Duchess Meghan wore Toteme to an Invictus reception for Team Canada

Here are some photos from the Invictus Games on Friday. There was a reception for Team Canada, and of course the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were there. Meghan was so happy to be around Canadians – she really loved her time in Toronto, and she really vibes with Canada’s whole energy. Meghan got high marks for her look here and I can see why – she looks amazing. This dress is from Toteme, a Swedish label. Is it weird that I was trying to figure out her bra situation? Like, is she wearing Skims?? I don’t see any lines. When we got a back view of Meghan in this dress, I did see some CAKE though. Well, it was Harry’s birthday!

As I mentioned in previous posts, the Daily Fail’s accountants are weeping about Meghan’s wardrobe, like Kate doesn’t drop hundreds of thousands a year on her Victorian cosplay and flag-dressing. Besides, Meghan’s buying her own clothes (or designers are sending her stuff). It’s literally nothing to do with the British taxpayer or the monarchy. She’s an American woman who wears whatever she wants. Besides, the DM seems particularly outraged that Meghan wears… jewelry. That she has a nice jewelry collection and she wears cute pieces constantly. I guess the Mail’s accountants are creating some kind of master document for Kate, so she knows where to shop when she copykeens Meg.

Back to this Canadian reception… Canada will host the next Invictus Games, in Vancouver and Whistler in February 2025. At the closing press conference, Team Germany’s captain officially passed the “Invictus coin” to Team Canada’s captain. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also made a jazzy video previewing the next games. Canada is the first country to repeat hosting duties. Amazing. I kind of wonder if Harry and Meghan will be the first royals to visit Canada during King Charles’s reign, LMAO!!!

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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119 Responses to “Duchess Meghan wore Toteme to an Invictus reception for Team Canada”

  1. Kara says:

    As far as jewelry, I haven’t noticed much besides her standard Love bracelet and tank watch. Has she been switching up earrings? She’s not wearing anything outrageous for gods sake.

    And this is my favorite look of hers from this trip. This cut is excellent on her.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      She’s definitely switched up her earrings and has been wearing a ring with a stone in it on her pinky. But yes, it’s all been very minimalist.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Kara, i’m with you on this look. I love this dress so much I wore one almost identical for my 21st. The only difference was that mine did not have a split up the back. And it was not “designer”. more “bespoke”. I drew a picture of what I wanted, and the dressmaker just made it for me.

      Meghan is flawless and beautiful as usual.

    • Sobiewski says:

      Who knew? Meghan has a nice bum bum. Yes, yes, I know… she has a nice everything. Her legs and figure in general is divine but that one picture of the dress appreciatively and flatteringly cupping her buttocks is nice. Way to go, Duchess. Show them that the pretty, american girls serve up a little cake on the best fine china dish. ha lol Get it gurl

  2. LegallyBrunette says:

    Funny enough, Princess Anne was here, specifically in New Brunswick, earlier this year. But no one really knows about that because no one cared.

    • Rainbow Kitty says:

      I’m from NB! NS now. And, nope. I had no idea because you’re right… no one cares.. lol

    • sunny says:

      Totally missed this as well. Lol and nobody I know who follows the royals know this as well. Interest level must have been low.

      • Becks1 says:

        The only reason I knew she was in Canada was because that’s where she gave the interview about the slimmed down monarchy not being a good idea or whatever it was she said.

      • Lissen says:

        I only know about this visit because when CBC advertises their National News show, they show a sound bite of Adrienne Arsenault interviewing Anne. Anne said, “With Charles, you know what you’re getting.”

        Sadly, we sure do.

      • Jazz Hands says:

        The CBC interview was done in the UK — “Princess Anne invites CBC Chief Correspondent Adrienne Arsenault into her sitting room and opens up about her brother’s coronation, the monarchy’s future, and her lifetime of service.”


      • Becks1 says:

        @Jazzhands 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I just assumed because it was the CBC that it was in Canada, lol.

