Princess Kate & William commissioned another ‘survey,’ this time on mental health

Update: Some photos of William and Kate’s event finally came in, so now you don’t have to click on that Mail link!

I’ve been waiting for a while to see if we would get photos of the Prince and Princess of Wales today in Birmingham, for their big event for World Mental Health Day. Our photo agencies are seemingly taking part in the Mute Challenge, so you can see the pics here at the Mail. Kate wore her best bumblebee attire – black trousers, a black crewneck and a bright yellow blazer. I usually think that Kate looks surprisingly good in yellow, but this shade is off. It’s too goldenrod. You know we’re going to get another dozen embiggening commentary pieces about how Kate is the first woman to ever wear trousers, right? Deep sigh. Meanwhile, did you know that William and Kate commissioned yet another survey? These two love to collate their meaningless data and put that data in nonsensical pie charts. Here are the results of their latest survey:

Kate Middleton and Prince William are sharing the results of a survey that they administered ahead of World Mental Health Day that found that nearly all young people feel their friends are struggling with mental health issues.

The survey, which was conducted by the Prince and Princess of Wales’ Royal Foundation, was taken by 3,000 young people in the U.K. According to the findings, 95% of 16-24-year-olds say they think their peers are having some sort of problem with their mental health.

The poll also found that around 60% of participants think that it’s very important for young people to have greater awareness and understanding of social and emotional skills. Additionally, 39% feel that they don’t manage their emotions very well.

[From People]

The survey… asked kids if they think it’s good to be “aware” of mental health. This reminds me of Kate’s Early Years busywork, the purpose of which is purely awareness-raising. As in, all Kate does is say “the Early Years are important,” and then an endless amount of time, money and resources are devoted to compiling data about whether or not people think the Early Years are important. I’ll conduct my own survey: do you think these two lazy jackasses will ever do anything more than an awareness-raising campaign with their endless resources? Yes or no.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images, Kensington Palace.

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  1. Missskitttin says:

    And exactly what does one do with the results of this survey? How does it help? And the money they probably wasted on “commissioning” it. .

    • BeanieBean says:

      I would hope there were more than the three questions they reported on but overall, yeah, what’s the point? What a waste of time & money. And saying W&K ‘administered’ the poll? Like h*ll they did. They wouldn’t know how.

    • Lux says:

      They always ask the wrong questions. “How many of your friends have mental health issues”…how about factors, behaviors and triggers that affect their mental health? How about when in the day, after what activity are they most likely to feel low? Did they provide a census for what type of families these teens come from and how large the sample?

      As for “managing emotions,” did they ever identify what that is and what it looks like? Is it staying quiet and bottling it all in? Is it expressing your feelings in a healthy way? Is it not blowing up and throwing cushions across the room when you’re angry? I need to know…!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Yeah. That question basically reads like, let’s gossip about your friends mental health. Which, pretty much is how the British Media/BRF works.

    • Debbie says:

      What does she do with the commissioned survey, did you ask? Why, take photos with it, of course. It’s really effective if you hold a pen, mind you, just “hold” the pen while looking at the survey as if it’s meaningful. And if you happen to be wearing a big girl blazer at the time, then you may even reach a deep state of keenness. No kidding, Indian yogis have passed out trying to reach that state.

      Off Topic, but that third photo from the top is killing me. It reminds me of Bruce Lee’s “Fists of Fury” only I’d caption it, “Fists of Keenness.”

    • ales says:

      Will there be a pie chart ?

  2. Out and about for mental health day✔️ Survey for mental health day completed ✔️. Photo ops of us out on mental health day ✔️. Our job here is done✔️. These two idiots will do nothing more than to be abusers of other’s mental health.

    • LRB says:

      You forgot to mention Kathy is wearing the UK charity mental health colour… yellow. We do know she loves her theme dressing.

      • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

        Kate probably wasnt aware that yellow was the mental health color. she probably WAS cosplaying that bumblebee because Kate has a honeyfarm, remember that one yall. (but I do have to say, that that is a cool thing to do/have)

      • Mary Anderson says:

        Why can’t she close her mouth a little🤷🏾‍♂️. She look very strange. What survey. They just get results and do nothing. What a freaky farce. Go home and come back with ideas and a check. They are hyper rich Don’t do anything for the peasants but skin and grin

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      Well, if they were smart enough, which they are not, they would also conclude that 95% of those 16-24-year-olds already know that mental health is important and is already a conversation that has started – hello? – which means that those 95% are also recognizing that they actually are ones who are inflicting mental health abuse on none other than… hmmm… Harry and Meg? And they should put 1+1 together and conclude that they is probably a link to why that same age group also dont care or wants monarchy abolished – like the result on the other study conducted about how well the monarchy was doing earlier this year. Morons.

