Princess Kate hasn’t given a reason for why she’s suddenly not going to Singapore

It’s interesting to watch the evolution of this storyline in real time. For months, we’ve been told repeatedly that the Princess of Wales would join her husband in Singapore for the Earthshot Awards in November. It was supposed to be Kate’s big outing of the year, especially given that she hasn’t left the country on official business since last year’s Earthshot Awards in Boston. Then, over the summer, the Mail had that curious story about how Prince William is “increasingly happy to go solo,” seen by many of us as William soft-launching his “divorced dad” brand. Even in that story, sources insisted that Kate would go to Singapore though. Except it’s not happening. Camilla Tominey was the first to report that Kate would not join her peggy husband at this year’s Keenshot. Now the Mail is seemingly confirming it:

The Princess of Wales will not travel to South East Asia in November for the final of The Earthshot Prize, according to reports.

Despite previous speculation suggesting the contrary, Kate Middleton, 41, ‘is not expected to accompany’ William, 41, to Singapore, the destination of the third annual awards ceremony for the Prince’s environmental prize, says the Telegraph.

Following the Wales’ decision not to undertake a foreign tour this year, Kate’s presence is not to be expected, it is believed, and so she will not attend the ceremony which is also set to feature performances by world-renowned musicians and artists.

No specific reason has been confirmed for why Kate is not expected to attend, but some have speculated that it may be due to her parenting duties.

It marks a change from last year, when Kate travelled to Boston for the ceremony.

[From The Daily Mail]

These are the same people who spent weeks writing hundreds of stories analyzing the travel plans of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex this month, yet all we’re getting here is some terse, minimal statements in two publications, the Mail and the Telegraph? William has been on a briefing spree in the past fortnight – “Prince William Wants To Be A Global Statesman” – so this is coming from Kensington Palace. In the same breath as all of his talk about being a revolutionary keen statesman who never puts a foot wrong, he’s also like “yeah, I don’t want the Wiglet in Singapore.” And no one will speculate in the British media, no one will say “hey, maybe there are significant issues in the Wales marriage.”

One positive for Kate’s absence is that at least William’s ass will be ungroped in Singapore.

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60 Responses to “Princess Kate hasn’t given a reason for why she’s suddenly not going to Singapore”

  1. Bad Janet says:

    I feel so uncomfortable looking at pictures of them together. It’s so obvious that this is not a happy union, but after Diana and Charles’s drama, there no chance they’ll actually divorce. All I see is Kate’s passive aggression and Peg’s disdain. But I do genuinely worry about her safety (his incandescent rage will only get worse until he gets too tired and feeble to act on it) and if she is staying home, GOOD. The further away, the better.

    Oh, the books that will eventually be out about these two.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles would put Diana down in public. She would not put up with it. I see no reason for Kate and William having to stay together if they are miserable Kate wants to be queen but if William wants out because he wants to marry someone else or any other reason divorce would take place

      • Bad Janet says:

        As of right now, at least, I don’t think he could care enough about anybody else to go through the scrutiny of a divorce. His self-centeredness is next level and I don’t think he won’t care about anyone for that long. Charles was motivated, since he actually wanted someone else with him for decades. Going through a divorce would be a lot of bother for someone who hates being criticized and hates work, when he can just keep being miserable and projecting his misery onto Kate. I’m sure she is a great scapegoat for his unhappiness (not that he is introspective enough to be aware).

        All this could change when Charles dies, but I would be shocked if Charles doesn’t pressure him to stay married no matter what the cost (despite his own choices), and Peg seems to have bought into the idea that his image as a perfect person is somehow necessary for country to continue. But more than anything, I think he just can’t deal with the scrutiny and work involved with a divorce. They may separate (or have) and keep it under wraps. We will start getting a lot more monstrous stories about Kate coming from inside the house a few years before a divorce is announced, IF that ever happens.

