King Charles invited Prince Harry to his 75th b-day party, Harry isn’t going

Roya Nikkhah at the Sunday Times had a somewhat interesting exclusive this weekend: “King Charles relishes global role — but still won’t see Harry.” My take, after reading through a lot of after-action coverage of King Charles and Camilla’s Kenya tour, is that Buckingham Palace decided to go on a big briefing spree. The palace wants to declare the Kenya tour an unqualified success, but the palace also acknowledges that they need to spice up any royal story with details about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which shows you that “the Kenyan tour was such a success” isn’t the truth. Some highlights from this very curious piece:

Charles is happy with the tour & his plans to go to COP28: A source close to the King said: “He’s putting into practice the theory he always hoped would be possible: that as monarch you can play a role on the global stage and still champion the causes you care about, without upsetting the constitutional red lines. He’s enjoying it.”

The king’s birthday plans: It will be a mostly contented King who celebrates his 75th birthday on November 14 with a party with his closest family and friends at Clarence House. Yet one key guest will be missing. Although it is understood Charles invited his second son to the family gathering, the Duke of Sussex is not making the trip from California. In September, Prince Harry also turned down the offer to spend some time with his father at Balmoral while he was visiting the UK for a charity event at the time of the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Charles & Harry haven’t spoken since September 2022: Five years ago, in a BBC documentary to mark Charles’s 70th birthday, Harry joined Prince William to heap praise on his father for doing an “amazing job” as a role model, expressing his gratitude for his “support” for him and Meghan. How times change. The distance between them continues to widen: it is thought father and son have not seen or spoken to each other in person since last September, during the mourning period and funeral of the late Queen.

Harry left the UK right after the coronation: Harry briefly came to the UK in May for his father’s coronation but did not return to Buckingham Palace with the rest of the family after the service at Westminster Abbey. He spent less than 24 hours on British soil before returning to California for his son Archie’s fourth birthday. Sources close to Harry say he has no plans to return to the UK any time soon. His next overseas visit is expected to be a trip to Canada to promote the Invictus Games, which will be held there in 2025. “He is just focused on getting on with his life over there,” said a friend.

The family feel: But despite a smooth run so far as head of state, head of nation and head of the Commonwealth, maintaining a “family feel” across the House of Windsor continues to be tricky. The King will miss his second son at his birthday party — though the same cannot be said for the rest of the family. Some of them initially sympathised with Harry and Meghan’s struggles with royal life. But the couple’s tell-all Netflix series last year and Harry’s explosive memoir Spare, published in January, were the last straw for most. A source who recently spent time with the royal family in Scotland said: “The family has firmly shut the door on them for the time being, because of the documentary and the book. Before those, there was always the hope that some things might be mended. The King will be faster to forgive than the family because Harry is his son, but the door is still more shut than ajar at the moment.”

The cooling off period: A friend of Charles described his mood on the matter: “When he gets to the end of another successful work day and thinks of his family, there will always be a twinge in his heart about a problem that he hasn’t been able to solve yet, but he will be taking the long-term view. The current act is a challenging one, there are issues that aren’t resolved and there won’t be a rapprochement any time soon. There is the sense of a cooling-off period from the family that is under way after the aftershocks of the book and the interviews. But that doesn’t change the King’s love for his son. He’ll never not invite his son to a family gathering, because that’s not who he is.”

Shifts in tone in Kenya: There were also subtle shifts in tone for the Kenya trip compared with recent state visits to Germany and France, where white tie, black tie and tiaras were deployed and where Charles and Camilla travelled in the state Bentley, which was transported from the UK. On Tuesday night’s state banquet in Nairobi, Ruto wore black tie but Charles opted for a suit and tie, Camilla a flowing blue trouser suit. The Bentley did not join them in Kenya; the King and Queen travelled instead in a Land Rover and Toyota Land Cruiser provided by their hosts. It all felt less grand, a nod to the sensitivities still felt in a country where the history of empire casts a long shadow.

