Oksana Grigorieva is pissed at Mel Gibson for not helping with the baby

Mel Gibson and his pregnant girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva leave Balthazar restaurant

In November, Mel Gibson’s girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva gave birth to their daughter Lucia. Mel wasn’t there at the birth, but he flew back to Los Angeles for a few hours to spend time with Lucia and Oksana, then flew back to New York to finish filming on a new movie. After she gave birth, Oksana gave the first photos of the baby and an exclusive interview to Britain’s Hello! Magazine, and she went on and on about how Mel is “solid and faithful” and how he was a “hands on” father who “has been very doting and nurturing”. Well, that didn’t last long, according to the Enquirer:

Oksana is biting her tongue after praising Mel’s parenting skills. Oksana is suddenly steamed because Mel’s not helping with Lucia as much as she’d like. He’s not even living at the house he bought for his mistress – and worse, he’s back to night-clubbing with both hands.

“Mel can go days without even stopping by Oksana’s home and checking on Lucia – much less feeding her, putting her down for a nap or changing a diaper,” said a friend.

“Mel tells Oksana he isn’t raising Lucia any differently than he did his other passel of kids, and that Robyn really did the raising.”

Now, pals say, Oksana fears Mel’s ready to ditch the relationship.

[From The National Enquirer, Mike Walker’s column, print edition, 12.21.09]

This is both delicious and sad, right? I mean, I’m human – I feel for Oksana because she’s got this little innocent baby with Crazy McSugart-ts for life, and she’s starting to understand what a f-cking ordeal it’s going to be. On the other hand, what took her so long to realize it? And she got what she wanted – she made sure that she and Mel got together, and that he was stuck with her, so this is all her own bitter answered prayer. As for Mel, I have no doubt that he’s out there, solo, getting drunk at bars and doing everything that a raging alcoholic does. And for him, I have no sympathy.

Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster on the set of ''The Beaver'' Shooting in the Bronx

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Oh please, I have zero sympathy for her. She was screwing around with a married man, regardless of what they say, and she knew what he was all about, so too bad that the greedy gold digger is having to take care of the kid herself.

    It is nothing that I am sure his WIFE,Robyn didn’t have to do, during the course of raising his 7 (?) children over 20 years!

    She needs to STFU, put on her big girl pants and accept that this is life with Mel, or else get out and get a job and get child support. End of story!

  2. Lway says:

    Grass isn’t always greener on the otherside huh?

    Mel Gibson is too old for babies and getting up for them and running around – he is ready to be a grandpa – i don’t mean to offend anyone on this blog. If you’re over 45 and you have small kids and the energy to run around, then i take my hat off to you – however i do not believe that Mel is “fit” in that way anymore. His other kids are all grown up already.

    I am 28 and have 2 small kiddies aged 6 and 3 and when they go to bed at 8pm – i am so exhausted that i often fall asleep shortly after they do

  3. nAynAy says:

    I certainly feel for the baby, if Mel is being a complete A-hole, because the baby didn’t ask to be born, or ask to have parents like them. However, Oksana is getting exactly what she deserves. She had to realize that he as an A-hole, when she decided to hook up with him.

  4. Judy says:

    The baby doesn’t care if he is there or not, all she cares about is eating and sleeping right now. If this is true well what can ya say?? she asked for it lol She wanted Mel, she got Mel now deal with it lol Do not tell me this thing has no nanny..because she has a day nanny and a night nanny..boohoo for her,

  5. princess pea says:

    *sigh* I’m a bad person.

    I think this is hilarious.

  6. Icecat says:

    Very fitting and funny!

  7. Bete says:

    Mel has realised that he chose a Russian gold digger?

  8. Kayleigh says:


    Because he totally didn’t ditch his wife of a hundred years and a family for her, right?!

  9. Green Is Good says:

    Is today vindictive gold-digger day? We got Octosana and Rielle Hunter. These hags think sh*tting out a kid is their ticket to easy street.

