Why don’t people complain about Johnny Depp’s ugly scruff?

Johnny Depp promotes Public Enemies in Japan

For all the crap people give Brad Pitt about his ugly scruff, why does no one say anything about Johnny Depp? Johnny rocks the dirt lip and grungy goatee (and that f-cking hat) more consistently than Brad, and he really shouldn’t. A face that beautiful, you should shave. People should pay you to shave. The second guy I ever loved had very similar facial hair to what Johnny is currently rocking, and it makes me feel smarmy. Just because that guy ended up being a douche, and I don’t want to be reminded of him when looking at Johnny. Shave, damn it!

Anyhoodle, Johnny is in Tokyo promoting the Japanese release of Public Enemies. Johnny is one of those American actors (much like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise) who has an enormous, huge, mind-blowing following overseas fan base, so it’s nice when Johnny travels to support his films. Unfortunately, Depp couldn’t personally vouch for his film because he admits he hasn’t seen it:

Actor Johnny Depp highly recommends his latest movie – though he said he hadn’t personally gone out to see it yet.

Depp, in Tokyo for the Japan premiere of “Public Enemies,” said Wednesday he was drawn to the movie because of his childhood interest in John Dillinger, the bank robber who in Depression-era America was declared public enemy No. 1 by federal authorities.

“I haven’t seen the film yet, but I hear great things about it,” Depp said at a news conference at a Tokyo hotel. The movie came out in the U.S. on July 1, but Depp often makes it his practice not to watch his movies, saying he enjoys the filmmaking process but doesn’t like to see himself on screen.

Depp said he saw Dillinger, who was eventually killed by police, as a brave and charismatic figure, and listed the famed criminal among his childhood idols, along with Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.

He said he felt a special connection to Dillinger because his own grandfather was pushed into illegal activities – “moonshining,” or brewing illegal liquor – to make a living in Kentucky during the Depression.

Unlike Dillinger, however, the 46-year-old Depp, who was named this year’s “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine, said he did not believe he had any enemies.

“I don’t think I have any enemies, really,” Depp said. “The scariest enemy is within, allowing yourself to conform to what is expected of you.”

Depp will have an opportunity to watch the movie Thursday, should he choose to do so. He is attending a red carpet event before its Tokyo showing, and will address fans at the theater.

[From Huffington Post]

This is actually not news, but CB and I just wanted to have a nice Johnny Depp post because we both love him. CB more than me, considering she once threatened to shank me over Johnny. I love some John Malkovich, but my love has never gotten to the shanking threats. Anyway, when Johnny was on Letterman back over the summer (to promote Public Enemies stateside), Johnny admitted that he rarely sees his own films. Johnny said: “In a way, once my job is done on the film, it’s really none of my business… I stay as far away as I possibly can. If I can, I try to stay in as profound a state of ignorance as possible.” Johnny also admitted that his kids “have seen more of my films than I have.” Which is weird, right? Johnny hasn’t made that many family-friendly movies. Just the Pirates movies and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I hope his kids haven’t seen any of the scary stuff. Some of those Tim Burton films could give kids nightmares.

Here are a few more photos of Johnny in Tokyo, and one is a close-up of his hand. I want his rings. They’re very pretty. Also – does Johnny have a gold tooth?

Johnny Depp promotes Public Enemies in Japan

Johnny Depp promotes Public Enemies in Japan

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Because Johnny is cool, Brad is not.

  2. Sumodo says:

    Because he’s Johnnny Depp. Would you expect Pacino or DeNiro to look like models? Nicholson? Puh-LEEZE!

  3. wif says:

    Johnny Depp can do no wrong!

  4. Rose says:

    Looking rough Johnny, looking pretty rough.

  5. Fan says:

    Johnny is no way to be compared to anyone! He’s JOHNNY!

  6. andrea says:

    because johnny depp can do whatever the hell he wants to do. much, much cooler, hotter, smarter, more talented than pitt, etc. i, too, would shank a bitch over johnny.

  7. barneslr says:

    Johnny Depp can do no wrong.