Lessons learned from the Caribbean Flop Tour: Lessons were learnt last year after William and Catherine’s trip to Belize and the Caribbean, which was beset with diplomatic glitches and controversy. The couple faced criticism when they were photographed greeting Jamaican children through a wire fence. A royal source said they would still be “scarred” by the couple’s trip to the Caribbean last year, adding: “That imagery will be at the forefront of their minds in every set piece.”

[From The Times]

Just so we’re clear, “Charles invited his second son to the family gathering, the Duke of Sussex is not making the trip from California” becomes “King Charles relishes global role — but still won’t see Harry.” More like Harry won’t see his dogsh-t father. More like Harry is the one who has distanced himself from his colonizer family while they run around telling reporters that they’re not ready to make peace with him. I bet you anything that the palace only invited Harry – as in, “you can come to your father’s birthday party but Meghan and the children are not welcome.” Anyway, this piece says more about Charles and Camilla’s Kenyan tour than anything else – they know it didn’t actually go that well, which is why they immediately deflected to Harry. It used to be a winning strategy. After four years, the play is as obvious as it is sad. But hey, at least the palace got a good cut in there about William and Kate’s idiotic Caribbean tour.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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  1. Talia says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else think it’s really rude for someone (who owns the right clothes) to show up in a normal suit and tie at an event the hosts have said is black tie?

    • ArtHistorian says:

      It is indeed rude. The Windsors have no home training. Zero manners.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        I read this and my brain translated it as “the Windsors are not housebroken” which, I mean, yeah, that’s fair…

    • ML says:

      It’s not just you, Talia! They were rude.

      What exactly does this mean, “Although it is understood Charles invited his second son…” Did he or did he not invite his son? Weird use of the English language there.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        This article is a great example of hurry up and write something to deflect. It’s so sloppy. The crown con was in May. They saw each other in person. Maybe didn’t talk. ‘it is understood Charles invited his second son..’ if they haven’t spoken since Sept. 2022, when did Charles invite him? During QE2’s funeral?

        When did Canada move? “His next overseas visit is expected to be a trip to Canada to promote the Invictus Games..”. They have no idea when and where Harry is going next.
        Not wearing a black tie is rude. Charles will always do what he wants to do.

      • ML says:

        AGreatReckoning, 🤣”When did Canada move?” Great catch!

      • Christine says:

        I am LMAO at “when did Canada move?”!!!

        We always knew none of these people are particularly smart, but this is….wow.

      • Laura C says:

        Harry’s people have debunked this story. He was not invited.
        Daily mail have said that Harry’s supporters suggest the briefing was to deflect from the Kenyan tour. Obvs they were shocked by this as the Kenyan Tour was a resounding success… ok 🤣🤣

    • Danbury says:

      Yes that’s actually really demeaning and disrespectful. They have to have known that too. Every time I’ve been to Kenya, when meeting with high level people (including government officials) through work, dressing up has always been key. It shows that you respect the person you’re meeting, and that you respect yourself as well. The fact that they dressed down for this is all kinds of wrong.

      • Kingston says:

        But the windsors and their handlers DO NOT respect kenyans. What part of that glaringly obvious fact are folks having difficulty grasping?

        And to be honest, why should they, when kenyan leaders and many ordinary, mentally-enslaved kenyans show theyre not deserving of respect, with their toadying and sucking up to their [former-and-current] colonizers?

      • Danbury says:

        Not deserving of respect? Wow, not sure who you are, but as far as I am concerned, we are all deserving of respect

      • TheFarmer'sWife says:

        @Kingston, I’m not sure that’s what the Kenya leaders were doing. If anything, my pov, the Kenyans’ response to Chuckles and Side Chicks shows how they chose to take the high road in the face of such foolish ‘royal’ behavior. Behavior from two people who should’ve been better prepared and more aware; reading the room isn’t in Chuckles and Side Chick’s wheel house. The Kenyans saw an opportunity to show themselves in the best light possible and did their best despite what I’m sure was much palace interference. The Kenyans put on their best smiles, dressed their best, and showed their great capacity for grace in the face of open rudeness from people proclaiming to be chosen by God. I’m in total agreement with that beautiful woman in the black and red dress–she had better places to be, but hopefully those two old fogies needed to be in bed by 9:30 and then the party could start!