      • Naomi says:

        I agree, Bad Janet. Unless there is a specific person he’s in love with and wants to marry, William won’t bother to go through a divorce. Way too much scrutiny. Right now he gets to have his cake and eat it too: still technically married for public appearances, but privately free to bang whoever he wants and see his kids on the weekends. I imagine he’ll stick with that (unless he falls in love with someone like his father did… although even then, I still think he’d be too lazy and fragile of an ego to go through with a divorce).

      • RoyalCommoner says:

        Kate wants to be queen. William doesnt mind her being queen but doesn’t want her in his life. Kate is unfortunately the glue that keeps this monarchy going because imagine i without Kate. Boy zzzzzzz im sleeping just thinking about it. And also, how could she go to earthsht after that amazing week with Harry and Meg? lol
        Snooze fest with Will and Kate. It would just be too obvious maybe that they hate each other. They’re lazy and not good actors on top of that.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate is holding nothing together including her own marriage. If she was able to do anything then we wouldn’t be noticing the mess since the queen passed. It was the myth and affection surrounding the Queen that held things together. No one has the ability to replicate that. (Well someone does but they are not in the UK )

    • Geegee says:

      My God that top picture. She looks like a half melted candle. Lady lay of the botox.

    • Nanzi says:

      I feel sick looking at pictures of either of them, together or solo, and I am delighted that others may feel the same.
      I am an older lady and my greatest regret is that I’m not going to be around to read the historians’ accounts of these times

  2. I too believe there is more wrong with the marriage. These two don’t live together maybe he is doing less and less with her to not so quietly phase her out of the picture. Maybe that’s why she is stepping all over his news cycle she knows how near the end is.

    • Tessa says:

      He looked annoyed with her last year pulling his hand away when she reached for him. Parenting duties did not stop her from going last year

    • Chloe says:

      The marriage might be practically over but i still do not believe they will divorce. Why would they? Kate has her own little house on royal grounds, keeps her mouth shut and gets all the adoration and jewels. William can do what he wants without any scrutiny. Seems like the perfect arrangement to me.

      • Tessa says:

        If William is serious about another woman and wants to marry her rather than having secret meetings I think there will be a divorce.

      • Becks1 says:

        this is why they would divorce. (I don’t know if they will, like I say on here almost every day I go back and forth lol) but this is why – because there’s always going to be questions raised when William and Kate do major solo events like this. Why wouldn’t Kate go? Parenting duties??? When they resort to that you know things are bad.

        If they could fake it in public, it would be fine and I would be on team “no divorce no matter how bad things are behind closed doors.” But as it stands, William so obviously can’t stand to be around her that I’m not sure how long they can keep up the facade.

        A divorce gets William the one thing a private separation does not – it means he does not have to see her or pretend to like her in public.

      • Nic919 says:

        William hasn’t been subtle about icing her out since the statue unveiling. If he wanted to keep things under wraps, he would not be making it so obvious that he can’t stand being around her.

        It is almost like he is daring media to report about it. The British media is like NK so they aren’t taking the bait, but that may change.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @Becks1 – a divorce also lets him find a wife/companion who competes with Meghan and thats why I think they will divorce. Its clear that William is INSANLEY jealous of Harry and the life he now has. The Sussex’s are THE royal power couple ANYWHERE. William has always wanted what Harry has – this is no different. One of the reason why William is so disdainful of her in public is because even he can now see how useless at the role she is – it cannot be hidden anymore.

      • Bad Janet says:

        I doubt any woman of Meghan’s caliber would want to be a part of this dying flame of a bull**** institution, especially if it meant being married to a badly aging narcissist with rage issues (we all know how it went for the last two women who dared to elevate their partner’s impact).

        Peg is more likely to try to keep shoehorning Kate into this “woman of the people but also someone aspirational” box, as they have been for years. No wonder their marriage failed.

        Putting a new wife out would take work and open him up to criticism. He doesn’t want either.

