BBC: King Charles is expecting a birthday phone call from Prince Harry today

Here are some photos from King Charles’s “birthday party” at Highgrove on Monday. Charles invited a few dozen 75-year-olds to join him at a reception thrown by his foundation ahead of his 75th birthday today. Charles was in his element – surrounded by old farts and posing with a big cake. There are no photos of Charles eating that cake, but I hope the guests all got a slice. Today, Charles will be launching his Coronation Food Project. He wanted as many eyes on his launch as possible, which is why Charles is once again using his son’s name for added clout. It’s become quite a regular thing, Charles using Prince Harry’s name to draw attention to himself. The palace leaked some news to the BBC:

King Charles is celebrating his 75th birthday with a business-as-usual approach and the launch of a project to help people facing food poverty. But it’s understood that he will be getting a birthday greeting by transatlantic phone call from his younger son, Prince Harry.

The King’s birthday plans will also see him hosting a reception for NHS nurses and midwives.

Ceremonial gun salutes will mark the day, including at the Tower of London.

Public service rather than glitzy partying is being emphasised in the King’s birthday engagements, although it is expected that there will be a private dinner for close family and friends.

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will not be there, but well-placed sources say that the US-based duke will be putting in a birthday phone call to his father. The plans for a phone message might be seen as an olive branch, after claims that there had been no contact with Prince Harry about the birthday plans.

[From BBC]

There was no public contact and no social media posts from the Windsors for Harry’s birthday, which he celebrated in Germany at the Invictus Games. But was there actually “no contact” between Harry and Charles on or around Harry’s 39th birthday? If that’s so, Charles really is the sh-ttiest of dogs-t fathers. Couldn’t even send Harry a birthday card or a birthday text? And now Charles is using Harry’s name AGAIN. Harry shut it down when Charles briefed the media that Harry had been invited to his birthday party but Harry “snubbed” the invite. I hope Harry skips the call and just sent his father some rude “over the hill” card.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. vs says:

    Or Harry can stay quiet! Silence is the right way to deal with #ThatFamily.
    Tampon has the family members he wanted with him in salty island

  2. Cassie says:

    Such an unattractive old fart .

    I hope he gets heartburn tonight after his birthday bash .

    • 1960tlm says:

      Where’s Crap-milla, I don’t see her in any of the Birthday photos? Actually it’s his Birthday so where is everyone else? For days they have been talking about Harry, what about the royals that live there, and are not all the way in another Country? Will, Kate the grandkids, Ann, Andrew, Sophie? Nobody is there? Unless I’m wrong and there are other pictures with the family I haven’t seen.

  3. Josephine says:

    Super wealthy and coddled and he looks terrible. I’ve always wondered how he can look so sickly all the time. And why would it be a news item that his son would call him. Harry is not the one who is a jerk being led around by his sadistic horsey sidechick.

    • Izzy says:

      Centuries of inbreeding can have that effect.

    • Couch Potato says:

      He does. Look at the woman standing behind him in the top photo. If she’s 75, I’d like to know her beauty routine. The woman on the right looks older than the lady behind him, but no where near as old as him.

      • bubblegum dreams says:

        What’s that saying? If you black you don’t crack?
        Just good genes plus more collagen and melanin in her skin which protects her from the ravages of the sun and everyday wear and tear..

      • Couch Potato says:

        Good genes indeed! She really looks great!

  4. Amy Bee says:

    Yeah, I don’t believe this story. This is the Palace manipulating the public and the press once again.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Not to mention trying to manipulate Harry into calling him: the king expects a call from Harry whom he treats like 💩 every day except his birthday!

    • Couch Potato says:

      Yeah, look at the phrasing; “it’s expected…” is their usual way of saying we have no idea if he’ll call, but we tell the media anyway. Otherwise they won’t bother to write about the old fart.

      • Taytanish says:

        Imagine, being 75years old, you are the king of the UK, and some other commonwealth countries but still can’t get any attention on yr own but have to clout chase yr younger son to get some relevance.🤔🤔 I really love this for Charles. If this article was written without any mention of Harry, I’m sure it would get zero clicks if at all. Good for you king charles

  5. J.Ferber says:

    Charles is that asshole who doesn’t call or mark his son’s birthday in any way, but then expects/or pretends to expect said son to reach out on his birthday, not to mention Charles ignoring Harry’s whole family, including the babies. You are not pitiful in the way you think you are, Charles. You are pathetic, despicable and so, so small.

    • equality says:

      He’s also the person who wouldn’t pick up the phone when PH called to ask for security for his family.

  6. I kinda doubt Harry is calling. This is a way to get it in there that Harry a horrible son who didn’t even call his father. The lengths the go to to make Harry out to be mean but we all know he isn’t. Nice try cultloids. Hope Chuckles makes sure that cake is served for days so that there is no waste.