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Yes, extremely rude. Just another example of Chuckles and his mistress queen showing how they really feel about the hosts and the host country. I really wish my fellow Black people across the globe would stop inviting this family for visits (and even on a local level, stop participating in any event/photograph with them). Enough is enough.

      • SIde Eye says:

        Exactly SussexWatcher! Thank you! Would he do this in France or Scotland or Australia? He wouldn’t dare. I really wish Black people would stop inviting them – stop posing with them and letting their children be used as props in their we are not racist narrative. History and how they treat their own family members today tells us everything we need to know.

      • Christine says:


        FFS, this is the British monarch. Their entire brand is being the most proper people who have ever lived, because God said so.

        They would never have pulled this with any western country, NEVER.

    • Danbury says:

      Oops now I’ve commented twice. Sorry for hogging the thread everyone

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s very rude. It’s not like Charles doesn’t have a tux or wouldn’t have been informed of the dress code.

    • SarahCS says:

      Yep, that was my thought. If your host is doing black tie you do the same. It’s manners.

    • Concern Fae says:

      I gasped when I saw Charles in a suit and his host in black tie. This is the scandal the British press should be writing about.

    • Inge says:

      yeah that’s rude

    • Bad Janet says:

      I’m sure I am not the only one thinking it – it’s no accident. They could manage black tie and white tie in the white countries, but not the colonized ones? Absolute BS. They could not send a louder message that the affairs of black people are beneath them.

      This is why they don’t understand their own racism. I doubt very much they have any insight into how they come across OR their unconscious motives.

      • Kingston says:

        @Bad Janet

        Huh? The “white countries” were also their former colonies. What I guess you mean to say is that britain and those white former colonies now see each other as equals. But the windsors do not see kenyans (and other LDC* former-colonies) as their equals.

        And lets face it, the way that kenyan leaders and others who took part in the visit were sucking up to and toadying up to chuckyDaTURD and his impertinent horse, clearly invited his contempt.

        As others have said, black-dominant countries of the Commonwealth need to grow a spine and STOP sucking up. This is why I admire Barbados so much for how they simply and effortlessly dropped the british monarch as their HoS and invited chucky to sit there in the front row and swallow it as they dumped him and betty.

        On the other hand, Jamaica is fast becoming a disappointment for the long tortuous route theyre taking to do as B’dos did in mere months.

        *Least Developed Country

    • KeKe Swan says:

      I thought it was incredibly tacky.

    • Grace Yancy says:


      • Christine says:

        It’s not even subtle. Imagine if a President from the U.S. went to a state dinner in England, and didn’t exactly adhere to the dress code.

        It would be months of the rota frothing at the mouth about how disrespectful Americans are, blah, blah, blah.

      • CatMum says:

        please leave Seabiscuit’s good name out of this!

        yes, it was incredibly rude. and being spun the exact opposite way.

        these people are relentlessly awful!

      • Yes leave Seabiscuits name out. Chuckles nag is know as Horsilla around these parts.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      I was stunned. The same people who live and die over protocol…broke protocol. This grossly disrespectful racist behavior should be a major headline everywhere.

    • Athena says:

      That was my first thought. It’s insulting to the host, you don’t think enough of them to put on your best clothes.

    • Francis/Clare says:

      And Cam’s trouser suit is rude as well.

    • Rooo says:

      I think I read somewhere that outside of some kind of emergency, that is actually a formal etiquette breach (when the invitee has the “right” clothes)

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      It’s incredibly disrespectful to your host and the country you are visiting. ESP since the head of the event was wearing black tie. It must have made them feel incredibly uncomfortable and deeply disrespected that C&C didn’t think that they were worth the time to put on the proper – and likely agreed upon ahead of time – attire for the occasion.
      They only wear black tie for white world leaders.

      And never for the black leader of a former colony which in their minds – should still be a colony.