  8. Eileen Yover says:

    Brad isn’t even half as cool as Johnny. Johnny keeps his facial hair groomed. Brad looks like a billy goat!

  9. An23tom says:

    He looks like he smells bad. I don’t care who he is.

  10. lucy2 says:

    Johnny pulls it off well, and his style has always been sort of off beat. It doesn’t work for Brad, who looked his best when he was clean cut (and about 10 years younger). There’s something about Brad that always makes me think he’s trying to hard to be cool or whatever, where as Johnny just IS.

  11. Liz says:

    My God Why does his hair always look dirty and greasy? I don’t find either one sexy. Clooney is sexy IMO.

  12. Enonymous says:

    Johnney Depp and Brad Pitt are both overrated FUGS! However, Depp is not such a media whore as Pitt is, he maintains privacy in his life, something that Brad does not know how to do or want.

  13. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ lucy2: Quote of the Year, girlfriend!

    ***Johnny just IS.***

    (Pitt just wishes he was) XD

  14. Buckley says:


    could not have said it better myself

  15. dude says:

    johnny is just beautiful. He doesnt recreate himself w/ whomever he is dating. Brad was prepping while dating/married to jen now he is all earthy & “dont have time for looks bc i have to save the world” w/ Jolie. Johnny has always been like this, just flawless that mr depp!

  16. Constance says:

    Because Johnny can do many things Brad can’t do: Consistent good acting, accents!, stay out of scandal, protect the images of his children, and

    He doesn’t give a rats ass about what other people think. “He just is!” So french of him, j’adore!


  17. bo says:

    It’s like how when you ask people if God is real, they say because the Bible says so and God wrote the Bible.

    I’ll tell you why that dumbass beard is hot. Because Johnny is hot, and Johnny wrote the book on hot. Everything he looks like turns to hot. His body is our dictionary for what it means to be gorgeous. Otherwise we wouldn’t know.

    Ask yourself, why haven’t I gotten upset about his string facelift? His Wino Forever tattoo? Those infernal little glasses?? The dangly jewelry? I’ll tell you. It’s religion.

  18. Dan says:

    On the cover of People he looked pretty rough..Here too… Love him though, he’s the greatest.

  19. LolaBella says:

    As much as I love Brad Pitt and would do him in the grotto in a heartbeat…the difference is that Johnny’s appeal is just effortless and not contrived. As a poster said above, he just IS.

    I have to say that the best he has looked in a long time to me is when he starred as John Dillinger in Public Enemies earlier this year.

    I prefer that smooth clean-cut look; it showcases his jaw-porn.

  20. Solveig says:

    Johnny Depp and ugly can’t stay in the same sentence.

  21. mila says:

    December 9th, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    johnny is just beautiful. He doesnt recreate himself w/ whomever he is dating. Brad was prepping while dating/married to jen now he is all earthy & “dont have time for looks bc i have to save the world” w/ Jolie.

    when dating Gwyneth Paltrow he even had the same hairstyle as her. Brad Pitt, as much as I like him, has no personality. I like them both.

  22. Goddess711 says:

    Because Johnny makes it look HOT. Brad is grunge and looks like the rumours – he doesn’t bathe, doesn’t wear deodorant and doesn’t brush his teeth. He looks creepy, squeegie-boy dirty. Johnny looks groovy, not grungy. His scruff looks trendy and bad boy, not moldy boy like Pitt.
    Johnny over Brad any day, any time no matter what they’re wearing. Frig, Johnny makes a guyliner wearing pirate look sexy – Brad would NEVER be able to pull that off.
    Johnny IS; Brad doesn’t even wanna be.
    As sexy guys go…

  23. juiceinla says:

    Funny, I usually detest facial hair, especially 1990’s goat-styl-ee, but no matter how awful that “scruff” is, I think he is ungodly beautiful. Can’t say the same for Brad. Johnny is the seksiest man alive, he can do no wrong.

    Andrea and Lucy2- totally agree! I too would shank a bee-otch for Johnny.

