Prince William ‘had a meeting at the UN,’ if you mean across from the UN building

Here are some photos of Prince William on Tuesday, September 19th, his “second day” and last day in New York. The Cover Images photo caption is: “The Prince of Wales arrives to hold an audience with President of Ecuador, Lasso Mendoza at the UN General Assembly.” This is false and it’s a deliberate and hilariously pathetic fudge by Kensington Palace. William wants to leave the impression that he’s such an important statesman, of course he went to the opening of the UN General Assembly and he was even holding meetings at the UN. The truth is, he visited the RESIDENCE of the British Consul General, which is located at 50 UN Plaza, across the street from the United Nations building. So close and yet so far. Peg couldn’t score an invite to the General Assembly, you guys. President Biden was in town, speaking at the UN. President Zelenskyy was in town. People were busy, too busy to play these juvenile, attention-seeking games.

Prince William praised Ecuador for the ‘crucial’ work the nation is doing in the battle against climate change as he met President Guillermo Lasso Mendoza ahead of unveiling this year’s Earthshot Prize finalists on his solo trip to New York. The Prince of Wales confidently strode into the bilateral meeting, beaming as he walked past an Andy Warhol print of his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The heir to the throne was pictured shaking hands with President Lasso before they sat down together at the the British Consul General’s official residence at 50 UN Plaza overlooking the UN building and with panoramic views of the Hudson River.

His engagements in the US coincide with Climate Week in New York and the 78th UN General Assembly where nearly 200 countries are meeting. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is among those in attendance.

Although Prince William will not address the assembly, he met UN chief Antonio Guterres in New York on Monday and discussed ‘efforts required to accelerate the fight against climate change and protect the environment’.

[From The Daily Mail]

LMAO “Although Prince William will not address the assembly” – hahahahahaha. As I said on Twitter yesterday, this trip could have structured and hyped as something simple, like William pushing Earthshot during Climate Week and wanting to do a quick drop-by the UN. Instead, Kensington Palace telegraphed the fact that William is big, important, keen global statesman and he wants everything his brother has, and he must get a photo-op at the UN too! Harry didn’t invite himself to the UN – he was invited. Harry and Meghan didn’t need to stage random meetings at the British Consul General’s residence and tell everyone that they were doing “meetings at the UN.” H&M actually HAD meetings at the UN.

Meanwhile, William went for a run in Central Park, confirming the story his staffers planted and saying: “I decided to join the hordes of New Yorkers doing their morning routine. It was wonderful waking up in New York on a sunny morning rather than the rain we had yesterday. It was beautiful getting some fresh air this morning.” The royal reporters are crowing because William managed to get in a Central Park run while Harry and Meghan were swarmed by paparazzi the last time they were in New York. Like… people actually think that’s a flex for William, that he’s so boring, nondescript and unimportant that New Yorkers completely ignored him? Plus, I don’t even believe he went for a run, I think it was just some keen fantasy dreamt up by the bewigleted gopher working at Kensington Palace.

Poor President Lasso of Ecuador. I bet he was wondering what sh-tty staffwork led him to the British Consul’s residence when he was just trying to get to the UN General Assembly.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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  1. Layla says:

    It’s giving four seasons landscaping.

    Guess we’re truly into clown f*ckery season from tweedle dumb and tweedle even dumber 🙄

    • SAS says:

      HA! This is my comment of the week Layla- it’s so apt! So unserious.

    • Startup Spouse says:

      “One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong.” – Sesame Street

      If Billy actually did something to create real impact, real positive change, he’d get the invites he wants.

      But he doesn’t so he looks like a poser. Go home, William. You’re embarrassing yourself.

      • swaz says:

        William looks like an unattractive HARRY IMPERSONATOR 🤣🤣🤣maybe he should try being ELVIS 🤣🤣🤣

      • Harper says:

        @swaz surely you meant HAMSTER IMPERSONATOR.

      • Couch Potato says:

        The sad part is, quite a few of the other heirs and/or their wifes have been or are involved in UN projects. If he’d acually bothered to learn from some of the older “bicycle royals” (as the british aristos call them), he might have been invited too. He might have been able to make some impact on real projects, but no! Photo shoot it is.

    • Olivia says:

      Oh em gees you made me spit my coffee.. so good 😀

    • RoyalCommoner says:


    • Abby says:

      I wish I could like this comment a million times. 😆

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      The second hand embarrassment is very real.

      I just don’t understand it. Off of the top of my head I have easily 10 ideas that he doesn’t even hsve to show up for that would give him incredible PR AND would have a huge impact on the visibility of EARTHSHOT.

      He could have been someone or something. He was born with literally all the privilege possible. He could have so easily – because he could have hired motivated and competent people – become a power player in every single sense of the word.

      But the world has figured him out. He’s vapid, completely incurious and 100% not interested in learning, bettering himself or bettering the lives of anyone, either through social justice, creating his own initiatives and pushing for them to achieve far reaching change I just don’t know how it’s possible to get everything this wrong. Consistently.

      And he has squandered his life’s potential.

      • Geegee says:

        That is the problem with william. He has been handed everything and had to work for nothing so that is what he is used to. I has never been made to do any real work in his life so he doesn’t even know what that looks like. He has spent his entire life expecting the best of every thing and now at 41 can not understand why Harry is doing so well. It’s kind of sad when you think of it. They overcoddled him and set him up to fail.

    • SIde Eye says:

      No words for how much I love your comment Layla! Spot on! Lol

    • Christine says:

      Why does it look like Willnot was pushed into a room he didn’t want to be in, with art about his Gan-Gan?

      Don’t try and double down, Salty Isle. Your prince is exactly what you wanted, and what you deserve.

    • Kathleen Williams says:

      They can’t bear to look at him, Secondhand embarrassment anyone?

