DM: King Charles’s female relatives are now being called ‘Charlie’s Angels’

Rebecca English had a curious piece in the Daily Mail this week, all about King Charles and his closest royal advisors, all of whom are women. English refers to these royal women as “Charlie’s Angels,” which is nauseating and insulting, not to mention false. The fact is, Charles has always put men in senior positions of his offices and foundations, although he does have a handful of women in managerial positions (not many though). Still, let’s hear about how much “Charlie” values his “Angels,” the Duchess of Edinburgh, the Princess Royal, the Queen Consort and the Princess of Wales.

Duchess Sophie is a key player: Approachable yet passionate, the Duchess is rather formidable in her own quiet way – qualities well-recognised by her brother-in-law, the King. And why Sophie is a key player in the coterie of strong female advisers known as ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

Three generations of kings: Fortunately, Charles III is surrounded by straight-talking female figures, a theme played out behind the scenes as well. Front and centre is the king’s sister, Princess Anne, a worthy inheritor of their mother’s non-nonsense mantle. Surely it was no coincidence that in her brother’s official coronation portrait she was positioned standing at the King’s right hand? Then there’s Catherine, Princess of Wales, who has steadily become the ‘steel marshmallow’ of the current generation of Windsor women (a reference to the late Queen Mother, whose fluffy exterior hid a hard-boiled core) and on whose shoulders many see the future of the monarchy resting.

Camilla, the greatest asset: And of course there is Queen Camilla herself, once so vilified but whose quiet dignity and loyalty to the Crown has seen her transformed into one of her husband’s greatest assets. Indeed, the fact that Charles’ court has become so female-centric is in no small part down to his wife of 18 years, the undoubted power behind the throne. ‘The Queen can do more with half a raised eyebrow than many a courtier could ever hope to achieve,’ says one insider who knows the set-up well. ‘It’s a power she uses wisely and because she has such common sense approach to all this business of monarchy, it’s brought a very welcome energy to the operation.’

Princess Anne, the workhorse: ‘She’s an absolute chip off the old block and she, recently made clear, the Royal Family still needs her given recent departures, ‘ one source says, referring to an interview she gave to Vanity Fair. The source added: ‘She will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with her brother, with minimal fuss, and after the drama of the last few years that’s exactly what he needs.’

The women are the power behind the throne: ‘The institution has long been a matriarchal one, regardless of who has the top job. And it is the women who ultimately manage, smooth out and improve relationships when they hit the skids, ‘ one former courtier tells me. ‘The Princess of Wales and the Queen [then Consort] were the architects of the rapprochement between the King and Prince William when their relationship was somewhat rocky a few years ago. The men in this family can be quite hot-headed and stubborn at times. And, unbelievably, given what Prince Harry had to say about her in his book, the Queen [Camilla] was instrumental in bringing Meghan into the family at the beginning and trying to make her feel welcome.’

The keen peacemaker: It was the Princess of Wales who very publicly engineered the first conversation between estranged brothers William and Harry after the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral in 2021, an act of instinctive thoughtfulness and compassion. ‘Exactly,’ says my source. ‘If the King and Harry are ever to be reconciled, let alone the two brothers, it will be by the guiding hand of the female members of the family. And let us not forget that this not just a question of ensuring that everyone gets on at Christmas. It’s about the smooth running of global institution. There’s real pressure on them here.’

Kate & Sophie, the dynamic duo: ‘The Duchess is very bright, switched on and a very safe pair of hands, while the Princess of Wales has more say than anyone gives her credit for about what goes on in that household [Kensington Palace], particularly as far as the media and their children are concerned,’ says another insider. ‘But I think it is only now that people will get to see the real influence they wield.’

Charles isn’t afraid of women: ‘He is very emotionally intelligent and is not frightened of powerful women, although occasionally pretends he is,’ they say with a laugh. ‘He has always liked a diverse set of voices around the table and I am confident that won’t change.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Out of all of the “Angels,” Charles only gives a sh-t about Camilla and Anne. Anne and Cam legitimately advise him and help him and have power behind the scenes (not that Anne wants any power, she just wants to be left alone). Sophie and Kate are expendable and Charles really doesn’t give a f–k, let’s be honest. And this desperation to credit Kate with something is hilarious. No, really, she facilitated a conversation at a funeral! No, really, she does something in Kensington Palace! Too bad Charlie’s Angels (minus Anne) freaked out and behaved with reckless, racist spite the very moment an intelligent, well-spoken, educated American woman married into the family.