  24. lrm says:

    c’mon,i dont think it’s religion,just common sense.
    Johnny is cool like everyone’s already said-b/c he’s just being himself. And,personally,I think part of his appeal is b/c he’s a true ‘artiste’-musician,painter.
    Like Heath Ledger-quirky,and true.
    And,also like Heath,Johnny’s a great actor.
    I never understand someone saying he’s overrated.
    Alot of us-who rave about him-have loved him since the beginning-What’s eating Gilbert Grape,Edward Scissorhands,Bennie and June days…

    he’s been consistenly good,consistenly off-beat,and has range.

    Pitt-yea,he’s too contrived/contriving his image.
    I don’t half-mind him in some of his films-meet joe black was alright. burn after reading not bad.

    But,i preferred when he was just being a shallow hot hollywood actor,to this world saving,kid toting everywhere there’s a camera,type of character.

    so tired of seeing him everywhere.
    Johnny keeps it real,to be cliche.

  25. lrm says:

    Perhaps what is overrated about Johnny is the Pirates role/franchise.
    That I will give you.
    He was really great/fun in the role…but by no menns are they brilliant films or acting overall.

    He’s done far better roles-i’d like to say several of his early films,if released today instead of 20 yrs ago-would be ‘indie hits’. Now that mainstream has started to catch the indie fever and embrace some different types of films.

    He’d have gotten far more recognition for his work already,if it were 2009-access to internet,online publicity,blogs,etc.

    But,that’s not the case. It’s good for people to look at things in a historical perspective-lol

  26. diva says:

    No one comments about his facial hair, because he cleans up well for all of his movies and still looks young. Whereas Brad is constantly in the public eye trying to portray an image of a do-gooder and looks haggard and bloated which only highlights his goatee with braids and gray I might add. Brad just looks a mess, and Johnny is undeniably one good looking guy regardless.

  27. jk says:

    He looks like Bob the rehab counselor from Dr. Drew’s rehab show.

  28. oxa says:

    He is repulsive to me, he always looks dirty and in need of a shampoo n shower.

  29. Bam Bam says:

    Because Brad looks like billy-goat.

  30. *Lee* says:

    Nobody beats Johnny, great actor, and all around beautiful man.

  31. hmm says:

    He looks dirty and unkempt most of the time and no one ever mentions his less than sober lifestyle. And even when he cleans up he looks trashy but because he’s so “cool” people act like his being messy is different than Pitt’s messiness. I say they both need a shower and a shave and to lay off the substances.

  32. hannah says:

    I think he has said that he feels “covered up” or like protected with facial hair, most likely like his layering of clothes, its his armor in a way. I get that. and for it being scruffy, its mainly cuz he can’t actually grow any more hair than that, except for his greasy mane (which i’m cool with, i love the grunge) he’s pretty hairless. Dude has thick, wavy dark hair, yet has barely any hair on his arms, or chest, or…thats a win win in my book!

    and yeah its true hmm, people tend to overlook his substance use/abuse, i mean there was a great video on tmz of him just plastered falling out of a club a week or two back, but he’s never been shy about it…as somebody else said, it’s kinda like a religion, you overlook the parts you’d rather not think about.

  33. Miss Wanderlust says:

    Johnny had a soul patch(little beard just below the lower lip) when he was on 21 Jump Street for a while and later in the Movie Chocolat that’s when he is the sexiest to me….sorry can stop drooling thinking about it LOL
    Depp can do whatever he wants but somethings a little different to his face….did he have a facelift or botox ?

    Still laughing at the Pitt comments…very true, he comes off as Mister Identity Crisis next to Depp no matter how hard he tries, sad really because he is already 45 and 46 in a few weeks ?

    A few quotes :

    “He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away” Raymond Hull

    “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else” Judy Garland

    “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are” E.E. cummings

    “At bottom every man knows well enough that he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he is, ever be put together a second time” Friedrich Nietzsche

    “Why try to be someone you’re not? Life is hard enough without adding impersonation to the skills required” Robert Brault

    “You were born an original.Don’t die a copy” John Mason
    I don’t know Brad personally so maybe i am wrong about this but judging by the different looks he had while he was with Angie(Billy Idol Blond, Ravenblack….styles that had nothing to do with movieroles)he seems to struggle with his own identity but maybe he likes to experiment ?
    Women change their hairstyles/make-up all the time so why can’t men right ?
    I hope he does it mainly for himself and not to impress others in the end.