    • LRB says:

      My view is, if in doubt, always overdress….it is better to turn up looking as if you have taken care and the invitation is important … even if you are in a sparkly dress and no one else is!! ( Not that I actually own a sparkly dress)

  2. LooneyTunes says:

    If your host wears black tie, so do you. Periodt

    • QuiteContrary says:

      It is the height of arrogance and disrespect not to adhere to a formal dress code. The Windsors are the effing worst.

  3. Maxine Branch says:

    Harry is focused on building his legacy, caring for his family and living the life he has always dreamed of. His birth family is failing one disastrous event after the other while continuing to use Harry and Meghan’s name as a distraction. The global community is following the Sussexes.

  4. Persephone says:

    My guess is that the dog sh!t “king” doesn’t even know Harry’s mobile number. Remember what happened when Phillip died?

    • Lulu says:

      No mention of Meghan or their children being invited. Maybe Harry said ‘call me when you want to return my house and security’.

      • Rooo says:

        Or something like

        Extremely tacky if C3 was like “I would like you to be there but your wife and children are not invited”

        Ticky tacky small minded passive aggressive narcissistic behavior

  5. Em says:

    I don’t believe they were invited or there’s any line of communication with the Sussexes and Charles. The next brief will be that they were snubbed from the party. I understand the Sussexes wanting to move on but petty me wishes they deny every article stating they were invited

    • swaz says:

      This is exactly what they would like them to do so they can drag them back into the family narrative. It’s obvious that the Montecitos have moved on but the family still needs a SPARE FOR DISTRACTION. ONE FLOP AFTER ANOTHER 🤣🤣🤣

  6. JennyJazzhands says:

    How is it less offensive to show up to a black tie event dressed more casually than everyone else when you knew it was black tie in advance? 🤔

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Dressing up for Black people is a violation of royal protocol!

    • SarahCS says:

      (In Charles’s voice) “oh but don’t you see we wanted to put the locals at their ease and we know that we’re so grand that it can be intimidating for the poor folk.”

      • May says:

        @sarah, that reminds me of the language explaining why Meghan couldn’t wear a tiara when visiting Fiji. It was said that Meghan wanted to borrow a tiara and the idea was nixed. At the time, I remember thinking – it is up to the Fijians to set the dress code, not KP or BP. Did the Fijians want Meghan to wear a tiara (why else would she request to borrow one?) and the Palaces decline? Mind you, the press turn this into hoity-toity Meghan wanting to wear a tiara when inappropriate.

  7. Afken says:

    This article is a perfect example of spin “won’t see Harry” but the article not only reveals that previous claims Harry and Charles communicated since the death of the queen are untrue, but also claims Harry both turned down the party and balmoral and that Charles will always invite Harry to events so it’s actually HARRY who won’t see Charles.

    • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

      As long Charles invites Harry, and only Harry, to events, he definitely won’t see his father.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      I don’t even believe them when they try to spin it as Harry turning down king Chuckles. We already had so many articles previously saying how it was really Chuckles trying to punish Harry by not inviting him (and only him 🙄) to various events. However when that backfired and made Chuckles look like the abusive a$$hole he is, only then did they change their narrative to it being Harry who keeps turning down the invitations and olive branches etc. The whole machine and their RR minions are a bunch of clowns.

  8. Popsicle W says:

    “Every other member of the family” is code for Kitty and Peggy. The Royal press doesn’t care about the opinions of the actual “other members.” And, where are the stories about how Will and Chuck are on the same page and are closer than ever before (now that Harry is gone)? I believe they have done two events together recently and we usually get a least one story about Billy and his father. Something is up. They are not even pretending to like each other anymore.

  9. Jais says:

    The new measure of success? As long as it’s not quite as bad as the Caribbean flop tour then they consider it a successful tour. The bar is low.

  10. Cessily says:

    I expect there will be a lot of declined invitations in Chucks future.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    This is my conclusion as well. If the tour was successful there would be no mention of Harry. The tour didn’t deliver as the press would have wanted and so the Palace has once again reverted briefing against Harry. I’ve noticed in recent months that the Palace is very careful to not say anything about Meghan. They better keep that up because Meghan’s not remaining silent when the Palace briefs against her.

