Prince William posed awkwardly with celebs at the Singapore Earthshot Awards

If y’all want to Mute Challenge this story, I completely understand, but I genuinely want to talk about Prince William’s eagerness to be around attractive women and celebrities. The clout-chasing is really unseemly, and it’s really crass that a married man is paying people to brand him as a hot single guy. These are photos from the Earthshot Awards in Singapore. William made Cate Blanchett, Hannah Waddingham, Lana Condor and Sterling K. Brown fly all the way to Singapore for his sad Look At Me I Can Hang Out With Celebrities Too, Harry Awards. As always, William looks so much more relaxed when Kate isn’t around. He did mention her in a speech yesterday, as he clings to that dumb excuse about George’s exam:

Prince William is explaining why Kate Middleton didn’t travel with him on his visit to Singapore. In a speech on Monday morning, William said his wife couldn’t be with him because of an important family reason: Prince George’s schooling.

“Catherine is very sorry she can’t be here,” said the Prince of Wales, 41. “She is helping George through his first set of major exams.”

[From People]

If they really wanted to copy Harry and Meghan, William should have flown to Singapore (as planned) over the weekend, and then Kate could have joined him later so that she could support her husband at his big dumb event. The truth is, William didn’t want her there. That’s the big thing which no one can say out loud. William would rather do matching greens with Hannah Waddingham than spend one more minute with his wife. William would rather pose awkwardly with Cate Blanchett than get man-handled by Kate’s need to grope his ass in public. This whole situation is so bizarre to watch.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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  1. Eurydice says:

    Will and Cate, not Kate. He looks like he’s been photoshopped into that pic.

  2. Tessa says:

    Kate is no scholar. George probably is working with tutors. William really looks awkward in those photos. I wonder why Cate blanchett bothers going.

  3. Pretty sad you have to pay celebrities to come to your very sad awards. Where are all the pictures of the winners of this award. He tries to copy Harry but he does it so badly because all he wants to feature is himself with celebrities. Harry’s awards and Invictus are all about the veterans and the people not Harry. This is why Peg is such a failure because he thinks everything revolves around him and what he wants for himself.

    • Lulu says:

      Maybe they are secretly filming a season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and Willy has no idea.

  4. Zut Alors says:

    Oooh, he’s wearing that green velvet jacket. Hot stuff 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Snuffles says:

    Is he wearing Dr. Evil green velour again? He’s practically begging to be mocked.

  6. Andrea says:

    Is she sitting next to him at his desk? As a mother of 5 sons ages 33, 28, 23, 13, 10 I never once had to take time off work for big tests, i.e PSAT, SAT, periodical school testing. You help prepare your child well in advance and wish them luck.

    • Nerd says:

      Yes, that excuse still doesn’t make any sense. The preparation is well in advance regarding studying. On the day(s) of your child’s exams there is very little a parent can do besides a healthy meal before and ensuring they have adequate sleep beforehand. All of those things don’t require her being there. We have seen how she hovers over them, so I would be more concerned with her being overbearing and stressing him out more than anything. As I have said before, all of this testing would have been known well enough in advance that it didn’t make sense that she was initially slated to join William In Singapore, unless this stay to help George is a lie to make up for the fact that William doesn’t want her there.

      • ChattyCath says:

        Where is George’s indispensable Granny Carole? Oh she’s not that good at maths… but thought she was ‘concentrating on the grandchildren’ .

    • Tennyson.Sarah says:

      George is taking a 2 hour 25 evaluation test on a computer that will score his English, math, verbal and nonverbal reasoning skills.
      It’s called the pre assessment test by, is used for all private schools and the kids can take it as they want, anytime between Oct5 and June30.
      If it’s specifically for Eton it’s preferably any day in October or November.
      The school prepares the kids throughout the year.
      It’s not an exam but shows where a kid’s performances in reading, spelling, arithmetic, etc stand compared to other kids enrolled in the private school sector.
      State schools use other tests and kids don’t have the ability to choose their dates nor to be alone.
      Regardless of how he fares, George will be taken by any school where his father decides to send him.

