Will Ahsoka get a second season after that finale? (spoilers)

This post contains spoilers for episode 8 of Ahsoka, “The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord.”

When we last talked about Ahsoka, it was the mid-season point, right before “Shadow Warrior” aired. I *loved* that episode. It was so jarring to see just how young Ahsoka was when she first fought as Anakin’s padawan during the Clone Wars. It’s one thing to watch a 14-year-old fighting in a galactic war in animation, but the live action really highlighted that she was still just a child. Ariana Greenblatt (Barbie, Avengers: Infinity War) did a spectacular job as young Ahoska and that shot of Christensen blinking back and forth between Anakin and Darth Vader gives me chills even thinking about it right now. And she became Ahsoka the White! “Shadow Warrior” was the best episode of the season. I’d love to hear what others think. How is everyone liking Eman Esfandi as Ezra and Lars Mikkelsen’s live-action Thrawn? Before I get to the season finale, here’s a tl;dr version of what happened in the finale. Witches and homecomings and zombie stormtroopers, oh my!

Apparently it’s spooky season in the “Star Wars” universe as well, with the season finale of “Ahsoka” going full zombie while opening a new corner of the franchise’s mythology.

After a slow start, the latest “Star Wars” show really started cooking midseason by sending its heroes to another galaxy: Former Jedi Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) rides a hyperspace whale to the distant planet Peridea where she met up with friend and apprentice Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo).

They found Sabine’s long-lost friend Ezra Bridger (Eman Esfandi) and tussled with Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) ― a paunchy but steely officer who’s kind of the Empire’s Next Big Thing ― and his allies, a trio of cosmic witches called the Great Mothers.

In the end, “Ahsoka” veered a little close to “The Empire Strikes Back,” as the villains gained an important win and the good guys split up, with wars seemingly coming on two intergalactic fronts.

[From USA Today]

There was so much packed into the finale! I bawled when Chopper recognized Ezra and he said, “Hera, I’m home,” and loved the scene between Huyang and Ezra talking about Kanan while building the lightsaber. Thoughts on that final shot with Force Ghost Anakin? How do you feel about Morgan Elsbeth’s fate? She held the Blade of Talzin, received the Gift of Shadows, and just when she thought she’d made it, she was then tossed aside by Thrawn as just another pawn in his game. And zombie soldiers?! Are those coffins holding the bodies of the Witches of Dathomir? Overall, I really loved the arc with Dark Jedi Baylan Skoll and Shin. I’m dying to see what their paths are. I’m so sad that we won’t get more of Ray Stevenson (R.I.P.). He was fantastic. If the show gets a second season, they have to recast the character, right? There’s no way they leave his character on a mysterious quest to mountains carved as the Father, Son, and Daughter from the Mortis Trilogy and not continue that storyline especially since Abeloth is speculated to be a big bad in future Mandoverse shows. If you haven’t watched the “Clone Wars” episodes of the Mortis Trilogy (season 3, eps 15-17), I highly recommend them. I also love that we saw Morai (the creature that looks like an owl) again and that the Daughter’s head wasn’t on her stone body yet, as her essence was transferred to Ahosoka in “Clone Wars.” This all feels like a potential Season 2 could be heavier and I am here for it!

So will “Ahsoka” get a second season? Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, there are reports that a second season is currently in development. I love these characters and I really want to see them all reunited to kick some butt across the galaxy, so I hope we get one. Dave Fionli is directing a movie that ties all of the Mandoverse shows together that’s currently scheduled for a December 2026 release. That’s plenty of time to release another season. What are your thoughts on the finale and the season overall?

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  1. Amy says:

    I really hope it gets a second season!! If it doesn’t, then they will have used Ashoka’s own show to fridge her in another galaxy for the battle with Thrawn, which would be a huge disservice to one of the rare female led shows in the Star Wars universe. Loved Ashoka, kinda hate Sabine, and hoping maybe they pull some kind of WBW/time skip so they could respectfully recast Baylon with a much older actor.