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  1. Andy Dufresne says:

    Explains Kate’s new Farrah Fawcett- like hairstyle. Always cosplaying!

  2. Snuffles says:

    The only one I have a modicum of respect for is Anne, and that’s only because of her IDGAF and “Leave me out of your petty bullshit” attitude.

    • AuntRara says:

      I agree. She’s the best of the Queen’s children by far. (Also, oh to be a fly on the wall when she finds out about this “Charlie’s Angels” nonsense!)

    • Wannabefarmer says:

      Yeah. Was just thinking, poor Anne, having to deal with the fact that THAT is who has the title of queen, after her mother.

  3. girl_ninja says:


  4. Becks1 says:

    His Angels seem more like Mean Girls, soooo…….good luck with that Charlie, I guess.

    And as for Kate as the “steel marshmallow” – LOL for days. they keep trying to push that, it doesn’t work.

  5. Michelle says:

    Anne would have been a great queen. So much better than KC3.

  6. Lissen says:

    I know, I shouldn’t drag Meghan into this mess but as soon as I saw the headline, I immediately thought of the “Angels” dream Louis Litt had in Suits (I think it was one of the webisodes). In Louis’ dream, the Angels were Jessica, Rachel and Donna. And they were sexy! Obviously.
    Betcha that’s a straight line to this weird piece.

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      Same thought I had Lissen. Also Chuckles isn’t afraid of women? Bullshit. That man is still terrified by Diana and she’s been dead for over 25 years.

    • lawyercat says:

      Honestly I’ve never watched Suits and I offhand was thinking that there must have been a random bit with Meghan as a Charlie’s Angel. Too funny (deranged too).

  7. PEARL GREY says:

    They are profoundly incapable of writing anything about these leftover royals without bringing up Harry and Meghan’s names. Pray tell, how did Charlie’s Angels Camilla, Anne, Sophie and Kate advise him on how to deal with his credibly accused brother Andrew and “all the drama” he has brought over the last few years?

  8. Good lord what a load. Charlie’s Angels my ass. These women (except for maybe Ann) are evil bitches. The are not peacemakers ( Can’t) they are not approachable ( Sophie). This dynamic duo is nasty to anyone who is better than them. As for Horsilla well she is the ultimate manipulator, home wrecker and family divider. Chuckles is a wimp and easy to manipulate just look what he allows Horsilla to do. These are Chuckles evil clown troop.

    • Tessa says:

      Camilla did not being in women to the court. She saw Charles secretary elizabeth Buchanan as a rival and had her ousted. She also undermined Diana and meghan

  9. Scooby Gang says:

    … annnnnnd now I’ve got the theme song stuck in my head.

  10. Jais says:

    Eh, I think it’s an outright lie that Camilla was instrumental in welcoming Meghan to the family. However, I can see Camilla and Kate bringing Charles and William together as they all had one goal, which was to take the Sussexes down by several pegs. Harry referenced them all getting together for a meal while they were on the oceana tour. It was likely the first time they’d broken bread together in quite a while.

    • @BelizeEmpower says:

      To be a fly on the wall at that dinner table. Can you imagine how that conversation went? #TheHatefulFour jealously plotting, plotting, plotting, but really it started at the wedding as videos show Camilla & Kate eyeballing each other and snickering. The cameras don’t lie.

      • julianna says:

        @BELIZEEMPOWER. There is also a video with them at a commonwealth service when Meghan was pregnant. Meghan was talking to Charles and had her hand on her baby bump. Camilla walked right up to kate on camera and held her hand over her stomach snickering at kate (making fun of Meghan). The video is still on YouTube clear as day. Kate stifles a laugh and then gives her a look like “remember there are cameras”. They are disgusting people. I wouldn’t put it past either of them to have started that narrative in the press as well.