    • Taytanish says:

      William has no self reflection of any kind, he takes no responsibility of anything. I sincerely believe that its just as simple as Prince-a-pegs blaming KKKHate for everything that has been going wrong on all these their tours: he blames her for the disaster that was the Caribbean tour, he blames her for their being fired on international TV, he blames her because it was KKKHate that was waving to black kids through a wire mesh fence, he blames her for the whole colonialist farkakta (thanks Kaiser) cosplay, AND he blames her for them being booed at the Celtics game in Boston last year. That’s why KKKHate is not going, he believes she has bad luck. Plus, in his head, he doesn’t think he needs to share his headlines with her, he thinks he is the heir so he is generating enough attention towards him by himself without her, so he’s started to strike it out on his own now.

  3. Naomi says:

    Kate is definitely being phased out! As thing as the invisible contract may appear, it’s still going strong because it is so insanely obvious these two are separated & the press continues to tiptoe around this.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      Is there any chance that this is their way of drumming up interest in Earthshot?
      With her surprise appearance?

      • May says:

        @ronaldinhio, that was my first thought. A lot of people here seem to think that this denotes Kate’s being phased out in preparation for a separation, if not divorce. I don’t know about that because it is a long time now that they have not seemed to gel as a couple in public. But who knows. Maybe the Queen’s death has emboldened William and allowed him the financial freedom to pay off Kate.

  4. girl_ninja says:

    Willy probably is happy that he won’t have any unwanted ass grabbing. It’s possible that Kate doesn’t want any pillows thrown at her either. These two need to end this sham of a marriage.

    • BeanieBean says:

      He doesn’t even want his hand held by her! As for the lame, ‘childcare’ issue, stop already. The rota 🐀s need to stop with that nonsense. If anyone can arrange for childcare, it’s these two. Best yet: don’t schedule these darned things halfway across the planet!

  5. ariel says:

    Off the subject and certainly thoroughly discussed on previous occasions, but, for real, who let her wear the greenscreen color.
    Both in like- that is a terrible color against her skin, and of course, the fact that you can apply ANYTHING over it to humorous effect- it is mind boggling to me that she put that dress on.

    • lanne says:

      The green was supposed to be the “point” of the whole event. The chihuauhuas running the comms team believed that everyone would be blown away seeing Kate in Diana’s emerald necklace. People would be fainting from the comparison! She would be on the cover of every magazine! Earthshot would glow in the light of Kate’s emeralds!! (green=earth, said the chihuahua at the base of the tower.)

      • ChattyCath says:

        @Ianne. Priceless! And an accurate analysis of a dreadful situation.

      • Lux says:

        I really almost passed out when I first saw this look—the wonky face, the choker, and then the cheap polyester neon dress. Like, so many layers of bad. Why would you pair such an heirloom piece with this hideous bargain bin dress, the greens of which don’t even match? Why would do you a choker with an off shoulder with your hair down and break up your head and upper body in so many unflattering ways? Why would any royal think that color is an acceptable color to wear for anything? A fashion girl could pull it off, with the right accessories, hair and shoes. Kate is the opposite of that. This (along with her disjointed BAFTA glove debacle) has to be at the top of the “Worst Dressed” list of all time…there’s just no explanation for it.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Ha! There’s a reason some dresses remain on store racks. Kate couldn’t figure out the signals.

  6. L4Frimaire says:

    Something is definitely up and Will thinks he can do better without her. Also he’s once again copying Harry. Meghan didn’t go to Singapore for Harry’s Sentebale polo charity match and he still got a lot of great press and buzz. At least we’ll be spared another hideous green dress, probably with lace cutouts- iykyk. Anyway, whatever.

    • ecsmom says:

      I think you could be right. But William rarely attracts attention w/o buttons and her wardrobe. Harry on the other hand was in Singapore with his hot Argentinian Polo player brother riding horses and getting sweaty. Both happily married which makes them all the more interesting. Not that Harry wouldn’t attract attention by himself, but having a good looking close friend that shares your philanthropy helps.