      • Lissen says:

        My bad, @Jazz Hands. Thanks for the correction.

        I clearly wasn’t paying proper attention and conflated the two Anne appearances.

        Sad indication of the state of the brf and the minimal to non-existent interest from common peasants like yours truly.

  3. Selene says:

    damn, she really is pretty, like stunning

    • Sam says:

      I met a young woman (like me) at the games who hugged Meghan in Düsseldorf last year (shortly before Harry’s grandma died) and became so emotional that she burst into tears! She told me how great the moment was for her and that Meghan looks even more beautiful in real life than in the photos, which I thought wasn’t possible (it is, I saw her on Friday and Saturday myself!!!)! And she told me she was so sweet and had great charisma!
      I was so jealous!!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        See @Sam, that’s who I believe Meghan to be. This petite powerhouse who gives you a bear hug and leaves you breathless because she made you feel better about yourself. (Harry is the same way except he’s not petite-I’d accept hugs from him-my DH is a good hugger).

        I’m getting the feeling that they’ve made so many friends in Dusseldorf that Thanksgiving will be a rocking good time with exceptional food at the house in Montecito that has 500 million bathrooms and 2 exceptionally great hosts.

  4. She looked fabulous!! Meg glows from the inside out. Can’t may try to copy everything but the problem with Can’t is she is dead inside.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Exactly this. She glows from within and that can’t be copykeened. Even when she was intentionally dimming her light as part of that cult, she was brighter and more engaging that her bewigged stalker.

  5. Seraphina says:

    I will begin my first Monday comment with a very snarky and petty comment: It must sting Kate greatly to repeatedly see Meghan effortlessly do what she can’t – both in charity work, making people feel valued and seen – as well as outdo her in fashion. And Meghan also has a handsome prince next to her who loves and adores her – and shows it.
    And lastly, seeing Meghan in those heels makes my feet hurt. I don’t know how she does it.

    • Anna says:

      I agree but I’d like to rephrase: what Meg does looks effortless, she must put a lot of thought and work into it and we only see the surface. It’s not magic – she is well prepared.

  6. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    I love this dress on her. I also wondered about the bra and what type. I’m terrible at finding the right kind and never know where to look. Not Amazon is my only thought as I search, too many poor quality choices and no good way to sort through the ones who pay to be top of the heap. Have I gone on too much? Lol. It’s exhausting.

    • Couch Potato says:

      I you find anything please let us know! I love that kind of tops, but can’t wear them because of the bra situation.

      The neckline reminds me of her second wedding dress.

      • ML says:

        This also reminded me of the goth version of her evening wedding dress, Couch Potato! Meghan looks stunning in it. Great choice!

    • Jillian says:

      Boob tape, ya’ll! That’s how you get support with a challenging garment and no bra. I’m very busty and I use it all the time – takes a little practice to get it on neatly but it’s a game changer 🙂

    • Carrot says:

      @Lilly I like the Skims bandeau, Calvin Klein naked glamour and Lively smooth strapless

      • Jeni says:

        A cross style halter bralette can also work great . This particular halter dress of her has a lot of fabric across neck and so this style would suit well without lines. If it cuts close to neck, they will show, but not if it’s like this dress.

        I really like this fabric she is wearing. It hangs beautifully.

    • Lau says:

      I think there was an interview with Brie Larson where she explained the bra situation with a similar top in one of the avengers movies or maybe it’s for the marvels (not sure sorry).

  7. The Old Chick says:

    I’ve noticed M’s lingerie preferences before.. She seems to often wear a bustier style garment. Even with clothes with full sleeves. I’m not sure exactly what she’s wearing but you can see the lines clearly. Not a regular bra. It must be a preference.

    But she’d be strapless here either way.

  8. slippers4life says:

    Meghan and Harry and babies are welcome to Canada anytime. They can stay in my house!