  34. Anak says:

    Because its not ugly, is sexy!

  35. hannah says:

    just wanted to add, man you picked the worst photo out of the bunch for that second picture!

    Also, How awful would it be to be posing next to a giant picture of your face in high-def? as an actress, I hate high-def, very unforgiving! But as for the “what did he do to his face?” comments, I think he put on some weight…5-10 pounds on a slim, small-framed man can totally alter how they look.

  36. lucy2 says:

    Brad has a long history of morphing his looks to “match” his girl of the moment.
    Personally I think that’s a little weird, like he doesn’t have his own identity. Or just an odd coincidence, who knows.

    Ah, Johnny in his 21 Jump Street Days. I was just a kid back then, but even I could tell he had something special.

    Whoever mention Clooney though, I have to agree. He has an old school suave charm about him that is very sexy, plus a good sense of humor and a lot of talent. He and Depp are so different, but I like both of them.

  37. LolaBella says:

    @lucy2: ITA Re: Johnny in 21 Jumpstreet. God he ‘gave good eye’ back then along with the jawporn.

  38. Emily says:

    There’s been a few people mentioning his drinking/drugging here, and I just want to say: don’t you think he would be an absolutely hilarious drunk? I’d fucking love to go drinking with him!

  39. nita says:

    I dont get it. I do not see the sexy in him. Not even a little…

  40. nanster says:

    @ nita and @ liz – I agree. He does nothing for me, either, but apparently we’re in the minority.

  41. Solveig says:

    December 9th, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    Brad has a long history of morphing his looks to “match” his girl of the moment.

    Does the third picture show the new version of The reservoir dogs?
    That gallery scares me for two reasons:
    1. It’s true that he becomes the reflection of the woman he’s dating (I thought it was just a Barbie & Ken habit). Looks quiet pathological.
    2- I forgot that he was good looking not so long ago.

  42. gia says:

    because johnny can do “cool and scruffy” naturally. others like brad pitt try too hard…probably have a stylist try to make them look like they don’t care…it’s obviously fake.

  43. bo says:

    I can’t believe Brad Pitt hasn’t seen Runaway Bride.

    Picture this. It’s 7:45 in the morning. Beautiful rolls out of bed and realizes it’s been a while since it checked in. He picks up the phone and dials.

    Johnny picks up. Beautiful says “Hey dude what are you wearing today?” Depp is like, “I dunno, I guess just this ratty friendship bracelet and a vest and stuff.” Beautiful is still groggy but writes on its hand “vest” “ratty friendship bracelet” “answering the phone”. “Thanks man,” says Beautiful. “Talk to you tomorrow,” says Johnny.

  44. Velvet_Julie says:

    Well, I prefer Johnny with a clean cut look, because he’s just too gorgeous to hide behind goatees and beards. 🙂

    But, if you look closely, there seems to be a very careful tecnique to obtain the perfect scruff. Notice how Johnny’s clothes, hats and accessories are always well chosen to match the whole look. This is actually stylish, while Brad just looks dirty as hell.

    Now, it’s silly to compare Brad with Johnny. First of all, Johnny has much more acting talent, personality and sense of style than Brad will ever have. This combo makes Johnny cool enough to pull off things that most people would never pull off, including Brad. This is why I think he and Kate Moss were the perfect match. They have the same “efortless cool” quality.

    And as we all know, behind this scruff, there is a very beautiful face. Strikingly beautiful, ethnic and unique. I always thought Brad’s looks were very bland. Just yawn, you know? Maybe it’s because I don’t like blond men at all. 🙂

    I don’t even think he ever resembled Robert Redford, as everybody says, because I think Redford was far prettier and less generic than Brad.

  45. You Go Girl says:

    Cos it’s not the hair that makes him hot.
    It’s the yummy cherokee him!
    He’s hot, no matter what!