  10. Black Kat says:

    karma biotch !!

  11. Frenchie says:

    as if she is the only person on earth who didn’t knew he is the biggest macho of Hollywood !!

  12. susieqinBA says:

    All her “wonderful” things she said about Mel have come back to slap her in the face. hahahaha. She wanted a $$$$baby$$$$ so that’s what she got. I still don’t believe she truly wanted a looooong relationship with this man; she’s trying to make herself out to be a “victim”. I’m joyed that they’re not living together (now it’s time to kick her out of Sherman Oaks), I’m joyed that he’s ready to “ditch” her. For the night-clubbing I hope the man got himself fixed!! Oh, by the way Oksana, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

  13. Kathie says:

    Lway and Firestarter have already covered my two main points to which I add a hearty amen! Lway you are certainly not offending me! I am glad that nature does not intend for women to bear children into their 40s and 50s I have neither the time nor the inclination to parent little ones at my age. Firestarter you are right, she asked for what she got. I do think this is funny though! She is hoist with her own petard, He has to deal with the recrimination and tears while Robin gets to spend the generous settlement she will no doubt recieve! Yay!

  14. annie says:

    I knew he would be the one to screw her first, he cheat on her exactly like he did robyn, this is a rerun.

  15. Tia C says:

    Mel seems like the type of old school misogynist who would lose interest in a sexy mistress once she pops out a kidlet. There’s just nothing sexy about diapers. No wonder he’s back to the nightclubs. No sympathy for either one of them. They both made their proverbial beds.

    I love how much enjoyment some of you on here are getting out of this story, LOL!

  16. Temeneos says:

    um,,,what a surprise?

    Really, who is surprised besides the Russin golddigger?

    *crickets chirping*

    I thought so….

  17. susieqinBA says:

    One more thing to add: Mel’s words that “Lucia has changed his life, he has a new life” (something like that). Like I said, Gipson, you can’t have a new life with old ways!!!

  18. Victoria says:

    Man I just hope this gets back to Robyn! She will laugh her arse off! “Mel’s not helping w/the baby? Really?”

  19. irishserra says:

    How shocking!


  20. Jazz says:

    What did she expect? Robyn probably raised his other seven kids while Mel was out getting his freak on.

  21. Alarmjaguar says:

    Yep, that poor baby, but really, she’s surprised, come on!

  22. Raven says:

    The only one I feel sorry for is the baby. That child will have a lousy upbringing stuck with a golddigging mom and a hypocritical self-centered jerk for a father. At least Mel’s other kids had a responsible mother.

    Saltpeter is too good for Mel. Where is Lorena Bobbitt when you need her?

  23. Ally says:

    The Dorian Gray effect strikes again… Remember when this guy used to be everyone’s idea of dreamy? Now all that lousy life philosophy, selfishness, drinkin’ and hatin’ has caught up with him and he fugly. He looks like a cross between Gollum and those gramps without teeth on novelty birthday cards.

  24. Anak says:

    What is the surprise? The man left home and she is surprised because he is not suportive? kkkkkk

  25. Whitey Fisk says:

    The only one I feel sorry for is the baby, who has no choice in the matter and will most definitely have to deal with the issues her self-absorbed, deceitful parents dump on her for the next 18 years.

    I missed a lot of the posts about them, so I just revisited some and they are hilarious. In UK Glamour a few weeks ago she said about cheating, “If he wanted to go down that road he probably would have done so by now, and I think he is a very solid and faithful person.”

    Is she just secretly trying to irritate me or does she actually believe this?

    “By now”??? They’d been dating less than 12 months! He’s proven that he WILL happily go down “that road”, and he is a serious alcoholic – not exactly “solid”. Yowza. Good luck to her, she’s gonna need it.

  26. oxa says:

    DUH what did she expect when he was with her instead of at home with his wife raising his 8 yr old son.
    Just goes to show that one can never satisfy a Russian gold digger.