    • LongThymeLurker says:

      Nope sorry I called dibs and they are staying with me in Canada!

    • Surly Gale says:

      Oh, begging pardon, fellow Canadians, but they’re hanging w/me here in North Vancouver! Easy access to Whistler and Vancouver!

      • slippers4life says:

        Lol. This is such a Canadian thread!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Love you all! I’m in Wisconsin. We have some very private homes on lakes. It would only be a 7 hour flight. Yep, they could stay at our home. We have extra bedrooms and bathrooms(lol, we have 2.5 bathrooms. We also have 3 neighbors, that, through their professional lives, are officially licensed to carry weapons. We also have a neighbor who watches everything…he is licensed.

        LOL, I’d be like, welcome to my home Meghan (and Harry) and be happy if she’d want to make delicious things to eat. Meghan would be like the best foodie/kitchen coach.

  9. Jais says:

    This turtleneck situation always makes me think of her Stella McCartney reception town. She looks so good. Is this color black or dark grey or brown? Lol I couldn’t tell.

  10. Newt says:

    If designers are not sending her free clothes, they’re fools. (Almost) everything she wears sells out instantly. She’s gorgeous. It’s so funny that the BM still obsesses over these two. They left your country almost 4 years ago. Move on, stalkers.

  11. Jk says:

    She has gorgeous, sexy shoulders and arms! And great posture!

    As amazing, fun and welcoming as Düsseldorf was, I think Canada is going to raise the bar.

  12. SAS says:

    Wow that truly is an excellent fitting bra, especially if it’s strapless. Maybe it’s some kind of racer back bodysuit? Every now and then I think she looks very thin and then I see her in this kind of outfit and can see how fit and strong she looks. (I really need to get back into yoga!)

    Her makeup is also extremely underrated, always. I would love a Vogue Beauty/ Harper’s Bazaar Go to Bed With Me video from her!!

  13. Chloe says:

    She looks stunning and as for the bra question: she might be wearing a stick on bra who knows or a strapless bra. Maybe even just nipple covers.

  14. sunny says:

    Love her look here. I have a very similar dress and it is super versatile. I love the happy energy these two are putting out.

    Looking forward to hosting the games. The Toronto games were so well done. It is impossible to attend Invictus an not be moved by the veterans stories and their families. I attended the Toronto games and I tell you, i cried multiple times because the stories were so emotional.

    You are probably right that Harry and Megan’s visit will probably be the first royal visit during C.Rex’s reign which would be hilarious. I do think we will see a slapdash, poorly planned royal visit before then to stop that for happening. Also, last week our national broadcaster ran a story that cited a poll which indicated support for the monarchy has fallen 7% since March alone so lol.

  15. Eurydice says:

    The DM accountants keep adding in the rewears – one pair of shoes is counted as a new purchase each time she wears it, and the same with her jewelry. I guess it could make sense from a “how to buy this look” point of view, but not from “what Meghan spent.” In any case, it’s none of their business how she spends her money.

    • Snuffles says:

      I haven’t clicked on a DM link in years but in the past I noted that they include affiliate links to the clothes and jewelry that royals wear. It’s one of their revenue streams. I remember there was a time they would get pissed if a royal didn’t provide them the details on what they wore and where they got them.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    Meghan looked fabulous. Freedom really has her and Harry glowing.

  17. gah says:

    is it me or has the white balance been off on ALL of the interior photos coming out of Invictus though? like all of them look suuuuper orange. as if the photographer might be trying to make them look darker and make their tiny imperfections stand out?

    my tinfoil hat is on for sure but I’m surprised no other CBers have said anything. (lol prolly bc the happy couple look FAB regardless.)

    these don’t even look like super low light situations. can someone else who knows more about photography weigh in here?

    • Steph says:

      I thought it was just my phone. The Canadian flag looks distinctly orange to me.