      • SueBarbri33 says:

        I’ve always assumed that *George’s Very Important Test* is a smokescreen for a different kind of test for a different kid. My money is on Louis.

      • Unblinkered says:

        Thanks Sarah Tennyson, very interesting to know that detail. And I’m sure you’re spot on re G will be taken by any school regardless…..

        Suebarbri33, not sure what you’re hinting at?

  7. Becks1 says:

    Does he wear that green velvet jacket to every ES award? did someone tell him that’s the look of a climate change CEO?

    this whole thing is so bizarre and sad. And Kate’s absence is SUPER obvious.

    ETA I think now the palace came up with the testing excuse because it also grounds Kate while he’s there. She can’t schedule events to try to steal his thunder because she’s helping George. From William’s angle it was a clever lie because of that. A stupid lie, but still fairly clever.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I’ve actually been waiting to see if she’d either do an engagement or get herself papped doing the school run in her pearls. This is her normal stunting when she get benched.

      • The Duchess says:

        I’m surprised she’s done neither, especially a pap run. Obviously there’s still time for that, but not even a school-run photoshoot because she is just oh-so Keen to help George with his rigorous exams? Yeesh… maybe she’s been threatened with punishment if she dares to make any waves during Willy’s big moment…

      • Becks1 says:

        I am waiting for a pap shot.

        When did we hear she wasn’t going to Singapore? Before or after the NYC trip with her engagements in the UK clearly meant to take away from William’s trip? I feel like it was before but wonder now if I am misremembering?

        Either way my guess is William told his staff there was not be a repeat of that and no events were to be scheduled. But she could still get papped taking the kids for ice cream or whatever.

      • Lulu says:

        Kates budget comes from Willynow, not her father in law. Doubtful she will try any stunts and risk the wig budget.

      • Jais says:

        Saw a screenshot that she has an engagement on Wednesday. With some guards iirc?

      • Becks1 says:

        @Jais hmmm thats interesting. I wonder if she was told that was okay because it would be after the awards happened?

        But IIRC one of her events during NYC was with a military unit so I wonder if she’s figured out that she can get away with those because William can’t really say no?

      • Maybe now that Peg holds the purse strings she must behave less she not get a good divorce settlement.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Jais I think William comes home tomorrow and ES is officially “over” (despite being ES “week” in singapore) so that would make sense if she has an event. (I’m turning this over in my head.) Today was also Charles’ first opening of parliament so she wouldn’t be allowed to do anything today (Charles is probably annoyed ES was scheduled for today……)

      • Jais says:

        Okay, found the screenshot. She’s visiting the 1st the Queens Dragoon Guards. It’s her first time since being made colonel in chief by the king in august.
        They do all seem to pile events on top of each other.

      • Becks1 says:

        I wonder if she timed that visit so people forget that she wasn’t allowed at ES??

      • Harper says:

        The Fail has a photo of William and Hannah Waddingham with the caption “Who needs Kate?” Not William, evidently. CarolE’s worst nightmare is coming true.

      • Christine says:

        I’ve been waiting for Kitty to go rogue.

    • ShazBot says:

      Kate is grounded but…today is the opening of parliament with the King in full regalia!


    • Lux says:

      The Wails have been doing everything they can to show that “not going to Singapore” is not a big deal. They’ve done so many events together leading up to Earthshot to “counter” that narrative.

      I don’t know how much Wills really can’t stand Kate (in small doses of 1-hour “visits” he obviously can), but I believe the initial reporting stands—Will doesn’t want Kate to be the talking point. He doesn’t want the focus to be on her green screen dress and IS rolling out these solo “handsome” Prince visits. I was semi-convinced before but now I think instead of separating, they will follow the Camilla and Charles handbook—separate (places) but “together’”—for the rest of their lives.

