Is Bridget Moynahan being bitchy about Tom & Gisele’s baby?


As you may have heard, Gisele Bundchen gave birth Tuesday night to a baby boy. Her mom and her twin sister were there too, so that’s nice. Gisele and Tom Brady haven’t released the name of their son yet, because they didn’t have any names picked out. Tom admitted as much to the press, saying, “I don’t have any picks, so we haven’t really chosen one yet. But everyone is great. Everyone is doing really well.” But… I thought Tom already knew they were having a boy? Didn’t he have a few names that he was thinking of? I still don’t get it. In addition to Tom‘s musings, a source also told People Magazine: “Gisele is absolutely thrilled. Why shouldn’t she be? She has a beautiful healthy boy! She wants a big family like the one she came from and now is her time. That’s what she’s always wanted most.” I don’t get why this source had to remain unnamed for that comment, it sounds like the kind of innocuous comment that you could easily put your name on. Anyway, that’s not the point of the story.

After Tom spoke to the press, his ex-girlfriend (and mother of his first child, 2-year-old Jack) Bridget Moynahan gave her statement to the press. Was it a brief, courteous “congratulations to the happy family”? Not exactly. I’ll tell you the truth, when I first read this, I thought “what’s lodged up Bridget’s ass?” But now that I’ve re-read it a few times, maybe it’s not that bad:

Now that Tom Brady is a father for the second time, his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, the mother of his 2-year-old Jack, is offering her congratulations.

“I wish [Tom and Gisele] the best with their baby,” the actress, 38, tells PEOPLE in a statement. “I’m sure my son will enjoy having a half-sibling. I ask the press to respect our privacy while we are welcoming this new addition to our extended family.”

Bündchen, sources say, is currently recovering with her mother Vania and sister Patricia by her side, after delivering the baby boy Tuesday night.

Brady said on Wednesday that the couple have not yet picked a name for their newborn son.

[From People]

It’s curt, right? Like “okay, whatever, congratulations, now leave me alone.” Were people calling Bridget all day asking for her reaction? Is that why she added the “I ask the press to respect our privacy” bit? Because if journalists were calling her all day, maybe I can understand that. But I still think it might have been classier to issue a one sentence quickie congrats, something like, “I am very happy for Tom and Gisele and their new baby, Mazel Tov!” That’s what I would have done.

Bridget Moynahan on March 8, 2009 in LA. Credit: WENN. Tom and Gisele on May 4 in New York.

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  1. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    I think her statement was appropriate and to the point. Everyone is going to over-analyze anything she says anyway and I’m sure she doesn’t want to be a part of that media circus.

  2. Firestarter says:

    I see nothing wrong with her statement.

  3. anneesezz says:


  4. lilred says:

    Pretty classy answer if you ask me.

  5. ME says:

    Why does everyone have to read “into” these statements. Her statement seems professional and courteous and appropriate. I dont think I would have said anything differently were I in her shoes. If she gushed, people would have said she was being “fake”. So she took the best high road in her statement and I applaud her.

  6. mila says:

    What was she supposed to say?“I am very happy for Tom and Gisele and their new baby” would sound fake. She released her statement from her and her child’s point of view and I think it was totally appropriate.

  7. Dorothy says:

    my statement would not have been nearly as nice!

  8. Guttersnipey says:

    “I’m sure my son will enjoy having a half-sibling.”

    The emphasis on HALF is pretty bitchtacular, if you ask me. So what if they have different mothers? They’re brothers, and Bridget should want them to grow and develop a good, healthy, close relationship with each other. I’ve got a “half-sibling” courtesy of my stepmother who I totally adore, but I don’t think of my little brother as being anything other than *whole* in my life. I don’t see the need to qualify such things.

  9. mel says:

    I side with Bridget “go away and leave me alone.”

  10. lucy2 says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that statement at all. Considering some of the stuff Gisele has said in the press regarding her relationship with Bridget’s son, Bridget could have said a whole lot worse! (As in, now you have one of your own, quit claiming your my kid’s mother!)

    If the media was hounding her, I can understand releasing a statement to quiet them. If they weren’t hounding her, I find it a little weird that she felt the need to issue a statement. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt though and for now assume it was the former.

  11. Oenix says:

    I don’t like saying “half-sibling” either but that is the TRUTH of their relationship. That is what the press & many people (including the siblings) will use… That Bridget was direct about it doesn’t make a “b”, she’s telling their reality. Hey – the press still feel the need to point out Seal/Heidi’s first child as “her child from a previous relation” inspite of the fact that he’s been there pre-birth and the biological father is totally uninvolved.

  12. Velvet_Julie says:

    Ah, c’mon, what else could she say? She was appropriate and polite. Anything more “warm” would sound fake as hell. Just cut out the bullsh*t, right?

    And to be honest, this baby is not even Bridget’s business, so the subject doesn’t concern her at all. John, her son, will be the one to get along with the new boy once in a while, not Bridget.

    I don’t know why magazines rush to ask Bridget’s opinion about things that happen in Tom’s life. This is just as stupid as asking Jennifer Aniston about Brad Pitt. People MOVE ON with their lives, don’t they?

  13. UrbanRube says:

    I look at Tom Brady and I see a giant baby. When he was on SNL, I couldn’t believe the wimpy voice coming out of his mouth — it was like the crushing disappointment of hearing David Beckham speak. They’re fine-looking specimens, these guys, but, uh, I think Bridget can live without Tom. As long as he and Gisele are very, very good to her son, I think she should move on.

  14. Jjjj says:

    You can’t bring a baby home from the hospital without naming it.

  15. diva says:

    Considering Tom two timed her while she was pregnant and then dumped her when she was 8 months pregnant for a Supermodel she should have been bitchier. She should a tremendous amount of restraint by making such a polite statement considering the facts. Golden Boy Tom Brady dogged her out when she was pregnant and that is very low.

  16. Bonfire Beach says:

    I don’t like Tom and Gisele. Personally I don’t think Gisele is really beautiful so I don’t get her allure. And Tom was a prick to Bridget. Of course the media is trying to stir up crap to continue the fake “feud” between Gisele and Bridget. Move on already.

  17. Popcorny says:

    My heart breaks for Bridget that’s she’s put to such scrutiny -especially considering what she’s been through and goes through.
    Also, Gisele may have a great body and hair -but holymoly does she ever have a mannish face and huge nose!

  18. jean says:

    If two kids have the same father, they are legally considered half-siblings, but if they have the same mother, they are full-siblings. Do I have this right? This makes no sense, biologically speaking.

  19. Ursula says:

    OK, did Bridget have to make a statement? It is a passive aggressive statement.

  20. nAynAy says:

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with her comment. She could have been like a woman scorned, after being dumped by Tom, and said something really bitchy, but she didn’t.

  21. Lee says:

    Under the extenuating circumstances, I think Bridget’s statement was understandable. She’s obviously not stupid, as she was making a point that on the surface there can be no argument with. However, the word choices “half-sibling” and “extended family” very clearly create a remove from the new baby. Extended family usually refers to aunts, uncles, cousins – our more distant relatives, generally seen infrequently. In view of Gisele’s previous retarded remarks I think Bridget played this as well as can be expected. Can you imagine having to deal with this couple on a regular basis? I think she showed restraint.

  22. Anastasia says:

    It was far nicer than what I would have said. Tom Brady did her dirty. And now he’s got this other model and another boy. Whoop-dee-doo. I wouldn’t be all fawning, either.

    And he IS her child’s half-sibling. What the heck? I have two half-siblings and a full sibling. Everyone knows that’s what the relationship is, no one tries to sugarcoat things. Why do that?

  23. Anastasia says:

    jean (I can’t see the username correctly, might not be right):

    You’re mistaken. In order to be full siblings, you have to have the same father AND mother.

    If you only have the same mother, you are half-siblings.

    If you only have the same father, you are half-siblings.

    My mother and father had me and another child, my full brother. Then my father, in his second marriage, had two more kids. Those are my half-sister and half-brother, since we only share one parent in common.

  24. lucy2 says:

    @jean – I think if you share just one parent, not both, you are always half-siblings., regardless if it’s the mother or father. I might be wrong on that, but I’ve never heard otherwise.

    I don’t see anything terribly wrong with referring to the baby as her son’s half sibling. That’s what he is.

  25. Dobben says:

    I find CB writers often reading too much into celeb statements, etc. Can we not just take some things at face value?

    I also see nothing wrong with Bridget’s statement. Appropriate, restrained, classy.

  26. c says:

    i thought Tom & Bridgit broke up 3 or 4 months before she announced the pregnancy. Boston rumors were her pushing for marriage and family were the reasons… Then she announced after Tom was seen with Gisele.

    The half sibling comment was not needed. A simple extended family comment would suffice.

  27. Lantana says:

    So Elin has a twin sister and Gisele has a twin sister? Is there some kind of rich celebrity conspiracy going on? And I’ve know a ton of twins, none of which were as attractive as Elin or Gisele. I’m thinking clones.

  28. atticus says:

    Team Bridget, always have been. I think her statement was right on, and it does sound like she’s been hounded by the media to give some kind of statement. Hence the “please respect our privacy”. LOVE the half-sibling remark and I do think that was pointed – and appropriate, given how much Gisele has been out there with Bridget’s son.

  29. Stella says:

    @jjj- thats not true- you can certainly take your baby home without naming it. it happens all the time. you just go back to the hospital and fill it in when you name the baby.

    @diva- you are way off on your story. He didn’t leave her when she was 8 months pregnant. He left her WAY before that.

  30. Iggles says:

    Seriously? How can anyone attack Bridget for her statement??

    Tom and Gisele were selfish twits during her pregnancy. Bridget wished them the best, but really what is she supposed to say? There’s no love lost between them.

    I have 2 half brothers and 2 full sisters. I have no problem with the half term, because we share 1 parent. I share both parents with my sisters.

  31. Feebee says:

    After reading the headline I was thinking, it’s coming from Bridget, it’ll be a good bitchy comment.

    Very disappointed – in a good way. It was to the point and appropriate. It even sounds like some ice may have melted.

  32. crash2GO2 says:

    It was a lovely statement. She hit just the right note IMO. Not too mushy, not too cold. “Just right” said Goldilocks.

  33. Cinderella says:

    Her use of half-sibling by definition is correct, however, it still sounds a little cold. I have a “half-sister”, yet she’s always been my sister. Why split hairs.

    Other than that, I think Bridget’s statement was fine.

  34. Cat says:

    Oh please! If you have sex with a man after breaking up with him, you know what could happen. Bridget only has herself to blame for having to raise her son alone. Sure it would’ve been nice for Tom to return, but he didn’t have to do it.

  35. crazy-D says:

    If I had Tom’s money, I would’nt have picked niether of these two..I really don’t think they’re all that. I think it shows low self esteam on his part!

  36. Velvet_Julie says:

    @crazy-d, at least Bridget looks like a woman. I think she’s really beautiful. She looks much better “au naturel” than Gisele. In most of the candids I’ve ever seen of Gisele, her face is red as a tomato and she pretty much dresses like a homeless person. In terms of personal style, Kate Moss she ain’t.

  37. Goddess711 says:

    She knows more about what the whole situation really IS than the surmising spectators. Who knows? Maybe babydaddy ain’t that great of a daddy. Maybe she’s just drawing a line in the sand making sure Gisele doesn’t try to pull a Sandra Bullock to get that “big family” of hers going by collecting other people’s offspring with babydaddy. Maybe she just doesn’t give a flying f**k and had to think up something to say fast.

  38. wow says:

    I just don’t see where she’s being bitchy with this statement. I wonder if the tabs are trying to make her the new Jenn Anniston. Because to me, it seems like the press (not CB) is trying to make it seem like she is still in angst over the Tom & Gisele thing in the same way they make it seem like Jennifer is still bitter about Brad.

    To me if looks as if Bridget has moved on some time ago and that they are just looking to make a point of bitterness out of anything she says that s related to Tom & Bridget. From the looks of things, it looks as if they all have been handling this fine. Unless I’m forgetting something.

  39. A Bunch of Morons says:

    Well, I can’t believe so many people have so much to say about her statement, but don’t even know what halfsies is.

    She was perfectly fine with her PUBLIC statement. The woman is not a fame whore and apparently hasn’t caused a whole lotta drama, cause you know we would be hearing all about that.

    Sad people without much going on for themselves are the ones who keep these “feuds” and BS going. They aren’t the first people to have a blended family.

  40. Leslie says:

    There’s nothing wrong with her statement. People will find any reason to start a girl fight.

  41. princess pea says:

    I feel like it’s snarky. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Yeah, it might be annoying to have to say “No, no comment” a few times, but there’s no call to be passive-aggressive. She’s looking to stay relevant because her ex is more famous, and married someone more famous. That, and she’s really bitter.

    When my mom and stepdad had my baby brother, my FATHER’s father told him that he’d “better understand that he is yours too, because he is theirs” (meaning me and the other sibs). I still find that astoundingly touching. There is no such thing as half in my family…

  42. Pole says:

    Considering the shit Giselle said about Bridget’s son, I think this is a fine and polite statement to make.

  43. hmm says:

    I still don’t get all the hate that gets dumped on Gisele because she hooked up with Bridget’s ex. And, I really don’t get the hate because she said that she loves her husband’s son as if he were her own. People are upset because Brady didn’t run back to BM and marry her after the pregnancy announcement and they take their enmity out on the supermodel.

  44. karen says:

    I also think her “half” sibling statement sounds bitchy. I have “half” siblings too, and I would NEVER call them that. There’s no “half” when it comes to family–period.

  45. Steve says:

    If Bridget wanted to look classy, she should’ve taken the high road and said nothing at all. C’mon, was the world really on edge just waiting for her statement???

  46. SageAdvice says:

    Some people say half-siblings and others don’t.

    I know I will always say that my half-sister is my half-sister because that’s what she is. You can pretend like your half-siblings are full siblings all you want but in the end they have a different set of genes than you do.

    I don’t love her any less than my sisters from my mom but she’s my half-sister, period.

    Aside from that, I don’t think Bridget’s comment was rude or negative in the slightest. She’s being frank and telling it like it is. The kid is her kid’s half-sibling and part of their extended family.

    Half-siblings, to me anyway, count as extended family as they are not in your direct family unit. My dad had a kid with some other woman years before I was born. She is not a part of my family unit.

  47. Iggles says:

    @ Karen:
    There’s no “half” when it comes to family–period.

    Um, do you share both parents? If the answer is no, then you are not biological full siblings. That’s the way it is. I understand treating them the same as any other sibling, if you wish, but it doesn’t change basic biology. Arguing over semantics is splitting hairs, so you can see how ridiculous jumping on Bridget for using the correct terminology is!

    @ Goddess711:
    Maybe she’s just drawing a line in the sand making sure Gisele doesn’t try to pull a Sandra Bullock to get that “big family” of hers going by collecting other people’s offspring with babydaddy. Maybe she just doesn’t give a flying f**k and had to think up something to say fast.

    The Sandra Bullock case is complex. I can’t really judge her or her motives without knowing all the facts. But I hate it when people turn a blind eye to Step Parents overstepping their boundaries and say, “Isn’t it better that the Step Mom/Step Dad loves you child as their own kid?”

    Of course Step Parents treating their stepchildren as they would their own is a beautiful thing. But when that Step Parent actively tries to alienate or usurp the position of the biological parent of their spouse — that I have a major problem with! Be a Step Parent. Be a really good one. But do NOT try to replace that child’s existing mother or father. There’s a difference between being a great mother figure and trying to be that child’s mother. Same goes for Dads.