  2. Pinkosaurus says:

    I’m sure he did go for a run. Even if he called the paps himself, it’s not going to result in any media scrum. I can’t imagine those pictures are going to be worth much even to the tabloids. He has not been getting much press coverage at all on this trip, and it doesn’t like the tabloid articles that are posted are getting many clicks.

    I’m sure he’s incandescent no one cares about his events unless buttons mcwiglets is not jazz handing next to him.

    • equality says:

      If they’d notified random student girl with umbrella, she might have waited for him to run by.

    • RoyalCommoner says:

      Only nobody is talking about it. They keep centering their activities to counter harry they completely forget what else is happening. How coulda competent team member ever plan this stunt when president Zelensky is at the UN the same day? What a joke.

      • Harper says:

        Page Six is talking about Willy’s Run. They mocked him, saying something like Prince William ran in Central Park and no one cared.

    • TeamMeg says:

      Buttons McWiglets 🤣 🤣 🤣 But truly, this story is so sad. Pathetic.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I’m gonna be real. I don’t think he went for a run.

      I think he’s copy keening Harry’s Travel PR where he was running in a girl dad shirt. And all the sexy people went ohhhhhh proud girl dad, funny guy, he can really run too.

      “You can’t having running Harold! That’s MY thing!”

    • roooth says:

      I don’t believe Willnot runs. This is the man who was so exhausted by rehearsing the Coronation that he couldn’t walk for a week afterwards. Willy is no athlete

  3. equality says:

    I looked up the ES finalists and none are from Ecuador. There haven’t been winners from Ecuador. This meeting just seems random. Was President Lasso the only one who felt sorry for him or who had a minute in his schedule to meet with him? Meeting with actual winners of the prize and providing PR for their endeavors (insted of PR for PW) would seem to be more productive use of time.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think this is exactly it. Lasso was the one who accepted the invitation.

      • TeamMeg says:

        William must have been so confused when Ted Lasso didn’t show up.

      • Sugarhere says:

        No acceptance here, but forced compliance. How difficult is it to ambush the ageing president of a country which is not a nuclear superpower, and sit him in a room with the White Colonizer?

        There it is. No eye contact from the Ecuadorians. They’re sucking it up and enduring it. William’s misplaced ambition is a plague. I will never forgive him for taking advantage of a leader whom he considers to be his inferior. So time consuming and selfishly vampiric!

    • Carrot says:

      Lasso is a lame duck. Not even really that because he didn’t run for re-election, likely to avoid impeachment, er, for reasons. Too bad so sad crap planning by W’s people

    • Lara (The Other) says:

      I was wondering as well, why Ecuador?
      I mean, it has amazing but highly endangered ecosystems and one of the highest biodiversitys in the world, but I do not belive Bulliam knows that.

      • Kimber says:

        Super cringe considering the UN is also having climate change meetings for the grownups. Will and his Earthsquat couldn’t get a seat at the table.

      • BeanieBean says:

        All I could think of was the Galapagos, so there are serious implications there with climate change. But–I’m going with ‘this is the only guy who said yes’. And the way everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats, with one woman still having her purse on her shoulder, I’m guessing this didn’t last more than five minutes.

    • SueBarbri33 says:

      Same. Honestly, having sat in way too many conferences over the years, these photos look like they were taken at one of those unpopular breakout sessions. There’s not going to be any video of this meeting? Why not? They never give us any video of William during these sorts of meetings, which tells me they can’t even cobble together an interesting clip. He must be such an empty suit.

      • Carrot says:

        Amending my earlier comment because it’s not all on W’s people for putting together a purely theatrical meet. Ecuador DID have an historic vote on oil a few weeks ago. They voted to leave the oil in the ground! W could have made the whole meeting about that vote and how it came about after so, so many years of activism and how the world could emulate. He could have met with a member of YASunidos. W literally wastes resources

      • Sue E Generis says:

        There’s video of the meeting, but it just makes it even clearer that it was an obsessively stage managed photo op and nothing more.

      • Couch Potato says:

        Everyone sitting radiates akwardness, while the bodyguard (I assume) behind them is looking just as sceptical as children usually do around him and Keen.

      • Debbie says:

        Not only that but, in the seated image, William is developing that unfortunate and Trump-like quality of looking like he was seated on the toilet instead of a stuffed living room chair.

  4. Jan says:

    What a loser, not an original thought in his brain, just trying to top Harry and it’s not going to work.
    People that meet Harry genuinely seem to like him.
    Cain can’t catch a break, tourists outside the 9-11 when they heard Prince thought it was Harry.
    Even NYC Mayor cancelled a last minute with him at the firehouse.

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    So, wait. William came to the US, in order to be in…Britain? He wasn’t, say, holding court in the residence of a different country’s ambassador, he had to demand his own subject host him at their home so he could talk at a different dignitary? William, come on!

    As far as running in the park goes, even with however much security he had, New Yorkers didn’t bat an eye in his direction? It’s like I said—he’s nothing more than a tourist here. And he should be glad he fell under the radar, if he wanted, at best, neutral press. Anyway, safe travels, home, William! And take your overcast skies and rain with you!

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Imagine the mob scene which would ensue if Harry and Meghan attempted to run in Central Park (which they would never do). And it looks like the British Consul General got stuck babysitting William.

  6. Maxine Branch says:

    William is a pathetic loser. So filled with hubris he wants everything his better brother has without putting in the work. No one is impressed with him and if he had any commonsense, he would realize he was kept on the outside while the important people were inside taking care of their country’s business. It is laughable how dumb and full of self importance this man is. On Twitter (X) you have photos of the UN Secretary General rushing him off after his handshake because there was a line waiting for the same handshake.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      He really is so pathetic.

    • Smart&Messy says:

      OMG this is so embarrasing! He is an idiot surrounded by idiotic yes men. He went to NY to pose next to the UNGA so the British media can lie to his domestic audience that he did important UN stuff. This is why he deliberately flew under the radar of the US media. Because they would report what actually happened and the Brits might find out about his obfuscation. Next year I suggest they do the same in some staged setting on KP grounds, so there are no social media leaked footage of the reality that he just posed with a building and some flags.