  2. MrsBanjo says:

    I really enjoyed the finally and really hope they get a second season. I like the idea of them having to do stuff in that other galaxy before returning. There’s a lot of potential there. I like Lars Mikkelsen, but Thrawn bored the hell out of me.

    And I hope Ezra takes care of Sabine’s cat. Her poor cat.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah I was disappointed with Thrawn but he didn’t really do much TBH. Hopefully if there is a second season they will expand him screen time.

      Loved Ezra and yeah Sabine was very bratty. I love Ashoka and Dawson is amazing in the role.

  3. Rai says:

    I absolutely loved this series. It felt like a love letter to all the grown a** women who are OG Star Wars super fans. We’ve never been considered as the backbone of fandom, which we are, as disney continues to chase down teenage boys who simply don’t appreciate the original trilogy’s original premise focused on Leia and the potent female connection to the Force, as illustrated by the reception to the last trilogy. Which is sad.

    Based on the actual numbers vs the fboys social media chatter, Ashoka should absolutely get a second season. I remain hopeful.

  4. LeonsMomma says:

    Hope it gets a second season! The only thing I didnt like was the portrayal of Ezra. I came into this cold—I didn’t know his history, and when he was finally introduced I was like “this is who sabine risked everything for?” (Granted, I know love is crazy.) I was expecting someone with a little more oomph — more charisma. This portrayal was like they pulled the character from the beach and was looking for tasty waves.

  5. Jane says:

    I really wanted to love this series (women! Whales! Witches! Ray Stevenson!) but for me it was a complete waste of time. There was minimal story, plot, or dialogue. The action sequences were almost all terrible (only RS and HC looked like they had done any serious weapons training) and the green screen was really obvious. Full disclosure, I haven’t seen any of the cartoons or read any of the expanded universe Thrawn books so everything said in the main body of the article above was a mystery to me. If you have to do homework to watch a tv series, the show runners are not doing their jobs.

    • laurie says:

      Ahhh Jane. Same here !! I thought a lot of the acting was wooden. Did not like Sabine or Ezra and really did not like Hera!! But Ray Stevenson as Baylor. 🔥 So sad he passed.

      • Jane says:

        I’ve loved Ray Stevenson since I was a teenager and he was in City Central, and I’m so sad about his death. Hopefully they recast Baylon with someone good.
        Sabine was just ghastly and Ezra was ridiculous – ‘I don’t need a lightsaber!’, yes, you really do. You can barely Force push anyone.

  6. Ameerah M says:

    I don’t consider myself a Star Wars fan. I’ve seen the films but have never connected with the stories or characters (particularly the Skywalkers – who are overused IMO). But when the stories started to finally veer away from the same characters and boring tropes I really became engaged. I love the Mandalorian, I loved the Rogue One film, and I really liked Ahsoka. I think Rosario did an amazing job in the role. Bringing back Hayden gave his character and his arc some justice (as well as his acting – that was ALL Lucas’ poor writing and directing skills folks, sorry). It makes me wish we could have a live action Clone Wars just to see him in the role again (and that whack season of Obi-Wan doesn’t count). I’m really sad about Ray Stevenson as well – he was so good in this show and they will probably have to recast. I hope we do get a second season. And I hope Filoni’s film lives up the stories that have been told in these series.

  7. JanetDR says:

    I loved it but was not aware of all of the backstory. I gave up trying years ago after the movies didn’t even try to acknowledge the books.
    When the zombies came up I assumed that was a Walking Dead influence. And with the carved mountain scene, I said He’s in Gondor! 🤣 So I’m glad for your exposition Rosie!
    Speaking of Roses, Rosario Dawson was marvelous in this and I want more!

  8. Pulplove says:

    I loved episodes 4-6 the most. The finale though had its highs and lows. Even though Lars Mikkelsen is convincing and, of course, the voice is spot-on, I just think the show hasn’t done enough setting up Thrawn as this absolute brilliant mind yet.

