Royal reporters: The timing of Omid Scobie’s ‘Endgame’ is ‘utterly deplorable’!

Over the weekend, there was a British talk show clip circulating on Twitter. The clip featured Robert Jobson, one of the many royal biographers and commentators. Jobson is mostly known as having some kind of inside track with King Charles and Camilla. The reason why the clip was circulating was because Jobson shockingly did not toe the royal line about Omid Scobie or Scobie’s Endgame. Jobson praised Scobie as a “pretty good” journalist and rejected the claims that Scobie is the “Sussexes’ cheerleader.”

I thought of this clip as I watched the Daily Mail hate machine gear up for what will probably be a weeks-long campaign targeting Scobie:

Omid Scobie’s decision to piggyback the release of his new Prince Harry and Meghan Markle book on the King’s 75th birthday and the sixth and final series of The Crown was branded ‘deplorable’ today.

Royal journalist and author Phil Dampier told MailOnline: ‘We all know that Scobie is their mouthpiece and he gets his information directly or indirectly from the Sussexes, so anything which is hurtful to Charles, Camilla or William and Kate, will just make things much worse. Let’s put it this way – I can’t see Harry and Meghan coming over for a family Christmas. The King has always left the door open for his son and will continue to do so. But in reality if there are more serious allegations in Scobie’s book it will set back any chance of a reconciliation’.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said: ‘The timing of this is utterly deplorable. I think the Sussexes will have to think hard about whether or not Scobie is their spokesman or their friend. It will be interesting to see if Harry and Meghan will still want to be associated with Scobie after this. Of course, the fact that it’s been leaked to People magazine makes one wonder what’s been going on behind the scenes’.

[From The Daily Mail]

LMAO “the fact that it’s been leaked to People magazine” – it was not “leaked.” Scobie and his publisher agreed to give People Magazine exclusive excerpts along with an interview with Scobie. It’s called book promotion. Many royal biographers/authors work that way, they just work out a serialization deal with a British newspaper. As for the pissy threats about “I can’t see Harry and Meghan coming over for a family Christmas” – they’re so mad that they don’t have anything else to threaten the Sussexes with. And again, Scobie has made it clear that he has a wide array of sources from Camp Sussex, Camp Wales, Camp Charles/Camilla and Camp Spencer too.

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  1. RebelSun says:

    I mean… it’s a good thing I’m not Omid because I actually would release this book at the most chaotic possible time 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Cessily says:

      Well it is being released between the final episodes drops of the Crown.. hope it makes that families holiday season, Princess Diana’s ghost is everywhere.

    • DK says:

      I’m pretty sure the release timing has a lot more to do with making it onto holiday gift giving guides, people’s wishlists, etc. – he timed this book to be a perfect Christmas gift for anyone interested in the royals at all.

      Chucky’s birthday had nothing to do with it, but the fact that the palace thinks everyone checks the Royal calendar for birthdays and events to determine the best revenge time to release books, go to concerts or even just go out to dinner with friends will never not be hilarious to me.

      They are far up their own asses it is astonishing.

      • Lurker25 says:

        Just like TV has a fall season when new shows are aired, books have fall and spring (and sometimes summer) releases.

        Fall (again like movies and TV) is usually when the most anticipated books get released, the ones that are expected to get noticed and get into Xmas gift lists.

        Release dates are planned over a year in advance.

        This “piggyback” on KC3 bday, the crown blah blah… Jesus these people really think everything revolves around the prune king of salt island 🙄

    • BeanieBean says:

      Pretty sure authors have zip-all to do with when their books are released–that’s all up to the publisher. Those English writers are just psycho.

  2. equality says:

    It’s never the right time. Somebody just had a BD, QE just died, QE is old, KC is old, one of the corgis is ill, somebody is launching an initiative…. There will always be some reason the simple truth can’t be told, but it’s never the wrong time for H&M hatred or lies in the tabloids.

    • Chaine says:

      Exactly! “how dare Omid release his book the same week Queen Camilla has an appointment with the podiatrist to get her ingrown toenail removed” and so on and so forth

    • SarahCS says:

      Or, and hear me out here, maybe they just don’t want anything out there that messes with the carefully crafted narratives that pay their bills? Nah, it can’t be that.

    • Dot Gingell says:

      Chuck the Greedy has 2 birthdays so nothing else is allowed to happen on 14th November or the second Saturday in June.

  3. My god the insanity is so very real. The lengths they go to find everything is over shadowing Chuckles birthday. Like Chuckles is soooo much more important than even God. Good thing Chuckles wasn’t born on December 25th. Just think of the chaos about everything being about that and not Chuckles.

    • Libra says:

      Right. And most of he world would say Charles who?

    • Robert Phillips says:

      And what I never understand. They can never defend what is written in those books that overshadow everything. Why won’t some journalist tell them. If they didn’t act that way no one could write these books.

  4. Jais says:

    So when exactly would be a good time? Lol, I’m thinking never for some of these royal reporters. Anytime is deplorable.

  5. Beverley says:

    If the British public reading this rubbish actually believe that Scobie has the power to dictate to his publishers about the timing of his book’s release, they must be incredibly gullible and I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

  6. sevenblue says:

    I remember that Jobson and Omid were both invited as royal reporters together by US networks. Their views were different of course, I think that’s why they were invited to present two sides of the situation. Probably, through things like that they established some kind of rapport. Some RR like Jobson understand that the real money is in USA, so I don’t think he will go full deranged especially when his college gets media attention from People Mag.