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    Its very obvious that he’s a different person when his wife isn’t around – he’s not only more relaxed he’s more engaged with the event/people around him. I think part of the reason he’s soo tense when on public engagements is her is that he has one eye on making sure she doesn’t embarrass him.

    • WHAT says:

      You beat me to it 😂

      He looks like he’s enjoying the event with people other than Catherine which isn’t ackward it’s acknowledging that they really don’t enjoy being around each other.

      Just like the event he went to with Sophie you could tell he enjoyed himself.

      He looks ready to go 🤯 and always has his fists clenched around Catherine. Here 😁 he’s clearly engaging with the host and the other cate. Something that’s forced with the married in Kate

    • Marivic says:

      This is so true. William gets uptight and embarrassed with Kate around because he knows she’s an accident waiting to happen with her bloopers.

  9. equality says:

    It would be more impressive if the clothing worn by the celebs was sustainable and that was highlighted, instead of colored green.

  10. C says:

    This whole thing is silly. Look, for him these awards are obviously a vanity project but there are craploads of those in philanthropy so I’m not going to pick on him disproportionately for that necessarily, but trying to turn this into some red carpet event is just way too extra and makes no sense. It doesn’t even look fun. He’d do better by adopting Kate’s “round table with experts” approach imo.

  11. BW says:

    I’ll say something nice. Hannah looks GREAT! But why is she there?

    What was the dress code? One celeb in a ball gown, one in a pants suit, and one in a cocktail dress.

    And where are the winners? Shouldn’t he be posing with the winners to make their causes known?

    • Aidevee says:

      Wondering this too.
      Such a random collection of celebs. Are Cate and Hannah known for work in this sector? Apologies if I’m being stupid and have missed this.
      Could he not have asked Leo? He’s sleaze but is at least known for speaking about climate change.
      I don’t know. Just seems so random having Cate Blanchett judging all the cleantech.

  12. Linda says:

    Honest question here: why bring celebrities? Are they environnementalists à la DiCaprio? Is it just to have fancy people attend? I really don’t understand

    • Em says:

      Traditionally celebs are invited to events in order to get attention from international media. Clearly even future King Willie knows he’s not a big enough draw on his own, which is deeply funny. Kate does draw more attention but I guess in Wills eyes, not enough to justify his having to put up with her.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Because otherwise this farce would get even less press and attention than it already does. Who on earth(shit) would care about a smarmy Mr Burns lookalike in his ‘I’m an environmentalist big boy now’ green velvet tux jacket without celebs by his side? I’m surprised he’s not also wearing matching green velvet loafers with a big earth embroidered on the front.

      The whole thing – like his father’s recent embarrassing tour – is a clown show. Pegs should be highlighting and posing with the award nominees and winners. Have we heard or seen any single thing about them yet?

    • JT says:

      He brings in celebrities because this award show is all about making him look popular. He doesn’t really care about the innovators. The celebrities are there because they’re most likely getting paid for this. The last Keenshot prize spent over $7 million on PR, which was probably all of the fees to pay celebrities to show up.

    • Eurydice says:

      Well, Cate has been on the Prize Council since the beginning, I think – so at least she has a real reason to be there.

    • Snappyfish says:

      While I do believe Leo is environmentally conscientious & has been long before it was “cool”. he sure doesn’t seem to mind yachting, & on some truly massive vessels.

  13. Amy Bee says:

    I think William’s awkwardness is due to the fact that he doesn’t really want to do these events. His constant need to compete with Harry has led him to do things that he’s not really interested in doing.

    • Harper says:

      He wants to meet with celebs and get his pic taken. But he doesn’t have a passion for the cause. A slight interest, maybe. His real passion is for seeing what photos get published where.

      Whereas Invictus has the triumph of human spirit over adversity, in contrast Willy is already shifting the promotion of Earthshot to finding innovations that can be scaled up for corporate plunder. Then, he can take a share of the profits. Doesn’t exactly warm the cockles of one’s heart.