    Eman Esfandi embodies Ezra perfectly IMO. It was his and Sabine’s reunion that lacked emotion though as did the finale’s reunion between Hera and Ezra. To me, there’s been a massive disconnect with Sabine maybe it’s a mixture of the direction, writing, and acting.

    So thrilled by the Baylan Skoll and Mortis stuff, but not sure how they’ll pull off those plot points without Ray Stevenson who was so mesmerizing. I hope he could somehow transcend his mortal form with this new power? Yeah, there’s got to be a season 2!!

  9. Trillion says:

    As a feminist, I’m rooting for it’s continuation in hopes it improves, and the last two eps were def better, but I honestly feel that Ashoka has the disadvantage of being in the same broad category of much better written and better acted Disney+ Star Wars series like Andor and The Mandalorian. Sabine’s character leaves much to be desired. The good actors are at such a higher caliber (Thrawn, Elsbeth, Baylon), that it throws the more poorly written/directed/acted ones into sharp relief. Hera and Sabine, in particular, are so poorly developed and un convincing. Who brings their little kid along on a deadly mission? (Hera). Ridiculous. Mary Elizabeth Winstead lacks the gravity to play a general. The action scenes lack tension because they seem clunky, I don’t know if it’s the acting, writing, directing, or combination but to me, it’s glaring. I’ll still watch S2 though. Sigh.

  10. Angela says:

    I feel your pain. Ezra and Sabine had the most anti climatic reunion! Really , you just sent Thrawn back to kill millions and start a war and all you can muster up is a shrug when you see Ezra, after all that?Chopper was the only one who showed any emotion. Hera’s makeup is all wrong and it really throws me off, her eyes are so freaky! Thrawn’s been stress eating and I can relate but again the makeup is all wrong! RD is very good but her energy was all wrong. Sabine is just horrible, not sure if it’s the writing or the actress? That said I watched it, loved it, the final duel between Ashoka and Elspeth was amazing and just as good as their first one! I hope there’s a season 2 and I can’t wait for the Mandoverse stuff. Thanks for giving us a thread to nerd out in! Most things I follow Star Wars related are just dudes. It’s refreshing to have a safe place to comment on

  11. BQM says:

    My daughter is a huge SW fan and loved the Clone Wars animated series. We’re going to nyc comic con next weekend and she’s meeting the voice actors who did Ashoka and anakin. I’m meeting Mary Elizabeth Winstead from the live action Ashoka.

  12. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I cannot watch this show anymore. I don’t like (but can live with) the fact that everything in Star Wars has to take place within the same 50-year or so time period, and all characters have to somehow meet or connect to existing characters, and that nobody can ever really die (how many recent characters have survived being stabbed with a lightsaber? I think it’s at least five). But what I find unforgivable is Disney constantly shoving f-ing Anakin in my face as if he is a hero and positive influence. He MURDERED CHILDREN ON MULTIPLE OCCASSIONS. Anakin can NEVER be redeemed for that in my eyes. Every time Disney tries to tell me a repeated child murderer is a hero, it pisses me off. I tried — I really tried — to ignore Anakin every time he’s on screen, but it’s just too many times for me, and especially since they decided to end Ahsoka Season 1 with his image, all I can say is eff Disney, you have lost me forever.

  13. AngryJayne says:

    I enjoyed the series overall- but in the end was a little bit let down. I was born in the eighties, and my family wore out the VCR watching the original trilogy.
    I never got into the cartoon (was living in NYC and working like crazy) but the Obi-Wan series made me really expect more from Jedi and Siths.
    For instance – Vader snatching a ship from the sky as it tries to launch (!!!) – I kept waiting for a moment like that from Ashoka or Baylan Skoll and instead got…witches.
    I wasn’t impressed. They only made me miss the Bene Gesserit from Dune.
    What I loved was the droid, Rosario D, and Ray Stevenson.
    Sabine, Ezra, and Hera felt like filler- but if it does get a second season I hope those tombs were Sith Clones, and the massive engines from the shady factory were for the New Order’s Star Destroyers.
    We’ll see.