    • ML says:

      I dislike Jobson, but KC chose him personally and gave him access. The fact that Jobbo isn’t spewing hatred toward Scobie is rather interesting. Could Jobson be one of Scobie’s sources?

      The freak out is clearly due to “The Monarchy’s Fight for Survival” part of the title. The RF has been hurt by losing H&M, and it’s been flailing about since QE2’s death. The RR is writing stories that clearly show the king and his heir not getting along. Their popularity has dropped. And now during both The Crown and gift-giving season here’s Omid Scobie questioning the monarchy.

      • Lady D says:

        They didn’t lose Harry and Meghan, they drove them out. I hope their self-inflicted pain is of the chronic variety.
        I hope Omid didn’t frame it as losing them, in his book.

    • Nic919 says:

      Jobbo is one of the RR who has commented on the different treatment of William and Harry by the media prior to Meghan being in the picture. There is a clip of him saying this in one of the older documentaries. So he knows what is going on but changes his language depending on where he is speaking.

      The only surprising thing was that he said positive things about Omid on a British show.

  7. BW says:

    Hehehehe! H&M’s photo is higher on the cover than Chuck and Will’s photos. I’m waiting for someone to complain about that.

    Will and Kate are doing the “fig leaf” pose and not touching each other, while H&M are arm in arm AND holding hands.

  8. Libra says:

    It is time for Sussex spokesperson to re -issue the denial that Omid is their mouthpiece. It is out there from a few years ago but of course is conveniently forgotten now.

  9. Mslove says:

    OMG, it sounds like Fitzwilliams is telling the Sussexes to choose between Scobie & the king, lol. He sounds like an old biddy.

    • Nic919 says:

      This is the same guy who provided comments about the Oprah interview before it ever aired. He probably has a list of comments to draw upon.

  10. QuiteContrary says:

    I’m glad Jobson pushed back on Omid being an unofficial spokesperson for the Sussexes.

    The British royals really do think the world revolves around them.

  11. Becks1 says:

    Didn’t Jobson have a comment a few weeks ago that was similar? I mean not about Omid but he said something that completely pushed back on the usual RR narrative? Was he the one who just flat out said William was boring?

    I’m actually okay with them saying Omid is the Sussex mouthpiece, eve if its not true, because then it means that Eden is KP’s mouthpiece or Tominey is Kate’s mouthpiece and Jobson is Charles’ mouthpiece etc.

    • Nic919 says:

      Jobbo is one of those who knows what is going on and I also wonder if he has seen the book already and knows it is not as critical of Charles as it is of William. He’s pointed out the favourable media treatment William has been given in past documentaries and he’s never been linked to KP, so maybe being decent about Omid doesn’t affect his links with BP.

    • lanne says:

      There’s no element of fairness though. In their eyes, it’s outrageous that the Sussexes could have a mouthpiece while its normal that KP or BP would have one. Thus the pushback. We’re not talking about reasonable people reasoning. There’s no reasoning with haters and racists. It’s just their way or the highway.

      Jobson’s no fool. He knows he needs to keep his options open for America, and participating in the irrational pile-on could make him radioactive. He’s a rabid pro Chuck royalist and he’ll protect that, but at least operates as a journalist, and can respect a fellow journalist as a colleague, unlike the other ratchets who are just shills for the palaces and their own bigoted gatekeeping.

      • Becks1 says:

        oh there’s no fairness to it at all! it just makes me laugh on the inside, lol.

        I also think for Jobson, he’s a pro Chuck royalist like you said but I think he really dislikes W&K (same with Palmer) and I think because of that we’re starting to see these interesting tidbits from him.

      • Jais says:

        Yeah, Jobsen is one who I think sees William for who he is. He has worked with omid on abc for a number of events. When omid used to have a podcast, he had Jobsen on to talk about his current book, I think about Phillip? Or maybe Charles. I can’t remember.

  12. Brassy Rebel says:

    “His new Prince Harry and Meghan Markle book”? The book is actually about the monarchy at a crisis point so I guess it somehow follows it’s about H&M. Everything is.

  13. Amy Bee says:

    These people are unhinged.

  14. Mary Pester says:

    Cry you muppets cry and shout all you want it’s being RELEASED in parts through “PEOPLE magazine”, not leaked, and aren’t you jealous 😂🤣😂🤣

  15. 2cents says:

    I just read a comment on Twitter/X that Omid’s book’s publisher is owned by Murdoch. 👀 I wonder how “independent” Omid is (not doubting his integrity).

    My suspicion started when he wrote spicy criticism of the royal family in articles during his Yahoo.Uk period as royal editor. These were refreshing compared to the usual royal rota drivel. And now his explosive book End Game takes it a step further.

    Could Omid be supported by parts of the establishment (like Murdoch) who may secretly support a regime-change in Britain towards a republic and abolishment of the monarchy? In the past Murdoch has openly stated that he favors a republic. Like most revolutions change starts within the elites who will push forward new leaders to bring about change.

  16. Izzy says:

    They should thank their lucky stars I wasn’t the one in charge of picking the release date. I would have done it on the day of the Chubbly.

  17. Saucy&Sassy says:

    It appears that Jobson is one of the few who understand what the writeups are leaving for the rest of the world to look askance at. I know he’s been one who writes for the brf, but he’s been around long enough that I bet he knows a WHOLE lot about each family member. If he is moderating his speech, it could be that he doesn’t want to look like a fool globally. I’ll have to pay a bit more attention to what he writes–of course, only if it makes it to CB.