  14. M says:

    This exams excuse is ridiculous. He’s in school most of the day! This is William’s marquee event, but his wife isn’t there. That’s basically telegraphing your separation. Meghan went to Germany for her husband’s marquee event. She did the same last year for Well Child. KP is gonna have to try harder with the lies.

  15. Sans says:

    He looks like he’s working that evening…as a server or staff and then asked to take a picture with a celebrity

  16. Southern Fried says:

    I’m surprised Hannah would willingly spend any time with such a humorless douche.

  17. The Duchess says:

    As many have stated above, the exam excuse was rather clever on Willy’s behalf. He gets to bench his wife, have his moment in the sun and not have to worry about her making a fool of herself at every turn. It also puts Keen in a corner where she can’t pull any quick-trick engagements to try and steal some headlines, like she did when he was in NYC. She must be incandescent.

    As for Willy, he still looks awkward, but at least his fists aren’t clenched for once. You can see the difference in his demeanour when his wife isn’t around. Still awkward, but not as angry. Very interesting.

  18. Lulu says:

    The award part of award show is missing. Please cover the Nobel prize in Dec showing how winners should be treated. This is trumps level narcissism.

  19. beabea says:

    None of this is fact. Who is William paying to brand him as a hot single guy? The speculation on this write up is on another level.

  20. Brassy Rebel says:

    Everything about this is sad.

  21. TIFFANY says:

    Now that I have seen Sterling and Hannah together in a pic, I will very much like to see them do a project together.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Hard same. I don’t care what it is about I just want to see them together in a project.

  22. dido says:

    That velvet jacket… ugh they’re trying to make Fashion William happen again. It’s not going to happen

  23. Alexandria says:

    He looks more at ease but you can see he does not look settled or comfortable doing these. It’s because he is trying to be someone he’s not. It shows in every engagement except probably during that all guys podcast. Trying to be a statesman but there is no gravitas, no charisma, no sincere empathy. You get those after moving out of your comfort zone. Thinking of others instead of self. They really should have developed Pegs earlier especially after Diana died, and not just pander to his every need. I really think it’s too late.

    If he wants to be a statesman he also needs a wife who can converse and carry herself well with adults and children. Not just say “I am William’s wife”. A supporting partner is always good especially when you were born to take on a role instead of choosing what you want to be. It’s a long road.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Alexandria, I think this is what he needs to be doing more. Harry seems to have always been available for most of the work, and when there was a ‘do’ he was there to help with the small talk, etc. The only way W can get better at this stuff is to do it consistently. That’s all I’ve got.

    • s808 says:

      He’s such a charisma vacuum though…I don’t think he and kate should stay married cause they’re so unhappy but if he found someone else with some charisma and half a brain I don’t see how they won’t end up like Diana. He’s with his Camilla now and he’s not happy but I don’t think he or his ego could handle a Diana type.

  24. MsIam says:

    Well there’s no work in Hollywood and a check is a check. And is that the jacket that Egg wore with a turtleneck sweater? If so, at least he didn’t repeat that mistake.

  25. Em says:

    Is it just me or has there been very minimal press about this? Also the people they’ve paid to be present don’t seem very thrilled.

    • KASalvy says:

      I was just thinking that. If it wasn’t for celebitchy I would have had no idea this event was happening.

    • Lauren says:

      Even the royal watching sites I frequent don’t mention this. Without Kate there is no fashion or jewelry so no one cares

  26. Little Red says:

    Did the finalists not walk the “green” carpet?

    Yesterday evening’s CBS Evening News broadcast did do a story on one of the finalists from here in Virginia. They company is called Circ which has developed a process for recycling cotton/polyester blended fabrics.

  27. RebelSun says:

    So….I married into an upper class family at 23, divorced by 25. My ex husband has been coasting on his parents’ coattails his whole life, and he is IDENTICAL to Willy here…same awkwardness, same expectation that everyone will love him and hang on his every word because of who his parents are.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      RebelSun, interesting. It sounds like this type of personality is a result of the upper crust upbringing.