  3. girl_ninja says:

    I never click on that site but I had and Peg and Buttons are as unremarkable as usual. Her hair is absolutely going to strangle her one day. But again knowing that they assisted in terrorizing Meghan and have the gall to take part in any matters of mental health is just gross. They are not good people and they show it more and more.

    Watch for their fake fans (Meghan haters) to make a big deal about how Peg allowed her to walk ahead of him at one point during their visit.

    • equality says:

      Will was actually quoted in the article saying something about the importance of family support.

      • LRB says:

        Yes that had me screaming at my dogs… my dear departed granny always said charity begins at home… and Willi needs to think about that one..he and his wifelet treated both H&M so badly… to the point Meghan was suicidal yet they think they can preach about supporting family and others who have mental health issues. I am ashamed to be English, frankly.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        One has to wonder about the impacts to Wiglet’s mental health when she’s forced to go events with a husband who, in every photo, looks for all the world like he’s wishing she were anywhere but where she is, and preferably on another continent entirely…

        I mean, I don’t wonder long, because she’s an abusive racist, but yeah. It’s plain these two are the last two who should be talking about mental health and family support.

    • Harper says:

      What’s worse is that they had a tweet about maternal mental health–especially while pregnant. Complete and total hypocrites. I wanted to click on the comments to see if anyone called them out but didn’t want X to interpret my click as positive interest so I passed.

    • Miranda says:

      It just goes to show that Meghan is a much better person than I am. Practically a saint, to be able to restrain herself from reminding people of how she was tormented by William and Kate, and then dismissed as too fragile or accused of being melodramatic by much of the rest of the RF and the BM when she sought help. But at this point, I guess just moving on is probably the best thing for her mental health, rather than letting herself be consumed by bitterness.

      I know that she and Harry are all about positivity and uplifting people these days, so I doubt that they’d want some sort of “Sussex Snake Fam” to get savage every time anyone in the RF has the audacity to claim to be a mental health advocate, but God, is it ever tempting.

      • Nadia says:

        I absolutely agree. I would take every chance I got to show the hypocrisy of W&K and wave it around like a huge flag for all to see.

  4. MaryContrary says:

    Another “spreading their wings” event. JFC-do the writers ever get tired of the same copy? And her hair is janky as all get out. I do not have the patience for their silliness.

  5. equality says:

    How does it make sense to ask if they believe their friends struggle with issues? That would be like hearsay evidence in court. It only shows their perceptions. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to ask about the individual’s own struggles and what they are and what they feel would help if it were available.

    • Minnieder says:

      I was wondering the exact same thing!

    • bisynaptic says:

      In these kinds of contexts, it’s sometimes safer for people to discuss what “their friends” are going through, so surveyors will often ask these oblique questions.

  6. WHAT says:

    What sense does it make to partner with this organization and then you only see the 🧱 do a Photoshoot. William could’ve spoken briefly instead it looks like they piggy backed the event to compete with the Sussexes who you know at least theirs will be impactful and will look professional.

    Is this the reason why articles on the Sussexes event didn’t mention the 🧱 at all. The rota barely said something about the event mentioned above and when they did it 🤯 was more on the Sussexes event today so even they didn’t take it seriously

    Surgeon general and Carson Daly won’t waste their time unless its worth it

  7. aquarius64 says:

    So the Waleses commissioned another survey? And? What will they do with that info? Nothing.

  8. EasternViolet says:

    Who is telling Kate that the hem on her pants is correct? This must be done to cover her ankles while she sits… as the length while she walks looks sloppy. Lord forbid we see her ankles.

    • acha says:

      lmao my first thought when i saw this outfit was, “She is trying to cosplay Pumpkin Spice in honor of the month, isn’t she”

  9. Mary Pester says:

    Nothing, I’ve got nothing apart from keen looks like a jar of mustard topped by a demented gopher. Billy looks his usual prk with teeth self, and the only reason they did this is because of what Harry and Megan are about to do in new York, but on a bigger and better scale, with important people in that field backing their efforts.
    Stand by for more pie charts and a “notebook”.

