Jennifer Garner on Ben Affleck: “we just started breeding”


Jennifer Garner is the cover girl for the January 2010 issue of W Magazine. The full interview hasn’t been released yet, but there are some pretty good excerpts floating around. First: the cover image. It’s okay. I tend to think Jennifer’s hair is too dark, and that she would benefit from some highlights. Other than that, she looks great. She’s lost the weight from her second pregnancy, and the girl is one of the few who can pull off orange. I do prefer the second image from W Magazine, though, the black and white one (below). It’s sultry and sexy, and it’s nice to see Jennifer still has that part of herself.

Anyway, Jennifer is doing the cover interview as part of her advanced promotion for Valentine’s Day, which comes out… yes, you guessed it. In the excerpts I’ve found, Jennifer isn’t talking too much about the film, though. Instead, she’s talking about her life with Ben and their two girls:

On deciding to have kids with Ben: “We were together a year, and we just started breeding. We were like, ‘Let’s have a baby!’ And eight days later…”

On her mentioning Ben in interviews and his not mentioning her: “Ben asks me, ‘How come when I do an interview I manage to keep you out of it completely?’ And I’m like, ‘Either because you don’t think about me or because boy magazines don’t care about what I make you for dinner. But they should!'”

On being away from loved ones while working: “That’s the hardest thing about being on location when it’s not for your own project. When it’s for you, you’re on set with everybody you know, but if not, it’s lonely. I can live with Ben working crazy hours. But I can’t live without girlfriends around to talk about men with! . . . It’s fine if he’s not there; I just need someone to bitch about it to!”

[From Pop Sugar, excerpts from W Magazine]

I don’t blame Jennifer for talking about Ben in this interview or any interview. People want to know, so many mothers look up to her as their sweatpant-clad patron saint, and people love looking at photos of her family. There’s interest there, and Jennifer usually doesn’t give too much away. Plus, she probably wants to do a little damage control after that little rumor blip about Ben and his costar Blake Lively. For the record – I don’t think Ben cheated on Jennifer with Blake. But I also don’t think Ben and Jennifer’s relationship is as solid as some people think. We’ll see.

W Magazine cover and additional image courtesy of Pop Sugar.


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  1. e says:

    ‘Either because you don’t think about me or because boy magazines don’t care about what I make you for dinner. But they should!’

    That first part seems like a weird thing to say.

  2. Lway says:

    You know, i have a lot of respect for Jen. Here is a wholesome woman who has manged to keep her all-over-the-place husband …. well… in his place.

    They seem really happy

    Good for them!

  3. lucy2 says:

    I know there are always rumors about them having problems, but I hope their marriage is solid. Their kids are adorable, and they both seem like good parents. It would be nice to see a happy ending for once.

  4. Cinderella says:

    I think the dark hair looks great on her. She can pull it off.

    I don’t think their relationship is solid either, thanks to him. I do think she will do her damndest to keep their family together.

    Hopefully he’s not making her completely miserable. She’s been thin before, but lately some of those photos make her look malnourished. If he can’t get his act together, I’d tell him to walk. She seems quite capable of taking care of the kids and herself.

  5. PJ says:

    She looks so glam! Much sexier than her usual mom-in-jeans look.

  6. BitterBetty says:

    Is that supposed to be her on the cover?

  7. lilred says:

    I like her. I always have, seems like she’d be cool to hang with.
    I also like them together.

  8. Nebraska says:

    JenG totally rocks this dress (I am a huge fan of orange) and the black hair looks great on her!

  9. SolitaryAngel says:

    I love this woman and her beautiful babies; I have never never liked Ben Affleck. I think I saw a couple of movies of his in a row where he played a complete ass, and I just somehow intuited that it was his real personality…does that make sense? But I agree, she has NEVER made the type of edgy comments about him before—which tends to make me believe her stress level is very high. She is thinner now than I’ve ever seen her and it makes me worry.
    That being said, I hope her marriage lasts, too–it’s wonderful to see how much she loves those little girls, and Ben would be a fool to let that get away from him.
    She’s so gorgeous!!!

  10. MizzExpert says:

    He married up, that’s for sure! Ben Affleck has zero appeal and is dang lucky he didn’t get hitched to that whorse JLo!

  11. DoMaJoReMc says:

    YUCK! This doesn’t even look like her. I agree, she would definitely benefit from some (caramel) hi-lights. This dark is too stark for her.

    I hope Ben isn’t getting sucked into the Blake Lively temptation.

  12. Lady Jane says:

    She is ok. It really shows what good make-up/wardrobe and photography can do for someone who is rather plain jane.

  13. atticus says:

    I have two little kids and am married to a guy with a high powered career who is hardly around. If he’s home before 8 PM it’s a luxury so I’m always alone with the kids, getting them home from daycare/school (I work full time outside of the home), cooking and feeding them dinner and doing their baths and getting them into bed. I think most married couples with little kids and two working parents don’t have a “solid” marriage, but that doesn’t mean it’s on the brink of collapsing. I love my husband and have no thoughts at all about ever leaving him but do I bitch about him? A lot? Um, hell yeah! I just don’t have millions of people picking apart every comment or people trying to get That Picture That Spells Doom or actively rooting for the demise of my relationship. How anyone stays together in Hollywood is beyond me, even if they are two genuinely good people with a genuinely good relationship. There’s enough pressure on a relationship without the fame aspect.

    I hope Ben and Jennifer make it. I hope they all do.