  28. Hannah says:

    I was quickly scrolling the headline captions on the Celebitchy homepage and I legit read this as “ … Sling Shot Awards …”

    So I clicked to post my very petty little comment

    • Mary Pester says:

      Mmm, just a couple of thoughts on this NON event /vanity project.
      Why are people being paid to be there, isn’t the incandescent one draw enough (OBVIOUSLY NOT)
      what are their clothes made of
      Why did an event to promote William / sorry, saving the planet (not the plank), require people to fly half way around the world to do it (press hypocrisy again)
      What is the total carbon footprint of earthsht this year?
      And finally, will someone please ask William to wear a deep mauve pair of pants with that jacket, then he will look just like his favourite emoji, instead of a prk with teeth

  29. MaryContrary says:

    DM headline: “WHO NEEDS KATE WHEN YOU HAVE HANNAH”. Lolololololol.

  30. molly says:

    Cate SO out-cools him. Makes him look like an even bigger geek loser…

  31. kelleybelle says:

    Still trying to polish a turd …

  32. QuiteContrary says:

    This whole exercise is sad and desperate.

  33. Lau says:

    Honestly, there even the need to Mute Challenge that thing because not even the royal press is talking about it aha. This is so embarassing.

  34. Beverley says:

    Where are the nominees and winners? It couldn’t be any more obvious that this is a fluff project, solely to promote Will and no one else. In chasing his brother’s popularity, Will is telegraphing that he has no gravitas, no empathy, and no clue about how to compete with Harry’s easy charm and love for people.

    William will never get it right because he quite frankly doesn’t give a damn about the Earthsh*t participants and contestants. I’ve come to believe that he’s a sociopath incapable of caring about anyone or anything besides himself. And yes, I think that unfortunately includes his children.

  35. Feebee says:

    The only people looking relaxed and happy in the moment is the photo of Hannah and Sterling together. That’s some fabulous looking star wattage there.

    Yeah. Willy is looking relaxed and happy *for him*.

  36. Erika says:

    Why does Peg always have that I smell something bad face?? He always looks so uncomfortable and rage-y.

  37. tamsin says:

    Is there a picture of William with the winners? Do they get walk the green carpet? It seems to me that William was there for two days ahead of this doing a “royal” tour and it was all about him visiting places. And that green velvet tux always gives me Hugh Hefner vibes.

  38. Lily says:

    I read that he spend almost 9 million to promote this shitshow and only 5 to the actual causes. So many celebs cost much money and the one who pays for it are the taxpayers but Harry and Meghan are the bad guys

  39. Proud Mary says:

    I often see royalists and other haters trying to credit the royal family for the Invictus Game’s global success. Yet Invictus gets all that publicity, dominates the headlines, without the need for celebrity attendees. So if royal proximity is all that is required for Harry’s event to receive publicity, then why isn’t that enough for William’s Earthshot? Why does he need celebrities? Also, Invictus is always about the athletes, yet with Earthshot the winners are hardly visible– the headlines are always about William. That’s why this comes across as pure vanity project, and a not very veiled attempt for him to compete with Harry. In their really lame attempt at projection, the British media tried to level this critique at the Sussexes, which, given the heavy emphasis on the athletes, couldn’t be further from the truth.

  40. Sophie says:

    Such a deeply unattractive man.

  41. Athena says:

    They should have used the Nobel Prize dinner as the template. Make it a two day event. Day one the nominees show they invention/ideas to the press and public. Meetings with others in the environmental field in the UK. Lots of press, lots of exposure to the ideas people are working on. Bring one or two winners from prior year to discuss their progress. Day two, a wonderful sit down dinner in one of the many spaces in Windsor Castle. Announce the winners. Have one or two entertainers during dinner and wrap it up. No need for celebrities, flying people all over the globe, and this would focus on the contestants.

  42. Tontonbouk says: