Joan Collins: ‘Meghan isn’t really in my consciousness,’ Kate ‘never puts a foot wrong’

What’s the point of living to the ripe age of 90 years old and not using your final years to settle scores and bitch out the youths? If I live to 90, you can bet that I will use those years to unload every grudge. But not Joan Collins. Well, Joan used to do that, ten years ago, probably because she thought “might as well” and she wanted people to know that Jennifer Aniston is merely cute while Angelina Jolie is beautiful. I guess that Joan has softened a bit, actually. So, Joan gave an interview to the Mail over the weekend and she shared some thoughts about two royal women.

As one of Britain’s leading veteran actresses, she is preparing to play the most controversial member of the Royal Family. Dame Joan Collins will take the role of Wallis Simpson in a biopic of the final years of her life, and says the American divorcee for whom Edward VIII abdicated was ‘somewhat maligned’.

But the outspoken Dame unsurprisingly has some rather acerbic opinions about the latest generation of female Royals, too.

‘Meghan isn’t really in my consciousness,’ she tells The Mail on Sunday’s Liz Jones, dismissively, in an interview today for You magazine. But she adds: ‘Catherine never puts a foot wrong.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“Catherine’s never put a foot wrong” is a sign of elder abuse, I swear to God. I will say this though – I’ve always believed that Kate appeals to the elderly. Kate’s generational peers think she’s a dumbass and Gen Z thinks she’s out of touch, but seniors genuinely like her. They think she’s cute. Now, why is that? I believe it’s because Kate is a throwback in every sense – she dresses and acts like a Downton Abbey extra, and modernity will never touch her.

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  1. Whyforthelove says:

    Well it’s easy to never put a foot wrong when you refuse to use your feet to go anywhere or do anything. Never mind she can send the Valet to handle it lol

    • SIde Eye says:

      Whyforthelove I adore this comment! You are so spot on.

    • tamsin says:

      Agree. It’s easy to never put a foot wrong if you never put a foot forward. The phrase I believe was originally said of the late Queen Elizabeth. I think that is the goal of the Windsor clan: to keep both feet firmly planted together, stand still, and hold your ground- no moving forward by putting one foot forward after another. After the first world war, the goal was to survive as a monarchy- historians have stated that that is their sole raison d’etre. And indeed, they have not budged an inch.

    • Norvell says:

      You can’t “put a foot wrong” when you’ve never worked a day in your life. I expect such a response from Collins, a 90+ yrs. old woman, who grew up not associated with women of color in her work as an actress and personally. Many women reveal their enviousness towards Meghan Markle for her personal accomplishments before and during her marriage.

      • nona93 says:

        Spot on! Joan Collins saying that Meghan never entered her consciousness is readily explained by the fact that Meghan was described as fiercely intellectual and therefore the shallow likes of Joan Collins and her affectations would not enter her consciousness either.
        On the other hand Kate lacks Meghan’s relaxed confidence and articulation and does not engage comfortably with intellectual discussion as was seen when she appeared with Meghan on British TV. Thus she would appeal to and identify with a superficial poseur like Collins.

    • Wannabefarmer says:

      Indeed. Didnt someone say they like her because she doesnt say a word and doesnt overshadow whomever she’s capable of overshadowing? In other words, she plays the part of the stepford wife really well?

  2. Snowpenguin says:

    One’s foot has to actually leave the house and do something of value in order to demonstrate one never puts a foot wrong.

  3. Lucy says:

    She’s got the 90 year olds on lock.

    • ML says:

      She’s also a BoJo fan.

      • PrincessK says:

        She doesn’t believe in BLM, she voted for Brexit and doesn’t like immigrants.
        So that explains everything.
        But l must admit she is quite honest and down to earth but she is stuck in another age.
        She has to keep working because her husband doesn’t bring in any money, he is more like an expensive carer.
        Watch him marry a younger woman as soon as she goes.

    • Josephine says:

      Joan’s words are just code for “she knows her place.” Depressing that a woman who broke some rules of her own loves to see a trad woman whose purpose is to breed, starve herself, dress like an old lady and spew hate at POC,

      • Norvell says:

        Precisely. Joan isn’t familiar with women, who are educated and professionally accomplished BEFORE marrying into the RF. MM makes these women feel personally lacking. I wouldn’t expect especially a 90 yrs. old British actress to say anything positive about an accomplished black woman. Kate is one of them-someone, whose self-worth is measured by her marriage…and Joan has been married 5 times.