  14. Jess says:

    Amen, atticus!

  15. Ursula says:

    They do have their share of problems, but I think the usual couple problems. I remember Jen once saying that if there have any problems, they are adult enough to sort them out.

    She has been good for his image, but I can’t help but wonder if he is truly content with the marriage. He seems the kid to be doing a Tiger woods on the side i.e nine mistresses and counting. I never get the marriage bliss vibe from them. Even in pictures where they are together, there seems to be a disconnect. So am not surprised he never brings her up in interviews and is hardly with her.

  16. Kim says:

    What exactly is a solid marriage by Hollywood standards? They never talk about the actual movie in magazine interviews, the movie is just an afterthought at that point. Obviously these quotes are what is going to get people talking and possibly buying the magazine. As for Ben and Jen’s relationship, I don’t know, they are a mystery to me but maybe that’s the whole point. We knew everything about Ben and JLo and ending up resenting that, and we really know very little about Ben and this Jen except for what little Jen gives us in interviews. That tells me they are just guarded and protecting what little privacy they have. More power to them!!

  17. wow says:

    I like Jen, but does she really expect the public to believe she and Ben didn’t get married because she was pregnant? It’s not that big of a deal.

    But anyway, love her, indifferent towards Ben, and their oldest daughter is adorable. One of the cutest little celeb kids I’ve seen. Plus I like that THEY pick her up and take her to school. Not a nanny or hired help.

  18. wow says:

    I also wanted to add that I honestly don’t think any marriage is “solid”. It seems that with marriage, one spouse or the other has cheated, will cheat or is presently cheating on their partner. It seems more of a game of when, how and what.

    When will the spouse find out? How will they react and what will they do? It wouldn’t surprise me that Ben cheats on her. He has that rep of cheating on J-Lo with strippers when they were engaged, if I recall correctly. I just don’t think men like that will give up those activities full-stop. Children or no children. But hopefully I am wrong and they will not be part of that statistic. 🙂

  19. Stephie says:

    That second photo is a stunner. I hope her marriage lasts and she’s happy. I love how her daughter looks just like her. Sooooo cute.

  20. Ursula says:

    I think Seal and Heidi have a pretty solid marriage, so did Paul Newman and his wife,Spielberg, Tom hanks, etc. Of course this is Hollywood, and showbiz, it could all be a sham. Up till last year, I would have said a certain golfer had a solid marriage. But I started having doubts when all those blind gossips came out about him and stripper/hookers.

  21. oxa says:

    I think she is a very good parent, always hands on with violet who is such a happy normal kid. I love to see Ben sharing the dropoff/pick up routine at school, Hollywood usually hires people to raise their spoiled brats, the Affleck family are a treat to the eyes and heart.

  22. birdie says:

    @ Wow… I agree about the pregnancy thing

    I just don’t believe they “planned” to get pregnant with Violet. I think it happened, personally I think she knew it was possible (i.e. went off BC) and Ben was oblivious. Then she’s like “I’m pregnant” and Ben says “O wow… Let’s get married?”

    She’s said before that she didn’t have a traditional engagement ring or wedding. It was a shotgun wedding. No biggie. But we all know the timeline, and you can’t re-write history.

  23. diva says:

    I think Jennifer is too boring for Ben. He looks like he is up for more excitment and she looks like she gets excited about the latest Martha Stewart book. They also spend a great deal of time apart and never seem very affectionate when they are together. She also seems defensive when she is answering the question about why he doesn’t mention her in interviews. The Ben that I remember used to hang out in bars, casinos and strip clubs and I can hardly see that he is “past” all of that. Old habits die hard.

  24. Eileen Yover says:

    She’s adorable, and that second picture of her is gorgeous! I loved her in Juno!

  25. hmm says:

    The pictures are gorgeous but they don’t look like her at all. Whenever I read comments that others have written about Jen Garner, I’m always surprised that she gets a pass for cheating on Scott Foley with Michael Vartan and with cheating on Vartan with Ben Affleck. Why isn’t she called the same names that people call AJ, Sienna Miller, and others?

  26. Jett says:

    “We were together a year, and we just started breeding. We were like, ‘Let’s have a baby!’ And eight days later…”

    She needs to stop trying to rewrite history, they weren’t together a year before she got pregnant and does she really expect anyone to believe that someone like her with her wholesome image wouldn’t want to get married first before trying for a baby. It is what it is Jen, you had a shotgun wedding, Ben didn’t want to marry you until you told him you were pregnant.

  27. DrM says:

    @ Atticus…agreed. I have to say…the whole concept of a solid marriage changes after you’ve been divorced and gotten remarried. Is my marriage solid? Yes. Do we work at it consciously? Yes. Gone are the days of existing inside my marriage secure in the belief of its everlasting solidity. A relationship can slide right out from underneath you like it was coated with Teflon.

    Lots of love, attention, good sex and an eye for the finer details as preventative measures is my plan!

  28. michile says:

    i luv the affleck family, esp. jen garner & her 2 pretty daughters 😀
    i just hope her marriage to ben affleck is solid & will last forever..
    i don’t think jenG cheated on her ex husband & her bf, just like what i read in some crappy websites 🙁
    michael vartan and scott foley didn’t mentioned b4 that there was a 3rd party involved during the break-up.
    but some people wanna tarnish jenG’s reputation & these haters wanna compare jenG w/other celebs whose doin’ the same thing, it’s nasty and it’s terrible!!