  7. Jk says:

    He sounds as moronic as Trump.

    Also, it seems like Guterres produced a UN report on how countries should pay reparations for slavery and colonisation. Did you hear that, William?

  8. Cel2494 says:

    Gosh this is just so pathetic and sad! They keep mentioning 200 president, UN meetings and such to confuse the reader … no he was not at the UN! 😂

    At this point he should just accept that he is not Harry and move on with whatever he has which is only money and that crazy wife of his.

    • Smart&Messy says:

      I cannot for the life of me understand why the British media is willing to prop him up to this extent. I get the invisible contract, but this is on a whole new level. They are misleading the public about a public figure of the UK representing their country. Because that is what the subjects are supposed to take away from this, no? That he represents the country when he travels, even though he is not part of an official delegation. Why else would he meet the Sec Gen (who didn’t even bother to look at him, let alone sit down) and a president of a country? He is a diplomatic representative who travels on taxpayer funds and the press lies,
      obfuscates and covers shit up about his activities.

      • Harper says:

        Omid Scobie is back writing his column for Yahoo News. I’d love to see him correct the headlines for this farce of a tour. I don’t think Burger King can block Yahoo News in the UK that fast.

  9. Leanne says:

    This is a real life episode of VEEP

  10. Bettyrose says:

    He seems like such a bizarre anachronism in the modern world. Like he’s running in the park in pixelated black and white.

  11. Megan says:

    William is clearly trying to get invited to COP 28. Ecuador needs money to decommission a problematic pipe line. It all makes sense.

    • HeatherC says:

      Perhaps William can hook them up with some Saudis who walk around with oodles of cash in shopping bags

  12. SussexWatcher says:

    OMG I’ve been waiting for this post ever since I read the truth on twitter yesterday 🤣🤣🤣 WHAT A FOOL. He’s a complete joke. He’d have been better off not trying to insert himself into the UN this week (or even the UN-adjacent) and coming during a more quiet time when he could have gotten an actual tour of the actual UN, instead of just a view from across the street. But with the truth coming out, it just makes him look so much worse. No one cares about you, Penis with Teeth. You’ve lost every in-your-own-head competition with Harry.

    Can’t. Stop. Laughing 😂

    Also, he’s “beaming” in front of QEII’s painting? The palaces and their British media mouthpieces really do think they can just say what they want and we won’t figure out the truth. I’m so glad the rest of the world is waking up to those spin doctors.

    • Anita says:

      Also, you can tell from the stiff body language of the BC staff, they are thinking “WTF are we going to do with him? Gosh, someone should have prepared talking points”

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      You know that some random aide was tasked with getting this print rush jobbed at fed ex/ kinkos and then just glued it to a canvas and hung it with seconds to spare before spare parts Willie walked in.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yeah, that photo doesn’t say ‘beaming’ to me. That’s more of a grimace.

  13. Ana Maria says:

    …news about William are turning sad , for me…it is easy to see he is performing for his audience in England, as it is easy to see people are just humoring him…

  14. TigerMcQueen says:

    This is so embarrassing for him. And it doesn’t matter how they’re spinning it in the British media, because Normal Bill knows deep down it’s all smoke and mirrors, so he must be raging. I can’t stop laughing.

    • Smart&Messy says:

      I believe he is aware of how pathetic the reality is, but he also knows that the BM will never report is the way it really is. He is performing for his audience and knows how it will be presented, but also knows how pathetic reality is and he hates it. Also, he has no idea how to change it, because he is dumb.

      • Carrot says:

        W doesn’t care. He’s only waiting to have his face on money. Until that day comes, if ever, he’ll waste his public life trying to look more successful than his brother

      • FC says:

        “Panoramic views of the Hudson”… um, it’s the East River, morons. Might seem like a petty typo, but it further underscores the fact that the British media has no idea about NY or America, for that matter.

        “Hordes of NYers” makes it sound like he was swarmed during his run. In actuality hordes of NYers probably ignored him during THEIR runs while he tried hard to be recognized.

      • BeanieBean says:

        @FC: I made the same comment below, even used ‘morons’! That’s no typo, that’s sheer stupidity. How the heck did they even get these jobs, let alone keep them? They can’t get basic facts straight!

      • bisynaptic says:

        @FC: the Daily Mail has contempt for its readers.

  15. Eurydice says:

    The wording in this piece is so weird. First of all, who is William to be praising the president of Ecuador? That sounds so condescending – how about discussing and describing Ecuador’s “crucial” work, instead of giving them a pat on the head?

    Then, “The Prince of Wales strode confidently into the meeting.? What, instead of creeping in hugging the walls, or crawling in on all fours? WTF?

    Nice to know the British Consul General has such a grand residence.

    My doctor’s appointment yesterday also coincided with Climate Week in NYC.

    And we all know how Will’s “meeting” with Guterres went yesterday.

    • Jk says:

      Ha! My cat’s vet appointment coincided with the UN general assembly where very important leaders all turned up to talk about important stuff, don’t you know!
      And!!! She was given a hero’s welcome!!!!

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        What does it say that I’m genuinely more interested in your cat and her appointment and how it went for her than I am in whatever the hell William was doing.

    • BeanieBean says:

      You mean, your ‘bilateral’ appointment with your doc/your cat’s vet? So cute, these guys, pulling out the big boy words!

      • Jk says:

        Experts (me) and fans (me) unanimously praise her unparalleled diplomatic skills and celebrate the resounding success of the bilateral meeting!

  16. L84Tea says:

    How mortifying. I have second, third, and fourth hand embarrassment for him. England, come get your prince and take him home please.

  17. Mslove says:

    I see they have a pic of Pegs next to a painting of QEII, to remind everyone who he is, lol.