  27. Goddess711 says:

    What about that December wedding?

  28. clarify says:

    Just what did this gold digger expect? She snared him, and now thinks to control him forever?

    Does she really think he will abandon his 7 children and family? Seems to me she needs a reality dose.

    Just because she had his baby, doesn’t make them a “family”. They aren’t. They are not married and it seems he doesn’t want to marry her… maybe his eyes were finally opened about her agenda which the rest of the world could see.

    Mel is an old fashioned guy, and I doubt he has it on his list of priorities to drop in and change diapers!!!! hahaha that is laughable!!!!

    The night clubbing story, if true, is troubling. I pray Mel has the strength and will to turn his life around unequivocally and realize this will not bring him the happiness he craves.

  29. Squirrel says:

    Will be interesting to see what happens next. Boris Becker had a weak moment with an ambitious russian lady and the resulting daughter is being paraded around in the best of clothes and the weirdest of events. In case you haven’t seen any of it, google ‘Anna Becker’ and see an unfortunate child whose father is clear to the world, no DNA test needed… Now will Oksana schlep the daughter around like a mini -me and live off generous child support or actually do something usefull with her life?

  30. susieqinBA says:

    Anyone happen to see Gossip Cop reporting this info to be false by National Enquirer. Really bursts my bubble! They say that he never bought her a house and that he is being a good dad; there never was a wedding planned so there was no argument over pre-nup and Mel didn’t get cold feet. http://www.gossipcop.com/national-enquirer-creates-baby-drama-for-mel-gibson/

  31. UrbanRube says:

    susiequinBA, are you one of Mel’s flacks? I say Oksana should know that if he cheated on his first wife, he’ll cheat on her, so the honeymoon’s going to be very, very short.

  32. susieqinBA says:

    How accurate is Gossip Cop? Video taken of Mel and Ok at that restaurant that night he seemed pretty ticked off about something to leave and forget to pay? and seemed touchy about the baby to get up in the photogs face and he didn’t walk outside with Ok it seemed that he didn’t want to be with her. I think it’s funny that all of a sudden they say he NEVER bought her a house when several months ago it was revealed that he owned this house she is living in?

  33. annie says:

    What video of mel and oks?

  34. susieqinBA says:

    Somebody has to come up with some pics and proof. C’mon Mel if you’re being such a good dad let’s see some pics of you and Oksa “enjoying” your baby, let’s see some proof that you are living together. If he is night-clubbing then let’s see some pics of him at the bars.

  35. susieqinBA says:

    Here’s the link:http://x17online.com/celebrities/
    The only “facts” that Gossip Cop has is that Mel’s rep said that this info about Oksa upset about Mel not helping with baby is not worth commenting on. And I would think that NE wouldn’t print something if there wasn’t some truth to it. If this is not true then Mel and Oksa can sue, right?

    C’mon Mel let’s have the DNA test or are you trying to cover something up?

  36. Sincerity says:

    KARMA IS A MUTHA! What goes around always comes around! I really don’t understand what this woman is complaining about! MOTHERS ARE SUPPOSE TO BE THE PRIMARY CARETAKERS FOR THEIR BABIES! You don’t suppose she’s actually gotten “bored” with the responsibilities of “motherhood” and wants to go out AND PARTY, TOO! Are RUSSIAN men so much more domesticated than American/Australian ones? SOMEHOW, I DOUBT IT!

    I agree with Firestarter. This “conniving Jezebel” got exactly what she deserves and needs “TO COUNT HER BLESSINGS INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING”. Mel Gibson is not married to her and more than likely did not beg her to have a baby.

    Regardless of the “lack of control” she has over “who she meets and what happens”, it’s time for her “TO WOMAN UP” and accept the truth. Having a baby with someone “does not make you a family”. Love and commitment does and biological relationships don’t guarantee these qualities will develop. Only she can guarantee her OWN happiness. Mel Gibson is going to have his!