  46. You Go Girl says:

    Emily, I’d love to get smashed with him too.
    He has an awesome life, an island, a family, devoted…6 months on the island, 6 months in France.
    Now that’s life!

  47. Lita says:

    I hate facial hair in a man, but for Johnny, I’d adapt!

    Earlier this year I had my own private 21 Jump Street retrospective .. *highly recommended* XD

  48. Lita says:

    Also (possible) fun factoid .. Back in the day, someone told me that in 21 Jump Street Tom Delouise (sp?) was supposed to be the girl-vote-clinching break out star and then we all voted Johnny in a big way. And that JD was originally supposed to be the sort of geeky little new guy that was the foil for a lot of the humour. Boy didn’t that turn out diametrically opposite!! As we have heard, JD just *is* and Tom Delouise has a respectable career directing Star Gate SG1 (and franchise).

  49. Ursula says:

    This is simple CB, people Loooooooove Johnny, he is gorgeous, sensitive and I could drown in his eyes.

    Brad has ever grown his facial hair a number of time, people did not give him a hard time then, because he was gorgeous and well loved. Now we know better, he is no longer the harmless, cute thing he was then. We know he can be cold, calculating, manipulative and unfeeling with no sensitivity whatsoever. There is something unappealing about a guy who lost his balls to a woman. It doesn’t matter who it is, his appeal will go down the drain.No one like an insensitive, ball-less, spineless douche-bag trying hard to play philanthropist father of the year.

    If Depp left his baby momma and took up with Angelina Jolie prancing around the world selling baby pictures and acting holier than thou. He would lose his appeal pronto. May be not as much as Pitt because Johnny can at least act.

  50. Aspen says:

    Because johnyy is hot, and awesome, a great actor and a good father, Brad on the other hand is totally not hot at all, a cheating pig and a crappy actor and a lousy father.

  51. nnn says:

    Because people have just selective memory.

    Johnny and Winnona, then Johnny with Kate Moss used to be the Brangelina’s back in the day. But a trashier version. I remembered Moss talking with nasty details on BBC1 in front of a shoked audience and host how Johnny loves to play with her own anus while he eats and other nasty stuff.

    Extra booze, drugs,living in the nightclubs all day, s*xual craze, ect. Johnny owned clubs, promotted the Pussy Cats Dolls strippers in it, clubs where it was notorious that people, usually young actors were using heavy drugs. The same clubs where River Phoenix did his last drug fix before collapsing in front of the doorway and died.

    It’s to escape the criticizm of his life style and the drugs which led to the deatth of the 23 year old rising star that Johnny went more and more to Europe and met Vanessa in London.

    Vanessa has been controversial in France for a very long time, since she took that despicable role in ‘NOCES BLANCHES’ appearing stark nakked AT 15 with a fat 50+ years old french actor doing a very graffic, kinda peadophilic love scene bewteen her character (a young teen) enamoured with her teacher. It was nauseating to the core, even for liberal France. But vanessa didn’t care. Then she moved in at 15 with Florent Pagny, 29 years old, her lover.

    She was controversial and at the time when she met Johnny, people were saying that they were a match made in heaven. Both controversial, both heavy smokers with a bohemian lifestyle, both rebels against convention using derogatory words left and right(constantly using the f*ck U or its french version : ‘allez vous faire foutre’) and obscene gestures towards the paps.

    They also have a strict rule and sue every paps who revealed anything about their children without their consent. They also sue everyone taking picrture of them and make journalists signed an agreement before questionning them where they state the length of the interview (must not take more than 30 minutes according a show i see about them in the french channel TF1)where it is often stated that nothing will be asked about their children. They have already sued magazines in France.

    Johnny has said multiple times that he will never raise his children in the US cause people are more real in France and he hated the media that went after him after the ‘Phoenix’ episode. he said that unlike in the US he can talk and be friend with the neighboor who is a peasant which can’t be made in the US where people are too obsessed by their appearances and by staying with their social circles of the same level.