    • ShazBot says:

      The fact that the best pic of this visit they have for him is one where he is in front of a painting of his grandmother does not bode well for him.

  18. Tessa says:

    What a fake. And real runners would laugh at William s prose about run in through central park.

  19. Becks1 says:

    This is so sad and pathetic.

    First – he had a photo op with the UN Sec general. nothing more, nothing less. They may have “talked” but it wasn’t a substantive meeting in any way shape or form.

    Second – the sad meeting at the British consul “overlooking 50 UN plaza”… close, and yet so far.

    Third – the run through Central Park. Is this something William is known for, running through Hyde Park or Windsor Great Park? It just seems like something that he was told to say – that he ran through Central Park. And its seen by the derangers and richard eden as some sort of “win” because he wasn’t mobbed by paparazzi. But… what you’re telling me is the most popular man in the US (according to them) ran through central park and no one noticed or cared? Yeah, real popular. Its not the flex they think it is.

    (also, H&M’s chase happened after an event where their presence was announced and publicized.)

    • Layla says:

      @becks1 “you have to laugh at a certain point because it is just ridiculous” – HM Queen Meghan of Montecito and People’s hearts and Madame Duchess of Sussex

    • ShazBot says:

      I saw on Twitter that Frederick of Denmark was running in Central Park yesterday morning with the UN Ambassadors running club so maybe he’s either trying to copy him or, even more pathetically, he was trying to “run into” them.

      • Becks1 says:

        omg I just saw that this morning too and I can’t tell which it is; if he was trying to copy Frederick or if he was hoping to “run into” the running club and be invited to join. Either way…….I’m so embarrassed on his behalf and I can’t stand the guy, lol.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        Holy shit.

        He’s the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom and he can’t get invited to a running club?!?

        The world has his number. But I had no idea he was this toxic that no one even wants to jog with this “very important global statesman”.

        Hard to be a global anything when no one on the globe seems to think highly of you, want you involved in any way with any of their projects, or wants to hang out with you.

        He has no friends. No one to ever say – look. He’s a really fun guy. We give him so much shit for how uptight he is in public. He’s nothing like that with his friends or family. We have get togethers at x. And like photos of him through the years with his friends.

        How truly toxic must he be to interact with? It’s astonishing.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Oh, I love that! William hoping to run into the cool kids’ club & maybe, must maybe, they’d let him hang out with them!

    • TeamMeg says:

      “Sad and pathetic” sum it up. Truly. I almost feel bad for the Prince…I would not wish to be him. Nor the King. I guess they still have a fan base, dwindling daily…

    • Smart&Messy says:

      Re the run in CP
      If we think of it in terms of his performance for the UK audience, it supports the hunky athletic single dad image nicely. He might have even ran past some new york ladies who were instantly hot under the collar, but not from running WINK WINK.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Eh, JFK, jr used to run in Central Park & nobody bothered him. Maybe that’s more of William’s Kennedy clout-chasing (at the urging of his boomer staffers, I do not believe William knows squat about US history). Still laughing at Mr. Geography Major being at the 50 UN Plaza residence ‘overlooking the Hudson’. Ha! I know he didn’t write that, but still.

  20. Missskitttin says:

    Did anyone notice the most ridiculous mistake: he thought the painting on the wall was the real Warhol… So cringe…

  21. Ginger says:

    Richard Eden was trying to make William running in Central Park a dig at Harry and Meghan and it failed. It just showed how no one cares about William or even knows who he is. This isn’t the own that Richard thinks it is.

  22. Poor Peg is left with making things up. I’m a statesman, I’m important, I spoke at the UN. He does this all to compete with a brother who doesn’t want anything to do with him.

  23. Noor says:

    Is this trip funded by Earthshot donors or by UK taxpayers.

  24. TarteAuCitron says:

    Gosh, he is just so cringe. Someone on Twitter pointed out recently that William is only 4 years younger than Zelensky.. basically contemporaries. Imagine if Zelensky announced he didn’t like working late. Then guess what, public life ain’t for you.

    Just last night I met with our local member of parliament, as part of a group, about a constitutency issue and he was fine to stay for as long as we needed. I’m not wild about giving up my Tuesday night either when I could be catching up on celeb gossip, but it was important so I went. I don’t want to meet someone who can’t help us. I don’t want to be content for their socials.

    • North of Boston says:

      And Zelenskyy was an entertainer who rose to the circumstance and the challenges that he and his country faced.

      PW was raised *!from birth!* with the expectation that he would be king, leader, head of state and he repeatedly phones it in or just doesn’t even bother to show up. He’s done F all, even as his country and many of its citizens are in dire straits for a dozen reasons. Such a waste of opportunity and privilege, and the way he seems to expect attention and laurels for just existing is the obnoxious icing on the turd.

  25. Plums says:

    Norah O’Donnell at CBS Evening News did a quick and very charitably framed rundown of his itinerary, unfortunately. The most interesting part of it was when she briefly broke away to explain the work of an American Earth Shot finalist, which looked like it was about breaking down and recycling the tremendous waste produced by fast fashion.

    Really, Earth Shot could be such a good thing if it was run by a serious organization that actually cared about climate change, and not as a vanity project by Prince William.

    • MoxyLady007 says:


      And I’m just a regular person with an interest in marketing.

      I can’t believe how poorly handled every aspect of this is. And I don’t know if it’s because he’s lazy, selfish, wants to always be the story or if he’s these things surrounded by peoole without skills; interests or ability. It’s a real question mark how a staff of so many can accomplish so little and then what they do accomplish is so sh!t.

    • Eurydice says:

      I think, at this point, Earthshot is being run as a serious organization now that it’s been taken away from Will and made a separate corporation. Will is pretty much a figurehead. But with the 10 plan, the mission is finite – maybe that can be extended, if the program produces good results.