      I am going to love when PWT does not get the international attention he seeks partly because a stick in a new dress isn’t standing next to him. Neither has charisma, personality or interest, but one wears more interesting clothes.

  7. Kateee says:

    I think Cathy got the UK in the divorce while Bill will handle the rest of the realm, international events. Cathy gets her beloved spotlight while Bill can do fewer events altogether, they avoid seeing each other, and they can still maintain the “close knit family/hands on parents” narrative.

  8. Southern Fried says:

    Poor sausage in her highlighter dress and gaudy necklace with her penis head husband. Were they ever happy couple?

  9. Amy Bee says:

    If we are to go by the British press’ logic Kate bot going with William to NY and Singapore means that they’re separated and headed for divorce, right?

  10. ThatsNotOkay says:

    That CEO story and Kate not going to Singapore sure sounds like there’s a split announcement coming, and someone is needed to handle KP (William) while figuring out what Kate’s future non-queen role is going to look like.

    • Harper says:

      The road is now clear for going public with their split. It’s been a tasteful year since Betty kicked it, so the peasants will have their bad news sufficiently spaced out. Also, with Betty gone, Willy won’t have to endure her disapproving stink eye in person. CRex had his coronation and his big hat party so now Willy’s marital mess won’t affect him.

      The job now is to start dropping bigger and bigger breadcrumbs and all the separate travel, including NYC and Williamshot, seems to be part of that. I’m waiting for the day that the sycophantic rota dares to wonder out loud if something is wrong between them. Then we will know the official separation rollout is ON.

      • Nic919 says:

        I think so. Whereas the Queen put up with whatever marriage issues she had and kept it under wraps, Charles can’t say the same so William knows there is no moral high ground coming from his father.

        Excluding her from Singapore when it was originally suggested a while back that she was attending seems like a very obvious clue. And she is not scheduling engagements on the same day as William for something she knows he was attention. That is not something she did before.

    • Jaded says:

      It’s obvious the soon-to-be-hired CEO/COO will have to deal with this as a top priority and try to turn it to Peg’s advantage. He’ll have his/her work cut out for him/her. It’s like getting rid of a top executive without outright saying “well they effed up, that’s why they’re being fired”.

    • Becks1 says:

      I wonder if the role of the CEO is solely to navigate their divorce.

      • Ginny says:

        And I’m wondering now if that “summit” in Scotland this summer was actually to finish hammering out terms of the divorce…

      • Debbie says:

        They seem very unhappy with one another and they’re not fooling anyone but I’m still of the opinion that they’ll pry Diana’s ring out of Kate’s cold, dead hands, as the expression goes. If I’m wrong, I’ll apologize to all the people here who predicted divorce all along.

  11. Tbonesmum says:

    That top picture is like looking at a bad wax model that has been on display too long at Madame Tussaud’s. It just does not look real.

    At least Keen can get back to trampolining as it looks like the fingers have recovered from her ahem “accident”.

    I like others cannot wait until the books finally start coming out about these two.

  12. ShazBot says:

    It remains wild to me how the press and aristocrats cover for this family. Between Liz and Phil, Charles and Diana (pre-separation) and now Will and Kate, they do not touch relationship status unless it’s allowed. I mean, I guess it is the aristocrat way, but man…what a weird culture.

  13. Gossipgirl says:

    I believe that William doesn’t want to play the “loved up” couple with Kate. Whatever their arrangement is he wants to keep it at that. One thing about the heart, it knows what it wants and it wants nothing else. If he has fallen out of love with Kate and in love with someone else there is nothing anyone can do about that. I suspect we are going to see another Royal divorce. Kate will start to resent William, mark my words. It seems William is trying to get everyone use to seeing a William without Kate.