  37. CathyT says:

    Why is the NE pushing this story? First, they are covering their rears for their fake Christmas wedding story, which was never going to happen. Second, a Mexican politician just announced that Mel is planning to direct a movie in Mexico this January or February. This means that Mel will be very busy and won’t be spending much time with Oksana or Lucia. In contrast, Mel would always take time off work after Robyn gave birth. He didn’t work for a year and a half after Tommy was born. If I had to guess, Mel’s assistance to Robyn wasn’t so much with changing the baby as it was with keeping the other kids occupied and out of trouble while Robyn fed and bathed the infant.

    But Mel isn’t living with Oksana, so he isn’t there to be with the baby all the time. He also needs to be available to his ten-year-old. If Oksana thought that Mel would start cohabitating with her after the baby was born, then she really doesn’t understand Mel or the pull that Catholicism has on him. If anything, Oksana’s pregnancy might have been the only thing that kept Mel from dumping Oksana after Robyn filed for divorce. If not for the pregnancy, I think that Mel might have dumped Oksana in the attempt to win Robyn back.

    susieqinBA: Mel didn’t buy O.G. a house, but he is allowing her to stay in a house that he owns. If there is a smoking gun in the story, it’s that Oksana is allegedly complaining about Mel not “feeding” Lucia. Notably, Oksana’s interview with Hello seemed to indicate that Oksana is breastfeeding Lucia. Mel wouldn’t be of much help in that department.

  38. susieqinBA says:

    @CathyT: so you believe this info that Oksana is upset because Mel isn’t there and being a “good dad”? Is Mel out night-clubbing do you think? I strongly agree that Mel would have dumped her if not for the pregnancy so not to have divorce. If they’re not living together then he doesn’t want to have anything to do with either one of them and maybe this movie in Mexico is an “escape”. Then maybe NE reports that she fearful of him “ditching” the relationship is true – hopefully he moves her out of the house she’s in.

  39. susieqinBA says:

    I do believe there was a mention of marriage and discussion on pre-nup somewhere. If Mel or Oksa hadn’t mentioned or remarked it to someone then I don’t believe it would have got out. I do believe Mel was being pressured somewhere from her for marriage but using that to pressure money out of him. So, I don’t think what NE has already reported is outright lies or untrue because Oksa did say “Yes, someday”.

  40. WTF?!? says:

    I’m with Judy and Princess Pea. The kid doesn’t care and will have more money than she ever needs.
    I find it HIlarious, and not at all surprising.

  41. CathyT says:

    Nothing has “gotten out.” The NE editorial board has decided to follow the Mel/Oksana story, and they are going to provide content regardless of whether its true or not.

    And no, I don’t think that Mel ever mentioned marriage to Oksana, or ever suggested that he would divorce his wife for her. But just because he doesn’t live with her doesn’t mean that Mel has broken up with Oksana. Mel strikes me as passive-aggressive. If he intends to discontinue his relationship with Oksana, I think he will wait for Oksana to break up with him, just like he did with Robyn. He’s not going to make the first move.

  42. Uzi says:

    My understanding is that the house Oksana lives in is owned by Mel’s production company, which probably also pays her living expenses (remember, she’s “under contract” to Icon Productions, supposedly for her “music career,” but my guess is it was always to support her as Mel’s mistress).

    There’s no Christmas wedding because Mel and Robyn are still legally married. Perhaps there never really was a wedding planned, but I have no doubt that when Mel broke the pregnancy news to his father, priest and and other people that run his crazy church they discussed the implications and how the situation would be handled. Annulment and marriage were probably discussed, even if Mel decided on a different path.

    As far as Gossip Cop goes, I wouldn’t necessarily believe everything they say, as their source is Mel’s PR team, which, as we all know, doesn’t always tell the truth. Aren’t they the same people that keep telling us that Oksana is an internationally acclaimed model/singer/musician?

