TMZ: Britney Spears reveals, in her memoir, that Justin Timberlake cheated on her

Surprising absolutely no one, Britney Spears has revealed that Justin Timberlake cheated on her when they were together circa 2001-2002. Twenty years later, we’re finally getting that vindication and that truth. For years, Justin “slut-shamed” Britney and left enough breadcrumbs to lead fans to believe that he dumped Britney for cheating on him. When really, he got Britney pregnant, convinced her to get an abortion, cheated on her and then wrote “Cry Me A River” about Britney cheating on HIM.

Britney Spears took most of the blame for years after she and Justin Timberlake split due to speculation she cheated — but she’s accusing him of doing the same with another celebrity — one of many revelations in her new memoir.

Britney’s “Woman in Me” doesn’t drop until next week, but the cheating claim is just another chapter when it comes to her relationship with the *NSYNC star. Remember, we were first to report Britney also says she and Justin got pregnant when they were 19, and she claims he pushed for the abortion she eventually had.

In the book, we’re told Britney doesn’t name the person with whom Justin allegedly stepped out, saying the woman now has a family Brit doesn’t want to embarrass … which means fans will, inevitably, start trying to connect dots on their own.

Of course, Justin dropped his massive hit “Cry Me a River” in 2002 — admitting he wrote it after a nasty argument with Spears — with many believing she had cheated on him.

Britney never denied the claims, and released her song “Everytime” the following year — a song her writing partner says was a direct response to “Cry Me a River.” Britney’s lyrics in the song include, “I may have made it rain. Please, forgive me. My weakness caused you pain. And this song’s my sorry.”

However, since we broke the story of the abortion, some fans have speculated “Everytime” is actually about the pregnancy and abortion … especially because the music video features a woman giving birth at the end.

[From TMZ]

Blind item: who was the famous woman, in what I assume was 2002? What if it was Christina Aguilera? Or Jessica Simpson? (It probably wasn’t Jessica.) Maybe it was an actress. Man, post-9/11 gossip was apocalyptic. I’ll admit that I missed much of this stuff at the time because I was actually paying attention to the war in Afghanistan and George W. Bush, etc. Anyway, it was well known that JT cheated on all of his girlfriends. That man just loves infidelity. What he did to Britney was disgusting.

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  1. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Vindication. Re: Timberlake. Re: The Smiths

    Let’s go, 2023. Keep spilling the tea.

    • Kate says:

      I love that this is coming out now on the heels of Justin’s PR machine trying to stir up nostalgia for an ‘N Sync reunion tour. LOVE IT

      • ML says:

        Kate, Same. I can’t find where, but I swear I read that it was something like Justin Timberlake and ‘N Sync (or ‘N Sync and [with?] Justin Timberlake). Bet that people are going to side eye him trying to grab the spotlight at the expense of his former band as well as question the nostalgia as you said.

    • Sobiewski says:

      Hot tea at that! I will say one thing, i don’t go by most old timey sayings but that credo ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater.’ always proves true. i have read so many douchetastic stories and blind items about justin timberlake that it has made me really not like him. Does anyone remember the story of having homeless people at his wedding and laughingly giving them dollar bills when he walked down the aisle. *I am probably retelling it wrong.* But just the level of douchebaggery at work to even do something so awful, struck me at the time. i think that sealed the deal on my feelings on jt. His older music is still good to this day though. i do sincerely hope that he has changed into a more decent human being in the last couple of years. He seems to take fatherhood seriously even though i still see cheating rumors still floating around in regards to him and his marriage. all hail the douche king.

    • Dot says:

      Wait, what about The Smiths? What did I miss?

      • Chanteloup says:

        @Dot i’m thinking OP is referring to Will and Jada, not the band [i hope]

      • TikiChica says:

        Ha! Must be Will and Jada, but glad I wasn’t the only one whose first thought was about the band.

      • Dot says:

        Sad comment on how old I am. Although I was confused because I didn’t think Morrissey being a racist xenophobic piece of crap was new news.

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    She’s really spilling that tea and yeah Timbers has every right to be shook – a long time coming as far am I’m concerned. He has ALWAYS ALWAYS been a mega douche.

    As for the other celeb – my money is on Aguilera. The 3 of them were on the Mickey Mouse club at the same time (with Ryan Gosling) and there was always a level of competition between them all.

    • DK says:

      I hope every interview JT gives for the next 5+ years includes the interviewer asking him about these reveals, and how he feels about hurting Britney (in the same was she was constantly asked about how she felt about hurting him in the years immediately after their breakup).

      • ABB says:

        Ehhh I doubt it was Christina she went for a really different type. I’m thinking it was an actress — **googles mtv award shows 2001****reels from the fug of the fashions** like Tara Reid or Shannon Elizabeth or Anna Faris?