  12. Miranda says:

    “…there will always be a twinge in his heart about a problem that he hasn’t been able to solve yet”

    Love how they frame it as some sort of tricky situation for which Chuck just hasn’t worked out a solution, when Harry gave his father the extremely simple solution ages ago.

    But then again, maybe it has changed. If I were Harry, after all this time and numerous missed opportunities to show some f–king humility on Chuck’s part, and the incident in which they were terrorized in NYC, and the confirmation that The Firm considered him and his family expendable while going out of their way to protect an employee who knew *something* about William…yeah, I think I’d tell my father to go f–k himself forever.

    • Gabby says:

      Unable to solve problem of “how can I reap the benefits of an apology to my son without actually giving an apology to my son?” Good luck with that, dumbass.

  13. Eurydice says:

    Charles didn’t even acknowledge Harry’s birthday with a BP tweet and now he’s invited Harry to his birthday party? I don’t believe it.

    • May says:

      I read a story yesterday about this supposed invite that said that not only did the Royals not publicly wish Harry a Happy Birthday but that neither Charles nor William sent private wishes for his birthday.

  14. Mslove says:

    It sounds like their hosts went all out to welcome Chuck & the sidepiece. And they repaid them by not dressing in black tie when required. Oh, and Chuck had to lower himself by traveling in a land rover instead of his special Bentley. But hey, the Bentley & the fancy jewels went to France & Germany, what does that tell you?

  15. SussexWatcher says:

    This article is such an example of FAFO for both Chuckles and the RRs. Both are still desperately talking about the Sussexes at every turn because they know no one cares about them otherwise. It’s the only way they can get clicks or get any attention. Haha, losers.

    How can they write with a straight face that Harry and his shit father haven’t spoken in a year but his father misses and wants to see him? The whole begging vibe of the article is desperate and hilarious. Chuckles is an abusive, trash human being and he’s reaping what he’s sown.

    Also…errr, Harry’s next overseas trip will be to Canada to prepare for IG? Ummm, flying to Canada is not an overseas trip from the continental US. We are literally attached to Canada! Why are these people so stupid?

    • JT says:

      How would they even know what or when Harry’s next trip will be? They don’t know Harry’s life or what he has going on. They need to stop pretending that they have access.

    • Ash says:

      These are the same people who believe Montecito and Los Angeles county are within minutes of each other or are the same.

  16. Bull💩. I’m sure no invitation was offered but yes let’s start early with this 💩. He was invited, he wasn’t invited, he desperately wants an invitation and he is not coming. Stay tuned.

  17. Tessa says:

    It seems that Meghan Archie and Lily were not included in the invite.

    • First comment says:

      “Yet one key guest will be missing.” That’s the phrase she used!!! One guest!!! No mention of his grandchildren or his daughter in law..and they wonder why Harry keeps refusing their invitation?

  18. Shawna says:

    This narrative has gone stretched too far, Charles. Really thin. Prolonging it so long is getting pathetic.

  19. Becks1 says:

    at least this article lays out that Harry is the one turning down Charles, he’s the one doing the “snubbing” – while Charles (and the RRs) want him there.

  20. Tessa says:

    I thought Charles wants to cuddle his grandchildren. Yet he does not invite Meghan and two of his grandchildren.

  21. Eliora says:

    Nothing to see here folks. Just the British press doing another run of ‘the RF is not racist so let us tell you the latest racist AF thing that they have said or done’. I call BS on this ‘Charles inviting Harry to his 75th B-Day party’ fantasy story, but assuming it is true, why did he not extend an invitation to Meghan (or Archie and Lili for that matter). It’s giving racist.

    For anyone who wants to believe that the Netflix documentary and HARRY’s “tell-all” book is somehow responsible for the so-called family permanently closing the door to Meghan, please remember that Charles himself wrote/commissioned a book where he did some telling-all of his own. Yet, he wasn’t made persona non grata. The so-called anger and trust issues THAT family has with Meghan is nothing but pure racism (and jealousy I might add. Meghan out royals each and every single one of them effortlessly and she wasn’t even born to this).

