Brigitte Macron on her creepy love story with husband: ‘My head was in a mess’

In 2017, Emmanuel Macron ran for the French presidency. Suddenly, he was thrust into the limelight and the national and international media examined his professional and personal life. Which is when most people learned of his curious and creepy backstory with his wife Brigitte. Brigitte is 24 years older than her husband, and they met when he was 15 years old and she was his teacher. They had an “affair” (abuse) at that time, then Emmanuel’s parents sent him away to a different school, while Brigitte dealt with the fallout – her marriage collapsed and she had children close to Emmanuel’s age, kids who heard all of the rumors about their mother. Then, years later – when Emmanuel was around 28 years old – they got married. Many people found the story to be creepy as hell, but French voters – especially French women – seemed to shrug their shoulders and say “c’est la vie.” Macron has now won two national elections, although his popularity has plummeted this year. Now is not the time for Brigitte to remind everyone of their creepy origin story, but here we are:

In an interview, Brigitte Macron said she put off marriage to her ex-pupil by a decade because she feared her three children’s lives would have been ruined if she had made her relationship with a teenager their age official. The French president was 15 when he fell for his married drama teacher, Brigitte Auzière, then 40, at the Catholic Providence school in Amiens in the early 1990s. Her daughter Laurence was the future French president’s classmate.

When their blossoming romance sparked scandal in the provincial northern French city, Mr Macron’s parents, both doctors, sent him to board in Paris for his sixth-form studies.

“My head was in a mess,” Mrs Macron, now 70, told Paris Match in a rare interview about her life as France’s first lady since 2017. “For me, such a young boy was crippling. Emmanuel had to leave for Paris. I told myself that he would fall in love with someone his [own] age. It didn’t happen.”

Mrs Macron stopped teaching drama, the class where she met her future husband, but continued to teach French language and Latin. “The only obstacle was my children,” she said. “I took time so I would not wreck their lives. That lasted ten years, the time to put them on the rails. You can imagine what they were hearing. But I didn’t want to miss out on my life. I do not know how my parents, who were the model of fidelity and good education, would have reacted to our marriage.”

Mrs Macron said her older siblings used to joke about the gossip. She divorced from her estranged husband, André-Louis Auzière, a banker, in 2006 and married Mr Macron a year later, when he was a young civil servant. Her son is now 48 — three years older than her second husband — and her daughters are 46 and 39. Mr Auzière died in 2019 without ever giving an interview.

In the Paris Match interview, Ms Macron gushed about her husband. “There is not a single day that he doesn’t surprise me,” she said. “I have never seen such a memory … such an intellectual capacity. I had many brilliant pupils and none had his capability. I have always admired him.”

[From The Telegraph]

“That lasted ten years, the time to put them on the rails… But I didn’t want to miss out on my life.” So, Brigitte and Emmanuel stayed away from each other (sort of) for the better part of a decade so Brigitte’s children could get older and she was presumably sending them off to college. Then she finally divorced her first husband and quickly married Emmanuel. I mean, she was the adult in the relationship, back when he was her student. I still have questions but also, maybe I don’t want to know.

Brigitte also praised King Charles and Camilla in this interview, saying that Camilla set the tone by greeting Brigitte so warmly, and that the king is “very polished, very cultivated, very funny. What sums them up is their delicacy.”

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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42 Responses to “Brigitte Macron on her creepy love story with husband: ‘My head was in a mess’”

  1. girl_ninja says:

    She’s a pervert groomer who left her mark on that child, so when he was “old enough” his mind was already formed to what she wanted. Of course he wanted no other woman but her. She had her children and then married him, robbing him of having children of his own. What deviant predator she is.

    • Kokiri says:


      He has no power here, no matter how much he might have as president.

    • Jasper says:

      100% agree! She preyed on a child and expects us to call that love.
      When Macron burst onto the international scene with his presidential win and I read about how their “relationship” began I was skeeved out. The intervening years haven’t changed my opinion or reaction at all.
      Male or female, a predator is a predator.

    • agirlandherdogs says:

      She literally calls him “such a young boy.” But she engaged in a “relationship” with him anyway. That tells you pretty much everything you need to know.

    • SarahLee says:

      My word! How have I been in the dark about this? I don’t think this is the love story she thinks it is. Gross. And do I read this correctly that she had to stop teaching drama, but continued to teach? At that same school?

      • ama1977 says:

        I have a 16 year-old son. His friends are in and out of my house constantly, and let me tell you, they are KIDS. Even the most mature and responsible among them are just…boys. I cannot fathom a grown adult being attracted to someone so young and vulnerable without them having serious, serious emotional problems and fundamental inadequacies as an adult. The violation of trust is massive.

        Their relationship has *always* been abhorrent and this interview makes it more disgusting. He was/is younger than 2 of her 3 children and was a minor when she robbed him of his youth and agency. She stunted him for her own selfish reasons and then went back again when it was convenient for her. Awful woman.

        Something petty: her wig is ridiculous and looks insane.

