“Emma Watson went to Milan Fashion Week & sat front row at Prada” links

Emma Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch & Scarlett Johansson all went to Milan Fashion Week to sit front row for Prada. [Just Jared]
Lainey’s take on Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas. [LaineyGossip]
That Nicole Beharie clip from The Morning Show kind of made me want to watch the whole show, then I remembered who the leads are. [Pajiba]
Thoughts on Julianne Hough’s boots? Too thick & slouchy, right? [Go Fug Yourself]
A deeper dive into Ashton Kutcher’s anti-abuse charity Thorn. [Jezebel]
Kristen Stewart came out for a Chanel event. [RCFA]
Pauly Shore wants to play Richard Simmons in a bio-pic.[Seriously OMG]
Demi Moore hits Milan Fashion Week. [Egotastic]
Texas parents object to their kids reading The Diary of Anne Frank. [Buzzfeed]
Madison LeCroy talks about A-Rod & her husband. [Starcasm]
I love that Drag Race is an international franchise. [Socialite Life]

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    That Nicole Beharie clip from The Morning Show is proof of her epic talent. She should be a superstar but Hollywood is racist so…

    • MrsCope says:

      Exactly. I got goosebumps watching that scene. All of her scenes in that episode were amazing. It almost, ALMOST made me want to watch more of the show. But yeah, I’m not interested in watching Jennifer or Reese (no offense).

      I imagine it hit a little bit close to home for Nicole because I believe she went through some stuff with Sleepy Hollow, as an “untested” lead of that show. Except it turned into a hit and they still didn’t treat her like she was the star of a hit show. But that’s ok, that show quickly circled the drain the minute she left.

      • Carmen says:

        Nicole and the lead guy (I forget his name) had insane chemistry on that show. I stopped watching it after she left.

    • Jais says:

      Justice for Nicole. Next, make her the lead of a show. How about pairing her up with John Cho again. Season 1 of sleepy hollow was fun. It went soooo downhill. They effed that up so bad.

    • Ameerah M says:

      Literally posted the exact same sentiment on Twitter. She deserves a bigger career. And she would have had one had she not been involved in a show run by a bunch of racists. She was what made that show great – hence why it fell apart when she left.

    • bettyrose says:

      The Morning Show is on fire this season. Reese was conspicuously absent in episode 3, though. Maybe they are promoting Nicole Beharie. Don’t get me wrong, I think Reese is brilliant on the show, better even than Jen, but for this show to have lasting power, it needs to invest in the new stories and rising stars.

    • North of Boston says:

      I didn’t realize NB was on TMS this season. I’m going to have to resubscribe just for her!

      The SH PTB dudes did her dirty, and were shameless about it. Nicole Beharie was SO good! Her chemistry with Tom Mison as co-stars and awkward but respectful partners was amazing and it was a fun show for almost its whole first season, it that wore its quirkiness proudly and could pull it off, mostly because NB was talented and charismatic.

      But then … The show runners and Fox had gold, and they trashed it because of racism, misogynoir. They couldn’t stand their lead was a black woman and treated her disrespectfully both publicly in press for the show* and on set as a professional employee and an artist.

      Nicole Beharie deserved better!

      *it still annoys me when I think of that stupid online poll about “who should be Sleepy Hollow’s leading lady?” completely ignoring that the show already had a LL – Nicole!

    • BQM says:

      She’s also spoken of an autoimmune disease which contributed to her exit. Both because of the effect her health and because of the lack of support behind the scenes.


  2. Nina says:

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE Emma’s dress! Perfection, no notes.

  3. Call_Me_AL says:

    Amanda Gorman was at Prada too! Adorable! Emma Watson looked so chic! I’m jealous of this lifestyle!

  4. B says:

    First I should say I would be thrilled if I could afford Julianne H’s boots. Also I would be glad if I looked as nice as she does generally.
    Next I’m gonna say she should bring them to a leather tailor and get them done to her specific legs.

  5. Anne says:

    I love seeing Emma because she still has her own face and not the “Instagram Face” most celebrities seem to gradually develop. Crazy to say, but thinner lips are such a surprise these days…

  6. AC says:

    I agree with Lainey. To me though it’s not surprising. I’ve always had a feeling that it’s going to come down to the he said Vs she said narrative. And to me, there’s underlying issues with Both parties and we really don’t know the full story.

  7. Notjust says:

    Oh so that’s why Emma was shilling her Prada backpack to Vogue. She’s totally sponsored!
    Also, the whole Prada backpack made me think of 10 things I hate about you. Heheh.

  8. Myeh says:

    I like Lainey’s very astute take on the Jo bro & Turner divorce case

  9. BQM says:

    I thought Charli D’Amelio’s look was cute and I really liked the skirt.

    I want Sofia Ritchie’s coat so badly!

  10. jferber says:

    The LBD looks so good on Emma. I always liked her. I hope she’s living her best life.