    Lastly, and I can not emphasize this enough, the British press can not control the narrative when social media exits. Charles and Camilla’s Kenya tour was a disaster of PR portions. Everyone saw all the red carpet shenanigans. They also heard him NOT apologize for the atrocious of the past. And saw Camilla looking like she would rather be anywhere than be amongst THOSE people in Kenya. Social media is why the British press’ RF embiggening propaganda is failing miserably. They can’t unring the bell that is SM. All their anti-Sussex stories make the RF look petty and racist. All their RF worshipping stories make the RF look inauthentic and out of touch. The current model of the British press stopped working a long time ago.

  22. BadassBCBA says:

    Harry is no contact with that family… better for his mental health! There’s peace in living brief and leak free!

  23. advisor2u says:

    Charles dit not invite is younger son, and the royal press/media know he/his office is lying.
    Besides, was he not sending messages a few months ago that we wasn’t going to celebrating his birthday to safe government’s spending after a couple of big royal events that had bled the taxpayers dry, but would spend the day in quite contemplation ? What changed matters into a ‘friends & family party’?

    Fact of the matter is, Charles doesn’t want Harry (and Meghan) around to steal his attention. He is really enjoying the little kingly attention he is getting from … the very local sycophantic UK rota/tabs/media. He knows by now that H&M don’t respond to the silly British media’s (‘they are not invited, they are subbed, they’ve reject the invitation), hula be hula stories to get their attention, so it’s safe for Charles, to lie and to brief about sending invitation, to make him look like a caring/family man and father/grandfather. But everybody knows by now that he, Camilla, and W&K are dreading for the Montecito royals in the UK or around. And it’s safe to say that H&M don’t give a toss either. Harry said in Stephen Colbert’s Late Show interview that he wants 5 things, one being ‘space’, and he’s living up to it. He’ll show up in that family – alone – only if it’s really necessary.

  24. Over it says:

    I’m with Kaiser on this one , I bet that invatation if there was indeed one, only extended to Harry. These people keep showing us their racist asses every single day.

  25. Inge says:

    ” He’ll never not invite his son to a family gathering, because that’s not who he is.”
    No he’s a father who will cut off security and leak the position of said son.

  26. Beverley says:

    How is it okay that his biracial wife, the mother of the king’s grandchildren is not invited and not considered “family” and apparently neither are the grandchildren? This needs to be labeled what it is: discrimination and racism.

    Such a relief H&M escaped that vipers den. Meghan and the kids don’t deserve the abuse that the palaces and the tabloids continue to rain down on them. At least in America, they are safer than in the UK.

    The history books will be savage towards the Windsors. If Karma is still a grown-ass bitch, all truths will be eventually revealed and the House of Windsor will fall. #AbolishTheMonarchy

    • @BelizeEmpower says:

      ‘if Karma is still a grown-ass bitch” had me rolling.

    • Emmitt says:

      Charles will never acknowledge the children unless he is forced to because that means accepting the mother, which he will never do. He is finished with Meghan. The only way Charles will have contact with Archie and Lili is if Meghan dies because then he won’t ever have to deal with or face her. Harry knows this and that’s why he’s little contact with his father and no contact with his brother. By the way, Harry’s spokesperson said BP never invited Harry to Charles’ birthday party so there was never any invitation to snub or decline.

  27. MsIam says:

    Anytime Harry is in the vicinity of Charles, Charles runs out of town or is “busy” so miss me with these stories. Charles seems perfectly content with his Harry free life, he’s got his faithful Rottweiler by his side. So let sleeping dogs lie and leave Harry, Meghan , Archie and Lilibet in peace!