      • kirk says:

        Seeing as how Earthspit copied Goldman Prize elements (but not the mentoring except after Willy was excoriated for leaving it out) Willy could have showed up to NY on Sunday 17th in time to march with a few of the Goldman Prize winners in NYC March to End Fossil Fuels. They listed 700 partner orgs (but no Earthspit) and started a few blocks away from the Plaza Hotel!

        Or he could have met with Rockefeller Foundation that recently announced investing $1B over next 5 years to advance broad-based global climate transition. Earthspit’s £5M? £10M? ($6.2M? $12.4M?) annual prize pales by comparison and terminates in 10 years, but he could have found an audience if he’s serious. No. Willy’s job in US is to think globally (get US$ donations) and act locally (spin client Brit media) because he prefers to keep his own money hidden.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Kirk – Yes, William is the embodiment of “coulda, shoulda, woulda.” Whatever one might think of Bloomberg as a person, he’s enormously connected and influential, and the Earthshot finalists/winners (even only 10 years of them) might actually have some new ideas and technologies that would make good investments. William could be a part of this, but not if he spends 2 months on holiday and then just strolls onto a plane to present himself with no preparation.

  26. North of Boston says:

    “hordes”? Weird word to describe people enjoying a beautiful park.

    I’ve seen exactly zero coverage of his “UN visit” in news outlets. A check of The NY Times main page shows articles about Ukraine and the Russian invasion, President Zelenskyy and President Biden at the UN, the various Republican follies in the US House, continuing coverage of the earthquake in Morocco, the flood in Libya and the apartment building fire in South Africa, inflation and the Fed, something about TFG, the Indian activist assassination in Canada.

    And then way down as I kept scrolling, there were two small boxes: one about a popular South Korean cookie, and the other “Prince William took a dip”

  27. Laura D says:

    I do wonder if he went against advice and did this trip anyway! William is not the King and he’s not the PM so, who advised him that people were going to move heaven and earth to get him a seat at the table. He’s got some great photos with firefighters, young volunteers and the UNSG but, he was nowhere near where the decisions were being made.

    As I (and many others) posted yesterday, if William were seen to be doing something about the serious environmental crisis here in the UK there’s a possibility people would take him more seriously. While he’s over there in NYC spouting goodness knows what about saving the planet. Back home in the UK the PM is contemplating scaling back on their green policy commitments.

    • Becks1 says:

      I do kind of wonder if there were some who thought this would be a bad idea and he went ahead with it anyway. In terms of the UN, he’s just not that important. There are actual world leaders there who are trying to accomplish significant things; he’s just someone who is waiting for his father to die so he can become the ceremonial head of state without any real power.

      I think the general goodwill people had internationally for the late Queen really tricked the British royals into thinking they were/are more important globally than they actually are. To most of the world, they’re a soap opera, nothing more.

    • Angelica Schuyler says:

      William wants to be in ‘the room where it happens’..

      • Renae says:

        @Angelica: “room where it happens…” Is that code-speak for a certain (former?) New Yorker’s golden throne? Because if it is, he was in the wrong part of town.
        Oh, did he go tour Epstein former mansion? The one where Uncle perv stayed numerous times?

      • ArtHistorian says:

        @Renae, I think it is a reference to a great song from “Hamilton”.

    • MsIam says:

      Harry, the fifth in line to the throne had NATO heads and the German president attend Invictus but William, the heir, gets cancelled on by the Mayor of NY? Oh the irony, that has got to chap William’s @zz! William doesn’t realize that in the real world its substance that matters. He’s basically the spokesman for a grant program, William is not even funding it. And despite the derangers claiming Earth Shot is as prestigious as the Nobel Prize, reality called and said that’s just not true. Plus this whole thing sounds like it was just thrown together at the last minute when these type of events take months of planning, unless there is some type of emergency necessitating a meeting.

  28. Mslove says:

    This trip was a waste. How was this any different than what he does at home? Bread & butter event in a river & then meeting with people in front of a painting of QEII. And this is supposed to make him a statesman? Lol.

  29. Amy Bee says:

    I’m guessing the meeting with the President of Vanuatu was cancelled. William would have been better off releasing a video to announce the Earthshot finalists. And I don’t believe he went for a run either.

  30. Over it says:

    The man standing behind the president is like huh. So he really is that bald and ugly up close . His head really is shaped like an egg. And why the f are we here again wasting our time? Notice people in that room are just acting like William has been put in a time out in his chair for one .

    • Sketchy says:

      Everyone in that last photo looks so uncomfortable. The man standing behind at least has a genuine response, everyone else is doing the fake smile/laugh thing.

  31. Kingston says:

    I recall in the prologue of Spare, when H was waiting for chucky & bully to arrive to their private meeting in frogmore gardens, he passed by the gothic ruin and commented that it was no more “gothic” than the millenmium wheel (which, of course was built just before or in and around the turn of the millennium, 2000.

    Then he said: “pure stagecraft….like everything else around here.” LOL

    He knows. And if H&M saw any of bully’s shenanigans of these past 2 days, I bet they’re shaking their heads in embarrassment. And pity for bully.

  32. ShoeMiracle says:

    This trip is annoying for me so many reasons.

    First – this nonsense about being at the UN but actually at the Plaza is so unserious and again poor planning by his team. I worked across the street from the Plaza for 10 years. Heading from Midtown to the Eastside where the UN is on a normal day could easily take 20 mins. During the UNGA, forget it. These 2 weeks are notorious for the snarls and outright standstills in traffic because all of the dignitaries in town. Of course he had to meet the Ecuadorian president at the UN Consul’s residence. No one in their right mind who is participating in the UNGA would travel to midtown for a meeting.

    Second – having a meeting at the UN Consul’s residence across the street is not the big deal they are making it out to be. Why? Because they will let anyone with some British business or interest have events there. How do I know this? Because I have been there twice for 2 cocktail parties there.. They lent out the residence to financial firms who had ties to the UK and Berry Bros & Rudd.

    Third – Anyone who has gone running in Central Park or even walked through it for that matter knows that no one give’s a crap about anybody going through the park unless you are really somebody. Prince William does not fit into that category.

    Does anyone know where the Clinton Foundation is holding their summit? Nope. Does it matter? Nope. All we know is that they are hosting it this week because there are tons of dignitaries and folks from NGOs in town. Is this a UN adjacent meeting? Absolutely. See how easy that is kids.

    Sorry for the long post I have been holding this rant in since Monday!

  33. heygingersnaps says:

    Oh my. I’m getting embarrassed for him but then I again, I’m not sure he has the self awareness to know that his actions are pathetic. Also “confidently strolled” yikes, that photo of him does not project confidence at all.

  34. Belli says:

    I could believe he went for a run, but if he did then I can even more easily believe the incandescence that followed when he realized that no paps or breathless fans took his picture while on a run. And that’s how we end up with the briefing from a staffer.

  35. Lauren says:

    Okay this is just getting weird. First there was the photo op with Billion oysters that looked a lot like photos of CP Frederick opening a nature center like 2 weeks ago, now the run. CP Frederick has a well known love of running and this morning his agenda includes “Run in Central Park in connection with Denmark’s candidacy for the UN Security Council at 6.30. The Crown Prince takes part in a morning run in Central Park together with the UN ambassadors’ running club. The purpose of the run is to raise awareness of the Danish candidacy for the UN Security Council.”
    Did William go on his run alone?

    • iz_Q says:

      Yeah, CP Frederik did some soft this morning with the running event with the UN ambassadors. DK is running for a seat on the UN Security Council. Maybe Will ran in Central Park HOPING someone would recognize him. lol.

      And look at the difference between William’s “events” and other heirs like Hereditary Duke Guillaume from Luxemborg, CP Hussein from Jordan also. They are actually AT the UNGA sitting with their country’s delegation. CP Frederik is attending various ministerial meetings the next 2 days. He is attending the opening of the Climate Action Summit today as well. Other royals have actually been AT the UNGA like Queen Mathilde, Queen Rania, Prince Albert, etc. William did not even get invited to be part of the UK delegation (like CP Frederik was last year with the Danish delegation). William is a lightweight in comparison with all these other royals.

      Plus his news cycle was incredibly short given Kate decided to go out in public while he was in NYC and the French state visit begins today.

      • MaryContrary says:

        Oof. I have such second hand embarrassment for him.

      • bisynaptic says:

        He could have insisted on it, if he’d wanted to, and been extended an invitation, forthwith. He could have asked to run with Prince Frederick, if he’d wanted to; I’m sure he would have received an invitation, there, too. The fact that he hasn’t done any of this speaks, to me, of the same thing as his “laziness”: he is deeply ambivalent about his role and his life.

  36. Chantal says:

    Wait, that’s it? Do we really believe that Willy and his Wandering willie are only here in the states for TWO days? What a waste of opportunity, potential, valuable time, energy,….
    I hope his billionaire sponsor Bloomberg is ok with W ruining buckshot.

    Now that he’s gotten his much needed ego boost and photo ops with various VIPs, he likely thinks he really is a global statesman with a lot of power and influence. Careful C-Rex – your heir is blatantly upstaging and usurping you. And he’s developed bullying into a fine art form with a focus on political/govt leaders. Placeholder king indeed…C-Rex is going to be a footnote in his own reign.

    • one of the marys says:

      I really do wonder what Charles thinks of it all. He knows enough to see right through this. Is he embarrassed, ashamed, regretting how things have turned out for William and Harry? Perhaps he’s relieved William is focused on Harry and leaving him alone?

    • Eurydice says:

      I don’t think Will ruined anything. He didn’t participate enough to cause any trouble. From the photos I saw on the Bloomberg Philanthropies website, the event looked like a typical corporate event, with some speakers, discussions and breakout sessions. A group worthy for their work, but not for the paparazzi.

    • Sketchy says:

      That’s what I thought! Why not have some sort of fund raising gala to support Earthshot or his homeless project? I mean if he really wants to be seen as a statesman? But I suppose that would mean Kate would have to come and maybe that’s the problem.

      • Eurydice says:

        A fundraiser gala would make the most sense because the main usefulness of the RF is as ornaments. Royalists and celebrities who want to be seen would be happy to buy a table and pretend to care about the environment. This is what W&K were hoping for in Boston, but they picked the wrong city – we’re not a high-fashion, high-profile kind of place.

  37. Lilpeppa40 says:

    This might be very conspiracy theorist-like, but does anyone else get the feeling that the “ran in central park and was not mobbed” was a deliberate move by KP to try to undermine H&M’s experience? I find it so odd to think that anyone would spontaneously try to draw that picture or connection between two completely unrelated and unlike events that I can’t help but feel it’s not spontaneous. I genuinely hope I’m wrong because that would be sick beyond belief.

    • MoxyLady007 says:


      Remember, the RR is a propaganda machine. Their constant spinning and lies actually leads to people believing negative things about H&M. Plus they spent weeks before this making William out to be the most popular and handsome man to all Americans – this UK paid for poll says so!

      So with the narrative set that William is god like in recognizability and popularity, and he ran in cp unbothered, then the terribly unimportant and unpopular – also their narrative – Sussexes must have made it up for attention.

      The whole thing is so sick.

  38. Eurydice says:

    Ok, but what about the Earthshot Summit? Supposedly, that’s the reason he came, right? The Bloomberg Philanthropies site has 4 pages of photos from the event. Will is in 3 of them – none are of him making a speech or actually participating in the event. With all the triumphant verbiage about his trip, why aren’t we hearing about the roaring success of the summit?

  39. Kingston says:

    I think that was patently obvious.