      • gah says:

        yes, this is the tell. the framing and the poses captured by Chris Jackson and other pool photogs are good but the white balance is all kinds of off. it could also be that after purchasing the photos the individual publications are effing with the color. but regardless, none of these shots that are so orange and dark are objectively “good” photos given that obvious color balance problem.

        as for photogs not wanting to sabotage their bread and butter? I surmise bad photos of the golden couple would sell for far more than good ones.

        so that argument holds no water for me. I’m team they’re messing with white balance in a sad sad salty attempt to make H and M look bad. and guess what!? it doesn’t work. I’m cackling.

        someone ought to change the balance in these photos to show what they actually look like- Keen would die of jealousy on the spot.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Not sure how true this is, but a bunch of the photos going around Twitter were taken by Chris Jackson — a lot of Squaddies seem to think there was some sabotage going on. As in he was purposely not taking the best shots of H&M. And to be honest, Misan Harriman arrived halfway through the games and looking at the quality and vision of his photos next to those… there’s honestly no comparison.

      • Becks1 says:

        I saw that criticism but don’t agree with it. Chris Jackson did take some very good pictures of Harry and Harry and Meghan together once she arrived. He has a very different style from Misan (and it looks like Misan was given a different level of access) so of course the pictures look different.

      • windyriver says:

        I’ve noticed some of the white balance issues too, but doesn’t seem connected to just one photographer. The pictures above, which appear in the DM, are credited to the British photo agency, PA images, not Chris Jackson. He’s taken lots of photos at IG, which are credited to the Chris Jackson Collection. He’s doing work for Getty and if he wants those photos to sell (anyone can buy copies from the gettyimages site, prices $175-$499) playing silly games wouldn’t be in his best interests.

      • swirlmamad says:

        He DID take several couple shots that were very nice (not Samir Hussein cinematic rainfall backdrop nice, but still pretty good shots!). I didn’t totally agree with the sabotage take either….at the end of the day, that’s messing with his $$ which would be completely moronic of him, loyalty to the WanKs or not.

      • Mary Pester says:

        Boo hoo Daily Fail, boo bloody hoo. What Megan wears, how she wears it and when she wears it has fk all to do with you or any of Rupert muckdochs rags. She earns her own money and pays her own way. Go drool over keen, then maybe give us a breakdown of what she pays to copy Megan, after all it’s the tax payers footing the bill!! Now, these pictures of Megan show just why, in keens eyes she had to GO. If keen stood next to Megan now, Megan would make her look like a dried up old prune or, a pantomime dame with the amount of makeup keen slaps on

    • Anon says:

      Photographer here. The white balance is horribly off, but the photographer might be uploading photos in tandem with shooting, vs doing some post production and being a bit later to share. My guess is it’s less of a nefarious plot than pressure to have the first photos out and not setting balance beforehand.

  18. Becks1 says:

    This is such a great look on her. She is someone who can wear very simple and classic outfits with minimal jewelry etc, and she just looks classy and sophisticated, never boring. t I always LOVE her accessories. She really knows what adds to an outfit and what detracts from one.

    • Jan says:

      On Twitter people were saying Photographer Chris Jackson was taking lousy pictures on purpose, other photographers were taking better pictures.
      Chris is Unable’s favorite photoshopped guy and his wife is her stylist, who was also at the games working for the Telegraph.

      • Becks1 says:

        I responded to a similar comment above; I’ve seen that criticism and don’t agree with it. He took a lot of really good pictures during the games. Not every picture was amazing, but there were some really really good ones.

      • Cassie says:

        I thought Chris Jackson’s photos were pretty good.
        He took heaps of informal ones that I really liked.

  19. MsIam says:

    I likey! This dress fits her like a glove. And the Daily Fail is being ridiculous, Meghan has worn minimal jewelry during the event so I’m not sure what they are complaining about.

  20. JanetDR says:

    I see the edge of a bra (or slip or something) in the photo with the little Canadian flag in front.
    Great dress! She looks fantastic!