  28. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Off topic but in that header picture Harry looks like Charles. Maybe it’s the expression? Just my opinion

    Also, I don’t know anything about royal visits to other countries, but I agree with y’all. If you’re going to show up then follow the protocol. Aren’t they supposed to have advance parties to go and hammer out details? Isn’t there some sort of notebook with all that? Not that the royals pay any sort of attention to rules and whatever, just find it odd.

  29. Mary Pester says:

    Yawwwwn, so same sht different day!! Charlie invited HARRY, Harry said fk of pa. 10 days later, Charles refused to invite Harry to his birthday party, Harry said FK off pa.
    Charles has a twinge in his heart, Harry says, what heart? Fk of pa.
    And on and on it goes. When will the press stop this pretzel writing, twisting themselves in knots because they are to afraid of saying that the tour WAS ANOTHER FAILURE! That all it did was prove that Charlie and his morticia are racist completely and thoroughly racist. And no amount of twisting FACTS will change that.
    If Charlie wants to appear on the front pages as a hypocrite, he’s succeeded, if he wants to appear as a statesman who supports good causes around the world, AND ACTUALLY RAISES the money to do that (does not use it as a tax deduction from his vast fortune) then he’s failed, AND SHOULD call his youngest son or daughter in law for tips on how to do it, but there again, I fully expect Harry to say “fk of pa”.

  30. Chantal says:

    Funny how the BM keeps refusing to mention that C-Rex is also the head of the Church of England. Actually, its kinda smart to not remind people of the similarities between Chuck and Henry VIII and the awfulness of both kings.

    Regarding Kenya, the garbage king and his trashy consort treated that visit like a vacation, not a diplomatic visit on behalf of the UK govt. I hope other Black and Brown countries tell this a-hole king and the other trifling ass senior royals, to stay far away unless an apology if forthcoming. The blatant disrespect, rude behavior and obvious racism are just inexcusable and repugnant, just like them. The UK govt should be embarrassed that this is who is representing them on the world stage. And Chuck has some nerve putting this bs out after he ignored all of the Sussexes’ birthdays.

    • Gabby says:

      I like your idea. No royal tour invites from host countries unless an apology for the colonialism and the slavery and the all-around general exploitation is given. That and a pledge to do some good or provide some reparations. I hope all the commonwealth and other potential victim – oops I mean host countries – insist upon this.

    • LRB says:

      Have you seen the coverage of Willi in Singapore? He is having a fantastic holiday…. Not sure how dragon boat racing helps the environment. I wonder if he is sharing his 6* hotel suite with anyone…. But the press haven’t told us how much his hotel costs, or how many bathrooms the suite has. And I think Kathy is doing something on Wednesday… to do with one of her well earned Forces appointments. I thought she had to sit beside George while he sat his exams? Sorry his REALLY important exams.

  31. @BelizeEmpower says:

    This article keeps repeating the same talking point that “Charles loves Harry” but it’s the rest of the family who are p*ssed while giving the impression that Charles is conciliatory when we all know what he, along with Willy (and their wives), did to Harry & Meghan to force them out. Funny how these articles never mention the security & financial support taken away, the eviction by his own father, etc. but have the nerve to mention how much this jerk loves his son. As Scobie’s book, Endgame, alludes to…Harry was betrayed by his own family and therein lies the story and the problem.

  32. HeatherC says:

    Do they not teach geography in the UK? Does their super sexy global stateman single dad of an heir NOT have an actual degree in geography?

    Because if Harry is in California, a trip to Canada is NOT “overseas” FFS.

    • Gabby says:

      The university granted him a degree.
      Do not take that to mean he actually learned anything.

    • equality says:

      Yeah, I got a good laugh out of that. The BM seems to be geography-impaired about anything to do with the North American continent.

  33. Lorelei says:

    The Kenyan tour was such a success that almost the entire article is about Harry! 🤪

  34. equality says:

    “The Bentley did not join them in Kenya”? Who writes this type of drivel? It makes it sound like the car made the decision to not travel.

    • Chrissy says:

      Mr. Bentley did not join them in Kenya and he also he forgot to pack Chuck’s black tie ensemble. The entire tour is a bust because Mr. B didn’t do his job! Oh, the horror!