    Oksana…what a piece of work! Totally self-absorbed, among other traits. She obviously didn’t have much consideration for Mel and his life and family when she got involved with him, then got pregnant to hold onto him and break up his marriage. I think Mel is going to learn very quickly (if he hasn’t already) that Oksana does not share Robyn’s maternal qualities!

  43. linda k says:

    i really think there is no surprise here…mel is doing what mel did with robyn…robyn raised the children, he made movies…even if this story is not true, that is the way he worked, and he will not be around all the time to be with his new baby..i think that she will see what robyn went through..he will be off making movies and see him when she can… be interesting to see who he shows up with at the red carpet for his movie…also, i bet we see her in mexico when he films

  44. Firestarter says:

    Not that I am defending Mel. but I have to say, neither his wife nor Oksana have minded spending the money that Mel makes while he is an absent father.

  45. annie says:

    Who is the one who was in mexico during apocolypto?

  46. CathyT says:

    Since when has Mel become the absentee father? As father-of-4 Ron Howard once remarked, Mel was a rarity in Hollywood for bringing his wife and kids with him on location. Years ago in her only interview with Mel, Robyn said that “his only exercise is lifting babies.” Mel has made fewer movies than fellow actors of his stature and his family usually accompanied him on shoots, at least when the children were younger. Sure, there’s no question that Robyn did the lion’s share of parenting, yet mothers almost always do.

    With his new baby Lucia, it’s hard to see how Mel could be of much help unless he decided to cohabitate with Oksana. In that case, he would be available in the middle of the night to comfort a colicky baby and let Mom get more sleep. As it stands, Mel is not living with Oksana and her teenage son, but he is paying for her upkeep and for baby nurse(s). That puts Oskana in a much better position than most women who get pregnant with a married man. Oksana should count herself lucky that Mel was willing to openly acknowledge her child so early. Most famous married men initially deny their love children.

  47. Uzi says:

    Cathy T…I agree with you 100%. The fact that Mel flew cross country to be with Oksana after she gave birth speaks volumes about his responsibility as a father. I have no doubt he’ll do the right thing when it comes to providing for and being involved with this baby’s life, regardless of whatever happens to his relationship with Oksana. Regarding your earlier comment, I also doubt Mel ever told Oksana he’d divorce Robyn to be with or marry her. In fact, my guess is he probably told her he’d NEVER divorce Robyn, hence her pregnancy plan. If Oksana has a nanny, which I’m sure she does, what’s the problem? What does this woman do all day? Are her part time mothering duties interfering with her “creative time,” you know, the time she spends working on her “art” and “music career?”

  48. trashgnome says:

    Those photos of Mel are great. It looks like he is really pissed(as in drunk).

  49. Snotrocket says:

    You have a point that he couldn’t be much help unless he cohabitated with the mother and child, but isn’t that what good fathers do? He has a choice in the matter. I don’t understand why he isn’t there.

  50. CathyT says:

    Snotrocket, he isn’t living with her for several reasons. Number one, Mel wants to be close to his children with Robyn who are in Malibu. Robyn has primary custody of their 10-year-old, and there is little chance she would let their son stay with the mistress. Shacking up with Oksana also might further damage his relationship with his adult children, some of whom may be living with him now. Finally, as a Catholic Mel believes that living with a girlfriend would be an additional sin of ~scandal~. Mel’s father, extended family, and fellow traditional Catholics are furious enough with him just for Oksnana’s pregnancy and the divorce. If they moved in together…get out the tar and feathers.

    As to whether a father has an obligation to move in with a baby mama, no, I don’t agree. A woman shouldn’t expect a live-in boyfriend just because she got pregnant. Especially concerning a married man with other children. If Oksana had hoped that this “unexpected” pregnancy would guarantee a marriage proposal, she’s in for a rude awakening.

  51. Uzi says:

    How I wish Timothy Dalton and Mel would get together for a “man-to-man” chat!

    Since Oksana never married Dalton, I wonder if marriage to Mel is her real objective? It’s interesting how we’ve heard from her mother a couple of times, but, to my knowledge, there’s been no mention of her father. She’s even taken her mother’s maiden name. Sounds like she had an absentee father or didn’t have a good relationship with him, hence her need for sugar daddies, i.e. rich, unusually older men to take care of her. Oksana seems high maintenence and emotionally very needy. Mel probably lavished a lot of attention of her during the pregnancy but now he’s focusing on the rest his life. The holidays are “family time,” so it’s natural that he’ll be thinking about his seven children and two grandchildren, especially 10-year-old Tommy. That’s not going to sit well with Oksana…good!

  52. Blitz says:

    I read that she didn’t think the father’s last name sounded good to English speakers, so she changed it. And he was interviewed once too about her 1st child. From what I’ve read T. Dalton never offered to marry her, so there was no question of a pre nup. That was just a tab story. Even the mother admitted he would only provide the basics of living expenses for her and all the child’s expenses. TD himself said the baby wasn’t planned, and he may or may not have been looking for a long future with her. But it’s known he’s extremely close to his son and enamored.

  53. susieqinBA says:

    Does Dalton have other children?

    I don’t believe Oksana’s true objective is marriage. I think the woman does have a mental health issue, she has a serious problem with being rejected which I believe her to be VERY emotionally unstable. I believe SHE (not Mel) may mention marriage and talk the way she has been talking because she is battling herself her own insecurities and rejection because men do not love her for herself and she has some kind of celebrity complex that she is living in some kind of fantasy world that if she has some “famous movie star’s baby” then that somehow satisfys her guilty conscience, but then she is faced with reality when that man rejects her. Her mental instability becomes demanding because she is having to come to terms that they “do not genuinely love her.” I don’t think she truly knows what she wants; she is a terribly confused woman!

  54. Blitz says:

    He has just one kid and said he would have been happy with a lot more, but bc birth control meant both people had to agree at the same time, it never happened. Also I guess the life of a stage actor is very insecure. He said he loved being a father, and that everyone should have an accident early in life. That was over a year ago. I don’t think he’s religious at all, or conventional so he may not see marriage as being important.

    I don’t know if guilt is the reason for the babies, but maybe she doesn’t expect things to last and as others have said being around rich, famous people makes her feel special. The babies at least guarantee some support and ongoing connection to the guy. Maybe it’s a self worth issue. Unfortunately if it’s not the best match emotionally, most of those guys can find a ton of other women, unless they have serious problems.

    I don’t know that she’s mentally unstable exactly but she’s certainly living in a total fantasy about her own career. Definitely something missing there.

  55. Oksi says:

    @UZI you are so right on ALL you say.
    Now Ms.Russia is a copy cat to the 2 Gibson women…Robyn and the beautiful European Gibson woman
    Who do good work with their charities.
    Oksana is trying to be saint- you ain’t NO saint ms.russia-just a home wrecher….join the tiger woods women- oh yeah they were told HE was not happy too.
    If this lose women would leave married men alone….we ALL be happy

  56. linda k says:

    i just read that she did a psa about the chernobly accident in russia regarding the children…i think she is trying to change her image and again use her relationship with mel to gain exposure…how do they introduce her??? mel’s girlfriend? and of course she mentioned her music again…. and a charity cd called angel..mel seems to have really put the steam into his career now, the mexican movie, and the movie about the vikings all next year…and a screenplay he wrote being turned into a movie…he will be a busy guy, and she seems to be placing herself more in the public eye

  57. Uzi says:

    Linda K…A PSA announcement? You have GOT to be kidding! Who in their right mind would want Oksana as their spokesperson? I wonder if Mel’s pathetic PR people, having failed with plans A, B and C, are now trying to portray fame whore Oksana as a selfless charity worker, just like Heather Mills. What will it take to make Mel understand that everyone hates this woman and knows she’s a home wrecking gold digger?

