Patrick Stewart lived in a haunted house in LA, ‘voices in rooms that were empty’

Patrick Stewart is currently promoting his memoir, Making It So. A lot of it seems to be about his time on Star Trek, and he tells many stories admitting his own poor behavior on and off set. You can read some excerpts about that here – basically, he’s admitting that he had a really prissy attitude and he needed to learn how to loosen up, especially as he was working with so many Americans. But it turns out, he completely glosses over one of the most interesting parts of his life at that time: he was living in a haunted house.

One interesting non-Trek anecdote was about a house in Los Angeles that Stewart owned, which he firmly became convinced was haunted.

“Yes, it was haunted,” Stewart recalls. “There was no question about that. There were phenomena present in that house that could not be explained and that I experienced and were experienced by others. My son, one day, was home from college and alone in the house and all of a sudden all the books in a bookshelf were thrown across the room. This upset him so badly that he left the house and waited outside until I came home.

“After I moved out of the house,” he continued, “not because of the haunting — although it had become bothersome with noises, footsteps on stairs, voices in rooms that were empty and feelings of temperature changes and so forth. I rented the house to a family and one day the mother called me up and said, ‘You didn’t tell us all the other things that came with your house.’ She and her family have been experiencing the same things that I experienced!”

[From THR]

Imagine confessing all of these detailed anecdotes about Star Trek and then tossing off the fact that you were living in a massively haunted house at the same time. “It had become bothersome with noises, footsteps on stairs, voices in rooms that were empty and feelings of temperature changes and so forth” AND SO FORTH! Like, “yes there were several ghosts and they were really angry, but back to this one episode of Star Trek…” Tell us more about the haunted house, damn. I want to know how many people experienced the hauntings. I could tell some stories! I already told one of my big stories on the podcast, about the phantom banging on the door on the one year anniversary of my father’s passing. That scared the sh-t out of me. I wouldn’t be able to handle sustained creepy sh-t in one house though.

He also told a story about working with Tom Hardy on Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002, before Tom became a big star. Patrick writes that Hardy was “an odd, solitary young man from London” who “wouldn’t engage with any of us on a social level. Never said, ‘Good morning,’ never said, ‘Goodnight,’ and spent the hours he wasn’t needed on set in his trailer with his girlfriend…He was by no means hostile — it was just challenging to establish any rapport with him.” When Tom wrapped on the film, he just walked away with no ceremony, no goodbyes, no nothing.

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  1. MrsBanjo says:

    I want more information about the haunted house. He’s so nonchalant about it. I need all of the details.

    • HillaryIsAlwaysRight says:

      That’s English people. Ghosts and hauntings are part of the culture. Anyone from Britain & Ireland will tell you they believe in ghosts and have seen one or two themselves. Also fairies.

      • Polly says:

        In the UK if you’re selling or renting a house that is said to be haunted then you have a legal requirement to disclose that information to potential buyers/renters.

  2. SAS says:

    Yes, I will eat up any haunted house anecdotes I can as like a how-to guide if I ever find myself in that situation! Like, talking to them is supposed to be helpful? I feel like that would spook me more though.

    Ugh, I love Tom Hardy yet literally everything I hear about him makes him sound awful.

    • Bee (not THAT Bee) says:

      I talk to them. I say something along the lines of, “I know you’re here, and that’s cool, but I’m here too, and please do not hassle me!” I lived in a beautiful 100+ year old house where there were odd noises and sometimes it would feel like someone was sitting down on the foot of my bed. I basically said that, along with “and I appreciate being here, it’s a beautiful house” and it let up. Maybe they just wanted to be acknowledged.

      The most spooky thing I’ve ever encountered was when I was working in a place that was so obviously haunted, and I felt a touch on my shoulder while alone in a room. It wasn’t as scary as it might seem and I think I just said “hello” that time.

      I’ve never experienced anything that seemed particularly hostile, thankfully. One of the spooks in the haunt where I worked didn’t seem very happy about us being there, but it also didn’t throw things. There seemed to be different energies in different rooms/areas there. There was one hallway that I didn’t much like to be in but that was it. It was a contract gig and I was only there for about a month.

      Fairies, now… I had a witchy housemate who got into working with fairies without saying anything to me about it. Little things would go missing (especially in the kitchen – annoying!) but when I found out I set out some wine for them (whiskey is the classic offering, but I didn’t have any) and that seemed to help. I don’t think I said anything, but my intention was, ok, please stick to her room and stop messing with my kitchen stuff.

      There’s no point in being scared of it or trying to make it go away. So I put out the intention of “I know you’re here, let’s coexist” and… so far, so good. All of this was in the states. Really, pretty much everywhere is probably haunted at this point in time.

  3. Angela says:

    PS is my favorite Captain! Yes please more ghost stories! Agree about Tom Hardy, the stories from Mad Max really painted him as difficult

  4. Hillary says:

    Tom Hardy got sober in 2003…most people aren’t too friendly & warm as they struggle with alcohol use disorder.

  5. Forestbathing says:

    Very blase about it in that British way; they have ghosts everywhere! Love these stories.

    Also these older, established actors will say anything on their minds, including about other people. They’re not worried about bad PR.