    • JanetDR says:

      Now I’m looking on my tablet vs. phone and can I was fooled by a strand of hair. Whatever she is wearing or not wearing, it is a great look.

  21. Jan says:

    Poor Harry was probably tired of people asking when Meghan was coming, but he is not like his father jealous of his wife.
    There is a video of Harry and Meghan in a cart and schoolchildren running after them, the cart stops and the girls gather around Meghan for a selfie.
    The German press said Harry was happy before Meghan got there, but there was a noticeable change when she arrived, he was happier.

  22. Startup Spouse says:

    Unpopular opinion: I don’t always love her clothing choices because I don’t think she dresses in a way that is most flattering. She probably optimizes for comfort and that’s great – and really, her clothes are secondary to her overall confidence and glow – but I often want to tweak something on her.

    But this is a winner.

  23. Noor says:

    The Daily Mail and The Sun itemized and red flagged Meghan’s clothes and jewelry in order to harrass her, humiliate her and turn her into a figure of hate. They maliciously add the cost of her engagement ring and her Cartier watch (fr Diana) and bracelet bought before her marriage to inflate the total cost of her outfit .
    They don’t fo this to Kate or other prominent ladles.

  24. Steph says:

    Ok, so don’t jump down my throat about this: I’m one of the few who, outside of the color, didn’t like the winter teal dress on Meghan. She has gorgeous shoulders. I feel the straight cut off the neckline (? Might not be the right word) just did nothing for her. The cut on this looks so much better. It really highlights the shapliness of her shoulders. Also, those calf muscles are killing me! Love it!

    • Penelope Pittstop says:

      I didn’t like the severe straight top of that dress either, although it was a million miles better than the green thing Kate wore to Earthshot.

  25. hangonamin says:

    OHHHH this might be my favorite of hers. I LOVE Toteme. pricey tho.
    as for jewelry…lmao…um the monarchy has centuries of stolen jewels but we are gonna tally up meghan’s collection. right.

  26. First comment says:

    She’s really gorgeous! I love this look on her!!! Side note: I had a feeling watching her whole wardrobe during invictus that Kate won’t be able to copy most of Meghan’s outfits such as this one or her final outfit for the closing ceremony 😏😏😏. I don’t think she would dare 😅😅😅

  27. girl_ninja says:

    “I guess the Mail’s accountants are creating some kind of master document for Kate, so she knows where to shop when she copykeens Meg.”

    Lololo…that must be what they are doing right?!

  28. Chaine says:

    I think she must have on a front criss cross bra. There are several companies that sell very nice ones and that would fit perfectly with this halter-neck style.

  29. MinorityReport says:

    Real talk: I admire Duchess Meg’s style and she wore enough pieces that are within reach for me, y’all might as well call me Princess Karen McButtons.

  30. AnneL says:

    I don’t think there is any kind of bra that would enable me to wear that style of dress, lol. She looks amazing in it! This is one of my favorite looks from the Games.

  31. MSTJ says:

    I love the joy the Sussexes exude together. As with the rest of their IG outfits, the joy is elevating their outfit here. I love the embrace they are receiving from the Invictus community. So good to see Meghan reconnecting with Canadians.

  32. L4Frimaire says:

    Can’t wait for the games to come to Canada. Definitely more accessible to us in the US but will be freezing. This dress looks great on her. She is fit and wore so many accessible pieces on this trip. While people are mentioning copyKeening, especially a white suit, I haven’t seen Meghan in a full suit since the Valentino in The Hague. She definitely has a more relaxed style and will wear a blazer occasionally or really nice trousers, but in a more relaxed way. The clothes this trip were a bit of a uniform in being more accessible, minimalist in style and color, and appropriate to the venue/sporting events. Hair and makeup were just her, small jewelry.She looked beautiful and polished but still very approachable. I think the UK press are tabulating the costs ( whatever), but she kept it simple and kept it moving.