  58. annie says:

    Oks and mel have been together at least since summer 2007, not less then 12 months and remember when she said she started seeing him after he “assured” her his marriage was’nt happy? I think they were together before the seperation, or she would have said, “we started dating after he was seperated” would’nt she? Also, witnesses said he had a “girl toy” on the set of apocolypto, she certainly fits that bill. On perex hiltons blog eye witnesses saw mel with a brunette that “he was very into” at a restuarant on Jan. 2007.

  59. Uzi says:

    @Annie…Yeah, I don’t believe any of Team Mel’s official explanations of how he and Oksana hooked up. I’ve always wondered if she were some sort of high class hooker or call girl and that’s how they really met. Also, I never bought into the “three year separation” bit, because when Robyn filed for divorce she listed “To Be Determined” in the “Date of Separation” section. According to other “sources” Mel and Robyn’s individual divorce papers listed the same address, and there never was any kind of formal split. My guess is they had some sort of “understanding” and each did their own thing, coming together for family functions.

  60. linda k says:

    mel’s life seems stranger and stranger…i think people would accept his lifestyle as that as the usual hollywood actor, but it is the charade of what he put out in public as a good husband,devout catholic, family oriented guy…his life is crazy…i don’t know what kind of woman robyn was or is but the craziness of this relationship is like a movie in itself… payoff money to his wife to keep her mouth shut,, women left and right, a new child..it was a disappointment to know what kind of a person he really is.

  61. linda k says:

    well…now the question is…what is he going to do with oksana….i think he will stay with her for a while so he doesn’t get caught with another woman… he will always need a woman..for his sake i hope she does not get pregnant again….it will be the red carpet walk that we will see who he walks or doesn’t walk with..oksana is trying to give herself some credibility and gain sympathy…

  62. annie says:

    Also, I read on another blog that u guy who sort of hangs out with Milo said Milo referred to oks’s son as his step brother.

  63. linda k says:

    i’m glad that milo has made a huge leap and accepted oks son..and i’m sure the baby girl….as his stepsister…but i wonder what it means…permanent relationship or some way that milo is trying to accept some kind of relationship with oks…

  64. annie says:

    Maybe they think this will be a permanant relationship, or at least it’s probably the first relationship mel would recognize in the open since he fooled around so much. But it’s wrong for them to say he’s a sttep brother, he is’nt, they’re not married and Lucia is jis half sibling. Alex is his Dad’s girlfriends son.

  65. susieqinBA says:

    Mel’s life definitely is crazy and I believe it is because of his mental disorder (bi-polar). I feel as though he is becoming more psychotic; there is more and more pressure being put on him. He cannot confront his wrongdoings or his family’s hurts and pains. Like you said Lind K Mel has put on this image of being a good husband, family man, etc. but now it is revealed that he is not at all what HE wants people to believe about him. He keeps trying to “sweep his sins under the rug” and deny everything, but his hypocrisy keeps being exposed and I think that is why people are strongly opposed against him, but he is looking more and more terrible each day. I believe he has some kind of “God complex” or else he is a super control freak. I do believe that if he is that dominating then Robyn and the kids could not express their own true feelings and they just had to “accept their father’s abuse” because HE said so and they had no say so in the matter; if they tried to confront him then he would go into a rage and come down on them. My mother was so controlling and dominating on me while I was growing up that I literally could not think for myself. You couldn’t tell my mother she did anything wrong she would go into a rage and come down on my case (and she wasn’t an alcoholic). I can’t imagine any of his kids accepting this baby or this woman out of the genuiness of their heart.

    I hope she doesn’t come up pregnant again! I agree I think she is trying to make herself “look good” (as though she did nothing wrong) now that a baby is in the picture and make Mel look bad. I think Mel is cutting this relationship off with her and as far as “needing a woman” I think inwardly he is looking deeper and finding out that what he needs and desires is a strong woman who will be a strength to him and not be caught up by his “charm” and give in to him but who will see him for what he is, and that sex is not as big a factor in a relationship as you might think. I believe that Mel truly doesn’t know who or what he is he is in such a state of confusion.