  40. MSTJ says:

    UK is a mess. The government has reneged on its climate objectives resulting in the PM not being invited to speak at the UNGA this week. Yet William meets with head of Ecuador in the US to discuss Ecuador’s climate commitment. Wouldn’t it have been more statesmanlike and be seen as a champion of the environment to meet with his country’s PM in the UK to convince them of the importance of maintaining their climate commitments? Their rivers and waterways are full of excrement dumped there by sewerage companies for Christ sake. Hmmm! 🤷‍♀️ William is not a big ‘environment’ player on the global stage or statesman regardless of how the British propaganda media sells his shenanigans and Earthshot Prize for his audience back home. He can enjoy the deference in England but that’s not going to translate globally just because he is POW. He has got to put in the time doing the work and being invited at the table to meet with people in the circles that make things happen. Greta Thunberg spoke at the UN 4 years ago. She was 16 years old at the time but had been putting in the work on raising awareness about the environment for years already. William has not yet put in the work. He just started a Prize and linked it to Bloomberg Philanthropies for clout. 🙈

    No use debating an idiotic comparison with royal sycophants about articles in tabloids owned by people being sued by Harry.

    Paparazzo chased after the Sussexes from an event where there was an announcement months in advance that Meghan would be attending.

    Except for his supposed meeting with the UNSG at, no one knew in advance where William was going to show up. There were numerous more important people at the UN with the usual tight security for a UNGA meeting. For paparazzo to even consider lurking for photos much less to chase William for photos they would have to be willing to risk their livelihood for photos that wouldn’t fetch much money, if any. A paparazzi photo of William alone in NY likely wouldn’t be worth the cost of gas to fill a tank to chase him.

    Bottom line, William made a fool of himself in NY.

  41. Digital Unicorn says:

    So far his ‘Jealousy Tour’ has been a wet weekend as far as coverage in the UK press – Chuck starts his trip to France today and the rest of the coverage is about Sunak’s plans to scale back on green targets for cars and boilers. Even Wiglets engagements got better coverage.

    Seems he’s started using Wiglets tailor – his suits have all been a bad fit, tight around the shoulders.

  42. Mary Pester says:

    Omg, I have a king kong moment just reading this! I have the mental image of Billy boy on top of the empire state building, roaring like an idiot “I am the heir, I will be king, you must worship me from afar!. And a lone voice shouts back, one Billy, this ain’t a remake of the Lion King and two, it ain’t even far enough when your back in the UK! Then, coming out of the sun we have the planes, not with guns blazing, but with banners saying “NOT OUR PRINCE” lol

  43. tamsin says:

    I don’t think William would be mocked if his people had presented his event as a “side event” in the first place. It seems they tried to present it as a version of a”royal tour” . It was really absurd to do this during UNGA because NYC would be crawling with heads of state, diplomats and yes, environmentalists. It’s the efforts to embiggen William that are laughable. He would have gotten more attention if he had done this prior to UNGA and taken the attitude that everything you do helps the environment and not pretend to save the world. Also, William could have been a support to the UK delegation, which is what other constitutional monarchies do. They work in tandem with their governments, but apparently the UK government is in hot water with the UN in terms of the environment.

  44. Debbie says:

    The Daily Fail reporter wrote that William “confidently strode” into the meeting, and that William was “beaming”? at a MEETING? What branch of Harlequin Romance did he used to write for? My goodness, I’m gettin’ the vapors. Such fluffing.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Next up:

      ‘Prince William threw himself at Mr Secretary General, throwing him to the floor as he passionately whispered sweet nothings about climate change into his ear.’

    • Jais says:

      Totally a harlequin romance! The writing in these papers is so cringe. Although, technically pegging may be too risqué for harlequin.

  45. Debbie says:

    So, not at the UN, but across from the UN. It’s sort of like Trump and Giuliani staging their “press conference” on the sidewalk in front of the Four Seasons LANDSCAPING business instead of the Four Seasons Hotel. Sad. Just sad.

  46. Lau says:

    If he’s so keen on saving the planet, is he going to adress the fact that his tory handlers are rolling back environment policies or will it be too political for him ?

  47. Steph says:

    I know it’s early and I was trying to wait for the last article about Pegs, but I don’t think I’ll be around for the rest of the day. All of these excepts keep saying the point of this trip was to announce the ES finalist but there is literally zero coverage of anything ES related. Who are the finalists? What are their innovative ideas? How does any of the coverage of this trip relate to pegs stated goals? They are so bad at this. If he actually did anything for the finalists it would get coverage along side the big dogs pegs so desperately wants to be associated with.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I wrote a huge response to you but it got deleted. I’m right there with you.

      If this man could share the spotlight or even promote the work of others without breaking down in rage – EARTHSHOT could have been something impressive, worthwhile with a global impact.

      But as much as he wants to BE Harry, he wants to be the center of attention without the least bit of work more.

      And that’s why he will always be a failure

    • Becks1 says:

      KP posted the finalists this morning but just their names, nothing about what they actually do, why they’re being nominated, etc.

  48. jamzsquared says:

    Honestly this is the part that pisses me off the most. I went to the Earthshot Twitter page yesterday and they have one (1) pinned tweet inviting people to learn more about the finalists… by going to the ES website. And that was it! A normal org would have offered a small blurb about each finalist, added their social media handles, linked to their websites, and maybe added a photo or video for each one. At the very least, tweet about the innovation that’s earned them a nomination!

    As someone who used to do fundraising and social media marketing (albeit at a small community non-profit), I can’t believe how little they are trying. When ES was moved from under the KP umbrella (iirc) I thought perhaps things might change. But knowing that Jason Knauf is on the board, and how little staffers are expected to do in general within the RF’s sphere, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. What a waste and a mockery.

    I can only imagine the disdain Charles must feel. There are so many critiques to make about the man, but he was at least trying to raise awareness about environmental issues in an era when it was unpopular to do so. William, as always, can only offer a cheap imitation as he tries to act like this was his territory first.

  49. QuiteContrary says:

    They could have arranged for William to meet with the president of Genovia and he wouldn’t have suspected a thing.