  4. ariel says:

    That phrasing “never puts a foot wrong”– is that a british saying, b/c it makes people seem like manchurian candidate brainwash victims.
    The same phrasing. It is creepy.
    It is code for- if its all white, its all right (to quote an old Chris Rock bit)

    Its the way $cientologists respond to criticisms- in the exact same language.
    (see ex wives of rinder, etc on a cnn interview where they each state they know “every inch” of their exhusbands- it is an odd phrase for all to use- and suggests a script)

    • Jais says:

      💯 @ariel, it’s a creepy phrase and it’s not really a compliment. It sounds so sterile. Basically, it just shows Joan Collins is a voracious tabloid reader bc it’s a phrase that gets repeated incessantly in the British tabloids. And it really emerged to show Kate as “never putting a foot wrong,” basically being perfect, especially in comparison to Meghan. Now what attributes does Kate really have that Meghan doesn’t? Something’s not quite white…

      • Debbie says:

        I know, right? I mean, if you went around flashing the world while on official functions over and over again, then you went to the Caribbean and happily reproduce the old days of when your queen ruled the islands, and then get described as “never put a foot wrong” then I question the sobriety of the speaker and her values. I didn’t even know that old fossil was still around actually, go figure.

      • PrincessK says:


  5. hangonamin says:

    It’s simple. The reason why “Catherine never puts a foot wrong” is bc she never actually does anything other than what the RF tells her to do. She doesn’t challenge the system, she doesn’t question anything, she (on the surface level) just shows up and does what she’s told. She doesn’t modernize, she sustains the system. Meghan, on the other hand, challenged the system and pointed out things that’s unfair. Meghan is way too smart and good for the RF, bc what they want is to keep the status quo. They didn’t want anyone pointing out what’s wrong. She was expected to show up, dance when they asked her to dance and turn the other cheek to all the institutional bias and racial bias. Sad to say she will never ever get an apology.

  6. Mary Pester says:

    OK I met Collins once, and NEVER want to meet her again. You couldn’t pay me to. Sorry to any Joan fans on here, but I found her to be a smug, vain BCH, no wonder she thinks Kate is great, cut from the same cloth. Collins has a real problem with women with a brain and talent.

    • Jais says:

      Cut from the same cloth? Well, Kate has rocked some dynasty moments so they probably share a love of shoulder pads.

      • roooth says:

        OMIGAWD!!! When I saw the way Kkkate tarted up for Liz’s funeral my first thought was Joan Collins in Dynasty – the ostentatious heavy jewelry, the shoulder pads, the heavy eye makeup, the inappropriate hat – all screamed 80’s Dynasty. She looked like she was on her way to some social occasion, not a funeral

    • Eurydice says:

      I also met her once at a fundraiser and had the same reaction. She’s a “feminist” who hates other women. I don’t think Joan views Kate the way other senior citizens might because Joan doesn’t consider herself elderly. She probably favors Kate because Kate would never be competition.

    • Jaded says:

      I’ve heard some scary stories about The Dame…she’s closer to her character on Dynasty than people think. A dear friend of mine who was married to a fellow high up in PR for the American Air Force was at some event where The Dame was holding court and complimented her on her hat. She turned, looked her up and down like she was some kind of bacteria and walked away. She sounds vile.

      • Olivia says:

        Can confirm she is a nasty piece of work. I always felt like women who had to go the route of selling themselves to get themselves out of hardship should be more emphatic but am proven wrong time and again that people are who they are.

  7. Delphine says:

    Never puts a foot wrong? She routinely commits crimes of fashion. Just the other day she wore platform sneakers with awful white palazzo pants and a hideous tomato colored blazer. It’s the worst outfit I’ve ever seen. Or there was that time she dressed up like a pack of double mint gum. I’m not even going to get into the wigs that look like they’ve never seen a brush. Once in a blue moon she gets it right like when someone dies.

  8. Over it says:

    Kaiser is 💯 correct, Meghan marrying Harry has really broken white women and men’s brains.
    Especially in the uk

    • Flamingo says:

      please don’t make blanket statements about white women. Maybe racists brains.

      • MrsBanjo says:

        Couldn’t resist the “not all…” thing, eh?

        Ask yourself why you’re more worried about that statement than the fact that it’s primarily white women who pull this sh*t.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        Joan is white. Joan is a pro-monarchy racist. They are not remotely mutually exclusive; you could correctly argue that degrees of racism appear to be a requirement. Does colonial slave trade sound familiar? White people building generational wealth of the backs of people of color?
        Disclaimer: am white, am female.

      • Joanne says:

        If the saying doesn’t apply to you, you don’t need to defend yourself. People make blanket statements about other races all the time. There’s no need for the “but not me” if you don’t do that.

      • Tam says:

        Not all whites are racist ppl just the ones that insist on not all whites – hope this makes you feel better

      • Beverley says:

        I can’t help but wonder “if the not all whites” comments come from people who also insist “not all blacks” when the inevitable slurs and accusations arise. Do these people who are so invested in pointing out “not all white people” have the same energy to defend marginalized groups?
        Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. wellyaknow says:

    What about Kate’s flashing her a** and t*ts years?

