Lindsay Lohan will be cracked-out in India, for the children


Fresh off her dual headline-making stunts, one in a magazine pictorial threesome, and secondly, for probably hooking up with Jason Segel (and his puppet), Lindsay Lohan wants the world to know that she’s more than just some sketchy, strung-out, washed-up fading celebrity. Time for a world-class stunt! According to Page Six, Lindsay is heading to India to “work with children.” Seriously. She‘s allegedly going to be working on a BBC documentary – oh, wait. This was the trip she announced a month and a half ago. Anyway, “sources” said Lindsay “is excited about escaping the drama of LA and doing something real.” Bitch, please.

It looks like Lindsay Lohan is finally getting her priorities in order (at least we hope!).

According to Page Six, Lindsay is hopping on a flight to India to film a documentary with the BBC to help impoverished children, and “is excited about escaping the drama of LA and doing something real.”

Lindsay’s wild-child reputation has always been at the forefront of her career, and sources say this trip could help change that. “Lindsay is trying to better herself and get away from her party-girl image. She wants to be taken more seriously,” an insider tells Life & Style magazine.

The drama in Lindsay’s life over the past few years seems to continue to escalate. Between her on-again off-again relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson, to the public feuding with her father, Michael Lohan, Lindsay has not had a break from the spotlight. Hopefully this trip will bring a positive focus to the actress and allow her to shake some of that bad press.

The details of the documentary are vague, but it seems like it will be about the trafficking of women and children in India. Lindsay returns to LA on December 12th, and will continue her charity work by donating toys to LA children’s hospitals.

[From MTV]

Okay, India better prepare itself. Because Hurricane Crackhead is coming to town, and she’s not going to leave until she snorts, shoots or licks every drug available. Also, I don’t buy that Lindsay is going to be working on a documentary about missing and exploited children, although she probably knows a thing or two about being exploited by her famewh-re parents. I don’t see how a respectable international organization associates itself with Lindsay. I also don’t see how the BBC can fund a documentary featuring Lindsay… unless this is some kind of elaborate ruse to film Lindsay being a crackhead… in which case, it’s kind of brilliant. I would watch it.

Lindsay Lohan in Los Angeles on December 2 (credit: WENN) and December 4 (credit: Fame).

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  1. birdie says:

    Hmmm… the British press can be very sneaky and Lindsay is not very smart. I bet they’ve lured Lindsay in saying this would help her image, and persuaded her to sign a carefully worded contract. But in reality they plan to film her as the cracked out lunatic she is and make that the topic of the documentary. Amy Winehouse wasn’t available.

  2. ien says:

    “…Okay, India better prepare itself. Because Hurricane Crackhead is coming to town”

    omg haha

    + i find it odd that they’re sending her of all people to india for a special on impovrished children when she weighs 19.4 pounds and with her apparent hygiene could probably pass for an impovrished child herself.
    and i know that we all have our vices, but every picture you see of her she’s got pop, or a cig, or a drink in her hand, all of which are horrible for your skin, in addition to her drug addictions (which w obvi know she has) her face is gonna get 10X worse looking than it already is in a couple years if she doesnt clean up her shit.

  3. lilred says:

    Are they are sending her as an example of what NOT to do.

  4. Dolkite says:

    I hope when she gets there, she donates nothing but a bunch of pairs of those ugly leggings for a bunch of befuddled kids.

    great that she is going all the way to India…since, you know, we dont have any poverty here.

  5. Susette says:

    Until I hear it from the BBC, I’m in denial that this is taking place. It sounds like one of her fantasy “jobs”.

  6. boo says:

    What a nightmare for the film crew that has to work on this farce.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Susette, I don’t buy it either.

    just for kicks, I went to the BBC website and searched for “lohan” and “lohan documentary”.

    neither search brings up anything but movie reviews and stories of her exploits. NOTHING about them filming a documentary with her, in India or anywhere else.

  8. sg says:

    I don’t know why she needs to go to India, but on the other hand she may be finally making a serious attempt to fix her life which is a good thing. I actually hope it works out for her.