    • Futurdrama says:

      Nah, I’m certain it was ScarJo. There’s been talk for a long time it was ironic ScarJo was in his What Comes Around Goes Around MV when she was by all accounts ‘the other woman’

  3. Justjj says:

    This is so sad. Poor Britney. She’s been through so much in her life. This relationship sounds like it was traumatic and emotionally abusive.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    He is exactly who I always thought he was. Glad she’s finally getting the chance to tell the truth.

  5. Missjo says:

    I remember speculation at the time that he had stepped out with Scarlett Johanson

    • Arizona says:

      I think that was later, because it was when she was in his what goes around comes around video. can’t remember if it was Jessica or Cameron he was with at the time.

      • osito says:

        Oh! It’s all coming back to me now: He was the center of a lot of female celeb attention circa 2007/8-ish, I think, dating Cameron but seemingly hooking up with Jessica. It was rumored that he wanted ScarJo, who was in a music video, but she was in the beginning stages of landing Ryan Reynolds. Jessica was in it to win it, though, and basically Kate Middletoned her way to the ring. This is all pure speculation based on what I remember of the tabloid reporting at the time — it was both completely vapid and extremely entertaining with stories of JT following SJ to nightclubs and JB showing up shortly thereafter, with CD getting the entirely unwarranted “sad, jilted lover” treatment as an unfortunate sidenote to all these stories. Unhinged, misogynistic, messed up times those were.

  6. Jais says:

    I think of all the shows and radio shows he went on talking about her in truly crude and disrespectful ways. He did that for years. Can’t recall her ever shit talking him. Now she’s just laying out the facts.

  7. Seraphina says:

    I don’t really keep up with this past relationship info and only one thing comes to mind – it must really suck to live in the public eye. And if one were in a relationship and then the other starts to chat about it (like Travis on his podcast) I don’t think I would deal well with it being discussed (or published) BUT then again, I didn’t choose to be in the public eye.

    • ISobiewski says:

      I have always thought that same thing. I’m such an obsessively private person since birth. I would be one miserable mofo if i was famous — people stalking your shit, lies being told about you, truths being printed about you. No thank you. never had that desire.

  8. Lucky girl says:

    I hope it all comes out and Britney can finally be free of all the lies that people told to keep her in line, profitable, and subservient.

  9. Mireille says:

    Justin made millions off his music, slut-shaming her and then she had to endure the Diane Sawyer interview slut-shaming her. Her image was tarnished by Justin taking advantage of their break-up. Years of having to suffer through this AND then a imprisoned conservatorship. I’m ready now for Miss Britney to bring all that down. Justin can go f*ck off.

  10. Amy Bee says:

    Let’s not forget he also cheated on his wife.

  11. Satish More says:

    Justin looked SO stupid with that hair, back then. What a terrible look.

    I have never ever ever understood the appeal.

    • Golly Gee says:

      The hosts of the Eat, Pray, Britney podcast, Lisa and Jacklyn, describe his hair as Brillo pad. They have two very funny episodes where they detail every douche-baggy thing he has ever done. They plan on covering every detail of her book in their podcast and I’d bet money that Justin will get a third episode.

  12. TIFFANY says:

    I don’t think it was anyone high profile. I think it was someone on the lower chain who stayed in line. Didn’t the 1st Step Up movie come out around that time? I think it was Jenna Dewan.

    • truthSF says:

      Step Up came out 4 years after their breakup. You’re waaaay off base with that theory!!

    • Pippa says:

      I was also thinking that it might have been Jenna Dewan. She was a backup dancer for NSync and later said that she dated JT after his breakup with Britney.

      • ISobiewski says:

        ahah! i think you guys may have hit the jackpot on this guess. i could definitely see that being the girl he cheated with.

    • BQM says:

      Wasn’t Jenna Dewan dating one of his background dancers?

    • Flamingo says:

      Jenna Dewan was the woman in the girl in the Cry Me a River video to be a Britney look-a-like.

      Rumors were she hooked up with Justin while on tour as a backup dancer.

      So Jenna is a good guess.

  13. Haylie says:

    Justin Timberlake = Kate Middleton. The male version of a lying Karen.

    FYI, I’m willing to bet good money that Justin has cheated in every relationship he has ever been in. And his wife knows it.

    • Pixie says:

      LOVE this comment. so true.

    • Flamingo says:

      i think Jessica is perfectly content with their situation. She has her lady friends on the side (allegedly) and the power bump up as Mrs. Timberlake (though that bump has shrunk) and she has the kids.

      She isn’t going anywhere, same for Adam Levine’s wife they are not going to join the First Wives Club.

  14. girl_ninja says:

    There was beef between Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz because of Justin too. Then supposedly Cameron took up with A-Rod. Those 2000’s were so messy. He probably cheated on all of the women he was involved with, including his wife.

