esque wig, Aquazzura heels, a Duchess Meghan mask, and she’d be woefully short the mark. Must be horrible for such a racist to be constantly unfavorably compared to a Black woman.

    Kkkhate must die a little every time she sees a photo of her luminous SIL. I love this for Princess Karen.

  44. vpd4 says:

    All they have to do is sincerely and truly publicly apologize. But they won’t. They’re just so stupid. I stated a few months ago that, I don’t think Kate dresses all that bad, but the copying is getting disturbing. The hair right now is especially disturbing.

  45. Linney says:

    If these two idiots worked like they should be working, then no one would think twice about all these engagements. It would just be business as usual for them. Dull, but normal. But given the timing, it is so obvious they are trying to steal headlines. Absolutely pathetic.

  46. tamsin says:

    I think barn jackets for both would have been more appropriate. The outfits are a bit confusing. But it definitely makes them stand out and look like they don’t belong there everyday. Maybe that’s the effect they’re aiming for- you know, “We’re royal and we’re here to listen and learn.”
    Their PR always makes it sound like they’re going to do some serious work and conceptualize some great project, but it’s all just empty words- here today, and forgotten tomorrow.

  47. Laura says:

    This wig is better than the awful half head wiglet!!

    I was getting tired of seeing that awful bump on the middle of her head.

  48. Macky says:

    The man looks like he is fearful something will happen to William. Like if the dog moves will William say he got injured. That’s William reputation. A petty sensitive hot-headed man. That’s why the crowds don’t interact with him or Kate. Two lazy people who get offended easily.

  49. Monlette says:

    I really like this look on her. It seems more natural and flattering than her typical Mary Poppins cosplay.

  50. L4Frimaire says:

    There was this TikTok going sound where someone was critiquing how inappropriately these two dress/overdress. Asked why are they going to a campsite dressed like they’re going to a sales conference in Newark. Seriously. Like they don’t have any fleece or windbreakers, or trail runners?

  51. Jk says:

    What happened to Will’s fly on the wall ITV documentary that was supposed to drop this summer? Was it quietly cancelled? I doubt they got any useful footage of him ‘working’, with nobody showing up for him in Scotland and other lackluster events.