How many girls does Justin Timberlake have on the side?

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When the cat’s away, et cetera. Jessica Biel is still in Canada, filming The A-Team. Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake is still acting like “Jessica who?” whenever Biel isn’t around. The latest incident seems to have started at Hudson Terrace in New York the other night. Page Six reports that JT, his best buddy Trace Ayala, and Brett Ratner (ew) were partying with many women. After that, the boys left with a “group of girls” and headed off to the Boom Boom Room. He sounds like a single guy, doesn’t he?

Justin Timberlake partied and flirted with a gaggle of gorgeous girls the other night, sparking new rumors that he and girlfriend Jessica Biel are on the rocks.

Timberlake, who’s repeatedly denied his relationship with Biel is in trouble, flirted with a string of women as he partied with Brett Ratner at Timbaland’s album release party at Hudson Terrace on Tuesday. He later left with prolific womanizer Ratner and a group of pretty girls in tow.

A source told Page Six: “He certainly didn’t look like a man with a girlfriend. He was partying in the upstairs VIP area with his best friend, Trace Ayala, Brett Ratner and a group of girls.”

“The girls were all over him, fighting to give him their numbers, and he seemed to be enjoying it. There was one model-type blonde he chatted to for a while. At one point, a bodyguard did not recognize Ayala and kept him out of the VIP area, so Timberlake fired him on the spot.”

“Around 1:30 a.m., Timberlake left along with Ayala, Ratner and a group of girls, including the model blonde, and headed to the Boom Boom Room.”

Timberlake has been fending off rumors that he and Hollywood beauty Biel, who’s been filming “The A-Team,” are in trouble over his flirting. They put on a display of unity last month at a Jay-Z concert in LA.

They also denied a report that their three-year romance was over. Biel said in an interview last month, “You have to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.”

Earlier on Tuesday night, Timberlake attended an event at Skylight Studio and was careful to sit far away from Rihanna, who denied rumors they hooked up while working on her album.

A rep for Timberlake said, “We do not comment on Justin’s private life.” A rep for Biel didn’t get back to us.

[From Page Six]

Two things: first, the most interesting part of the story was when JT fired the guard “on the spot” for not recognizing Trace Ayala, who I couldn’t pick out of lineup either. Secondly, I don’t really think what Jessica and Justin did to fight the breakup rumors should be called a “display of unity”. Jessica literally dragged JT out for a few photo ops, and then gave a few interviews denying the rumors while JT stayed silent. I think they really are broken up for real, or Jessica is letting him see other women.

Oh, and one other thing – Lainey Gossip mentioned this in a post yesterday: “Pippy hit up Timbaland’s album release party and may or may not have paid a visit to a brunette piece he’s keeping in NYC on the site. That’s the rumour, and while it’s not slamdunk quite yet, some insist it’s been common knowledge for ages dating back from when Lilo ratted him out last summer.” So, JT has Biel, a brunette on the side, and a blonde model in the Boom Boom Room. This is better than playing Clue. Also – doesn’t the photo below look like The Douche Convention?

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24 Responses to “How many girls does Justin Timberlake have on the side?”

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  1. Firestarter says:

    WTF is wrong with John Mayers hair?

    2 for 1 sale on douches.

  2. Roni says:

    Who Cares???!!!!!!

  3. snowball says:

    Does Justin think that look is working for him? He looks like a smelly IT guy.

    I don’t think he’s with Jessica anymore either. I don’t know what the big deal is about them just saying they broke up. He’s obviously chasing anything with a vulva and she just looks desperate.

  4. Lantana says:

    WTF is up with John Mayer’s hair? He looks horrible.

  5. Dorothy says:

    How many girls does Justin Timberlake have on the side?

    No where near the amount that Tiger did!!!! hahaha

  6. Nebraska says:

    “double douchery” went through my mind as my gaze alighted on JM and JT.

  7. crash2GO2 says:

    @snowball, lol!

    I don’t understand why JT hides his nascent hotness under layers of geekness either.

    I’m beginning to think john mayer (when I think of him at all – he doesn’t deserve having his name in caps) may have a nervous issue of running his sweaty palms through his hair. My douchy ex used to do this, with no idea of what an idiot it made him look by the end of the evening.

  8. Stephie says:

    Hehehe! Douche convention!
    Nailed it!

  9. birdie says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Justin had as many as Tiger on the side. Musicians thrive on the skeeze.

  10. moo says:

    I’m with Nebraska…. Who the F cares??? The only women how would be interested in these two are pure fame whores!!!

  11. wow says:

    A multitude.

    And the cat doesn’t even have to be away for him to play, I bet. 😉

    “Double Douche Convention”. Lol. Now why does JM have to be included in this one? C’mon gang, he’s not that bad.

  12. Sumodo says:

    Bimbo count: three and John Mayer, so that’s 4 he’s intimate with. Mayer is gay and Justin dabbles. Come on, folks. You think Mayer just does girls?

  13. diva says:

    Justin seems like he would be a jerk to Jessica to make her end the relationship. Jessica on the other hand seems to insecure to end it, so there you have to people that are not really “together”.

  14. Zarah says:

    They’ve very likely broken up. In which case they’re not really girls on the side are they? And if they haven’t, JT is certainly taking the passive agressive route, determined to make Jessica break up with him.

    What I’m more interested in is why he and Rihanna avoided each other like the plague after being oh so chummy for months on end. This isn’t the first time there have been stories about them afterall, there’s been rumors going back to 2007. Interesting.

  15. dizzybenny says:

    i’m just surprised that the question wasent how many men Justin had on the side.

  16. Jag says:

    How I used to think JT was hot, I’ll never know looking at those pictures. lol

  17. juiceinla says:

    “Dxxk’s out of the box”? anyone anyone?? ((crickets))

  18. Kathie says:

    Ahh looking at this picture takes me back to a Summer’s Eve when the air was redolent with vinegar. JT looks like an embryonic Woody Allen and John Mayer?eeeeuuuuwwwww! Ms. Beal has probably worked her way up to being a friend with benefits. Girl needs to visit the self respect store and buy a bag or two!

  19. la chica says:

    “He sounds like a single guy, doesn’t he?”

    He IS a single guy. Get over it.

  20. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Kathie. Nice….

    I wasn’t going to comment on this one, but something just struck me. I’m into astrology (the legitmate stuff that you won’t find at the back of Cosmo).

    BOTH John Mayer and Justin Timberlake have their moons in sagittarius. Moon represents unconscious emotional conditioning and spontaneous reaction to stimulai. Qualities that are associated with Saggitarian energy are joie de vivre, rebellousness, independence, and a morbid fear being confined by anything. These people are runners. My personal experience with Sag moons is that are NOT the commitment types (unless other indicators are present). I’m not kidding. Once I find a guy who has this placement, I’m like…yeah, it’s been real. Bye. They don’t tend to stick around for long, anyway. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if this were true.

    Oh, and guess who else I recently discovered is apart of the sag moon/douchebag club….our very own Tiger Woods. Smh…..

  21. Amee says:

    never liked him-always thought he was a douche. some girls have no taste.

  22. Jazz says:

    “Is that… is that hair gel?”

  23. wow cheers for this just posting on my twitter now.

  24. manny says:

    Someone please explain to me how this ugly as fuck, crack head looking timberpecker get so many beautiful women???
    WTF!! and i ain’t talking about hos in a club either. Aside from the money, this mutha is not attractive
    he must be hung like a pachyderm
    there is just no explaining this shyt