  10. Lady Esther says:

    She looks exhausted and the yellow blazer is hideous. Also, Carole’s panda eye makeup is back. Not flattering at all…

    Also, I want to know who are the 40% (!!) who do NOT “think that it’s very important for young people to have greater awareness and understanding of social and emotional skills.” This statistic can’t be right?

  11. Noor says:

    Another survey, another awareness campaign. When are the Wales going to make a real impact and make a difference on the ground. Does the Wales projects get audited. Don’t they have to account how they spend the charity money raised under their royal foundation.

  12. Robert Phillips says:

    Aren’t there actual organizations all over the world that have statistics about mental health already? Why did these two fools need to commission one? Why not just pull up some of the others and then speak about those organizations that are already helping with this problem.

    • Libra says:

      That would assume that someone at the helm has a brain and has done research that ,as you point out, has already been done.

  13. Chaine says:

    My word… one of the video captions on the Fail says “Kate stuns in yellow blazer” and that is right, stuns, but perhaps not in the way intended, as I had to turn my screen brightness down to even look at it. Once I can see it, I don’t understand how she gets business attire all so wrong. The overly bright jacket with the black pants and shell and the little belt at the waist, it is such a dated look, it reminds me of a school librarian in the 1980s. I think the black and the belt is what really makes it that bad, does that make sense? If the pants and shell were a different color…

    • Jais says:

      Lol yeah “stuns” is the right words for it. That particular shade of yellow on Kate is not great. It almost feels like she is wearing school colors or something. Maybe the GA Tech yellowjackets?

    • Lorelei says:

      Seriously, my corneas are still recovering

    • BeanieBean says:

      Standby for pedantry: that’s not a shell, that’s a long-sleeve top. Shells are sleeveless & usually crew neck, they can be slip over or have a closure at the top back (button or hook & eye).

      • Chaine says:

        you’re right, the blinding yellow made it difficult for me to notice her sleeves peeking out at the cuffs.

    • Gabby says:

      First thing I thought was Hertz. But they would never hire a racist bitch.

  14. Lily says:

    She looks so manic lately. So bizarre.

    • Em says:

      Yeah he expressions are so extremely over the top. I think in part she does it as a nervous habit. She seems really introverted and I don’t think she’s ever at ease during these appearances so she over does it out of nerves.

  15. Becks1 says:

    It is not that hard to wear a blazer and trousers and make the look work. Millions of women do it every day. How is it that she can almost never seem to pull it off??

    And does the survey even count if there wasn’t a pie chart involved?

    finally…….they also posted something on their IG about post partum depression. So I really do think they’re just trolling everyone. If they didn’t push Meghan to the brink of suicide, they were at least okay with knowing she was there, while pregnant. Their hypocrisy is galling and shameful.

    • Jais says:

      Trolling is correct. Especially with the post-partum depression post. All I can think about is the polo pictures of Meghan holding Archie and Kate absolutely ignoring her and not even letting her kids speak to her. That is literally a snapshot of how much Kate cares about another woman’s post-partum depression. Which is not at all.

    • Nic919 says:

      The gaslighting and cruelty on this issue is really beyond the pale.

  16. Lady Digby says:

    Notice how Willy has an arm around the girl to his left whilst ignoring his own wife again? Can’t be good for her MH to be snubbed in public but then hugging POC for PR is what they both do to prove that they are “very not a racist family!”

    • Elon's Sink says:

      Thank you! I thought I was the only one who noticed how odd that was. And I bet her hand was on his bum LOL!

    • swirlmamad says:

      Yep, it looks like he’s shouldering her out of the shot 🤣 while carefully putting his arm around the black young lady to show his commitment to “open-mindedness” and “diversity”. 🙄

  17. Eurydice says:

    That’s the color of every school bus in America.

  18. Cathy says:

    “Hi-de-hi Campers!”

    Kate’s become a yellow coat! I guess that makes her Peggy?!

  19. QuiteContrary says:

    Kate dressed to match the Beyond logo. She is so literal, it’s hilarious.

    And what a meaningless survey. The Wailses use surveys in lieu of doing actual work. It’s pathetic. How about they use this day to make amends for seriously undermining the mental health of people in their own family?