  33. QuiteContrary says:

    She is just gorgeous. This dress is perfect on her.

  34. brianne says:

    So simple, so perfect. This was my favorite Invictus look this year. The green strapless was beautiful….but this one is beautiful and just very HER. <3

  35. S808 says:

    I want this dress so bad! M is petite like me so when she wears a dress like this (amd that stripped dress from her birthday dinner!) that doesn’t drown her my interest is peaked! I can’t afford this one but will be looking for dupes.

  36. Chelsea says:

    I think it was mentioned during William’s world cup mess that Anne went to canada for something this year but given that the Sussexes typically do a 1 year out event in IG host nations (which would end up being in February 2024) there’s a good chance that the Sussexes will make the first publicized visit to Canada by royals people could actually name of Charles’ reign because i definitely cant see WanK’ lazy asses going between now and then and for some reason Charles has only been making visits to non commonwealth (and mostly European) countries since he took the throne.

    Also: the stuff about Meghan’s jewelry is insane because the most subtle I’ve seen her with her jewelry since the South Africa tour where she similarly took pains to wear muted colors and minimal jewelry with minimal makeup for the most part. Trolls keep yapping about her putting on a fashion show when she was wearing black and white for the majority of the week and only wore vibrant colors once– at the closing ceremony.

  37. Nerd says:

    She looks gorgeous in this dress. She has great shoulders and is able to wear any off the shoulder dress or blouse with confidence. Her shoulders are an accessory all their own where minimal jewelry works with what she wears. She is gorgeous and Harry and her make a beautiful couple that are making huge strides in the world and I’m here for it.

  38. Vanessa says:

    I know Meghan has been this skinny before the babies, but anyone think she might be on ozempic lately (as perhaps Beatrice)?

    • Wannabefarmer says:

      Why on earth would she need to go on drugs?? She’s naturally petite, walks miles with weights around her ankles and waist and does yoga. (I’m going to try that weights when walking thing ’cause I’m naturally skinny so dont want to lose any just build muscle).

    • s808 says:

      I highly doubt it. She’s already been naturally skinny/petite, seems very active and she does not seem the type to take those measures for weight loss.

      • Vanessa says:

        ya she doesn’t really seem the type. but then you never know with celebrities and the pressure they have to look certain ways.

    • Jk says:

      I doubt it. She’s a foodie and she’s got naturally very slim arms and legs, like Angelina Jolie. She lost her weight very gradually after having her babies.

    • windyriver says:

      Don’t see why she would. She didn’t seem the least uncomfortable with her fuller figure post Lilibet’s birth, judging by her clothing choices and overall confidence during a couple of major events that first year. She also now has a 2 and 4 year old to run after, in addition to any normal exercise routine and any work she’s doing. And, she’s not a celebrity in the same way she was as an actress, so no reason to feel subject to the same type of pressure.

      • Vanessa says:

        Ya true, and she has looked great at any size. She is one of the most scrutinized people on the planet though, so I’m sure there is pressures.

      • windyriver says:

        She is highly scrutinized, particularly with respect to what she wears, and we see she’s very mindful of her clothing/jewelry choices (and know what she said about how she dressed during her time as a working royal). But, it would be more like her to let things progress naturally with something like losing post pregnancy weight, to send a message to women that that’s fine, let yourself take the time your body needs, no reason to rush, you can still look beautiful in the meantime. That’s what I think she did (in fact, believe this was talked about here at the time), and any additional slimming down I think can be explained as per comments above.

    • The Old Chick says:

      So you give yourself away with the ozempic thing because derangers have tried to make that talking point happen all year. Now you’re bringing it here. You people are ridiculous.

      M had three almost back to back pregnancies and chose to lose weight slowly and healthily. Now you’re saying she’s under ‘pressure’? Since when? Derangers gotta do what they do.

