Susan Boyle realizes her dream of singing a duet with Elaine Paige

Remember how Susan Boyle was asked by Simon Cowell during her “Britain’s Got Talent” audition who she aspired to be as successful as and she said Elaine Paige? The crowd kind of moaned and the video cut to a lady mouthing “Elaine Page” and shaking her head incredulously. Then Susan started to sing and the crowd – and world – was captivated. Page is known as the queen of musical theater in the UK and has a career that spans over 40 years.

Now Susan has the number one album and chart-topping success to rival her idol. She also had the chance to meet Elaine Page during a visit to The Today Show in July. Boyle was recently surprised by a visit from Paige again, during a taping of British TV special “I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story.” The two performed an impromptu duet to Paige’s “I Know Him So Well.”

As if a hit album and worldwide adoration weren’t enough – Susan Boyle has achieved her dream of singing with her musical idol.

The Scottish singer, 48, looked overcome with joy as she teamed up with Elaine Paige to sing the latter’s hit duet I Know Him So Well.

The pairing was kept secret from Miss Boyle until shortly before the performance, which was for a TV special that charts her rise to fame this year.

Afterwards, the Britain’s Got Talent runner-up said: ‘I never thought I would see myself standing on the same stage with such an icon from West End theatre, let alone singing with her as an equal.’

Miss Paige added: ‘It was a pleasure to finally sing with Susan, she was a delight to work with and I think we more than did justice to one of my favourite songs.’

The Scottish singer has previously admitted singing along to Paige’s music, alone, in front of her bedroom mirror, equipped with a hairbrush for a microphone.

[From The Daily Mail]

I looked for the video of this and found out that the special doesn’t air on British TV until this Sunday, December 13. There’s something so disarming about Boyle and you can understand why her album is such a best seller. She’s the ultimate underdog with the silver voice, discovered late in life and given a chance to shine. We’re still listening to you Susan, and seeing your success helps us dream our our own dreams. (Yes that was cheesy as hell, but I watched her damn audition video for the twentieth time and got all teary-eyed again.)

There are also cute videos on YouTube of Susan answering fan-submitted questions. In some videos she gets kind of flustered and her accent is so heavy at times I had trouble understanding her. Here’s a link to a video of Susan briefly talking about the Britain’s Got Talent tour. (There are more videos of Susan answering fan questions to the right under the “related videos” column.)



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  1. Sumodo says:

    Sorry..this is too Euro for me. Don’t keep up with the Susan Boyles and Elaine Paiges of the world. And, if I did, I would be angry Susan Boyle hasn’t fixed herself up with a team of stylists.

  2. Popcorny says:

    Excellent. Good for her. Triumph. Acme achievement. (*fist pump in the air*)
    But honestly, after that initial Dream a Dream song, I’ve lost interest other than a smile and nod at her success.
    Her singing is good, but it was her story that was tremendous. It’s peaked.
    She’s a darling and I wish her well.

  3. Anna says:

    I know it’s mushy as hell, but I am genuinely, utterly happy for Susan Boyle. Everybody deserves a time to shine, to be happy and adored (and no, I don’t think this can only happen in the limelight), no matter who they are or how old.
    And it’s also so sweet that all of this is happening around Christmas. I bet Susan Boyle couldn’t have wished for more this year, except maybe that her mother be here to see her daughter become who she was obviously meant to be. Go, Susan, go, go, go!

  4. lilred says:

    Good for her. It seems as though she’s overcome some of the initial troubles she was having. Bravo.

  5. Lantana says:

    I read that “Amazing Grace” is on her CD but I’ve yet to hear it. I think it’s probably fabulous and will buy the CD just for that song. I just hope that all the naysayers don’t get to her. She seems the type that might break under pressure, and she really did nothing we should condemn. She went on a talent show, was great at what she did, and got a record contract. Sounds OK to me.

  6. the truth says:

    the best thing about her is that she didnt want fame, she just wanted to sing, and she got both and money too, you go girl.

  7. oxa says:

    I am happy for Susan, one performance in a talent show completely changed her life. It took her from the village idiot to a top selling album and hopefully set her up with money for life.

  8. Victoria says:

    I just love Susan Boyle and am so happy for her! She looks great in that maroon dress! Things are really taking off for her and I think that’s great!

  9. snowball says:

    Village idiot? WTF? Can’t be too happy for her if you’re calling her the village idiot.


    She’s sweet and cute, her story is awesome and she has a very nice voice. I wish her the best and if she wants it, I’ll even hope she has a long and fabulous career doing what she loves.

    I think the genuflecting in her presence by the media is getting a little out of hand. It seems like every other sentence written about her has to contain an exclamation point.

    “Susan Boyle. She’s great!”

  10. EMV says:

    I’m sorry but I still can’t understand this SB facination… She has a decent voice but nothing spectacular.

  11. Ling says:

    She looks not bad in the header pic… a bit like Caroline Rhea… she should jut out her head and stand in profile all the time.

  12. Velvet_Julie says:

    I agree, EMV. I don’t think Susan Boyle is all that great. I guess the fascination with her comes from the patronizing Cinderella factor.

    Even if she’s not all that great, people are all like: OMG, she’s a virgin middle aged cat lady who can sing decently! She earned the right to be famous, poor little thing…NOT.

    And honestly, from all the interviews I’ve seen of her, she sounds like a mentally disabled person who can’t put reasonable thoughts together. Looking at her weird attitude and thumb-sucking in public, I think she will not handle the nature of fame. She wasn’t cut for this.

  13. RAMONA says:

    Susan Boyle is a precious, adorable,breath of fresh air…Someone you want to give a big hug to ….Her voice is hauntingly beautiful and timelessly classic…everything she gets is well deserved…you go Susan!!

  14. Lita says:

    “from all the interviews I’ve seen of her, she sounds like a mentally disabled person who can’t put reasonable thoughts together”

    I’m sorry, I missed the point you were making in that bile somewhere. Is it that she shouldn’t be a success because your opinion is she “isn’t that great” (critical and commercial success say you are wrong, but that is subjective) or because she has at times been patronised (got your club membership yet?) or because you don’t like the way she comes across as a bit simple on some things and so should be gutterised? Nice to know that in your world different/eccentric/odd/whatever people should be sheltered and patronised on the bottom shelf of society. Imo that is the same as saying that people in wheelchairs should stay home and drink cups of tea for the rest of their lives.

    I assume you know she did have difficulties at first with fame and that people kinder than you helped to support her and make all this possible for her (which is about her singing which gives so many people joy; not an interview or her IQ). That is what, you know, humans do. Fyi.

  15. cory says:

    Looks like you’ve made just to break her? Another celebrity in the pool. I happen to like Susan Boyle and I bought her album if you don’t like her, if you like listening to her simply stop reading about her or listening when she on TV/Radio whatever but you don’t have to talk S*(T about poeple you don’t even know.