  2. Lady Digby says:

    I was thinking of them when watching May December on Friday. It is just beyond the pale for me as a mother of two sons how any school teacher can prey on a vulnerable pupil and claim it is “love!” The movie powerfully exposes the toxicity of such an uneven, abusive relationship. She has robbed him and devastated her own family and is relentlessly controlling.

    • Happy momma says:

      I agree completely. This is just so messed up. I see my teens with their friends, and they are all a bunch of babies. The thought of someone grooming any of them like this makes me want to vomit.

  3. Lamontagne says:

    “French women” aren’t fine with that geriatric groomer creeping out on a 14 year old, that old WhaPo article only interviewed women who evolve in high ‘bobo chic’ spheres of Parisian elite. I can assure you that back in 2017 already, people (men and women) were side-eyeing their marriage, no matter how hard the medias tried spin it into some kind of love story of the ages.

    Since she openly admitted “seeing “him at 15, you can assume they started dating earlier. She’s just more comfortable using the 15 yo keyword since it’s the age of consent here (and no that doesn’t mean she’d have gotten out of it unscathed, she was still his teacher).

    Having seen a few videos of them interacting, there’s something very unsettling about their dynamics. He relies on her like she’s his mother (“Do you think I should change my pants?” “Aw my favorite football team lost, what a bummer!”). Macron is emotionally stunted, and she’s definitely the cause of it.

    I don’t like him at all. He drove our country to the ground and I can’t wait for him to leave, but she’s one evil spirit and I’m glad his plummeting popularity both in and outside of France is making global media finally see the truth of their relationship. Abuse. Plain and simple.

    • Tanguerita says:

      From what little I’ve read on French gossip sites his relationship to his parents, particularly to his mother, has always been stunted at best. He basically grew up without any emotional support from them. Macron must have been an easy target for a predator.

      • VilleRose says:

        I read in a few interviews that he was mostly raised by his grandmother and was very close to her. When she died in 2013, he was crushed by her death. So, if he wasn’t particularly close to his parents, I could see why he ended up attaching himself to an older woman. She probably reminded him of his grandmother and the closeness they had. His grandmother was also supposedly one of the few who supported his relationship with Brigitte.

    • bisynaptic says:

      The problem is that the alternative is Le Pen.

  4. Stef says:

    How on earth can a 40 year old mother of teenagers fall in love with a 15 year old boy? There is nothing attractive about teen boys!

    I can only imagine what her kids must have gone through. Uh.

    It’s not a love story, it’s a pedo groomer story and it’s downright gross. I knew she was a lot older than him but had no idea she started grooming him as a teen. She’s disgusting!

  5. This is the Mary Kay Letorneau story in French. Only Mary had a child with him and waited till he was eighteen to marry him. She also did jail time for it. They in my opinion were predators in female form. It’s disgusting either way. As for Chuckles and Horsilla if she means polished as in a turd then yes polished turds.

  6. Aurora says:

    ¿Did she mess up, and did her best to atone for her mistake? ¿Or did they keep seeing each other for ten yrs? Probably a bit of both. Only they know, even if it’s strange a 10yr relationship went unnoticed for those surrounding him, as he climbed up the public service ladder. It is creepy, their fixation with each other to the point of getting married despite the age gap.
    I remember a few kids that age in my school who dated and married adults. But while all of them already looked like young men and women, most of their SO were 20 somethings at most. When he met Brigitte, most likely she was nearing menopause and Mr Macron looked scrawnier and more child-looking than now. Eww. You can’t help but wonder how many of her young students she regarded in a sexual way, and what did she do about it. It can’t be romantic just bc she’s a woman. Ick.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    I didn’t know that one of her children was Macron’s classmate. This is even worse than I thought. What she did was wrong and the more responsible thing to do was to leave him alone rather than wait ten years to marry him. Terrible. This is not the love story she thinks it is.

  8. VilleRose says:

    I wonder now that Emmanuel is older than Brigitte was when they first met, that he thinks about if he ever had kids and how he would react if they hooked up with someone so much older. I think I remember him saying in interviews he’s made his peace that he’ll never have biological children. And he’s very close with his “stepchildren” for lack of a better word. I think one of the stepdaughters, Tiphaine, was involved on his first presidential campaign.

    I also don’t think Brigitte and Emmanuel stayed away from each other for 10 years before they got married. He had to finish high school and do his university studies, but from I’ve read they were in touch the whole time. Supposedly Brigitte’s first husband left her as soon as he found out but they remained married legally for years but were separated the whole time based on what I’ve read (you won’t find this level of detail in English articles). Her first husband never gave any interviews and pretty much remained MIA from the press. He died a few years ago so we’ll never know his side of the story.

  9. MaryContrary says:

    This is disgusting. And why in the world is she bringing it up again?! Good God-talk about terrible PR.

  10. sevenblue says:

    “I had many brilliant pupils and none had his capability.”

    Ewww. How can someone say that and not realize they are a predator?

  11. Jayna says:

    She only held off marrying him for ten years for her children’s sake. She didn’t go ten years not seeing him.