  7. Becks1 says:

    Well, this doesn’t mention Harry’s bday at all. This line – “claims that there had been no contact with Prince Harry about the birthday plans” is about Charles’ bday, not Harry’s. But, they weren’t “claims” that there had been no contact, it was a statement from Harry’s spokesperson that the palace did not refute.

    do I think Charles may expect Harry to call him? Yes, because I think that’s how Charles’ mind works. do i think there are any “plans” for such a phone call or anything? Meh, not really.

  8. Advisor2u says:

    Old fool can’t stop his old habits.
    In your old age, on your 75th birthday, you still use your youngest son, who in his memoir let the whole world know how you neglected and hurt him since his mum died, now almost 20 years ago. But you continue to sell him to the press.

    Chuck keeps telling the press (not Harry, apparently), that he loves Harry and wants to repair the relationship, once? Boy, what can one say anymore?

    Regarding this small family dinner:
    Charles is so loved by his family, even two of his three siblings are away from home today; Anne is in Scotland and Edward was on his way to Singapore the morning to attend a Commonwealth Games assembly. So who are the people who will be attending the ‘family & friends’ birthday dinner? I doubt Willy and Kitty will be there. Andrew, maybe, the old Kents?

    • Advisor2u says:

      Correcting the mathematics; Chuck has been misusing Prince Harry for over 26 years (at 13 and further) as media currency to deflect for his shenanigans, and to draw attention to himself.

  9. Lady Esther says:

    I hope Charles carefully eats every last slice of that huge cake. No food waste indeed!

  10. Chica says:

    Is it me but a very weird story to put out there?

    • Ohwell says:

      Yes, it is and that it was posted by the BBC. They want Harry to read it and take it seriously. Basically, Charles is waiting for Harry to call his and Charles will see it as a olive branch. He will then run to the media with details of the call.

      I hope Harry does not call.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Ohwell, I was thinking that it was the media’s way of getting Harry to respond in some way as he did with the supposed birthday invite which was written in the Telegraph. They think he will respond if it isn’t the rota. Idiots.

        Do I think Harry will do anything? Who knows. I wouldn’t

  11. Mslove says:

    Will the Rottweiler be joining Chuck for his birthday dinner? Or will she be busy living her separate life?

    • @MSLove It takes a lot to get Horsilla ready. Gotta get her from the stables. Pick out tasteful livery. Get livery on. Some how get rid of that old nag smell. Then there are the shoes. Gotta get the farrier in to change the shoes. It’s no wonder when she does appear she looks rode hard and put away wet.

    • ElleE says:

      Kaiser covered a DM article from 2010 that stated that Charles and Camilla were separated. It was a very believable story, based on events at the time.

  12. ElleE says:

    PH Story Bingo:
    “transatlantic” (bc he might be in NYC, Colorado, but def. in the USA)

    “Olive Branch” (he is still persona non grata)

    Harry may be calling his father on his birthday; that would be something that would have to be in the king’s diary and of course, would be leaked (to confirm what PH already knows).

    • BeanieBean says:

      ‘Transatlantic phone call’ just gives you a hint to the age of these dumb English writers. That it’s the BBC makes it even worse, somehow. ‘Transatlantic’? You mean, as in cable along the ocean floor? Geez Louise, join us in the 21st century!

  13. SussexWatcher says:

    Harry, Harry, Harry! The obsession is real. My goodness! Not a day goes by where Harry’s name isn’t dragged into some article or business that has nothing to do with him. I guess old habits of using him as the family scapegoat die hard. Not a single word about king Chuckles’s own wife or Pegs the heir, just Harry Harry Harry. Gotta get those clicks, I suppose.

    Welp, I hope Harry shows his shit father the same amount of love and attention that Chuckles showed Harry on his own birthday. Zero.

  14. Tessa says:

    Charles really looks terrible in those photos. With silly expressions on his face

  15. Brit says:

    Charles has no self awareness at all. You kicked them out of their house, took away security to force them back, forbade Meghan from being by Harry’s side at Balmoral. PUBLICLY! Then Harry ripped up your narrative about a birthday invite. This is for the press who are angry they don’t have access to their golden goose and were upset about Harry ruining weeks of stories. They want Harry to call and are trying to manipulate him into calling, so they can give their editor friends stories.

  16. Tessa says:

    No mention of Charles getting in touch with Meghan Archie and Lily.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Charles has already made his feelings known about Meghan. I think people should accept that he doesn’t regard Meghan as part of the family.

  17. TheWigletOfWails says:

    Can Harry get some rest? While they were briefing and reporting on supposed birthday calls, it was night time in Montecito. I hope he has his phone on DND rn, just as he did when Philip descended.