  66. susieqinBA says:

    I think Mel maybe is beginning to think a lot about getting older and who is going to be there to take care of him so he is looking at a relationship from a different perspective now (now that he has to face reality that he lost A WIFE). What values and character does Oksana possess that would make her a “helpmate” to him? (I personally do not think she possesess any virtues that would make her a wife). I think Mel has always looked at women as sex objects and degraded women and stripped them of their dignity and self-respect for his own benefit. But, perhaps now that he is having to come to terms with himself and “face up” to the consequences of his actions and dealing with growing old I believe Mel is taking a serious look at relationships now. Maybe now he desires and wants to pursue something genuine – sex does not build a relationship, but a relationship (the heart, genuine love, pure motives, integrity) fulfills sex. But his heart has to change before he can have anyone genuine in his life.

  67. Uzi says:

    susieqinBA…Very interesting comments, which I generally agree with. Mel definitely is not playing with a full deck mentally, and his alcoholism and religious fanaticism aren’t helping. He does seem to exhibit bi-polar behavior, and right now he’s on a manic “high.” He’s been laying low professionally over the past few years, and all of a sudden he’s launching one new project after another. It’s as if he’s channeling his obsessive behavior into work instead of liquor or sex (which is definitely a better “addiction”). What will be interesting to watch is what happens when he goes into “down” mode, especially now that he no longer has his major support system, i.e. Robyn. In interviews he’s always called her his “rock” and credited her with helping to keep his demons under control. There’s no way he can ever get that type of support from delusional, self-absorbed Oksana.

  68. Ann says:

    Mel went through a devastating period after the DUI, including public ridicule, loss of his wife, loss of his standing in hollywood, etc. I believe Oksana took advantage of a man who was vulnerable and became pregnant as part of her own ambitions for fame, security, and social advancement. Maybe I am wrong about her, but it looks to me that the only “winner” in this situation is Oksana. Now people at least know her name and have heard her music and want interviews with her. On the other hand, Mel’s reputation was further damaged by her pregancy that prevented any privacy regarding their relationship, his family was hurt, and now there is an innocent baby in the middle of one of the biggest celebrity scandals of 2009. Oksana managed to not get pregnant for years after the birth of her son, in spite of other relationships with men, but with Mel, she suddenly forgot how to practice birth control? I feel she betrayed him for selfish reasons. He may be in a bad state emotionally and spiritually, but this surely has not helped. I wish Mel and Lucia a better life and healing for his family. I wish Oksana would acquire a conscience and the capacity for honesty with herself.

  69. linda k says:

    i agree annie…..i think perhaps they are wanting to please their dad too…to smooth over this mess…was there any true anger from the family over this, except that with all the sexual impulses, they had to finally accept someone who became pregnant with their father’s child…

  70. Diana says:

    Oksana….a very bad deal for Mel. I wish he would wake-up. Her past speaks for her choices. Mercy, women who have been desperate haven’t run from man to man getting pregnant just to promote a music career. Love? I doubt it…..she has it all wrong. Mel was married when she met him. He needs to restore his family. This is the path he chose. Oksana nees to go back to Russia.

  71. Diana says:

    Ann: You wrote some good thoughts. It is soo sad. A very obvious mid-life crisis for a man that had hit his own bottom level. Oksana is the winner. I haven’t seem one picture of Mel that looks happy. He looks defensive, scared, angry and just plain lost. Now is when he needs his faith. He can survive all of this without having to marry Oksana because of a baby. He is married and his divorce won’t change that. Neither will his church allowing another marriage. It is what it is and if he doesn’t wake-up what he knows to be true in his heart will destroy him further.

  72. Debbie says:

    What do you expect you fame whore, He’s a idiot amongst other things, you made you bed deal with it, This is never going to last.

    You deserve exactly what you get

  73. hjsplit says:

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