  50. Angie says:

    Why is Platell bringing Harry and Meghan into this bs. Harry’s event was totally for support of veterans and has nothing to do with William’s Earthshot event. This is so disrespectful to the Veterans in her country who participated in the IG. In her unhinged article she reduced something that Harry has planned for years for veterans to a competition between brothers. If I was William I would be so embarrassed but he won’t because he sees himself in a one-sided competition with Harry.

    • MSTJ says:

      The Sussexes are her punching bag. I think she makes good money off of the negative articles she writes about them.

      Remember also many of the tabloid journalists are named in Harry’s lawsuits. Their names have remained sealed until the trial. She may be one of them on the list. So they also have a personal grievance against Harry. It’s not just doing their jobs. It’s also their personal war against him. 😔

  51. North of Boston says:

    I caught a snippet of news this morning, where an expert on international politics was talking about the Opening of the UN General Assembly this week.

    He mentioned it was notable that President Biden was the only leader of the 5 permanent UN Security Council nations to show up, then he listed of the others : Putin, obviously wouldn’t show, he’s got charges against him for invading Ukraine; Xi tends to come to the UN only when he’s got a message he wants to send. The other two, UK and France, he said were conspicuous by their absence. He commented it would have been a good opportunity for those two to show support for Ukraine as European members of the SC, with the US, while President Zelenskyy was there.

    And then, he went into the reason why Macron said he wasn’t coming… he needed to be in France… because of King Charles’ scheduled visit to France. (And also Pope Francis is visiting France later in the week, but the expert commented ‘surely the Pope would have understood the importance of the UNGA and Macron’s need to be there. ‘ with no similar comment about Chuck. )

    As for the UK, Sunak’s aides said he had a busy schedule… but he’s the first prime minister to skip a UNGA since David Cameron 10 years ago.

    It struck me as interesting a) that the UK PM couldn’t be bothered b) KC was the excuse Macron gave for not going and then c) the UK sends Wills to try to play act being a statesman outside of the actual meeting. Is it just sloppy happenstance or is there some rhyme or reason to it?

    • MSTJ says:

      The UK (Sunak government) reneged on its climate commitments so Sunak was not invited to speak.

      William was not in NY for the UNGA. He was in NY to fundraise for his personal project EarthShot Prize – not connected with any UN events.

  52. BeanieBean says:

    IT’S THE EAST RIVER!!!!! NOT THE HUDSON!!!!!😤. Morons these writers, absolute morons!

  53. Jaded says:

    After reading all these threads about Peg’s visit to NY I’m reminded of the Pampers commercial that ran some years ago… “I’m a big kid now!” It’s like he’s saying “Hey I went from baby bottles to drinking from sippy cups! I went from wearing diapers to rocking these big boy PULL UPS!”

    It’s all soooo childish. No William, you’re not a big kid now, you’re not playing with the real big kids, you’re just making a fool of yourself. Keep doing you Willnot, and prove to the world stage how utterly useless you are.

  54. Blackapinay says:

    This is what happens when your so insecure and jealous that you give a masterclass on what not to do. This whole “trip” was to feed an ego. Also, maybe pay your staff a living wage so they’d be more inclined to help steer you. But of course that would mean hearing “No.”

    • MSTJ says:

      It’s the second initiative they’ve over hyped for him this year that has flopped. He’s now 2 for 2 in big flops this year. The other one was the homelessness initiative.

  55. Cottage Cat says:

    Talk about the triumph of style over substance. Diana’s son wouldn’t get a second look if he was stacking shelves. He only stays with Kate because she and her family have enough on him to sink a battleship

  56. BQM says:

    It’s not just Harry. Sophie Wessex has been invited to meetings at the UN in years past and even gave the keynote speech last year at a session dealing with violence against women in Afghanistan.

    William can’t even beat his aunt-in-law! It’s funny how actually doing serious behind the scenes work can get you those invites.

  57. L4Frimaire says:

    I still don’t understand what exactly he was supposed to do in this trip because if it was Earthshot, didn’t hear anything about that. He clearly had nothing organized at the UN besides a photo op and either his staff is completely incompetent, or he thought his position could get him in without any advance work or preparation. He’s done nothing of distinction and his laziness and lack of preparation is so obvious. Even the mayor bailed on him. Just a blah trip.

  58. JJ says:

    Again, I don’t get this PR strategy. Hope that people don’t notice he didn’t speak at the UN, wasn’t invited, but was adjacent to the UN and got a photo-op? Then say “I went running and no one noticed me” and think that’s a flex or invalidating Harry and Meghan’s chase? That just says he’s less popular or sought after than Harry and Meghan. Why doesn’t he not try to compete with his brother and go elsewhere because the truth is, he would be welcomed with open arms by dignitaries in several countries but no. It must be America because Harry and Meghan can’t have America I guess? Where was this keenness to go to America before Harry and Meghan moved there?

  59. Jais says:

    Tell you what. Now that William’s gotten Boston and nyc out of the way, I’m really hoping he just focuses on the UK for a while. No more silly photo-op trips plz.

  60. VilleRose says:

    The most irritating thing about this article is British tabloids getting basic NYC geography wrong. Even Google Maps will tell you the East River is the East River and not the Hudson River and no, it isn’t a nickname for the Hudson River. It is well known the UN overlooks the East River!

    I bet someone ran to the MOMA gift shop and got that copy of the Andy Warhol print of QEII and hung it there just for William’s photo op.

  61. Ina says:

    I live in NYC and the topic of conversation yesterday was about the UN meeting and the chaotic traffic it brings. A group of women were talking about VIPs who are coming and one woman said “Yeah Biden and Prince Harry are here”. This tells you that Prince William does not even register in the hearts and minds of people here. He’s a non-entity.

  62. AC says:

    William’s PR strategy in NYC(whoever organized this) was an epic fail. And it proves that more Americans actually know Harry-I mean he lives here now and has embraced American life. That makes Harry more relatable here.