  9. jaundicemachine says:


    Lilo doesn’t give a shit about impoverished women and children being sold into slavery, because she doesn’t give a shit about anyone but LINDSAY LOHAN.

    This story really fires me up. An entitled little bubble brain farts on over to India to save her dying career. She’ll be put up in luxury hotels between her five minutes of filming, and have a staff 100 strong that she will abuse and debase with her every demand. What a wonderful American Ambassador.

    Further more – human trafficking is a horrifying atrocity that directly affects the lives of millions of women and children every year. It is a violation of human rights of the highest degree – a disgusting enterprise that has largely been ignored because of massive amounts of wealth it generates and perpetuates (for men).

    It is the highest crime against humanity – a catastrophe in every sense of the word. It is a subject very near and dear to my heart (the Mr and I plan to adopt from India for that very reason) – and this bitch just in it for the fucking paycheck.

    Humanitarianism, indeed.

    On the plus side, you can’t swing a cat in the “tourist districts” without some wallah trying to discreetly sell you “heroin” or “hash”. (By which, I of course mean shoe polish and/or rat poison.)
    And knowing what I know of Miss Lohan, she will most certainly be staying in “a luxury tourist district” and with her appetite for narcotics, she will most certainly be jonesing something fierce. . .

  10. Susette says:

    Praise St. Angie, thanks for checking it out.

    If I’m wrong and this documentary actually gets done, I’ll apologize to her via Twitter. But it ain’t gonna happen.

  11. Peach says:


    Everything you said.
    Sexual exploitation of woman and children in India (and everywhere) is a real problem. It is not a casual cause. It is one that deserves real attention and focus.

    Not further exploitation by a drug-vamped starlet trying to save the career she self-sabatoged.

  12. lin234 says:

    For anyone who is interested to learn more about human trafficking around the world, I recommend the book Not for Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade -and How We Can Fight It. Here is a brief summary of the book from the back cover:

    “Human trafficking generates $31 billion annually and enslaves 27 million people around the globe, half of them children under the age of eighteen. Award-winning journalist David Batstone, whom Bono calls a “heroic character,” profiles the new generation of abolitionists who are leading the struggle to end this appalling epidemic.

    This book gives several firsthand stories from the journeys of people who were enslaved and how they came to be enslaved. It gives accounts of what is being done by people and what can be done by us. It’s heart wrenching to read and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to inform themselves more about the subject. One major thing I learned is that human trafficking doesn’t just exist overseas in some faraway land, it’s a current problem that exists in the US too.

  13. kruczynski says:

    I honestly feel sorry for her. It looks like nobody wants to give her a second chance. Everybody (her father in particular) is exploiting Lindsay, firstly her movie career and now her career as a crackhead.
    She doens’t give herself a second chance, ‘though.
    Maybe this will be the time she realizes that there’s something more dramatic and painful than having an asshole as a father.

  14. Cat says:

    Yeah, maybe she’ll absorb the fact that being exploited by money-hungry parents can mean being sold into slavery to be raped repeatedly to make money for someone else.
    I kinda doubt she’ll get it. Hopefully though.

  15. Sara Tinely says:

    Haha! Love this article, made me laugh.

    I wonder how the trafficked women are going to feel when they find out their pain and suffering is being used to further this girls publicity? Personally I would be totally be like “F you and the horse you road in on”. I hope she at least donates some money or something.

  16. sg says:

    jaundicemachine: Yes there are human rights violations and sex and drug trafficking all over the world and it is a bad thing – but this website is not amnesty international – it is a hollywood celebrity one. My persective on this website is from lindsay’s career, not human rights issues – for that I donate to amnesty international regularly. India has it’s problems but it is a population that has existed in the same area for almost 10000 years so it’s not really comparable…and it is not a country that is so poor that you cannot get real heroin or other drugs, especially considering that those drugs are native to the neighboring countries.

  17. This was a very good read, please keep updating!

  18. Lol she is ridiculous