    He also said that Vanessa saved him, that if he hadn’t met Vanessa and had children he would have died probably of dugs or an accident due to alcihholism because of all his excesses, his demons and self destructive tendencies.

    But poeple just forget that since when he moved to France and began suing the paps, he cuts himself from the media circus of his home country and people don’t remembered how he used to be the tab folder back in the day, that there wasn’t a week without a scandal related to johnny’s clubbing, boozing, drugs and s*xual games between strippers and his girlfriends until the death of one of his younger friend : River, at his own club.

  52. Ursula says:


    I don’t think people care much about what these celebrities do, otherwise Marlyn Mason would not have any fans. Depp has never tried to pretend to be any thing other than himself. Yes we all saw pictures of him falling out of a club, but he did not go on National TV talking about how he quit drugs or drink for his kids only to be outed by Tarantino the very next week. I think people hate hypocrites. Brad openly did drugs with Jen, no one judged him because he was not lying about it or pretending to be holier than thou. Pitt’s current image has nothing to admire. More so because he is so fake and no one likes FAKE!

    Even Angelina was never judged harshly when she was true to her psycho self. She had fans who liked her that way.

  53. Velvet_Julie says:

    Everyone knows about Johnny’s past. He doesn’t hide it from anyone. Same with Vanessa. Many people had a troubled youth and when fame is added to the equation, things tend to get worse, with all the drugs, booze and permissive friendships around. The difference with Johnny and Vanessa is that they both grew up and became balanced adults, devoted to their work and family. They actually learned from their mistakes and moved on with their lives. I think their past should not be held against them, as if it was some kind of dirty little secret. It’s all there registered and they don’t care.

    Johnny sues paps because he and his wife want to protect their children and assure them a normal childhood. This is very honorable, considering the huge number of Hollywood couples selling pictures of their newborns, who never asked to be famous, to magazines. But when Johnny and Vanessa are working, they are both very humble and nice people to their fans. They take pics, sign autographs and give interviews without a problem.

    About Johnny saying he wouldn’t raise his children in the US, I don’t see any problem here. He can raise his children wherever he wants to. Vanessa is french, France is a beautiful country and the culture of “celebrities” there is much less aggressive than in the US and UK. He fell in love with the country, so, why not stay there? He’s happy, leave him be.

    P.S: Ursula, I loooooooved f*cked up Angelina. She was so refreshing. Now I just can’t stand her pompous ass.

  54. TaylorB says:

    Generally I prefer a fella to appear to be clean (I am looking at you Robert ‘needs a bath’ Patz) but in this case I am with Firestarter. Johnny is just flat out cool, Brad seems like a nice fella and he is attractive, but no amount of facial hair or fancy motorbikes can make a guy have that Depp kind of cool. In my opinion, and this is just my opinion, Depp is the ‘Kelvin scale’ of cool, he is the thermodynamic unit all others should be measured against. But be aware that I am quite biased because I would like to bang him.

  55. Jessica says:

    Because Johnny Depp can do no wrong!! Brad stinks!! Team Depp!! lol

  56. Jag says:

    I can’t add to what was said above about why Depp can have that facial hair, but to answer your question, yes, he has at least one gold tooth. I remember reading that he wanted to cap all of his teeth in something or other for his role as Jack Sparrow, to be more real for the role.

  57. Hannah says:

    @taylor B

    I remember reading some article, i think it was a study done by an ivy league school where they measured “cool” and even though that sounds really odd, johnny depp actually was “cooler” than everybody else. I guess it was; at least at face value, an empirically based study.

  58. TaylorB says:


    Thank you. It is nice to have science back up ones assertions (in this case that JD is just cool as can be), it is also nice to know that those Ivy League schools are being noticed for something other than nepotism and Polo. 😉

  59. Emily says:

    Velvet_Julie, I’m with you on the crazy Angelina, she was fun.

  60. shelby says:

    lets get a FREAKING grip here peoeples, johnny depps scruff is barely visible to the naked eye compared to brads hideous beard which personally i think looks like an old ladies pubic hair hanging off his chin, its just gross!

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