    What about Kate’s colonial cosplay ?

    Name one fundraising event Kate has hosted or went to in the last 8 years ?

    I’m sure Meg feels nothing about her either.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      Ah, yes, the “biscuit flashing” years of yore. I don’t miss them at all.

      • ChattyCath says:

        Someone needs to find and curate those as evidence. She has no grace or manners. Which it sounds like Joan Collins hasn’t either. My late grandmother who worked around aristos said ‘Real gentlemen and ladies treat a housemaid with the same respect as a Lord’. No resting bitchface.

    • Moneypenny424 says:

      Well, Joan was telling the truth. Kate never puts a foot wrong, but often puts her a** wrong 🙂

    • SIde Eye says:

      wellyaknow thank you! Exactly! William’s backside would like a word Joan…

  10. Haylie says:

    I’m not surprised. Joan and Kate dress in the same tacky 80s fashuns, they both love obvious wigs, and they’re both known for playing mean Karen’s.

    But imaging having to spend the winter of your life propping a lazy, unaccomplished dullard. Joan is going out sad.

  11. Cel2495 says:

    Is she still alive? Mummy Joan should not be interviewed… I dont even think she is the right person to prop Kate up though 😂

    Why use the elderly to bash Meghan ?

  12. MsIam says:

    This is a joke right? I’m sorry Alexis, but frankly we don’t give a damn what you think anymore. Beyonce thinks she’s fabulous!

    • Peanut Butter says:

      Amen to Flamingo’s statement. I’m still working through Kaiser’s sentiments that “seniors genuinely like [Kate]” while younger generations are smart enough to see through her BS. This senior thinks Kate is awful, and I have plenty of generational company. Then I roll up to this blanket comment about white people’s broken brains, smh

  13. Brassy Rebel says:

    Honest to God, she would look so much better if she went with a natural look instead of trying to look like she’s not ninety. All that makeup and the wig. She looks like a statue from Madame Tussaud’s that melted. If you’ve made it to f*cking ninety, own it!

  14. Peanut Butter says:

    I’m not 90, but I’m older, and I think Kate’s vile. And that Collins’ smug condescension reminds me that Meghan is smarter and more beautiful than Collins ever was.

  15. Amy Bee says:

    Thank you Joan for keeping Meghan out of your consciousness. We’ve been spared from having to hear you spew nonsense about her.

    • May says:

      Ummm, actually this good friend of Piers Morgan has spewed a fair bit of ugliness about Meghan. Including cackling about the very notion that Meghan is an actress of any note. Meghan lives in this old biddy’s head but for some reason her comments in this article were toned down (but still b*tchy).

  16. Barbara says:

    It’s because she’s a scrawny white woman who looks like the only things she puts in her mouth are cigarettes and mixed drinks, her hair basically hasn’t changed for 25+ years and probably won’t anytime soon and she dresses like she’s on a cheesy nighttime soap opera. She reminds them of THEM or at least who they think they are.

  17. BlueNailsBettyi says:

    Joan thinks Nazi sympathizer Wallis Simpson was “unfairly maligned”. That’s all I need to know about Joan.

    • Lau says:

      I was going to say the same.

    • SIde Eye says:

      That stood out to me as well! Thank you BlueNailsBetty! Unfairly maligned my ass!

      She tries this not so subtle shade with Meghan “she’s not even in my consciousness” (translation: she’s not important enough for me to think about) but if that were the case, wouldn’t she just talk about Kate without mentioning Meghan at all?

      She seems exactly like the kind of Karen that objects to Meghan existing.

  18. JudyB says:

    Maybe she would feel better if she were to leave off a pound of the heavy makeup she carries around on her freaky, painted-on face.

    • Renae says:

      Trying out for a role in a yet-to-be made stage production of S. King’s “IT”.
      Any guess as to which character she is going for?

      • Debbie says:

        Or, with all that makeup, maybe it’s a revival of that old Robert Aldrich movie, What Ever Happened to Baby “Joan”?

  19. slippers4life says:

    Oh dear lord I am so sick of this. I am with Lainey Gossip that Royal news is now boring AF! M and H and their next chapters are the only thing left I’m interested in. How many years are they going to run stories about the savior and the villain narrative? Enough! Call me when Kate divorces William and writes a memoir entitled, “The Feet We Put Wrong” or when Omid Scobie puts out his book.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      slippers4life, boring is all they’ve got. I’ve wondered if social media should just let the Cant lovers/bots have their say. What happens if everyone else stayed out of the conversation?

  20. Flower says:

    She’s a bl00dy ‘Dame of the Empire’ what else did we expect ?

  21. aquarius64 says:

    Joan, you’re not in Meghan’s consciousness for her to give two flips about your opinion. Dame Collins obviously thinks royal women should be seen and not heard; brainless mannequins and brood mares for the Crown.