  18. SarahCS says:

    Is the cake straight? In the top pic it looks like a lean to the left.

    • TIFFANY says:

      I thought it was just me, Sarah.

      So they either stacked it and drove it there, the support isn’t working or they were rushed because they were not given enough time to do the order.

    • Ms CP says:

      That’s what I thought too! 🫣

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      And why does it have “Highgrove” on it instead of “happy birthday”?

  19. Seriously? says:

    Person of color front and center for this photo op as usual.

    • Debbie says:

      Front and center, and another (blurred) in the background of another photo for when they get a yen for that “We’re very much not quite racist” feeling.

  20. Over it says:

    I could be remembering wrong but wasn’t there a story Kaiser covered a couple weeks ago that said that Harry didn’t receive any calls from that bottom dwelling family of his foe his birthday? It was probably Rebeca someone or the other that wrote it. I am too lazy to go look. Oh heck , let me at least try

  21. Over it says:

    It was called the Sussex were cut off because the Windsors were fed up.
    So if these demons didn’t call Harry for his birthday, why should Harry call dog-sh—-t for his? After all , it’s the parents job to call their children. Children didn’t ask to be here .

  22. aquarius64 says:

    Anyone with a functioning brain knows Charles is on the wrong here. Still using his son. But In also think the media is cooking this up for clicks.

  23. Mary Pester says:

    Ahhh, the British Bullshting Corporation strikes again.
    Why the hell would ANYONE let alone a man of principles like Harry phone this old goat? He treated Harry like sht from a very young age, he kept him poor and in something close to a shack, with a clothing allowance that meant he had to shop in the sales, then when Harry met, fell in love with and married Megan, he decided that he was going to disrupt Harry’s relationship with his grandmother, allow the press to slander and bully Megan, until they had no choice but to leave this toxic island. He then put their lives at risk by withdrawing funding for their security, leaked their address in Canada to the press. Evicted them from their wedding present from the Queen, AFTER they spent millions making it habitable. And has done everything he can to make their lives bloody miserable, and that’s AFTER marrying the woman who first destroyed, then stole his mother’s life. so NO Harry won’t be phoning, but he might send him a box of tampax!!

  24. Thelma says:

    On a separate note, I have that tea set he’s holding…Chelsea from the Royal’s such a pretty low key Spring like set that the late Queenmother had designed.

  25. Eurydice says:

    What a sad picture – Charles waiting forlornly by the phone, weeping salty tears into his stale birthday cake…

  26. Ohwell says:

    The palace leakers can’t help themselves. Why would the BBC even print this story? Charles comes off looking totally pathetic and lonely.

  27. Jais says:

    How would anyone in the palace have any idea as to whether Harry will call? Unless Harry emailed one of the private secretaries and said I will call on his birthday. Which would mean the palace leaked.
    Again. Or it’s made up and Charles just hopes that Harry will call him. Lame either way.

  28. Ace says:

    Of course BP needs to mention Harry to give some traction to the Chuck birthday story! It’s embarrasing for the BBC to do this kind of thing, but then again the BBC is embarrasing when it comes to the Royals.

    It is a good move because I bet Harry won’t have his spokeperson deny the story, it’s couched in a way that’s obvious to anyone with two braincells to rub together it’s a lie, and at the same time it would make Harry look callous if he said he wasn’t planning to call his father on his birthday. Not that it would be callous of Harry, we all know Chuck is a shit father than deserves as much attention from Harry as Meghan gives to Thomas Markle, but that’s what it would look like to a lot of people. But I think it’s just a matter of time until we learn that no call ever happened.

  29. Beverley says:

    Charles *needs* Harry, the only global superstar blood royal. His media overlords have made it clear.

    But Charles really doesn’t want Harry back. He knows that Harry and Meghan are a package deal. Charles hates Meghan for helping Harry realize his own worth. And he is furious that Meghan birthed two children with Black blood into the line of succession. He will never forgive her for that sin.

  30. lanne says:

    Charles is using Thomas Markle tactics here. He’s basically making it impossible for Harry to communicate with him. Meghan calls Thomas, the call is recorded and leaked to the media. Thomas already has a script to follow in the event of Meghan calling–that’s my fervent belief. Harry calls Charles and while the recording won’t be leaked, the courtiers will be sent out to talk about the phone call, and they will twist Harry’s words into whatever manner they think will do most harm to Harry. Neither one of them can trust their biological fathers. What an awful thing to have in common–fathers willing to sell you out for their own benefit. Charles is no better than Thomas Markle. He just wears fancier hats. He sees his child as a commodity, just like Thomas. The Sussexes have wisely gone no contact with both of them for their own physical and mental safety. Change the specific royal details and post this story online for advice, the resounding response would be for the subject to do exactly what Harry and Meghan are doing: remove yourself and your kids from the toxicity and go no contact.