      • Vanessa says:

        I’m not a “deranger”. I’m not trying to make it “a thing”. It is a gossip site here. People have talked about other celebs using the drugs, such as Mindy Kaling, and also Princess Beatrice in a recent article. Maybe it’s not nice to speculate, but that is true for all the gossip, about everyone, not only Meghan. And I don’t see what is wrong with saying she, like other female celebs is under pressure for how she looks and is super scrutinized. Everybody under my post disagree with my comment, but were normal/polite about it. I even said it’s not likely, and she looks great either way. What is with the accusation?

    • HeatherC says:

      IMO if anyone is on Ozempic or Wegovy, etc it’s Willy’s wife. Her face lately has more of the drawn look that Ozempic users have (especially with CJackson off in Germany and not photoshopping her shiz)…including myself, though not as bad. There are plenty of “doctors” (or people with a prescription pad) who will write a script for cash (did we learn nothing from the opioid epidemic…these practitioners exist, always have, always will).

      • Vanessa says:

        Agree that rich people have easy access to the drug, hence why I start to wonder about celebs who are looking thinner.
        I don’t really care about what Willy’s wife do though. She was briefly interesting when they married and one wondered what she would do – so much opportunity and potential to do something interesting. But now she bores me.

  39. Wannabefarmer says:

    I deplore the way these cujos price out her clothes – its a subtle mean-spirited messaging. I think one of them listed her jewelry and said she was wearing Diana’s watch. I am willing to bet Meghan does not wear this watch, she wears the one SHE PAID for. She’s safe keeping the other for Lilibet.

  40. Tara says:

    Megan is beautiful. Not feeling this dress though. I think halter style loos best on women with really big breasts. The lines move toward the neck instead of outward and that visually narrows the top in relation to the waist. But if you have really big breasts, halter style will still appear prominently wide at the top. It just does not help may the waist look smaller on women with smaller/normal sized breasts. I am part of the IBTC and I could never wear this look but I am smaller than she is. And she does not look terrible. It’s just that she looks better with a different cut. She looks amazing in strapless gowns. I guess I wouldn’t call it a “miss”, but not my favorite of what she has worn so far. I think my favorite on this trip has been the green/teal strapless.

  41. Stef says:

    She looks amazing here – fit, healthy, happy, glowing.

    Looking forward to the next IG here in Vancouver. I’ve already registered to volunteer. Should be a lot of fun!

  42. elizabeth says:

    Re: the bra situation, she might be using a boob tape. Most stylists use this one: https://lovenood.com/products/pro-stylist-kit?variant=32327613677662

  43. remy says:

    As for the bra situation, I often wear a lot of halter top styles like that and I used to pair them with strapless bras, but now I use boob tape,

  44. Peanut Butter says:

    Harry and Meghan look wonderful 💛

  45. Well Wisher says:

    Beautiful couple in a worthwhile cause for all the participants involved… …..
    Princess Anne’s grandchildren have been known to have vacations in New Brunswick, fail to see why people there will be snarky about it…
    Their good manners will not allow it….

  46. Veronica S. says:

    If she’s a C cup or smaller, she’s likely using tape or a backless bra. Smaller breasts can get away with those more easily, and they reduce underwear lines.

    It’s got a lovely drape to it, and it’s a rich color. Good choice on her part.

  47. Lynne F says:

    The Daily Mail counts the cost of jewelry (watches and wedding ring) in their totals. So, it’s not an accurate representation of what she actually spent for the Invictus Games. And I think she looked fabulous

  48. Caribbean says:

    Every change Meghan did, so did Harry. Look and you will see.
    I hate even commenting on their stupid talking point, but jlo and all those celeb ‘daily wardrobe’ would start at a $million if jewelry is included.
    They should really tally up from the king down to Kate to see how much their daily mentenance is….

  49. Sass says:

    She looks INCREDIBLE. Definitely has become my style icon. And wow she is very petite! Even with heels! I understand why she wears those everywhere because wow she is so tiny!!!

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