  22. PunkyMomma says:

    Kate checking Joan’s boxes —

    Wig ✔️
    Pound of makeup ✔️
    Shoulder pads ✔️

  23. Chantale says:

    Someone need to send the Old woman her articles from years ago where she bad mouth Camilla bad dressing and Kate wedges from wathever tabloid this trashy woman used to write for.

  24. YeahRight says:

    The seniors love her because she reminds them of of a time when women was seen and not heard.

    • JudyB says:

      Hey! Don’t make such broad statements about seniors. I am 80 and dislike Kate as much as younger persons. Mostly, I dislike her stiffness and “royal” attitude, which has nothing to do with reminding me of a time when women were seen and not heard!!

      Not all of us old people are looking back to the past, so you should not make assumptions about what we like or do not like.

  25. Haylie says:

    If Kate never puts one of her big feet wrong, why didn’t Will take her to Ndw York for his Earthshyte UnN Wannabe flop? Why isn’t she going to Singapore?

  26. Jaded says:

    Joan’s really rocking her “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” look these days.

  27. Audrey says:

    Never put a foot wrong is the dog whistle of the British retirement home alums.

  28. SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

    Wasn’t she one of the several horrendous misogynist bags who came out against the MeToo movement, and attacked younger women for it? Same mindset. Some people (men, white people) are entitled to abuse their ‘inferiors’, who just have to smile and take it. Eff that.

  29. Ameerah M says:

    Old British white woman gives old British white woman opinion. This is Kate’s audience. Old British racist white women. Who never gave her a thought until a Black woman with natural charisma, a good work ethic, and better fashion taste came along. Now “Catherine can’t put a foot wrong”

  30. AC says:

    Not surprised as this is another example of some Brits being condescending. They won’t be able to ever admit that a bi-racial American is superior compared to their future Queen.

  31. C says:

    What was it Edina Monsoon said of Joan Collins in Absolutely Fabulous? “She’s in liquid form now, we’d have to pour her in here and paste her together again!”

  32. tamsin says:

    Joan Collins- another broad who thinks time stands still. She should look in the mirror without her make-up.

  33. Donna says:

    I doubt Meghan cares and Joan needs a little more makeup…

  34. cheche says:

    There is a full frontal assault in the media to prop up Kate because she has no serious work to examine or to highlight. I”m happy there is a shorthand way to judge empty people and their role models or just “Kate the Great never puts a foot wrong.” As the bad stuff churns.

  35. L4Frimaire says:

    Hopefully Meghan will continue to stay out of her consciousness and her name out of her mouth. Maybe Middleton doesn’t put a foot wrong, lol, but lately her wig has been quite askew. Btw Collins used to be considered the dime store Elizabeth Taylor back in the day. Look at some of her younger looks. Copy paste but cheaper.

  36. Fishface says:

    The fact she thinks Wallis Simpson was somewhat maligned is very telling. Simpson was a Nazi enthusiast.
    As for her opinions on MM and the other one – well, how surprising (not).

  37. Tangerine Tree says:

    ‘Meghan isn’t really in my consciousness,’ she tells The Mail on Sunday’s Liz Jones, dismissively …

    Lol. Yes, she is, Joan. She definitely is.

  38. bisynaptic says:

    Is she unfamiliar with Kate’s Upskirt Era? Was she not following the RF, then? Or has dementia kicked in?

  39. AnneL says:

    Thank you for reminding me why I actually hated “Downton Abbey.” It had a lot of great actresses and performance and production value, but it’s heart it was British Period Porn and class system white-washing and apologia. Great potential wasted. But what else can you expect from Julian Fellowes, the writer who makes a show out of mocking and satirizing the British Upper Class while at the same time clearly, venally worshiping them?

  40. Jenn says:

    If Meghan is dead to Dame Collins, wow, what a gift. That’s one way to respect Meghan’s autonomy! Joan and her ilk prefer those seeking external validation — full of shame and resentment — who are easy to steamroll. She might “like” Kate, but she doesn’t respect her at all. (“She never puts a foot wrong” is really a veiled threat: everyone is watching and, if she DID ever step wrong, as we all occasionally do because we’re human, Joan would relish the opportunity to shame and humiliate her.) Then again, Joan herself is a mean girl who doesn’t have friends, just sycophants, because other women are either competition or they’re not. Zzzz.

    You’re right, Kaiser, it is definitely Boomers, although I don’t think Joan Collins is one. Greatest generation? Silent generation? She’s like 100 right? Bless her heart.

  41. BKittyB says:

    It’s giving old white colonizers supporting young white colonizers. It’s dog whistle for “Meghan isn’t even on the radar because she’s not even worthy of my thoughts, and Kate is superior, as are all white Brits.”