    • Roo says:

      They married when he was 28, and she’s saying she held off being with him for ten years.
      So, what she is really saying is that she would have married him at 18? Yuck. She is a gross predator.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Camilla and Charles have such a messy relationship story. No wonder they get along with the Macrons.

    But her remark about Charles & Cam is so weird. Delicate? Even if true, what an odd description of anybody. And she finds Charles polished, very cultivated very funny. Really?

    • LaraK says:

      Sorry, but “delicate” is the last word I’d use to describe Camilla. She’s as delicate as an ogre in steel-toed boots.

      But year, these two couples getting along makes total sense. She’s probably get along with Trump too, but knows better than to say so.

    • Feebee says:

      Had dinner with my husband’s aunt last night and she mentioned meeting Camilla once years ago. Delicate is the polar opposite of her impression. Even let fly with a bit of snark. “Country (something) bad teeth, terrible skin. All that smoking of course”.

  13. Chaine says:

    If this had happened in this country (US) at this time (2023), she would be in jail facing trial and potentially decades in prison. But, he’s my age, and, when I was a high school student here (1980s), I had teachers (both male and female) that targeted my classmates and later married them, and no one blinked an eye. All of them also continued being teachers, some at the same school where they began as predators.

    • nb says:

      In the early 2000′ when I was in high school everyone knew that the art teacher had married one of her students in the late 80’s, and yet she was never fired – she still worked in the same school where she’d met him. You are so correct that today that would be a much bigger deal (as it should be!).

      I wonder how prevalent grooming by teachers really is. Besides the art teacher marrying a student, the male social studies teacher had been caught making out with a female student in a closet when I was a Freshman. A first year male English teacher was targeting me to groom when I was 16 and it was very obvious, even to other students and another teacher I was close with, and I am so thankful she noticed because I didn’t know what to do. She told him to leave me alone and he backed off, but I heard that he succeeded in grooming a female student a few years after I graduated and they had a ‘relationship’. So that’s three I know about just in one high school in a tiny Midwest town.

  14. paintybox says:

    This seems so insane and narcissistic of her and yet it also really highlights how cultures all over the world have found it fairly normal (until recently?) when it’s a 40 year old man and a 15 year old girl. It shows how we expect women to be more responsible with children, when in fact men AND women should be held to the same standard. No adult should be trying to get involved romantically or sexually with any underage person, period. I think Madame Macron is creepy af but I’m also sick of the long, long history of males who do this getting a pass.

    • Blueskies says:

      Agreed. I find the near-commonplace 10 to 15 year age gaps (with the women being younger) aggravating, too. It’s typically the man’s second marriage or post-divorce relationship, add in a first child for the woman.

      I don’t think I had ever considered Macron being robbed of his opportunity to have children of his own. Quite sad that he had to reconcile that.

  15. Lurker25 says:

    Emotionally stunted man with mommy issues meets a controlling manipulative woman who won’t let him go…

    Yeah, I see why they got on fabulously

    • ama1977 says:

      Except he was a neglected child when she exploited him for her own selfish reasons, and now he is an emotionally stunted man because of her abuse and predation. He is the victim. She warped his psyche and then kept him tethered to her. He never stood a chance.

  16. Jenn says:

    Wow, talking about it definitely doesn’t make it better!!!

  17. Lau says:

    That woman is admitting grooming and pedophilia, it’s disgusting and it shows you we have a real problem with the latter in France. Absolutely shameful.

  18. val says:

    Just wow. This is disturbing, even if the genders were reversed. A teacher should never have these type of feelings for their student. Especially with a 25 year age gap!!! Ugh really? He was just a boy…she was a whole ass woman with a husband and kids! No way to make this remotely romantic!

  19. s808 says:

    40 year old and 15 year old…freaking disgusting. I’d be so embarrassed and ashamed if she were my mother, he was her child’s CLASSMATE.

  20. Green Onion says:

    Every time one of these pervert women talk about the prey that never got away, they always try to justify their behavior by emphasizing how mature or intellectual the kid was. How about they post a picture of them at that time – a 15-year-old kid and his 40-year-old married teacher and mother of three.
    I’ve been around all kinds of teenage boys and no matter how smart they are, they are all still children – just bigger children.
    The other thing these kinds of women do is everything in their power to make it last, so they can justify their behavior as a fairy tale love story – see! still together. It means nothing…other than the manipulated child was conditioned to grow into a manipulated adult.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      Yep, that’s the tell — emphasizing the child’s unique abilities, to make it seem the child was wise beyond his or her years.

      It’s disgusting. She’s disgusting.

    • Yup, all of this. They also always make sure to emphasize that the child was the one to make the first move, so “what choice did I have?” 🙄

  21. blue says:

    I cannot imagine how a woman, even in her 20s much less 40s, could possibly consider a 15 year old boy as a romantic partner. At that age, most boys are lucky if teenage girls find them attractive. Adolescence isn’t a very pretty phase.

  22. bisynaptic says:

    “My head was in a mess…”
    —She got THAT part right.

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