  11. Whyforthelove says:

    Ok I call BS on this. This is like fan fiction, Charles is not relatable enough or funny enough to come up with a name like this. I doubt he watched Charlie’s Angles – with all of the mistresses who had the time? He is so autocratic and stuffy at best he probably called them his ladies in waiting …who wait on him. Except Kate who made HIM wait on his own Hat day and no cheesy 70s show is saving you from that Kate

    • Mslove says:

      I bet he calls them his wenches.

    • Nick G says:

      @Whyforthelove you’re right it is 100% fanfiction. When Kate sported the second Farrah wig in the family I immediately thought “is this some kind of demonic Charlie’s Angels” – if I thought it, hundreds of people did.
      They truly have. Nothing. More. To. Write as their Royal Family suuucks. Oh well.

    • Cairidh says:

      Farrah was his type, he’d probably have wanted a fling with her, but she was taken.
      The press used to call his girlfriends Charlie’s angels, and Carole at the time, was harbouring the fantasy of being one of them, marrying Charles and becoming princess of wales. She didn’t get to do that, so she projected the fantasy onto kate. So maybe this is coming from Carole who always wanted to be one of Charlie’s angels?
      What does Charles pretends to be frightened by powerful women mean???

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I absolutely believe he watched Dynasty. Friend of the BRF Dame Joan Collins was in it. The BRF has long been known for their anti American stance (losing a war against us doesn’t help;). LOL. Chuck is no John Forsythe.

      The BRF have always wanted American acceptance without actually accepting Americans. A one sided dealio. It’s fascinating how Meghan was ‘too American’, yet the British Media/BRF want to attach themselves to the USA.

  12. Anna says:

    The girlbossification of grown women is infantile, and this blatant attempt to make fetch happen for the billionth time (Fab Four? Magnificent Seven? Charlie’s Angels? JFC) is embarrassing.

    If I roll my eyes any harder, they’ll fall out of my head.

  13. MaryContrary says:

    I’d love to see the look on Anne’s face when she finds out she’s one of “Charlie’s Angels.”

  14. equality says:

    So where was Cam’s “quiet dignity” when she was joking about an actual world leader and normal bodily functions? And didn’t PH “bring Meghan into the family” by marrying her? What on earth did Cam have to do with that?

    • Heyhey22 says:

      They’re trying to re write her history in real time, yeah so could she explain why she was allegedly playing phone tag to Th@mas Markle leading up to the wedding when she barley had a few words to even say to Meghan herself? Hmm what was she orchestrating. Her and Charles ain’t sh** but of course they get to play the ole , sweet n jilted grandparent roles.

      All this rewriting and bootlicking let’s you know they definitely also had a hand into furthering the estrangement between Meghan and her dad’s side and the press dehumanizing her as well. I suspect they did something to TM Snr( blackmail?) They didn’t just sit back they played a role in it.

  15. Lizzie says:

    Sooo, William is not an advisor. Got it.

  16. Emf999 says:

    Oh my sainted aunt. Words fail me.

  17. Tessa says:

    Sickening. Quiet dignity of Camilla. The same one who said nothing after her pal Clarkson wrote that vile article about Meghan. And also when she smirked and giggled at those singers on a royal tour. But yes she calls the shots.

  18. Tessa says:

    The creepy part is Charles exes were called Charlie’s angels a few years ago. Like Anna Wallace and Sabrina guineas. Now his relatives are given same name.

    • Tessa says:

      Bad spell check. It is Sabrina g u i n e s s.

    • Concern Fae says:

      This! I’m old enough to remember his dating days. There were soooo many articles referring to his various girlfriends as Charlie’s Angels. Loved the show as a kid. Saw an episode recently and it was just silly.

  19. Cessily says:

    These headlines have lost the comedic appeal of absurdity and now are just sad and pathetic a lot like Chucky, his mistress turned wife and the other two.

  20. Jais says:

    Personally, I’m gonna just keep calling them the Witches of Windsor 🧙🧙🧙

  21. Libra says:

    I thought I had reached my Crap Tolerance but this sets the bar a bit higher. What utter bullshit.

  22. Red Snapper says:

    The Lone Ranger Funeral Truther has logged on to remind you that when Kate facilitated that reconciliation at Philips funeral, *somebody* shouted and made her cry. (*Swoops cape*) Now I must go

    • Jais says:

      Welcome back and thank you for making an appearance, Lone Ranger funeral truther😂. I still remember that day and your brave truther stance that someone shouted at Kate causing her to step back and away from the brothers. Best wishes until you appear again.