    • kirk says:

      Chuck is worse than Thomas Markle, way worse. Chuck is bred to the bone to uphold British imperialism and the hierarchy on which the monarchy rests. Thomas was a loving father who supported Meghan through her adolescence. Chuck with Harry? Not so much. Thomas was weak and insecure enough to be indoctrinated by the rotgut British client media, then sold out by BRFCo. Chuck is at the head of the brit-hydra that’s willing to offer up H-M as the ultimate sacrifice. Chuck and his nag are evil.

  31. phlyfiremama says:

    I hope Harry DOES call, says a perfunctory happy birthday you old coot, and oooops my kids need their dad I gotta go. Peace out bye. 😂😂😂

  32. L4Frimaire says:

    This really is trying to get Harry to do something, anything, to give Chuck some publicity. Does he not have FaceTime? Maybe Harry sent a card or telegram, talking about Transatlantic phone calls. Is it 1940? It is just tacky to keep trying to use Harry to generate interest in these people. Watch the next few days, they’ll be using Meghan to get interest in whatever Kate will stumble through. They are constantly trying to shift the responsibility for their own bad behavior onto the Sussexes and then when the Sussexes ignore them or call them out, try to make that into an issue as well. The “how dare you contradict our lies” approach to PR I guess. Now no one is talking about Chuck’s birthday. Instead we’re talking about what Harry will or won’t do on Charles’ birthday. These people are idiots.

  33. Madi says:

    Charles does seem the type to say “you aren’t over this yet”. Now remember he complained loudly about everyone. Not only that but complained and got right back in his regular spot. Complained about his scary parents and teachers and sat right back next to them. Lol.

  34. heygingersnaps says:

    This is beyond pathetic! The BBC headline is “Kings Charles to get 75th birthday call from Prince Harry” lol!!!! gtfoh, these clowns and losers.
    I hope chucky gets the birthday that he deserves.

    • VADER says:

      Right!? If I was a British citizen, I would be pissed that my tax money is funding the BBC putting out stupid articles like this.

      Then again, I would also be pissed that I am funding a useless and awful royal family as well.

  35. QuiteContrary says:

    If I were Harry, the only reason I’d call this POS excuse for a father would be to ask when my refund for the Frogmore Cottage reno was going to be delivered.

  36. kelleybelle says:


  37. Chelsea says:

    How exactly is Harry calling Charles an olive branch for Charles not inviting Harry to his birthday party and then leaking that he did invite Harry but Harry snubbed him? Is Charles such a disgusting narcissist that he believes that allowing his son to call him (after he probably didnt call his son for his son’s birthday) is so benevolent of him that it counts as an olive branch??? And then he had his staff leak it to once again try to make him look better?

    There’s something really wrong with that man. I can not imagine acting the way he does especially at his big age. You’ve been on this planet 75 years and you’re still pulling crap like this? If Harry does call him i hope it’s a 5 second Happy Birthday and then he hangs up saying he’s busy.

  38. Nerd says:

    Whenever talking about Chuckie and birthdays, the only thing that needs to be said is that he scheduled his ConAnation on his biracial grandson’s birthday. The same biracial grandson who he removed security from and revealed his location to those who hate him and his parents. Let’s also remember when talking about birthdays that this is the same man who wasn’t present to his biracial granddaughter’s first birthday which was in the UK. He also ignored both his son and DIL’s birthdays. He couldn’t even do the decent thing of posting pictures of any of them during his own celebration of 75 years because he is a petty a**hole. So he deserves the same disrespect he has shown Harry, Meghan, Archie and Lili Diana.

  39. J.ferber says:

    If Harry called, Charles would not take the call. But Harry won’t call and Charles is a p.o.s any way you slice it.

  40. Saucy&Sassy says:

    “But it’s understood that he will be getting a birthday greeting by transatlantic phone call from his younger son, Prince Harry.”

    I had no idea that people still used the term ‘transatlantic phone call’ in this century.

    You understand that KFC will be getting a birthday greeting from Harry, huh? More fool you.

  41. Philly says:

    Look I am no fan of Charles but the ageism on this site lately is making me uncomfortable. There’s already enough prejudice against older people without us adding to it.

  42. Debbie says:

    Oh, brother.

  43. J.ferber says:

    Philly, people don’t hate Charles for his age, but because he’s a horrible human being and always has been. I respect the hell out of Jimmy Carter, who either is or nearing 100. Great and good man. I voted for him in 1980, my first presidential election. Charles just doesn’t deserve the respect, old or young, sum total.

  44. Karmaflower says:

    Lol okay Chuckie. You go ahead and wait by the phone. Hurry up-could be any second!