    Gisele overstepped her bounds by trying to improve her image by talking about her relationship with her “son” Jack (rolls eyes). Same as Hilary Swank overstepped her bounds by bragging about her relationship with her boyfriend’s son in magazines. (Even mentioning how the boy sometimes walks in when her and his Dad are nude! — inappropriate and TMI)

  48. Who Cares says:

    I think her statement was fine. Giselle has been less than sensitive to the fact that Bridget IS Jack’s mother, so I think Bridget took the high road.

  49. Ana says:

    I think it is odd wording. Can’t really say if it was b!tchy or not. If it were me I would call the new baby “my son’s new little brother.” I am not really sure why she needed to issue a statement in the first place. She is usually pretty quiet and speaks through her friends.

  50. DeCe says:

    bridget went off the pill without telling him,, and had she mentioned that, i’m 200% sure he would have worn a condom.. and if he was cheating with gisele, he never would have touched her, when tom and gi went to europe, she announced that she was pregnant without telling him, so the tabs seeked them out. tom was not allowed to see john if gi was in the same state. she blackmailed his name, only to change if they marry. then there was the OK magazine,pimping out her new born “life without daddy”,manipulating them and the public into shaming and pressuring tom into going back to her. that was classy, the bradys’ were not allowed to see him until the cover came out, and tom had to get a mediator to protect his parents and him from her on visits. and of course the famous “poor me” vanity fair article. she brought this on herself, now she will have to explain to her son why he is here as a means to trap his father. she should keep her mouth shut. gisele having a boy was her worst nightmare. look how happy tom was and so emotional at the press conference, he had to change the subject. and patti said he was very emotional during the delivery. tom and giseles’ son is not her extended family, but john is toms’ son and giseles’ step son and loves him like he is 100% hers and would never treat him less.. that should be a comfort to BM.

  51. anon says:

    @DeCe – It’s been almost three years give it a rest- go on with your life…. it’s unhealthy. None of them (Bridget,Tom & Gisele)give a rat’s a** about you. Fatal obsession much…..

    Enjoy your life and Happy Holidays!

  52. Who Cares says:


    And you know all this, exactly how?

  53. Firestarter says:

    DeCe- Are you a member of the family? How is it you have so much info. on these people?

  54. Beebop says:

    Very classy and polite statement from Bridget.

  55. Holly says:

    If she was a class act like some of you claim, she would have not said a word! That’s taking the high road but of course, that has always elluded Bridget. No one cares about her so why make a statement, it is bitchy with a capital B. Sad she is still not over Tom, but then again, I guess that would be hard and considering he married a much younger, more gorgeous, richer, more famous woman…….OUCH!

  56. Gerry says:

    Bridget made this statement for one reason and one reason only – to say to Tom and Gisele that John is hers and that he/John is ONLY a half-sibling. Bridget is making it clear in her rather fucked up statement that she does not want Tom or his wife to get too comfortable in this family that includes HER son. This family is “extended” and not whole, it is “HALF”. BTW, does she have a PR person? If so, they must be related. Only a relative would allow someone to make such a personal and abrupt fucked up statement like this. Congrats to Tom, Gisele, Jack and his new little brother. Gorgeous family!

  57. anon says:

    If I’m not mistaken Tom Brady did say they have Jack one week every month, which makes it 12 weeks a year.- half sibling (extended family) is very appropriate and correct.
    Making a big deal out of her statement is ridiculous!!!

    Jack will be seeing his half-brother 12 weeks in a year. And Yes Bridget is the one raising Jack. And if Bridget didn’t say anything she would get the same people commenting on how hateful & jealous she is of Tom & Gisele.

    It’s fortunate they all get along, but unfortunate for some bitter people with over-active imagnation.

    Poor Gisele, Poor Bridget they will never say anything right to some of us.

  58. SageAdvice says:

    Holly: She was asked this question by someone. She didn’t just release a statement. And Giselle is definitely NOT more gorgeous than Bridget. Younger, more famous (for skanking it up half naked and fully naked in “artistic” photo shoots), and richer for the same reasons.

    But Giselle has the face of a man/horse. And has a severe sway-back from trying to pose “sexy” all the time.

  59. Mathiea says:

    Gisele is gorgeous end of story