    • Shawna says:

      I was thinking about this a few weeks ago and couldn’t remember who the Truther was! Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!

    • Nic919 says:

      I saw the video too and totally agree with you. Kate was told off by William and backed away as he was speaking with Harry while leaving the chapel. There was no way she brokered anything.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Yep. Kate was shot down. There was a handful of us who saw it in real time and remembered.

      Harry and William were walking next to each other, more or less fine. Kate ran up to insert herself and William scowled something. imo She stepped back. Something did happen because there are now noticeable jumps in the video footage. It’s rather LOL. Then, much later, the BBC brought up how the BRF controls the footage shared and edits.

      Dear Becky English,

      The only thing Kate engineered the day of Philip’s funeral were her “glamour shots photo shoot”. Pathetic.


      P.S. Nice try

  23. Harper says:

    Rebecca English needs help. I guess it’s easier to write this swill than a retrospective of all of the suspected pedophiles Charles kept in his close circle throughout his life.

  24. Amy Bee says:

    The staff is as delusional as the Royal Family. All women in that family know their place and they’re not Charles’ advisors. Those women who don’t know their place pay the consequences. See Diana and Meghan.

  25. Heyhey22 says:

    Wait isn’t one of the main anti H and M trolls on twit/X is called “king charles angel ” in their handle?

    Is it” J0emille”(spelled it funny on purpose btw) Hmmm…… is the press trying to rat on themselves or one of the members of the RF?

  26. aquarius64 says:

    Charlie’s Devils are more like it. Camilla is irreplaceable; Kate and Sophie are disposable; Anne is durable. The one royal woman that is cut out is Meghan, who is approachable due to her character . Meghan is accessible to responsible media; and her words and deeds are reported around the world. Meghan’s fashion choices are constantly mentioned and sold out. This is the Angel that Charles should have seen as an asset for the Crown; instead he is in charge of a coven who together can’t get press without the mention of the one who went over the wall-and took two successors to the throne with her.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Here, here @Aquarius64! 💯 👏🏽 Thanks for bringing truth to petty lies, and for blocking nonsense with factual data! 🫡

  27. Kristen from MA says:

    Charles has emotional intelligence? If he did, he wouldn’t have evicted his son and his family from their home. He wouldn’t continue to try and marginalize his son’s beloved wife. He’d have an actual relationship with his 2 youngest grandchildren.

    Only in bizarro world, Rebecca.

    • Mary Pester says:

      Oh ffs, we have REALLY gone down the rabbit hole with this crap, whst the hell are these people smoking?? Anne is probably at this moment reaching for her telephone to give someone a peice of her mind, and it won’t be pretty!
      But, ANGELS, bloody angels??!, NO mss English, they are ANGLES, and depending on the day or the occasion, these vain harrdians will squeeze into and onto any angle that gives them the best look. Charlie knows this and uses it. Camilla is the original Borgia, scheming and plotting from the minute she opens her blood shot eyes every morning. In fact she schemed and plotted from the first time she met Charlie! Kate is a marshmallow, thick and tasteless, she is everything that is vain, deceitful and grabbing. Sophie is more like a lurker, sniffing around for every little bit of tittle tattle so she can use it, and arse licking camzilla at the same time. Charlie your weak, always have been and always will be. Megan, other than Anne, is the only woman of substance associated with that cult the rest are well, angles!!!

  28. Lau says:

    This sounds like something Sophie commissioned again, but like before she was told to start phasing Kan’t out.

  29. Flower says:

    So it’s not really about serving the Crown ?

  30. Brassy Rebel says:

    Careful, Charlie. Your misogyny is showing.

    One woman he definitely feared was named Diana.

  31. MF says:

    He “is not frightened of powerful women”?

    You don’t get a cookie for not being a total misogynist, Charles.

  32. kelleybelle says:

    Gross. They have all the appeal of over-cooked broccoli. That is all.

  33. Lurker25 says:

    I never thought I’d long for the days of this lot being dull and boring, yet here we are.

    Between the eggplant emojis and KC3 angles – ew, too much. WAY too much.

  34. Cassie says:

    They have all gone completely insane, how can they sleep after writing this rubbish .
    Dear lord .it’s madness .