    • TIFFANY says:

      Kate and Justin were messing around?

      I remember her still being married to Chris Robinson who she later left for Owen Wilson and then she got with A Rod.

    • lucy2 says:

      Imagine being a wealthy, successful, attractive movie star, and fighting over…Justin Timberlake.

      Obviously I have never understood his appeal!

  15. pollyv says:

    I’ve always disliked him and now it’s confirmed. May I also say, Justin is a guy who was cute for a nanosecond in his early twenties but he had really lost his looks as he’s aged.

  16. Sonia says:

    Britney 10000000% also cheated on him with wade robson. They were both young dumb famous rich people.

    • Mireille says:

      I think this is less about cheating than the differences in how Justin and Britney were treated in the aftermath. Yes, young couples can cheat. It happens. Who would expect at 18, 19, couples are expected to be monotonous? Except Britney got dragged for cheating on him. When he cheated on her, he got what exactly? Diane Sawyer never slut-shamed him. He made music dragging her, while she wrote a song apologizing to him? The treatment of him versus her in the media, with his PR egging it on, was just gross. Even considering she never spoke out about his cheating or the pregnancy for years until now.

    • Ace says:

      Wow, were you there in the room with them?? Spill, girl.

    • Mireille says:

      Sorry!!! I meant monogamous, not monotonous. Trying to write and do five hundred things at the same time right now.

    • BQM says:

      Britney even admits it though I think she says it was just kissing.

  17. kc says:

    Cameron Diaz? Wasn’t there something at the time?

    • TIFFANY says:

      Wasn’t she still with Matt Dillon at the time. I think there was a gap there before she started up with Timberdouche.

  18. OriginalMich says:

    Lol! The article starts: “Britney Spears took most of the blame…”. No she didn’t. She took all of the blame. See: Diane Sawyer. See: Cry Me A River.

  19. Ameerah M says:

    We BEEN knew. But thanks Britney for confirming.

  20. wordnerd says:


    • Startup Spouse says:


      Bring back JC. Go home, JT.

    • Grandma Susan says:

      ITA, and Justin ripping off Janet’s top (and then leaving her to take the blame) caused JC to lose a half-time show he had been scheduled for. Don’t remember the game, but he was dumped because of the Justin/Janet thing and the organizers didn’t want a call back to that. And, yes, JC IS THE BETTER SINGER, and even Timberflake admitted it. Justin warbles off the top of his head, but JC sings from the soles of his feet.

    • Tara says:


  21. Ace says:

    I’ll be forever baffled that any woman was willing to deal with him, then or now. THAT guy?? It’s not just that he looked like shit, he’s always looked like the kind of asshole who could never stop looking at himself in the mirror. It’s unbelievable anyone can find him attractive.

    • Startup Spouse says:

      Jessica Biel also loves staring at herself in the mirror. She is also a huge jerk. They are perfect for each other.

      • BQM says:

        Chris Evans dodged a bullet with her. They’d discussed marriage before breaking up. Until jenny slate and now his wife she seemed like the one who got away. He’s still never had a relationship last as long. She on the other hand traded WAY down.

  22. Ginger says:

    I am so glad Justin is finally getting his. It’s been a long time coming. He is a dog. Janet, Britney, his wife, etc…have all been treated horribly by him.

  23. SophieJara says:

    I wish we weren’t linking to the TMZ leaks. They have treated her *horribly* over the years, and the fact that they got a leaked copy and are scooping her planned roll out this week with People sucks.

  24. Bumblebee says:

    I’m glad Britney is finally able to speak out AND be heard. This behavior, couple breaks up and man uses the media against her, still happens. Now it’s social media, fandoms. See Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp…the list goes on.
    Hold Justin’s feet to the fire. Let’s stop this.

  25. Raerae78 says:

    I’m thinking it’s Alyssa Milano. They briefly dated in 2002.

  26. VADER says:

    Justin cheating on Britney is no surprise. He cheated on his wife, Jessica Biel. He was always rather weak and cowardly with the way he broke off with Cameron Diaz. Also I think there was something messy with Olivia Munn where he led her to believe they were serious and was two timing her. And who could forget the way he ran and hid, while Janet Jackson took all the blame and attacks for nipplegate.

  27. AuntRara says:

    I really hope we never find out who he cheated with. Whoever that woman is she doesn’t deserve the fallout from what he did to Britney.

  28. Serena says:

    Can’t seem to say it enough but what an absolute piece of crap JT is.

  29. BQM says:

    Britney also says he cheated with a member of a 90s girl group and that’s most likely Nicole Appleton who he was papped with when he was with Brit.

    • Nicole + Fallon says:

      @BQM: You are correct it was Nicole Appleton from the 90s British pop group called All Saints.

  30. Just Me says:

    I never liked ramen-noodle head. He always seemed sleazy.