Matt Damon is “honored” to be mentioned in Shakira’s lyrics

Any day in which I get to watch an interview with Matt Damon or Johnny Depp is a good one, so I’m counting my blessings today. MTV’s Josh Horowitz, who is among my favorite interviewers, talked to Invictus stars Damon and Morgan Freeman about their upcoming film. Horowitz threw in some interesting questions about their other projects and also asked Matt about a Shakira song in which he’s mentioned, “Men in This Town.” The lyrics are: “Is there a prince in this fable/ For a small-town girl like me? The good ones are gone or not able/ And Matt Damon’s not meant for me.” Matt says he’s aware of the song and that Shakira even sent a “sweet note” to his wife and him along with the CD:

When MTV News caught up with Damon at the “Invictus” junket, the Oscar winner revealed his feelings about being named on the track. “I heard about this. I know, I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Somebody told me that recently. Shakira actually sent my wife and I her new [CD] with a sweet note. We know her and she’s great, and I’m honored to be in one of her lyrics.”

It’s easy for Damon to understand a woman like Shakira. His wife, Luciana, was born in Argentina. “Oh yeah, [I’m a fan],” he said. “I live in a Latin house. That’s just the way it is.”

Shakira recently sat down with MTV News to chat about the song and explained that Damon’s name was just the right fit for the tune. “I know Matt Damon,” she said. “I know him and his wife. It’s all good. This is a song and Damon really rhymed with the other word. Matt Damon is actually a terrific dude — I’m saying it in a good way. What I’m actually saying is there aren’t many great guys out there and Matt Damon is one of them. I love Matt Damon. He’s so great. He’s a good sport, too.”

[From MTV]

There’s more interesting stuff in the interview, which is split into several segments on MTV’s site – you can watch them back to back here. Morgan Freeman sort-of confirms that director Chris Nolan will be back for a third Batman film, but it’s more of an instinct he has than a certainty. He said “I know, I just know, that Chris is working on number three. He couldn’t possibly not be.” He also said that he’d like to see a catwoman villain in the next installment, and that he had someone in mind but that he wasn’t going to name names. When Horowitz brought up Angelina Jolie as a potential catwoman Freeman actually made a sexy growling noise! It was cute.

Damn said that he was originally up for the role played by Josh Brolin in Milk and that he had done his research. A scheduling conflict interfered when the film had to be pushed up. Damon said it worked out the way it was supposed to. “Josh was phenomenal. The movie gets who the movie should get.” He also confirmed that he was considering the role of Harvey Dent in Batman, but that a scheduling interfered with that one too.

Horowitz also has a series of interviews with Clint Eastwood (watch them here). The best part is when he asks about his daughters Francesca, 16, and Morgan, 13, and their interests. One is a big Taylor Swift fan, and Eastwood says he also likes Taylor Swift’s music. “I didn’t switch off of a jazz station to hear it. Sometimes you listen to pop radio just to hear what’s going on.” He also said he knew who Lady Gaga was and that “I know she’s very big… and my kids have listened to her.” As for Twilight, he said he didn’t go to see New Moon with his daughters, but that his wife went and “It’s not that I’m a bad parent or anything. I just thought maybe I’d like my wife take that one.”

Invictus is out in the US tomorrow, December 11, and it looks like pure Oscar bait. It’s a true story about Nelson Mandela working with a top South African rugby player to help unite the country in his first term in 1995. Here’s the trailer.

Here’s Matt Damon, his wife Luciana, and Morgan Freeman at the Invictus premiere on 12/3/09. Credit:

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  1. Dobben says:

    Love Matt Damon.

  2. Kaboom says:

    Certainly a much more flattering way for him to be mentioned than in Team America 😀

  3. Sumodo says:

    I would mention Matt Damon, too, if I had a hit single. Jimmy Kimmel mentions Matt Damon at the end of each broadcast. Matt Damon is THE MAN!

  4. *Lee* says:

    I don’t know much about him, but he seems so down to Earth and normal.

  5. snowball says:

    Maaaaatt Daaaamooon!

    lol@Kaboom – any day you can use a Team America reference is a good day. 🙂

  6. katyusha says:

    I love Matt Damon. I think he’s so beautiful.

    I got a movie poster from my work for The Informant; unfortunately, he doesn’t look his best in this movie.

    Any takers?

  7. Tiffany says:


    The Informant is an adult movie, it is one of those movie where you have to think and that is alright because sometimes you want to be reminded that you have a brain when you are the movies. It was funny and his toupee was awesome.

    Off subject, but is Clint Eastwood like the coolest person. I know that he does not do alot of television or print interviews, but he has been branching out lately and I got to say, I’m kind of crushing on hin in that ‘he is too old and it should border on creepy’ kind of way.

  8. isabelle says:

    LOVE Matt

  9. video song says:

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