  35. Befuddled says:

    The “EUUURRGHH” that just came out of me. Charlie’s angels?! Gross.

  36. Feebee says:

    What a load of crap. Honestly, how do they sit at their laptops and write such drivel? It’s like bad fan fiction. After submitting that do they sit back and marvel that they actually get paid for this?

  37. Zaftig & Kitty says:

    Oh, barf.

    You KNOW “Charlie’s Angels” took the sycophants MONTHS to think up.

  38. Saucy&Sassy says:

    So, Cant is the one that determines when the children are trotted out for the media? Wow, just think about that.

    Camilla is the power behind the throne. They finally said something truthful. I wonder how KFC feels about that?

    In Spare, Harry didn’t say anything about Cant and the meeting he had with KFC and Wont. Coupled with the fact that when WanK and Harry were walking together after the funeral Wont said something and she fell back, I don’t think she had anything to do with that. I don’t know why they insist she’s some kind of peacekeeper. Other than the derangers, I can’t imagine anyone believes that. Oh, and it won’t be a woman who will be able to broker any kind of ‘peace’ between those three. It’s strictly in the hands of KFC and Wont.

    As far as Sophiesta? Riiiiiiiiiiight!

    • SarahCS says:

      Yeah your first two points stood out to me in all the nonsense, they do sometimes tell the truth by accident.

  39. LRB says:

    Personally I don’t think Harry holds out any hope for a reconciliation with his father, although I think he would like his father back… not the King. I don’t think he wants anything to do with Willi and Kathy ever again. And if there is to be any rapprochement I think the only person who could do that would be Eugenie. LRB

    • SarahCS says:

      Harry is the one with the emotional intelligence and as a result he knows who his father is and exactly what he’s dealing with. As a result, he’s living happily in Montecito with his beautiful wife and kids making his own money so he has no need for his father in his life at all. Smart guy.

  40. Jaded says:

    Charlie’s Angels my a$$. More like the three witches in Macbeth.

  41. Beverley says:

    Lame! As my elderly mother warns, if I roll my eyes any harder, I might go blind.

  42. Satish More says:

    Charlie’s Angels? More like Chuck’s Drunk Dregs.

  43. Chrissie says:

    My favourite is comparing Kate to steel marshmallow and the Queen Mother who as well as being fond of a drink was famous for being nasty underneath all the smiles so the comparison is appropriate. I think Rebecca English is definitely trolling Kate here. The Charlie’s angels bit is absolute drivel.

  44. Macky says:

    Can I read between the lines on the Camilla paragraph. It sounds like the circle is small because people don’t want to associate with Camilla.

    they been saying “Charlie’s angels” for awhile. R English is just stealing others article and adding her own sentences. Even the “safe pair of hands” is reused. Come to think of it isn’t most of r English articles “nonsense”. She seems to only come alive when she is mad.

  45. sparrow says:

    Where is Charles, anyway? He does bugger all these days.

  46. QuiteContrary says:

    They look like Charlie’s Demons in the final photo.

    I’d be embarrassed to write this kind of drivel. But apparently Becky English has no shame.

  47. Murphy says:

    Yeah Cam and Anne are the only ones he actually gives a fig about, he’d toss the other two if he could.

  48. tamsin says:

    The Wicked Wives of Windsor or Charlies’s Coven.

  49. goofpuff says:

    Charles and Wills are so desperate to appear sexy with all the articles they demand get written about it. Jealous of Harry much?

  50. Cachina King says:

    LMFAO!!! Comical 😂😂😂

  51. Shoegirl77 says:

    Oh Charlie. You were actually lucky enough to have had two angels in your life. Unfortunately your mother got the first one killed because you were too consumed by jealousy and spoilt brat syndrome to be able to handle her light and then you were too jealous and racist to see the light that shines from your daughter in law. The sad sacks that you gave up those angels up for are exactly what you deserve.

  52. bisynaptic says:

    ‘The institution has long been a matriarchal one…”
    —LOL, no.

  53. J.ferber says:

    Kate can lovingly be called the Terminator bc she drives out unwelcome “guest” in the royal family. Boom.

  54. ChattyCath says:

    Khate in that atrocious wide brim hat she seems to love, smirking away. Demonic