  20. Em says:

    Bore and snore, literally and please she needs to fix her hair otherwise her outfit is appropriate, but let’s talk about William who needs to fire his new “valet” because the casual belted pants don’t fit the blazer /tie look, same as that brown blazer / skinny tie monstrosity he wore last time.

  21. Blackapinay says:

    These look like generic stock photos we use in PowerPoints 🥴

  22. Mslove says:

    “Hi, we’re the Wails. We’re here to vaguely raise awareness about something. Sorry, we can’t do more than a survey, that would be limelight stealing, & we have to placate the king because he’s crazy, I mean he has mental health issues, and we are aware of that.”

  23. tamsin says:

    It’s like commissioning a survey of scientists to confirm that the sky is blue. I thought there was going to be a discussion with young people about mental health? Was this the event? I must say, the moment I laid eyes on Kate, I thought “bumblebee!” Black and bright yellow make great school colours or look great on logos, but somehow, on clothing- bumblebee!

  24. Well Wisher says:

    Would they sell the results of said survey in the same manner they sold the responses from their Mental Health app to pharmaceutical companies?

  25. @poppedbubble says:

    Her outfit is fine. I’m more focused of the close up solo photo the shows conflicting emotions. Her mouth (besides the evergreen gawping) says, “Oh that’s hilarious,” and her clinched fists say, “I’m going to beat the shit out of you.”

  26. Jennifer says:

    This look is giving me vintage Century 21 Real Estate broker blazer vibes.

  27. LadyO says:

    Actually, I love that jacket, but why the firk does she keep screaming and clenching her fists?

  28. VilleRose says:

    Discussing mental health is important but with these two, it’s always just talking about how important it is to talk about mental health without any real follow up.

    This is one of the better suits Kate has worn in her current Pantsuit Parade, maybe it’s because it’s mostly all black? The yellow blazer isn’t great but it’s not terrible either, just meh which has been my reaction to a lot of her pants and blazer outfits. She seems to favor the flared trousers and it’s not the best look on her. Ankle length/cropped is a better look on her.

  29. Gillian says:

    Has Richard Gere just closed her hand in a jewellery box containing a ruby and diamond necklace in the 2nd photo?!

  30. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Instead of jazz hands, we have clenched fists?

  31. Wannabefarmer says:

    Well, they ARE going to be king and queen so mediocrity is not an issue. And, I’m going to just ignore one of my triggers lately (using Black people for PR/deny their clear racism/bigotry). But let me just say, I took a survey methods class once at the grad level and sweet baby Jesus! That course kicked my ass. (Its one of two courses that did that, the other was labor economics in undergrad and I blame that on the TA who was too focused on drawing colored charts).

    But I digress. Anyway, who knew there was a (multi-disciplinary) science to survey design? Not me. Imagine designing a survey that asks a question like is it good to be “aware” of mental health? There is a way to this question that would garner something more informative. Maybe I should give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they asked about levels of awarenes/knowledge.

  32. ales says:

    A cardboard cutout of Khate with a moving Jaw would be more interesting. Rinse and repeat, same old behavior, 12 inch heels, the open mouth looking like she is going to devour something or someone, the hand gestures, is she going to strangle someone, and constantly flashing big blue. Her appearance, she looks a hot mess, not casual elegance, the wiglets all need to be thrown in the garbage.

  33. Crystal says:

    They really had to do a survey of 3,000 to find out young people experience mental health issues? Good lord.

  34. J.Ferber says:

    Commissioning a survey is NOT work. It’s just another “listen and learn” tactic that takes the place of real work. They are always “preparing” to work, but never actually do work. What’s the point of a survey? They don’t know what mental health issues are actually out there after being mental health “warriors” forever? Are they admitting they know nothing about mental health after all these years (and exhibiting their own alarming issues at the same time). They are poseurs and dilettantes, nothing more. Frauds, fakes.

  35. Agreatreckoning says:

    My survey says not being physically assaulted by your older brother who also enacted a smear campaign against his younger brother’s wife who did nothing wrong other than breathing is good for one’s mental health. Not having someone stick their finger in one’s face is good for mental health too. The list goes on. These two are so full of sh*t.

    Kate looks great for an unseasoned sales rep for Duke’s mayo. That is not a diss on sales reps for Duke’s mayo-which is awesome.

    Now I’m trying to imagine Kate speaking with a southern accent when she can barely speak an English one.