  35. Jaded says:

    That comment about Harry “flying overseas to Canada” really irked me as a Canadian. No you idiots, Canada is on the same frigging continent as the US. Also, Canada is a huge, vast country so the least you could have written was “flying to Vancouver, Canada for the Invictus Games”. Honestly, the stupidity is shocking. Furthermore, Harry could very well be flying overseas but the tabloid dunderheads wouldn’t find out about it until after the fact because he’s so good at travelling under the radar. SMH…

  36. Murphy says:

    Charles is the parent, the ball will always be in his court.

    Also, Canada is not “overseas” from California

  37. Robin Samuels says:

    Between now and the end of 2023, there will be countless articles stemming from the UK and royal house communication teams about Harry not being invited to a Windsor function.
    Charles’ friends include British journalists known as “clowns with a press pass,” such as Clarkson, Levin, Morgan, Nicholls, Tominey, etc. Why would Harry want to be in their company? The last birthday picture of Charles acknowledging his actual birthday, including Harry and Meghan, was in 2018.
    The relationship between Harry, his father, and his brother is severely damaged, and all media outlets must stop dancing around the truth. Charles and William were 100% complicit in the smear campaign. It’s taxing their credibility to keep Wootton and the Markles in their camp.
    Charles will be 75 years old next week, yet media outlets portray him as a fifteen-year-old suffering from emotional delusions; it’s genetic. The bond between Charles and William has shifted since the Sussex departure. There are lots of pointing fingers happening behind the curtain. It’s rumored that Wootton relocated to Scotland. Does this mean Charles provides cover for him in the interim because Harry has not removed Christian Jones’s name from the lawsuit?
    Firm/family: they need help establishing a united front; it is in disarray – missing jewelry, Kate wearing wigs and bandages on her fingers, William traveling without Kate, Sophie traveling without Edward, etc. I won’t speculate, but the situations they’re not reporting are the actual problem, and this is evident by their continuing to use Sussex stories as cover. They tip-toed around Meghan because they know she is D-O-N-E with her husband’s family.
    Stay tuned.

  38. JudyB says:

    Note that the original article referred to “one key guest” not coming. What about that “key” guest’s wife and children, the king’s grandchildren? And the whole article is ridiculous, as if anyone really expected Harry to arrive: 1) without his family, and 2) considering that his father had evicted him out the home the Queen had given for him as a wedding present.

    This is the bed Charles made and will have to lie in. Ditto for the BM.

  39. Feebee says:

    Tacky as hell to show up in suit and tie when your host is in black tie. In addition, to contrast with their European trips where they brought the tuxes and tiaras, it looks like they couldn’t be bothered.

    The “understood” Harry was invited. Don’t be all coy now. Was he (and by the sounds of it, he alone) invited or wasn’t he? And yes “Charles still won’t see his son”. And why is that? Because Harry’s not interested. I’m sure all know men who whatever reason cannot, will not or simply never apologise. Sometimes we don’t realize it ourselves until you think back and wonder why you apologise all the time and it hits you it’s never reciprocated. But I digress… anyway I think Charles is definitely one of those men x1000 because of his life’s entitlement.

  40. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    Per Harry’s spokesperson, there has no contact from the palace regarding His Majesty’s birthday and that it’s disappointing to see the Times report otherwise. The shade, I love it!

    • aquarius64 says:

      I saw that response from the Sussex spokesperson on Twitter. The Times reporter has egg on his face for not fact checking before running the story or knowingly report a false story and got called out on it.

  41. Cel2495 says:

    I don’t believe it at all. I think there is absolutely no communication between the Montecito Royals and those 💩 across the pond royals. Harry and Meghan simply stopped communicating with them and blocked them.

  42. L4Frimaire says:

    Ha! Harry debunked that lie. He hasn’t heard from Charles at all and why would they even lie about this? None of these royals can stand on their own. They always have to drag Harry and Meghan into their petty little endeavors.

  43. Lisa R says:

    Regarding the black tie event: In general, the guests dress-up more than the hosts, not the reverse.