    • Mary Pester says:

      Billy won’t divorce waity, he wants the world to believe he is a better man than his father. He wants the world to believe that he is a statesman and tolerates Kates wigs and copying of Megan. BUT I expect some stories to start appearing about how “, people are worried about Kates health”, or Kates weight loss is giving William cause for alarm, and “Kate is undertaking less travel and work events as she needs to be at home for the children”. Then we will see more and more SEPERATE engagements, with each of them sharing the picture rights to the children. The only time we will see them in the same room is for state occasions or Christmas services, but even then, their body language “as usual will give them away. The divorce will only happen in the last year of Charlie’s reign. Then bully will count on people worrying about Charlie’s health to take the spotlight of his quickie divorce.

      • Andrea says:

        Everyone believed Trudeau would never divorce like his father, but he is now separated. Just pull the plug Will.

      • lanne says:

        So Princess Charlene 2.0? They put Kate out to pasture while William does whatever he likes, and drag her out a few times a year to stand at his side and wear a tiara. I wouldn’t be surprised if she retires to Scotland or Wales where she can “quietly raise her children.”

  14. Ash says:

    So after they dragged Meghan for choosing to spend Archie’s birthday at home they’re giving Keen a pass? Where are the divorce rumors? Where are the panels discussing their marriage?

    • lanne says:

      The panels they did used Meghan and Harry as stand-ins for William and Kate. I’m convinced they are using the Sussexes as a way to talk about the Wales. They can tell the truth about the Wales with plausible deniability–and who cares about the Sussexes anyway? They quit, right? So they “deserve” all the negativity they have spawned. (I’m being sarcastic obviously–but I do believe the marriage questions are all projection. The people in the know want to talk, but they can’t say what they know directly.

    • equality says:

      They also dragged Meghan for mentioning “parenting duties” in her speech for why she was late to IG. Only Kate is allowed to be a parent.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        This dragging happens to women of color all the time. White women are praised for staying home with their kids, while women of color are called lazy for doing the same. It’s appalling.

  15. Libra says:

    William does not want her there. Her inane cackling and swanning about in her new wardrobe takes away from the seriousness of being a global statesman.

    • Tina says:

      Yah this is spot on. Don’t think they will divorce I just think he will do less with her and leave here behind for his big serious moments. The look of disdain he gives her when they are together is so awkward to see.

  16. BizzatchExtrordinaire says:

    They’ll divorce – or make the decision to – when they can’t stand it anymore. That’s it. Might be tomorrow. Might’ve been last year. I’m of the mind that perhaps the marriage is on a timeline with milestones projected out for the next 5-10 years, including kids ages, separation, messaging, $$$, divorce, and timing around introducing new ‘friends’, etc. etc. Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s why their antipathy is so low-key obvious. It’s BEEN over but it will be years before they can acknowledge or be free of it. Probably adds to the INCANDESCENCE, especially for him. (Unless Charles dies first. If that happens…Pegs? Yeah…she gon’.)

  17. QuiteContrary says:

    She should be banned from Singapore just for that appalling Earthsh*t gown. Tragique.

  18. BlueNailsBetty says:

    I wonder if WandK are waiting for Louis to be a bit older before they publicly separate/divorce.

    • Libra says:

      They are most likely already living apart so Louis would not know the difference. Nothing will change in his small world.

  19. Well Wisher says:

    “One positive for Kate’s absence is that at least William’s ass will be ungroped in Singapore.”

    This covers it….
    I could not have said it any better.

  20. maisie says:

    Thanks for reminding us just how hard this dress failed. Bad color, unflattering, badly accessorized.

  21. Cecilia says:

    Has anyone noticed she looks like Lord Farquaad from Shrek?

  22. Auroreg says:

    There will be no media coverage of this Singapour thing if kate doesn’t show up. We can say a lot about her but she is the star in this duet.
    William has done something bad to her if she punish him this way. Very bad

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